Presley is preserved

Priscilla Presley on a bed with the caption If you buy these sheets, you can bed a washed-up botox victim
Priscilla Presley is promoting her new bedding line. The woman is 61 years old. She doesn’t look great, she looks like a mannequin! My mother is 61 and had one tasteful facelift a few years ago. Unlike Presley, her eyes have some wrinkles around them, and her face is capable of making all the regular expressions.

In order to look like this, you have to undergo multiple surgeries and continual maintenance. You also have to be deluded to not realize that you look ridiculous. Presley is a Scientologist so she’s perfectly capable of being deluded. If Scientology was opposed to unnecessary plastic surgery as well as medically necessary drugs, they wouldn’t have a single celebrity member. [via]

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