Jaime King ‘cried for 5 hours’ after Kim Kardashian was criticized while pregnant


Jaime King has been especially active on social media and print media lately, or maybe we’re just paying attention to her now. It does feel like Jaime is suddenly everywhere though, right? I’m not complaining – I thought her recent interview about her struggles to conceive her first child was heartbreaking and informative. She’s also been trying to get people to be nicer in general on social media, which has led to some interesting disasters (but she means well). Anyway, Jaime spoke to Elle in a wide-ranging interview about body image, pregnancy and how Taylor Swift is going to be her new baby’s godmother. You can read the full piece here. The most interesting part (I thought) was Jaime talking about how we judge pregnant women and her defense of Kim Kardashian.

Why she invited people to comment on her pregnant body last week: “Because that’s all people do all day is comment. They just say whatever the f–k they want to say, and they don’t actually think that it’s going hurt me.”

When she started to notice the body-commenting on pregnant women: “At the Met’s Costume Institute Gala with Kim Kardashian when she was pregnant [in 2013]. She was with Kanye, but she wasn’t fully accepted by the fashion industry. Riccardo Tisci was very brave in dressing her. Anna Wintour had invited her to the Met ball, which is a big deal and a big step up for her. But when she was pregnant [there], I remember going back in my hotel room and crying for like five hours because I kept seeing all these things come up online, all of these horrible pictures and GIFs. I couldn’t stop crying because here was this beautiful glowing pregnant woman who is probably so excited to be attending the Met ball for the first time with the man that she loved, and she had this beautiful dress made for her that was very daring and very gorgeous, and she has a beautiful growing child inside of her, and yet everybody bashed her and called her a whale or said she looked like a couch or drapes.

Online bullying affects mental health: “It was so stunning to me that people thought that that was okay—not only okay but they condoned it. They would retweet it, they would talk about it, they would put it on the Internet, they would call her a whale on the cover of a magazine. They would not even think about the way it would affect her mental health and the child’s health. It emotionally tapped into a place for me because I was newly pregnant [with my first child]. What kind of world are we living in now where this is okay, where our bodies are being essentially sold to the highest bidder regarding their comments and that we are just put up on a cross to be persecuted?

[From Elle]

I agree with her to a certain extent, and I always try to give pregnant women (in particular) the benefit of the doubt when it comes to styling, etc. I try to balance that with what I think are completely okay and legitimate conversations about fashion. I mean, she’s talking about Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala. A reality star who thrives on every kind of attention, good or bad, at arguably the biggest fashion event of the year. Obviously, we were going to talk about Kim’s dress, pregnant or not. And you know what? I still think it was a bad dress and Kim styled it poorly. I think it was particularly bad because she was pregnant, and Ricardo Tisci should have understood that the particular floral would not look great on a pregnant woman.

But… Jaime is talking around another legitimate point, which is the increasing phenomenon of a pregnant woman not being allowed to “own” her own body, culturally or legally. The legislation around pregnancy, reproductive rights and abortion grows more disturbing by the day, and this is a symptom: that pregnant women are seen as public property.


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  1. lindy79 says:

    That dress was not beautiful or gorgeous. It was a couch cover. Kim repeatedly wore clothes that were unsuitable and uncomfortable during the entire pregnancy so… yeah maybe save your tears

    And im not pregnancy shaming anyone before anyone starts on me

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      The problem was not pregnant KK but her ugly awful sofa dress

      • TX says:

        +1. I don’t recall anyone (here anyway) body shaming Kim when discussing that outfit. It was always strictly about how awful the dress was.

      • fritanga says:

        Gee – wonder how much PMK and her flacks paid her to say all that? Transparent.

    • vava says:

      That dress, and most of what Kim wears (pregnant or not) is unattractive.

      • jen2 says:

        Agree. The criticism when she was pregnant had nothing to do with her “being pregnant”, but not knowing how to dress her pregnant body. Squeezing her swollen feet into strappy sandals and the like was just unattractive and looked uncomfortable, like most of her clothing choices then. Pregnant women are not meant to be size 2, so they should not dress like it is. The same as she does not know how to dress her current body. She just has no taste, no matter what her size.

        And who is Jamie King? I just can’t keep up with he current crop of “celebrities”.

      • Kitten says:

        I feel like Jamie is just trying to shame everyone into silence.
        She strikes me as really whiny and overly sensitive.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, Kim wore absolutely frightening clothes throughout her pregnancy. She wore them because being looked and commented on is her “job.” And they were very attention-seeking clothes. I don’t think she should complain about getting what she set out to do.

        And really, she cried about five hours over that?

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s how I feel too – criticism of the dress, and subsequent outfits she chose to wear while pregnant, are fine, especially considering that her “job” primarily consists of wearing awful things and getting attention for them. From what I remember, that’s what most people commented on, though I’m sure out there in the twitter universe people were awful.

      The show Jaime was on got cancelled, so I think that’s why she’s everywhere, putting herself out there for new projects.

    • atrain says:

      Exactly. I read a lot of critical comments about her Mel Gala dress, and not one of them was criticizing her pregnancy. It was an ugly dress, plain and simple.
      Does Jamie King also cry for Lena Dunham when people criticize what she wears? I mean, she dresses terribly, and has a non-hollywood body, so does she shed tears for her?

      • milla says:

        they are like BFFs, so I would say so.
        JK is wright. I do not dislike KK for her body or her clothes, but cos of what she represents. Still, making fun of her while pregnant can be stressful. And Jaime is pregnant now, so I guess she is “whiny”. Back then she spent yrs trying to get pregnant.
        BTW, Jaime made a parody of KK’s infamous breaking the net cover. So, it is not like she is supporting her “work”, she is talking about pregnant women.

    • RobN says:

      You could weigh 100 pounds and that dress would still be a horror. I remember most of the criticism being about the dress and not the pregnancy.

      5 hours is a long time to cry for a Kardashian.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      I agree. I don’t remember people body shaming her but being completely aghast at the CLOTHING she was choosing. Most people turn to maternity fashion and don’t try to wear high fashion that’s made for very tall, extremely thin women when their midsection is way out of proportion with the rest of their body.
      The absurdity of the clothing choices is what was making people talk.

  2. Jules says:

    Cry for that waste of humanity Kardashian? Are you kidding me? Kardashian brought it all on herself. And made millions over it.

    • denisemich says:

      Crying that someone’s moment that should have been a wonderful memory was tainted.

      I think hating Kim K is what her brand lives on. However, criticizing a woman’s body when she is pregnant is something we need to stop.

      A woman can’t control what her body looks like when pregnant and we shouldn’t judge it.

    • Cali says:

      @Jules! Yes, she just lost all points with me, she seems to be a complete idiotic tool.

    • Janie says:

      Seriously? Is she joking? No one made fun of her pregnancy, no one! She wore clothing 3 sizes too small, as she still does! Kim never dresses appropriately, pregnant or not!

      • homegrrrlll says:

        I cried for TEN hours when the Kardashians made a point to stop wearing/injecting toxic “beauty” products and made certain their clothing was all purchased fair trade. I also cried when Kris apologized for treating her daughters as sellable commodities instead of human beings. The joyful tears continued as Kris and Bruce created an education/stipulation fund insuring that inheritance was only possible upon completion of -at least- an associates degree.

  3. Mzizkrizten says:

    I kind of agree about the fashion -shaming that goes on. Because ifnyou think you look good in a particular outfit, you should be able to enjoy that feeling and not be tone down by hearing the peanut gallery’s thoughts on your fashion choices. I’m seriously glad I’m just a regular person who will never have to deal with that. I

    • Mare says:

      If you’re considered a “fashionista” you should look like one. You can’t tell me that Kim thought she looked good in that Met Gala dress n

  4. paola says:

    It feels like all jamie King wants is to be in the circle of ‘important celebrities’ to upgrade her status and be one of the ‘cool kids’ so now she’s best friends with Taylor Swift and cries for Kim Kardashian.
    I’m annoyed already.
    She makes a great Lemon Breeland but that’s it. Get a grip Jamie King. No one is crying for Kim. No one gave her a hard time for being pregnant. She was criticized because she kept squeezing herself in really inappropriate clothes and spanxing her ass and belly despite the fact she was pregnant. I save my tears (All 5 hours of them) for something that actually deserves them.

    • amanda says:


    • Willa says:

      Preach it!

    • Pandy says:

      Who IS Jamie King anyway? KK lives her life as a photo opp. Most of her photo opps are horrific, pregnant or not. If she wasn’t discussed/criticized, she’d have no career/life/reason for living. And that picture of Jamie King – eeeyow.

    • WillowS says:

      Agreed! If she actually really did cry for 5 hours (or at all!) about something as trivial as people criticizing Kim Kardashian’s pregnant fashion choices online than she has some serious issues.

  5. C’mon. That dress was HIDEOUS. Her hair and makeup were on point (as always), but that dress was a nightmare. I thought she’d lost a bet.

  6. Luca76 says:

    I’ll put aside my Kardashian hate for a second. It wasn’t just the Met gala though that was the peak. I remember plenty of sites making fun of her street clothes and swollen ankles etc and as unlikable as Kim is as a person it was over the line. Not everyone can carry like Heidi Klum.

    • paola says:

      You might have a point but KK has put herself out in the showbiz basing her universe on looks and fashion. You can’t be double standard when the crap it’s the fan.

      • anamarie says:

        When KK was first in showbiz, she had good looks and a better fashion. She’s ruined her beuty with surgery and wears clothes that doesn’t fit. Her mistakes with her looks make it easy to tease

      • paola says:

        *hits the fan

    • amanda says:

      if your feet are swollen, why wear shoes that not only show that off, but seemed to make it worse? (i’m thinking of those see-though shoes she wore once where the swelling looked painful).

      If she wore shoes that were comfortable or actually fit her pregnancy feet, nobody would comment on them, and Cim NEEDS people to comment on her.

      I don’t have sympathy for people who squeeze themselves into stuff like that for the sake of fashion or a designer or looks and it causes others to have a reaction to it. Plus if she did it for ‘looks’, she failed because it looks awful and painful.

      She was shallow and gross and fake and disliked by plenty before she was pregnant, I guess I don’t see why it’s ‘mean’ to comment when she’s pregnant and its totally fine to poke fun when she’s not…mostly considering she does it all to make herself money and it’s her career (her word).

    • Josephine says:

      She’s a self-professed style icon, so yeah, folks are going to comment on what she wears. As for the ankles, she choose very high heels with ankle straps at a time when her feet could use a break, so people called her out for her utter foolishness. I have no sympathy whatsoever for someone who dresses for for attention, and then gets it. When she’s out and about, she’s just a product.

    • Ennie says:

      Her street clothes were totally ridiculous. Hardly ever she put a nice outfit on during pregnant. it was all a parade of outfits chosen to shock.
      She is short and with the fake assets she has, she had a body that was hard to dress while pregnant, but the outfits were terrible, the shoes were awful too. hardly anything sensible. Poor baby was squished all in there.
      She lives for her pics to sell, and they chose well.

      IMO, her horrible clothing choices were the most ridiculed. Add to that the epitome with the floral dress with gloves and shoes to match…
      Public property… the KArdashian family sell themselves. They have put out there their scripted lives and the pics about them selves for years, including years of instagramming ridiculous selfies for public consumption. They stage pap walks and also the paps happen to “intrude” into their holidays and take as many pics as they please. They make their money selling themselves, it is natural they get criticised. Courtney is not so criticised, she usually dresses sensibly when pregnant unlike that fashio icon-wannabe. .

  7. Lama Bean says:

    I’m amazed that Kim’s face looks so drastically different today than when she was pregnant with North. Is that English? Meh, you know what I mean.

  8. lower-case deb says:

    i was one of those who expressed dislike of he dress and it has nothing to do with pregnancy. it could be on the runway model and i would still dislike it. i don’t even like it on couches (i swear my grandma had one in that shade and pattern, before she switched to pink-on-pink chintz that i dislike even more because it clashed with every single thing in the room, especially the guests).

  9. maeliz says:

    The dress brought everyone else to tears with laughter

  10. amanda says:

    “that pregnant women are seen as public property.”

    while I can’t agree or disagree on this statement for ALL pregnant women, this one woman in particular has made a conscious choice to make a fortune and dedicate her life to being ‘public property’. It doesn’t bother her to put herself out there for public consumption. She has made that perfectly clear.

    Nobody is forcing her to do anything, not even canye or her terrible mother at this point.

    without the public, she would have nothing she has, and she loves everything she has.

    I agree that commenting on her outfit at such an event is fair game and her designer was not doing her any favors dressing her the way she ended up dressed. (and come on, if you want to be part of the fashion world, I think you should advocate for yourself and your body when somebody comes at your pregnant body with that dress and say ‘can we try something else?’ ( can celebs do that? or do you have to take what you’re offered?)

    But I never, ever thought ‘she looks bad because shes pregnant’ in that dress, it was always about the styling and the ugly monster of a person that was inside of that bad dress that made me laugh at it and agree with the memes of mrs. doubtfire.

    She could re-wear that dress tomorrow, styled the same way with her little corset on and she would still make me laugh.

  11. QQ says:

    She has a point but Kim Kardashian is NOT the way you gonna make this point… The guys at The Read podcast had this to say and Im paraphrasing: Kanye wants us to LOVE Kim and he stays equating us not liking her with Prejudice and That aint It, we don’t hate Kim for being a “white woman” with Ye Is For her Being HER… vapid, thirsty, famous for nothing, the way she shows herself to be with and around her family and friends, her getting pregnant-deformed and never understanding her own style and body (#GodDidThisToMe) was just an opportunity for people that dislike her to take easy potshots at her, this had no things to do withher pregnant body per se

    • Santia says:

      *QQ drops the mike and walks away* Preach!

    • paola says:

      It always amazes me how people like her become devote religious to justify the fact they’ve ran out of plausible excuses.
      ‘oh me? yeah.. it was god..he punished me for my hotness!’
      she could have said ‘aliens’ instead of ‘god’ and I would have believed her more.

    • Kitten says:

      I lost a lot of respect for Kanye as an artist (Ye as a person has always been a bit crazy) when he started dating Kim.

      He does seem so different now–and not in a good way–he seems more thirsty and whiney.
      Marriage and fatherhood didn’t change him at all, at least not in regards to his public persona.

    • Marie-France says:

      @QQ and Kitten
      + 10000

  12. minx says:

    Oh, brother.

  13. Naddie says:

    Don’t waste your tears, Jaime. According to Kim, “any kind of attention is good”.

  14. dr mantis toboggan says:

    Yeah, we shouldn’t comment on Kim’s looks. We should only comment on her work.
    Also, I don’t like Jamie king

    • amanda says:

      if we commented on her ‘work’ we wouldn’t speak anymore…

      so I agree with you!


  15. Neelyo says:

    Hey Jaime, here’s an idea, turn off your computer.

  16. HK9 says:

    Kim is the same woman who would shove her feet into translucent shoes when her feet were swelling so it looked like she was baking bread. She has more money than God and chose to make a spectacle of herself because she likes the attention. Save your tears because we all know that Kim Kardashian cries for no one.

  17. Jaded says:

    If you’re going to make your life’s purpose being a tacky, graceless famewhore then you have to expect a backlash. Kim does not get a pass just because she was pregnant – her fashion sense is a Dante’s Inferno of bad taste, pregnant or not, and deserves all the negative reaction she gets as a result.

  18. vauvert says:

    Trying hard to be relevant Jaime, are we not? First, let’s separate the whole “pregnant woman look” topic into what happens when you are a celebrity, pregnant or not, and what happens when you are just a regular peasant. No one, as far as I know, gives a damn what pregnant women who are not public figures wear (or non- pregnant women for that matter). I have seen ladies in pyjamas, hair a rat’s nest, I have seen weird makeup, jeans two sizes two small with underwear and belly rolls showing (not pregnant)…. Nobody gives a damn. When’s the last time any of us here on CB who comment daily have stopped a stranger at the grocery store to tell her what we think of her fashion choices? Right, never.
    Now, if you are a celebrity, it is different. Part of the unspoken social contract is that in return for the fame, money, free stuff, etc. your entire life gets dissected, from your looks and fashion to your views on religion and feminism. Is it fair? No. Is it constructive and uplifting? No. But if you sign up for fame, that is part of what you get. You don’t like it, please give up acting and red carpets and Met Balls, get a normal job (whatever you are qualified for), schlepp it on the bus after a soul crunching 9-5 with poor benefits and a lousy two week vacation that maybe with if you save for two years you can use to go to Cancun with the kids… And I guarantee you can go dressed in anything you want to the all you can eat buffet, makeup free, barefoot, and guess what? No one will send your pic to TMZ, re-tweet it and make fun of your choices.
    Rant over.

    • Lesley says:

      Love you- love this- exactly… Poor victimized celebrities!

    • QQ says:

      go home everybody, Vauvert spoke a Word here

    • paola says:

      God I love you so much for this.

      Plus people comment on everything because you, dear jamie King, as many other of your famous friends make it even easier for us. You pushed the boundary and we don’t need pics on magazines or gossip sites.. you did better! You post pics of yourself on social media!!! and you expect a response. Don’t get all grumpy and judgy because what you read it’s not what you expected to read.
      Just live a day as a normal person and you’ll get your priorities straight.

    • Kitten says:

      Yep, I think you hit on every point here.

      • vauvert says:

        Taking a bow ladies. Thank you. I did not even want to address the KK person comments because I am trying very hard to follow my self-imposed rule of ignoring everything K in the hope they will fade into obscurity at some point and stop influencing young impressionable women into believing that taking selfies, injecting yourself to alter your face and body and twitting/instagramming is a valid career choice as opposed to staying in school and being a decent human being.

  19. TheOnlyDee says:

    Oh Ricardo… so brave for dressing Kim K. The pattern of the dress looked like a couch cover, Kim didn’t look like an actual couch. I also never did and never would have made fun of Kim’s pregnant body, even though I know some people did, but just her horrible sense of style!

  20. Sullivan says:

    She cried for five hours? That seems excessive.

  21. Lesley says:

    Kim is embarrassed by her own brother for having gained weight. And you are feeling bad that SHE was body shamed? I’m going to chalk this ridiculous comment up to pregnancy hormones. You do cry at the plight of unfairness of the world, but reAlly jaime- I feel like you just showed us how vapid YOU are. Crying over Kim kardashian….. Good one!

  22. Joy says:

    Does anyone else see shades a young Anna Wintour in that top pic?

  23. M.J. says:

    She does realize that Kim herself sells her body to the highest bidder on a regular basis, right? She needs to save her tears for someone more worthy of them.

    • me says:

      Kim herself made fun of her own pregnancy body and said she felt disgusting and hated being pregnant. She even said later on that pregnant women should hide in the house until they give birth. Plus, let’s not forget that Kim body shames Rob all the time.

  24. swack says:

    When I was pregnant with my children we had very little choices (unless you went to high end maternity shops which I couldn’t afford) in maternity clothes. Loud prints, horizontal stripes, big floral prints, and madras (I’m showing my age here) prints were about all we had to chose from. I was happy for my own daughter’s who had so many more choices. Kim’s dress at the Met ball reminded me of my pregnancy days. And I agree that she was criticized more for the way she dressed than for being pregnant.

    • Kitten says:

      Yes my mom always tells me the same thing. She made all of her maternity clothes (she’s an AMAZING seamstress) because the options were so limited back then

  25. meme says:

    What a drama queen. I don’t believe her for a minute.

  26. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Jamie Kings sounds like an exhausting mess. I mean really. Kims pregnancy was by far the most inappropriate extravaganza Ive ever witnessed. She was out right embarrassing as a preggo.
    Additionally these pregnant starts are putting themselves “out there” constantly.
    Jamie wants to change the way the internet behaves. OK Jamie.
    Heres another idea: How about spending LESS time on the internet and back to real life? How about NOT posting photos of yourself and tweeting/posting them?
    Common sense rule #1: You don’t want to be bullied? Don’t display yourself in the public arena. Human nature is what it is and will never change. Grow up and put your big girl panties on get.off.the.internet. And the cross metaphor? Not TOO OTT.

  27. Carolina says:

    I agree with her people weren’t just commenting on her clothes they were commenting on her weight gain as well. I saw lots of comments comparing her to a whale and calling her shamu they also compared her to Kourtney and said that they didn’t understand how Kourtney was a cute pregnant women and Kim got so fat and ugly. And the comments on this site alone really cement her point people here seem to think that just because Kim likes attention it’s okay to body shame her and that is what you’re doing you call her diaper butt, stuffed sausage you say her body looks disgusting and you think that just because she had plastic surgery it makes it okay. Whenever someone comes on here and says that their body is just like Kim’s and the comments are making them feel bad people always jump in to say “your body is okay because it’s real and Kim’s isn’t” or the annoying non apology “I’m sorry if you were offended” or this one “maybe you shouldn’t be so sensitive we’re not talking about your body we’re talking about Kim’s. As if that makes it okay. People don’t seem to realize that in body shaming Kim you’re also body shaming others who have her body type and you can try and justify your comments by saying that her body isn’t real or that she’s an attention seeker it still is what it is body shaming, name calling and hypocritical.

    • Luca76 says:

      Exactly, ironically some commenters here will be the first to criticize an actress when she says she’s not a feminist. But they don’t see the misogyny in their statements.

    • sarah says:

      You are so on point Carolina. I called a celebrity beautiful on here and said I wish I could be as beautiful as her and I had this comment back to be like: I’m sure you are more beautiful and not fake like that celebrity. Really condescending. No that celebrity IS beautiful even if you don’t like her, and there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery. I’ve tried botox, and it doesn’t make me fake. It’s like no one is allowed to be nice in regards to a celebrity because the only acceptable thing is to be mean to a complete stranger!!

  28. Quinn says:

    I think the real issue here is: people don’t like the Kardashians, by and large. If Kim was a decent human being, most people wouldn’t have given her all the crap they did. You might have commented that her stylist really dropped the ball, but the name calling probably wouldn’t have occurred. So, when you thrust yourself into the public eye as little more than an oversexed Bratz doll- this is what you are setting yourself up for. To complain when the going gets rough is too damn bad…you make a living doing nothing. Either grow a thick skin or get a real job and disappear.

  29. sarah says:

    I think a lot of you have missed the point. Please think back to Kim’s pregnancy. She was fat shamed. On magazine covers!!!! She was also fat shamed that night at the Met Gala, even if you yourself didn’t and choose to only criticize her dress (if that is even possible to criticize someone’s outfit without taking into account the body inside the outfit) Humans are mean. Many adults are bullies in comment sections. It causes people pain, even if it’s someone you hate like Kim Kardashian. It’s as if she’s the devil considering how people constantly criticize her.

    • Kitten says:

      Yes there are mean and callous people out there, this is true.

      But I think every celebrity is smart enough to know that they can’t control what other people say.
      Kim photographing her butt and Instragramming it to 30 million followers– chances are that she’s ok with what people might have to say about her body.

      And if she’s not ok with that, then she always has the choice to shut down her social media accounts, stop attending PFW, awards shows, put a halt to her reality show, and fade away into obscurity. She’s wealthy enough where she doesn’t have to “work” another day in her life.

      The problem with some celebrities is that they want all the positive attention and none of the negative attention and it just doesn’t work like that when you’re in a high-profile industry.
      More money = more exposure = more opportunities to be criticized.

  30. ell says:

    I would wholeheartedly agree if she weren’t talking of KK. No though, KK has been courted the media since ever, so she can’t ever complain about any intrusion or mean comment.

  31. NeoCleo says:

    I am convinced that Tisci “punked” Kim with that Met dress. It is truly heinous. And for my part, regardless of how “fake” her looks are, Kim is a beautiful woman. Her constant wardrobe failures stump me. She has all the resources and natural beauty. She should be knocking us all over in a good way instead of smacking us in the face with her constant parade of awful.

    Jaime King comes off as a hysterical pregnant woman in her story. “Cry for 5 hours?” It was “stunning” to her that people could be so awful on social media? Has this woman been living in a cave?

  32. Uh..jaime..this is a gossip site, so have a seat..right there on the floral couch!

  33. me says:

    Kim lived for that attention when she was pregnant. She was staying at her mom’s house but since it’s a gated community, she would get ready at her own home in Bev Hills and have the paps waiting outside to get their pics. She dressed ridiculously during her pregnancy on purpose just to get attention. Why else would she stuff her swollen feet into those shoes. All on purpose.

    • Dawn says:

      I remember her flying here, there and everywhere and then blaming Kris Humphries for having a hard pregnancy. I don’t remember anyone trying to shame her pregnancy body but I do remember people calling her out for hypocrisy about her marriage to Humphries. Come on this woman deserved to get called out for having a wedding that cost in the millions and then dumping the guy 72 days later and refusing to give him an annulment while she was busy getting pregnant by West and traveling everywhere except to court. On top of it she had her kid about three weeks after her divorce from Humphries was final.

  34. Pearson says:

    I’m crying for five hours for jamie King for crying for five hours over Kim. This is a woman who takes pictures of her a** and posts them on her Instagram. I’m not going to feel sorry for her because someone thought her dress was fugly.

  35. ashley says:

    I just want to point out that every person making comments on this site using arguments like “we can bash kim because she brought it on herself by being a fame whore” etc. etc. are using no different logic than “she was asking to be raped with her short skirt.” At least not in my opinion. If you want to be pricks, own it, but don’t turn around and spout off in your support of open mindedness and feminism. It’s disgusting.

    • Kitten says:

      You really went there with the rape comparison?


      • vauvert says:

        Right on kitten. Exaggerating much about this ashley? we bash everyone on this site, including people who actually have a, you know, talent… and still – we discuss their looks, clothes, interviews, significant others, etc.
        The only reason KK gets so many negative comments is because she is a despicable human being. Nothing to do with her being fat or not, pregnant or not… we love lots of celebrities who are various sizes, ages, shapes.

  36. Tiffany :) says:

    I am not going to comment on KK.

    I do think it is odd how people treat pregnant women and their bodies like public property, though. Like rubbing the belly when they don’t know the pregnant woman. Commenting on how far along/big they may or not be. Its just odd and gross.

  37. Bridget says:

    The more Jaimie King speaks, the more obvious it is how fragile she really is. If she’s projecting on Kim K this much, I truly feel for her and hope that she finds peace in her growing family.

    • Dońt kill me i'm french says:

      I totally agree with you.
      Last week,King said she loved “every flaw of her pregnant body” ( oops! Flaw of pregnant body” ??)
      She was a known model so I guess when you judged every day on the perfect thinness of your body ,you feel insecure when your body changes

      • Bridget says:

        She had something like 8 miscarriages before her first child was born, so no shock that she’s super sensitive about pregnancy. And she was a heroin addict who’s boyfriend died of an OD at the height of her career. I can understand why she seems a bit brittle.

  38. fee says:

    This how sad our world has become, this girl cried for Kim cause it was her 1 st time at the gala, with her love and people laughed at her outfit. Cry for something real, cry watching millions of children dying around the world. Pathetic, Kim does not need your sympathy, she makes fun of her own brother.

  39. jwoolman says:

    People laughed at Kim while she was pregnant for the same reason they laugh at her when she isn’t pregnant. Most of the time she squeezes herself into clothes and shoes that are too small for her, and it looks ridiculous. When she was pregnant, we wondered if her choices were actually hazardous for the baby, it was that bad. The problem isn’t her size- plenty of women with a similar shape go out every day in clothing that looks good on them and fits them well. It’s baffling that Kim makes such weird choices, she used to dress quite nicely. Her sister Kourtney always looks good, pregnant or not. If Kim is going to claim to be a fashion icon, she is going to be laughed at when she looks bad.

  40. Philip says:

    Does Jaime King (whoever that is) have progeria or something? She’s got the face and body of an 80-year-old woman.