Sophie Hunter has a profile/feature in the April issue of Vogue: ugh?


Breaking Hunterbatch news! Benedict Cumberbatch’s knocked up bride Sophie Hunter has a feature in the April issue of Vogue. American Vogue, not Vogue UK!! We should have guessed (and I think I did guess) that this would happen when Sophie sat front row with Anna Wintour at the Valentino show in late January.

Right now, Vogue hasn’t officially released their feature, so this is just a preview of coming attractions. My guess? One photo of Sophie, perhaps wearing Valentino or maybe even Erdem, and maybe a 400-word write up? We do know the name of the profile… “The Divine Mrs. Cumberbatch.” Gag. I’m sorry. But… ugh. This is like the budget-‘Batch version of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. Everyone is falling all over themselves to talk about how amazing it is that Benedict found his “equal.” Someone Vogue-worthy. Someone chic, fashionable, and “age appropriate.”

Speaking of, The Daily Telegraph (Australia) had a short column this weekend from a Cumberbitch. She talked about how amazing it is that Bendy married someone “accomplished, mature (36 to his 38) and for all intents and purposes, an intelligent human being…There is something incredibly sexy about a man who marries a smart, successful woman.” You can read it here. The truth is that I like the simple fact that Benedict went with a woman who is basically his age and the same kind of education and family background too. But I also think we’re being sold this grand love story when the truth of the matter is that she got knocked up when they had only been dating a few months and everything got pulled together very quickly.

Oh, and some Cumberbitches are trying to create a conspiracy theory about the Vogue feature, like Sophie was supposed to get a cover or something. I doubt it. Really. I think it’s a coup that she got a feature in American Vogue simply for getting knocked up by and married to Benedict. A feature in Vogue UK? Sure. But American Vogue? That shows you how much Anna Wintour likes Benedict.



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  1. sensible says:

    They really look like brother and sister to me. Perhaps it was like Narscissus looking at his own captivating reflection?

    • NewWester says:

      I never noticed that before but now I can’t unsee it. The second photo really shows it

    • Liv says:

      I don’t get why people keep pointing that out. Many couples look like brothers and sisters, never heard of the phenomenon? They are not the only ones.

      • FLORC says:

        There was/is actually a website that finds matches that look close to yours. it’s not a self loving thing. Just something that occurs in nature.
        And it’s a weakness to attack. People don’t like her or them as a couple so any chance to tear them down is exploited fully.

    • Cali says:

      Yes, they look similar, but not enough for it to be a consistent conversation. Let’s let that go plz.

  2. Vampi says:

    They keep trying to make “fetch” happen. It’s not gonna happen.
    Without make-up she really would look just like him.

  3. Lindy79 says:


    Oooh look a jumping shark

  4. InvaderTak says:

    Yup. Uhg. Wintour can be bought. And the Aussie column seems to be a pr approved puff piece. I ask again, where are all the supposedly brilliant publicists these days? This is so transparent it’s funny.

    • kai271 says:

      Oh, the “brilliant” PR folk are all still there doing what they do, it’s just that we are better critical thinkers/readers. And charging needy stars (and/or stars with something to hide) millions for all this puffery. Transparent indeed!

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      I’m so glad I stopped reading The Terrorgraph all those years ago…

    • nic919 says:

      As soon as Kim Kardashian showed up on the cover, all pretense that Vogue means good taste or exclusivity disappeared. So while Sophie Hunter isn’t really all that famous to justify an article, she is far less offensive than Kanye’s wife.

  5. Bea says:

    For someone who has never properly worked as an actor or director she sure milks the successful woman title for all its worth.

  6. mj says:

    I think that they’re obviously going to do
    Vogue.. He’s not off-internet high profile. If it works for them, the best to them. Despite the recent stuff, it still makes a difference whether or not you snag a Vogue cover.

    • gg says:

      Maybe it’s an apology from Anna for that snarky piece that ran online suggesting that timing of the wedding (the weekend before Oscars) was cringeworthy

  7. LAK says:

    As patronising as the statement ‘famous X marrying their equal’ where said ‘equal’ is miles more intelligent and smarter than famous X, at least we are pushing past/recycling the idea that marrying well means turning yourself into a submissive disney princess before any half decent *man will look at you.

    *why is it that a woman marrying an accomplished man/woman isn’t described as marrying their equal?

    • Sixer says:

      It’s a very thin silver lining, LAK, but I agree.

    • BangersandMash says:

      Amen, girl!!!

      Sophie looks like a disney princess and she is working hard to bump herself up to ‘his level’… but it happens… it happens A LOT out in the real world.

      Have we learnt nothing from gone girl? This is the exact sh*t women have to endure just so that they can attract ‘half decent’ white-collar guys and then maintain an aura of ‘equality’ so that people don’t go saying ‘why’s he with her??’ or whatever…

  8. epiphany says:

    I don’t follow Cumberbatch, so I’m not really clued in on all the details of his recent marriage, but it was my understanding that Sophie was a private citizen – not an actress or a performer of any kind. Why, then, is she getting all of this media attention? She’s come out of nowhere, seemingly, and appears to have taken over his life. Other gossip sites aren’t nearly so circumspect as CB, and accuse her flat out of blackmailing him, or passing off another man’s baby as his. I have no idea what the truth is, but I find it very odd that a woman with no direct connections of her own to show business is comfortable with this much attention.

    • Bea says:

      She is a ‘director’ but her entire resume is fabricated.

      • Kiddo says:

        Whose isn’t? lol

      • Bea says:

        LOL good point.

      • Anon says:

        Really? What part is fabricated? Where are you getting this? I looked at her Wikipedia profile, and all of her credits are real. Real awards, real world tour, etc. Maybe it’s not work you personally like (maybe you feel only “hollywood” credits count?), but she isn’t making anything up.

      • Froop says:

        The world tour has never actually taken place as of 2015. And the ‘award’ was a grant given to the creative team she was a part of, not her.

      • Linz says:


        “Wikipedians, or editors, are the volunteers who write and edit Wikipedia’s articles, unlike readers who simply read them. Anyone—including you—can become a Wikipedian by boldly making changes when they find something that can be improved.”

      • Freebunny says:


        Her Wikipedia profile is highly exaggerated. When you check the source you realize 90% is false or inaccurate.

      • alice says:

        The “award/grant” paid to produce the play, which then received poor reviews and closed soon after. As did Enron – poor reviews, only about a dozen performances. On imdb sweetkitten has helpfully researched all this. Just go to the Telegraph thread and look for sweetkitten. Of course, the nannies say, “what does it matter if it’s not true? So what?” But I think claiming awards, citations, productions that you did not receive does matter. But that’s just me. If she can do no wrong for you, you’ll love it on imdb.

      • EN says:

        @alice, I still don’t get why people are worked up about her Wiki page. Who knows who wrote it. Wiki pages are often inaccurate/ exaggerated. You can’t claim Sophie wrote her Wiki page and you never saw her real CV. So, the whole discussion is pointless without facts.

        Vogue is not doing photos of hers because of her theater or art or movies work but because she married Cumberbatch. And this fact is not under despite, is it?
        If he married anybody else and that person was good looking she’d be in Vogue too.

    • lobbit says:

      She’s an actor, so this kind of attention is very good for her.

      • alice says:

        I’ve seen some of her performances. Not sure actor is the correct word. That’s an insult to actual actors. Poser, maybe.

      • lobbit says:

        Well, you’re free to judge the merit of her work, but I’m a bit of a pendant about labels, and the fact is, she has played a fictional character in several different productions, so the term “actor” is unquestionably correct.

      • alice says:

        OK. Untalented actor. And poser.

      • Anon says:

        Wheeeww. Some serious sour grapes in this thread.

        I have to agree with lobbit. She is *in fact* an actor and a director, and she has had some Pre-Bendy accomplishments which actors and directors I know would be very, very happy to have. Whether or not you like her work is another matter.

      • Linz says:

        @Anon. “She has had some Pre-Bendy accomplishments which actors and directors I know would be very happy to have.”

        Links? Sources?

        Sophie is a FAILED Actress/Singer/”Theatre Director”

      • EN says:

        @Linz it looks like links are not allowed here , so you’ll have to put it Google “boston globe phantom limb sophie hunter”. This is 2012 production.

        Eagerly awaiting a report back on Linz’s successful last year productions on Broadway since she is clearly above such “failed” theater directors as Sophie.

        It is fine that you don’t like her , but the woman has done some things. By demeaning her you demeaning every over moderately successful artist.

      • Miss Melissa says:


        Don’t be disingenuous.

        Phantom Limb is a puppet theater company. She directed “three-foot-tall marionettes manipulated by a group of stilt-walking performers” per the NY Times on Nov. 3, 2011.

        Hardly a respected Broadway production, and certainly not anything Ms. Hunter’s representation was proud enough to clarify when the mainstream press implied she is well known and respected in the NY theater acting community.

        The issue is, the majority of claims on her CV fail similarly under closer inspection.

      • EN says:

        But Miss Melissa, why do I get the impression than no matter what the woman has done , it is never going to be good enough?
        Sure, her “Phantom Limb” wasn’t a huge Broadway production but so what? She is listed as the director. Usually people have to start small and then keep working up. Also, most people have failures and learn from them.
        It was smart of her to transition from acting into directing/ producing. She was getting up in years and for actresses , unless they make it big in their 20s, there is no hope. 99.9% of actresses over 35 y.o. are “failed” actresses because there are very few roles for them. For directors there is no age limit.
        So many people act like they could fly to NYC tomorrow and get financing to direct a play, or could get cast in a TV series because it MUST be that easy if Sophie Hunter has done it.

      • Claire! says:

        Boy is Sofa’s publicity brigade out in full force today. @missmelissa ignore her, she is nothing but disingenuous.

        “So many people act like they could fly to NYC tomorrow and get financing to direct a play, or could get cast in a TV series because it MUST be that easy if Sophie Hunter has done it.”

        Quit your delusions and take some meds. No one is implying that because it’s not true. What everyone is saying is only an entitled rich brat without work ethics can live her lifestyle and do what she does and with so little to show for it. And that is 100pc fact.

  9. Lilacflowers says:

    Now is the winter of our discontent made longer by endless Benedict/Sophie threads Trying to figure out how to send today’s low temperatures (12 degrees fahrenheit!) down to Eve. Be sure to thank Harvey, Sopie!

    • MtnRunner says:

      Can you send Ben/Soph down there too? We need more Hiddles, less Batch.

      • seesittellsit says:

        Second that – and more Aidan Turner too.

      • **sighs** says:

        Mmmmmmm…..Aidan Turner is a god amongst men.

      • icerose says:

        Tom is scaling the “Matterhorn”” with Hugh Laurie-both have tweeted pictures of the mountains and one of the production crew posted one of Tom and the radio times has done a piece on it, Switzerland, Caribbean,Egypt and Hawaii to follow-I am beginning to think he chooses films by location.

  10. BengalCat2000 says:

    I like her. Maybe it’s that I haven’t heard her running her mouth like a fame wh*re. And I love the bag she’s carrying in the bottom pic!

    • AG-UK says:

      Mulberry Bayswater bag weighs a ton she will throw out her shoulder with that much stuff in it

    • Jojar Pinks says:

      Um… have you actually read this article? this is the very epitome of running one’s mouth like a famwhore. this is disgusting.

  11. Taterho says:

    Amalooney + Cucumberhunter + Cabo drenched in Tequila vacation photos = All my hopes and wishes.
    Extra points if Rande Gerber is painting the Otter’s toes.

  12. Betti says:

    Wow, they are still trying to push the whole grand love story and she’s his equal and a celeb in her own right blah blah. They are so clutching at Amal Clooney’s coattails with the image they are desperately trying to create for her.

    I just don’t get WHY they are desperate to give her some sort of public profile/PR whitewash. I think ‘someone’ is embarrassed by her past artistic ventures, if she isn’t then why should he care. He’s supposed to be so in ‘devotional love’ with her, as he likes to keep telling us.

    They’re still fronting like Bendy is an A List Hollywood leading man – he isn’t and never will be.

    • J says:

      imo i think it’s more her than him, most of this stuff has an angle for her. i dont have an issue with her myself, i just can see why she’d use him to raise her profile to get more work. wintour especially is a good person to know for Uk theater gigs

    • seesittellsit says:

      Agree with all of that. I think it’s becoming clear that jump-starting her stalled career was part of the ghastly little bargain they made. What a sorry-ass spectacle, and no, Bendy isn’t leading man material . . .

      • Maggie says:

        “”and no, Bendy isn’t leading man material . . .””

        Funny then that he was just Oscar nominated for the lead role in The Imitation Game, oh and he is the leading man in a sold out stage production of Hamlet and also will be the leading man in Dr Strange for Marvel. As well as being one of the two lead actors in the hit TV show Sherlock, with an Emmy to boot.

        If that ain’t leading man material I don’t know what is.

        I won’t even dignify the rest of your post with a comment, seesittellsit.

      • icerose says:

        So far his leads have been leads in indie films and TV and in terms of leading men he is nowhere in the league of Fassbender, McAvoy, Hardy or Bale.
        His Oscar nomination was pretty much prompted by Weinstein and the film had mixed criticism within the UK.

        Being cast as Hamlet is not that big a thing as TV and film actors bring in money to theatres which help to support new projects with lesser known actors.The choice is pretty much a bid for a bite at the Olivier award and very uninspired choice.The sell out was due to over hyping and Sherlock fan base. McAvoy sold out for MacBeth as did Law for his Henry V. Juresulam with Mark Rylance sold out and that was due Rylance’s stunning performance and the production.His latest Globe performance also sold out,
        So really all the hype about the sell out was media fabricated and there are still places offering non scalped tickets if you are linked into west end sources
        Dr Strange is for the money and getting his face out there beyond the Sherlock fandom etc
        He is a good actor with a respectable career but far from being an international leading man at the moment.

      • kathy says:

        I agree. If Harvey Weinstein hasn’t bought TIG it would end exactly lie 5th estate – obscure flop. Cumberbatch tries to sell out himself so desperately it’s actually sad. he should stick to BBC and theatre, because he is never going to make a career in Hollywod. As for Hunter – i feel actually sorry for her. She probably thought if she gets knocked up by him her life is going to be fairytale, but so far she gets only laughter for her whitewashed CV. Fans can believe what they want, but do you think people in industry don’t know she failed in everything? Oh, they do know. I give it 2 years till Cumberbatch knocks up some young startlet and delivers us some nice dirty divorce and custody battle. I will have my popcorn ready.

  13. Granger says:

    While I think their marriage was “forced,” so to speak, I don’t hate Sophie. But I don’t understand how she warrants a Vogue feature either. Nobody outside of a very small group of niche theatre people knew who she was before Cumby came along. It’s not like she was/is some sort of influencer. It’s quite the coup for someone so… inconsequential. Isn’t it?

    • Lindy79 says:

      Yup, pretty much.

    • alice says:

      I guess Anna is proving her love for BC – she’ll grit her teeth and feature his dull, unaccomplished wife in her magazine. I wonder how that Vogue online, post-Oscar snark got through, though.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Sure every best dressed list she was featured in, all the other woman were pictured solo i.e there of their own merits, all her pictures were post Nov 5th and all with him, no solo pictures of her at all.
      It’s actually borderline offensive and very transparent.

    • wahine992 says:

      My question is – what does it say about Benedict that someone as vile as Nuclear Wintour adores him? Am I the only one who thinks there must have been, and likely continues to be, some major ass-kissing/boot-licking/shmoozing going on for him (and the “Divine One”) to have “earned” such love from her.

      • OhDear says:

        I thought I read on here somewhere that Wintour or someone close to her is a big patron of British theater (theatre)? Not to say that there’s not some schmoozing going on, but it’s probably necessary for his career.

      • J says:

        yep, wintour is a big UK theater patron

        plus lbr you’d be an idiot to get on her bad side. she’s got say in too many major publications

      • EN says:

        I read somewhere (don’t know if it is true or not) that Wintour saw BC in Frankenstein and it was love at first sight, so to speak. Wintour loves British theater. It is a theory as good any other.

      • gg says:

        Anna’s father was editor of the Evening Standard, and he started the Evening Standard Theatre Awards

    • EN says:

      People want to know who Cumby’s new wife is.
      Why is it shocking that Vogue has a couple of pictures of her?

      Cumberbatch is a huge click bait. Mrs. Cumberbatch is pretty and looks classy when dressed up. She has a blue blood refined look to her.
      Anna Wintour loves Cumby, may be she likes his wife too who knows.

      All in all, Sophie Hunter will ensure more clicks/ sales than two pictures of a generic model .

      • Börje says:

        Hands in her pockets while in front of royalty is not classy.
        When BC is with her, he seems to be always ashamed.

      • Jojar Pinks says:

        EN are you actually kidding? yes its really incredibly shocking that she has a feature on herself in vogue wearing the wedding dress that was apparently oh so private in a pretentious photo and a gut churning article listing all the wedding prep details in equal pretentiousness. shes not a star. shes an unsuccessful experimental theater goon. she has no…none.
        and sorry, i realise youre an uber fan, but she doesn’t have a ‘blue blood refined look’ and she ain’t pretty.

      • blueb says:

        I agree… sounds like a bunch of boy-band fan girls who are pissed that he found someone.

  14. anon121 says:

    What’s interesting is that she is “The Divine Mrs. Cumberbatch” NOT “The Divine Sophie Hunter”. That to me means that she is being defined by her marriage and got this shoot because of it. (Duh-but so in your face?) NOT her talents or accomplishments (real). I mean- another Mrs. Cumberbatch has really only been known in the public as the Divine Wanda Ventham-but then she’s got real talent.
    I’ve been reading some pretty interesting stuff resulting from research into her CV on various sites including a post from IMDB. Regarding how inaccurate and misleading many of the entries and supporting references are. Sooner or later the truth will out, and it won’t be pleasant for either of the Cumberbatches. (Talking about CV only BTW).
    Claire!-just home from work. Will try to find original link. It’s been around for months as a work in progress.

    • seesittellsit says:

      Hun, why do you think she leapt at the chance to hook him? Her own name was meaningless. So was his in 2009 when they first worked together and, oddly, no sparks flew. Fast forward to 2014 and suddenly he’s a likely Oscar contender, he’s Khan, he’s Sherlock, he’s Hamlet at the Barbican – much richer, much more famous, and Uncle Harvey is backing him. Anyone who thinks anything else is naïve.

      • Claire! says:


      • oneshot says:

        Well, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. first worked together in like 1996 on I Know What You Did Last Summer and nothing started then, but they were dating by ’99 and have been together ever since + have two kids.

        What I’m saying is, not having feelings for someone you just met or only developing them after a few years is not an unknown phenomenon.

      • MtnRunner says:

        Agree with oneshot. Also, Cumby was dating Olivia in ’09 and Sophie may have been with someone else then too.

      • gg says:

        Sophie was with Conrad Shawcross until 2010 – even Wikipedia says so

    • Claire! says:

      Thanks for that! Would like to know if viki was added to that calendar date before or after hermi’s story appeared. And I see soothy has a new name. hi wahine/jojar/kat.

    • gg says:

      Really, don’t overthink the title it’s just a (clumsy) reference to “The Divine Miss M”

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Clearly marrying him is an achievement in and of itself, or people wouldn’t use it to identify her.

      Biggest thing she has ever done, obviously!

  15. chaine says:

    Still don’t understand all the hate for this lady. I’d rather see a feature on her in a magazine than another gross oiled-up nekkid Kim Kardashian.

  16. maria says:

    What the hell is Anna playing at? Spread your legs for a famous dude, get a page in Vouge? What? Is she trying to run it into the ground?

    • meme says:

      Anna done lost her mind. She put Kimye on the cover and gushed over them. She has zero cred. UK and Paris Vogue are far superior to US Vogue.

      • belle de jour says:

        It may sound silly, but I get a little nostalgic for the old Vogue sometimes: willing to discuss, find and define real fashion & style, with an emphasis on iconic, striking photography. I used to think of it as a guilty pleasure – but given how tawdry they’ve become, I guess my previous guilt is rather quaint.

        Another friend blames the shift of focus from design, professional models and artists to celebrity and actors – and I suspect he’s right.

      • oneshot says:

        before Kimye (who, to give the devil his due, are at least VERY much talked about), she put people like Jessica Biel, Blake Lively and Kate Bosworth on the cover and none of those three even had any notable achievements or style to speak of other than

        1. being blonde/thin and

        2. in Biel’s case, banging a famous dude and putting up with all his nonsense.

        Like, I even understand giving Sienna Miller a cover because even though I hated it, the girl had style beyond just showing off her tits and arse or how skinny she was.

    • Ally8 says:

      To be fair, social climbing and marrying into the upper crusty is what Anna’s Vogue is largely about.

    • oneshot says:

      well that’s how Jessica Biel got an entire cover, so…..

  17. seesittellsit says:

    Oh the little bargain they’ve made is becoming clearer all the time, isn’t it? She doesn’t rat him out and provides him with a Big Hetero Ben Father & Husband blankie just tin time for a big awards season (even if she did have to hold a gun to his head on the sudden baby bit of it) and his name gets her the celebrity-hood she’s been craving to jump-start a totally stalled career so that when the split comes she gets out of it not just with a settlement and child support for 18 years, but gigs and something to do . . . Who’d a thunk Bendy getting married would present so nauseating a spectacle?! Oh, and Hunter may find the American theater scene a tad more difficult to bamboozle than Bendy. Wonder if she’s also got something on Uncle Harvey and he’s got plans for her after the baby comes?

    • Claire! says:

      I would give anything to read but one paragraph of the little business contract holding this relationship together.

    • lobbit says:

      LOL if your dramatic rendering of their relationship is true, then it sounds like both are getting exactly what they want out of the bargain. Mazel tov!

    • anon121 says:

      Actually she’s been part of the NYC theater scene. She left NYC to go back to London.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        That’s why no one in the NY theatre scene had ever heard of her until she showed up with Cumby’s ring.

        And those who actually had heard of her, did not speak as glowingly of her talent or accomplishments as her PR would imply.

        But damn the facts, SPIN ON!

      • seesittellsit says:

        Actually she’s been part of the fringes of the NYC theater scene. She was nobody and nothing till Bendy put a ring on her. She’s strictly a dilettante. She hasn’t worked in years and was cooling her heels in SoHo with Siskin Gambles till Uncle Harvey hooked her up with Bendy again . . .

      • anon121 says:

        Miss Melissa-I know nothing of the NYC theater scene outside of the on-line research I did at the time (such as Broadway World). I’d love it if you could share your insider info. Thanks.

    • sweetface says:

      I have a hard time believing Ben isn’t “a bit” hetero. I do believe this is an arrangement but not just between them. Others are involved as its clear multiple people are benefiting from their arrangement. PErhaps A debt is being paid.

  18. Lilacflowers says:

    Stand right here for your turn at a Vogue feature. I’m aiming for the September cover.

  19. Green Eyes says:

    Ugh. Another article about Mrs. Cumberbatch when we were all going through a pretty thorough Cumbercleanse. And especially about *her* and not one about our formerly fave gangly otter. I really thought that there wouldn’t be any more articles about the Fetch couple until the baby’s birth in coming months (*cough* April *cough*) or when Bendy begins Hamlet.

  20. Claire! says:

    Who is this inbred looking person at the top of this page and why am I being force fed said inbred face? What has she done of any merit? Is it 1952?

  21. Catelina says:

    what are her accomplishments? i have no clue who she is

    • Didoodle says:

      She forgot her birth control.

      • Whattheheck says:

        OMG! You win! My laugh for the week.

      • Maria A. says:

        Thanks for the belly laugh!
        That was brilliant.

      • Just here says:

        Awesome. Best comment of the thread. 😀

      • just an idea says:

        I’m pretty much indifferent about Hunter, but i don’t like if women get dissed for forgetting the birth control. How about Cumberbatch? Why hasn’t HE used a condom? It’s hardly Hunter’s fault that an adult man doesn’t know how to wrap his family jewel. Yeah, it is obviously shotgun marriage without any love between the participants but they are both guilty.

  22. Luca76 says:

    She’s the kind of pretty but not stunning, aristocratic and obscure person that you’d expect to be featured in Vogue especially a few years back when the mag was more popular. It’s not really surprising of offensive to me in the least.
    Good for her (though I won’t be reading the feature unless/until Celebitchy posts on it).

  23. Beth says:

    So divine, nobody knows who she is until she got knocked up.

    Sounds more Divine Brown than “divine” divine. Next.

  24. EN says:

    “Benedict Cumberbatch’s knocked up bride Sophie Hunter ”

    Meh, hitting below the belt here imho.

  25. J says:

    its just an few old photos, from the fashion show she was at with wintour

    still can’t believe the hamlet broadcast sold out by me so fast. jeez i was just waiting a few days to make sure i had that day free 🙁

  26. MtnRunner says:

    Water seeks it’s own level. It’s not just Bendy’s team trying to push him as an A-lister (which he is not), or his team that’s pushing the woman he knocked up and married as someone smart and successful (one doesn’t equal the other), but I think Wintour is trying to remain relevant.

    The Fug Girls had a very insightful editorial on the Kimye cover that’s worth reading again. It provides some reasons why someone who is a nobody outside of who she’s sleeps with is getting a write up in Vogue. Just Google “Fug or Fab the Cover: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on Vogue, April 2014”.

    • J says:

      IA on Wintour but like i said above, i think she wants the push, MtnRunner. It makes total sense from her perspective business-wise

  27. Joanie says:

    She’s absolutely nobody without him. His PR is working overtime to compensate her for something.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Frankly, I think it’s her PR and has been all along.

      She is an actor, after all. I’m sure she has a rep of her own. And baby, theys a spinnin!

  28. Cel says:

    She could totally pass for his sister. Odd.

  29. Kelly says:

    You all are terrible AND cynical. She’s a naturally beautiful woman, very much the cool Brit type. Maybe, just maybe, they are in love.

    • Bea says:

      So? Does them being in love somehow justify this nobody’s rise from obscurity?

    • alice says:

      By the same token, maybe they’re not. Maybe they married because a casual fling turned into an oopsie. It happens. Sometimes, it lasts. Oftentimes, it does not. The great love story is not convincing.

      • Kelly says:

        Bottom line, who cares if they are in love or not. It’s nice to see a different look out there. If it’s not stick figure like Giselle, it’s bottom-feeders like the Kardashians. Sophie looks like a real person.

      • Claire! says:

        ^should have gone to specsavers, Sofa looks anorexic well into her second/third trimester, just as she did before she was knocked up

      • tsmiv2 says:

        If you look at pictures of her from the spring of 2014, she pretty much was a stick figure.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      It’s called CeleBITCHY. What did you expect to find here? Chocolates and roses?

      She is an attractive woman, with a lovely speaking voice.

      She is also one of the 95% of actors who do not get regular work. She is pretending otherwise.

      Despite all her advantages (including her posh background and education) her greatest accomplishment in life to date is getting pregnant by – and then married to – an up and coming actor that is a media darling.

      It is what it is.

    • Petra says:

      She’s a eccentric woman, very much the gloomy Brit type.
      When she appeared on RC for the first time, everybody felt her weirdly.
      She pushed hands of PR aside in front of a camera and glared with eyes full of anger. BC showed a glum look beside her.
      He looks older very much now.

      • Claire! says:

        Petra she was throwing hissy fits before the first official red carpet. There’s footage of her getting out of that people mover at the LFF where she throws some dirty looks to security. She is a nasty nasty piece of work.

  30. lila fowler says:

    Vogue is so worthless anymore. It is hardly the status symbol that it once was.

  31. Bea says:

    As an actress who had to study for two majors to keep my parents at ease, go to work AND join as many workshops as I could outside school, I find the rise of this nobody who spent her precious time frolicking about truly insulting. It frustrates me to know that some social climber is more valued in the industry than people like me who actually KNOW their sh*t.

    • Anon says:

      Frolicking around? Sounds like her past few years have been packed with work with only a break this past year. She’ll be giving birth soon and then moving on from there to direct two shows.

      Ah but if you are a failed actress, so I now understand why you are feeling all of this venom toward her.So many people work hard, so many people have talent, so many people are absolutely worthy– but only a few people can ever get the opportunities. Meanwhile arts funding is being cut all over the place, and it’s the people who are trying to break in who suffer. It sucks.

      That is the way this business is. Sorry, but someone should have told you that. Heaping poison on someone else isn’t the way to change things. Sophie has clearly had some advantages, and you might very well be more talented. But there is always someone more talented, and there is always someone getting a fabulously lucky break, and someone else who just happens to be in the right place at the right time. Bitching ain’t going to change that.

      • gg says:

        Oh, please enlighten us on what Sophie’s been working so hard on these past few years! I’m all ears.

      • Froop says:

        She has literally not worked for a single moment since the second she hooked up with Cumby. She has been unemployed for the entirety of the past year, apart from filming a car advert. And the BS about her directing two ‘shows’ has already been debunked by the theatre festival organisers themselves. (and they were never going to be shows, merely interpretation pieces. Not a full scale production.)
        I too would like to hear all about how you know her life has been packed with work. The puppet play was years ago. Has she done anything since? We already know the African opera tour she went on has never even happened.

      • Linz says:

        @Anon “Sounds like her past few years have been packed with work with only a break this past year.”

        Receipts? Links? Sources?

      • Bea says:

        LOL sorry to burst your bubble anon, I’m not a failed actress. I’m much younger then Mrs. Cumberbatch here and my resume is twice the size of hers, and mine isn’t fabricated and fluffed, unlike hers. I don’t blame you, I too was once young obsessive and blind. Most of her past projects were fluff pieces. The operas she claims she directed: One was an installation that had opera fragments in it, ran for 2 nights. One didn’t take place. Her future shows at some festival? Denied by the festival. Darlin, your fave is a figment of your imagination. There is no successful director in UK theatre scene named Sophie Hunter.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Anon, please do cite the work she has been doing, since you so clearly are close to the subject.

        Specifically, I’d love to know what work has she done since being spotted with Benedict at the French Open almost a year ago?

        Because it looks like her only job since then has been being on his arm.

      • Cate says:

        @Anon: At least Mr. Cumberbatch actually deserved all ‘the lucky breaks’ he got. And he appreciated them. What I’m trying to say is that the argument that Sophie was ‘more lucky’ as some, is NOT the point. The point here is that she did SO little with it. She’s BC’s polar opposite in that regard, because he worked his behind off, even after Harrow and having maybe a few connections due to his parents. He’s got a work ethic that can only be praised. Let’s get real here – doesn’t matter if you like her or not – Sophie simply never had that kind of work ethic. She also doesn’t have ‘it’ and so her possible connections only got her trough the door, but never truly in the building. Benedict has his own rooms in the building. THAT’s the difference. *Drops mic*

    • V.L.719 says:

      @Bea I’m sorry that @Anon is being insensitive to your honest hard work. It takes a lot of dedication to stick with what you love while seeing others who don’t have “it” just frolick through life. That’s what I got out of my program in college so far. And re-reading this as well:

      for S H (female)
      born on 16 March 1978

      Planetary positions
      planet sign
      Sun Pisces
      Moon Gemini
      Mercury Aries
      Venus Aries
      Mars Cancer
      Jupiter Gemini
      Saturn Leo
      Uranus Scorpio
      Neptune Sagittarius
      Pluto Libra
      True Node Libra

      House positions (Placidus) and Degrees
      Ascendant Leo 8°09’20
      2nd House Leo 25°12’07
      3rd House Virgo 17°13’08
      Imum Coeli Libra 17°28’56
      5th House Scorpio 27°14’07
      6th House Capricorn 7°15’24
      Descendant Aquarius 8°09’20
      8th House Aquarius 25°12’07
      9th House Pisces 17°13’08
      Medium Coeli Aries 17°28’56
      11th House Taurus 27°14’07
      12th House Cancer 7°15’24

    • lobbit says:

      For the sake of your mental and emotional health, you’re going to need to develop a thicker skin if you want to survive show business…a bit of humility. wouldn’t hurt, either. The fact is that lots of celebs have leveraged their social connections to get where they are: Dakota Johnson, Cara De Lavigne, Lily Allen, Alfie Allen, to name a few. Their “success” has nothing to do with your value (or lack thereof) in the industry.

      • gg says:

        Sadly I do have to agree with that…..not just show business either for that matter!

      • Bea says:

        I have nothing against people who use their connections to their best. It is a cutthroat business and I too have used whatever leverage I have to stay afloat. There are people who do their job well regardless of the nepotism that got them there. I think Alfie Allen is a great actor, Cara Delevingne was a superb ASOS model before she hit fame, Dakota Johnson made the most of her big break and she’s attempting Shakespeare. Lily Allen never claims to be the second coming of Bach, she knows what she brings to the table and uses it to her advantage. Not everybody has to be an Artist with a capital A. Its people like this woman that demean the work we care about. I’m not going to be quiet about it, I don’t like people who pretend they are hot shit while they have never done anything worthwhile.

      • lobbit says:

        And how do you define “worthwhile?” Is appearing in a TV pilot “worthwhile?” How about performing in a couple of popular TV shows or in a major motion picture? Because I’m looking at her IMDB profile, and I see that she’s done all that, and I’m wondering what criteria you’re using to define these things as as worthless.

      • Bea says:

        Yes, her achievements are superb. For someone just out of drama school.. It’s not even the underachieving that I find problematic, I’m not going to pretend she’s the only actress out there who hasn’t worked in a while. It’s the laziness. With her resources she could have done something worthwhile, meaning an actual original creation, she could have opened her own theatre company, she could teach acting, she could produce, she could write a book.. She could actually CREATE. Now that is worthwhile.

      • lobbit says:

        OK, so in sum:

        You: She’s a social climbing nobody who is valued over harder-working, more deserving people LIKE MEEEEEE.

        Me: LOL at this navel-gazing. Lots of people are valued in the industry over you. Because nepotism. *References several beneficiaries of nepotism*

        You: Yes, but I am not bothered by any of those people. Or nepotism. Just this person. She demeans me. She has done nothing worthwhile.

        Me: Oh? But she’s done some things *vaguely references three such things* Are these things not worthwhile?

        You: Those things are meaningless. She should have done more things. CREATE.

        Me: …

      • Bea says:

        I’m not even going to argue with you when you clearly can’t comprehend what you are reading. I’m saying it’s not a shame to use your connections if you have them but if you do, make the most of it. She clearly wants to be perceived as a serious artist, so instead of making up stuff to fill her resume, she should use her advantages and actually be more serious about her work. When your work is solid, nobody can talk about how you got where you are solely because of nepotism. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • Jessi says:

      Bea, I’m curious b/c I know nothing about theater/drama and I saw this mentioned on her wikipedia – she is described as a “dramaturge” which I had to google the definition of – seems essentially like most of her work is providing a ‘creative vision’ to people who then go and do the actual work. Kind of made me laugh because that seemed to be the impression I’d developed of her work ethic anyway based on reading reviews/interviews – lots of grand artistic visions and poseur-ish stuff and then not getting her hands dirty.

      So I guess my question is, in real theater where real people do real work – what is the role of the dramaturge and how prestigious/important is it?

      • Bea says:

        Dramaturgy is a kind of an umbrella job description that basically means you take whatever source material you have and make it stageable. From what I have seen, in practice the job has been reduced to mostly script doctoring but historically it is an important job as the dramaturge is the person who knows anything and everything about the context of the play and helps making the work more cohesive. So it makes sense to have an in-house dramaturge, like National Theatre, along with an artistic director if you are a big theatre company and work with different directors all the time, because in a way not only individual plays need to make sense but they also need to make sense together as a season. All in all, being a dramaturge is no more or less prestigious than being a director or a writer, it just has a fancier name.

        Edit: I’m guessing her ‘opera’ installation is how she is now deemed a dramaturge but I can’t comment on the role of a dramaturge in opera as I have absolutely no idea. “Not my division” as Lestrade says.

      • **sighs** says:

        Dramaturgs are usually the history/theory people from school. They know the text inside out and backwards and are your go to for information and research. I doubt she is mostly a dramaturg. From what I’ve researched of her cv, she usually seems like a small cog in a very large collaboration. Like with the puppet theater, the research and vision for the show were done by the company and she was brought in to “direct”. Probably to tweet it once it was stage ready.

      • **sighs** says:

        Ha. Tweak, not tweet.

    • Claire! says:

      +1 Bea.

  32. ange says:

    Celebitchy is becoming an annex of Tumblr. Boring.

    • Luca76 says:

      And Cumberbatch fans are slowly becoming the new Twihards.

      • RobN says:

        It didn’t seem as odd coming from a bunch of preteen girls, but the Cumberbatch fans all seem to be adults, and yet just as over the top.

      • oneshot says:

        @RobN – an alarming percentage of Twihards were adult women.

        I should know, my cousin named her baby Isabella because of those books.

      • Jojar Pinks says:

        sorry, but what in the name of all that is rational are you talking about? his shotgun bride sells all about the wedding to get herself into vogue and because folk are shocked that makes them twihards?


      • Kal says:

        Ah, be fair, it’s not all his fans! On here some of them are Hiddlestans who think Tom gets life points from Bendy knocks. Some bendy fans do the same thing to Tom but it’s hilariously childish and amusing to see either way.

  33. Lynsey says:

    I am disappointed with all this recent celebrity PR. Some of it is downright misleading, just seen the insanely photoshopped picture of the Clooney’s at their hotel. WHY is it so important that they have to resort to photoshopping togetherness, when they are clearly not. Or why if they are in love do you have to embellish their parters background as if they were not good enough to begin with. Vogue appears to conduit in this exercise. Cumberbatch has disappointingly fallen in with this group. We will always have Angelina and Brad.

  34. Heat says:

    You know what? In the header photo she looks like a young Queen Elizabeth II

  35. bread says:

    Am I the only one who finds the first picture…unnerving? I don’t know, it’s something about her eyes or her stare. A mixture of sadness and craziness, maybe. I can’t explain it. It just really gave me an uneasy sensation when I first saw it.

    • Bea says:

      She looks like Amy Squirrel in Bad Teacher in that photo. Which is weird because she looks nothing like Lucy Punch normally.

    • Claire! says:

      There are a couple women in the celeb scenes in my town who are stark raving mad, downright delusional about the male actors they want to get close to. They both have the crazy eyes and the immature attitude Sophie Hunter consistently displays.

  36. Miran says:

    I’d rather see her in Vogue than all of the Kardashians combined.

  37. Tessd says:

    I’m sure she’s all of those things and I like the fashion choices she’s demonstrated, but she’s only been in the public eye for like a year or two and that only because she was dating/marrying Cumberbatch, not for her own merit. On top of it – they only married because she was knocked up!
    This is so nepotistic it just deludes any value she might otherwise have achieved.

  38. Ava says:

    I’m afraid to say this in this thread…..but my thoughts….I wish people would just give this woman a break. There are far worst people in this world.

  39. oneshot says:

    Hey at least they’re honest about only seeing her as the lizard’s wife, not trying to pretend she has any relevance on her own the way they tried with Biel.

    • gg says:

      At least Biel *had* a career before she married Timberlake, though

      • oneshot says:

        only if you consider underage topless posing for a men’s magazine to be part of a career worthy of being on the cover of a (supposedly) prestige magazine, that is.

        And let’s not delude ourselves that Wintour & Co were interested in her for any reason besides the famous boyfriend even though they tried to write fluff pieces pretending otherwise. I mean, Seventh Heaven was never the kind of thing aspirational Vogue readers were encouraged to check out.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that Biel’s only acting work was 7th Heaven, though. She did work in many films. The Timberlake connection was her biggest draw to Vogue, of course, but to act like 7th Heaven and the “scandalous” photo shoot is the biggest thing on her resume is a misrepresentation.

  40. A.Key says:

    Kim and Kanye were on the cover of Vogue. That magazine went to the shits a long time ago, nothing new. Wintour’s just desperate for readership and tries to get it any way she can.

  41. Noisy Bird says:

    What I don’t get is why there is no wright up on why every word on her CV is a lie. Does nobody care about good journalism anymore? How about honesty?

    • gg says:

      Ultimately she’s just not that important….there are MUCH bigger lies out there, and they aren’t being uncovered either. I’ll certainly never look at Wikipedia the same way after all this though.

  42. Anon says:

    At this point, I want Tom Hiddleston to marry Jane Arthy– just so I can watch Tumblr and CB explode.

    • MtnRunner says:

      That would be a great show. If it happens, I’ll pop the corn and Colin can serve Fizzy Hiddles and Pervy Tombangers to gobsmacked Dragonflies.

      • 'P'enny says:

        she will be at the Vanity Fair ball this Spring, after all the theme is Chinese Whispers.

    • EN says:

      This I can get totally behind !!! It is time for Tommy to marry , he is almost 35 y.o.
      It is funny to see him being an internet boyfriend, the seductive persona he puts forward. While in fact, I suspect he is a seriously minded, ambitious and mature man, not a boy.
      And whoever he marries will be from his circle just like Sophie.

      • **sighs** says:

        I actually doubt that. I think he’ll surprise us with his choice of partner. Most of the people he’s allegedly dated haven’t really been upper crust.

      • Anon says:

        I’m fine with anyone as long is the guts of fangirls are splashed all over the walls and windows as far as the eye can see. Because seriously, that is what all of this is about.

        My own magic 8 ball says Hiddles will end up with someone who is exceedingly average and not in the industry at all and that he will get the quiet life I suspect he really wants.

      • MtnRunner says:

        “I’m fine with anyone as long is the guts of fangirls are splashed all over the walls and windows as far as the eye can see.”

        Anon, that is a brutiful sentiment. May your dreams come true!

        I would agree with you both (sighs and anon) and expect that Tommy Boy won’t be so boringly predictable in his choice of life mate. I also wouldn’t expect that choice to be made any time soon. His work consumes too much time and energy. To quote another poster from last year:

        “I think the only serious romantic relationship he has these days is with his left hand.”

        Or right. And with that… I’ll see myself out.

      • Anon says:

        Is he left handed? I thought his right hand would be doing all the work.

        I know that some folks will protest heavily when I say this, but I don’t think Tom is anywhere near as kinky or even as romantic as some people like to imagine. He is a diehard workaholic. This will be good for his career and our viewing pleasure, but it makes him a tad… well, boring offscreen. I hope he stays that way. If he turned into tabloid fodder I would be disappointed.

        Nevertheless, I predict that when he does get married, no matter who it is, the fangirls will go ape shit just as we are seeing here.

      • A.Key says:

        “I suspect he is a seriously minded, ambitious and mature man, not a boy.”

        LOL, they’re all boys dear, no matter what age 🙂

        I miss Hiddles tho!

  43. Noisy Bird says:

    GG – true. And thank you for bringing me out of my mad and back to reality!

  44. Tessd says:

    And my parents warned me not to get knocked up out of wedlock or it’ll ruin my life!

  45. Jess says:

    Those yellow pants are awful but her little tummy peeking out is adorable, and they look happy!

    • anon121 says:

      Jess-that’s actually a yellow skirt. She was pictured wearing it last year, the day before Cumby s birthday, in London, hanging with 2 guys. (No-I am not a truther-just seen the pic).

  46. Ordinary Person says:

    As someone posted above, i don’t understand why the main media does not research her CV and see that most of it is BS. Wouldn’t that be some sort of coup to have this sort of thing exposed? There are loads of working people who actually work hard and their jobs and do not get the accolades that this women is having bestowed on her for doing nothing.

    I guess hooking up with someone famous is more important that actually making an honest living. Think I would have learned that by now. As i read yesterday, she’s not someone to be admired. She’s a fraud and the fact that her significant other is standing by this blatant fibbing is really making me question why i ever liked him in the first place. It’s all quite disappointing on all sides.

    • EN says:

      What exactly would get exposed, though? That whoever did her Wiki page didn’t have all the facts ? So what? That is on whoever wrote her Wiki entry.

      You are all talking about it like she committed some sort of major crime. But first you’d have to actually prove that she approved those Wiki page entries and edits. And that they are in fact incorrect.

      You know , the financial crisis of 2008 comes to mind where bankers practically brought the whole world down. And nobody went to jail, nobody was exposed. I guess we are going to get a movie next year called “Big Short” about the events and that is that.
      Perspective, people, perspective.

    • Claire! says:

      @ordinaryperson, if you want to see it in mainstream media, do something about it. Find someone connected to entertainment media and pull some strings, or even write something as a freelancer yourself. It’s easier now than ever before

      • EN says:

        Yes, save Ben ! Because he obviously picked Sophie after carefully reviewing hers and other potential candidates Wiki pages (sarcasm off). Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  47. Harriet says:

    I went to see The Imitation Game a couple of days ago and all I could think of was her. I really dislike her because of the weird campaigning and the way she carried herself through it all. He’s the star. She’s not.

    What a strange couple. And I can’t believe it’s the real thing. I just can’t.

  48. Guesto says:

    Oh my Lord. Take a serious hard look in the mirror, you obsessives.

    • gg says:

      Fans stalking and trying to “out” other fans – *that* is obsessive. Don’t like something? Don’t read it. See how easy that is?

  49. Harriet says:

    @guesto This is a gossip site. You know that, don’t you?!? I guess SH bothers you too – deep down – or you wouldn’t be here reading this thread.

    • Guesto says:


      “I went to see The Imitation Game a couple of days ago and all I could think of was her.”

      I think that says all that needs to be said!

      FYI, I like Ben Cumberbatch as an actor and (being UK based) know him primarily from Sherlock and have been glad to see him doing well internationally. I have no interest in him beyond that, and have absolutely no opinion on his wife who I know absolutely nothing about other than that she has some vague acting career. The idea that she could impact upon my viewing of any film of his kills me!

      Step back!

      • Ennie says:

        I live in a non English speaking country and honestly the brouhaha is not a world wide phenomenon. I did not have any idea how his relationship would affect his celeb status until I saw hundreds of posts here on CB, and I peeked at his ahem at tumblr sites and so many results appeared.
        It is a weird thing.
        I want to see his movie, and Sherlock is a nice TV show, but it is not very big due to being a british series, that usually limits the channels in which we (foreigners) can see it.

  50. Silly goose says:

    When Matt Damon got together with his now-wife, the tabloids labelled Luciana an interior designer. Matt actually corrected that and said openly that he met her in a bar and that she was not an interior designer. He just loves his wife as she is and doesn’t feel the need to make up lies about her. Neither does Luciana. They stay out of the limelight, raise thei kids and still seemed greatly in love. Even though Luciana never fluffed up her CV.

    • Ennie says:

      And still she was attacked for being who she is and being with Matt. I remember quite many posts against her.

      • Jojar Pinks says:

        not the same situation. at. all.

        and when did you see vogue articles and media slavering over luciana?

    • Sanne82 says:

      The big difference is that the Matt seems to be very very very happy with her.
      BC looks haggard after he engaged.

  51. Harriet says:

    @guesto And yet you’re still on a gossip site commenting a thread with Sophie Hunter’s name in title, not Cumberbatch.

    At least I’m honest. I don’t like her. I like him. I like him as an actor. Always have. Always will.
    The problem is the campaigning and the PR games that took place during the autumn and the impact it made on Cumberbatch public persona.

    @guesto I guess we see things differently. I hope I will like her eventually. But I still think they are a strange couple. And for me, all of the hoopla affected how I perceived him.

    • Guesto says:

      @Harriet, check me out. This, I think, is probably the first post I’ve ever made on a ‘married Cumberbatch’ thread. Maybe the second, I honestly don’t know, but I know it’s less than the number of fingers on one hand. And the reason is I avoid posts about him because of what they turn into.

      I loved the Sherlock series and it’s been interesting to see where he’s gone from there, but that’s it as far as my interest in him goes.

      I just can’t get my head around the obsession over his wife. It’s a very strange and bewildering and unsettling thing. Even if it’s not a love match (really, who knows, only them), why in the world would you allow it to affect the way you feel about him as an actor?

      • Harriet says:

        @guesto Well, as I wrote “the hoopla affected how I perceived him”. I’m not obsessed about her. It’s him I like. I think he’s a brilliant actor. But I did feel that the PR mess affected my watching him in The Imitation Game. I wish it didn’t but it did.

  52. anon121 says:

    Claire!-sorry- caught up with broken boiler today. And I am just south of LF. Anyhoo-The entry into calendar was around the time it happened so long before Hermii. I’m starting to wonder if his goals and objectives from the beginning of the year was to figure out which of his little circle/harem he was going to end up with. Found some other stuff as well. New to Tumblr, figuring out to put it out there. Hopefully soon. (Hints-dates cross A LOT). 🙂

  53. tsmiv2 says:

    “And for me, all of the hoopla affected how I perceived him.”
    Me too. Last summer when everybody was going on about how awesome an Oscar nomination would be, I thought no it won’t be awesome, it will be a PR disaster and will anger a lot of his fans. Well, look what happened! I wasn’t even considering a baby, engagement, or marriage because (obviously) I didn’t know it was going to happen. Oscar campaigns are stupid pure and simple. They throw loyal and longtime fans under the bus and create new and false images to sell to People magazine and tabloids.

    • Elysian says:

      Yep. For one I’m pissed off at how much this hoopla overshadowed what was important and what Benedict seemed to think was important: Alan Turing and his story. I took that particularly hard as I’ve been obsessed with cryptography since I was about 7 and of course Alan played a huge part in the history of the science. Instead of focusing on that, all we good was ‘Oooh! Engagement! Ah! Baby! Zut alors! Wedding! Force a smile, pretend to be happy and act like you can actually stand to be within 10 ft of one another!’ A wonderful opportunity wasted, in my opinion.

  54. anon121 says:

    One final note. Went and watched the Crimson Peak trailer again. Steven King is calling it terrifying, and his son is calling it the most beautifically photographed horror movie ever. Not sure that BC would have been right for this due to graphic sex scenes. I think that’s part of why he won’t make it to the top. There are some things he can’t do. TH’s star is on the rise though. CP, High Rise, and I See The Light out this year. A Le Carre spy thriller (lead) and Skull Island next year. And no pulling out of projects. BC needs to be careful-

    • Betti says:

      Can’t wait to see that – its look amazing and am glad Bendy pulled out, Hiddles looks perfect in the role. And yes Bendy isn’t that versatile – he’s becoming a bit of a one trick pony.

      Bendy may have got an Oscar nom (bought by Harvey) but Hiddles will have a varied and long career. He will regret pulling out of Crimson Peak and Lost City of Z but its obvious that he’s now in it for the money and quick route to Hollywood fame by dropping everything and selling out for a Marvel franchise.

      Bendy will end up like Hugh Grant – full of promise but effs it up by shooting himself in the foot with bad choices.

      • An says:

        On the wait and see on CP. I don’t like graphic/violent sex scenes, so it’s probably a no for me. I love King as an author but he’ll endorse anything.

        He’s dodging a bullet on LCOZ. That has the potential to be both offensive and a huge box office bomb given the high price tag.

        I don’t think he’ll end up like Hugh Grant and will probably have a long career, Betti. And I don’t have anything against actors “selling out” for a franchise lead for the experience and the financial stability. Realistically, it’s probably the most he’s even gotten paid and will free him up to do other things after without worrying about retirement.

      • Cel says:

        lol both TH and BC will be fine as long as they don’t murder someone

        IA An taking that make my retirement role is smart. hit your financial goal as soon as you can so you don’t take have to spend your entire career in 1/2 crap movies

    • jammypants says:

      I think Ben peaked. Maybe Doctor Strange will bring that star back up, but at least for me, he’s so boring now.

      • An says:

        I’m a firm believer in that some actors don’t peak or whatever until later in life for a lot of reasons, like their mid-40s.

  55. Kate says:

    Well Colin Firth’s wife Livia often features in Vogue, and she’s got pretty much equal claim to fame.

    • Bea says:

      As far as I know Livia Firth does some important work with UN regarding rainforest sustainability and is an Oxfam Global Ambassador. She also works with a charity that supports women’s rights.

      • cipy says:

        … And you think that’s why Livia is present in Vogue. Right.

      • Bea says:

        No I’m not that naive but she does have some substance as a stand-alone figure.

      • Froop says:

        Doesn’t she run her own business? Ethical products/fashion of some kind? So she has a job for starters.

      • Bea says:

        Apparently she has a company that helps other companies go green while also increasing their productivity.

    • Jojar Pinks says:

      youre equalling livia firth to jobless hunter?

  56. Bluebell says:

    Wow. Why are you all so jealous of her? He’s nothing special. He’s not attractive. Even so, do you think he’d really be with any of you? The jealousy and hypocrisy in this room is rampant. Most of you are probably women that sit at home and the pc and blogs are your only outlet. Sheesh.

    • Bea says:

      You don’t actually think people don’t like her because she ‘stole’ Bendy do you 😀

      • lizziebee93 says:

        Shhhhh… we are bitter. *whispers* Don’t bait the trolls, Bea.
        @Bluebell Don’t forget your 10 pounds on the way out.

    • A.Key says:

      “Most of you are probably women that sit at home and the pc and blogs are your only outlet.”

      So what? You think your Internet post from your pc at home is better than ours?

  57. Claire! says:

    On top of all the lies about this nobody’s CV, how long she dated BC, and everything about their relationship, there’s more, ladies: she lies about her age. She turned 38 last week.

  58. Jules says:

    Eh, not bothered by this. It’s pretty common for Vogue to do these sorts of pieces on the partner of a more famous person.

  59. cipy says:

    OK, Cumbymissus is a woman with zero substance and no real accomplishments. So be it and boohoo. It’s Vogue we’re talking about, a celebration of the vacuous, not some serious arts magazine. Actor marries fancy dilettante. Oh the sanctimonious outrage!

  60. k says:

    So what if she’s getting more attention due to being Cumby’s wife? It’s all about “who you know” for almost everyone in the entertainment industry. At least in the case of marriage, the people involved had a choice in their relations to one another (as opposed to having a famous parent or whatever).

  61. Whattheheck says:

    Since when does Cumberbatch speak four languages? Who is coming up with this stuff?

  62. Maria A. says:

    I haven’t looked at Vogue in ages. I got tired of all the pages and pages and PAGES of vacuous ads with pouty models holding overpriced, overrated totes and whatnot and then finally stumbling across an actual article finally. Sometimes Vanity Fair is almost as bad.
    I only have one memory of a Vogue cover that I was drawn to and bought at once: the first one that had Isabella Rosselini on it. I was so struck by her beauty and I had no idea who she was.

  63. Jojar Pinks says:

    im seriously floored by this. i always had cumby pegged as a great actor with his head screwed on and no interest in the limelight. this whole sideshow has been butt clenchingly cringe.
    simple. he dated some woman for a couple of months and she managed to get knocked up. he proposed and is incapable of convincing the world he is in love. he looks just ill and like he cant really stand her.
    shes milking the whole thing and giving vogue interviews on the wedding and posing for media pics standing on a table in her private wedding dress now which kinda confirms what everyone suspected about her raising her profile out of this.
    im no drama queen, but im seriously embarrassed for the guy at this point and if this was the plan all along, no wonder hes looked so shame faced since november.

    • Claire! says:

      you know i agree with all you said, but the one thing that doesn’t make sense in all this is why he went through with a wedding with fireworks, poetry reading, and his favourite singer and best mates. I’m not saying these two are in love, I’d bet my house they’re not, but I just don’t get it. Is his reputation as the English gentleman that sacred to uphold?

      • anon121 says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a lot of it for his parents. This may be the only wedding they get with their son. I had a huge wedding, got divorced 5 years later. Lost Dad next year., Mom 2 years ago. Forever greatful they at least got to see it. Wanda s going to be 80 this year, Dad’s close. He strikes me as someone who’d never forgive himself if the missed it. Also think the whole reason for wedding rather than just co-parent.

      • Jojar Pinks says:

        keeping up appearances? he wants to sell it as true love to everyone.

        while youre here, claire, can i ask you stop trying to pin me with having multiple post names. its really quite tiring and obviously not true. i waste enough time on here as me. why the hell youd decide id register as anyone else, let alone three etc others, i dont know.

  64. Claire! says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL the article is up on tumblr. They knew each other “for seventeen years”. When he was living in Manchester and not even a working actor and she was in Oxford. And the best part of it all is: Jobless Hunter doesn’t mention him by name or even in a remotely personal way. There are a few words about “it being the right combination” (really babe? why do you act like you want to murder him then?) and that’s it. She talks about him in the same frigid manner he does about her. Hilarious.

    • Claire! says:

      Hey folks, we have more lies and shifting like the sand narratives: the yellow stone engagement ring we saw months ago is now “blue” according to the vogue article.

    • An says:

      It’s more a piece about the designers, LOL. They’re selling them to me and it’s working, ngl.

      Not sure about all the outrage though, Vogue’s been doing pieces on less famous partners of celebs for years now.

      • Claire! says:

        Really? The dress is ugly and she has nothing in depth to say about the design but vague artsy wankery. She’s a pure dilettante: she has no taste or style because she’s ignorant af. So much for the expensive education.

      • An says:

        Yes, but I like the dress. I’m easy 🙂

        It’s way more focused on designers than her. Her quotes are just generic tbh.

      • Claire! says:

        Generic and did you notice she never mentions him? Just some impersonal “when it’s the right combination” which sounds eerily like some comments he made months ago. SCRIPTED!

  65. ppp says:

    I just have read the article in Vogue. She claims to be working for Aldeburgh festival on B. Britten’s opera, but the director of the festival tweeted already weeks ago that this isn’t true. Look, one thing is fluffing up her CV, everyone does it. But blatant lies?? Isn’t this too much, divine Mrs. Cumberbatch? Honestly, i pity Benedict, he must be ashamed as hell to have wife like her.

    • Claire! says:

      Yes, I noticed that as well. Aldeburgh Festival tweeted she is not part of the festival.

      The article was nothing but lies. I agree with the person who said it’s more an advertisement for the designers. I wonder how much Sofa Queen was paid for it.

      Also, on someone looked up her brother the alleged award winning jewelry designer, and that’s not true either. The jewelry company he works for won awards, not him personally. That seems like a family trait doesn’t it? (cough the same publicity spin machine at work, cough)

    • An says:

      Could be wrong, but didn’t Aldeburgh say they were possibly working with her later in the year, it just wasn’t official yet? That’s actually par for the course with smaller theater gigs, to be fair. You develop something for the interested organizer, and if they like how it comes out, then they back it.

      • Claire! says:

        but it’s not part of the actual festival, which is what she is claiming.

      • An says:

        She should be more clear, then, or just say “Aldeburgh” since they put stuff on year round.

        Not trying to nitpick or anything, I just know a regional theater director and stuff takes months or even years to develop and sometimes never sees the light of day. Unless you’re lucky enough to land a staff theater job, it’s very volatile.

      • Jojar Pinks says:

        who cares tho? one job (murdering britten in the name of avant garde) in several years. its not impressive either way.

  66. anon121 says:

    “When two people meet and its the right combination, it does ground you suddenly”. So-she knew him for 17 years, starred with him in 2009, then got “grounded” suddenly. She basically announced to the world that it was a shotgun wedding. i wonder how tall those custom Manolo Blahniks were?

    I expect her experience as a fashion, texture, and mood designer to show up at IMDB at any moment. Gotta really admire the chutzpah of her announcing that she was directing those productions when it’s already been debunked.

  67. Claire! says:

    More bs from the vogue article:
    The wedding dress in the pap photos is totally different from what is in the article
    And her engagement ring was yellow but the article claims it’s blue

  68. Mazer says:

    Leicester Cathedral ‏@LeicsCathedral
    The poem written by Carol Ann Duffy will be read by Benedict Cumberbatch at the Reinterment service for King Richard III #richardreburied