Jared Leto shows off his new blonde look in Paris: would you hit it?

Jared Leto

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one showing off questionable platinum locks in Paris. Earlier this week, Jared Leto chopped off his ponytail and lamented the loss of his beard on Instagram. Thank goodness. The ombre mane was getting out of hand. Plenty of girls would love to run their fingers through Jared’s formerly long locks, but I’ve been secretly fantasizing about cutting it all off.

Jared’s firing up for the role of The Joker in Suicide Squad, and this hair is the start of his grand transformation. Jared talked about gaining significant weight too, but I don’t think that’s happening. It doesn’t need to happen.

Anyway. Jared showed up at the Balmain show looking like a younger version of Karl Lagerfeld. Between the hair, the clothes, and the glasses, the resemblance is uncanny. This is actually an in-between stage for Jared. His hair has simply been stripped of its color and will eventually be neon green for the role. Director David Ayer (Fury) reveals that Jared’s take on the role shall be “majestic.” Does that sound promising? This is Jared’s official followup to his Oscar win. He could score another nomination as The Joker if everything goes well. I’m betting his performance will be the best thing about this movie.

On a related note, Warner Bros. issued a bizarre statement about how DC films are “edgier than Marvel. Shots fired?

Jared Leto

Jared Leto

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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78 Responses to “Jared Leto shows off his new blonde look in Paris: would you hit it?”

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  1. Claire! says:

    Karl Lagerfeld called, he wants his head back

  2. Lilacflowers says:

    Glad the beard is gone. Would like to see it without the sunglasses.

    As for DC’s challenge against Marvel, the Christian Bale Batman movies were darker and edgier but the fun was out of them by the last one. And they don’t have Christian Bale as Batman any more. The last two Superman movies were dark, dreadful messes. Marvel is more fun. There’s room for both.

    • Bridget says:

      DC seems to confuse “edgy” with “dour and depressing”. It’s like they’re determined to make their movies a chore to watch.

      • Amy says:

        This. Superman was terrible, once they confirmed they were going with the Nolan approach to all their films I stopped wanting to watch them.

      • Misprounced Name Dropper says:

        “To please the majority is the requirement of the Planet Cinema. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t make a concession to viewers, these victims of life, who think that a film is made only for their enjoyment, and who know nothing about their own existence.” – Andrzej Żuławski

      • Bridget says:

        @MispronouncedNameDropper: we’re not exactly talking “high art” here :) . And in fact, I would argue that the studio is trying to give viewers what they think they want – as in, Nolan’s Bat man trilogy was dark and edgy and was wildly successful, therefore that must be what people want. When in fact, those movies were successful because they were GOOD and were a fresh take.

  3. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    What the hell? Everyone’s going bleach blonde in Paris this week. If only he were fatter, he would really look like KL.

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I don’t like the color, but he looks a million times better with shorter hair and no scruff. Younger, cleaner and much more handsome. He’s still a douche, though, I assume.

    • Kitten says:

      Why doesn’t he have any lines on his face? I don’t understand. He’s 43 years old.
      WHY NO LINES dammnit!

    • Kosmos says:

      I hated his long hair look, it was definitely time for a change–but I can’t really tell what he looks like with the big glasses on. I think he might look okay with a slightly longer cut along with his original hair color, but we’ll have to see how that unfolds.

  5. MacScore says:

    Lagerfeld – too funny! Yup, all he needs is an outdated pair of gloves, a furry white cat, and about 100 years, and he is Herr Karl. Same appalling dress sense too. Seriously though, JL does look way better with short hair and no scruffy beard.

  6. Lola says:

    I suppose he needs that base to add green on top. I don’t think The Joker has ever had any other hair colour besides green.
    As for the 90′s clothes, I don’t know how I feel.

  7. NewWester says:

    Could there be a Karl Lagerfield movie in Jared’s future? Actually that might be fun to see

  8. Maya says:

    The blondes are taking over the world…

  9. Amy says:

    I feel like Rita Ora is somewhere being massively excited she’s suddenly on trend. Sheesh, what is it with the Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer look going around?

  10. Veritas says:

    You can like DC and marvel comics or whatever other comic company u want to like. There are other comic company’s it’s not just marvel and DC. There’s no law that says u can only like one. There should be more movies made from other company’s out there. Hopefully in the future more will be made. I just saw tank girl on Netflix that would be a great reboot. And spawn I used to love spawn when I was younger.

  11. Pegasus says:

    He looks like Tilda Swinton as a fighter pilot.

  12. Jayna says:

    Without his facial hair, I never knew what thin, small lips he had. The hair color is awful on him.

  13. Linn says:

    The hair is necessary for the role but what is his excuse for wearing those hideous boots?

    • GlimmerBunny says:

      Hi, totally off topic but is your name really Linn (spelled with an “i”)? That’s my name too and the spelling is pretty uncommon :) Are you Scandinavian?

      • springingforward says:

        Mine, too! I am of Norwegian descent raised in Minnesota….
        Hahahaha small world….

  14. Beth says:

    From Jesus to Karl Lagerfeld.

    Also, he looks a tad like Michael Fassbender in the second pic – it’s those thin imperceptible lips.

    • jen2 says:

      Fassbender in Prometheus. Same hair color, same thin build.

    • Isadora says:

      Yes. I was wondering why this is the first look on Jared Leto where I would actually hit it. But the answer is easy, he looks like David 8. Or some 80s cocaine dealer. Would still hit it, damn… (but he has to keep his glasses on and not speak a word)

  15. insomniac says:

    I hate the color, but at least in his case there’s a reason for it. Is Kim playing the Joker too?

  16. smcollins says:

    He looks like his character from Fight Club. I’m definitely interested in seeing how he portrays The Joker. Heath Ledger’s performance is a tough act to follow.

    • tealily says:

      I was just going to hop on here to say he was “too f–king blond,” but you beat me to it!

  17. JWQ says:

    I wouldn’ t hit it period, no matter what colour his hair is!

  18. MrsBPitt says:

    Really??? The directors take on the role is that Leto will be “Majestic”….My God, could these hollywood asswipes be anymore self-important!!!! It drives me crazy with the adjectives these people use about actors and movies…remember when Jennifer Anniston was BRAVE for not wearing mascara in a film…I mean, C’MON, GET REAL!!!!!

    By the way, Leto creeps me out…long hair, short hair, brown hair, blonde hair, CREEPY DUDE!!!!

    • Cindy says:

      Me too about the creepy thing. I think he is really handsome and talented but I feel like there is something dark and scary about him. I would not want to be on his bad side.

  19. RobN says:

    Not within 50 yards without a very large can of Lysol.

  20. Kiddo says:

    The short colored-hair made me notice that he has no lips. No Bueno. If he is playing the joker, he doesn’t even need the make-up. How is this so apparent now, but I never noticed before?

  21. Betti says:

    No – he has always creeped me out a little.

  22. Hautie says:

    Say something positive: Jared Leto edition…

    1) My goodness, he has a gorgeous complexion. I wonder if he wears sun screen daily? Seriously, his face is without any noticeable flaws. And he is 42/43ish? Amazing skin. Period. Though I have seen him without the sunglasses. And those palest of white eye brows, are freaking me out a little.

    2) Love the outfit. He has always had his own odd idea of men’s style. And it works for him really well. Add to it the clean cut/shaved grooming. I still like how he puts together his outfits.

    • Kiddo says:

      You’re very kind, Hautie. I do think the look is interesting in sort of an objectively artistic way, but definitely not in an animal magnetism / sexually attractive way.

      And supposedly, he has had work done, but good work; bits and pieces at a time so that the result is gradual, less perceivable and not shocking.

  23. Melain says:

    Hellz no! Lagerfeld! Which intensifies the creepy.

  24. Size Does Matter says:


    Side note, he should go ahead with the neon green. It couldn’t possibly look worse.

    • #Catalanoalldayeveryday says:

      Jordan Catalano is mine!!!!!!! I would hit it hard, so hard and have him sing to me when I wasn’t. Love him and 30STM. I would think of him back in the day though.. this version of Jordan Catalano seems just a touch too high maintenance.. JORDAN CATALANO 4 EVA!!! Annnndddddd MINEE….

  25. Dree says:

    Whens the karl lagerfeld biopic coming out?

  26. kri says:

    Yeah, I’d hit it. With a restraining order. I couldn’t do Proto Lager even if you threatened me with a Chanel sneaker.

  27. Beep says:

    This cut makes his forehead look huge. Never thought I would say I like his long Jesus hair and beard way better than this new mess.

  28. Alexis says:

    Lou Reed on the cover of Sally Can’t Dance. Whoa. I’m actually kind of impressed even though it looks terrible.

  29. Looks ill, gotta go wash my eyes

  30. Bridget says:

    Wow, all it took was a haircut and dye job for him to go full Turbo Douche.

  31. serena says:

    At least he shaved that horrible beard! And that super long hair… don’t get me wrong I love long silky hair on good looking men but he was (is) just gross. So thank god he cut/shaved it all. Not this isn’t a tragic look… it is.

    I used to find him so handsome and beautiful back in the days, but now I just see him as gross. I wonder if it’s because of his reputation or just his inability to mature and change up looks as well.

    • Kiddo says:

      That’s it! The beard. That’s why I never noticed how he didn’t have lips before. The beard covered them. Thank you, that was so perplexing, thinking it was the haircut,. I forgot all about the beard.

  32. Dawn says:

    Nope. He looks like he is getting ready to play a young Karl Langerfield (is that the right name?). Jared is dead to me after seeing him around Kardashian garbage. I can’t respect anyone who gives the garbage family the time of day.

    • Beep says:

      Didn’t he hook up with Paris Hilton? That’s worse than just hanging around kartrashians

      • Dawn says:

        Nope not to me it isn’t. I’d take a Hilton any day over a Kardashian. Nothing can trump Kim’s sex tape, the first one before her mother edited. I have a friend who saw it and said it was so gross they turned it off and didn’t have sex for a week!

      • beep says:

        You can’t get an std from standing next to a kartrashian but I’m thinking you might if you hook up with a Hilton.

  33. HoustonGrl says:

    Giant douche.

  34. Nikole says:

    Karl Lagerfeld :|

  35. Illyra says:

    I would have guessed these were photos of Scott Disick with bleached hair.

  36. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    I’m just glad he got rid of the Supertramp look. It was getting stale.

  37. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    I’m just glad he got rid of the Lynyrd Skynyrd look. It was getting stale.

  38. Liz says:

    Still would

  39. Intro Outro says:

    He looks highly unattractive. That’s all I’ve got to say >_< Scruff was much easier on the eye, imo.

  40. jenn12 says:

    Doesn’t look good at all. I know it’s for a role, but he can’t carry the platinum look. Most people can’t, especially well into their 30s and 40s.

  41. Amy says:

    omg I first thought it was Karl Lagerfeld before I read the headline and the post! He’s such an appearance chameleon.

  42. Frida_K says:

    Whoa. Scary.