Rihanna announced as the first woman of color to front a Dior campaign


Rihanna can make any item of clothing look like couture. These are photos of Rih looking fierce (last February) at Dior’s Paris fashion week show. In Paris last week, she looked equally fab in a t-shirt and jeans. Clothes never wear Rihanna. I’ve always said Rihanna looks good in anything and nothing at all. She can pose hard or dress down to equal effect. She possesses the rare ability to show how versatile an item of clothing can be. Dior must agree because they signed Rihanna to a major campaign.

Women’s Wear Daily broke the news that Rihanna shot one of the Dior’s “Secret Garden” videos last week in Versailles. She will also appear in a print campaign starting this spring. This is the first time Dior hired a woman of color to front their brand. I can’t believe she’s the first — the house opened in 1946!

Anyway, this is a win for Dior. Rihanna’s already lent her name to Balmain and worked as creative director for Puma, and god knows Dior needs to shake things up. Their designs have suffered since the departure of John Galliano. Y’all know I love Jennifer Lawrence, but Dior puts her in their worst dresses. Rihanna could work that crap and make it fierce. I’m including photos of Rih’s previous Dior ensembles and her Dior-clad February cover shoot for W Korea. You can barely tell she’s wearing Dior in these photos, which … is a good thing. I’m excited to see what will come of this partnership.




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  1. lisa2 says:

    I love the idea of her and Dior.. JLaw is not a good fit for the brand. Mainly because outside of the RC or promotional things she is not a fashion girl. Rihanna is. She brings an edge to everything she is wearing. I think they should also seek out Solange.. she has way better fashion sense than Beyonce. She makes everything she wears interesting too. That girl needs better PR to promote herself. She outshines Beyonce in fashions.

    looking forward to seeing how Rihanna makes it happen.

    • LAK says:

      Endorsements aside, I think Solange should take over Vogue as their next editor after Edna Mode is retired.

      Of course she’d have to compromise her style on the altar of luxury brands, but my goodness she would inject some much needed fashion into the magazine.

      • Dolce crema says:

        Don’t the editors go to top universities? Or is journalism/fashion not like that ?

      • ava7 says:

        I imagine you’d need at least a high school education to be the editor of a major publication such as Vogue. And then possibly some editing experience.

      • Megs283 says:

        @ava7 – You’d need a high school education, then top college degree (like Newhouse at Syracuse), with all the perfect internships, and starting at the bottom (editorial assistant) to get a job at Vogue or similar.

    • Marie-France says:

      Agree on everything! Finally Dior chose an interesting, modern and fierce spokeswoman!

      • Camille (The Original) says:

        +100000. I agree too. About damn time! Now they need to get rid of JLaw.

      • Kimmy K says:

        If Dior ‘get rid’ of J-Law, she’d be snapped up by one of their rivals. She may not be a classic Dior face, and they don’t dress her well, but she has sex appeal, talent and massive brand recognition – CK or Chanel would be in like a shot.

        Rihanna is great – I bet Dior are paying her a fortune.

    • mark says:

      Wow first rihanna is refereed to as a woman of ‘color’ then you suggest Solange the violent elevator woman for a endorsement? So inappropriate

      • SK says:

        Um… “Woman of Colour” is a politically correct term. “Coloured” is the term that is disliked, due to the negative history and thus connotations associated with it. Woman of Colour is often preferred to “black” or “brown”, depending on who you’re talking to – everyone has different preferences obviously. And Rihanna is not African American so that term doesn’t apply here. So… Not sure what your issue is there?

      • qwerty says:

        Teh issue is that he’s looking for something to be offended by.

      • ParisGirl says:

        I’m black and prefer woman of color, actually. And yeh, I’m PROUD to be a “woman of color”.

      • Ahot says:

        I agree with you. There is something about calling everyone that is not caucasian “people of color” that irks me too. It implies separation from the go when actually there is only one race: the human race & all the various skin shades only indicate different ethnicites & cultures + they are just the natural skin adaptation to sun exposure.
        Caucasian ethnicities have a predominant skin color & which is usually called “white”. & White is also part of the color spectrum. So, i do not agree with that so-called “politically correct” term either.

    • alicegrey12 says:

      You go RiRi. You rock. Good luck on your work with Dior.

      • Sabrine says:

        She is a great choice. I just hope she doesn’t get any more tats. The one under her breasts I understand is very meaningful, but I still think it’s not the most attractive thing she’s done to herself.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    What I admire about her is that she always looks like herself, no matter what she wears. She’s very versatile, as Bedhead said, and can look equally stunning dressed up or dressed down, but she always has that little twist that’s personal, and you’re always looking at her in the clothes, not just the clothes. I didn’t say that very well, but I think she has so much style because of it. Its a rare quality.

    • Shambles says:

      I hear you GNAT. I think it has something to do with that face of hers. She’s so beautiful and expressive and fierce, and she can’t help but breathe that life into everything she wears.

    • MCraw says:

      Exactly. I’m really happy for her. She has the whole package and it’s about damn time the fashion houses start hiring diverse faces. It’s 2015!

  3. Ellie66 says:

    She is perfect for Dior such a beautiful woman and can wear a bag and still look amazing! Great choice! I do love Jennifer but but Rhianna will make it so much more interesting.

  4. LaurieH says:

    Rihanna is interesting to me. I like her music. I sometimes think she acts really trashy (there was a period of time, though I think it has passed hopefully, where she was showing up late – or not at all – to her concerts because she was smashed). That said, she has a certain look. It’s not classically beautiful, but it’s… I don’t know…super appealing. She’s definitely one of those people whose personality shines through their looks. She has a certain style….defiant, yet sometimes conventional and then back to defiant again. She’s very individualistic. A good choice for Dior. Jennifer Lawrence (also not classically beautiful) was too bland.

    • ava7 says:

      I’m not so sure her trashy time has passed. Some of her videos are really, really trashy. J Law may be bland, but at least there aren’t videos of her makin’ it bounce!

      • oneshot says:

        Rihanna might be all about nakedness, but unlike some celebs who’ve been signed to front major fashion campaigns before (coughblakelivelyforchanelcough), she doesn’t cheapen the clothes she wears and actually makes those looks her own.

        Jennifer Lawrence is a pretty girl and had the stature to front for Dior once she became a major star, but she doesn’t seem to give any hoots about the clothes. At least she is honest about that though!

  5. Tara says:

    I agree with Bedhead. Rihanna can make anything look chic and cool. She’s also got a great look. Good choice.

    The best representation for Dior is Charlize Theron. She just has the it factor and the glamour and golden goddess vibe that is perfect for the brand. Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman would have been better for other brands.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:


    • oneshot says:

      I think Marion Cotillard is also a great face for the brand – she’s a beautiful woman but oozes chic and sophistication and can carry off even the more experimental designs, the Galliano-era dresses on her were perfection.

      Raf does her wrong a lot but even then, that face and bearing can triumph over any half-assed gown he puts her in.

      • kyrst says:

        There’s an abyssal difference between Marion and Rihanna,or Theron and Rhianna,honestly..

    • hunter says:

      I still swoon every time I see Charlize’s J’Adore Dior commercial. Swoon, swoon I say, I swoon.

  6. Tania says:

    Wow. 69 years and not a single woman of colour? I would have thought they would have at least had Naomi Campbell back in the day. There are SOOO many beautiful models out there!

  7. COSquared says:

    I’m just annoyed that they seemed to be allergic to hiring women of colour. Here I thought Prada with it’s 19yr gap between women of colour was shocking… We (WOC) really shouldn’t be supporting any brand like this, and how did it get past everyone’s notice ? Celebs of colour should be boycotting these brands!

  8. kri says:

    The thing about ri is she can straight up model. Like super model..if she wasn’t a famous singer, I truly believe she could have had a great fashion career on the runway.

  9. Katie says:

    Congrats to her! Really loving her style lately! :)

  10. Kiddo says:

    She has beauty, style and attitude. She brings a uniqueness that Jennifer Lawrence did not have appearance-wise. She often struck me as a little girl in play dress-up. It’s an over-used term, but Rhi brings the fierce.

  11. Livealot says:

    Pathetic but congrats to Rihanna

  12. Dolce crema says:

    She seems like a way better fit than j law. I mean j law’s ads were pretty enough and I don’t think her dresses were bad but she lacks the it factor for me. Wheras Marion had the it factor and oozes confidence but her dresses were often way too weird, like the one with the big green circle.

  13. Observer says:

    Who is the photographer (1st pic)? He’s sort of hot, no? For a paparazzi?

  14. ava7 says:

    Am I the only one who has seen her video for “Pour It Up”? I think if the Dior people had, they wouldn’t be going with her for their brand.

    • IcyBlue says:

      They probably did see it, because they wouldn’t be choosing her without doing their research and decided she was worth the risk . Besides who isnt twerking and half naked in their videos nowadays? Rihanna has the same edge that Kate Moss has, they can rock any outfit but it is not just about modelling the outfit because so much of their style comes from them and their personality. In the words of Rihanna song. they shine bright and make any outfit better than it ever was.

  15. Amanda_M87 says:

    Rihanna may not be traditionally beautiful, but she has a certain Je ne sais quoi about her. I think she’d be a good fit.

  16. ashley says:

    Congrats to rihanna! She wears clothes,clothes doesn’t wear her. Can’t wait to see outcome,i know it’s going to be fantastic!

  17. ilovesunnydaze says:

    Perfect! She’s so beautiful.

  18. Nayru says:

    I really don’t understand the fascination with Rihanna. She is somewhat attractive and has a cute fit figure but I really don’t see her as a jaw dropper. She dresses way too trash at times for my tastes lets more hang out than I find appealing. Girl has also got a five finger forehead, I guess the bangs help.

    • jane16 says:

      Agree with this. They could have easily found a truly beautiful black model that isn’t tatted up and is known for drug problems. The hiring of celebs for model gigs has ruined the fashion and makeup magazines, imo. I see these celebs on the covers of all the gossip mags at every checkstand. I don’t want to plunk down $ for a fashion/makeup mag and have to look at the same celebs all through. So I stopped buying them, but I still think its a shame, I recently walked past the Lancome counter in Nordstrom, and they s t i l l have that ridiculously ‘shopped photo of Julia Roberts in the middle of their display. Its so corny, it looks like a cartoon. There are so many beautiful women in the world, with naturally lovely skin that they could use to showcase their products. Are people really so stupid that they will buy a product cuz it is shilled by their favorite celebrity? I can’t comprehend this. I am less likely to buy a product if it is shilled by a celeb (I admit I find most celebs incredibly annoying).

      • Nayru says:

        Me too. I would avoid any products shilled by celebrities. My thoughts would be “What the eff does so and so know about this product? Next!”

  19. Reece says:

    I think this is a good fit.

  20. oneshot says:

    I think this is a great choice, if anyone can make boring Raf for Dior look great it’s Rihanna. Look at her with that pale pink satin bore, she made the whole thing pop with some well chosen hair and lipstick.

    and I’d much rather have her fronting major French fashion house brands than your standard Kardashian or some other bland celebrity.

    • DaysandNightsonair says:

      She made the pale pink satin look cheap. Wrong lippie. Wrong baggie. Wrong braceletty.

  21. L says:

    Rihanna is perfection. She can wear anything, whereas Kim K makes everything look cheap and awful. Can you imagine putting RiRi in some of the outfits Kim’s wore? Everything would suddenly look high end and amazing lol.

  22. DaysandNightsonair says:

    I do admit Rihanna can pull of a lot of fashion things. But I don’t like the idea of her advertising and promoting Dior. Because there is one thing Rihanna has difficulties with: elegance and refinement and sophistication. The lack of these two are the reason why JLaw and Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis had trouble pulling off Dior. Ad I like all of them as actresses and as personalities. But none of them are graceful Audrey Hepburn types or elfin like Kate moss types and that is the type Dior is usually going for.
    Women like Charlize Theron or Karmen Kass (model) or Audrey Hepburn can pull off Dior. Marion Cotillard is a good choice for them, too. Even Gwyneth P. can pull off Dior as I have to admit (I don’t like her). Uma Thurman and maybe Nicole Kidman could pull off Dior.

    Rihanna and Dior will only enhance each other if one of them does a mayor style shift …
    I kind of feel it is a downgrade for Dior as Rihanna is a tattoed and breast-enhanced and hair extensions type of woman. Dior must be pretty desparate.

    • COSquared says:

      While you’re busy mentioning the Dior girls’ lack of A, B & C, have you seen Raf’s collections? They’re horrendous. The problem isn’t the girls, but the clothes.

  23. kyrst says:

    I think they want to appeal to a younger public with her and JLaw,but even if Rihanna is pretty,she’s not the exact image of refinement.. Dior and Chanel are doing some cheap and questionable choices.

    • ISO says:

      There was a time when couture was Coco Chanel- groundbreaking, eclectic and culturally forward. Galiano made it about trash in high fashion. All the major houses catered to the “filthy rich” aesthetic of flash and shock. It’s no surprise Dior is now rep’d by a controversial pop star. However, the pendulum will swing back to quality and avant Garde that reflects the next phase of empowered women. This move by Dior is a trend that is moving out. Rihanna is beautiful by the way, but not seasoned or mature enough for couture.

    • DaysandNightsonair says:

      Isn’t “flash and shock” more a characteristic of the flashy nouveau riche?

      (The haute couture show depict the ideas of a designer in a more over-exagerrated way. When they sell clothe to actual customers everything oversized and big is shrunk… then it does look beautiful.)

      Galiano has a lot of talent and his shows were certainly a blingy highlight and very much tarty pop artsy. Nevertheless everything got muted down when he sold stuff to customers.

      I find Rihanna a somewhat disappointing choice. The customers who can afford Dior will not want to be represented by Rihanna. She might have been a good choice to promote some perfume but not the haute couture lines.

      Dior belongs to LVHM and apparently they are more interested in making money out of haute couture houses than attracting genuine talent and making money through creativity.

  24. bns says:


  25. Penny D says:

    Rihanna has tremendous edge, and has became a great, great star – Dior are obviously trying to give new energy to the brand, well done to them for not clinging to the conservatism that has been their trademark for the last couple of decades.

    As for J-Law, I actually think her personal style has come on in leaps and bounds over the last year, and Dior are beginning to work out how to dress her. However, another brand could have done something fabulous with her, whereas Dior are just treading water.

  26. mike says:

    She is always so trashy.

  27. Sam says:

    Aw, looking at those old pictures makes me realize that I miss Rihanna’s longer softer hair. It softens her and makes her look more youthful.

  28. gsam says:

    so shes officially a model….leo will be pleased