Gwyneth Paltrow gently reminds the peasants to steam-clean their ‘business’


We tease/make fun of Gwyneth Paltrow often enough for her elitism and her casual privilege. Sometimes we could possibly give her the benefit of the doubt, but after so many years of her holier-than-thou attitude and her “advice” to the peasants, the “benefit of the doubt” well has run dry. is a hodge-podge of Gwyneth’s advice about everything from eating (avoid it) to exercise (do as much as possible) to New Age faux-spiritual crap. I swear she gets paid to “recommend” a lot of the crap she shills through Goop, but this week’s recommendation has Dame Goop boldly going where she’s never gone before: up your vadge. Literally. She thinks that everyone simply must try the “V-steam” which promises to steam clean your uterus. For real.

Tikkun is the next level when it comes to Korean spas, combining high-tech far infrared heat with traditional Korean sauna therapies. So, if you want to lay down in a Himalayan salt brick tiled sauna, or sit in a Hwangto clay room, you get the added benefit of far infrared heat. And, in addition to the sauna rooms, there’s a long menu of massages and kick-ass body scrubs to complement the sauna time. We’re burying the lede though, because the real golden ticket here is the Mugworth V-Steam: You sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus, et al. It is an energetic release—not just a steam douche—that balances female hormone levels. If you’re in LA, you have to do it.

[From Goop]

Steam cleaning your uterus? Sounds…uncomfortable. Like, is the steam HOT? Is anything going to be scalded? And does it work like an iron? Are you de-wrinkling down there? So many questions about such an unnecessary procedure. My take: if your uterus needs a steam clean then you’re doing it wrong.

Apparently, it costs $50 to steam clean your V. That’s relatively cheap when it comes to Goop recommendations, until you realize that you could just boil some water and fan the steam up your business for pennies. The website says there are five V-steams to choose from: “the signature, the slimming, the infertility, the post-partum and even a signature V-steam for men.” MEN CAN GET V-STEAMED!


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  1. Lahdidahbaby says:



    Aha. Poor Gwyneth. The Martha Stewart of cooches.

    • Darkladi says:

      But, darling you simply MUST try it! It’s simply DIVINE!!!

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Yes dahling, and it leaves NO aftertaste.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        For someone who likens herself as an intellect, this is probably one of the more moronic things to have escaped her pretentious lips, pun intended.

    • shannon says:

      best comment of the year.

    • Jenni says:

      Steam clean. IT’S A GOOD THING.

    • Pinky says:

      Paging Krupa! We’ve solved all your problems!

    • Montréalaise says:

      Martha Steward must be laughing herself silly at this.

    • aariffe says:

      Okay i never comment on blogs but this i had to say something about because the inaccurate and ignorant comments are uncalled for. Actually a “v-steam” is something I’ve tried when I was having acupuncture done to boost feminine health (especially with fertility issues or any feminine issues). It’s harmless and is not something you do for odor control like some people do with a douche (don’t do that! Though I’m sure a lot of you do that’s why you’re all pent up yourself) It’s not so crazy of a thing to do…it’s kinda like a steam facial, except it’s “down there”. I don’t see what the big deal is. She merely suggested a treatment people immersed in western medicine don’t typically see. And guess what people? It works! Its a shame that some practice is causing this reaction when it helps so many women out there. Then again this looks like a group of people who would hate on anything just because it’s her… I say this all as someone who normally rolls her eyes at GP…but she threw out good info this time and it doesn’t hurt anyone! Stop getting your panties in a tizzy…that’s definitely not healthy for your v’s! And it’s not a douche either geniuses…just an example of an inaccurate term used for something people are scared of. Douches are dangerous and yes steam can reach your uterus, just like how all bodily fluids and gunk can find their way up there. Do they not teach you sex ed at school anymore? When did people get so dumb!? Get over it 🙂

      • reba says:

        I’m with you. I wish people would not just blindly decry something just because it’s new to them. Medical Daily has a good article on it :

        Not saying you need to get a v steam and certainly not that it “steam cleanses your uterus” (for heck sake Gwyneth, that’s where you lose all credibility for yourself and the treatments).

        Jeez where’s wolfpup to calm everybody down.

      • Kelly says:

        You realize people might have benefited from your point of view more if you didn’t come across as some such an asshat.

      • Laura says:

        I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily hating because it’s her, it’s hating because it’s stupid and she’s not a Gyn. Anyone who knows anything about basic microbiology would know that excessive heat can either kill the harmless bacteria that competes with pathogenic bacteria, or will encourage the growth of bacteria. Not to mention what might happen to the mucous membranes from excessive exposure to heat, we’re talking similar but differently functioning tissue than your face which can handle a steam treatment. Your “business” is a delicate balance of bacteria and pH to ward of pathogens, if you want to go mess with that and trust that some spa is really properly sterilizing their equipment every single time, then go right ahead.

      • Selena Castle says:

        My question exactly. How do “bodily fluids and gunk get up there”? Did you not do sex education at school? When you are not ovulating the neck of your cervix (or os) is closed physically as well as with a thick mucus. Ejaculate or as you put it “gunk” simply cannot get into your uterus, that includes steam. Then once a month if you do not get pregnant your uterus flushes itself. It doesn’t need a steam clean. So before you start calling other people stupid you may like to think about what you say about what you do not know, sorta like Gwynnie huh?

      • reba says:

        Whoa, when I commented, aariffe’s comment ended at “not healthy for your v’s”. I certainly don’t agree with what follows that, I guess she was editing her comment while mine was on the queue.

      • Selena Castle says:

        Reba, this is something that should upset us, for a number of reasons;
        1. This is a celebrity who is endorsing a potentially dangerous procedure.
        2. She is giving pseudo medical advice with absolutely no qualifications
        3. She is perpetuating a myth that the female reproductive system needs to be “cleaned” (ie, it is dirty)
        4. Altering the female pH levels and so forth have been linked to some forms of cancer.
        So yes we should be upset and what’s more it’s a great conversation to have about our bodies. We should talk about our reproductive systems more, so often women do not know so much about their own bodies and Gwynnie is just one example.
        And by the way it is hardly new to sit over smoke or steam. Ancient cultures have been doing it for years. But that doesn’t make it good. Many ancient cultures indulge in Female Genital Mutilation too, because female genitals are dangerous and horrible and need to be changed. Just because it occurs in ancient or Eastern medicine that doesn’t mean it’s good.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Yeah, the crap they taught me in medical school means so little these days.

      • solanacaea (Nighty) says:

        I’m with Selena, the bacterias and Ph in our body are necessary for our health and should never be messed with… This idea: natural treatments / pharmaceutical industries or eastern alternative medicine versus “regular” medicine debate is such a crap.. Both can be good and harmful at the same time… Both have advantages and disadvantages…. When are people going to realise that? People actually have to study/ learn about things before taking actions.. I keep reading, listening to: if it’s natural, it won’t harm you, right… (shakes head)… Natural can also kill…

        @paranormalgirl, what you’ve learned in medical school is immensily important…

      • Melanie says:

        Aariffe, I’m choosing to ignore most of what you said, as it’s simply off topic. But do tell how this can “boost feminine health” as you say. You said a lot. But didn’t explain why this is a healthy thing to do.

      • hazeldazel says:

        aariffe: so what you’re saying is that you don’t have a cervix?

      • Kosmos says:

        Thanks for clearing this up….just because people have never heard of a procedure before, doesn’t mean it should be scoffed at. I’m sure it has beneficial advantages. The average person might not know about it, but new things are available to us every day and we shouldn’t poo-poo them just because Gweneth has discussed them. When acupuncture was first new, people scoffed at that, but now we know it has healthful benefits and it has become more mainstream.

      • snowflake says:

        how do you know it works? how can you prove that? IMO, it’s just a bunch of cr*p to make people spend their money. and I’m not saying that b/c it’s gwennie and she prob gets a kickback (money) or free services for shilling their s*it. but what did it do for you? did it increase good hormone levels? or what?

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        Interesting since many doctors have come out today to debunk what Ms. Paltrow has said. Here is just one article of many that were posted:

        A vagina is delicate eco system and it doesn’t take much to throw off the PH, which in turn can cause all types of issues from yeast infections to bacterial vaginosis. When Gwyneth gets her MD, maybe I will consider her “advice” a bit more valid, until then, I will stick to listening to the real doctors.

      • GByeGirl says:

        What??? NO. Sorry, but you are wrong. Right about the douche, but wrong about the v-steam.

    • Sylvia says:

      She is moranic…..

    • pikny says:

      ty 4 laugh.. i just think chica has brain damage from starvation.

  2. Charlotte says:

    She’s completely filled with hot air from the vadge up.

  3. Willa says:

    So who’s gotta clean the throne after? Ewwwww.

    • BeBeA says:

      simon says all these non- o_b_g_y_n heifers stop telling people what to do with their vaginas, and sit down ,and shut up, in that order!

      • Katenotkatie says:

        Preach. Lady parts have been self-regulating on their own just fine for millennia, no need to mess with biology.

      • DrM says:

        Exactly! leave your vagina’s alone, they’ve been doing fine for centuries without being steam cleaned…they clean themselves and are not, as has been reiterated “full of gunk” what a pejorative way to think about your own body…

  4. Selena Castle says:

    OMG!!! I understand that douches and other “feminine hygiene” products are still popular in the US but this is seriously taking it to extremes. Does this woman know nothing about the female body and the dangers of “cleaning” the vagina – let alone the uterus!!?? (and yes the pun was intended)

    • Nur says:

      I know, right? Its mind boggling how much crap ppl are able to come up with under the guise of healthy living and how many ppl are willing to buy into it. If all that energy was spent elsewhere..

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, my first thought was that this sounds extremely unhealthy bordering on dangerous. Steam douche indeed.

      • bella says:

        this is incredibly disturbing.
        as someone who has a very close family relative who died of ovarian cancer i am outraged – truly.
        i accompanied her to all of her specialist visits – doctors renowned for their work.
        each of them said that her particular cancer was not a hereditary one, but an environmental one.
        and most likely caused by douching and applying talc.
        they all said that anything, anything, foreign or unusal used to cleanse the female genitalia can cause cancer.
        christ…this outrages me.
        i’m sorry…i come here for wonderful gossip.
        didn’t intend to get so intense, but this is b*llshit and irresponsible.

      • mimif says:

        Ugh. Sorry, bella, that’s so sad. I’d be pissed too.

      • bella says:

        thx mimif.
        honestly…those in the medical field need to slam GOOP for this.

      • Joy says:

        I once saw an ob/gyn on Oprah say that he paid for his kid’s college with women who had been douching and messed themselves up. And not for nothing, but your uterus is WAY up there. steam that gets up there would murder you.

      • Mel M says:

        One of my friends sent this article to me last night and we were both talking about how this cannot possibly be safe. We laugh about GP all of the time but this is truest dangerous advice.

      • GingerCrunch says:

        Bella, I come here for the gossip, too, but the lovely added bonus has been the honesty and wisdom of so many commenters. It’s hella entertaining here, but I can’t tell you how much I learn! Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • vauvert says:

        There is a book out by a Canadian scientist called Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything? that demystifies all the idiotic crap she has been espousing on her site forever. I honestly believe it should be required reading in schools because so many people take for gospel the advice of celebrities who have zero training/education/knowledge about health and science, yet feel no shame at promoting products and services that are not only a waste of money but detrimental to your health. This is a perfect example… I so wish someone would sue her ass – maybe it would stop her! If she wants to ruin her health that is her business but actually trying to publicly promote this – it just makes me mad. I only ever disliked her for being a pretentious snobbish twit before but now she has truly crossed the line.

      • littlestar says:

        Yeah, the vadge is self-cleaning, just like an oven! Clean the outsides with water using your hands and that’s all you need. Steam cleaning sounds like it could possibly trap harmful bacteria up in there. Not good.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        I posted a link below from a doctor who takes the argument apart with humor, but actual science (I also learned alot about my bits). I can’t believe people are doing this.

      • MtnRunner says:

        I laughed my ass off at Goop’s pretentiousness and then I felt sad hearing stories like yours, bella. Sorry to hear about your relative but thanks for sharing her experience with us. Reminds me of the THiddy thread about SLJ’s men’s cancer fundraiser when so many of the regular posters recounted their battles with cancer, midst all the ballsy NC-17 humor. I like that posters feel free to share more personally about things like this from time to time.

        Our vadge already has a natural way to self-cleanse; why “specialists” think they can improve on that is ridiculous and potentially harmful.

    • Duchess of Corolla says:

      This just sounds like asking for trouble, health-wise. There is no need to “clean” that part of the anatomy, and it could create a lot of other problems. Goop really buys into a lot of crap, but this is a whole new level for her.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      She is so ignorant.

    • OriginalTessa says:

      I see commercials for them, but I don’t know a single person who douches. I’m 31. I think it’s going out with my grandmas generation.

    • L says:

      Yea douches are dangerous. It kills all the healthy bacteria you need down there.

      And your uterus? She does realize that’s impossible right? She has to right?

      • Aussie girl says:

        The human body is an amazing thing and vagina has it’s own natural system or way of cleanning it’s self out.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Are they popular? I’ve never seen anything like douches here in Germany and no nobody who uses them (I don’t even know the German word for it). From everything we know these days, this is just straight-up dumb. There’s no need to get up in there and clean it. WHO thinks that?

      Btw, I get pretty p*ssed when I see the rows and rows of “hygiene” products for women in the drugstore. They’re unnecessary. Where are the ones for men? I guess they’re called shower gel.

      • Selena Castle says:

        Absolutely! I read an article a while ago that said that the vast majority of “feminine hygiene” products are bought in the USA and there is a burgeoning market in India. I know that you really have to search for this sort of thing in Australia. Perhaps our American friends can enlighten us?

      • Jeanne says:

        I’m American, and I remember seeing commercials for douches when I was a child, but haven’t seen one in years (I’m 42).

        There’s a great Stephen Colbert piece where he talks about all of the products for women’s cooches, and then he discusses his “Stephen Colbert’s Pine Fresh Dick Scrub” – it’s hilarious!–d–k-scrub

      • chaine says:

        There are commercials, and whole shelves of them in the store, so someone is using them. I’m in my mid-40’s, and once had a roommate about 5 years older than me who used them. But, I think most of the users must be women of my mother’s generation and older, who were raised to be worried and ashamed about their normal body smells and discharges.

      • MtnRunner says:

        Jeanne, that’s hilarious. Love me some Colbert. Thanks for sharing!

      • solanacaea (Nighty) says:

        In relation to feminine hygiene products (nd I’m just referring to shower gels supposedly specific for your private parts- some were even doctors prescriptions) , I can honestly say, that the few times I used them, I ended up with bladder infections (wonder why… showing a cynical expression),… Love my shower gel for sensitive skin…. it’s great..

      • Lauraq says:

        I thought they were on their way out, but now they’re coming back with special ‘cleansing wipes’ and all sorts of other bullshit to clean something that is perfectly clean on its own. What’s really awful is that a particular brand markets under the misleadingly empowering slogan ‘Hail to the V’. Ugh.
        I’ve tried explaining to my friends (male and female) that if there is stank down there, it is INFECTION, not a natural odor, and that douching will make it WORSE. Not a lot of people listen, sadly. Also my best friend’s ex husband made her douche because he didn’t like normal vagina smell (should mention my bff and I have no boundaries in our conversations). So sad, especially because it made her so insecure over something she should never have had to feel insecure about.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I’m not an OB-GYN, but I am a medical doctor. This is NOT good. NOT healthy. Not safe. Not by any stretch of the imagination. And it isn’t doing anything to your uterus. It can’t even get up there without dilation.

  5. Elsa says:

    Some web site asked experienced gynecologist to comment on this advice and he said procedure is not good for you in any way (if not dangerous)

    • Krista says:

      And unless it relaxes your cervix, I can’t imagine that it’s very effective.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I figured as much. She really knows nothing about science and the human body, and it’s irresponsible of her to promote things like this.

    • sally says:

      I’m going to defend Gwen on this one!

      I read about this service a couple years ago and, when done properly, it’s really only steam from hot water and perhaps some essential oils that is supposedly able to naturally and holistically clean you. (What this usually means is cramp alleviation or just a whiff of a nice scent, it’s completely safe.)

      In the Asian countries they add in other stuff like herbs and spices to the steam that some women swears helps with fertility issues, post postpartum etc. Again, you’re adding nature made ingredients into boiling water and sitting over it for a few mins. It’s not that outrageous. It def doesn’t sound dangerous. In fact, wouldn’t you prefer steam cleaning with natural ingredients than with man-made,chemical laden soaps and feminine cleansers.

      I don’t know about the uterus stuff, that wasn’t mentioned in anything I read. Also, does this stuff work? Who knows. But I don’t see the harm.

      • Krista says:

        But if your uterus needed that wouldn’t we evolutionarily have that by now? I’ve studied a lot of anatomy and physiology and never once have I read that the uterus is a germy place.

      • Selena Castle says:

        The problem is that she is saying this steam actually cleans the uterus.
        Two problems with that;
        1. You do not need to use douches or other “feminine cleansers”. In fact they are directly implicated in the causes of some cancers.
        2. The steam would have to be introduced to the uterus via the os. The os is completely closed except when ovulating and menstruating. Even then, the opening is so tiny I doubt there would be any benefit at all unless the os is opened artificially or the steam is under pressure.
        So the idea of having someone use an instrument to open your os for the purposes of a steam clean is not only dangerous but really really weird.

      • msw says:

        No, this is still a really bad idea. These kinds of things generally cause more harm than good. No one needs to steam clean their genitals and doing so can disrupt the natural processes of the body which keep it in good working order. Dare I say, this is flat out stupid. These people should just give me $50 instead.

    • Bex says:

      My gynecologist says I should never use anything to wash down there. Your V has a pH of 3.3, using soap or water will disrupt that balance and cause infection. You can buy pH 3.3 wash if you feel you need to wash down there, otherwise leave alone.

      • BaeOnBoard says:

        Wow, I’ve never heard this before. I’ve heard about the dangers of douches and talcum powder but not soap. Also have always been told to not take bubble baths because of the entry of the suds inside the body, but never heard that just swiping the outer area with soap is bad. I’ll definitely have to read more into this.

      • hazeldazel says:

        this is correct, only wash the outer vulva or you’re risking an UTI. Your body has a system for cleansing itself, don’t fuck with it. Douches etc are from the time when society thought women’s bodies are dirty and shameful, don’t buy into the hate.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      Yep, I linked to it (or another one) by an obgyn below – she says it is all bunk, including the herb bit. Not helpful, more likely to be harmful.

  6. Kali says:

    The V-Steam really helps get the goop out, you know?

  7. Nerdmomma says:

    Dang that bottom dress is just ugly.

  8. Tanguerita says:

    this chick is not for real

  9. elisabeth says:

    I’m going to stick to throwing mine in the dryer

  10. MP says:

    So the steam is supposed to go up your V, through your cervix and into your uterus?
    Is that even possible and if yes I think it’s not just unnecessary but possibly harmful.

    • CT says:

      This is precisely the part I don’t understand. If you want to spend $50 to steam your vulva, okay. I get that I guess. People spend more money to clean less-important external parts of their bodies.

      But the claims that it STEAMS YOUR UTERUS kinda go against what I know about female anatomy. ALSO, DO YOU NEED TO STEAM-CLEAN ANY OTHER INTERNAL ORGANS?! I do not understand this thought process or the ability to believe this is a good or necessary thing.

      • Pixi says:

        Hahahaha @ other internal organs – Perhaps they should invent a liver steamer so that JAniston can detox those margaritas out of her system.

      • Kiddo says:

        I’m thinking she may have had some grey matter steam cleaned, and it worked! All clear.

      • Krista says:

        @kiddo she only likes to keep white matter around. Grey is so uncouth.

    • sally says:

      I’m going to defend Gwen on this one!

      I read about this service a couple years ago and, when done properly, it’s really only steam from hot water and perhaps some essential oils that is supposedly able to naturally and holistically clean you. (What this usually means is cramp alleviation or just a whiff of a nice scent, it’s completely safe.)

      In the Asian countries they add in other stuff like herbs and spices to the steam that some women swears helps with fertility issues, post postpartum etc. Again, you’re adding nature made ingredients into boiling water and sitting over it for a few mins. It’s not that outrageous. It def doesn’t sound dangerous. In fact, wouldn’t you prefer steam cleaning with natural ingredients than with man-made,chemical laden soaps and feminine cleansers.

      I don’t know about the uterus stuff, that wasn’t mentioned in anything I read. Also, does this stuff work? Who knows. But I don’t see the harm.

      • Selena Castle says:

        The problem is that she is saying this steam actually cleans the uterus.
        Two problems with that;
        1. You do not need to use douches or other “feminine cleansers”. In fact they are directly implicated in the causes of some cancers.
        2. The steam would have to be introduced to the uterus via the os. The os is completely closed except when ovulating and menstruating. Even then, the opening is so tiny I doubt there would be any benefit at all unless the os is opened artificially or the steam is under pressure.
        So the idea of having someone use an instrument to open your os for the purposes of a steam clean is not only dangerous but really really weird.

      • Miran says:

        Just popping in really quick to say that most of us (I’m from South Korea) think this sort of stuff is total bullshit too. This is crap our grandmas try to sell us but for the most part we ain’t buyin either.

    • Amelie says:

      Methinks someone (Gwyneth for example)doesn’t know her anatomy. In order to access the uterus, the cervix would need to dialate. There is a cervical dialation procedure with an instrument that’s done to obtain a biopsy that I understand is very uncomfortable; if steam alone could dialate the cervix why wouldn’t it be used instead? This treatment is a ruse.

      The body has secretions and benign smells and this is entirely natural…if an odor is not benign, a trip to the gyne is called for.,.

      I agree with the comments about use of talc and feminine hygiene products; they are dangerous. In my area, a lawfirm is running ads soliciting women who have use talc for feminine hygiene as it has been linked to cervical cancer.

      • jen2 says:

        Yes, a lot of what she says elicits laughter, and it is, on the surface funny. But some people will see something “trendy” on a site and think it is OK to do it. Ob-gyns have already commented on this and said it is bunk as the uterus is a closed system, and only opens when there is a purpose or with help. Basically all this type of thing does is separate some fool from their money.

        The dirtiest part of the human body is the mouth. Human bites are much worse than dog bites. Maybe she should get her mouth steam cleaned instead.

    • reba says:

      No, Gwynny has messed it up, this is just an external treatment and you are not supposed to sit over anything too hot. Obviously. Hello. She is doing a great disservice to the exact kind of things she is trying to promote.

  11. NewWester says:

    My question is this: Is sending steam up into your uterus safe? And a man does not have a uterus , so what is being steamed? Actually forget my second question.I am afraid of what the answer may be!

  12. blue27 says:

    When exactly did she lose her mind?

  13. Kaley says:

    It’s too bad she so stuck up because she is a really beautiful woman. I usually don’t like to say this to other ladies but close your damn mouth Gwen.

  14. Lahdidahbaby says:

    I just have a man come in twice a week.

  15. Sixer says:

    I. Have. No. Words.

    • mimif says:

      Cat pee & p0rn. Those are your words, Sixer.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        What do you use the cat pee for?

      • mimif says:

        I think only Liam Neeson and his space knows.

      • Sixer says:

        I use cat pee as a pejorative. But I do say wee not pee. It’s the acceptable insult chez Sixer – X, Y or Z smells of cat wee.

        mimif – I forgot why the pr0n. I know it was me but I can’t remember why!

    • j.eyre says:

      Is that because you haven’t had your brain steamed in a while, Sixer? They go right up through your nose with a pair of bendy straws and steam blast that sucker until your eyes seep Pink Himalyian Twice-Blessed Salt infused tears. The nice thing is you can book a pedi at the same time. And a shoulder waxing.

      You walk out of that place peeled, painted and with no freaking clue where you live.

  16. Toot says:

    Is having too much heat in that area a good thing? I wouldn’t think so.

  17. PunkyMomma says:

    I’ll continue to use my Woomba.

  18. lower-case deb says:

    reminds me of that Joanna Lumley episode where she tried the Sudanese Dukhan smoke therapy:

  19. Birdix says:

    She realizes that this kind of thing gets her a lot of attention. See “working a 70s vibe.” Laughing (and hopefully not limping) to the bank.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Exactly. As I’m typing this, I’m listening to a discussion about it on the radio.. She has nothing else really going on so let’s all talk about cleaning her business.

  20. clara says:

    She must be trolling us at this point.

    • Shambles says:

      Oh of course she is. I’m sure to a point she believes in this bull, but she knows this is going to get people talking about her. Gets her the weekly dose of special snowflake attention she needs to survive, and conveniently distracts people from the fact that her royal steamed vagina-ness picked a project (the movie that must not be named) that was, gasp, a failure. Because Goop can’t fail, her mommy said so.

  21. Lilacflowers says:

    Is it possible to steam clean the liver and pancreas? After all these Comet Sophies, some of us may need some help.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Lilacflowers, we needed help before the Comett Sophies, IMO. But back to the topic at hand, GOOP is basically advocating for steamed clams?🐚🐚🐚

  22. Green Eyes says:

    I literally felt the ghosts of my uterus, tubes, & ovaries shrivel up in phantom pain at the thought of steam going up where they had once dwelled.

  23. scout says:

    No wonder Chris Martin ran out fast to get away from his wife’s steamed out and blow dried Vadge! Her’s must feel like Arabian desert without sand all the way up to Uterus. HeHe…

    • Mimz says:


      Oh my the comments are killing me today

      Arabian Desert without sand and probably without “water” either hhahahahha
      Ok maybe that’s too mean.

    • journey says:

      not to mention his freaking out when she started nagging him to sign up for his man-v steam cleaning.

  24. Rhiley says:

    May we now call her the V Steam Douche?

  25. Sherry says:

    Didn’t some expert say that the vag was like a self-cleaning oven. All you had to do was to clean the outer parts and leave the rest to nature. Unless you had some kind of bacterial or yeast infection, in which case you should see your doctor to help you treat.

    Maybe this is why those rich Hampton’s housewives or whomever with more money than brains will be coming down with some severe cases of bacterial infections, all based on Goopy’s say-so. Idiots.

    • Selena Castle says:

      Precisely and without getting too graphic this is one of the reasons that often women will complain about an unusual odour when they have had a total hysterectomy. The cleaning no longer occurs, so why you would be inviting trouble with this is totally beyond me. Stupid, stupid woman perpetuating a ghastly myth that women are somehow dirty!
      I remember years ago when I started nursing in a hospital run by nuns and I was told by the Director of Nursing that I was required to wear panty hose because of “peri fallout”! I had no idea what that was and asked. I was mortified to say the least that a nurse would be telling me this garbage. And this was in 1992 not 1892!
      I hope that we have moved on and then some empty headed toothpick uses her celebrity to tell women that they are dirty all over again. Sets us back twenty years.

      • Jaded says:

        Um….I don’t know where you got that information but I’ve had a total hysterectomy and have no problems with odour. Nor do my friends who have had hysterectomies. The only odour would be from dissolving stitches and blood from the abdominal cavity and would be temporary. Your urine may smell from the anaesthetic and drugs used during surgery but again, that would be temporary. It’s not that cleaning doesn’t occur, it’s that it continues to occur to rid the body of the foreign substances introduced during the operation.

      • Selena Castle says:

        Jaded, I did not say all women, I said often women will complain of a change in odour. Not usually an offensive odour but it is different to the usual female perfume.
        The normal “cleaning” does not occur because the uterus is not there, nor is the cervix when a woman has had a total hysterectomy. So some “cleaning” occurs, but not that which would happen if the woman were intact. I know this because I have worked as a gyn nurse and midwife for years and read research papers to stay current. Certainly many women notice no difference but some women do. We are all different.

    • J.Mo says:

      I have an easy bake oven

  26. j.eyre says:

    I need to get the floors steamed, I wonder if they offer a combo?

  27. Birdie says:

    Just to show you how people stroke Gwyneth’s huge ego, look at this interview of Jessica Seinfeld and Gwyneth. I got a little sick, how much Jessica was up in G’s a**. Especially at 12 minutes mark:

  28. rianic says:

    I did several rounds of IUI, and they had to use a catheter to get the sperm in me. When we did the HSG prior to that, the dye was injected the same way. So I don’t see how steam gets into the uterus.

  29. Debbie says:

    This doesn’t sound safe or healthy. I think I will stick to what my doctor says about vaginal health, but I’m crazy like that

  30. Frida_K says:

    Mugwort is what one uses for moxa, and one can go to the Chinese medicine physician and get moxibustion, ok fine.

    I’ve never heard of this before. My herbs professor (for those who do not know–I am a student of Chinese medicine) is from a long line of many generations’ worth of specialists in moxa therapy and he never mentioned this to us.

    We would do moxa therapy on the lower abdomen for infertility, for example, but not up the vadge.

    I’m too sleepy for this and I have an exam in an hour and a half so I need to stop procrastinating.

    This is idiotic though. Just painfully stupid.

    • Ginger says:

      I’d be curious what your herb professor would have to say about this. I’m sure it’s just some made up Hollywood thing to take people’s money but I could be wrong.

      • Frida_K says:

        I will be asking once I figure out a way to do it diplomatically. Trust me, I will ask.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        I wonder if there is some sexual titillation involved in this—making this such a “desirable” procedure (under the guise of getting cleaned up…)

  31. Bananapants says:

    I read a lot of stupid things, but this one almost had me throwing my phone into a brick wall. Luckily, I came to my senses and didn’t do it – it’s an iPhone 6 and I’m a peasant. God knows I can’t afford to destroy it.
    She’s ridiculous. If your stuff is so Nast that you need to steam clean it, your problems are much bigger than mere hygiene.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Right. If its ooky, go see your doctor. You have an infection or something of that nature.

  32. minx says:

    She’s ignorant. I don’t know where this woman got the idea that she is so much better and well-informed than everyone else.

  33. nan says:

    Goop, please, just take up knitting toilet roll covers or something …. for the love of G-d, find something to do.

  34. kri says:

    LMVO!!!!!LMVO!!!!!! OHMYGOD> This is awesome!! “A mini-throne”.”Mugwort”!! Steaming your uterus! Laughing my vadge off for sure. Where is Woodchuck Woodley?!?! You know she is all outraged cause she wants us to use the sun to clean our ovens. LOL. This woman is soooooooo precious. Poor Chris Martin.

  35. Ginger says:

    Holy Crap! I’m only 45 but now I’m certain I’ve heard EVERYTHING. Carry on.

  36. nk868 says:

    … slimming? if you need to steam clean and SLENDERIZE your uterus, please leave LA immediately. do not stop to collect $200.

  37. Mltpsych says:

    This woman did it at home and wrote about it

  38. unmadebed says:

    I’m interested, and not at all appalled; but at least 80-percent skeptical. I can’t see a salon tech catheterizing her patron’s cervix, as is done during a saline ultrasound, so that the steam can flow from the vagina into the uterus. Maybe they dilate the cervix?

  39. **sighs** says:

    She needs to steam clean her brain.

  40. FingerBinger says:

    $50 seems reasonable to steam clean a vagine.

    • sauvage says:

      For that money, you can rent a really BIG steam-cleaner PLUS buy the special pet hair cleaning solution to go with it and steam-clean the living hell out of your bedroom carpet several times.

      Just sayin’. Different priorities, I guess.

  41. poppy says:

    for such an uppity b, she sure plays the genital card like a cheap reality star whenever she needs extra attention.
    so uninspired and declassé.

    and, yeah, she’s only adding to her reputation as one to avoid when seeking sound advice.

    thanks everyone for the hysterical comments! made my day.

  42. Pandy says:

    She’d better keep making her crap movies as a fool and her money are soon parted. What a bunch of hooey. Soap and water should be enough to keep your vagina clean. If not, you likely need antibiotics.

  43. sauvage says:

    I can’t help but wonder what the frack happens when one day somebody messes up when programming the steamer and all of a sudden some poor soul gets a shot of boiling steam up her vagina. Strange ways to die, and all that….

  44. Jaded says:

    This is actually an old practice in the middle and far east I believe. I saw a program a few years back by a travel writer who did a segment on it. You don’t actually force steam up your nether regions, you sit on a bidet-like contraption under a tent with only your head exposed that contains gently steaming, herbed water. She found it like a mini-steam room and felt wonderful afterwards.

    But of course Goop has to steal the original practice and turn it into some kind of “must do” cleanse because God forbid she leave one iota of her body toxic!

  45. Anon says:

    Will anyone ever sue this person for some of the crap she puts out there.

  46. Jayna says:


    That’s all I’ve got.

  47. EKP says:

    Sounds like a UTI waiting to happen.

  48. perplexed says:

    I think she included the V-steam for men in the newsletter, which is even more perplexing to me than the V-steam for women.

  49. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    I am down with the comments about leaving the beaver house alone. Your hoo-ha is not your face. However – mugwort. Well, I live in the UK and went to a Chinese Dr. when my first baby was breech back in 2004. (A mid-wife suggested it) He gave me mugwort sticks (they looked like cigars) and the prescription was to burn them by my little toes (an inch away) for 20 minutes. The baby turned about two hours after we did it. This is not to defend the Goop, or the practice, but just to say that there is a conceivable relation between mugwort and your coochie, however much it sounds like it is something from Hogwarts.

  50. Cecelia says:

    And if you do it while you are pregnant your baby comes out smooth without any unsightly wrinkles . It’s like all natural baby Botox , guys. She’s genius.

  51. chelsea says:

    Last time I checked, douching was considered pointless. How would steaming be any better? She’s a shill. She has to be. No one is this gullible.

  52. Cecelia says:

    And if you have any rice or veggies that need steaming for dinner , toss them up there first. Only if they are organic, though.

  53. Cody says:

    I just don’t understand physiologically how putting steam up the vagina is going to change your fertility or help you relieve stress, There’s plenty of studies that supports mind-body intervention, like yoga and how it may improves all sorts of women issues, But steam itself in the vagina doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s not like it’s going to blow up some closed tube. I think it is like the placebo effect. Someone who believes it’s going to work might get some benefit. It is like Dorthy repeating ” There is no place like home.” I can hear Goop keeps saying, ” There is nothing better than a V Steam.”

  54. bros says:

    Anyone actually been to a korean sauna? they are out of this world. There’s one in north new jersey and I went to about 10 of them when I was living in Korea. The one in north new jersey has a mugwort room and you know what, it’s great. I can’t hate on her for this at all.

    • Becks says:

      I love Korean Spas! I live in L.A, and we have so many in Korea town. I go for massages and scrubs, and they are awesome. I’ve also sat in the hot mugwort tea pool, but I’ve never had my vagine steamed. LOL
      If you’re OK with nudity, then I highly recommend a korean spa! It’s the best.

  55. Giddy says:

    So do men do it to smooth out their ball wrinkles? Cause I can picture a guy saying “Hey baby, look at THIS!!!!”

    Also, Gwennie is deliriously entertaining.

  56. Debbie says:

    I rather DOUBT there is any steam getting to your UTERUS. There are some biological barriers between the outside world and your uterus… but no doubt she has a goopy snatch whch could do with some Stanley Steemer.

  57. PrincezGoopyFrostyVag says:

    It’s probably really helpful for her sex partners ahead of time. Maybe I should try a diy with my mini rice cooker and a large funnel. Right after I hit my artisanal crack pipe.

  58. Veronica says:

    Well, I’ll take steam cleaning over douching, I’ll give her that. Less damaging to the native flora. Ultimately still baffled by how women are still falling for the cultural narrative of “vaGinaS r weiRd OMG” by that age.

  59. word says:

    Rich people problems !

    How did the world exist before v-steam? Those poor women in the third world…how will they manage without this necessity?

  60. Dani says:

    Steaming your uterus is actually a typical practice in asia, usually done after child birth.

  61. Sylvia says:

    I wonder if FishStick sits in a corner thinking what idiotic things to write about. She really is brainless.

  62. Ice Queen says:

    It sounds so unethical. Dangerous too.

  63. Bread and Circuses says:

    “high-tech far infrared heat”

    How the hell is infrared heat “high-tech”? That’s the warmth you feel coming off a campfire.

    Humanity: High-tech since the stone age.

  64. Anotherdirtymartini says:

    Gwyneth states that this procedure balances the hormones. This asshole has gone too far this time. Some people are going to believe this BS!

  65. solanacaea (Nighty) says:

    I loved this comment I just read: “In fairness to Paltrow, steamed vaginas do have fewer calories and less trans fats than fried ones.” LOL

  66. Tracy says:

    I’m thinking most uteruses are doing just fine without having ‘steam’ piped in there. Good grief, people.

  67. phlyfiremama says:

    The process is actually a valid one. As a Licensed Acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist, I can say that the herb~named Ai Ye in pinyin (written in English letters Chinese) , is one very commonly used, particularly in a process called Moxibustion, but also taken orally. This herb can be used to treat threatened miscarriage and calm what we call “restless fetus” syndrome, it can literally encourage a breech position baby to turn into the normal position if used prior to the 36-37th week of pregnancy, it can stop excessive menstrual or other types of bleeding due to cold based pathologies, and also warm various meridians and channels, specifically the Liver, Kidney, and Spleen meridians. The has an excellent rundown of some of its properties. There is close to 10,000 years of clinical usage of Ai Ye, with various indications and usages. It is a VERY powerful herb!!!

  68. Livealot says:

    Idk. This hype is reminiscent of the colonic and I tried that. If it’s marketed as a “vag facial” I may just try it.

  69. Jag says:

    I just can’t even comprehend this. In order to “steam clean” a uterus, one would have to go into the vagina and up through the cervix, which typically isn’t really open except for menstruating women one week a month. Not to mention, the vagina itself is a self-cleaning organ, so steam cleaning IT would cause all kinds of bacterial imbalance. There is no mention of the utensils that are used for this being sterilized properly in an autoclave, either. And last but not least, hormones are not produced in an empty uterus, so there’s no way to “balance” hormones this way. This is a horrible idea all around.

  70. Amy says:

    “Boil some water and fan the steam up your business for pennies.” This sentence made me laugh out loud. CB articles usually don’t make laugh (they’re entertaining, especially the comments but it takes a lot to make laugh out loud while reading). I dunno about v-steaming, doesn’t sound unsafe just sounds weird.

  71. Ankhel says:

    Thanks, but no thanks Gwyneth dear. Up yours, though!

  72. perplexed says:

    Does this V-steam stuff make you skinnier? Is that why she does it?

  73. siri says:

    I knew Gwynnie loves to sit on a throne!

  74. jwoolman says:

    Gee, you would think sloughing off an entire lining of the uterus every month would get rid of any possible accumulated junk for free…. Menstrual blood is cleansing by its very nature.

  75. Dana says:

    I think Gwynnie had to say something controversial this week since “Mordecai” is bombing.

  76. Carrie says:

    ‘Not just a steam douche’
    HAHAHAHAHA that sounds like something that would be written in a comment

  77. Frosty says:

    Gah! Oh Goop. All this trendy, body denying crap isn’t healthy for anyone, let alone aging bobble-heads with osteopenia.

  78. EM says:

    If anyone asks why people hate her, well now they have the answer.

  79. JM says:

    Sounds like she should peddle this to the Nevada brothels.

  80. sad DSA says:

    Are all Hollywood people like this? I’m scared… 🙁

  81. Lisa says:

    My favorite part of this post is the summary of Goop’s advice: “Eating (avoid it), exercise (do as much as possible).”

  82. Butch says:

    I read some of the comments, and I wasn’t going to comment since most people here posted what I’m thinking anyway, but only one or two people mentioned the environment a procedure like this is taking place. Most spas are totally disgusting. I just want a sauna and since I don’t have one here in my apartment, I’ll reluctanly make an appointment, like once a year. I’ve been to the spa in Santa Monica mentioned in the article and um…no. Not clean enough for me to open up my vagina and sit on any ‘throne’ like seat provided. Would you trust a minimum wage worker to properly clean and sterilize the ‘throne’ you open your vagina too? I was almost sick reading this womans homespun crap. Drink plenty of water, wear cotton undies if possible, take a bath once in while, don’t wear tampons on the reg, and if you’re vag. is starting to smell, take it to a gynecologist.