Kid Rock bought his semi-automatic ‘when Obummer came into office’


I just read Kid Rock’s full Rolling Stone interview, and let me tell you… his comments about Beyonce were actually the least offensive part. I understand why the Beyhive freaked out, for sure, but if you actually read the full article, there is SO much offensive stuff in it. The whole interview takes place in Alabama, where Kid Rock owns some property (across the street from Hank Williams Jr.). Kid Rock and his girlfriend shoot (and kill) caged hogs in front of the RS journalist, Kid Rock drops the word “f-g,” and he even enjoys some paranoid fantasies about Pres. Obama taking his guns. It’s like stepping through the looking glass at so-called “low-information voters” in the rural South. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

His semiautomatic with a silencer: “Guys with the president carry this. You have to get these pre-1985 with a silencer. I bought it when Obummer came into office, because I’m thinking, ‘What if he f–kin’ bans guns?’ ”

His Alabama property: “Great people, man — just small-town America,” Rock says. “If World War III breaks out, you know where I’ll be.” There’s a nearby landing strip for his private jet, so he can easily travel to his houses in Michigan, Malibu, Nashville (where he also lives out of a double-wide) and Florida. “No security,” he says of the strip. “Just drive a pickup truck onto the tarmac, leave your keys in the car, get on the plane.”

He insists on $20 ticket prices: “I’m going to ride that into the sunset. The only obstacle is Ticketmaster adds an extra $5. F–kin’ whores.” At this point, Rock knows who his audience is: “45-50-year-old girls wearing extra-large T-shirts — they’re my bread and butter. They know how to f–king party — ‘I don’t give a f–k, I’m making a T-shirt and putting sequins on it. I’m saving my money for beer and having a good time.’ ”

His son, Junior, is about to become a father: “He really is a great kid. That’s my best accomplishment by far. I’m nervous for him, because I know it’s a lot of work. But he’s got a good girl. I’m excited for him, but he’s gotta give up a lot of sh-t to have to take care of that baby. I said, ‘You know how your friends are telling you I’m f–king rich? I f–king am. You’re not. And if I wrote you a check, it’d be doing a disservice to you. I’m rooting for you, but I need to stand by the sidelines and watch it go down.’ ”

He was accepted to Jack Nicklaus’ private Bear’s Club (for golf): “If you told me five years ago I’d have to take my hat off and tuck my shirt in, I’d have slapped the taste out of your mouth. Now I’m like, ‘Look at me, hair slicked back, shirt tucked in.’ I’m like, ‘What a f-g!’ ”

His thoughts on Tiger Wood: “Nice kid. A little bit of an Eminem and Axl Rose syndrome. Very reclusive, literal, and sometimes you feel a little bad for them. Sometimes they think the world’s against them. You gotta loosen up, man! People are gonna talk sh-t. You just gotta enjoy it!”

Sarah Palin texts him: “Sarah Palin just sent me a text,” Rock says. Palin had heard that Rock surprised a superfan, who has Down syndrome, at his 30th-birthday party. “She was like, ‘That was cool.’ I’m like, ‘If you were me, you would’ve done the same thing.’ ”

[From Rolling Stone]

There’s a lot more in there, and honestly I edited out the hog-killing parts on purpose, not because I want you to like Kid Rock, but because that moment in the interview made me sick to my stomach. I don’t have a problem with hunters in general, but that moment in the interview just seemed so macabre and callous. Kid Rock and his girlfriend were actually laughing about how the hog was still kicking and alive after two small-caliber bullets to the head. Ugh.

As for the rest of it… Obummer? “F-g”? Texts from Sarah Palin? I can’t.

Photos courtesy of Rolling Stone, WENN.

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    • Kiddo says:

      That’s adorable.

    • Kitten says:

      How many people are “flabbergasted” by this douchenozzle’s fame though?

      This guy is talentless trash.

      • Kiddo says:

        Two words: Duck Dynasty.

      • Tristan says:

        It is actually really depressing that in 2015, he represents a large demographic of people who still endorse racist, homophobic, misogynistic, violent & cruel behaviour. Even worse, creeps like him actually believe that admitting to this type of behaviour makes them more “real” & down to earth

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I wrote this yesterday:
        ” I am sure he will make some kind of extreme politically conservative statement sometime soon. He’s becoming a younger Ted Nuggent. ”

        Not psychic, he is just predictable.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I normally don’t like calling people trash because I think most people have redeeming qualities that make them worth saving, not throwing away. But in this case…carry on.

      • Kitten says:

        I know, GNAT. I feel the same way and I hesitated before I typed it but this guy just sucks soooo bad.

      • Esmom says:

        I know, I have no words for all the ignorant crap he’s spouting and the awful stuff he’s doing.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Clearly this assh@le finds himself charming. Worse, lots of readers will just laugh and shake their heads fondly, *that crazy Kid, there he goes again.* The stuff he spouts is way beyond offensive. He’s the living example of why the Good Ol Boy ethic is anything but good, and his loudmouth *patriotism* is anything but patriotic, since everything it’s based on refutes the meaning and intention of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The only human beings he respects are other ignorant, animal-hating, gun-toting, bigoted white guys who’ve never read a book.

  1. MaiGirl says:

    Just knowing that there are people in the world that laugh at suffering like that without a care in the world makes me sad and ill. And this ass is a multimillionaire!

    • Tristan says:

      People like this creep actually manage to make even the Kartrashians seem decent. He is the type of person that gives America & Americans a bad name

    • Joy says:

      I’ve hunted hogs and they die very hard. That’s why I personally was raised to do it as fast and humanely as possible. LARGE bullets for a large animal. They are dangerous and will kill your livestock. Also the ones around here are carrying a dangerous type of pseudo rabies that is killing dogs that have any exposure to it. So I get the why of how they need to be put down, but it’s not funny. It’s not cute, it’s not cool, it’s rough as hell to watch. I personally have never seen anyone laugh about it, and I know for a fact that if anyone in my family said oh hee hee the thing kept on kicking, they would probably get pistol whipped. He may think he’s a big deal up there near Detroit carrying a gun. Whoopity doo, I know elderly women that pack more heat than he does. He can have a seat.

      • MaiGirl says:

        Thank you. It’s nice to know that someone who hunts has compassion and does it properly and humanely.

      • Lou says:

        The hunters I know would judge him hard for not killing with the first shot. Proper hunters don’t get joy out of watching a slow death. That’s not hunting – it’s murder.

  2. aims says:

    He’s disgusting. He represents everything I’m against. I’m a proud liberal the rejects his ignorance, behavior . Also this just shows that we can never be allow this lack of uneducated ideas,behavior to take over this country again. I reject this ideology and the people who represents it.

  3. spaniard says:

    This guy is absolutely disgusting, sorry. Animal cruelty, sexist, Sarah Palin….

    Ugh, I just can’t…

    • Maria A. says:

      Oh dear, he gets texts from Sarah Palin, eh? Hasn’t heard of the Palin curse then has he? Oh well, he will. The curse of associating with her in any form takes some pretty wicked karmic turns.

  4. AlmondJoy says:

    Hopefully this is the last we’ll see of him for a good long time.

  5. minx says:

    Why is this rancid piece of gristle in the news?

  6. It is what it is says:

    You’re a big man Kid…shooting your pets and thinking taking a shower makes you a homosexual. What a disgrace

  7. Lilacflowers says:

    Semi-automatics with SILENCERS? Hitmen are not responsible gun owners And why is this creep famous again?

  8. Odessa says:

    I like what he told his son. I think it’s a wise choice to make. Not even going to touch the other stuff in the interview…

  9. FingerBinger says:

    I didn’t realize Kid Rock was such a try hard. He really wants people to believe he’s a good ol’ boy.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      I believe also he plays this conservative redneck character for his public


    • chaine says:

      Yep, a lot of this is put-on, IMO. He knows the majority of people who buy his music nowadays are rowdy middle-aged country people, so he plays a caricature of who he thinks they are. They should feel insulted by him.

      • jaye says:

        He pretty much did the same thing when he was “rapping”. He’s like human tofu. He takes on the characteristics of whatever audience he’s trying to appeal to.

      • MaiGirl says:

        Writing to let you know that I am totally stealing “human tofu.”

    • Dubois says:

      I was wondering this too, because he used to be a rapper, used to be into the black scene and he has a half black kid. Now all of a sudden he’s this good ol’ boy. One of his personas is not true.
      He sounds pretty sure of the bs he’s spouting though, so who knows. Either way, I don’t like him.

  10. Hullubaloooo says:


  11. Susan says:

    You way overstate. He comments that it is amazing that 2 bullets do not kill the hog. I didn’t see joking and laughing about a shot and dying pig. The hogs are feral, people are encouraged to shoot them. They shot them. It took multiple months to be able to shoot three of them. They are selling them, so I suppose the carcasses will be put to some use.

  12. Rhiley says:

    Lance Armstrong, Kid Rock- Sheryl Crow has really disgusting taste in men.

  13. Jess says:

    I’m disgusted by his comments and political views, but since I’m in Alabama I’m surrounded by people who think just like him. I didn’t know he had property here, that grosses me out. But I did go to one of his concerts many years ago and I’ll admit it was a lot of fun, an ex boyfriend ended up with tickets and I decided to say screw it and join the rednecks, I downed whiskey that was being passed around in random flasks all night and partied my as* off. That’s about the only thing positive thing I can say, he knows his audience for sure, and it’s good he doesn’t spoil his son when he easily could.

  14. buzz says:


  15. Jayna says:

    I read the whole interview. It’s a true mind f reading it. Scum. The whole pig thing shows what a wannabe he is. It’s not that he killed the pigs. It’s the :murderous” glee he had shooting the pigs between the eyes in the cage and carrying on in front of the interviewer. But the worst was replaying the footage later that night for his redneck friends as some badge of honor. My mother was raised on a farm and many of my uncles are still farmers. When they killed it was for food or against predators, but it wasn’t all this excitement over killing a pig and enjoying the killing and showing off. It was just a fact of farming or living off the land.

    Play to your market, Kid Rock, and bring in those coins. Such a phony.

  16. Artemis says:

    So, he’s rich and he likes to spend his money on partying and boozing but he won’t support his son and impending grandchild with it because, I don’t know, he thinks he’s teaching him morals and valuable lessons? This talentless POS. His money is not saving the world, why not help your ONLY son?! Some pocket change won’t make a dent in his fortune.

    Don’t country folks have high family values? I don’t know…

    • maeliz says:

      I’m not a Kid Rock fan at all, but I’ve heard of plenty of parents saying they won’t support the grandchild. Junior can take care of his child like people who don’t have rich parents.

  17. Caroline says:

    I grew up in suburban Detroit and I left 25 years ago. Anyone questions, douches like this are Exhibit A. He makes Eminem look classy.

  18. tarheel says:

    It still shocks me his sister costarred in one of the best lesbian comedies/spoofs ever (Debs).

  19. H says:

    I used to work with a girl who went to high school with Kid. He comes from an upper-middle class background, dad owned a car dealership. This redneck down-home image is just that, an image, and I’m not buying a word of it. Only good thing that phony does is play for the troops.