Angelina Jolie brought Shiloh & Zahara to the Kids’ Choice Awards: so cute?

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OMG. Angelina Jolie attended Saturday night’s Kids’ Choice Awards with two dates: her daughters Zahara and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. And OMG. Look at their faces!! Angelina is officially the coolest mom in the world in this very moment. Shiloh and Zahara are just gorgeous, aren’t they? Shiloh looks so much like Brad and Zahara is just so stunning. There are tons of photos of Angelina and the kids, and although they didn’t walk the carpet, she let her girls hang out with all of the cool celebrities inside. You can see more photos here (OMG, the girls met NICK JONAS). This was Angelina first public appearance since she announced the removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes last week.

Jolie was there for a reason – she was up for two awards, Favorite Villain and Favorite Actress. She won Favorite Villain for Maleficent (and lost actress to Emma Stone). You can see the winners list here. When she picked up the Villain award, Jolie talked about being different and how it’s great to not fit in with the crowd:

Angelina Jolie has given an insight into her misfit youth with an empowering speech in her first public appearance since revealing she had ovaries removed. The actress has been hailed as an icon for candidly addressing her health woes. And on Saturday night, she opened up about feeling like an outcast to the young audience, and her daughter Shiloh and Zahara, at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

‘When I was a kid I was told – like Maleficent – that I was different,’ she told the audience as she accepted the Best Villain award for her role in Maleficent. ‘But then I realized something: different is good. So maybe you don’t fit in. Be yourself. And when someone tells you that you are different just smile and hold your head up, and be proud. And as your villain,’ the actress added with a wink, ‘I would say, “Cause a little trouble. It is good for you!”‘

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m sure some parents are going to be like “NOOOoo, don’t tell my kids to cause trouble!” But I think her message is fine – it’s fine to be different, it’s cool to stand out and be different, and sometimes people will say you’re “causing trouble” when you’re just being you.

Photos courtesy of Getty, Nickelodeon.

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  1. Loulou says:

    Those girls are ridiculously beautiful. Wow.

    • inner stillness says:


    • LadyMTL says:

      IKR? All three of them are so lovely.

    • doofus says:

      and there isn’t enough “AWWWWW!” in the world to caption that pic of them hugging their Mom (I’m assuming that’s the moment she won.). look at the grin on Shiloh’s face!

      so, so cute.

      • Judyk says:

        Beautiful little girls who really love their Mommy. Precious.

      • Jan Harf says:

        I know. Heart. Melted.

      • Lexie says:

        This may be my favorite photo ever!

      • chloeee says:

        I teared up at the clip of them hugging and he picture. I’ve never seen such pure happiness and pride so perfectly captured. So sweet.

      • hunter says:

        I think that’s “nannies done right” if such a thing is a term. Brad and Angie have/had loads of nannies for all the kids yet they still (obviously) know and love their parents.

    • Pri says:

      I see a lot of John Voight in Shiloh, and is it me, or Zahara looks a lot like Angie?

      • Judyk says:

        I can see it…high cheek bones, same facial structure…happens a lot with adopted kids. My daughter is adopted and I was told from the time she was a baby she looked exactly like me.

      • Renee says:


        It’s not you. She really does look like her!!!

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I have a cousin who is adopted, and it’s uncanny just how much like my uncle she looks, and they are not biologically related. I’ve said before that it looks like Zahara shares some of Angelina’s features.

    • Mia V. says:

      They are adorable!!!!!!

  2. inner stillness says:

    They are adorable. I love the photos of them hugging , it’s so joyous and full of love.
    Angelina looks beautiful.

    People loved the speech she made at the event.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Isn’t that photo amazing? It’s so authentically happy! She is doing a lot of things right!

    • Andrea1.... says:

      They all look freaking good! Wow
      Yes people really loved her speech its all they’ve been talking about since yesterday.
      How badass was the shoe Angie had on! I covert those shoes and totally want one too…

      • lower-case deb says:

        yes for the shoes! i will fight you for it 🙂
        and i think the dress is clever too, reminiscent of Maleficent’s twisty horns with the rings at the end (the coronation scene). but her best features are her and very cute kids.

    • Diana B says:

      That photo was awesomely cute.

    • megs283 says:

      Is that when she was announced as a winner? I LOVE that photo…pure joy on her kids’ faces!! You can tell they’re so proud of their mommy!

    • Tarsha_ says:

      Yep, and to think people say she isn’t a hands on mum. Those girls clearly feel comfortable with her and love her and are excited for her. The level of intimacy is there. That photo, proves that she is a hands on mum who loves her children and they clearly love her very much too and are very close to her. A good night for Angelina.
      PS I’m waiting for the “where are the other kids?” line.

    • EC says:

      Agreed. I have gone back to look at it so many times because it is so sweet and happy. What a beautiful family!

      • phlyfiremama says:

        I’m dyin’ over here~it is utterly ridiculous how happy those pictures made me!! Perfect in every way, they sure caught an incredible moment in time~that HAD to be one of the best times in their lives.. *sighs dreamily

  3. Josephine says:

    I liked her speech. The pic of the three of them laughing/celebrating after her name was announced is a terrific picture – so natural and sweet. Those girls are super cute.

    • Sarah says:

      Me too. And as a mom of a kid that some might think is different, I had him watch her speech. He likes her too and was thrilled when she said “Different is good.” She’s empowering for so many reasons.

  4. Stef Leppard says:

    The pics of them celebrating are so cute!

  5. SnarkySnarkers says:

    OMG their precious faces in the picture where they are hugging her! I assume this is when they announced that she won the award? Freaking adorable! They love their mommy 🙂

  6. Sushi says:

    Her talk is always powerful even to kids. Brad and the kids are so lucky. I love to see the reactions of Zahara and Shiloh when their mum won. They obviously adore their mother.

  7. Dash says:

    I’m bracing myself for an influx of people demanding Shiloh be referred to as John… They were all over Twitter on the weekend, despite Angelina and Brad never ever asking the media to refer to Shiloh as John.

    • carrie says:

      lol, people are crazed over this. I saw several Angelina-focused tumblr people having to defend themselves for not using “John”, as if they don’t follow her enough to know more than some random sjw who just wants to use the kid as a case study. And as if outlets like People/ET/Us Weekly wouldn’t be the first to be told if the Jolie-Pitts wanted her to be called something else.

      Crazy what a cute anecdote about Peter Pan from 7 years ago can do.

      • Sabrine says:

        How very rude even suggesting such a thing. My niece was exactly the same as Shiloh, dressed similarly, etc. She hit puberty and asked her mom for some new clothes and makeup. It’s the child’s decision to make, not the grasping public’s. Also, this “John” thing was mentioned years ago so why keep mentioning it.

      • SuePerb says:

        Ahh, ok. That is what they are talking about. If little kids chose names at some point in their life through a phase they are going through, mine would have been Prince Planet which I insisted on being called for an entire summer

      • Cindy says:

        I’m confused. John? What did I miss?

        Guess I will just repeat what I usually say like a dork….I love her l love her I love her. Those girls look so happy and sweet and that hugging picture is adorable. GAH! I love her I…. Okay I’ll stop.

        Never mind my question should of read all the comments first

      • FLORC says:

        There was a BS clip/article a while back claiming Shiloh wanted to be refered to as “John” and identified as a boy. It was total fabrication, but is brought up still to attack AJ and her family unit.
        It was really low to write that about a child imo. And all because Shiloh dressed more tomboy-ish.

        Edit: I see VC wrote about it below.
        SAdly VC it’s repeated a lot in some tabloids. Not too long ago it resurfaced here in a thread.

    • Esmom says:

      Oh geez, crazy. If I remember correctly Brad just shared a cute anecdote about a cute phase she was going through. No wonder celebs tend to repeat the same stories and/or stay fairly guarded, stuff can really come back and bit them in the ass.

      Side note, she does look so much like Brad, those cheeks especially. Both lovely young ladies.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        It was on Oprah, in 2008. He said something about her going through a Peter Pan phase, and wanting to be called John/Peter……when she was like 2/3…’s just ridic….

        I haven’t heard the story repeated, only know because I watched a bunch of old Oprah clips a while ago…. And Angelina/Brad have never referred to her as “John” (except for that), and if I remember right, Angelina referred to her in one of her “Unbroken” interviews as “Shi”/she…..

    • Talie says:

      All these people are going to have a meltdown in a few years if she shows up somewhere in a dress.

      • Evyn says:

        There are photos on the JJ site, and you can see that Shiloh is wearing lip gloss. Let the meltdown begin…

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Talie, who wrote: “All these people are going to have a meltdown in a few years if she shows up somewhere in a dress.”

        Nah, then they’ll just accuse Brad and Angie (or more particularly, Angie) of forcing Shiloh to be somebody she’s not.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Probably a black leather dress, lol!

    • SuePerb says:

      I know I am so behind with the times but why John? Is it because she doesn’t seem to like dresses?

      By the way, the pictures are super cute and especially the one when Angie won. How proud of their mum are they?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @SuePerb …

        Three people above have already said this … Brad appeared on “Oprah” several years ago and told a cute story about Shiloh (who was around 2 or 3-years old) being in a “Peter Pan” phase where she didn’t want to watch anything else and insisted on being called ‘John’ like the character. It was a cute story, but for some reason many idiots who insist that Angie is ‘forcing’ Shiloh to be a boy have lashed onto this as evidence that Shiloh really wants to be a boy and her parents and everyone else should start calling her ‘John.’

      • SuePerb says:

        Yes I realise that now but when I wrote this, Dash was the only post here. The delay in seeing other people’s posts sometimes leads to this. Thanks for your reply though 🙂

      • norah says:

        brad appeared on oprah more than 6 or 7 years ago and made a joke about how shiloh liked to be called different names eg john so naturally pple automatically assume that that is her real name which is rather rude for both her family and for her as well. She is only 9 years old and yet pple have already insisted that she be called john etc – very unpleasant really – give her some privacy at least

    • jen2 says:

      I am not good at doing links, but in some interview with one of the groups who performed, she said when she was introduced to the children, she called herself Shiloh and in another interview with an Aboriginal art teacher in Australia, she introduced herself as Shi. Why don’t folks want to accept what the kid calls herself and stop trying to make it something it is not based on a tabloid story and a story her father told about her liking a character in Peter Pan named John when she was two.

    • noway says:

      Please let whatever if anything that is happening with Shiloh happen in its natural course. It seems her parents are providing a wonderful, stable and open environment for her. It may be true that some people know they are transgender at a very early age, but it is also true that some girls are just more interested in being like their brothers at her age. It is hard for everyone to find their way in the world, and I can only imagine how hard it must be with people watching your every move. I just wish they would all let her be at this point, until they make a more public statement.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Noway, who wrote: “I just wish they would all let her be at this point, until they make a more public statement.”

        A ‘more public statement?’ They haven’t made a ‘less’ public statement or any statement at all. That’s what’s so frustrating, this all started with evil-minded people who began making ‘public statements’ that Angelina Jolie was forcing her daughter Shiloh to grow up ‘transgendered’ because she’s a ‘fill in the hateful we-hate-Angelina-Jolie adjective of your choice’ who hates her daughter.

        The Jolie-Pitt’s themselves haven’t contributed anything at all to this ‘Shiloh is really a boy’ dialogue.

      • noway says:

        You are right I should have not said more, and I don’t think Angelina or Brad have done anything to contribute to this dialogue. I just wish people would leave Shiloh alone. All possibilities exist for Shiloh and every child, just because we see a few snipits of her life does not mean we know the child. Help us all if we are put in a box at 7-8 years of age, just because we like to dress in “traditional” boy clothing or maybe play a “traditional” boys sport. Where’s the fun in being different as Angelina said, just let her be.

        Whereas some of this started with the I hate Angelina and Brad crowd, I think some of this was just created because Shiloh doesn’t dress in the “traditional” girl dresses and prefers her suits on red carpets and short hair. As open as some people like to think they are, it amazes me how we still fall for stereotypes so easily.

    • Amcn says:

      I think this is getting quite serious and it disturbs me. The Telegraph referred to a “recent” interview in which BP said she only wanted to be called John. The only time that happened was 2008 as noted and the toddler liked a character in a movie. I’m sure she grew out of it. I no longer have to call my daughter Thomas (the tank engine) but I did when she was 2.5.

      The most disturbing is Cosmo has posted an article and referred to somebody else’s child by the wrong name without the parents confirming it. Think of all the LA soccer moms who read Cosmo and start to call Shiloh by a different name. Or tell their kids. Kids are not nice to each other over things like this. It can be quite damaging. And this reporting is very irresponsible and these rumours need to stop. Shiloh is not fair game, her parents are celebrities, she is a child.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Why are there no comments about Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s baby being named James….Maybe, they will make James dress like a boy and only do boy things!!!! So silly! What’s in a name!! People will be, who they are going to be, no matter what they are called. The best thing to do is to love your child, teach them kindness, and give them self-worth. Anything else, doesn’t matter….

  8. lisa2 says:

    That was such a surprise. She looks wonderful. I love that she made this her first appearance with her kids.. She obviously knew she was winning something’ but you can tell the girls had no idea. They were fist pumping and so so excited that she won. It really was one of the best moments of the night. I had no idea she was there; then a fan posted a tweet and I tuned in just in time to see the win.
    Her speech was awesome too..

    Angie may not be the most fashionable.. but man those shoes she had on were def.. fashionable. The girls are both cute as buttons.. and so close to each other and their mother.

    • Rhea says:

      I might be reaching, but the top part of her dress seems like a shape of Maleficent’s horn 🙂 She wore a Maleficent’s heels during the promo so she might dressed up with that theme on her mind for this.

  9. Catelina says:

    The girls are beautiful, and it looks like they had a blast.

  10. jen2 says:

    Shiloh and Zahara are gorgeous. They seem to have great times with their parents. After the photos of them at the soccer game last week getting serious daddy (and mommy) love, these photos of them with mommy just go the extra mile. They have such natural smiles. Great message from Angelina as well.

  11. Kaley says:

    Beautiful kids! They clearly love their mom so I guess it goes to show all the people who claim she’s a “bad mother” or a nasty bitch are off. 🙂

    Shiloh/John (?) is the perfect mix of Angelina and Brad. No paternity test needed there!

    • Maya says:

      Not attacking you in any way but please don’t read gossip and then call Shiloh John.

      Brad & Angelina have never said that Shiloh wants to be a boy or wanted to be called John. The only thing Brad ever said was that when she was 2 – she was going through a Peter Pan faze and wanted to be called John. That was 6 years ago and like every child – that was normal.

      • Kaley says:

        Not attacking you in any way but if Shiloh actually wanted to be John…that’s normal too. I’d adjust your wordplay there; don’t throw around “Normal” like that.

      • norah says:

        if you see aj’s interview with al roker while promoting unbroken she clearly said shiloh not any other name.

    • BNA FN says:

      You are being passive aggressive. Angie and Brad always refers to Shi as Shi. Shi is 8 yo now. About six years ago, when Shi was about 2 yo Brad mentioned on Oprah that she liked to be called Peter Pan or John. Six years ago she was a toddler. Please stop the bullying of a little girl.

      • lisa2 says:

        I guess people aren’t suppose to be smart enough to read into what is obvious. Sad that this comes from grown ass women.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        What is this “obvious” of which you speak?

  12. Luca76 says:

    So cute. They obviously love their mom a ton.

  13. carrie says:

    So adorable.

    I love that you know she knew she won (or she’d never have gone), but probably kept the girls in suspense, so they could have that moment of surprise and joy when her name was called. I mean, if you’re 8 or 10, who cares about an Oscar, but omg, a Kids’ Choice Award is the coolest!

    • Thinker says:

      Very true. Angie let them have their excitement. It’s really sweet to see how much the girls love their mother, and all three of them are such beautiful women.

      Heart warming moment from the Jolie-Pitts!

    • tifzlan says:

      That is the cutest gif! They’re so happy and excited for their mom!

    • Lady D says:

      Thanks for the pics, carrie.

  14. minx says:

    Love these pictures.

  15. Maya says:

    Stunning woman and beautiful daughters.

    They say a picture tells the truth and here is clearly shows that Angelina loves her children and they love and adore her back. No matter how good an actress/actor you are – you cannot fake this kind of glow and love, especially children cannot fake it.

    I read somewhere the new line of attack from the haters is that Angelina prefers her biological children because in one of the pictures she has her arms around Shiloh and not Zahara. Never mind the fact that there are tons of pictures Angelina hugging Zahara and even videos showing how she repeatedly hugs both in turn. Seriously – some people need to get a life.

    Another I noticed is how they attack a child and that Shiloh wants to be called John. Brad said when Shiloh was 2 years old that she was going through a Peter Pan faze – that’s the only thing both Brad & Angelina have ever said about Shiloh and yet people attack her and even now demands that Shiloh to be called John. Infact Brad and Angelina calls her Shiloh in interviews and says she. Seriously – what is wrong with people?

    I know the JPs don’t brother with the media but this time I want them to make a statement declaring that it is wrong and that they will sue anyone who writes differently. It’s a child we are talking about..

    • Rhea says:

      Now they said that Jolie prefers her biological children? But I thought those people know the family personally and always said that Jolie hates Shiloh hence she’s calling Shiloh a blob and forcing her to dressing up like a boy. 😉

  16. Talie says:

    Shiloh looks a lot like Voight as she gets older. Those genes are strong!

  17. Brittney B says:

    She did a little magic at the end of the speech, too!

    I know the winners are informed ahead of time for shows like these, but it looks like Angie didn’t tell her kids… such genuine surprise and joy. What a good mom! And she really does look the most beautiful when she’s with them.

  18. Jen43 says:

    I watch this with my 3 kids. I couldn’t believe that she actually showed up for this. I love her so much.

  19. Esmom says:

    I don’t know how many middle schoolers will hear Angie’s speech but hopefully someone will take some comfort in her words that it’s ok, even cool, to be different. Having one in middle school and one that just went through middle school, the insistence among the kids for conformity is breathtakingly depressing. Such a struggle for kids who don’t naturally fit the accepted mold, because kids that age are just so brutal. Good for her for sending such an important message.

    • Jen43 says:

      Two of mine are in middle school. I commented that it was a great message, but of course, my daughter picked up on the part about causing trouble. Haha

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I see it with my little sister a lot. She swears up and down that she is SO different from them (and not just about ethnicity), but she, her friends, and the other girls that she considers to be her worst enemy–but they all act the same (talk trash about each other, for talking trash about each other), and dress the same (sweatpants, tank tops, and high buns with headbands)……

      • Esmom says:

        Exactly, I think the girls are more afraid to be different at that age, from what I can observe. Although a boy in one of my son’s classes decided he wanted to dress up and wear a tie every day and seriously he is a laughingstock. So appalling how the kids can’t handle ANY differences.

        I’ve found that once they reach high school there are more outlets for those who march to their own drummers. Although I wouldn’t say non-comformity is exactly embraced among the masses there either. I look at all the kids (at a football game, for example) desperately jockeying for social position and it makes me so sad and relieved that I’m not a teen anymore! And glad that my son is on the field with the band instead of in the stands with the kids trying so hard to be relevant.

      • Tarsha_ says:

        And unfortunately those kids who can’t handle any differences grow up to be the same as adults, unless something happens and they have a change of attitude.

    • Jayna says:

      There’s a lot of singers and actors or actresses that talk about it’s okay to be different that are in their 20s that the kids watch or listen to. That message is out there a lot coming from younger stars to their fans.

  20. BNA FN says:

    I’m so happy to see Angie looking well rested and healthy. I belive angle gained some weight and she looked so happy with her girls. The sisters were over the moon for their mother’s win. Shi is a mixture of her parents, Angie’s lips and eyes, Brad’s nose and eye color. ZZ is a beautiful girl with a joyous spirit. Looking at pictures it’s obvious the children adores their mother.

    @Dash, I have seen the nonsense about Shi wants to be John. I thinking this nonsense is coming from a few trolls from FF site running from site to site spreading lies while changing names or monikers to make it appears a lot of people posting this nonsense. Its so sad when grown people main enjoyment in life is harassing children or a certain child. There are lots of very sick people on the Internet harassing others because they can hide behind their computer which is what a coward would do.

    • Artemis says:

      The John thing is all over the internet . Every now and then, tabloids rehash the story so people think it’s recent when it’s not. People who hate Jolie use it as another way to attack her because she’s forcing Shiloh to be a boy and some LGBT people are invested in calling her gender neutral terms and praising the JPs parenting style.

      But it’s not wrong or sick if Shiloh wanted to be a boy.

      On a last note, don’t you think it’s equally disturbing when stans assume things about the children? Even if it’s meant in a positive way? I’ve seen stans say Shiloh looks like a woman (mature, wise beyond her years), speculate about who she’s going to date when she grows up, assign personality traits to her that were never discussed by either of her parents. Like, you can complain about a lot of stuff but stans need to see their own disturbing behaviour. Acting like they know that child.

      • Paige says:

        The stans talking about Shiloh or any of the Jolie Pitt kids like they know them is beyond weird. I find it disturbing, but to be honest it hasn’t had the same impact. Shiloh will probably never read the weird things stans write about her. The John story has had a bigger impact and imagine parents at Shiloh’s school reading about the John story in Cosmo magazine. They read it and then their kids hear about it. Kids are cruel. The John Jolie -Pitt story is really getting out of handle. Some random person on Twitter argued with me and insulted me, because I said Shiloh is a girl and her name is Shiloh not John.

      • Artemis says:

        The children don’t go to school and if Jolie and Pitt insist on keeping their lifestyle (lots of travel), then they never will.

        Either way, the gossip about her assumed gender identity is still damaging and I do agree about the impact. I also see a difference as the John thing is a legit gossip angle that makes them money seeing how so many outlets pick it up and run with it every now and then. Which is disgusting and totally unnecessary no matter what their intent. The accessibility and the chances of Shiloh reading that bile, is higher than reading comments of stans yes but that still doesn’t make stans’ comments less gross.

        They cannot criticize one thing and then be too intrusive themselves. At the end of the day, adults are putting comments out there about a child which is crossing the line, whether you’re an individual consuming and partaking in gossip or a magazine trying to make money. I like my gossip a lot but one thing I don’t do, is project my assumptions onto a child on the internet. Keep that crap to yourself.

        The stans are supposed to be ‘better’ but have shown they’re quite hypocrite. They still consume gossip about this family, they are part of the machine they’re criticizing and make up their own gossip too, no matter how cute they think that is. They are just as selfish in their indulgences at the cost of a child.

      • Paige says:

        I do remember Brad or Angelina saying in an interview once, that their children are homeschooled. However, there were pics of them at a soccer game a few weeks ago. They obviously hang out with other children and have interactions, which means they are still exposed to kids that have parents who read gossip magazines and other magazines. I think gossip on the internet is bad and Brad and Angelina can protect their kids from that, but when you start seeing it in popular magazines like Cosmo it’s beyond ridiculous. Many people don’t follow gossip on the internet and aren’t aware of sites like this, however if they see it being printed in a legit magazine it does damage. To stans fawning over their children, it is creepy, especially when they give them personality traits. Also, just commenting on here and talking about their children is being intrusive. If you don’t want to be a hypocrite, you have to completely stay away from posts like this and sites that publish celebrity kids pics.

      • dottie says:

        People slam the Jenner sisters for being home schooled, but there’s no problem with the Jolie-Pitt kids getting it? The Jolie-Pitt kids travel quite a bit so a tutor probably would go along

      • Peppa says:

        I think ANYONE being overly invested in these children’s lives is weird. They are children whose parents are public figures. No one knows if Shiloh is beyond her years or if Zahara is a little mother hen. I hate the speculation about Shiloh being transgender. She is a little girl who likes boys clothes, who cares? I also have to say that I disagree that it’s her haters who are pushing the John thing. Her haters say that Angie forces Shiloh to dress like that so that they will have a transgender child. Trans advocates are the ones who are pressuring articles to change her name from Shiloh to John. When I argued with someone about this, she said that it is better to use John and gender neutral pronouns until John makes a formal announcement. When I told her that the John thing came from an interview years ago when the child was two and that Angie and Brad use female pronouns and call her Shiloh, she said it didn’t matter and it is best to err on the side of caution. This person is a trans woman and calls herself an advocate. She isn’t an Angie hater at all. In fact she praises her as an amazing mother who lets her child be herself. Buuutt she wants to use Shiloh as an example and that is wrong. The speculation on this child is beyond weird.

  21. Catelina says:

    Shiloh definitely has Brad’s chipmunk cheeks haha. Love her t shirt. On a slightly unrelated note, is Angelina officially going by Jolie-Pitt now? I saw something to that effect on some other site last night. Maybe it was already reported here and I missed it.

    • insomniac says:

      The byline on her Times editorial about her surgery was “Angelina Jolie Pitt.”

  22. BNA FN says:

    I’m so happy to see Anlooking well rested, healthy and beautiful. I believe Angie gained some weight, she looked so happy with her girls. The sisters were over the moon for their mother’s win. Shi is a mixture of her parents, beautiful little girl. She has Angie’s lips and eyes, Brad’s nose and eye color. ZZ is a beautiful girl with a joyous spirit, you can see the love she has for her mom. Looking at pictures it’s obvious the children adores their mother.

    @Dash, I have seen the nonsense about Shi wants to be John. I thinking this nonsense is coming from a few trolls from FF site running from site to site spreading lies while changing names or monikers to make it appears a lot of people posting this nonsense. Its so sad when grown people main enjoyment in life is harassing children or a certain child. There are lots of very sick people on the Internet harassing others because they can hide behind their computer which is what a coward would do.

    • norah says:

      when cosmo decides to run a story calling shiloh john it is definitely not funny at all!~

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        It certainly isn’t. I predict “Cosmo” will print a retraction very soon.

  23. serena says:

    Beautiful mother and daughters!! I love seeing pics of them laughing, hugging and being themself (as opposed to being flashed by paparazzi at the airport and such). Lovely and beautiful family!
    And yes, Shiloh is Brad’s carbon copy!

    • MrsBPitt says:

      When Shiloh was younger, I used to think “wow, she looks exactly like Angie”…In the picture above, I thought, “wow, she looks just like Brad”! Either way, she is beautiful! Of course, all their children are beautiful, because happiness and being loved, just shine through their faces!

    • jen2 says:

      I think it is all in the angle of the photo. Some days, it is wow, Angelina gave birth to a little Brad with her lips, then other days, it is Shiloh is Angelina with Brad’s nose. She is a great mix of both. She and the other kids, when photographed in a natural setting (not by a pap) are always so happy. I also don’t remember seeing any pap photos of them at this event, as they did not do the carpet. Just nice photos all around.

  24. Naddie says:

    Her girls are beautiful, it’s a rest for tired eyes. And the most interesting is, they have different kinds of beauty.
    About being different, it’s cool, but it hurts. Until you build up some self-esteem, it hurts like hell.

  25. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    It’s crazy how amazing her skin is. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen this woman with a pimple…..

    • Naddie says:

      I have seen once, and I was surprised.

    • jesse says:

      You look at her so much you notice a pimple?

      • Naddie says:

        It’s not that I don’t love looking at her, but I actually saw it in a blog, some years ago. It was those “before/after make up” posts.

      • FLORC says:

        Yes. We monitor all photos to scan for imperfections.

        This thread didn’t last long without the negatives creeping in.
        For the record that shot with her and her girls is adorable. Z and Shi are gorgeous girls!

    • Naddie says:

      What a hell. I said I’ve seen a pimple ONCE in the woman’s face. This is not “creepin in”, I just said I was surprised because I do think her skin looks great and that’s it. Angelina is awesome, but some of her fans are pretty crappy.

      • lisa2 says:

        I’ve seen pictures of her with blotchy skin.. but damn who doesn’t have blotchy skin once in a while. She really does have great skin. You can see it in her neck and shoulder area too.

        regarding the fans.. let me say that fans are pretty sensitive. As a long timer I can say that my radar is always up. There are posters on some sites that talk about how they have been banned from this site because of the comments they made. So they post a comment with some subtle shade to get the comment to go through. Acting as if they are asking an innocent question or referencing something they know to be false and based on some tabloid. So many of the fans are just guarded and maybe reading some post as something they really aren’t. But after so many years of very nasty and vile attacks on Angie and her family.. well we fans may see things a bit differently. We have had to read things that I myself wouldn’t say about a mass murderer.

  26. insomniac says:

    Those girls are just beautiful and they all look so radiantly happy. This was nice to see this morning.

  27. xboxsucks says:

    Seriously, there we so damn happy for her
    it made this crappy award 24788977x better
    That was really sweet

  28. Tarsha_ says:

    Her message about being different is very important. Very very important. But I fear the people who need to hear it most have closed their minds and their hearts. I read so many people say they don’t like Angelina, because she is weird, has tattoos, was wild, etc. So? does that make her a bad person? When did people start to fear difference like this? The world would be boring if we were all the same. Its ok to not be a carbon copy of the cookie cutter person/celeb. Its ok to be different. Our children need to be taught this. There is no shame in being different. Only shame in being xenophobic, narrow-minded and bigoted.

  29. Jayna says:

    Adorable picture when she won.

    Shiloh is the almost the spitting image of a young Jon Voight with his big blue eyes when he was younger, a little Brad thrown in.

    • Hissyfit says:

      You nailed it! She is all Jon Voight with a little Brad mix in!

      That photo of them hugging is priceless. and wow, Jolie is absolutely gorgeous! She’s got the best skin ever!

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Have you ever Googled pictures of Brad Pitt as a boy? People forget that Brad has blue eyes, full cheeks, and full lips that seem more pronounced in pictures of him as a boy. 🙂 Shiloh has her dad’s facial structure, his nose, her mom’s lips and her dad’s hair.

      • Beep says:

        Have you ever googled young Jon Voight? She has Brad’s eyebrows but the rest -including the hair- is young Jon voight.

      • Solanaceae (Nighty) says:

        Stop arguing .. here’s a picture of Angie when she was just a kid… Shiloh looks so much like her..

      • Jackie says:

        If Shiloh looks like Jon Voight, she looks like her mother. Angelina looks like Jon Voight as a child. I’ve seen several pics of Angie as a child. Angelina looks like both her parents. She is a combo. She has her father’s bone structure and eye shape, the rest is her mother. Same with Shiloh. She looks like her dad, but with her mother’s lips and eyes. If she looks like Jon, then she looks like her mother.

    • Ennie says:

      She looks like both of them. Angelina is also a great mixture of both her parents, and she looks sometimes a lot like her mom, and some other times she looks like her dad, especially with a fuller face.
      Shiloh, IMO, has her dad’s eyebrows, and a mix of voight’s and dad’s face structure. She clearly has the light body build of AJ (my opinion after seeing her in her soccer game outfit), and Brad’s cheeks of course!
      She seems that she’s going to be a tall young lady. She is absolutely beautiful, and Zahara too.
      In the twins I think I see more clearly the different family members looks.
      B and A have a beautiful family, and they seem very close and happy.

  30. Suzy from Ontario says:

    It’s so sweet the way her girls are beaming with happiness and excitement! You can tell they are genuinely thrilled. I love how happy they are! And bravo for Angie’s speech on being different! If it helps even one child feel less alone and gives them hope for the future… too many kids feel different and isolated and too many people equate different with bad or wrong. It’s not, it’s different and interesting and creative, and without people like that nothing would ever move forward. If everyone thought the same way, no new discoveries would ever be made, no new inventions! Yay for different!

  31. AlmondJoy says:

    Such a beautiful family 😍

  32. Ramoxb says:

    I just love her vibe of being present, enjoying her family and and sharing it with the rest of us. It’s meaningful and sweet and I really admire her for handling everything with such grace and strength making it look effortlessly when it actually involves unspoken amounts of effort. I hope she will have a long full of love and moments like this life, because she really deserves it. And that is all I chose to focus on.

  33. wendi says:

    Anyone recall who came up with the “Chosen One” tag for Shiloh? I recall seeing it all the time when she was younger and saw the reference in a blog again recently. Don’t get it and it’s creepy and inappropriate.
    Shiloh is gorgeous btw.

    • pwal says:

      Lainey uses it a lot; maybe she originated it.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Uh, isn’t it a rough translation of the name? Shiloh means “he who is to be sent”, aka the Messiah. I don’t know that one person in particular coined it – “messiah” to “chosen one” is a pretty obvious jump. I always thought the tabloids might’ve intentionally gone with “chosen one” rather than outright calling her “messiah” to avoid offending religious types. “The chosen one” makes it sound more like a Buffy joke and less like a religious joke.

      • candice says:

        This is the first time I read about the biblical reference. And all this time I was giving full credit – for what it’s worth – to that Canadian blogger Lainey.

  34. lemon says:

    Is she looking a little refreshed? Whatever she is having done it is top shelf.

    • Maya says:

      I think she is gaining weight with the menopause treatment which is making her face look younger again.

      Her skin has always been flawless but I think all of the nutrition and natural remedies, she mentioned in her co ed, she has been taken is giving that extra glow.

      Or she could have done something subtle – never know.

  35. Lucky Charm says:

    You can just FEEL their excitement and happiness! Congratulations to Angelina, but I’m sure her biggest win of the night was seeing the love and joy from her daughters.

  36. Paige says:

    Beautiful pics. I love the video of the girls excitement when their mama won. How sweet 🙂

  37. Ohlala says:

    Omg! Look at the face of Zahara of total happiness and Shilohs look of surprise! They hug their mom like cling wrap!

  38. Angie says:

    This is so cute. One thing I love about her is that she seems to really ENJOY being a mom. 🙂

  39. ilovesunnydaze says:


  40. Vampi says:

    This woman is amazing! My hubby (Of 28 years) and I have a game of “If this famous person wanted me…I’d go!”! He chose Angelina! I said.. “Me too!”…You should have seen his face!!!!!

  41. pnichols says:

    great night, great speech. her kids were sooo over the moon happy. but I felt worried. she looked pale to me, sickly. 🙁 hoping she’s ok. 🙂

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @pnichols, who wrote: “I felt worried. she looked pale to me, sickly. hoping she’s ok.”

      I take it you missed the news last week about Angelina Jolie’s recent surgery to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, all within the last 3-weeks.

      • pnichols says:

        I did not know. Like I said, I hope she is ok. said it out of concern, not judgment.

  42. Arlene says:

    No, she doesn’t.

    • BNA FN says:

      @Arlene, I have to agree with you, Angelina does not look sickly to me. In fact, she looked really beautiful, happy and healthy Saturday at the KCA. I believe she gained a little weight. They all looked so happy and joyful.

      • jen2 says:

        I think folks forget that neither she or Brad go the Hollywood fake tan route any more and that both are relatively fair in complexion naturally. She wears those huge hats when she is outside to protect her skin as well. I think they both put extra heavy duty sun block on the bio babies too because even though they seem to spend a great deal of time outside, they never look “tanned”. I am sure all six young ones get sun block protection to prevent future problems. She, all three of them actually looked like their normal selves and great to me.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I don’t tan, I burn quite easily, so I’m almost always a lovely shade of pale white. I can understand why some people think without a tan you must be sick, I’ve heard those comments, too. I’ve been asked before why I’m wearing white pantyhose in the summer – I was bare legged. It doesn’t bother me anymore, because at least I don’t look old and wrinkled and leathery, and won’t die of skin cancer. I was shocked at my class reunion to see what some of my (former) classmates looked like after years of tanning. Why would someone willingly do that to themselves if the end result is looking so much older than you really are? I tried the self-tanner once…never again! I didn’t wait a couple of hours between coats to actually see any color. The result was…well, I looked like a sunburned tiger, lol!

  43. naturegirl says:

    My Lady looks gorgeous healthy and happy but Shiloh n Zahara excitement when she won…..Priceless.

  44. Lucky Charm says:

    Not sure if this has already been brought up, but Angelina’s “wins” keep on coming:

    Angelina Jolie has been crowned the nation’s top feminist icon, beating the most legendary living voice of women’s rights, Germaine Greer. The Maleficent actress beat The Female Eunuch author in the nationwide poll for her extraordinary work, like campaigning against rape as a weapon of war in her role as UN Special Envoy.
    In second place – and following in Jolie’s footsteps as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador – is Emma Watson, who recently launched the HeForShe campaign for gender equality.

    Here is the link:

  45. Iheartgossip says:

    So wonderful to read positive comments. The d list sure is full of hate for Angie, but man oh man they fall over themselves loving Jen. It’s very ugly over there.

    Having said that – how adorable are the girls here. You can see their happiness and love for their momma.

    • lisa2 says:

      The more positive the stories are about her; the nastier they get. They can’t stand if anyone likes her. Or compliments her. Never understood the low and filthy comments they make. It is one thing to not like someone but some of them are truly scary and need to check themselves. You would think Angie committed mass murder.

  46. Aubree says:

    This reminds me of a quote; Most children think that they are Devils playing at being Angels, when in fact it is the opposite.

  47. zut alors! says:

    These pics are are the best! Zahara & Shiloh clearly had the time of their lives! Great to see they were able to bring some friends along. I bet this KCA outing tops meeting QE at Buckingham Palace and the Pope at the Vatican. Angie looks great and those are some serious cfm shoes. I also liked the little wiggle she did when she was walking to the podium. I had always hoped she would show up to an awards show like this one and this exceeded my expectations. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  48. Tiff says:

    This is my favorite story of the day!

  49. Talita says:

    This is awesome and I love it! They look so happy!