Britney Spears wants to marry her boyfriend of four months, Charlie Ebersol


I haven’t written about Britney Spears in a while. That’s not by design, it’s just that Britney has been relatively quiet for several months now. She started dating Charlie Ebersol last fall (around Halloween), and it seems to be going well. He’s not crazy-shady (although there are some whispers that he’s not 100% authentic), he comes from a good family, he’s got his own career and while Daddy Spears totally signed off on this relationship, it doesn’t feel like Daddy Spears is outright paying this guy to be with Britney. I’m including some photos of Britney and Charlie from her Instagram – as you can see, Charlie is around her sons too. And all of a sudden, Jayden and Sean look so big!

Anyway, Britney spoke to Extra this week – you can see the video here. She actually doesn’t seem too out-of-it. I think maybe her meds were adjusted? She seemed sharper than usual. She was asked about wearing an “I Love Charlie” vest during her Vegas performance and what Charlie’s reaction was: “He said, ‘You’re the sweetest girlfriend in the whole world,’ he was really happy I did that… I’m very blessed to have him as a part of my life.” She was also asked if there was a chance she could head down the aisle with Charlie and she said “You never know!” So there you go. I kind of think Britney is just in love with the idea of marrying someone, anyone, and maybe having a “normal life.” Is Charlie that guy?

Meanwhile, Britney lost a clump of weave during one of her Vegas performances last week. Poor Brit-Brit.



Photos courtesy of Britney’s Instagram.

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  1. Dubios says:

    My gaydar pings

    • bettyrose says:

      Eh, as long as he treats her well and they’re truly best friends, does it even matter if they have a traditional marriage?

      • Bea says:

        Agree completely. I’m rooting for her, it’s nice to see her healthy.

      • Fritanga says:

        No guarantee she’s “healthy.” Drugs often give that appearance.

        This guy is just another minder. If Daddy Spears OKs a wedding, you know they will have struck a very lucrative and iron-clad prenup with all sorts of conditions and goals. Maybe this guy will be nice to her, but as I said, there are no guarantees. And you know Daddy Spears will never loosen the reins.

  2. amp122076 says:

    I’m happy for her, she seems better but WHY DOES she introduce her sons to every single dude she dates? Is this #3 or 4 “serious” boyfriend (that we know of) who has been photographed with them in a “happy family” situations? Sad.

  3. Santia says:

    Britney gives me the sads. Everything about her — the “career”, the boyfriends — seems so contrived these days. And that’s a lot of men cycling in and out of these boys’ lives.

  4. Lori says:

    I hope he’s nice to her and the boys and that things work out for her. I can’t shade Britney, the $$$ hasn’t made her life any easier.

  5. Lucy says:

    She seems to be doing well, so great for her. And her kids really are so big!!!

  6. Audrey says:

    She looks genuinely happy! I’m glad, she’s been through a lot

    • Jan Harf says:

      Exactly. Let her live her life. She definitely seems happy. Not everything has to be examined so intensely.

      • atorontogal says:

        She seems sad and lonely to me. I hope she finally finds happiness and can live her life in peace.

    • Erinn says:

      Usually I get the sads just looking at Brit – but something seems a little bit different. She DOES seem happier. I hope the dudes not just out for a paycheck.

      Also – the photo of the boyfriend with the dolphin – he has a cute smile.

    • Miller621 says:

      I agree she looks happy! She doesn’t look zoned out in these pictures either, I hope that means she’s had her medication adjusted. I know many think papa Spears is pimping her out for more money and you could all be correct, but we are all speculating and don’t really know for sure what’s going on with her and what it takes for her to function well. For all we know she needs to be working and needs someone in her life as a companion and protector. I am always rooting for Britney and genuinely hope she finds happiness!

  7. minx says:

    Aw, they look sweet together. And her boys are cute.
    Didn’t Charlie help rescue his father in the plane crash that killed his brother?

    • MediaMaven says:

      yes – and his brother died in that crash. Charlie broke his back in that crash. Can’t even imagine how much trauma he endured. Hopefully, Brittany won’t inflict more……..

  8. aims says:

    Am i the only one who is deeply concerned that she’s always in and out of relationships? Also, I’m concerned that this revolving door of men is confusing to her boys.

    • Loopy says:

      No you are not, it is very sad and disturbing how all this is orchestrated by her Dad. Its simply not normal and who is to say she can’t spend some time single, why does her father constantly roll out guys. Has she ever gotten the opportunity to get over a break up?

      • Betti says:

        I think Brit is one of those people who can’t be single and her dad knows it. I have friends like that, they always have to be in a relationship.

        Brit’s problems happen when she isn’t working or isn’t in a relationship, sadly she will always need someone to look after/over her.

    • swack says:

      Being in and out of relationships is okay until she involves the boys in it. My daughter lost her fiance a year and a half ago and has begun dating again. The first guy she dated she told him right off she was not ready for anything serious. She is now seeing someone she knew from college. But in all of this, she has made sure that her children were not involved in getting to know these men. Until she is ready to get serious she doesn’t plan to introduce her children to anyone and when she does it will be as a friend and in a situation where there are many people aroung (i.e. a family bar-b-que).

    • what says:

      The boys have a father who has full custody of them. These aren’t your average boys. They are constantly surrounded by a revolving door of bodyguards, managers and assistants. They just see this person as another friend. This isn’t the case of your average single mom who brings in a new live in boyfriend every month.

  9. Esmom says:

    I’m glad she’s found happiness but no need to rush into marriage.

    Also the 90s called, they want Charlie’s hair back.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Charlie is losing his hair in the same way his dad did. And he is wearing it the same way his dad does.

      Speaking of Dick Ebersol, that’s the daddy that needs to approve, not papa Spears.

  10. Seapharris7 says:

    I just want Brit to be happy

  11. Betti says:

    I love brit brit and I hope this one works out for her – she needs someone who will make her happy as thats all she seems to want, a family of her own. There’s something about her that reminds me of Michael Jackson, I think its the child like, eager to please vibe I get.

    She hasn’t had it easy and i have nothing but good vibes for her and her family.

    • Saks says:

      Agree. I think she wanted to retire years ago and just have a family, sadly we all know what happened with that K-fed jackass…

  12. nicegirl says:

    My youngest has the same lego shirt. Love seeing her little one holding onto his little lego minifig dude, like a regular kid his age. Best wishes always to Miss Brit and her boys.

  13. Eleonor says:

    I root for this girl.

  14. Penelope says:

    Those boys look exactly like their father.

  15. GingerCrunch says:

    Her boys are adorable, and they look happy. So despite what could have been a complete disaster, I’ve gotta give props to everyone involved for seeming to keep it together. Until we find out otherwise, of course, but I hope not!

  16. Kaye says:

    In the pic of Britney in front of the cliff, I thought that was Lauren Bowles (Holly on True Blood). Britney doesn’t look like herself any more. Isn’t she too young to have had plastic surgery?

  17. Flahoola says:

    I know we all want to find love, but why is it in her da’s interest to keep setting her up?!
    Like should he not leave her be, to concentrate on herself and her boys, and then if the right person comes along all well and good. It seems forced, like there’s nothing wrong with her being single for a while…

    • NGBoston says:

      It is all forced and arranged. Sad.

      Britney Spears is treated as nothing but a money making machine and is a work horse for all those that live off of her.

      This young woman has been exploited since her days as a Mouseketeer. Her parents stepped in to control her estate when she had mental health problems, and hopefully she will take a much deserved break after her Vegas Contract expires. Let this woman just live her damn life!

  18. Catelina says:

    she seems happy, which is nice, but I feel kind of bad for her boys having all these father figures..

  19. db says:

    Charlie and his family seem like great people, and his mom, Susan St James, seems quite welcoming and friendly to Britney. I hope they’re happy and their relationship works out for them.

    • MacScore says:

      OMG – his mom is Susan St James???!! You have just taken me back _decades_! I LOVED her in – what was it called – MacMillan and Wife? (okay. I’m ancient). Back to the topic – I wish Brit the best.

  20. Saks says:

    I just hope she is happy

  21. what says:

    Reaching. She gave a pretty vague open ended comment and left it at you never know. What was she supposed to say “No. I don’t want to marry this goon!”

  22. Josefa says:

    Britney seems to dependant on relationships, and I hope she could sort that out. But if this guy is truly nice and she’s happy, no shade. Britney always looks so sad. Even with all her money, her life is not one I have ever envied.

  23. littlestar says:

    In the first picture they are standing in the fancy suites entrance at the amazing Wynn hotel. Sigh. One of my favourite places in Vegas.

    Anyway, she looks really happy here! Genuinely happy. I hope this ship works out for her. I have such a soft spot for Britney. She has her issues but she has never seemed like a bad person to me.

  24. Anon says:

    I think Britt looks happier then she has in years.. Whatever the relationship is is all good..I think Britt needs a break and hopefully this is it

  25. JenniferJustice says:

    Please, Brit, for the love of God! You don’t have to marry every man you’re doinking. Just enjoy the relationship as is for a while.

    When will this poor girl ever learn NOT to follow her heart? I love her, but damn, she is her own worst enemy.

  26. Janna says:

    I think this relationship is different because he doesn’t need her money. He grew up very wealthy and has an inheritance. They look cute and happy (and like siblings).

  27. Queen B says:

    Charlie seems like a nice guy but I could not imagine being in a relationship with someone who has been declared by the court legally incompetent to manage their personal and financial affairs. Britney has been in a conservatorship for over seven years and she needs her dad’s or the judge’s permission to work, travel, buy or sell property. She cannot get married even if she wanted without the court’s permission because the judge has to determine if she has legal capacity to enter into a marriage contract.

    When you date Britney, it seems like her dad is a third party in the relationship and most guys probably could not deal with that hence her failed engaged to Jason Trawick/former conservator.

    • snowflake says:

      Idk about that. there was some commentary on one post that the venues in Vegas required the conservatorship for her to perform. in my opinion, I think a lot of it is business-related. She’s been on medication for a long time now and had no issues. at this point, I think it’s more of a business formality than anything else. unfortunately, I think her rep has been tainted with “mental illness” and she is prob quite capable in real life. in other words, I think it’s more something that makes employers go, oh, okay, she’s got someone watching her, she’ll be okay, I’ll employ her. jmo

      • Queen B says:

        I get what you’re saying but I cannot fathom why the judge and court appointed attorneys and doctors would recommend maintaining a conservatorship which involves a major deprivation of many rights for nearly a decade to facilitate business ventures for a woman who was worth tens of millions before the Vegas gig. Also, the conservatorship is divided in two parts (person and estate). If the conservatorship is needed solely for business, why maintain the conservatorship over the person.

        I found this old article about the permanent conservatorship from 2009 and it states, ” Britney “is substantially unable to manage … her financial resources or to resist fraud or undue influence.” Read more at

      • Bridget says:

        Queen B is correct. A Conservatorship is a very big deal, and there’s no way the court would extend it solely for a business contract. For her to be in a Conservatorship for this long, with no end date in sight, speaks to her being extremely incapacitated.

  28. Britney looks real here (normal) this dude hasn’t been in the picture very long, and his holding onto her kid like Leann..gulp

    • jaye says:

      I don’t think this is the same situation, though. It’s not like he is on Twitter declaring himself the boys “bonus dad” or referring to them as “his boys”.

  29. the devils parsley says:

    Brit Brit looks happy. For reals happy. These photos show the couple actually doing things that don’t involve a red carpet. She’s had a seriously rough go of it. Her family is shady, her exes are shady, even her work has been shady… I haven’t seen her look so pretty and so alive in years. I don’t give two sh%ts if she’s a romantic and falls too fast. Whatever the case may be, this dude has livened her up big time. Then again, I’m newly engaged and have wedding fever (at 37). Totally embarrassing. But, YAY Britney! Be all lovey styles!

  30. Brittney B says:

    I’m happy that Britney seems to be happy… but I have to say one thing, because no one’s mentioned it yet, and this is important.

    Those dolphin pictures.

    I doubt Britney is aware of this, but captive dolphin attractions are horrendously cruel, and if you love those animals, please don’t contribute to this industry. Dolphins are intelligent, emotional, social animals who suffer every second that they’re restrained in such close quarters.

    Also, if you oppose the horrific mass slaughter of dolphins in Japan (and elsewhere), please know that “swim with dolphins” attractions are DIRECTLY fueling that disgusting trade. A few of the prettiest animals get plucked for tourist attractions, and the rest are stabbed to death. That fate actually might be preferable to spending the rest of their lives in the equivalent of a tiny cage.

    • Fljen says:

      Thank you for explaining that. It needed to be said. Long time lurker, first time poster. Please read up on this everyone if you don’t know already. It is important!

  31. FurballFriend says:

    I hope this isn’t true. What is the rush? Most people take their time the second time around; I know I did.

  32. TOPgirl says:

    why do all the men she date look like douches? her taste in men is like drinking beer versus fine wine. she always choose beer.