Pamela Anderson wants half of Rick Salomon’s $40 million poker winnings


As we discussed yesterday, Pamela Anderson is pretty much at war with her lunatic estranged husband, Rick Salomon. Rick has been harassing her, sending her crazy and accusatory messages, calling her a “serial baby killer” and more. Pam also claimed Rick tried to smother her during sex one time. She successfully got a restraining order taken out against him, and now it seems like Pam is going after his money.

Pam Anderson says Rick Salomon may not be screwing her anymore, but he’s definitely screwing the tax man … because he’s dodging a tax bill on $40 million in poker winnings in 2014 alone. TMZ broke the story … Rick has filed for an annulment from Pam in Nevada. She wants a California divorce, not an annulment, because it could entitle her to half his poker earnings.

Pam claims in new legal docs — obtained by TMZ — Rick won $40 MIL from ONE GUY — Andy Beal, a billionaire real estate mogul who plays high stakes poker. In one weekend, Beal gambled at the Bellagio in Vegas and was up $13 mil at one point and down more than $16 mil later. Pam says in the docs, Rick is lying in his annulment papers by saying he’s a resident of Nevada, where there is no state income tax. Pam says they have lived in Malibu, California, where the state tax rate is a whopping 13%.

Pam says Rick actually used some of his earnings last year to buy a $4 million Nevada pad by paying cash, and then had his assistant use Rick’s credit card in Nevada to make small purchases, making it look like Rick was living there. Rick’s people say Pam is on a mission to ruin Rick because she’s not happy about the proposed divorce settlement.

[From TMZ]

I don’t really feel like taking a side here, mostly because it sounds like both of them are focused on the money and it feels like the financial aspect of this divorce is what we’ve been building up to. Do I think that Pam “deserves” half of Rick’s assets just because they were married to each other for a few months? Nope. But I do think that – legally – Rick is likely a resident of California, and this “I live in Nevada, dude” excuse won’t really hold up.

Meanwhile, it’s pretty well known (if you read the tabloids) that Pam isn’t in the best financial situation. Her Malibu property was a money pit and she spent millions trying (unsuccessfully) to renovate it. A few years ago, she was hit with a massive tax lien too. Plus, I doubt she has that much money coming in. So is it any surprise that one of her friends “gifted” her with an $800,000 ring?

Pam Anderson deserves the $800,000 ring “The Simpsons” co-creator Sam Simon gave her before he died of cancer, friends of the “Baywatch” star say. The buxom blonde was in the front row at Simon’s funeral in Los Angeles on Saturday and gave a eulogy before such mourners as Drew Carey, Conan O’Brien and Bob Barker.

“She called Sam the only real gentleman in her life,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk told me. Both Simon and Anderson were honorary directors of the organization.

“They bonded over their concern about animal abuse,” Newkirk said of the platonic friendship. “She cheered him up, arranged a personal trainer to help him be less dependent on his cane, and he supported her as she struggled with divorce. They were solid pals, and Sam was a generous man who knew his own mind right up to the end.”

Simon’s girlfriend Kate Porter also denied a TMZ story that Simon’s family was upset that Anderson had taken advantage of a dying man.

“It’s not a true story,” Porter tweeted. “Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves. Very upsetting to all of us!”

[From Page Six]

Yes, there was a story that Sam Simon’s family members were upset with his gift/bequest, but I guess not. I guess Sam and Pam really were friends and he was just trying to help his friend out. That’s nice, isn’t it?


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  1. Lilacflowers says:

    She looks like Melanie Griffith in that bottom picture.

    • mimif says:

      Wow, she does. I feel like “serial baby killer” should be a Lifetime movie starring the breakout sensation FAKE BABY.

      • Kiddo says:

        +1Lilacflowers and +1 mimif .

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I would watch. And everybody has to wear beige booty shorts throughout. “Serial Baby Killer” starring FAKE BABY and Melanie Griffith as Pamela Anderson. Special guest appearance by Bradley Cooper, who seriously disappointed me when I saw him a few weeks ago because he was wearing a beige coat and not beige booty shorts. I don’t care that it was 10 degrees out. Beige booty shorts just cannot be denied.

      • dr mantis toboggan says:

        Turns out left shark did it, in the conservatory wearing a white and gold dress

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I thought the same thing! I think it’s her mouth.

  2. Nicolette says:

    $40 million in one weekend playing poker? Really? That’s pretty incredible. Sounds like this will be a nasty divorce. I don’t know why but I keep thinking she’ll wind up with Tommy Lee again.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Can you imagine winning or losing that much money on a game? Blows my mind.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I’d be kicking myself if I lost forty bucks on a game, much less forty mill. Not that I gamble.

      • maeliz says:

        I get excited winning the $250 bingo jackpot every once in awhile. $40 million would be a bit better

  3. Kiddo says:

    She seems like a nice enough person, but oof, her personal life is always a hot mess. She is magnetically drawn to drama, over and over again.

    • Birdie says:

      Yes, it’s odd. When she gets involved with someone I automatically wait for the meltdown. Some people can’t just live, they need the drama. Like Lohan.

    • Christin says:

      Yes, she seems to thrive on drama. I think she will still be recycling these relationships with high drama when she’s 80. It’s just who she is, apparently.

    • ISO says:

      I’m a fan of PA. I respect how she came out with her abusive past and how animals became her sanctuary. I know she’s a mess and for victims of sexual abuse the wiring to be with dangerous men is insidious. I think she’ll be remembered for her work as an animal right’s activist, and IMO that’s the highest accolade.

  4. David says:

    Both are disgusting!

  5. Birdie says:

    I ain’t sayin’ she’s a golddigger…

    • Pinky says:

      Oh comeon. She’s dated/ married broke guys before. I mean remember tha time when she was with ……. I mean that other time with……. Yeah ok, you right.

  6. Serial baby killer? When? Pam is looking at 50. I seriously doubt she’s getting pregnant without any help at this age. I’m 10 years younger and have been told after 40 it’s damn near impossible without medical intervention. Also, pretty judgemental from Mr. One Night In Paris. Just go away dude.

    • Bridget says:

      It’s not impossible without medical intervention, but you don’t want to bank on trying to start a family after 40. For someone who had no apparent problems getting pregnant before, it could definitely happen – it’s just not a guarantee.

      As for the rest, personally I am SUPER uncomfortable talking about someone and their choice whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, even if it’s just speculation. I may not agree with her life choices, but it’s her body. And it is pretty rich seeing “Mr. One Night In Paris” (as you put it) getting all high and mighty.

      • Exactly! It’s not my business if she did. He’s trying to vilify her hoping she’ll roll over on the divorce. This guy just needs to write the check. Community Property laws are fairly cut and dry-barring a prenup, if he earned that money during their marriage she gets a cut. I recently sold my home, CP law says my husband is entitled to half of the proceeds because we were married when I sold it, even though his name wasn’t on it.

    • Denise says:

      Believe it or not, I personally know three women who naturally had a baby at 46, 47 and 48. One had tried IVF when she was in her 30s and it didn’t work. She split with her husband, remarried, had a baby and then got this surprise at 48. The other two had their first at 46 and 47 which I still can’t believe. I didn’t even think you could get pregnant in your late 40s. It’s made me take precautions at 43, that’s for sure. I’m finished having kids! As for Pam, those rumours have been floating around since Kid Rock. I have to admit I wouldn’t doubt it, he hates her and that’s apparently why.

  7. BRE says:

    Aren’t her boys past 18 now? So she is probably not getting any money from Tommy, so maybe this is her way of replacing that money. With her history, it’s apparent she must have some serious self-esteem issues.

  8. Crumpet says:

    Go Pammy. Life is much tougher on the aging woman than on the aging man, especially in Hollywood.

  9. Tigriski says:

    Why doesn’t she marry an old billionaire and be done with it?

  10. dr mantis toboggan says:

    Anyone could see that a messy divorce was … on the cards

  11. hadlyB says:

    well… what is the law in Cali regarding income made while married? Sounds like she IS entitled to half his earnings if he made it while married to her.

    Just like he is entitled to her earnings if she somehow got a huge gig or endorsement deal while they were married. And I don’t think she married him thinking he would get that much playing poker so… or does he always win that much when he plays? If he did /does he should of had her sign a pre nup.

  12. Bridget says:

    At least this explains why she married him. Blech.

  13. Charlotte_ says:

    She earned millions, what have she done with that money? Do these people never think ? Its always possible that your income will change when you grt older in this business. There are plenty of stars from the 1990ies who invested their money very smart and have no finacial problems even though their fame was gone a long time ago. Her name is a brand, she could have make money with a perfume, lingery or whatever else. She needs jlos pr people!

  14. roxy750 says:

    She could just down size her lifestyle. But ya, I think that $ is owed to her. She’s a hot mess of a bitch and she deserves it. Why not.

  15. lucy2 says:

    Isn’t CA only 50/50 after 10 years of marriage? She might get some money out of him, but I don’t think she’ll get half.
    I hope he has to pay taxes in CA. I hate when people try to scam like that.

    • Bridget says:

      It’s a Community Property state, so assets accrued during the marriage are considered joint property.

  16. Cindy says:

    God this whole thing is a disaster.

    How does anyone make 40 million playing poker?????

  17. The Other Katherine says:

    Any woman who puts up with this douchebag needs to get PAID. Srsly, if I were the judge reviewing the divorce petition, it would be, like, “Respondent’s name is Rick Salomon? PAY THIS WOMAN.”

  18. DottieDot says:

    So then she should share 1/2 of his losses!

    • Flower says:

      Technically she does because of the community property law. If he won 40million then he must have had at least 10million in the pot (40million if it was just a two player game) how did he get that much money in the first place, sounds like the IRS are going to be on him like a ton of bricks, he will be investigated for all his ‘business’ transactions for the past decade and if he was a big winner in Vegas the casinos will be obliged to comply with an IRS investigation. He could be looking at serious jail time, moral : don’t mess with Pammy.

  19. jferber says:

    Yes, Pam should get paid. I’m outraged that that jackass treated her so badly.

  20. Tessy says:

    What is “serial baby killer” supposed to mean anyhow?
    What a piece of work. I hope the tax man takes their cut and she gets the rest. Seriously.

  21. ella says:

    What is up with her hair lately? The super cropped look is okay, but the curled under bangs like the header photo are bad. Her face looks a little different, too. Kind of in a plastic surgery way, but also kind of in an “I’m worried for her health” way.

    She’s a serial killer after two abortions? Given the guys she’s dated/married, including this one, I think she’s more likely to want to serial kill some “adults.”