North West’s parents don’t want her on-camera for ‘KUWTK’ because ‘privacy’


Here’s what I’m dying to know: did North West’s daddy do her hair? Because her hair looks super-cute in these photos. As I said earlier this week, Kris Jenner and North arrived in London to spend time with Kanye West. Kim Kardashian is (presumably) home in LA, so this is a little bit unusual. Despite rumors to the contrary, Kanye really does seem to get along with Kris (he says he calls her “Mom”), and I’m assuming Kris is doing most of the baby-watching on this trip, although North seems comfortable enough with her daddy. And they all felt comfortable enough to do a little pap stroll together in London yesterday. So did Kris do North’s hair? Or did Kanye? Also: that poor baby is in leather leggings. Seriously.

I was actually thinking about this a few days ago – North West is pretty much the most famous toddler in the celebrity world today. North is the most popular member of her family, and North is photographed all over the place. So it’s a little bit weird that Kim and Kanye still don’t want North to be on-camera for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s daughter North can’t be bought! Though the Kardashian family recently signed a $100 million deal to extend Keeping Up with the Kardashians four more years, has learned that North’s parents have told E! that their daughter is off-limits. The year-long talks between momager Kris Jenner and the network to cut a lucrative new deal for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, “didn’t ever include any talk of having North on the show,” an insider tells Radar. “It was a no-go from the very beginning because Kim and Kanye made it clear North wasn’t going to be up for discussion.”

Despite constantly parading the tot in front of cameras, the source claimed, “They want North to have some privacy and be able to be a child away from the cameras.”

“There will be times when North will be included in a group setting, where it’s impossible to edit her out,” the source continued, “but she won’t be on the show on even a semi-regular basis. E! offered big money to have North included, but her parents turned it down.”

The decision has irked some executives at E! because the toddler has become a fixture at couture fashion shows, and Kardashian often posts adorable pictures of her on social media.

But the source said, “Kudos to Kris for scoring a record-setting deal without having to give up much in terms of concessions. There was a point during the talks where it seemed E! wasn’t going to pay for the massive contract. Kris would have had another deal signed in record time, and E! wasn’t going to let that happen. Love or hate the Kardashians, the family continues to do very well in the ratings.”

[From Radar]

I mean, Yeezy and Kim are the parents, and if they don’t want North on camera, so be it. But it is weird that they’re so comfortable with North being photographed in every fashionable city in the world, but they don’t want her on a reality show. What’s really the difference?



Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN.

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  1. ToodySezHey says:

    The hell is the kid wearing? Black leather pants and Doc Martens?

    The hell?!?!?

    • Tristan says:

      That & also the poor child ALWAYS looks terrified in photographs

      • denisemich says:

        Because she is terrified by strangers yelling at her and snapping photos.

        I think allowing a pap to take a photo of her for a day is one thing but having her whole life scripted by tv before she can form a personality is another.

      • Miffy says:

        Denisemich, wholeheartedly agree. Big difference between the weekly pap stroll and broadcasting her entire (scripted) life.

      • Artemis says:

        We all know the Ks call the paps all the time so it’s still the family’s fault for letting her undergo the pap treatment. It’s not one photo, it’s a constant stream. They used to show pictures once every few months when she was a baby, now it’s almost daily.
        What else is the point of putting her in ‘Yeezus’ jackets? Promo for daddy. What else is the point of making her walk two steps before picking her up and letting the paps almost blind the poor child with their flashes? Showing her (fashion) off. This is truly disgusting.

        Secondly, she is sick of them. The latest photos show her scowling at the paps yet they continue with showing her off so if it was about privacy they would protect her more.

        At least the show is a controlled environment, it’s not ideal but at least it’s not so aggressive as paps in public. If she was only on the show, we would probably see her less then we do now.

      • Kiddo says:

        The Tell-All book, in 20 years, should be good.

      • denisemich says:

        @Artemis LMAO. What is more damaging a photo of a moment in time or a controlled environment that tells you who to be for years on end?

        Where is Macaulay Culkin now?

        Also it is almost daily now because it is fashion show time.

      • FLORC says:

        Not always terrified. Those are just the shots chosen for articles. There are loads of pics showing Nori smiling and laughing.

        People need to understand the pics shown with heavy bias on gossips sites are not the only pics that exist.
        Nori doesn’t look uncomfortable, but hey. Got to criticize something! Torches and Pitchforks!

      • Artemis says:

        She’s going to be told what to be anyway, are you forgetting what family she is in? Who her grandmother is? B

        Again: “It’s not one photo, it’s a constant stream. They used to show pictures once every few months when she was a baby, now it’s almost daily.”
        They don’t care about privacy or her well-being, otherwise they wouldn’t invite the paps during every outing. ‘A photo’, don’t make me laugh. At least the KUWTK crew won’t blind her eyes with flashes and yell expletives towards her. And they can have rules about the time she’s on camera too. I still think that’s better.

        No it’s not, she’s been in public more and more even before Fashion week. Also that is not an excuse, you’re basically admitting they’re using her as a prop/accessory and you’re fine with that. It’s pretty obvious when the child and the mother are dressed in the same clothes and they’re making her walk two stips just so the paps can get their shot. Unnecessary to say the least.

        If they want privacy they need to be consistent, not sell their own child out when it’s convenient for their brand.

      • LAK says:

        Two words: Suri Cruise.

      • Camille says:

        @artemis, that video was absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking. I feel so bad for that little girl. I can’t imagine doing that to my child.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        What? North can WALK? Huh… I’ve never watched the show, but, for whatever reason, I think it’s a good decision to keep her off it. They should also leave her at home when they’re out “working” – promotions, fashion shows, performing, pap walks etc. They’ve got nannies, so they should either leave the baby with the nannies, (where she’s likely well-cared for, engaged, entertained, relaxed and has freedom to be a toddler) when “working”, or even better, stay home more with their child.

    • Sandra says:

      How they dress that poor baby is horrible. How heavy are those boots? How uncomfortable are those leggings? They use that poor child as a prop and it’s sickening.

    • samr says:

      That is the most unhappy child I have ever seen!

  2. Loopy says:

    Kim does not want people to judge her mothering skills or interaction with North, fashion shows and pictures are not the same. She does not seem hands on so she probably does not want to be criticized.

    • Tate says:

      I think you are right.

    • swack says:

      But they have editing control and I’m sure they would only show North and Kim in a good way. They could show cher to be a very hands on mom if they really wanted to do so.

      • MelissaManifesto says:

        Editing can delete some things but it is not a miracle worker. Almost everything that is edited as some sort of authenticity, it is especially hard to predict filming with a toddler. I suppose instead of sitting down and figure it all out, they decided to not include her at all.

    • Biqa says:

      Exactly. Filming it would show how they parent. They either don’t want to be criticized or know that they can’t pretend to be hands on when filming

      • Fritanga says:

        Bingo. As they always parade that poor child around like a prop, it’s ludicrous for them to scream “PLEASE RESPECT OUR PRIVACY” when talking about their TV freakshow. They know full well that the kid doesn’t know either of them, has no relationship with either of them, and editing would have to be extreme and choppy for them to paste together a false image of their “happy” family. That kid is being raised by nannies and everyone knows it.

    • Kiki04 says:

      +10000000. With these two, it is either about money or how they will look as parents or both. Unfortunately you know it has nothing to do with North or privacy.

    • fee says:

      Agree. She did forget her in the hotel when she reached the car,lol, the nannies are always there, and why is this child always in black?

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Agree. Plus if she were being filmed a lot there would probably be tons of nanny footage Kim wouldn’t want to exist. Privacy is the perfect excuse when what they really want is image control.

    • Ming says:

      This! Kim lives and breathes off the opinions of others. Not having North on the show lets Kim keep doing her thing (pap strolls! instagram selfies that require a 100 shots first followed by photoshopping) without worrying how she looks as a mother on top of all that.

      Kim cares immensely what everyone thinks and the added criticism of parenting is just too much for her.

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    Oh please. There is NOTHING these people would not sell. They just don’t want the world to see how little time KK spends with her little prop.

  4. NewWester says:

    More likely Kim and Kayne wanted a bigger slice of the pie. Then when Kris and E! said no, Kim and Kayne said forget about having North appearing on KUWTK. It is all about the money

  5. lucy2 says:

    I can’t imagine that poor kid doesn’t cry when she’s shoved into leather leggings. How can that possibly be comfortable for her to run around in?

  6. Tate says:

    Poor kid always looks stressed out.

    • Loopy says:

      She always looks in such a panic,when she is with her parents. She is looking for her nanny.

      • Anna says:

        She looks in a panic because of all the paparazzi. Stop pretending like it has anything to do with her parents or a nanny. There’s plenty of pictures of her laughing and smiling with Her parents in a relaxed setting.

      • Amy says:

        Show me one picture of North with her parents, smiling and laughing. I’ve never seen even one…

    • Miffy says:

      I wonder what the psychological implications are for a toddler in that “paparazzi frenzy”? Imagine you’re a tiny child, a crowd of strangers surrounds you, yelling, taking photos, sometimes shouting abuse at your parents who can’t/won’t stop or even prevent this situation. It has to be so stressful.

      My rather shy six month old cried in his sleep after a particularly busy birthday party. He’d be downright traumatised in an aggressive situation like the one North faced every time she leaves a hotel.

      And yet, her mom will never stop orchestrating these situations.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I never thought of it that way, but you’re right. To her, going outside is about screaming people and lights flashing – that must be scary as hell.

      • oneshot says:

        The Jolie-Pitt kids seem to stick together/with Mom as a defence against it, but I wonder how it is for only children like Suri Cruise (who, thank god, doesn’t seem to be photographed much any more).

        Poor North is literally a toddler, paps are bad enough but imo reality tv would be worse, imagine having to act for the cameras before you even know what one is.

      • LAK says:

        Suri cruise was visibly distressed and her parents didn’t stop the torment.

        There is actual footage of Suri Cruise crying, asking the paps to stop taking her picture and they simply laugh. In one video, you actually hear a call her a b!tch because she’s refusing to have her picture taken and is cowering in Katie’s skirts. And Katie simply stands there smiling….always smiling…..

        Despite everything I loathe about Tom Cruise, he was more in control of the paps around Suri. He would insist on corridors and a zone around Suri AND more often than not carried her through them.

        Kate always let her walk, allowed the paps to be in touching, crowding distance, and rarely picked up her crying, distressed child to help her through the ordeal.

        I realise they were using Suri for PR, but it was a disgusting period and I refused to open any magazine/online forum that featured Suri. Even CB.

        The most disgusting thing of all were the people who commented on Suri pictures, calling her a brat because she was scowling in the pictures. You only have to go back in CB archives to see the disgusting comments about Suri, and we are a nice community. It was worse elsewhere.

        I can already see North starting to behave like Suri, and she’s much younger than the age Suri started to show her distress. I am glad people are calling out the parents for putting her in these situations that are distressing her. I hope people continue to call out the parents rather than turn on North and start calling her a brat for it.

      • KellyBee says:


        Agreed but Tom to me was no better then Katie because he used to hold her so she was always facing the paps and not away from them.

        The person who called Suri a B*tch was not a pap but a fan of Suri as crazy as that might sound.

        Suri seems to deal with the paparazzi a lot better now maybe it because she older or maybe its because she not dealing with them on a daily basis like before ether way it good to see her not stressed out when they do get a picture of her.

      • Tate says:

        That is the worst part. Her parents orchestrate and inflict this stress on poor little North. They truly suck.

      • oneshot says:

        @LAK – holy sh*t. I’ve never seen video footage of Suri, only pics, but I never had any idea – obviously the paps are intrusive and crowding but I never thought they’d be yelling at her too. And the parents do nothing to stop it…..poor kids. Katie did the right thing by getting Suri the hell away from Co$, she’s an awful person for letting her child be put through the daily pap stroll but at least she did one thing right. Leaving Tom and the eventual move to a lower profile which means less paps stalking Suri now (haven’t seen a photo of the kid on any sites in ages). At least in the long run, I hope that child doesn’t suffer any more.

        I agree that it’s all down to parenting, the children are too young to be held responsible for well, acting like children in stressful situations. The Beckham kids seem to have grown up ok, but then again they are a large brood and at least the parents appear slightly more responsible.

  7. amanda says:

    I think this is a long-con sort of thing.

    I think it’s great, over-all, that they’re not going to film her as she can’t consent and I think it’s a good thing there won’t be footage of her roaming around her own home, etc.

    That being said, this baby can’t sell enough yet…not yet.
    Once she can talk, walk by herself, gains some sort of vapid, shallow, money-hungry, fame-wh*re attitude like the rest of her family, you bet she’ll be on TV.

    I think she has always been a card in the Cardashian game and they’re waiting to play it. I think they think it makes them look ‘better’ by declaring privacy and leaving her out for now, but when the time comes, their statement will be “she wants to do it, she loves it”.

  8. swack says:

    I don’t think North feels comfortable with her father at all if these pictures are any indication. I just find them both very hypocritical.

  9. Nk868 says:

    I think they recognize kids who grow up on camera/tv have a different childhood and life than just those snapped by paps and the parents sharing occasional cute pics on social media. I assume jon and Kate’s kids will need therapy (not saying there’s anything wrong with those kids! Just mean having entire life documented and scrutinized will maybe need discussion with a professional at some point) for different reasons than, say, Jen garners kids or Suri cruise (thinking of other kids photographed the most)

    • oneshot says:

      It depends on how it’s handled…..I sometimes watch a Korean reality show that involves dads taking care of their kids for 48 hours without mom’s help. There are cameras everywhere in their houses but
      i) the kids involved are too young to act out things on order, or even know what a camera is – I’ve seen them call it a “dinosaur” or “alligator”

      ii) (and this is good parenting) more than one parent on the show has said they will pull their children off the show if they seem to start “acting” for the cameras/becoming too aware of them. (usually happens with older kids). And they’ve done it, too.

  10. maeliz says:

    They want privacy for her, but let the whole world see looks she was getting from people when she had her 2 tantrums. Why is putting her on an edited show worse?

  11. Al says:

    Because scarcity increases North’s value, if they hold off using her now, she’ll be worth more later on. They are gross.

  12. NGBoston says:

    What irony. Because what really is the difference, I don’t get it.. And for the hundreds of people who always wonder why this child looks so unhappy when her parents are carting her around the world– keep in mind there are throngs of intimidating photographers running and bum-rushing them, shouting out names, dumb questions, with flashing lights and noisy cameras– what Toddler wouldn’t look terrified??

    Which brings the question up of when is it right for her parents to not expose her to this stuff? And, NO– poor North did not belong front row at any Fashion Shows. Jayzus.

    • swack says:

      Many of the photographers wouldn’t be there if they didn’t call them and let them know where they are going to be. So they put North in that situation themselves. Other celebs go out and about without constantly being photographed and without their children being photographed.

      • word says:

        Exactly. They dress that child in those clothes TO BE SEEN. They call the paps themselves. Maybe not Kanye, but the Kardashian/Jenner Klan do.

    • melain says:

      Photographers aren’t omniscient. Someone has to tell them where and when to show up.

  13. shosh says:

    I dont know….Kanye always looks like he has bad breath. Maybe that’s why North always seems so terrified?

  14. noway says:

    In addition to the paps yelling, remember children emulate what they see, especially at this age. Neither Kim nor Kanye smile very often on these pap walks. I think Kim said it gives her wrinkles and Kanye is always surly. North just has that face too, as that is what she sees. Just a reminder that she will most likely turn out like what she sees in her parents and family. Here’s hoping the nanny has a good disposition, and may change her a bit. Still I think if she looked really happy with the nanny they’d eventually fire the nanny because that would make them look bad. This poor child is doomed.

  15. Dawn says:

    What a joke. I can’t believe anyone believes any of their out right lies anymore. All they do is pimp that little girl.

    • melain says:

      I agree. Reminds me that Kris Jenner was the one who organized and profited from the sale of Kim’s sex tape. So pimping, it would appear, is a family tradition.

  16. Shambles says:

    Something nice: I find it seeeeeeew adorable that Nori is her daddy’s little mini-me looks wise, right down to the tiniest facial expressions. Grumpy ‘Ye and grumpy North foevvvaaa

  17. Judyk says:

    Didn’t read this…just wanted to say I love the sweet pics of Kanye w/ North.

  18. Ice Queen says:

    That poor kid always looks terrified. This is almost child cruelty. It doesn’t matter if the kid has 50000000$ coat or eats expensive food etc, what about psychological health? I hope, when she grows up she doesn’t become a mess. I feel sorry for her.

  19. KellyBee says:

    These people are not looking for privacy for their child. These are the same people who last year made North walk late at night in frount of the paparazzi In Paris to fashion show to show off her outfit.

    Another reason why they might not want North on the show right now is because E! not giving the amount money they want for North to be on the show. Remember Kourtney and Scott tried to get something like $10k for Mason to be on the show and E! Wasn’t having it. Someone at E! Posted what happened on their website so you know it pissed off. The story that Kourtney and Scott ran with was that they wanted to give Mason privacy before exposing to the reality show.

  20. word says:

    The nanny did her hair. Come on you don’t really think Kris and Kanye are taking care of North all by themselves do you? The nanny is always out of range of the cameras. Secondly, is North really the most famous celeb child out there? Hmmm I don’t know. Lastly, Kanye doesn’t want North on KUWTK. I bet Kim does. Kanye doesn’t like how the show is filmed and produced. If he could produce the show, I’m sure he’d allow his daughter on it. They don’t care about her privacy…puh lease.

    • **sighs** says:

      Can you even imagine being their nanny? He’s an idiot who thinks he’s a genius. She’s an idiot who thinks she’s a goddess. I hope they pay their nannies hella money. You couldn’t pay me enough to put up with that.

      That poor child.

      • me says:

        They pay their nanny a lot just for the “gag order” alone. Imagine the stuff that nanny has witnessed !

      • snowflake says:

        that poor nanny! imagine trying to get those pants off her when she needs her diaper changed. those nannies deserve a medal for putting up with those two.

      • jujoki says:

        That nanny should write a tell-all

  21. kri says:

    God, I wonder what Donda would do if she was still here? I think everything would be different. I like to think so, anyway. “North isn’t for sale” my ass, They display her when it suits them, drag her around to hours-long fashion events, and then hand her off when she cries or gets fussy. This group of disgusting clumps makes me sick. As always, good luck with that North.

  22. Ladykatan says:

    The real reason little North isn’t on KUWTK is that to not have her on the show creates exclusivity. You’re not seeing her little face all the time. In doing that, it makes the papped photos of her worth a whole lot more. You have to understand Kim and Kris (and even Kanye to a certain extent, though not as much) have a deal set in place with the paps. They get a cut of money generated from every photo run in the tabloids and site (like this one) that features them. It’s a deal that’s been set in place for a very long time. That’s why they call the paps. They talk about in Morgan Spurlock’s show Inside Man. He goes undercover as a paparazzi photographer, and they talk about how Kim literally has an account with the photo agencies, and that a portion of every photo sold of her is deposited into that account. Each photo can sell up to several thousand dollars, photos with her daughter are worth considerably more. Now a couple thousand dollars a week is not a lot of money to them, but think about how many new photos come out each week and then do the math. It’s crazy how much money each pap stroll generates…

    • me says:

      Yes. Her pregnancy pics were worth a lot. That’s why she was so visible during her whole pregnancy and wearing ridiculous outfits the WHOLE time !

  23. me says:

    At least he wears his clothes more than once. I have seen him wear that velour hoodie numerous times in the past few weeks. LOL maybe all his wardrobe money is used up on Kim.

    Also, does Kris spend this much time with Kourtney’s kids? Are they not “famous” enough for her lol?

  24. NeNe says:

    I want to know who the these dumb a** schmucks are that watch this show. They definitely need to get a life.

  25. Velvet Elvis says:

    WTH kind of shoes is Kris wearing? I’ve never seen her not wearing heels. Possible she didn’t want to tower over the Hobbit sized Kanye?

  26. RockytopNC says:

    I can almost guarantee you that the nanny is just behind the papz in the direction to were she is staring with that “save me” look troddlers give their moms when someone they are uncomfortable with pick them up and hold them and carry them ..Oh they tolerate it but they don’t like it and will keep looking for help…as for the Papz she is used to them she has been used so much as a Pap magnet by them they are part of the scenery…..She is not comfortable with Kanye but she is tolerating him ….and if they were offered money for her to be on that show she would be in every scene ….but look out Kanye Kims on her way and she has a big surprise for you……bordered the plane with a huge coat and a knit cap pulled down over her head to her shoulders…covering up her head……want to bet on a newly blonder then her sister Khloe getting off that plane and Pap walking in Paris……No I would either..cause its a sure bet..

    • me says:

      I saw those pics. Tight leather pants and a face full of make-up to get on a long flight from LA to Paris. What has she been doing in LA and why wasn’t she with her hubby and daughter this past week? She may have gone blonde and is waiting to do a “reveal” at fashion week. You know how she loves attention.

  27. Iheartgossip says:

    The really heartbreaking truth? Baby North is being raised by the same coven that released the two youngest Jenner’s on us. PMK & The Coven turned those two girls out by the time they turned 13 or 14 years old. Fast forward North 13 years and what her life will be like – that is truly the sad story.

  28. Dotty says:

    I can’t believe it hasn’t been said yet, but Nori is cuter than Blue Ivy was at this age….

  29. Jody says:

    I just watched the KK sex tape for the first time… Never liked her anyway, but like her even less (if that’s possible) how embarrassing for her hubby and daughter to have that floating around FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!