Clash of the ill-tempered British chefs: Ramsay vs. White

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I am a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay’s reality shows, “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Kitchen Nightmares.” Chef Gordon Ramsay has single-handedly blown apart the image I had of nice, British gentlemen chefs who are so polite and reserved. Ramsay yells, screams, swears and throws things when contestants on his show fail to obey. I’m sure most of it is put on for TV, but I don’t care – I love it when his head looks like it’s about to explode and he just goes off on the idiots and dare to displease him. It’s great TV! But new reports say that the star of NBC’s new show “The Chopping Block,” which is a total ripoff of Ramsay’s show, has some bad blood with Ramsay – and he’s just as hot-headed as his former student, if not worse.

EAT THIS, CHEF! Cursing up a storm, foul-mouthed “Hell’s Kitchen” bully Gordon Ramsay can’t stand the heat now that rival Brit master chef Marco Pierre White-famed in the UK as the guy who once made Ramsay cry – is launching a rival TV cook-in, NBC’s “The Chopping Block.”

Their feud exploded, admits White, when he trained novice chef Ramsay at a famed London eatery years ago.

“I yelled at him…and he lost it! The next thing I knew, Gordon was sobbing in a corner, holding his head in his hands with tears rolling down his cheeks. He was saying things like, ‘I don’t care what you do to me. Hit me. I don’t care.'”

Chef White, whose legendary temper makes Ramsay look like a pussycat, bared his claws to my spy and said, “If Gordon was chocolate, he’d eat himself!”

[From The National Enquirer print version, March 23, 2009]

Here’s an idea for a new reality show – let’s have these two locked in a kitchen for a week and just let them beat the hell out of each other! The winner gets to keep the title of “U.K.’s crankiest chef.” Once they get tired of the fighting, maybe they’d make some amazing dishes. I’d call it “Kitchen Cage Match.”

For what it’s worth, I’ve eaten at Ramsay’s Atlantic City restaurant – it’s fantastic.

Here’s the grouchy crybaby himself, Chef Gordon Ramsay, leaving Nobu in Hollywood. Do you think he went into the kitchen at Nobu and started throwing stuff? Credits: WENN.

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  1. Kip says:

    Gordon Ramsay is a wanker AND a cheat!

    His show is OK if we exclude the above two.

  2. Gloaming says:

    Marco’s got some good mileage out of that incident where Ramsay was in tears.
    Funny, since they are so similar, both cheat on their wives,both believe they are gods in the kitchen.

    But Gordon has him pwned regarding fame and wealth.

    Team Ramsay!!

  3. Hieronymus Grex says:

    A talk with Gordon Ramsey and you’ll be washing the spit out of your hair for weeks.

  4. gg says:

    He is really offensive. But I did watch Hell’s kitchen for two seasons!

  5. hairball says:

    Ramsay is a sexist ASS. I saw him on Conon making some crap and when he was called a ‘cook’, Ramsay ‘corrected’ the person by sayng he was a chef, that ‘cooks’ are what women are.

    The crowed immediately booed him. My god, what a COMPLETE ass for not only thinking that but thinking it is ok to say it out loud, that the audience would think it’s funny??

  6. Nony says:

    Ramsey should take his revenge by going back to a chef, rather than a kitchen drillseargant. His image has nothing to do with food anymore and everything to do with bullying people around. Which is a shame because he really is a very good and passionate cook!
    I loved Kitchen Nightmares but HATE Hell’s Kitchen with a passion. He should do more Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word sort of stuff and resist the pressure to make ‘good TV’ by acting ever more the arsehole. And it’d be a lovely way to cut off this White guy, because there really is nothing to be gained by trying to out-arsehole eachother…

  7. boomchakaboom says:

    Since White trained Ramsey AND made him cry, I’m looking forward to seeing White on TV. From what I’ve read about the guy, he has such an authoritarian presence that he all he has to raise is an eyebrow and his trainees pee on themselves.

  8. Mrs.Darcy says:

    White hasn’t really succeeded as a t.v. chef in Britain, he’s quite greasy/slobby looking and doesn’t posess any immediate charm. Ramsay is a pig too but he does have charisma, I’d be shocked if White does well in America. He’s probably more respected as a chef than Ramsay but not every great chef makes great t.v.

  9. Ryo says:

    Have any of you ever watched the UK versions of Ramsay’s shows? Because I like those a lot better. FOX did what it always does – took a great show and “sensationalized” it for “dumber” US audiences. The difference in tone is really staggering – he’s actually really nice and nurturing to other chefs and business owners overseas. If you’ve got BBC America, try and check them out, especially “The F Word.” And the F stands for food 😉

  10. Nony says:

    Ryo: I agree about the nurturing, though I’m sure that sounds weird to the people who have only ever seen US versions of his programs.
    On the UK Kitchen Nightmares he occasionally blows up at people who call him in for advice but then refuse to accept it, but as soon as they’ll listen he’ll be right there to work with them again. You can tell that he really cares about getting the restaurants running well, and about getting out good food, be it burgers or fancy 5-course meals.

  11. zini says:

    I saw a picture of ‘White’ somewhere. He looks like a caveman.

  12. Izzy says:

    The UK versions of his shows are great. I watch the US versions now because I can’t watch the same episode of a UK show 3+ times.

    Gordon is an ass, but that’s ok, it’s a show for his work life.

  13. lrm says:

    hey,i don’t know the whole history of this,but chefs have always been men,and cooks are women and more lately,alot of men on assembly line kitchens.
    Of course,it had to do with patriarchal past,where men elevated a form(ie,cooking) to an art in the ‘public eye’,while women were busy taking care of the home and family. So Ramsey is by no means the exclusive thinker of such sh*t.
    Hey someone should do a Camille Claudel or The Mistress type movie about this: the secret women behind the historically great chef/founder of such and such dish or technique,back in the medieval or maybe the 17th century…or the Rennaissance period. Any takers?

  14. lrm says:

    Oops,i mean The Governess with Minnie Driver,not the Mistress. Camille Claudel was Rodin’s mistress,some of whose work he claimed as his own,if I recall correctly.

  15. Grandizer says:

    I don’t know why people think that White is ripping off Ramsey, IN FACT he is ripping off the BBC Show Last Restaurant Standing.

    And Ramsey is King!
    White is crowing because he made Ramsey cry how long ago?
    Live much recently White?
    Must pain you to see a student of yours doing so much better than you…

    Ramsey = talent
    White = wannabee

    Hell just his sitting in the recliner and pointing his finger at you while he talks makes me laugh.

    Oh well, one season and that is it, I can’t see this crap being picked up for another year…

  16. Wesley Spiederman says:

    Oh, great … a competition to who can be the biggest a-hole chef. EXACTLY what the culinary world needs!