Chris Brown’s legal team moves to have charges dropped

And the outrage will continue: not only does Chris Brown get to beat up on Rihanna again, any time he wants to, now that she has made the horrible decision to take him back – but it also looks like he is trying to get out of paying any kind of legal price for it, too. New reports say that Brown’s lawyers are moving to have all the charges stemming from his Feb. 8 attack on Rihanna dropped. Their argument? It was just a little lover’s tiff.

CHRIS BROWN will try to wriggle out of assault charges by saying his alleged attack on RIHANNA was a lovers’ tiff.

His lawyers want the charges against the R&B star, 19, dropped. A source said: “He will argue it was a misunderstanding between two young people passionately in love.”

Brown’s lawyers want a special court hearing in Los Angeles next week.

They say the shock photo of Rihanna’s injuries mean a fair trial is impossible.

Meanwhile pop beauty Rihanna, 21, told fans, “I’m doing fine,” on a night out in New York.

[From The Sun]

If those photos of Rihanna’s face looking like a side of beef make it impossible for him to get a fair trial, maybe he should have thought of that BEFORE he did it to her! Those photos also make it impossible for anyone with a brain to dismiss the charges, but who knows- this is Hollywood justice, so chances are the punk ass bitch will walk. Dammit, this story just makes me so angry. To call what he did a “tiff?” Yeah, because all lover’s tiffs end with one lover’s face punched in. Didn’t you know that? Those weren’t bruises left by punches and bites – they were love taps, everyone! And as for the strangling and the threats on her life? He was just playing. He’s such a kidder, that Chris. It was just a big misunderstanding between Rihanna’s face and Chris’ fist. That’s all.

Here’s the punk-ass bitch himself, Chris Brown, in court on 3/5/09. Credit:

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  1. Lem says:

    people are screaming for an apology, remorse and shame he gives us instead – justification, dismissal? Yeah MSat it may well work in court but it’ll just re-outrage(is that a word) re-enrage(?)the public

  2. MSat says:

    I wish that were true…seems like there are a lot more people lining up to vouch for Chris and work with him in the recording studio than there are people condemning what he did.

  3. me says:


  4. Lem says:

    that is a real shame

  5. Because I Say So says:

    I just feel so badly for Rihanna. She’s getting herself into a situation that she won’t be able to escape from soon. MK at Dlisted calls them Ike & Tina 2.0, and I think it’s going to prove true

  6. Alaina says:

    Read the police report…this was no lover’s spat. He could have easily killed her. Slamming her into the window, punching her over and over again, biting her ear and fingers, putting her into a headlock until she almost lost consciousness, etc. This guy is psycho. There is no justification and no context you could put his actions into that would make them acceptable. Period.

  7. boomchakaboom says:

    I think any comparison between Rihanna and Tina is doing Tina a disservice. Tina had multiple obstacles to overcome that Rihanna simply does not have. Tina’s ordeal was during a time when domestic violence was not actually a crime like it is today. I’m probably saying this all wrong, but Tina is way more woman than Rihanna will ever be. Tina was left broke and basically homeless by Ike, and she just went on and made her own fabulous career through sheer determination. Rihanna lacks even an ounce of what Tina Turner had in terms of both talent and grit. Rihanna is not an inspiration to anyone, and Tina Turner is The Bomb!

  8. Feebee says:

    This guy is a piece of work. The audacity of his lawyers is jaw dropping. What next? Stay tuned for Chris Brown on fatherhood… throwing a 2 year old against a wall will be classified as parental discipline.

  9. Baholicious says:

    Right on, Boom.

  10. IvyMades says:

    @ boomchakab

    As harsh as those words are to Rihanna, I have to agree with you.

    Tina is a true survivor. You’re right, at the time it wasn’t a crime. People are terrible about understanding DV now, but back then it was 100x worse!! Plus she had kids and everyone in her family telling her to stay. She had immense pressure, no resources or allies, and she came back stronger!!!

    I read on MTO that Rihanna finally broke it off with Chris. I hope that true. Lucky for her they don’t have any kids. She needs to wipe her hands and keep it moving…

  11. Baluk says:

    Boom…hopefully, the only comparison that will be made will be between Chris Brown’s career and Ike’s. After Tina, Ike was done…hopefully, the public will stop supporting Chris’ career and it will nose dive and die the way of Ike’s

  12. Sarah Bauman says:

    I can’t believe that they’re wanting to get the charges dropped. This guy is a danger to Rihanna and she needs to get out. But only she can make the choice to leave, no one else. I just pray she does not die at the hands of Chris because it would be a shame.

  13. Samantha says:

    I am going to be real disappointed if he gets away with it….Every time a celebrity trial starts, I always have high hopes that this will be the fair one. I hope they don’t let me down.

  14. pumak says:

    if he gets away with it legally, we can all give him some taste of justice… he makes money from us, so i m done giving mine 😉

  15. sissoucat says:

    Jail for that sucker. And extensive and mandatory counseling. For both.

  16. Sinead says:

    OH HELL NO. The LA police/DA need to do something to rectify that OJ Simpson bullsh@t. And making Paris Hilton serve jail time – while letting all the other hollywood criminals go free-ain’t it! Justice for everyone, we all have to pay for the crime — not just if you’re poor or not famous.

  17. anonymous says:

    Why are people surprised?!
    It’s obvious his lawyers are working with hers, why? If recent reports are true and she was hitting him or whatever during driving along with her violent past she could be charged as well. BOTH OF THEM AND OTHERS COULD’VE BEEN KILLED.
    Sending him to jail where he can become a bitter soul and HATE HER wont do anything. Getting him rehabilitated would be the better option.

    DV is a hard topic to talk about but at least it is being talked about.

  18. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Jail no- guest appearance as the punching bag for the UFC championship fights- yes.

  19. C-DUB says:

    He should do some time! Fight or not….A MAN should NEVER put his hands on a woman! RiRi didn’t lose…Chris Brown just got caught. When you get mad enough to hit someone in a relationship, it’s time to end things.

  20. MaiGirl says:

    “Here’s the punk-ass bitch himself, Chris Brown, in court on 3/5/09”

    I love you, MSat! 🙂

    I really, really hope that Rihanna has not actually gone back with him. Her career will really suffer, while those seeking to justify Chris’ behavior will have some ammunition.

  21. CB Rawks says:

    Any judge that accepts that idea should be removed from the position.
    That’s a pile of bullshit, and everyone knows it.

  22. j. ferber says:

    In California they are unable to convict a celebrity of anything. Simply unable.

  23. Judy says:

    Tina took Ikes abuse for a long time and stayed with him plus had kids with him. When she finally left this crrep she left broke and alone. When he died she made no comment.
    Riri has no reason to try to work it out with this guy none. No kids no wedding ring NOTHING.
    I will bet she says she threw the first punch if this goes to court to take the heat off of him and then goes back to him..after anger management of course. The next time he will kill her or fk her up a lot worse.
    Personally if she goes back to him I am done with buying her music and so are my grand children. They know it is not ok for anyone to punch you or bite or kick you..Ri;s mother shold have taught her that. Chris apparently saw his mother getting beat up all the time so he thinks it is ok and since his mother stayed with her abuser he apparently thinks the RI needs to stay too. Pack of fking losers