Angelina Jolie & Liev Schreiber seen laughing, affair impending

Now it’s time for the latest installment of The Brangelina Saga. We’ve seen Angelina in a couple of wigs. Shocking. We’ve heard about Brad’s meeting with Nancy Pelosi. Sweet. Now OK! Magazine has some sources in Washington, DC, where Angelina is filming scenes for Salt. What do these sources say? Is she having an affair? What does her hair look like? Any mutterings of the scheming kitty Murder McMeowington? Anything?

The biggest news is that Angelina and co-star Liev Schreiber were seen “laughing” in between takes. Oh my God, sex! Affair! Laughter! And oh, yeah, Angelina does her own running stunts. Read the breathless account from OK!:

While main man Brad Pitt is getting ready to chat with Nancy Pelosi this afternoon in Washington D.C., Angelina Jolie is in town too, busy on the set of her new movie Salt, and she seems to be enjoying herself!

“She’s having a lot of fun and joking on set with the stunt double. She’s in a great mood and was laughing with [co-star] Liev Schreiber in between takes,” a witness tells OK!.

“There were some fans who were watching her shoot and she was waving to them.”

And true to form, Angie isn’t sitting back and letting anyone else do the hard work for her when it comes to action-packed sequences for the movie.

“She’s been filming a sprint scene this morning where she runs down the street and before she ran, she runs in place to get warmed up,” the source reveals. “She was doing all of the stunts herself but her stunt double was walking her through everything.”

[From OK! Magazine]

So the way I read that last part, I thought that the stunt double was showing Angelina how to run down a street. Maybe the stunt involves more than that. Hopefully.

Who thinks Angelina and Liev are already hittin’ it? They would look cute together. Not as cute as her and Brad, but Liev might be fun for a fling. I doubt it’s happening, but let’s see what the tabloids make of it next week.

Here’s Angelina Jolie on set yesterday in New York. Credit: AAR/Fame Pictures.

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  1. nikky says:

    she’ll always be beautiful, but she needs to gain some serious weight. during wanted all i was thinking about was how painfully thin her limbs were.

    well, that and my raging girl crush.

  2. Mairead says:

    She was laughing with her stunt double too!!! ZOMG bis€xual affairs a-go-go!! 8O (or is it 80)

    That is a very very fluffy piece from OK!. She’s running down the feckin’ road – not hopping from one plane to another mid-air, climbing aboard and realasing the Italian supercar and driving off to the Riviera!

  3. gg says:

    omg, anybody else think she looks like Hilary Duff with blonde hair??

  4. Erin says:

    Angelina looks good in these pics. I usually think she looks harsh, but the blond wig softens her up.

  5. Abby says:

    what size are those jeans? -4?

  6. Lem says:

    Can you imagine the role play that goes on in that bedroom? I’d be smiling too!
    I call they are going to take that 3rd pic. “ang having heart troubles” “the stress of running down the street has put this thin mother of six under severe stress” or
    “Looks like the anger management class are working… Ang was seen smiling on the set with nary a knife in site.” LOL
    Kaiser you are on a roll!

  7. geronimo says:

    OK!’s ‘breathlessness’ is friggin hilarious! (I’ve been missing that emo’con and couldn’t remember how to make it. Thanks, Mairead!)

  8. Lem says:

    Mrs. President may be blowing hallucinogenic complements up the House of Dairy Aire but has issued a warning to the buffer half of Hollywood’s golden couple. Michelle issued a statement stating in part: only the first lady is to pack heat in the District prior to summer and that an ever slim Angelina Jolie must stay covered from head to toe whilst filming scenes for her new movie in the capital city.
    The current Mrs. Pitt has agreed to all conditions while her man is at the White House. Seen here in a Jennifer Aniston wig (valued at $65,000) and John Minor’s Tux jacket from the Grammys. Angelina is taking a risk by exposing her bony hands in what some would call a scheme to upstage the Presidents long slim fingers.

  9. turth-SF says:

    Lem, you are a comedic genious. Too funny!!

  10. geronimo says:

    Ha! Lem, now the officially appointed press officer for all things presidential. LOVE that image of Michelle O!! Excellent stuff. :lol:

  11. Chris says:

    She looks so cute and young. I agree she does look like Hillary Duff. To me Angie look so young and refreshing for a mother of 6. I’ll bet her kids love her energy. Brad is one lucky guy. He seems to have a really sweet life now. He deserve it.

  12. Prissa says:

    WTH? She looks like Hillary Duff in the header pic.

  13. Sinna says:

    The press might report she is having an affair because she has quite the track record of doing so!! Let’s see…Melanie Griffth was said to come directly to the set and camp out to keep her away from Antonio Banderas, there was Billy Bob, Kylie Minogue’s boyfriend Olivier Martinez, Collin Farrell, Brad Pitt…I’m sure I’m leaving someone out.

    If I was Naomi Watts, I would keep a close eye out on my man.

  14. Ash says:

    Of course, they were laughing. Then she instantly got pregnant for Liev.

  15. Pete says:

    Sure Watts don’t have low self esteem like you. A man can’t be taken that don’t already want to go. You should get off line and work on your marriage Sinna. Sure yours is headed out the door as you type.

  16. Pete says:

    Don’t all of Hollywood have a track record- even your idol and her friends. It’s amazing who you chose to hold to their past.

  17. Pete says:

    Who’s husband did she steal in Changeling?

  18. Baholicious says:

    She looks very nice as a blond, it softens her face considerably.

  19. kap says:

    OK, for the record (although you haters out there could care less about facts) Laura Dern broke up BBTs marriage. AJ broke up LDs engagment, although BBT disputes that fact stating that they already broke up before he married AJ) He said, she said, I guess. What proof do you have re: Martinez? It’s all lies but easy for many to believe because of her crazy youth. She was married twice and neither husband was married when they hooked up. She didn’t steal BP, he went running for the door to get away from poor, needy JA, and never looked back!

  20. Madelyn Rose says:

    gg, in that first picture she definitely looks like Hillary Duff!

    I liked her better with the brunette wig in the image they released a few days ago. Blonde just doesn’t work. What was that movie she was blonde in…Pushing Tin? That was a bad look.

  21. neelyo says:

    Hilary Duff wishes she looked as good. I’ll say this for Angelina, she can pull off many different hair colors. She even looked good in that tired black banged wig they had her in a few days ago.

  22. Wonder Woman says:

    Comparing angelina to Hillary duff???


    HELLO NAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Wonder Woman says:

    Comparing angelina to hillary duff?
    Are you serious??? Duff wishes to be that pretty


  24. michellle says:

    She looks great, as usual.

    “And true to form, Angie isn’t sitting back and letting anyone else do the hard work for her when it comes to action-packed sequences for the movie”.
    Hard work? Oh please, it’s running.

    If her double is only walking her through, why be dressed exactly alike? Is that a check the lighting/composition stand in thing?

    Oh, & Hillary Duff should be so lucky.

  25. FUBUJEANS says:

    anything is possible when that homewrecker of Angelina is involved… I feel for Naomi Watts.

  26. Beth says:

    I like her looking laid back in jeans and a pea coat. She looks almost normal.

  27. Annie says:

    Ugh. Please do not compare AJ to that talentless hack of a disney throw-away.

    I’m still annoyed at Ms. Duff for the Dunaway shit.

    And I love how having a good time with people automatically means you’re banging em…..

    Man if that were true….can I just tell you about how good of a time I’ve been having this past week then? ;)

  28. Codzilla says:

    “OK, for the record (although you haters out there could care less about facts) …”

    Nothing brings out the inner seventh grader like a Brangelina thread. Yawn …

  29. Kevin says:

    If she was gonna serve anyone the seafood taco during filming it would of been my boy “Squint like Clint.” Clint knew he coulda shoplifted that booty, but as a act of kindness he declined as not to hurt lil Bwad’s feewings. Sometimes knowing you can hit it is as good as doing the deed.

  30. becca says:

    Good gawd some of these magazines are so stupid. Leiv and the Jolie are getting along on set. Good for them. It will make a better movie for us and more enjoyable for them to work on the project.


  31. Sinna says:

    Pete, a.k.a Bradd Pitt, ak.a. Angelina’s publicist:

    Angelina was pregnant when she ws filming Changeling, so it would have been hard for her to try to steal someone’s man while she was knocked up. Not that I would put it past her.

  32. Christina says:

    oh man, her face is looking so bony. of all the people in hollywood, i would have thought she would at least be above it… in one of the pics of her running, she’s so thin that it looks like her fragile skin is flapping in the wind.. :/

  33. Jane says:

    Once a cheater…

    Who’s to say she WON’T do it again? You make it sound like the silliest thing ever written.

  34. lily says:

    skilled talented actresses change their looks and their hair along with their rolls….they dare to be different. jolie is in that league.

  35. Pete says:

    I wish I was Brad Pitt to have a beautiful woman like Angelina.
    2nd When did Angelina get a publicist?
    Maybe you can look up these little facts.
    I am just a fan of Angelina just like you are a fan of Aniston nothing more.
    Angelina is a super woman to be pulling men while pregnant shooting a movie. Your fears are tremendous. I feel so sorry for you.

  36. Jen says:

    There was no cheating don’t get your husband confussed with Brad.

  37. Ned says:

    So the poor children are being dragged again to another city, after they just moved to NYC?
    Or are they staying at the hotel/ new rented palace with the nannies.

  38. Ned says:

    Her face has changed again. Worst than that- somebody please FEED her.
    She looks malnourished and running- a really bad combination.

  39. Maritza says:

    She looks pretty good as a blond. I don’t know but I believe Angelina truly loves Brad so I doubt she would cheat on him, unless he cheats on her first.

  40. Fil says:

    I don’t think they are going to cheat on each other at all. They really look as though they have deep love for each other and their kids. I never saw that look with brad and Jen. As for the kids I think they will be fine. I grew up in a millitary family and we traveled a lot. As a small child you don’t care where you are just long as mom and dad are with you. As a older child then you study the different countries and states you visit. Funny how people that want to break the mom and dad up fake like they are consern about the kids. Their kids have a better life than you will ever have.

  41. Sauronsarmy says:

    I wouldn’t put it past her.

  42. Pufft says:

    All Brangelina haters need to get new lines. Honestly, I’m sick of all of them.

    Heard the following before, over and over:

    1. Brangelina committed adultery (Brad was separated from Jen. That’s as good as saying ‘it’s over’)

    2. Angie doesn’t speak to her father because he cheated on her mother, yet she did the same (last I checked, Angie was pissed at her dad for a long list of things)

    3. Angie doesn’t have girlfriends (thank gawd for that. Women are the most superficial creatures alive. Angie, who can easily make anyone go green with envy, is better off without female friends)

    2. Angie fucked her brother (pity some people don’t come from close knit families to understand that a peck on the mouth means nada. Zilch.)

    3. Those children are suffering (yeah, I can see how traveling the world and being educated beyond the ‘American ignorance mentality’ is torture)

    4. She stole [insert name here] boyfriend/fiance/husband (My mamma always says, ‘you can have something that doesn’t want to be had’)

    5. She looks older than Jen/ she is really skinny (try taking care of 6 children and giving birth to three – than let’s see how you look. Fact of the matter: Children take a lot out of you. Pity some people will never understand the sacrifice that comes with having a happy bundle of joy. You loose a lot of sleep, you never stop worrying about them, you put their needs before yours… you even age and loose weight)

    6. Angie is a blood sucking vampire (so she had her rebellious phase. You don’t prosper unless you’re improving yourself)

    7. Brad looked happier with Jen (has Brad ever called Jen ‘the great love of my life’? Case closed)

    8. Angie fell pregnant on purpose (well, good for her. Most fvck ups are unplanned. When you love someone enough, you’ do anything for them – include bear children their exes didn’t want to have)

    9. Angie is a filthy and dirty tramp… she needs to wash herself (yeah, that explains why she was voted in countless mags as the most beautiful woman alive)

    10. Brangelina are media hungry (Really now? I always thought the general public was the one obsessed with the Golden Couple. Fact of the matter is, hate them or love them, any mag with Brangelina sells faster than sliced bread).

    NOW……….haters PLEASE hit me with something material. The old stuff has worn out

  43. patty anne says:

    Well Pete, rumor was she was “boinking” clint Eastwood in Changeling…..she’s free to do so. She and Brad are not married, and have an understanding from what i gather. You can’t tame a wild horse, and our Tomb Raider is one wild child….

  44. t-t says:

    ha! i thought i was the only one who noticed she looked like hillary duff! especially in the header…i was like “y do they have hillary’s pic w/ something about angie?”

  45. Sakota says:

    I wonder how Brad would handle her walking away with the kids with another man.

    She might not be married, but I wonder how Brad might feel. Admittedly he bonked her and had kids, but I am not sure how things would go between her and Brad. Initially they were all her kids, but now she would have to contend with dealing with Brad when it comes to Shiloh and the twins. They all aren’t hers now.

  46. lol says:

    Hahahaha! Amen to that Pufft!

  47. casper says:

    i just wanted to know wat do angelina jolie thinks about octomom lookin like her!

  48. Mallery says:

    Ha… I only clicked on the pick because I thought that it was Hillary Duff. I feel bad for Hillary because she is so much hotter than Angelina. She’s not a ho either.

  49. Pufft says:

    Sakota: I would think you would so your research before saying something ridiculous, seeing you’re a geek and whatnot.

    Here are some facts for you: Angie only had Maddox when she hooked up with Brad, the rest were adopted after the ‘get together’. In fact, Brad accompanied her to Ethiopia to collect Z. She was always going to be his child, all the legalities (like them not living together and not openly admitting to being a couple), however, made it impossible for him to sign his name on the adoption papers immediately as he did with Pax.

    So, the whole ‘initially they were all her kids’ line, is completely true.

    Argh… people that only comment purely for the sake of b!tching are driving me crazy!

  50. Sakota says:

    I didn’t really pay that much attention to either until they started getting thrust in front of my face.

    Now that you mention it, I wonder what would happen if they split. Does anyone know how custody might get arranged?

  51. Sarah says:

    Why in the world would Liev cheat on Naomi Watts with Angelina?

  52. John says:

    Angelina Jolie is So HOT & SEXY & GORGEOUS & BEAUTIFUL. She needs to be cloned!!!!!!!! And as per my wife’s wishes, Brad Pitt should be cloned too.

  53. Levi says:

    Angie and Jennifer, what would all of you do with your time if they just went away. Who would you direct your attention towards?

  54. Pufft says:

    @Sakota: Custody would be handled like any other case. Unless one of them objects to joint custody and drags the other to court (seriously doubt it), they will share ALL the children as per agreement, seeing all the adopted children have legally been adopted by Brad as well.

  55. jennefer and angelia you willnever my kitty cat is the husban of her youth four time and has the muturity of a foury year old woman as a kitty cat clone beyond fifth mass of the church

  56. Devereux says:

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