Ariana Grande in Versace at the Grammys: tearful, tragic or lovely?


It feels like Ariana Grande’s rise and fall happened pretty quickly, like within the span of about four months. Suddenly she was everywhere and the #1 pop diva, and then the backlash was swift and merciless. I’m not saying Grande isn’t still popular – I hear her songs on the radio all the time, and I’m sure she has a large ride-or-die fanbase. But it feels like she’s not the young hot It Girl of the Moment these days, and like her bad attitude has pissed off enough people. Good.

Ariana arrived at the Grammys with her boyfriend, Big Sean. I think Big Sean and Ariana are going to end messily and probably sooner rather than later, and when it happens it will be so, so funny. But for now, they are loved up, but only when Ariana gets to show her “good side” to the cameras. Ryan Seacrest dared to put her “bad” right side on E! and she almost cried. Her dress is Versace – I like it more than what she usually wears, but the silver fabric seems like it was tacked on at the last minute.



For some reason, Paris Hilton was there. I guess it’s because she’s a super-successful DJ, you guys. She wore a too-tight Yousef-Al-Jasmi gown which made her girls look like they were suffocating.


And here’s Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. It’s funny how no one really gives a crap about Gaga now. I wasn’t into their performance last night either. Her gown is Brendan Maxwell, jewels by Lorraine Schwartz. Not the worst, far from the best.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Pixi says:

    Do you have a link to the Seacrest incident? I’d like to see that.
    I don’t care for her, but the dress was quite nice, it’s something I would wear.

  2. Dani2 says:

    Ariana always looks so toddler-esque and sleepy, people were hilarious on Twitter, they captioned a photo of Pocket Sean whispering in her ear: “if you behave tonight you’ll get a Capri Sun Pouch AND some crackers” LOL

  3. Dhavynia says:

    Is Gaga doing the same open mouth pose JLo does? That’s just not her

    And no one really gave a crap about I Dream of Jeannie wannabe Grande

  4. EC says:

    I have to commend Paris Hilton’s commitment to “working” the same style, extensions, and pose for 10+ years. I mean that is…something.

    I am also in pain looking at Gaga t*ts. Those poor suckers – give them some breathing room!

    • Jessica says:

      It does mean she looks like isn’t aging. Compare a photo of Paris now to Paris 10 years ago and she looks exactly the same. Sticking with one particular style, even if it’s a bad one, has it’s benefits.

    • Sylvia says:

      Parasite thinks that posing like that is sexy or something. It’s just plain ridiculous. Her boobs look weird.

      Ariana looks cute but not that dress. She does look like a toddler lol.

  5. NewWester says:

    Ariana Grande Latte: her star is in free fall Her breakup with Big Sean will be epic. Is the foil on her dress from a burger she had before the Grammys?
    Paris Hilton: is that really her or is one of the mannequins from Madame Tussaud’s Wax Musuem missing?
    Lady Gaga: she has talent and should focus on that and not stunt dressing. She looks good here but for some reason in that pic with Tony Bennent she reminds me of a popular drag queen here in Toronto. Must be the angle

  6. Joanne_S says:

    Uh, maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I actually kinda like Paris’ whole look here…

    • Jess says:

      Joanne, I also kinda like it for some reason. The dress is a good fit for her body and accentuates her curves, I think she looks decent, don’t like her in any way whatsoever but she hustles and has been successful, more power to her I guess!

    • Inky says:

      I would agree. I think she looks really good here. As Jess says, the dress is a good fit for her body.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Yeah, I feel like most people are either “ew” or “eh” and at least Paris looks like she tried to bring the drama and the glamour a little bit . Maybe drama and glamour circa 1997, but still. I must say I’ve never seen someone look like an airbrushed picture of themselves in person.

      • Chicky says:

        Paris has maintained herself well over the years, I gotta give the girl some credit where its due. Great work on her face that doesn’t look overdone or even apparent and her body looks really healthy to me here, like shes filled out more with muscle. I think she’s beautiful, on the outside.
        Wow, Little Sean is not cute at all to me… his features are too big for his little self and he looks really old in the face, especially standing with the baby faced princess.

  7. Jessica says:

    I almost feel sorry for GaGa. She was so huge, hit after hit after hit, and then it seemed like her career just blew up within the space of a month. Is she even working on anything now, other than the Bennett thing? You just hear nothing about her these days.

    • Dani2 says:

      She won a Grammy, I think she’s doing okay.

    • Janet says:

      I was bugged by how she was crawling all over Tony.

      • Delta Juliet says:

        Ugh me too. I looked at my husband and said “God, do you think he’s sick of her yet?”

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      I’m rooting for her. She was different and had legit talent in so many ways.

      • Michelle says:

        I feel the same way! I think Gaga’s voice is incredible and works really well with the jazz thing she has going with Tony Bennett. I think she pushed the shocking outfits too far and turned a lot of people off, but I’m rooting for her also. She has more vocal talent than most of today’s top stars.

    • Felice says:

      She has stated that she is not the same person she was when she started. She’s moving on to other things now that she’s settled in the industry.

      There’s talks about another electropop album in early 2016 (throwing around the title Mania on tumblr) but she wants to also do another jazz with Tony.

      Because of Beyonce, artists are not really into saying when their albums are dropping now lol.

  8. Anna says:

    I kind of like Ariana and Big Sean. They’re really cute on social media and they look good together. She is kind of a diva but at least she knows which side is her best side.

  9. Jess says:

    I can’t stand Ariana and that silver thing looks awful, the dress had potential but that ruined it. My 7 year old daughter used to love her, but I showed her the stories of her being rude to fans and how she made people carry her like baby and now she doesn’t like her either, you can’t dismiss the people who made you famous!

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      What, you ruined a pop idol for your seven year old? lol.

      • Jess says:

        Hell yes I did! Lol, she’s a brat and not someone to look up to, plus her songs are whiny and too suggestive. Gwen Stefani and Pink are other “pop” stars my daughter likes, much better in my opinion, they empower women and appreciate their fans.

      • Grant says:

        Sorry, but Gwen sucks. Especially her awful new single.

      • Jess says:

        Grant, I don’t think I’ve heard her new single, she’s not really my style either but in terms of influences on my daughter I prefer Gwen over Ariana! I’m more of a Led Zeppelin and Tv on the Radio type, but my kiddo gets tired of that:)

      • Cindy says:

        Good for you! My daughter is twelve and Bieber and Ariana are banned from our house. 🙂

      • littlestar says:

        No Grant, Ariana Grande sucks. Gwen Stefani at least treats her fans well.

    • Tarsha says:

      Your 7 year old child likes teen/adult pop music? Maybe its just me, but at that age, music like that didn’t interest me unless it was nursery rimes or cute educational songs you learn at school. Sorry but I think a 7 year old child is too young for music like that. Particularly songs by singers like these and especially Stefani and Pink have lyrics that a 7 year old would not be able to understand or relate to.

      • Jess says:

        She’s a mature 7, and she just loves music, always playing the radio or anything she can get, she loves to write songs and sing karaoke as well! No it’s not just you, she is young for that type of music, which is why I don’t let her listen to Iggy Azalea or Rihanna, and a few others who only sing about money, sex, or objectifying themselves. Pink especially has quite a few songs that I think send a good message for girls at any age, obviously not all of them are appropriate. I never thought I’d be the type of parent who would freak out over music, but so much of it today is mindless crap and you really have to regulate it because kids are impressionable! I appreciate your concern though;)

      • Bridget says:

        7 year olds are peripherally exposed to pop music – either with it being on at home or at a friend’s house, or even if its just on the radio while driving. It’s not like the kid is plugged into her iPod or anything. It’s totally age appropriate for a kid that age to have a little bit of pop music that they like. For me it was Material Girl; it’s not like I had any clue at all what it was about, I just thought it sounded fun!

      • deehunny says:

        @Tarsha— In case you haven’t noticed, kids grow up very quickly these days. You can’t hide them from the world forever. By the time she’s in 4th grade she will know them all. They even have “Kidz Bop” or whatever it is where CHILDREN sing adult pop songs.

        I think it’s great that Jess is showing her child at a young age that these women aren’t really role models because of their terrible real life behavior.

    • Whitney says:

      Good lord, I can’t believe how judgmental some of you are being towards Jess. I was listening to NIN’s The Downward Spiral at age nine, which is far worse than Pink or Gwen. You sound like a great mom, Jess. Just because a 7 year old doesn’t “get” the lyrics doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the music.

  10. QQ says:

    Ariana and Sean Looked like a Prom Outing…The Theme is Father-Daughter Dance

  11. AG-UK says:

    Will Ariana EVER have a different hairdo.. I understand she says it’s damaged but still with her money you’d think someone can give her another option (s)

    • Pixi says:

      It’s the worst! I just want to see it down and natural once.

      • deehunny says:

        I doubt she actually has any hair to wear down. I’m sure it is just long enough to throw into a small top bun so she can attach her ponytail extension.

  12. Lucy2 says:

    It looks like a silver napkin got caught in an otherwise nice dress. I find her extremely irritating.
    Gaga looks awful. Like a Halloween costume of herself.

  13. Hautie says:

    Say something nice: Paris Hilton Edition.

    1) Her wig here, looks good. Matches well to her natural hair. A good over all color. (She has not been known to have good wigs in the past.)

    2) Either she has it taped open… or she finally had that left wonky eye lid of hers… repaired. Looks good. Makeup looks great.

    3) The dress is not bad. Fits well.

    4) And all those classes at Barbizon Modeling paid off. She really does have her try hard pose, done to perfection.

  14. Neelyo says:

    Grande’s got a case of marble mouth when she sings. And I cannot stand performers whose eyes are closed the entire time they sing. Stop indulging yourself and connect with the audience.

  15. scout says:

    Paris got new and improved boobs?

    Ariana is so cute, can’t take my eyes off of her dimpled face.

  16. Lorelei says:

    The white dress had the potential to be a really good one, if they would have skipped the whole shiny tablecloth thingy.

  17. Josephine says:

    I actually like Ariana’s dress. The outfits this year were so boring and at least this is a touch interesting, and it fits her perfectly. The other two looks both look like b**b smashers, and that’s never a good look.

  18. Felice says:

    I don’t think Gaga cares either. She gave a great performance and she was there for the music.

  19. cs says:

    I kind of like Ariana Grande’s dress… Her hairstyle spoiled the whole look though. And I don’t think she’s quite ‘done’ (unfortunately). I think she’s taking a break from the spotlight for a while so that the negative comments will die down first, then make a mini-comeback.

  20. Quinn says:

    Paris looks like a drag queen version of herself. Aging isn’t hot. 🙁

  21. Someonestolemyname says:

    Paris Hilton looks fabulous.
    She looks bettering her dress than both Gaga and Ariana.

  22. lower-case deb says:

    how can Versace create something great couture like Gwen’s and something preschool craft week like Ariana’s?

  23. Dolce crema says:

    I like Ariana’s look although the pony tail is not that interesting anymore. I see a red line on her wrist, is she a Kabbalist ?

    • jwoolman says:

      Ariana has mentioned that she’s interested in celebrity Kaballah, so that probably is the “red line” you spotted.

    • Brianna says:

      There could be a more sinister reason for her wearing a red bracelet. In online forums for people with ED’s the red bracelet is a symbol of ana (anorexia, an eating disorder), many eating disordered individuals wear them. Of course, many people in the religion kabbalah wear a red bracelet too. She just has lost so much weight since she first started out, I am suspicious she didn’t do it the healthiest way…

      • Shijel says:

        Sure hope so that it’s not the ana bracelet. The top picture, the first thing I noticed that her arms have gotten even skinnier. And she’s young enough to visit such places. Plus, many such places pretty much revere Ariana for her tiny-dainty figure (don’t ask. I’m over my own eating disorder, but I remain connected to the communities to keep myself up to date with the latest trends so I could notice/help/prevent others from going down that path.).

  24. maeliz says:

    I had to look twice to check if that was really Paris. She actually looks great. Very pretty

  25. snowflake says:

    gaga looks good, imo. think this is a good weight for her. paris looks fantastic. I think she’s had some work done, she looks a little plastic, but she’s not overdone. ariana needs to do something different with her hair.

  26. Diana says:

    What’s wrong with the right side of Arianna Grande’s face? It looks just like the left side, imo. Is there any reason she won’t be photographed from another angle?

  27. samanthalous says:

    Glad she started using the deep conditioner on her hair it looks healthy.

  28. G says:

    Aww I like her. She looks like she’s always on the verge of tears. LOL! She’s still so young I’ll cut her a break on the Diva BS.

  29. Lurker says:

    I wonder if Paris and Kim K were ever seen together? After all, Kim K used to be Paris’s “stylist.”

  30. Cinderella says:

    Why spend so much money on them if you’re going to flatten them like pancakes?

  31. Laura says:

    I think Ariana is adorable! I also enjoyed her performance. I think she will nature and knock off the diva antics as she continues with her career. But I still like her and think she is a little beauty 🙂

  32. emma says:

    these really low cut in the front dresses are everywhere and I don’t know if I’m into it.

    And just ridiculous prom pic ariana.

  33. Michelle says:

    I’ll never be able to take Ariana seriously when she tries to look sexy because she literally looks 12 years old. The first time I ever saw a clip of one of her music videos was last night during the Grammy’s, and she was writhing around on a chair and then a bed and it was just creepy. She looks like a preteen.

    • jwoolman says:

      Ariana really can’t help that she looks 12 to you. She is actually an adult and we need to treat her that way. What else is she supposed to do? Get plastic surgery to look older? Not date until she looks 16? She’s just acting her age.

      Some people look younger or older than others of the same age, that’s a normal variation. It probably has to do with the appearance of the skin mainly although height is also a marker that can fool people. Ariana is small, which suggests young but obviously isn’t a reliable sign. My mother looked so much younger than she was that the old parish priest thought she had been a teenage mother when he first saw her with my brother (who was a preschooler) and treated her very oddly as a result (he apparently didn’t approve of teenage mothers, except for Jesus’ mom Mary, and finally said something that clued her in to the source of his hostility). She was actually almost 30 when her first child was born. I had the same problem, and got really tired of being treated badly because certain people assumed I was “just a teenager” when I was almost 30 and a college professor.

  34. Amy says:

    Ugh. I was on the fence about Big Sean but after seeing how he and Ariana acted while being interviewed by the Access Hollywood interviewer I think they’re a sack of crap made in heaven.

    Such a rude childish couple, smh, both will soon be begging for attention too.