Liam Neeson thinks he has ‘maybe two more years’ as an older action star


Here are some photos of Liam Neeson at the NYC premiere of his new film, Run All Night, a few nights ago. I’m also including some photos of Vincent D’Onofrio, because he’s in the film as well. Let’s just take a moment for the D’Onofrio, shall we? Because even though he’s gained a lot of weight, it totally works on him, right? He’s got that Orson Welles thing. In fact, if they ever wanted to make a film about Orson Welles’ later years, they should totally cast D’Onofrio. And yes, I would hit it. I would feed it a meatball sub and then I would hit it.

Anyway, Liam Neeson. Run All Night. This film is just another action-drama where Liam plays some kind of bad mofo, kicking ass and taking names. Are you tired of Liam in these kinds of roles? I’ve only seen the first Taken, and I skipped the rest of Liam’s “late in life action film star” stage. I don’t necessarily think he should quit playing ass-kicking characters, I’d just like to see him mix it up with some solid dramatic work in prestige films too, because the man is actually a wonderful dramatic actor. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Liam admitted that he probably only has one or two years left with action films:

His new film may be called Run All Night, but Liam Neeson knows there’s a limit to his energy – and has said he’s getting ready to call time on ass-kicking action roles.

“Maybe two more years. If God spares me and I’m healthy,” he said in a US interview. “But after that, I’ll stop [the action] I think.”

Neeson, who originally broke through with dramas like Schindler’s List and Michael Collins, became known to a whole new generation of film fans with 2008 action hit Taken. Playing Bryan Mills, a man with an exceedingly quotable “particular set of skills” who fights to save his daughter from sex traffickers, the film and its two sequels have grossed nearly $900m worldwide.

“I’m in a very, career-wise, great place,” Neeson said of the movies. “The success of certainly the Taken films, Hollywood seems to see me in a different light. I get sent quite a few action-oriented scripts, which is great. I’m not knocking it. It’s very flattering. But there is a limit, of course.”

[From The Guardian]

Liam’s costar Joel Kinnaman told the Guardian that Liam is like “an old boxer” and that he (Joel) thinks it’s cool to be in a film with “all these old farts kicking ass, killing people.” Whippersnapper!! Don’t call Liam an old fart!! I mean, Liam sort of is an old fart, but as long as he’s happy… eh, whatever. I’d rather see Liam Neeson in over-the-hill action films than Sylvester Stallone or even Bruce Willis.



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  1. cubfan34 says:

    He’s making a film, Silence, with Scorsese now. Men start getting less work at 60.

  2. Dońt kill me i'm french says:

    Liam and Willis get old better as action movie actor than Stallone and Schwarzie

  3. t.fanty says:

    Neeson has teenage sons. He hangs out a few popcorn flicks now, sets them up for college, or whatever they need, and once he’s financially settled, he can go back to making quality movies apropos for his age and reputation. He’s still Liam Neeson, at the end of the day. People may go and see Taken #17, but Schindler’s List will always be an important movie.

  4. Louise177 says:

    It’s funny that Liam became a big action star in his fifties. He does need to mix it up because all of his movies are the same.

    • Santia says:

      Yes, all his action movies are “Taken” (even the ones that are not Taken). I’m sure they all make money, but they are exactly the same.

      • Josefa says:

        Yeah, that’s what bothers me. I have no problems with him making action movies at this point in his life. What bothers me is they are all the same and they are all awful. He can do better than this.

        Anyway, nobody works for free and everybody likes money. Who am I to judge.

    • Beth says:

      Yup, that is my problem. I like Neeson and have no problem with him capitalizing on a niche reserved for actors 20-30 years younger, but it is so hard to distinguish each film from the last. I know he is working with Scorsese in an upcoming film, but I wish he had done more of these roles mixed with his action films. it just seems like such a waste of talent.

  5. MacScore says:

    I’ll watch anything with Liam Neeson in it (deep sigh). Look at those lovely Irish eyes (even deeper sigh). Actually, “Unknown Identity” (was that it?) was quite good, I thought, also in terms of plot…. It’s funny that his co-star compared him to an old boxer… because, in fact, that’s how he got started – as a boxer. I hope he’s blessed with health and long life.

  6. AG-UK says:

    Love him always have but my son and I see most of his action ones and this latest won’t be any exception. It’s sort of mindless fun, although with the last Taken my son leaned over and said “no one is taken” I thought well yes you are right, he was sort of disappointed, the mind of a 14 y/o.

  7. Abby says:

    I just love him. I’d watch him over any of the other older action stars because I love his acting! He’s so hot for an older man too.

  8. INeedANap says:

    Ha! He has a few more years left in him as an action star, while women in Hollywood have an expiration date of about 32.

  9. Miss Wilson says:

    I’ll watch Liam until he’s 100! He’s a babe at any age.

  10. dr mantis toboggan says:

    I’ll watch any piece of crap with Liam neeson in it. Although walk among the tombstones was really good. I didn’t really like the taken movies but whatever, neesons!

    • TTMuch says:

      It was SO good, right?? I love the book series and the author more than just about anything so I was totally prepared to be offended and thought the casting was really, really off (too tall, too chatty). Then 10 minutes into the actual movie I’d forgotten all that and just really enjoyed his Scudder. I hope they do more. But I can’t do another Taken

    • Jayna says:

      Walk Among the Tombstones was really good. My sister and I went and loved that it wasn’t some thriller non-stop action movie, but an old school thriller, slower paced and more methodical in the tracking of the serial killers. Liam was excellent in it and his character was more fleshed out.. Another movie I loved the cinematography in. And I thought it had strong supporting actors in the movie.

  11. aang says:

    He makes these lame movies watchable because he can act. Plus he is still more attractive than most of the younger leading men around.

  12. Crumpet says:

    Liam is dreamy. Did anyone see his Super Bowl ad? Hilarious!

  13. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Sexy, sexy.

  14. Pinky says:

    I watched the third Taken. I feared that he would keel over from boredom the entire time. Liam has sold out in a big way, he knows it and it shows in his performances. And I hate that he took Forrest Whitakker down with him in that puddle of mud. He needs to just stop.

  15. JKL says:

    D’Onofrio played a younger Welles in Ed Wood. It would make for nice symmetry.

  16. Catk says:

    God, he’s sex on a stick. His voice, yum. My husband is from Ireland but has lost most of his accent. So annoying, can’t he just fake it for me?

  17. Christin says:

    I recently watched Next of Kin, which pairs him with Patrick Swayze. It always amazes me how well Liam portrays a native Kentuckian. He is completely believable in the role.

    Definitely a very capable actor.

    • Jayna says:

      Is it a good movie? I’ve never see it.

      • Christin says:

        Actually, it is a decent movie. It has several familiar faces, including a very young Ben Stiller and Helen Hunt as Patrick’s wife.

        Patrick and Liam play brothers who grew up in rural Kentucky. Patrick’s character moved to Chicago to be a policeman, but Liam’s character is a backwoods justice sort of guy. It’s a crime drama, so there are some violent scenes.

  18. Amelie says:

    Liam is aging beautifully…he has soulful eyes. I would love to see him in a remake of Ryan’s Daughter. He could play the role of Charles Shaughnessy-previously played by Robert Mitchum.

  19. mfkmm says:

    No mention of Ed Harris… anyone? I’ve loved him forever, since i was a young girl and was suppose to be into New Kids on the Block. I credit him with my attraction to bald/balding men. No pretty boys for me.

  20. kri says:

    Mr. Neeson is more than welcome to continue being an action star in my bedroom. Okay, I’m going………

  21. Needlehole says:

    I’m sorry but whenever i see Vincent D’Onofrio I’m forever reminded of his character in Full Metal Jacket
    No sir, not with a 10 foot pole.

  22. lamgirls3 says:

    God I love him. Such a beautiful man and SO SEXY!! That voice. Dear God that voice. I would take him over any of the younger actors, any day. Obsessed!

  23. TTMuch says:

    Vincent D’Onofrio was his sexy beast best as Thor in Adventures in Babysitting and in Mystic Pizza. Sa-WOON

  24. Jayna says:

    Kaiser, if you skipped The Grey, you shouldn’t have. It is not a wolf killing movie, although promoted like that to sell the tickets to action fans.

    It was a character-driven movie, not fast-paced except in places, and about a man who had lost the will to live with flashbacks to a woman, and him facing death in the plane crash and the wolves and the will to survive. The crash scene was brilliant. The death scene on the plane of one of the men was one of the best-acted scenes I’ve ever seen when LIam helps the man through his dying moments. Another scene of one of the other men, who you get to know as they trudge through the wilderness, was a particular moving scene.

    There’s poetry in the movie. The ending you just sit there. Are you disappointed, and if you are, you think about it for days and the meaning to it all and his character. The last scene leaves you just sitting there kind of stunned and also for the last hidden scene that comes after the credits. The wolves are really a metaphor, to me, for Liam’s character dealing with his inner pain. You only feel the threat of the wolves and fear from the men, but never see them much. I ended up loving the movie more after I thought about it and went on a blog about the movie discussing it and the meaning to the ending and follow-up ending after the credits. I love a movie that makes you think. I watched it again recently and, honestly, liked it better the second time.

    It is an indie movie at heart and why many movie-goers felt tricked when going expecting the Liam Neeson wolf-fighting scene, etc. The cinematography is amazing. I felt it was shot in a way that it was so bleak-looking in the wilderness but got brighter as it went along and was another metaphor maybe for Liam’s character re-awakened desire to live.
    Many felt Liam should have been nominated for an Oscar.

    • TotallyBiased says:

      @Jayna–I’ve never seen The Grey, in part for the reasons you mention, but have become increasingly interested in it. The movie was evidently an intense experience for the cast–Frank Grillo speaks of it as a serious bonding event, and refers to LN as his brother because of the film.
      There’s just so much anti-wolf propaganda out there that I’d been avoiding it on general principles, but you and some other discussions I’ve seen about it are convincing me I should give it a watch!

      • Jayna says:

        You just have to take with a grain of salt the plot of the wolves being a killing pack in the movie to that exaggerated degree in protecting their den as being factual, which I think all intelligent people understand, and look at the deeper meaning of the movie and also that it’s entertainment. I think when I happened to watch it a second time knowing the movie and the ending and having read blogs, etc., the second time was even more enjoyable, because I focused on the smaller details and/or noticed more things in the movie and how certain elements in the beginning held significance and the poem he carried, etc., and just the cinematography Liam gave a really beautiful and strong but understated performance.

        I also read interviews on the brutal location filming conditions and it’s what made me interested also, reading about how these actors did bond and that it wasn’t some cushy movie set and plush housing accommodations for them. These actors were committed, and far from some easy shoot.

      • Jayna says:

        And also, after the crash, are they making the right decisions in those conditions in how to survive and what to do with dissension amongst the survivors.