Paris’ suicide attempt before jail

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Paris Hilton had a sort-of suicide attempt while she was feeling despondent at a party, according to the National Enquirer. She was drinking straight from the bottle and took over 10 valium that night, telling friends “My life is over!”

“There’s nothing left to live for. My life is over!”

A sobbing Paris Hilton made that heartbreaking admission as she gulped Valium and washed the pills down with white wine at a Hollywood party just weeks before landing behind bars, the Enquirer has learned…

The incident unfolded May 10 at the Hollywood Hills home of musician Robin Thicke, son of “Growing Pains” actor Alan Thicke.

About an hour after arriving, “Paris was walking from room to room, sipping from a bottle of wine,” said the source. “She was really down. She couldn’t seem to focus.”

[Paris] noticed one of the guests – who was not drinking – taking a Valium from a prescription bottle.

“Paris went up to the person and asked for a Valim,” said the source. Then she said, ‘You better give me two, We all know I’m not driving tonight!'”

She swallowed both pills “and washed them down with a couple slugs from her wine bottle,” the source said.

“About a half-hour later, Paris was in another part of the house and came across another prescription bottle of Valium. She helped herself to eight more pills.”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, June 18, 2007]

The article goes on to say that Paris was saved from a trip to the hospital or morgue by a guy who spotted her downing the pills one by one and pulled them out of her hands. He yelled at her and she was said to be in tears and to be “really feeling feeling sorry for herself… [and] moaning that her life was over.”

That must have been the “suicide attempt” that was rumored earlier.

The latest in your non-stop Paris coverage is that her dad, Rick, is trying to get a big Vegas venue to host her “get out of jail” party. Paris’ dad wanted all hotel rooms and flights paid as well as $50k in cash! He is said to have approached Pure, the Hard Rock Hotel, and the Palms. The Palms still might host it, but everyone else turned him down.

What if Paris’ newfound love of God keeps her from attending her own comped party?

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