Angelina Jolie films low-key stunt scenes, so she must be pregnant


It must be a Friday, because the gossip sites are running with yet another “Angelina is pregnant” story. The cause of this latest rumor-mongering is Angelina’s apparently low-key stunts on the sets of Salt, the spy thriller she’s been filming in Washington D.C. and New York. So far, the paparazzi have gotten pictures of Angelina running around in a blonde wig, running around barefoot and bloody, and climbing on a very tall New York building. Yeah, it really sounds like she’s eating bon-bons and complaining about nausea. The List has more:

Angelina Jolie has sparked rumours she is expecting her seventh child after requesting scenes for her new thriller ‘Salt’ be rewritten to be less physically challenging.

Angelina Jolie is reportedly pregnant.

The ‘Changeling’ star has sparked rumours she is expecting another child with partner Brad Pitt after she asked for daring stunt scenes in her forthcoming movie ‘Salt’ to be cut back. A movie source said: “There is still some exciting action stuff – most notably when Angelina’s character is chased by snipers over the rooftops.”

“But there’s no back-flips on speeding trains and it’s all more face close-ups than action sequences. Early versions of ‘Salt’ could not be shot with a woman in the early stages of pregnancy but the draft they’re shooting now can.”

Fuelling the baby rumours is the fact Angelina – who already has six children with Brad, including three adopted kids – usually does her own stunts.

In ‘Wanted’, ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ she refused to use a stunt double for the more extreme action sequences. The 33-year-old actress said: “It doesn’t look as real. I think the best stunts are when an audience watches it and can understand everything that’s going on and feel like they’re in the middle of the action. I love practicing stunts to get them right.”

Angelina’s role in ‘Salt’ has already been dramatically altered since the first scripts were written.

Her part as Eveline Salt – a CIA agent who must evade capture after being framed as a Russian spy – was originally set to be played by Tom Cruise, but the role was changed to suit an actress when the ‘Valkyrie’ star pulled out.

[From The List]

Angelina has always been known as an actress who is perfectly willing and wanting to do her own stunts. Could it be that she’s simply not 24 years old any more? Could it be that she takes her own safety seriously now that she’s a mother of six? Could it be that they’re filming all of the really good stunt work on a soundstage away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi? Or, hey, she really could be pregnant. I doubt it though – I’ve said it before, Angelina seems to believe in family planning. And I’d bet money her “plan” is for the next kid to be adopted.

Here’s Angelina doing her own stunt over a highway in Washington D.C. on March 7th. Images thanks to

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  1. Chiara says:

    Could be the insurance company requirements. They can afford to lose a stunt double not the star.

    She needs to adopt, before pregnancy. One country under consideration requires the youngest child in the home to be 1 year of age.

  2. kap says:

    Think you’re suppose to wait at least one year (two years is preferable) before another pregnancy if you’ve had C-sections, so sure this is just more garbage (I could have thought up a better one, they should hire me!)

  3. cassie says:

    There are pics of her hanging off the side of a building on several sites like

  4. Wonder Woman says:

    Most be a slow day for the media to come up with so much crap on brangelina. come on I rather read a story on how jennifer is heart broken and is now reaching out to brad , or how cortney cox finally told jen “you crazy B you are ruinning my marriage every time you get dumped.” or britney had a nip slip or… k fed farted and accidently burned down a building… something different~!

  5. Pffft says:

    The jacket she is wearing screams “pregnant”…

    Give me an effing break!

    All this rubbish from tabloids on Angie, Brad and Jennifer is sounding more and more absurd.

    I´ll bet my pay-check that the next child will definitely be adopted. Probably a girl from Africa so that Z doesn´t feel like an outcast.

  6. lena says:

    you know i find it unnecessary that articles just have to point that she has adopted children..why not just leave it she has six kids with brad?

  7. patty anne says:

    This trio has over saturated the media and altho i’ve , in the past, been a Jolie fan, am now an Aniston fan, never saw what was so great about Pitt…i’m so tired of all the surrounding B.S. with them all. I would not miss any of them if they fell off the face of this planet.

  8. Pffft says:

    @Patty anne: Perhaps you should be directing your anger at the tabloids, not the couple, since it is the rags dropping the headlines and not the couple.

    I mean, Angie gets photographed doing stunts on her next movie…next the rags are talking about how ´low-key´the stunts are because she is preggers.

    Plus, if your suppoert for Brangelina was so fickle to begin with, perhaps you did us – her real fans – a favour by jumping ship (and this is coming from someone that has nothing personal against Jen. In fact, I don´t even run my mouth off at Jenny, because I simply don´t care to).

  9. Enonymous says:

    Who cares even if she is, the novelty of seeing a new ‘perfect’ Jolie-Pitt baby has wearied out already.

  10. Zoe says:

    good write-ip Kaiser, I think all the reasons you mention, especially the sound stage stuff, sounds more likely.

  11. Lem says:

    silly kaiser, she threw her back out playing doctor with the pool boy. ;) Counters seem like a good idea but ouch!
    I don’t get this, what’s the basis? She’s not flying upside down on a rope today? Don’t they need a green screen for most of that?

  12. WHAT?.. says:

    So… when the media decides to print a story about Angelina or Brad.. it is somehow their fault. I had no idea that Brad/Angie owned so many mags and web sites. They are not responsible for every article or story that is put out. But of course it it easy to blame them then just to admit that many celebs are just used to get hits on sites and of course sell mags. I don’t fault them
    for all the BS stories printed everyday about them. I understand how it works. I agree with an earlier post. Brad/Angie have planned all their children. They did not just arrive one day at the door. They planned to get pregnant and they will plan to adopt. That is was mature people in a relationship should do. And yes they have 6 kids. It is offensive to all adoptive kids when they have to be labled all the time. They are a family with 6 beautiful kids. All loved.

  13. Leandra says:

    I don’t think this is true. They want to adopt next, not have more biological children.

  14. daisy424 says:

    That might explain the slap in the face Brad received……..

  15. Linda says:

    She’s a wh0re….who cares if she pregnant, again.

  16. caribassett says:

    That has to be weird. The whole world speculating over your woman parts, and what they are or are not doing.

  17. Judy says:

    I dont think she is PG. They arent quite ready yet to add another one, I dont thin k LOL Even they have their limitations.
    The rag mags needed something today because Jen got dumped by that creep that cannot sing again. So what better then Angie being pg??

  18. Maritza says:

    Angelina is making sure that Brad won’t even think about leaving her. With that amount of kids what man in his right man would? He would be left in the poor house.

  19. Blah blah blah says:

    I don’t think people can entirely take away the blame from Angelina and Brad, even if the tabloids are the ones supposedly making things up.

    There are plenty of celebrities who selectively expose themselves when they *need* to, erego they are not famewhores who enable (sometimes promote) themselves to be overexposed. So you don’t hear random stupid stories about them.

  20. Nony says:

    I don’t get this obsession with the script being rewritten – of course it was. If a character goes from male to female then you’d better do some rewriting to avoid having a completely ridiculous and unbelievable female character! Women speak and act different from men.

  21. debra says:

    Some of you must be children. Men don’t necessarily stay in a relationship because of the children. There or thousands upon thousands of women who could tell you that. Brad Pitt wanted to have kids with Angelina Jolie. HE like every other man is where HE wants to be. Kid or not. Some of you need to get over it. Angelina is not Wh*** because a man fell in love with her.
    Grow up.. He did not want to be with Jennifer.. it is almost 5 years. Get a life..

  22. raven says:

    Nony brings up a good point. When she was asked to play the role, she requested
    that it be rewritten because it had originally been written for a man. Thus, it may not be fully accurate that only physically demanding scenes were rewritten. Once again some exaggeration by the gossips.

  23. Anna says:

    I think Jolie and Octomum are identical twins and they both suffer from some kind of personality disorder (borderline? narcissistic?).

    It seems that both she and Madonna (super-narcissist) are starting to loose it seriously… the (fake) public facade is crackling and showing a very, very disturbed interior.

  24. Anna says:

    PS: OF COURSE it’s no coincidence that narcissistic persons are seen more in the media!! I know many SUPERSTARS (a million times better at acting too) who manage to keep their lives relatively out of the media.

    But of course narcissists love to think that everyone is SO OBSESSED with them just because they are so speeeeecial (while many of us think they are freaks). They are soooo interesting and that is why they have double the media coverage of everyone else.


    Why do you think the media is full of Paris Hilton, The Beckhams, Tom Cruise et al and Jolie/Pitt??? They are all HYPER NARCISSISTIC and will actively see to it that they are in the public eye.

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