Benedict Cumberbatch shows off his honeymoon tan as he heads home


Here are some photos of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter leaving LA (at LAX) on Friday. I assume they flew back to LA from Tahiti? Probably. And then they flew from LAX to Heathrow. You can see the photos of their arrival in England here – Sophie changed clothes in flight, it seems. What she wore to LAX does seem pretty tropical.

A lot of sites are joking about how Bendy and Sophie, two pale English people, actually sort of have “tans” after their Tahitian honeymoon. I don’t mind Benedict pale and I don’t mind him with some color on his face. What has greatly improved is his hair though – we’re almost seeing Cumbercurls! There are a few curls struggling to break free. I’d like to think that Tahiti’s humidity probably made his hair more curly. What I fear is that Sophie hates the Cumbercurls and she’s the one who encouraged that terrible haircut he got late last year.

Eh, I don’t have much else to say. I don’t care that Sophie is showing off her bump in that sheer top. Then again, I don’t have any bump conspiracies about Sophie, other than the glaring (and likely factual) conspiracy, months ago, that she got knocked up quickly and that’s why he proposed. I suspect Sophie’s probably due in April. Like Duchess Kate! Jessica Biel should be ready to pop pretty soon too – I bet Biel gives birth before Kate and Sophie. I should create a chart and we can take bets. I will give Sophie this: she’s had a very pretty pregnancy.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jay says:

    She really seems to love having her picture taken!

  2. mimif says:

    Anyone have an ID on Sophie’s flaming yellow skirt? I think it would be a great gift for Kiddo’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

    • OSTONE says:

      Happy Birthday, Kiddo! Enjoy your very own Comet Sophie skirt/tablecloth/curtains combo from Mimif!

    • Lilacflowers says:

      It would be but I doubt she would wear it. She’s too enamored of her beige booty shorts to change.

  3. tasha_nat says:

    I think he has hit peak Cumberbatch attractiveness and his looks are slowly going downhill.

    • Felice says:

      My friend warned me about that when I showed her pics of him in 2012. She said he had pretty eyes but would probably not look as good in a few years.

      • tasha_nat says:

        I was willing to chalk it up to exhaustion during his Oscar campaign (oh, excuse me, non-campaign)…but if you get off the tail end of a 10 day island vacation still looking wrecked…


  4. Franca says:

    They’re growing on me.

    Happy Women’s day to all you lovely ladies!

  5. rosalie says:

    not much luggage….

  6. Kate says:

    She looks pretty. That engagement ring is still an eyesore though. Yikes.

  7. PunkyMomma says:

    Easter baby for the Cumberbatches. 🐣

  8. Regina says:

    I don’t know, in some of the pictures it looks to me like he’s wearing bronzer or something on his face. Kind of an odd color tan, but maybe it’s just his complexion or the lighting or something.

    • tsmiv2 says:

      I think he is sunburned.

    • Angel says:

      He does tend to have blochy skin. You can see it in old photos or the road part of when he was on TopGear. Still think it looks way better than when he wears make up on talk shows. The third season of Sherlock it was really off putting.

  9. amurph says:

    With sunglasses on, they both look too much alike. But, eh.

  10. Granger says:

    The Daily Mail is calling them a “power couple”! I can’t stop laughing!

  11. Jezza says:

    Oh Emmm Geee you guys! Don’t they look sooo in lurve???

    I don’t know how long the flight from Tahiti was, so whatever, but it’s kinda funny that she’s showing more love to the camera than to Ben. when I got back from my honeymoon, I was tired, but definately still all gooey eyed -for my man and not a camera!.

    • Alice says:

      Just check all the SH pucs fron November to the present and it’s clear that the camera is her great love. BC’s just an accessory, one that’s getting worn out pretty fast.

    • claire says:

      But if she doesn’t look at the camera and isn’t smiling, then all the fans think they’ve fought, they hate each other, she’s a Bit*h. Poor thing can’t win with y’all.

  12. Elisa the I. says:

    I love her outfit! Looks elegant & comfy.

  13. Lilacflowers says:

    Is she wearing a hospital ID bracelet?

  14. InvaderTak says:

    I’m going with Biel, SH and then the Duchess. Sh will be a couple days before Kate. Good luck trying to get any press away from the Cambridges.

  15. Lama Bean says:

    Enty over at CDAN is implying the kid is not Ben’s. Don’t know if I believe it, but interesting theory nonetheless.

    • InvaderTak says:

      That “Enty” got off Tumblr to troll the skeptic blogs. The skeptic blogs came up with that one first because of the pics that put her with other guys around the same time as Ben. Its insane. You can get a paternity test at 12 weeks. If there were questions they would have done so and we wouldn’t be here.

      • hermi says:

        It has been suggested (not by me, btw) that it’s exactly what happened. Hence the date of the engagement (after the paternity test), hence his subsequent pissy behaviour.
        Whatever. Now she’s about to give birth and soon we can all be done with this nonsense (as in people who still say she’s not pregnant).
        One thing I have to say though: I would have never pegged him as the man who walks ahead of his pregnant wife, leaving her behind trying to keep up (even taking into account the paps). I had this image of an old fashioned man who carries the woman’s bag and chivalrously opens the doors for her. Maybe not :)

      • Alice says:

        Hermi. He surely would carry the bag, etc. for the woman he loved. For the one he resents, why bother. No matter how many staged, smiley pics, the anger slips out in some ways.

      • moodygirl says:

        I’ve never been pregnant and don’t know anyone who has ever been in a position of doubt so I have to ask – how is paternity established before birth? With urine? I thought you had to wait until the baby is born.

      • Anne tommy says:

        Paternity test in pregnancy is more complex than urine moodygirl. DNA is taken from the parents which is not a problem but in order to get the baby’s DNA amniotic fluid or a sample of the placenta is required. So not something to be undertaken lightly. Also a bit of a romance killer I would imagine if a guy wants proof he’s the daddy…there are non – invasive methods that claim to be accurate- you can get them online – but I’d be dubious about the accuracy of the result.

      • Lucrezia says:

        A blood sample from the mother is all that’s necessary these days. There’s a tiny amount of dna from the baby floating in the maternal bloodstream. Modern methods are good enough to separate and amplify that DNA, allowing for testing.

        This is fairly recent tech, it’s only been available for 5 years or so. I’m not sure if that’s the “non-invasive online” method you’re talking about. It’s called “non-invasive”, sure, but I really doubt it’s available online – you’d need to store/transport the blood sample, and I really doubt the postal service is down with that. I’m pretty sure you’d have to get blood drawn in a proper lab.

      • An says:

        Wait, do those skeptic blogs think that gossip place is legit?

        It’s a site that needs views for cash, covered in ads and not very well designed. They’ll post anything creative that might generate pageviews, since no one’s going to waste time or money suing a gossip site with no reach. Anyone can drop info there, totally anon.

        InvaderTak is probably right if blinds that could be him are getting a lot of hits. Then it’s worth it to keep them coming financially, you can just mine blind comments.

      • anon121 says:

        All-I have been on the engagement once paternity established from beginning. If this was a true romantic love then he would have proposed the minute she told him she was pregnant. Not only did he not, but he (or she) WENT OUT OF THEIR WAYS TO NOT BE SEEN TOGETHER until after the announcement. Not out to dinner. Not even at the London Film Festival when she was pregnant. Not at a movie premiere when the man who called her his TWILTIPT was the leading man. Not with his family.
        Alice-I really side eyed all of the times that he left Sophie behind while he got out of a car then waited for her a little distance later. My sister in law hasn’t even opened a car door since she and my brother started dating. This guy doesn’t wait for her. And the only things that OP ever carried were her handbag and whatever she was drinking. Ben even carried her coat for her. No-shotgun. Not the twu wuv they’re trying to sell.
        On another note-I’m going with 5/5.

      • alice says:

        anon Don’t forget the time they went to some premiere and Emily sat between them in the back seat. Or the NY premiere when he and Karon took the back seat and S had to walk around to the street side and climb in the front seat. Such devotion, Ben. OP definitely got him at his best – best looking and best behavior. Unless, of course, money is the most important thing – S racks up there.

    • Olenna says:

      Well, the baby’s his now. I think he’ll be a good father and even if she’s “not the one” for him in the long run, he’ll treat her decently and give the marriage a go if just appearances sake.

  16. Vanessa says:

    I used to be such a big fan of his(2010-2012) but to me he has lost it. I feel like he has already peaked (atleast looks wise 2011/2012). He is so blah to me now. I don’t know what happened. I know he has some movies coming up but it’s just so blah. He isn’t interesting to me anymore. I’m Cumby fatigued. Anyone else feel the same way about him that used to be a fan?

    • hermi says:

      Looks wise he peaked with the first Sherlock. Look at the pics of BC and Olivia at various parties, he with long curly hair and a silly grin on his face: he could never look better than that.
      It’s the fun and the innocence in him, they have gone for good.

      Yes, I feel like you. The joy of seeing him perform has faded. But I suspect so it has for him. It doesn’t look like he’s having the time of his life as before.

      It is silly, I know, but I feel a bit like I am mourning something that used to give me pleasure and that has died.

      • Vanessa says:

        Yeah he had a young boyish looking face. Then it drastically went away. I don’t know what it was. Maybe more work as he got more popular? I guess.

      • hermi says:

        Yes, and I think it will only get worse. Give him a couple of years and there will be nothing much left.

      • oneshot says:

        @Vanessa – that’s what happens in the thirties to many people, they look fine in the early-mid 30s and then age drastically post-35. Gets helped along if you’re sloppy about skincare or sun protection.

      • Tulip says:

        It’s been a….weird, intense year. Some recovery time from that and adjustment to his new life…he might bounce back in his looks. Fingers crossed, it’s stress that’s making him not as dashing.

      • An says:

        I’d go with Tulip probably. Not resting makes you look like shit.

        Although I gotta say it’s his weight loss for Sherlock that does it the most. I mean, you’re thin already and pushing 40, so if you lose a little bit of weight, you’re going to just become a bag of wrinkles. He picks up 10 pounds or so and lets his face fill in and he won’t look nearly as aged.

      • Green Girl says:

        An, I would also add smoking to the list of things that will age you. Drink water, get enough rest and wear sunscreen, people!

      • Felice says:

        In his case, I would also recommend a vampire facial

    • Natasha says:

      Yup. From adoration to repulsion in 9 months.

  17. seesittellsit says:

    Just when you thought the day was Cumber-proof, another wearisome article about this increasingly boring couple’s comings and goings. Anyone seen Enty’s BI yesterday on the Cumber Conception Cover-up? Wonder if he’ll have a paternity test done. If she had any brains she behaved herself once she hooked with him, but given that BI, it’s just possible she’s that bad. Every single comment on that BI yesterday immediately guessed these two.

    • Ant says:

      What’s that line from Sherlock: Calm yo tits!

    • moodygirl says:

      Those comments were telling and I bet few if any are CB regulars. The doubt is making the rounds and may explain why they are using PR to try and change their dating timeline. We know why he never talked in depth about their backstory because they didn’t have one unless they include “we jumped in the sack.” Now he realizes that he must create a story because people are starting to figure it out so his PR is putting out the “they started dating in 2013″ to try and gloss over the shotgun.

      • Ant says:

        Y’all are awesomely entertaining and laughable in a RT sort of way. I beseech you, do not stop! (Well, I’m aware you’ll get bored or I’ll get bored, and this is all going to go stale, but in the meantime be creative.)

      • moodygirl says:

        IMDB is calling, they want Ant back. Take your $10.00 when you go.

      • Ant says:

        Childish, and played. You can do better. For instance you can have as a Redmayne agent. Think outside of the box. And pay me in pounds, please.

  18. The Other Maria says:

    Hmm, i guess that’s what the English consider tanned, Sophie looks nice.

  19. oneshot says:

    So he went somewhere warm for a holiday, of course he’d need it. I’d imagine extreme cold of the East Coast/English kind isn’t too good for reptiles.

  20. Felice says:

    The photos don’t give justice to how weird she is when the cameras are on. The video shows her moving only her neck towards him and she moves close to him when she thinks the camera isn’t on her.

    • Claire! says:

      Are there gifs of that? Lol she’s the photobomber from hell

    • moodygirl says:

      I’ve questioned her faculties many times but when she walked through the airport with her hand stuck out so paps could get a shot of her wedding ring I knew she was really, really gone. Too old to be silly and probably hell to live with.

  21. liab23 says:

    they look happy!

  22. Cathy says:

    She didn’t “get knocked up quickly”. They have been attending their friends’ weddings in the UK as a couple for years.

    • **sighs** says:

      Hahahaha! Would you like some more kool-aid? Or another payment for services rendered?

    • Froop says:

      Trying to re-write history, are we? The only wedding they’ve attended as a couple was James Rhodes’ on September 27th last year, and she was already pregnant at the time. If you’re referring to the mineshaft Birkin wedding back in 2009 where they were both photographed, BC was still with Olivia back then.

    • Alice says:

      Who’s paying the ‘shippers now that Harvey’s thrown in the towel?

      • Felice says:

        They’re being paid in pats on the head from Benedict for standing up for things that really don’t need to be stood up for. That is literally why any of the fans police people for ‘privacy’ or for seeing this as anything but ‘true love’. They want Senpai to notice them.

    • Jojar Pinks says:


  23. Bets says:

    She looks nice, love the color of the skirt.

    He looks like a weird human/lizard/otter hybrid. So..normal.

  24. ell says:

    but even if she did get pregnant quickly, what’s the problem? I personally wouldn’t do it, but many people do and who am I to judge what makes other people happy? One of my closest friends is currently having a baby with a guy she’s dated for 7 months, and it was totally planned. Again, I myself wouldn’t do it, but some people are fine with it. It’s really not as dodgy as some of BC fans want to make it out to be smh

    • Andrea says:

      I would totally judge my friends if they did similar…in fact my friend got pregnant after 6 months “accidentally” and asked my advice. I told her not to marry him. Just because he donated sperm, doesn’t mean he will be a good father or husband. She insisted he marry her or would refuse to give the child his last name (bullied him into marriage). 6 years and two kids later, she has had numerous thoughts of cheating on him with coworkers, feels they just don’t have anything romantic together but need to stay together to play happy families, he has become a HUGE alcoholic and they split up for one year because of him spending the kids money on booze. She will probably be forever miserable because of it. Simple fact: you don’t know someone after 6 months, don’t make any serious commitments to them. yes, there are a few anomalies running around where it DID work, but I personally would never take my chances on being the 1 in a million.

      • ell says:

        you sound very sanctimonious. all relationships are hard, all go through rough patches and there’s no guarantee it will last. people who have waited to know each other better before having children and getting married STILL end up divorcing and cheating.

        Like I said, I also think you don’t know someone after 6 months and I wouldn’t do it, but to each their own.

      • Andrea says:

        I am not sanctimonious, I just don’t want to end up marrying and having a baby with whom I have no intentions of being with long-term. It sounds like my idea of a total nightmare. My friend suffers a lot from her choices and aches for any other man to have an affair with—is that the kind of life one would want themselves or their friends to have?

      • ell says:

        we’ve both said we wouldn’t want to be in this situation, right? but that’s us. other people have different standards, and clearly BC is fine with this since he’s a grown man who makes his choices.

        again, your friend’s situation is no different than other people who did wait to get married. relationships fail and people have affairs regardless. I personally wouldn’t have a child with someone I don’t know because I wouldn’t want to be tied for life to someone who might turn out to be horrible, not because I think long term relationships have more chances of being happy. I know so many in long term relationships who cheat, so it really doesn’t matter.

    • moodygirl says:

      Don’t lie about and try to make it something it is not to save your reputation.

      • An says:

        Not just his rep, right? Sophie’s too. And the kid later. Gossip like this doesn’t really survive the test of internet time.

        I can see why they did it, I guess.

      • ell says:

        I agree he’s ridiculous about it (and his PR) however the shocked reactions of his fans as if they did something no one ver did ever, are a bit much.

      • moodygirl says:

        Their ridiculousness causes the shock. Should have just acknowledged it and gotten married while keeping their pie holes shut. She should have stayed home and not shown her ugly, foolish behavior in public. Then we would have nothing to talk about.

      • ell says:

        Why should she have stayed at home though?? I don’t get it. Is like people expect her to hide because OMG she’s pregnant?

        Yes, they should have done things privately, but it’s pretty clear BC doesn’t care about private, despite what he says. Maybe he’s the one who should have stayed home.

    • Jojar Pinks says:

      they must’ve been dating for three months max when she got knocked up. and if he would stfu about it and keep his weird and messy personal life PRIVATE instead of trying to force it on the world – my forevermore heart home her name is sophie hunter and she is my fiancee and the woman who i proposed to and the most incredible woman who doesnt work in the world and i dropped this crazy love bomb and shes beautiful and i only told the papers about the engagement days before going on every chat show in america because thats what a-holes do-

      of course people are going to react to that. he doth protest too much and thats one of the biggest red flags about all of this. people really dont give a shit what disastrous choices he makes but theyre sick of hearing about it and him thinking people are stupid enough to not see past the crap hes spouting.

      also, hes wearing make up in that airport pic. what a tool.

      • An says:

        Sign me up for that makeup! It’s not running even though he’s grossly sweaty and oily.

        (Seriously, no makeup. No orange line. Just bad sunblock lotion application on the face).

      • Jojar Pinks says:

        sorry but he so is wearing make up.

      • moodygirl says:

        What it even three months? I’ve never been pregnant but by the looks of it am guessing an April/May birth. If they got together in June that would mean she got pregnant in July? Realized it in August? August – April = nine months? He waited to get pertinent info and announced engagement on November 5th? If she got pregnant in August then May. Sophie got pregnant within weeks so I don’t blame him for being angry.

      • An says:

        JP (if that’s ok?), I’ve never seen the man without a hugely obvious line down his profile when he’s wearing makeup, and it ain’t there in the clear, close well-lit ones.

        Plus his clothes are dirty and wrinkly, I’d worry about clothes before cosmetics LOL. He’s got classic face tan+fair skin with permanent sun damage going on. Dude needs to use sunblock!

      • ell says:

        this thing of this girl getting pregnant and he didn’t know just does my head in. it takes 2 people to make children. a man is just as responsible as a woman to use contraception if they don’t want children. and don’t give me the excuse of women tricking men with telling them they’re on the pill. men have the responsibility to look after their interest and use.a.bloody.condom. let’s stop accusing women and using the “boys will be boys” excuse, come on.

      • Jojar Pinks says:

        whos using a ‘boys will be boys’ excuse? nobody knows for sure what went on. they could be equally responsible for the accident or she couldve said she was on the pill when she wasnt or the pill didnt work etc …
        noone will know for sure but of course people are going to guess and gossip.
        but i dont see anyone here claiming its not the responsibility of the guy.
        sometimes women DO trick men with the pill claim. its not sexist to say that. its fact. ive spoken to two women in my life who have done just that.
        its a possibility, yknow?

      • ell says:

        disagree. if a man trusts a woman to be on the pill when he doesn’t want children, then he’s taking a risk and that’s on HIM. it’s like catching an STD because the other person told you they’re fine, how do you know they aren’t lying? a man is responsible for contraception as much as woman, ergo if a man doesn’t want children, he can avoid it by using a condom. end of.

        as for the women you know who did that, they’re liars indeed, but their men were stupid because all they had to do is protect themselves. if you put yourself in someone else’s hands then you can’t complain when it goes wrong. it’s sexist to think of men as incapable of protecting themselves and women as the bad ones that trap them. you can’t trap someone who doesn’t allow you to.

      • Andrea says:

        This is where he lost me as a fan. For someone as huge as him, to get a woman pregnant within a matter of weeks of dating her, ugh. It is just plain stupid. He has no idea what she truly may be like.

      • moodygirl says:

        I think he’s found out. 😒

      • moodygirl says:

        I understand, in theory, that it takes two people to make children but I hold the woman responsible for contraception. A man can get away with taking zero responsibility for a baby but a woman cannot. She will always be mommy and the one the baby calls out to and depends on. I have friends who got themselves in all sorts of situations but they ended up taking care of the kid no matter what the father did. I wouldn’t believe a word anyone says and would always use more than one method of birth control. That being said you can’t convince me that Sophie didn’t know what she was doing.

      • Claire! says:

        Given she resents her father for becoming a card player and blames him for the family breakup, then compensates with her closeness with mummy, id be willing to bet she has men issues. Serious men issues.

        Also are comments disappearing again? It was at 111 hours ago. It’s now 99

      • Alice says:

        Claire! There was a bit of unpleasantness going on and that batch was removed and good riddance.

      • tsmiv2 says:

        @Claire Where did you read this bit about resenting her father? If true, that’s interesting.

      • Claire! says:

        Remember when her mother began talking to the press and they went up to Edinburgh? The papers were reporting she was closer to her because of the divorce. Also, most ODIOUSLY, there was an old interview with her, possibly the one that described her haughty? The interviewer said “you grew up comfortable, right?” and she answered, a close paraphrase here, “well my parents divorced so I don’t know what you mean.” like a true privileged, entitled brat, avoiding the socio-economic gorilla in the room LOL

        And ta for the heads up Alice

      • gg says:

        From one of the only two interviews I can find with her (Hunter the Fox, Jan. 2005):

        Her childhood appears to be tranquil on the surface but when I say it sounds like a nice, comfortable West London upbringing, there is a long pause. ‘Umm, I really don’t know what one of those is,’ she says. ‘My parents are divorced.’

      • An says:

        One of my closest friends had a family with money, but her parents fought a lot and had a nasty divorce, and shit like that don’t end once the papers are filed.

        I wouldn’t trade our childhoods at all, despite my parents not being well off. That can get really bad for the kids, and the damage they carry takes years to heal.

        Sorry for the tmi, it was just a really bad situation.

  25. 'P'enny says:

    Wtf is she wearing? That is all I can say on this matter. Well & truly exhausted by it all- turning into kardashians 😂

  26. Bea says:

    So what does she do with her humongous ring when she goes through security? Does she take it off and dump it in those white boxes along with the phones? Not that anyone’s buying me a look-at-me diamond anytime soon but I just don’t see the point of travelling to a foreign country with a giant bling. I don’t want my shit stolen OR my finger chopped off thankyouverymuch. I think it’s a little sad that I am too cautious to ever enjoy being vulgar.

  27. Green Girl says:

    There are a few pics of them where he’s looking right at her and smiling in a dazed sort of way, and it’s cute. I wish them the best.

    • gg says:

      I know the one you mean – he’s smiling at her and she is smiling at the camera

      • moodygirl says:

        SoGo has a gif of BC and SH on a elevator; initially they are standing far apart but Sophie moves closer to him, probably to appease a pap because a flash goes off. The look on his face is SO telling, like he is just over it. He appears to just let out a sigh while Sophie grins like a drunk person.

      • Felice says:

        I thought it was because she thought she wasn’t in frame.

      • moodygirl says:

        Which is why she moved over before the flash went off.

      • Felice says:

        That video shows how weird she really is. She plays peekaboo the camera, moves only her neck towards him, audibly says that “they shouldn’t be waiting,” walks through the lift before people get off, and then shifts to him for the camera.

        ETA: X17′s LAX video :50-:55 she says something along the lines that they shouldn’t be waiting.

      • Jojar Pinks says:

        oh man does she really say ‘they shouldnt be waiting’? seriously?

      • Claire! says:

        She loves smiling at the camera…but won’t allow him to touch her.

    • Jojar Pinks says:

      sorry green, but it aint cute. hes in front of paps and hes making the same gut churning efforts to be photographed while staring at her head as he did at the oscars. why would he do that whilst walking towards paps at an airport? seriously, this man doesnt miss a trick. and even weirder since its a TOTAL 180 from his pre oscar schtick.

    • Ce says:

      I just had a look, Felice, and she may have just meant the people weren’t getting off on that floor? I thought they weren’t at first either because they just stand there, that elevator still goes down floors.

  28. faith96 says:

    She seems to be satisfied very much at this Kardashians moments!
    The Daily Mail is the only paper she can read.
    Is the conversation established among them?

  29. Sol says:

    I’m sorry, what’s the deal between Sophie and the silver footwear!!?!? Buy some shoes in another color please!!

  30. oops says:

    Some things:

    His cheeks always look a bit stained. Probably from smoking. Like people’s fingers turn yellow, his cheeks have.

    He is still fe€k!ng sexy & probably won’t age that poorly. His parents did alright. His daddy still looks like a gent. Yes, 10 lbs & more rest could do the trick. Yes, he did go from fresh faced to middle aged quickly.

    He is actually hot & I wish he knew it without the rest of the world telling him he looked sexy “in his own way” AFTER he became famous.

    Anyone who follows his career knows that the likelihood that these two started dating before May 2014 is slim to none. PR is going gangbusters on faking a long term time line because it’s obvious she’ll give birth fairly soon. And thus must have gotten pregnant not too long after May. I guess he thinks it makes him look like an ass.

    Men need to be responsible in sexual relations. But women have the last line of defense & would be left holding the bag. And if you’re trying to have a relationship (not a one off), you should be able to trust the other person. He probably trusted her too soon because she was already “in his circle.”

    None of us know her. But she looks snotty. She comes off like a starf*cher. And the time line makes her look like a schemer. Her pregnancy has been fairly pretty. But her hair is still stringy which is unfortunate.

    He should have cared more about values than pedigree.

    • hermi says:

      Which means that when I saw them together (15th July) she was already pregnant with his child?????? They looked grim and she didn’t so much as touch him or smile at him.
      I wish I had taken a picture or two.

      • oops says:

        No, Hermi. I consider August to be not too long after May, considering a long term relationship. I do believe she probably got knocked up in August. Clearly, they were schtupping even if it didn’t seem like they had sexual chemistry. I’m not impressed with the way things ended up. But I think more of BC than to think this was all a planned IVF situation because he’s “desperate for children” or he’s so desperate he’d take on another man’s child or he’s going along with a fake pregnancy or he’s too stupid to know it’s fake. C’mon now. They “do it.” He’s “done it” with lots of women who aren’t fangirls. They are having a real life baby. Get over it.

      • hermi says:

        I never said they weren’t. I don’t know what got you so upset. :)
        It’s always bizarre when you see two people (regardless if celebs or not) talking and interacting and they look like they barely know each other and it transpires two minutes later they are expecting a baby.
        That’s all.

    • Claire! says:

      The big wtf to me is still why is he with her when she can’t stand him? She won’t even let him touch her. And to the person who said OP had him at his best, who knows. Maybe he doesn’t go out of his way to be a respectful husband because she treats him like ****

      • hermi says:

        I think OP got the best of him, because he wasn’t famous then, so she can be 100% sure that what they lived together was for real with zero PR involvement.
        Not to mention the fact he was younger and better looking (shallow me, I know!). :)

      • moodygirl says:

        The big wtf to me is that he married her.

  31. moodygirl says:

    Over at SoGo there are photos of Ben and Sophie attending a MND – Motor Neuron Disease – charity event hosted by Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace. Sophie is in her element, huge grin on her face. She can smile at everyone but Ben. One of the perks of her “unplanned” pregnancy is access to people, places and things that were previously out of reach. Which was the point. Oh Ben. Idiot.

    • Claire! says:

      The first photo posted they look utterly miserable looking at the cameras. She’s looking about 8 months, which means they weren’t around each other much and probably not formally dating when she conceived. I hope that kid isn’t his and he takes her for all she’s worth for it. His personality and attitude have gone downhill since she was announced as his fiance.

      • moodygirl says:

        I don’t think he would have married her if he wasn’t sure he was the father, however he is paying mightily for it. She has brought him down so low it will be interesting if he recovers. He should have followed his gut – he said he wasn’t in a rush to marry but then immediately got hit by her sh** at PSFF – and he probably married her due to pressure to please everyone but himself and so he wouldn’t look like a jerk. It’s her world and he’s just a squirrel trying to find his own nuts.

      • Alice says:

        Just paraphrasing, but, “Yow, she looks very big!” and “Maybe it’s the cut of the dress, but she looks like she’s about to deliver.” Two of the more amusing reactions on imdb. But it’s still a great love story and we’re haters. When will they admit that she managed to get knocked up after just a couple of get togethers and it was never any love story, just shotgun all the way. i’m guessing it happened in July and I’m still claiming April Fool’s Day for delivery. It’s rather frustrating that some refuse to admit that he looks like he aged fifteen years in just four and a half months.

      • Claire! says:

        I wouldn’t take it for granted, moody, especially how keen he is to parent. Many men in such situations only find out later.

      • moodygirl says:

        He may be keen to parent but he obviously wasn’t keen to parent with her. He was motivated to marry not by her but by embarrassment. IMHO the guy is as pliable as a rope and totally insecure and she took advantage of that. She is running this train (except the BAFTAS where somehow something happened to make him smirk and pissed her off) and he is following her lead. From what I can observe she just jerks him around and becomes displeased when she doesn’t get her way. She must be hell to live with.

      • Claire! says:

        Not so sure it was just the baftas, he did a good job of pissing her off at the Oscars when he cut her off from talking to that reporter. Anyhow I still wouldn’t bet, bookies or otherwise, he’s the father.