Zoe Saldana refuses to boycott D&G after their ‘synthetic babies’ comments


Here are some photos of Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Perego at this weekend’s GLAAD Media Awards in LA. Zoe wore this red Cushnie et Ochs dress which… looks okay. She looks pretty in red. She looks sort of tired, which she probably is considering she and Marco have four-month-old twin boys at home. And I find it so refreshing that she hasn’t gotten back down to her pre-pregnancy weight. She looks great!

But enough with the nice stuff. While she was on the red carpet for this GLAAD event, Zoe was asked about Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce’s comments about gay parents, children born from IVF and Elton John’s call to boycott the designers. To recap, Gabbana said: “The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed. You are born to a mother and a father — or at least that’s how it should be. I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Rented uterus, semen chosen from a catalog.” Elton John’s boycott has been pretty successful on the celebrity front – he’s got people like Madonna, Ricky Martin, Ellen DeGeneres, Victoria Beckham and many more bashing Dolce & Gabbana publicly and agreeing to a boycott. And this whole time, Dolce and Gabbana have been calling their detractors “fascists” and “medieval” for reacting to their statements.

So, when Zoe was asked about it at the GLAAD event, her response was… um… unusual. Especially given that she was at the GLAAD Media Awards! She chose that event to come out for saying Dolce & Gabbana’s terrible comments were no big deal. Here’s her response when asked if Dolce & Gabbana’s comments would cause her to throw out her D&G clothes:

“No! Not at all, that would be the stupidest thing if it affected my fashion choice. People are allowed to their own opinion, however, I wouldn’t have chosen to be so public about something that’s such a personal thing. Obviously it caused some sensitivity, but then again if you continue to follow the news, you see they all kinda hugged it out, so why are we making a big deal about it? I’m certainly not going to stop wearing Dolce, and I’m certainly not going to be refuting when they are adopting synthetic children, however they wanted to say it. I do think things are lost in translation. My husband [Marco Perego] is from Italy and if I judged him based on the words that he misuses in our English language he wouldn’t be here today. It’s like look people, have a drink, relax, it’s okay.”

[From E! News]

I really, really dislike her for using the “lost in translation” card. Dolce & Gabbana aren’t even using the “mistranslated” excuse in the half-dozen interviews they’ve done IN PERFECT ENGLISH in the past week. They said what they meant and they meant what they said. The issue isn’t that they meant to say something other than “your baby is synthetic and gay families are an abomination.” The issue is that they really and truly believe that and they said out loud and they don’t want to face the consequences of other people reacting negatively to their opinions. But it’s no biggie to Zoe because she still gets free Dolce & Gabanna gowns, right?


Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. J says:

    She has a right to her opinion, but her logic makes no sense. It really feels like she is ignoring the facts to justify continuing a relationship with a brand. And she said it at the GLAAD awards of all places….

    • denisemich says:

      Why are we lambasting D&G for an opinion? They have the right to state how they feel whether I feel it is right or wrong.

      I agree with Zoe. The whole thing was silly. We will lambast D&G for an opinion but still see and promote Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. Get a Grip.

      • Pamela says:

        This is a really good point.

        I personally found D&G’s comments to be utterly vile. I can’t afford their clothes, so when I continue to NOT buy them, I am sure it won’t affect them at all.

        But you really hit the nail on the head, they have a really shitty opinion, and celebs are jumping to boycott. Woody Allen and Roman Polanski have more than just vile opinions–they have both done vile things————-and plenty of celebs aren’t boycotting them. It is interesting how that works.

      • Leona says:

        I routinely read here how people are able to separate art from the artist when its convenient for them. Cate Blanchette has a huge support base despite the fact that her oscar is a result of associating with somebody a hundred thousand times more scummy that D&G. I have no problem with Zoe or any other D&G owners. Also didnt Elton himself backtrack?

      • MCraw says:


      • Amy says:

        You do realize it’s not an either or situation right? You can ‘lambast’ D&G’s opinion and also NOT support any convicted of nearly convicted rapists? You also don’t have to wait for the whole world to follow in your moral decisions. People say they don’t want to boycott because of this and make the exception for something so it works better for them and then are offended others make the same decision for even more serious situations.

        Of course people still support Woody Allen, because when the time comes to talk about it there’s always someone who wants to frame the issue and put it in a tidy box so they can keep watching his movies without moral conflict.

      • Loulou says:

        Excellent point about Polanski & Allen.

      • Flan says:

        Why is it that certain people just love to say hurtful things, but act like the victim with ‘just an opinion’, when people react to it?

        Reacting to an opinion by boycotting or saying you think it’s stupid is not the same as shutting down freedom of speech.

        It’s just my opinion that what they said is vile and disgusting and many people’s opinion that it is good that people boycott their overpriced clothes.

        The ‘just my opinion’ card can be played both ways.

      • Gea says:

        Everybody should be entilted to opinion and I do agree with Zoe. Same goes for D&G ….after all we all have to somehow learn to agree to disagree . Some change their opinions on issues with maturity or just becouse.

      • Josefa says:

        There are ways and ways of expressing your opinion. If they just said “We believe in the natural form of conception, between a man and a woman”, only the most extremist would’ve cared. The way they expressed it was offensive to a lot of people and I can see why.

        I personally think words are just words and I’m not one to get offended by slurs or anything like that, but I’m well aware most people don’t think this way, so I word myself carefully. Why offend people and get in drama when I can get my point across smoothly?

      • Anna says:

        Why didn’t all these celebs boycott D&G when they had models on the runway wearing “Mammy” earrings? That was also really insensitive (and racist) but were there even any complaints from these celebs?

      • denisemich says:

        @Anna, The fashion press shut that down prior to most people noticing. It wasn’t just the earrings but also women on clothing.

        I don’t know what to say about that except American sensitivities are not global sensitivities. D&G said it was a call to Italy’s moorish roots. Not sure if that is true or false. But every country has a different story of slavery. Early Rome enslaved everyone including english, germanic and spanish.

    • Grace says:

      I completely agree.

  2. Marty says:

    God, she sounds dumb here.

  3. genevieve says:

    “That would be the stupidest thing if it would affect my fashion choice”??

    So, principles about equality < wide range of fashion choices. Gotcha.

    What's that quote about staying silent and being thought a fool rather than opening your mouth and removing all doubt?

    • Monn says:

      but she got a point. The whole brand isn’t the opinion of one of the owners of the company.
      Whatever you like their clothes or accessories (that 90% aren’t even really made by that person, you know) has nothing to do with disagreeing with the opinion stated by who owns the (C) of the brand.

      If she were to make this affect her fashion choices then she’d have to say no to most of the fashion designers because I can guarantee you that they all might have said something problematic or that she disagreed with.

      Her opinion is simple: judge their work not the person. Pretty much like you can enjoy a movie with an actor you despise in interviews but you can still have a like or dislike for his acting skills and fictional characters that isn’t influenced by your opinion of the person.
      welcome to real life?

      • Amy says:

        Lol, in real life people are able to choose if they want to avoid something or if they do want to judge an individual for their personal life. If you beat your wife on Tuesday then I’m not going to see your movie on Wednesday, one of the core tenants of real life is hopefully learning how to use your own small power and influence to contribute to the change you wish to see whatever it may be.

      • natasha says:

        Amy – beating your wife is a crime. Having stupid opinions isn’t. There is a big difference. You shouldn’t have to agree on everything someone believes to enjoy their art – and that is all that they stated, a belief. They did not commit a crime.

        But here I am being rational. So much more fun to be thought police.

  4. Kiddo says:

    Something is lost in translation, for me, about her husband. I refute his Kevin Federline-ness.

  5. MelissaManifesto says:

    My impression of Zoe Saldana was that she wants to be taken seriously, be seen as tough, cultured, and maybe even controversial but she also wants to be liked and admired, thus playing a game that is almost hypocritical. I think it’s hard for Zoe to take a stand against anything unless it explicitly involves and/or benefits her image.

  6. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    I’m not an English native speaker but I usually have no problem understanding 99% of things written here. Somehow, whenever there’s an interview with Zoe, I’m starting to doubt myself. Could someone explain to me what she meant exactly by saying: “I’m certainly not going to be refuting when they are adopting synthetic children, however they wanted to say it.” She thinks there is a possibility they will adopt an IVF baby in the future and then she won’t say it’s not true?

    • Kiddo says:

      I thought she was speaking in Italian. I have no idea WTF she was trying to say.

    • Insomniac says:

      I’m a native speaker and that makes no sense to me either. But Zoe isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier anyhow.

    • original kay says:

      I read it to mean that she is not going to judge anyone who adopts, has a baby via surrogate, or in vitro. It was a run on sentence/thought with 2 ideas presented in the same sentence. The first “they” is D&G, the second “they” is anyone choosing to have children, then she goes back to D&G. ??

      maybe. It was discombobulating to read it, to say the least.

      It’s highly unfortunate she chose to repeat the words “synthetic children”.

    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      Thank you – good to know I’m not the only one. It happens with almost every interview she gives. Or Sean Penn – his word salads make me question myself too. He is an even bigger offender as he portrays himself as this great thinker, who breaks up with women because they’re not up to his intellectual level, but then he talks and I’m like “Umm, what – was that even in English?”

  7. Santia says:

    I would’ve respected her more if she’d simply said “I disagree with what they said, but since I respect their right to say it, I will not be boycotting them for expressing an opinion.”

    The truth is that one does not have to follow the crowd with a pitchfork and a torch. They have a right to their opinion; and people have a right not to give them their money.

    • Debbie says:

      That would have been a much better way to say it. I don’t agree with what they said but they do have a right to feel how they feel. However, they have to live with the fall out. I can think of a plethora of reasons to boycott them number one they are terrible designers!

      • Erykah B. says:

        @Debbie, I agree. I hate when people act shocked that there is sometimes consequence to what they say and get angry with people for calling them out on it.

    • ava7 says:

      Agreed! It seems nowadays there’s this “lynch mob” of social justice “warriors” and God forbid you don’t agree with the item of political correctness du jour.

      • Kiddo says:

        “lynch mob”? Did you really intend to go THERE?

      • original kay says:

        The definition of “lynch mob”:

        lynch mob – a mob that kills a person for some presumed offense without legal authority

        Obviously, I hope Ava did not mean this literally, but rather the destruction of people(s) reputation/business based on public opinion.

        Lynch mob has a terrible connotation, in history, like the KKK using it : (

      • Kiddo says:

        Business success is based on public perception. That’s why businesses market and people report on yelp. The statements were public comments. If you agree with a free market, people are free to choose where they purchase products and where they don’t. There isn’t some inalienable right to remain rich, regardless of what you say, do, or produce.

        To attempt to compare the avoidance of a capitalistic endeavor to the injustices of murder, based on race, is beyond hyperbolic, and hypocritical in calling out the boycott as an overreaction. Because…overreact, much?

      • original kay says:

        Exactly Kiddo, well said.

      • doofus says:

        same with the people who say “It’s fascism!”

        because being ruled by a dictator who can, at whim, imprison and/or torture you based on a perceived criticism of the government is EXACTLY THE SAME as people boycotting some crappy, overpriced and overrated fashion house.

      • Monn says:

        @kiddo you got a point but people like Elton John and Madonna need to take several seats with their hypocrisy because they can’t ask us, the normal people who might not be able to afford D&G stuff anyway, to boycott them just to play the ‘holier than you’ role and yet, they are the first who walk around with stuff they got from that brand for free.

        they want to have the cake and eat it too and yes, the boycott is stupid for this reason too because it’s fake anyway. There are many brands whose owners had said problematic things but if these idiots boycotted them all they’d be the first to lose a lot of money (they get payed to advertise stuff) and they’d have nothing to wear and since we both know that this will never happen, I think it’s far more honest and coherent for them to either shut up or disagree with the opinion only and move on instead of pretending to be SJWs that ‘boycott’ problematic people for a silly opinion and yet, they don’t give a damn about, say, buying stuff from brands that exploit poor countries, child labor, racism, and animal cruelty.

      • Kiddo says:

        Monn, I doubt they were asking the plebes; the plebes do not exist in their worlds, only when they pay for concert tickets, CDs or downloads.

      • Amy says:

        Smh good choice of words. You really showed how you’re right about those warriors who don’t like people using words like “LYNCH MOB” and offended by people who would use them without even a second-thought. I bet it’s just all that ‘political correctness’ making words used to describe the hanging of minority individuals ‘icky’. Darn social justice warriors!

      • Flan says:

        Having an opinion on someone’s hurtful opinion is not the same as being a ‘warrior’ or being part of a ‘lynch mob’.

        If you like to say hurtful things, don’t start crying when people saying hurtful things back (or don’t buy their stuff anymore).

        People can have an opinion on your opinion. That’s what the ‘it’s just an opinion’ people love to forget.

    • Flan says:

      Boycotting is not the same as hurting freedom of speech.

      It’s a way of giving an opinion on someone’s opinion. Which we are entitled to just as much as they are entitled to saying hurtful things and then acting like the victim.

  8. meme says:

    i agree with her. perhaps they should boycott chanel since Lagerfeld has made extremely nasty remarks about people he considers ugly and/or fat.

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree with you. If you boycott one for saying things like this. Then you should boycott everyone. I like her and what she said.

      • original kay says:

        It’s true. This site came across a similar issue with the post about Woody Allen’s new movie.
        Seeing his movies can be considered a passive way of condoning his behaviour, much like Roman Polanski.
        So you either take the stand to now not view anything, regardless of the stars or the plot, and rest your conscience, or you compartmentalize and justify it however you can. But your conscience knows.

        We can only do what we can, with what we have, where we are (thank you T Roosevelt)

    • Monn says:

      I think the reason n.1 someone should boycott D&G and other big fashion brands is the fact for example that they sell expensive things that only rich people can afford but they do that, for the most part, by exploiting poor countries where work is tragically underpayed and workers are one step up from being considered as slaves. The people who actually CREATE their stuff are poor people that aren’t payed the 0,5% of what the brands will earn. It’s a system that dehumanizes many people and reinforces poorness with the illusion of creating more job opportunities when in fact it’s legal slavery.
      Boycotting every brand is utopia though because as long as rich people can afford this stuff they will buy it.

      This, though, is a totally different topic that has nothing to do with D&G having opinions about personal stuff that has nothing to do with their job and what their company sells.

      • Debbie says:

        You might want to read some labels most highend brands make their clothes in Italy, France, Spain and the US… Not exactly exploiting poor countries.

        Now the mid range that the average people can afford Yep they are doing that but your high end? No sorry they can’t sell it if it’s not made in specific countries.

      • Monn says:

        @Debbie so you believe. In reality it’s not that simple. Talk with those who work in the business and they will tell you that those ‘made in Italy’ ‘made in france’ labels are scam for the most part because they can still produce the biggest part of a bag, for example, in China and then take it to their country where other workers add the final ‘touches’ and put the ‘made in x’ label on it. But the most of that bag and the work (especially the most annoying part like working with glues and other chemical stuff used to paint the fabrics) was still made by some Chinese or Indian guy.

        and even when a product IS made in Italy, Spain or France, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t made by poor Chinese people that live and work in those countries, which is pretty common in europe.

    • Debbie says:

      Karl also spoke out against gay marriage and gay families having children. He feels the “gay” culture shouldn’t be domestic.

      So yeah if you boycott D&g then you boycott fendi and chanel or you look hypocritical.

      • Debbie says:

        @monn I do work In the industry and no it’s not fake. That is illegal. You can’t put a fake country of origin on product, that is a federal crime. I have been to the factories in Europe these are well paid highly skilled labor.

        Also any high end store checks out the factories to ensure a level of quality and fairness is happening. To say otherwise is a lie.

    • ya says:

      Ya and Coco Chanel’s nazi connections….

  9. Talie says:

    She’s the right. The boycott came and went with literally no traction at all — not enough people cared.

    • original kay says:

      I think more so that people do care, but a photo of Elton carrying a D&G bag (I believe the very next day), made people wonder what was up. Was he still boycotting or had they all talked behind the scenes and made up? Because I don’t believe Elton has said anything else, in public?
      Once the leader loses interest…..

      • Monn says:

        they sent him another gift, he said he luvs them and now everything is fine basically SMDH

  10. ShinyGrenade says:

    Hmmmmm. My husband has low sperm count, so we will need FIV to have kids. Saying our kids will be synthetic is so stupid and ignorant of the daily struggles of infertile couples.
    My baby will be made with love and freaking science.

    She a moron. And worst, a moron that thinks she is clever.

    • FingerBinger says:

      She didn’t actually make the synthetic baby comment ,D&G did.

      • Flan says:

        No, but she is on their side.

        Saying “caused some sensitivity” lays the blame away from them and with the people who are hurt by it.

        They can say what they want, but we can in return say that we think they are vile, disgusting people.

  11. Monn says:

    I agree with her and I love her honesty. Elton John and the others are just big hypocrites because they are preaching about how wrong D&G’s comment was and the fact we should all boycott them, yet you see them walking around with D&G bags and clothes they most likely got for free. Zoe gets to the point. She clearly disagreed with the comment and acknowledges it was stupid for them to say that in a public interview and not think it would hurt sensibilities, but she’s right that anyone has a right to their opinion and it’s stupid for hollywood stars to preach about boycotting a whole fashion brand for an opinion when we all know they aren’t coherent enough to follow their own boycott because they will always wear D&G stuff, especially gotten for free.

    Zoe said what everyone is probably thinking among her colleagues but they pretend to give a damn about this in public to look nice (and then walk around wearing the D&G stuff they got for free in one of the dedicated events)
    Besides, if you want to boycott this brand then you should boycott them all because I could list all the reasons that make 99% of the fashion designers problematic.
    I bet those ‘boycott D&G’ people are the same who still watch and praise movies made by alleged pedophiles and rapists. I can’t stand their fake asses.

    • Danskins says:

      +1…Not a huge fan of Zoe or her work but I must agree with her in this instance. I can respect her for saying what other celebs were probably thinking but too afraid to say.

    • md1979 says:

      hear, hear!

  12. EM says:

    Certain designers are just bitchy in general. This is no surprise, but to boycott on the basis of what these people [and people from other industries] say? Then we wouldn’t be buying anything, from newspapers [Rupert Murdoch’s offensive/inane tweets and commentary] to Karl Lagerfeld’s nasty comments about Adele being fat. Speaking of Karl, no one got angry to suggest a boycott of Chanel after his comments, and he hasn’t just commented on Adele, but in general. For example, in one documentary, he is filmed walking through flea markets, happens to see a bag at a stall, and decides to appropriate the design before telling the camera/journo that stupid designs are the ones that sell the most [‘silly and stupid’, implying that Chanel customers who fork out so much money are just as silly?].
    Anyway, I don’t see how the term ‘synthetic’ is a wrong term. If people actually look at the various applications of the term, then the IVF process does use synthesis. I don’t see how this is so offensive. It doesn’t mean the babies are ‘fake’, it means that the zygote is synthesised, i.e made whole via a process of composition [i.e. the combination of the ovum and sperm]. Elton needs to get a grip and consult a dictionary from time to time. Seriously, some celebrities [including fashion designers] have educational deficits and it amazes me how the wider population even takes what they say seriously.

    • Monn says:

      I can see why the word synthetic is offensive though, especially if said by people who, in their job, like to use that word for every kind of fabric that is not natural but is ‘faux’ (like fake silk that is called synthetic silk)

      I can believe Zoe thinks that something got lost in the translation because it’s an unusual and not so common word to use so maybe she thinks they wanted to say what you’re saying but I can see why people take it as them making a bad joke about IVF saying it’s synthetic

    • Amy says:

      But people could boycott for all those reasons. This is the logic that hits a wall. People avoid sacrifice when it’s not beneficial for them. If you or anyone else feels offended and doesn’t want to support something then you can. Don’t depend on a legion of other people to be group-thinking with you. Otherwise what’s the point? If we find out something huge and horrifying is happening do we then become so complacent that we go, “Well yeah all those children were killed but…I really don’t want to buy my milk somewhere else.”

      This isn’t even about this issue, it’s just disappointing the lack of effort people routinely use as a defense against change.

    • Flan says:

      People can boycott people because they don’t like the colour of our socks. That is also acting on the basis of an opinion.

      They can say what they want and people can boycott them if they want.

      Works both ways.

    • md1979 says:

      “Seriously, some celebrities [including fashion designers] have educational deficits and it amazes me how the wider population even takes what they say seriously.“


  13. lucy2 says:

    There was no “lost in translation”. D&G doubled down on their comments when they responded, if it was a language barrier issue, they would have said so, especially as they were facing all the bad press and a boycott by celebrities.

  14. Eleonor says:

    I am not enough rich to boycott D&G.
    That’s all I have to say.

  15. belle de jour says:

    Her “have a drink, relax, it’s ok” is one step away from “don’t worry your pretty little head about it,” and completely gets my back up.

    • Monn says:

      I think that comment is more about the fact that the internet is still wanking about that even though the people involved in the dispute, so to speak, already made up. It’s hard to take people’s outrage seriously if the day after they are showed with their D&G stuff.

      • Amy says:

        Was Elton elected Grand Leader of this topic? I understand he brought it to the forefront but now you seem to believe we are depending on him to tell the public to cool off now and go back to being his in-waiting army. D&G’s comments offended many people who weren’t aware of them and are now deciding how to react. Some people will choose to move on and others won’t, no Elton John needed to wave a scepter and stand atop a throne.

      • belle de jour says:

        I understand your point. And I don’t actually care about the kerfuffle on the internet – or D&G and Elton and Madonna swatting each other with gilded, hypocritical lilies – as much as I wish to own my own disgust at D&G’s comments… as well as retain my right to aversion and to still think about or discuss it, no matter what some actress – in all of her chilled-out, freebie-accepting wisdom – advises.

        Probably a hair trigger for me. Whenever anyone advises to “calm down” or “relax” is often the perfect time to question their authority while retaining rights to emotions and expression. Not such a big deal in this case, but it’s a rebel instinct by now.

      • Flan says:

        It was a hurtful comment to more people than just Elton John and his buddies.

        Her saying: “have a drink, relax, it’s okay,” makes her look stupid, in my opinion.

  16. Nonny says:

    People are allowed an opinion, you might not agree with it but it doesn’t change the fact they are entitled to it. Deal with it. Move on.

    • Amy says:

      Opinions are allowed to be discussed, dissected, and reacted to. I’m super curious where this world is where we all state our opinion and then nothing happens. Zoe is allowed to make her choice as we all are, she and you can move on but I think moving on just means avoiding any conflict or having to use her mind to criticically think of something. This is easier for her.

    • Flan says:

      Aw, another ‘people are entitled to an opinion’ comment.

      Yes, and so are people who have an opinion on that opinion.

      Freedom of speech works both ways, including the way you don’t like.

      Should be self-evident, but you conveniently forget that part.

  17. Wren33 says:

    She is always comes across as very tone deaf when discussing things like racism, sexism and homophobia. Not sure if she is just not bright, not articulate, or if she not particularly enlightened. I think there are ways to say a boycott and a mob mentality to jump from one target to another is not the necessarily the most effective way to educate and get your message across, but she is basically saying “No biggie.”

  18. FingerBinger says:

    Zoe’s comment is a word salad. Sarah Palin would have made more sense.

  19. Sister Carrie says:

    OT–her husband’s nose has some serious “Joe Camel” going on.

  20. Sarah says:

    And this whole time I thought Dolce and Gabbana were lovers. My bad.

    • jen2 says:

      I think they were, but they broke up-personally, but not professionally. Which is probably why it is best to keep the two separate.

  21. O.K.P says:

    Freedom of speech please. I don’t get it. Why is it not okay for people to express their opinions? Its like one is not allowed to have an opinion when it comes to gays. Everybody cannot like the same thing so please deal with it y’all and let’s move on from it. How are you not so sure that the celebrities screaming boycott D&G aren’t secretly buying their clothing? Its a free world.

    • Flan says:

      I sometimes get the feeling that people in certain countries get taught that their own opinion is so sacred that they don’t comprehend it when other people have an opinion about their opinion.

      One more time: Someone having an opinion on your opinion is ALSO part of Freedom of speech.

      They call people disagreeing with them ‘fascist’ and ‘medieval’, which is just a weird comparison. Nobody locked them up for their opinion or went after them with torches. They made a hurtful comment, got opinions on that and now act like the victim.

  22. O.K.P says:

    Freedom of speech please. I don’t get it. Why is it not okay for people to express their opinions? Its like one is not allowed to have an opinion when it comes to gays. Everybody cannot like the same thing so please deal with it y’all and let’s move on from it. How are you not so sure that the celebrities screaming boycott D&G aren’t secretly buying their clothing? Its a free world.

    • Amy says:

      Freedom of speech protects you from the government kicking down your door and threatening your life or attempting to threaten you for speech which did not in it riot or public danger.

      But I’ve come to accept that lately anyone who attempts to use that defense doesn’t actually know anything about it. You might as well say you believe in the “I’m rubber and you’re glue” defense.

      • doofus says:

        Thanks Amy, It gets VERY tiresome to explain to people that “freedom of speech” does NOT equal “freedom from consequences”.

        I think I’ve written that about 20 times over the past week, just on this site.

      • Flan says:

        @Doofus and Amy: Glad to see that some people do get it here.

        If you express an opinion, you can expect opinions on that opinion.

        Reacting then with “Freedom of speech!11!” or “Fascism, medieval!” is actually them not wanting freedom of speech, since they try to silence people who have a differing opinion with this little trick.

      • Beth says:

        I am with you guys. People can complain about “PC police” or “social justice warriors” or “don’t people have a right to express their opinions?!” all they want, but they are essentially doing what they decree: trying to shut down conversation and the dissenting side’s right to express their opinion. As someone who served in the Peace Corps in a country that had a state-controlled media and that actually jailed activists, writers and humanitarians for speaking out (many were believed to have been executed), I feel like people are incapable of understanding what freedom of speech truly means and take it for granted. Being told your opinion is hurtful, negative, meaningless, etc is a world’s difference from being thrown and jailed — and possibly executed–for speaking out against your country’s horrible human right’s track record.

        The “people have a right to an opinion” rhetoric is hilarious and borderline Orwellian: “All opinions are equal, but some are more equal than others (re: mine and those that I agree with).” LOL

      • TheOnlyDee says:

        I really do not understand why so many people think freedom of speech means freedom to say whatever one pleases without consequences. Nope, words carry consequences. Also, I wish people would look at what happens in countries that truly have no freedom of speech before complaining about a celebrity being held accountable for something they have said (which is most likely stupid and offensive).

    • Marcus says:

      People are not allowed to have opinions about other people’s families. Thats a private decision that does not affect you!!! People should mind their own business and live their own lives.

  23. Elly says:

    to be fair i read a D&G interview last year and their english wasn´t that good. They speak so unfinished and often use the wrong forms. So yeah IMO as old frock makers they think the only word for not natural is synthetic. They think in italian and translate the words into english and they have a very limited english vocabulary.

    • lea says:

      Domenico Dolce said in italian- i bambini sintetici (Synthetic children ) elton john has got it right

  24. Chinoiserie says:

    I do not know why the comment was so controversial. I think in most contries of the world it is still inpossible to rent a uterus. People here are incredebly sensitive.

    • Flan says:

      Perhaps because there are actual parents out there whose children were just called synthetic?

      Perhaps because there are children out there who can already understand things and were called synthetic?

      Just because something does not affect you, does not mean it doesn’t affect others.

      As a side note; often people who call others sensitive when they feel hurt, are the first to start complaining when they are criticized themselves.

      • meme says:

        personally, I wouldn’t care what some fashion designers had to say about my “synthetic” baby if I had one.

      • TheOnlyDee says:

        A few people I know who used IVF to conceive their child/children were really hurt by the term synthetic children. I can’t really tell people how to feel when I’ve never personally been in that situation, so if they say they are offended then I respect that.

  25. A.Key says:

    “look people, have a drink, relax”

    yeah, this

  26. db says:

    Can’t these celebs learn the art of avoiding getting drawn into controversy? She could have replied to the question with a totally inane Live and let live-type answer and moved on. Instead she’s causing people to actively dislike her.

    • bam says:

      I love her because she doesn’t give a f*** and she’s honest saying what she thinks like when you are talking with a normal person, even well knowing that the internet will manipulate her opinion and dumb people won’t read what she really said because they fall for the sensational titles trap.

      I’m really sick of those celebrities that so transparently state only what they know it will make them likeable .

  27. lea says:

    I’m italian , no loss in translation , they said that

  28. shizwhat says:

    The world is so indignant. Y’all need a bottle of wine and to get laid.

  29. Agatha says:

    And meanwhile, no one is boycotting Terry Richardson. Why is that?

  30. Marcus says:


  31. nao says:

    Useless boycott made by rich sellout celebrities you’ll still see wearing d&g after this mess. First is Elton John who I really can’t take seriously because he is buddies with anti-gay people as long as they pay him SMDH

    Big deal. These guys just give their name to clothes and bags that are made by poor people who got a job in a moment where in some countries it’s a rarity!
    Why so surprised the guys have internalized shit? in italy all this stuff is illegal no matter your sexual orientation. And he comes from sicily! Jesus Christ I love Italy but vatican city and the catholic church still sets the rules there, even unmarried straight couples have no rights and I can’t even think about how the man survived as a gay man in south italy in the most bigoted place of that country where there are still men who think women shouldn’t vote!

    I agree with Zoe. Stupid boycott made by hypocrites. See ya when you boycott (and for real) every designer who is problematic and their products really reflect that. Until then, just rich people wanking about the next pretext to get attention from the media.
    They never buy d&g things anyway since they have it all for free

  32. karen says:

    …Zoe’s got so much work in the pipeline…avatar startrek guardians…plus she just might want to do an indie…plus she’s the mother of twins…hope she holds it all together…