Conrad Hilton copped a generous plea deal in his in-flight meltdown case


A month ago, we heard about an incident involving Paris Hilton’s younger brother Conrad. At some point in 2014, Conrad went berserk on an international flight. He was screaming at passengers, he was threatening to kill people, he was calling everyone a “peasant.” He tried to physically start several fights and at the end of the day, staff and passengers had to physically restrain him in his seat. Go here and here to read about what went down.

There was so much about this incident that bothered me. For one, it was an example of the very height of white male privilege. If Conrad Hilton had been a dark-skinned man or woman, the situation would have been handled so differently. Another problem? It seemed like the flight staff were focused merely on getting to their destination without having to make an unscheduled landing, even though this incident was enough to ground a plane. Hilton was going bonkers for HOURS mid-flight. And he admitted to all of it too, once the plane landed and he was detained and questioned by the FBI.

So, what’s happening to Conrad Hilton long-term? I said that he should be considered a terrorist and thrown into jail for 25 years. But he has good lawyers and white skin, so he was able to work out a really generous plea deal:

It was only last month that a federal criminal complaint revealed that Conrad Hilton—brother of Paris—had perpetrated a 10-hour rage-a-thon aboard a trans-Atlantic jet. Now GQ can exclusively report that last week, Hilton entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors pleading guilty to one count of simple assault, i.e. “intentionally using a display of force that reasonably caused a person to fear immediate bodily harm.” According to the plea agreement exclusively obtained by, he faces a maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment followed by a year of supervised release and a fine of $5,000.

[From GQ]

SERIOUSLY?! One count of assault? Six months in prison? A minor fine? WHAT. THE. HELL. I can’t believe the federal prosecutors agreed to this kind of stupid deal. It just makes them look like they’re bending over backwards to protect this violent punk.

GQ has a lengthy write-up of everything that went down on the plane too – go here to read. They spoke to several passengers and staffers, plus they quote at length from criminal complaint.

Photos courtesy of PCN, Getty.

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26 Responses to “Conrad Hilton copped a generous plea deal in his in-flight meltdown case”

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  1. SypherMomma says:

    Wish I could say this surprises me.

  2. Ruyana says:

    I don’t know who first said it, but “The law is cobwebs for the rich and chains for the poor”. Not surprised either, but disgusted.

  3. Pinky says:

    Just you wait to hear how long he’ll actually get when he’s sentenced. It. Will. Be. Epic. (As in, almost no time at all.)

    • word says:

      What is wrong with these people? They are born with silver spoons in their mouths. They have access to the best education, they have family connections to help them achieve so much. Yet they waste such great opportunities.

    • jwoolman says:

      Dunno. He might succeed in ticking off the judge, just as his sister did. Does he have any prior record? That would matter also. Six months would only be three months if they have time off for good behavior (unless it’s a federal prison rather than a county jail) and he manages to stifle himself. That might be enough to convince him that certain types of behavior aren’t worth the time out. Worked for Paris, she was generally more careful after three weeks in jail. Rich people don’t like being separated from their toys and hangers-on.

      The sentence should actually include mandatory lock-down drug rehab and therapy, though. After softening him up in jail.

    • anne_000 says:

      I think you’re right. He’s probably going to spend as little or less time in prison that his sister Paris spent for DUI or whatever it was.

      This jerk will never learn his lesson. He’s probably going to be a terrible, entitled, selfish jackass all his life.

      I hope all airlines ban him for a lifetime and I hope everybody knows to stay away from this potentially dangerous guy because he obviously believes wholeheartedly that he can get away with anything he wants to do.

      • Pinky says:

        “…he obviously believes wholeheartedly that he can get away with anything he wants to do.” And rightfully so. Because he can. Affluenza, y’all!

  4. TX says:

    He is such a POS. Remember the story of him crashing into a bunch of cars, then saying something like “My watch is worth more than that car. my daddy will pay for it”

    he likes to brag about his fathers power/influence an awful lot. I would love for his father to cut him off, let him fend for himself. But of course, this is the Hiltons we are talking about….so…..

  5. Nick says:

    Sometimes I really despise this country. It makes me so sad.

  6. JenniferJustice says:

    So that is what a real Hilton nose looks like. Always wondered.

  7. Vampi says:

    Different laws for the rich and famous.
    I’m ashamed of our legal system.
    It makes me stabby.

  8. Pandy says:

    What a tool. And kudos to Robert Shapiro. Wow. Disgraceful.

  9. JH says:

    Hahaha! He said he was a model?? Ha! So many ha’s!!!

  10. OSTONE says:

    I so hope this punk gets arrested overseas during one of his douche, drug-fueled tantrums. Let’s see if people or the judicial system care about papa Hilton then. Ugh, make some room in the mantle for another mugshot, Kathy Hilton.

  11. original kay says:

    I am not surprised at all, but I am shocked a bit, which makes no sense really. I guess I had hoped for better from the FBI?
    It’s touted that they are all that stands between Americans and it’s enemies (on US soil, of course) yet they allow this and even let it be public knowledge? How can there be trust?

    I don’t know enough about the US legal system to know exactly whom will be charging Conrad, but even the mention of the FBI in this story means I had higher hopes I think. Silly me.

  12. Jana says:

    Wow, those Hiltons really know how to parent. Two out of their three kids will have done time for a crime because of their arrogance and stupidity. Great job!

  13. Veritas says:

    He sounds mentally ill and he should get some help. Only crazy people pull that kinda crap.

  14. Trashaddict says:

    Maybe it’s time flight crews had access to thorazine on board. Knock the little sucker out in-flight , wrap him up nice and tidy, deliver him to mommy and daddy when the flight gets home – along with a hefty BILL.

  15. Anony says: