Zayn Malik’s 1D escape details revealed as a new mistress comes forward

One Direction

We talked last week about the overwhelming hysteria over Zayn Malik quitting One Direction in the middle of a world tour. Zayn made a huge fuss about wanting to be “a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight.” Then he hit the recording studio the next day to work on his solo album. There are new photos of Zayn hanging with his producer, Naughty Boy, outside the studio. Zayn looked quite pleased with himself in the pics and gave a little smile to the camera. No wonder the 1D boys felt “misled.”

A source close to Zayn spoke with Now magazine about Zayn’s new music. He’s “been writing for a while now” and already laid down two tracks. Zayn’s new sound? It will be “very slowed down R&B and quite sexual” and different from 1D’s pop tunes.

How was Zayn able to extricate himself so easily from the band? A new report from The Sun (via the Mail) says Simon Cowell had designs: “Simon was very understanding about him leaving the band but quickly made it clear he would stay a Syco artist for his future projects.” So he’s still under Simon’s thumb, and Billboard adds that the remaining members of 1D are stuck. They have to do at least two more albums as a 4-piece band, and they’ll probably receive less money now that Zayn’s gone. Billboard also has more theories on Zayn’s maneuvers:

Billboard’s forthcoming 2014 Money Makers list, an annual compilation of the top earners in U.S. recorded music and touring, will report One Direction at No. 1 for the first time, with a total take of $42 million. That’s why Malik’s label management team has already positioned him for a future as a solo act: Malik is signed to Syco as a group member and individually. A “leaving member clause” in the band’s deal allows the act to continue as a foursome, and it also offers the label the option to pick up Malik’s contract as a solo artist.

The remaining 1D four-piece still owes two more albums to Sony as part of a three-album renewal inked in 2013. Beyond that, “the theory is, because there are fewer members in the group, the label should pay less [of an advance for future work] because they’re likely to be less viable,” explains attorney Doug Davis, principal at The Davis Firm, whose clients include Lil Jon and Swizz Beatz. “But if Zayn is properly represented, he will negotiate a more substantial solo deal than the percentage he’s entitled to as part of a group.”

Malik had been withdrawn from the band for months, suffering from what one source calls “terrible anxiety” (for which he allegedly took medication) and dropping out of a key promotional appearance for Four on NBC’s Today in Orlando, Fla., in fall 2014. “There have been rumors of substance abuse,” hinted Today host Matt Lauer of Malik’s illness excuse. Indeed, another source contends, “Zayn wasn’t sick when he missed Orlando … he’s had one foot out the door since then.” Offers a third, well-placed insider: “He just didn’t want to do it anymore.”

[From Billboard]

I feel rude for saying this, but dude’s been planning his exit for awhile. We’ve heard tales of Zayn’s discomfort onstage and how he was uncomfortable with being super famous. But his shady behavior since leaving the band doesn’t jibe.

Perrie Edwards and Zayn are still together. Fans are still angry because Perrie had the nerve to smile in public after Zayn quit the band. She may not be smiling for long. DListed has steamy details of a Swedish model claiming to be yet another tour hookup of Zayn. This girl’s story may or may not be legit, but it adds to the growing pile of cheating allegations. Perrie may not care. She and Zayn were mansion hunting over the weekend and “plan to marry as soon as possible.” Guuurl, dump him.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. mimif says:

    He has the best hair out of all the 19 continents.

  2. inner stillness says:

    He’s a gorgeous young man.

  3. MissBB says:

    I can’t with his hair. When a guy has too much of a ‘fabricated’ hair style, he looses his sex appeal to me. But maybe that’s different for teenage girls, which I’m not.

    • maeliz says:

      I’m with you. His hair looks like a plop of thick, maybe fake hair. I’m in my late 30’s, and I find other things sexy than teens would

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      He seems as if he spends a lot of time staring in the mirror, that’s for sure.

    • Beep says:

      Harry styles wishes he had that hair. Unfortunately Harry is balding.

      • FLORC says:

        Swifty’s hex must have stuck.

        Zayn’s hair makes me think “sleaze”. This break from 1D could have gone 2 ways. Great success that more than his music demo knows his name or total flop with those outside his music demo knowing his name.

  4. lolalulu says:

    I know little to nothing about the 1D boys. But I always thought that Harry would be the one that Simon would push for a solo career. Wasn’t he the long time favorite?

    • Brin says:

      I thought the same. It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

    • inner stillness says:

      I remember seeing them on a BBC music award show years ago and thinking this guy was the real star in that group.

      I never got the hype with Harry Styles.

      P.S. Not sure why but I hated Harry Styles hair, speaking of hair. Lol

    • Kiki04 says:

      I’m the same. I only peripherally know about them (like their music on the radio that’s as far as it goes) and always thought Harry was the one that would be the breakout star?

  5. Green Is Good says:

    “Mansion hunting”? Perrie isn’t going anywhere.

    • inner stillness says:

      Word. Lol
      She’s planting her feet.

    • pleaseicu says:

      Zayn should just start buying homes in bulk. To cover himself for the future. Perrie can have a home on every block in London.

  6. StormsMama says:

    His hair in the pic with the skinny tie though

  7. Farah says:

    He wasn’t happy with the music. All the boys have written songs for their album since their second one. Zayn was the only one who never got writing credit. And it’s not because he didn’t write. His ideas always got shut down. It was clear he wasn’t happy about the direction the band was going.

    He probably told Simon, and they planned for him to leave after the tour. But then the cheating scandal happened, and they were forced to pull out earlier. It’s clear this wasn’t planned. Cue the phony “stress and mental illness” angle from the Sun (1D and Simon’s favorite tabloid). They all thought he’d be back, and Zayn took this as chance to really leave. I believe the boys were taken back. They probably knew he was thinking about leaving, but never thought he’d actually do it. Now the boys are trashing him in People. And Zayn has the same PR team as One Direction, so they are all throwing him under the buss.

    PS he is a POS for the cheating.

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Yo, do we know for sure if it’s true? Girl-in-every-city is something they like to say about lots of male performers.

    • Anna says:

      The boys never Zayn when he was the victim of a lot of racism and islamophobia but Zayn always defended them when people criticized them for the smallest things. I’m not surprised Zayn left because I know I would be really upset and hurt if none of my friends ever stood up for me.

  8. Sixer says:

    Ok. I don’t understand it proper-like.

    Is this is it? Only one of them could bugger off and make a solo career, contract-wise, so Zayn has beaten Harry to it?

    • M.A.F. says:

      I read it as him being the only one to get the individual clause.

      And these 1D kids are younger than I originally thought. I figured they were in their mid-twenty’s.

    • Sarah1 says:


    • pleaseicu says:

      Simon has first crack at any of the guys’ solo endeavors. They basically signed two contracts. One for the band and one for their solo music. Simon’s just invoking Zayn’s solo contract since he wants to go solo right now. He’s jamming Zayn up from jumping to another label and getting a better solo deal.

      Honestly, Harry will have a much easier time going solo now, when he chooses to do it. Wouldn’t shock me if that’s why Simon is so okay with Zayn doing this the way he is and being so messy.

      Harry will get praised for leaving the band and fans the “right” way and doing the other guys in the group right and honoring the fans by sticking out his remaining contractual obligations before going solo. He’ll have a ton of goodwill and support for any of his solo endeavors.

      Zayn is taking all of the heat publicly for dumping the guys and not telling them to their faces he was leaving. He’s coming across smug and callous instead of stressed or relieved that he can lead a “normal” 22 year old life now. The more details that come out of his leaving the shadier his actions seem.

      Heck, the guy left his COUSIN back with the other guys when he ran off. He had his cousin on tour with him and didn’t even clue the guy in so he could leave before the ish hit the press. It really does seem like Zayn just ran off one day and didn’t tell anyone he was leaving and quitting until after the fact and everyone else has been stuck cleaning up his mess since then.

    • Sixer says:

      I read it as Cowell made the calculation he could get more solo money from Malik than he could from Styles, therefore Malik left first. Or, alternatively, Cowell calculated that Malik was so fed up that he risked losing income from the foursome if he let Styles go first. Either way, it seems to have been a financial decision by Cowell.

      But then, I’m cynical.

      • mimif says:

        We should run a DNA test on Cowell. I’m pretty sure he’s distantly related to Beelzebub.

      • Bridget says:

        All the boys probably have solo contracts as well as the group contracts. Simon’s been around the block long enough to know that boy bands don’t last forever and it was inevitable that someone would leave to pursue a solo act, and planned accordingly. It sounds like this kid was DONE, and that as Cowell already had the contract in place why go through battling with him publicly (and probably expensively) to complete the1D contract when he’s already locked down as a solo act? Now’s he’s got 2 acts from that initial investment.

      • Jessie says:

        Zayn is still under Simon’s control. 1D’s obligated to produce two more albums. One album is supposed to come out in the Winter and the other album, most people think will be a greatest hits. So, when Harry goes solo, he can go off and sign anywhere he pleases and won’t be tied to Simon at all.

    • MinnFinn says:

      I’m confused too. IIRC Simon said they liked all of these boys but none of them had the IT factor to be solo acts so they created 1D for them.

  9. ReinDeer says:

    He’s starting to look unhealthily skinny in pictures. I’m wondering if stress/substance abuse really did have something to do with him leaving. Not that I really care. (flashback to BSBs big announcement about AJ going to rehab on TRL. Oh wow, did that date me?)

    • We Are All Made of Stars says:

      Nah. I remember it too! Then again, I also remember New Kids and can’t wear for inch heels anymore…..

    • Caz says:

      My theory is Zayn was kicked out for substance abuse and Simon has given him a solo contract to cover it up. Massive PR cover up continues.

  10. Tig says:

    Well, he alledgely cheats on the fiancée, and wasn’t totally honest/candid with his bandmates- sterling character all around! ID’s shelf life was about up anyway, so prob a wake up call for the survivors!

  11. Sisi says:

    If he’s still under Simon’s control, could it be that he was ordered to immediately resume working? Idk… considering the stories about ruthless scheduling by the 1d managing side he apparently is still tied to, I cannot see them suddenly change now that Malik stepped out of the band.

    all the info coming out seems all over the place. He’s exhausted but continues working, he doesn’t want that exact 1d life but resumes with the exact same people, he hates dancing but wants to be an artist like Chris Brown, etc. The pr on this whole thing was been amateurish and cheap at best. Tbh I expected better from Simon Cowell.

  12. kri says:

    It’s like he Katie Holmes’d them or something. God, he is gorgeous.

  13. Dani L. says:

    I hate myself for saying this but I just might give his R&B album a listen whenever it comes out. I think he can pull it off. I know very little about 1D but it seems to me that he was never happy with the bubble gum pop act and I don’t blame him for wanting out. He also has amazing hair and bone structure but he’s a POS for his wandering genitals. But then again she stays so I don’t know, maybe she doesn’t care.

    Pure mess lol

  14. M.A.F. says:

    Cute guy but he looks as if he could cry at the drop of a hat.

  15. Naddie says:

    “Very slowed down R&B and quite sexual”. Soooo original and interesting…. *yawns*.

  16. Mindrew says:

    You know what? The more and more I hear about his departure, the more I think it was a calculated move on Simon Cowell’s part. With Zayn gone from the group, he now has TWO separate musical acts, and the more ‘viable’ solo performer in the general audiences eyes is now stuck in the band until the contract is fulfilled (I’m almost 50 and I know nothing of their music and I have two boys, so 1D is NOT a part of my life in any way, and the only member of that band I could have named from a photo would be Harry – because he seems to be the most ‘famous’ of the band to complete outsiders).

    The way that Simon immediately came out and said Zayn was still under contract and he was already in the studio last week makes me think that Simon and Syco had this all in the works for a while. He KNOWS boy bands have a short shelf life. And I’ll be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me for Simon to dump the lot when his latest venture takes off.

    • Betti says:

      Zayn was the only who had a decent singing voice – hence why he’s the one that Simon has backed. He’s Ginger Spice – she was the only one to have a decent solo career, the rest of them tanked.

      • Mindrew says:

        I feel bad for all once Simon gets bored with them. If he can make ‘Menudo 3.0’ work, he won’t give a rats ass for any of these guys anymore.

      • pleaseicu says:

        Simon owns all of their solo work though. He has since day 1. He didn’t sign Zayn after he quit or cherry pick him to go solo. Zayn was already signed to Simon.

        It’s not like Zayn left Simon much choice. What do they do? Take him to court and spend millions to get a few million out of him? And risk having their management decisions put on trial as well? Or, do what they did, let Zayn go, force him to pay a few million in penalty for leaving early, and jam him up and prevent him jumping to another label by invoking the solo contract Zayn signed years ago. This way he keeps making money off of One Direction and potentially makes money off of Zayn.

      • Franca says:

        I might be wrong, but didn’t Mel C sell the most records post Spice Girls?

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        More like they’re hoping he’ll be the Robbie Williams of 1D. The thing is, that happens once a decade at most. Robbie Williams and Justin Timberlake. That’s it. Some girl/boy group performers have had decent careers but not necessarily in music and if they did, that music career didn’t last all that long. It’s impossible to tell who will be the stand-out star once the group is done. Nobody – and I mean nobody – thought back in 1995 that Robbie Williams would have this career. Everyone thought maybe Gary Barlow, Mark Owens. Not RW. They’re all saying Styles has the most potential but you know what? Impossible to tell. He has charisma out the wazoo but that might translate better to film or TV.

        Who knows what happens now. Except that Simon Cowell will continue to own everybody. God, this man is a shady f*ck but he is an excellent businessman.

      • Beep says:

        I thought sporty spice had a decent voice and solo career too. It’s funny how the least talented one is the most famous. *cough*posh spice*cough*

    • Gina says:

      @mindrew I think you have a point.

  17. Miss M says:

    After all the 1D drama, I went to check their performances that got them there… He was one of the few ones who could actually sing. It was painf to watch Louis sing.

  18. natty says:

    What do you want, in Hebrew “zayn” means “dick”. This ship is sailing according to its name.

  19. EC says:

    Wow. Sounds like Zayn got the good end of the stick here. He will eat it, publicity wise, for a while but it sounds like he has set himself up as a solo artist pretty well. I’m still trying to work out who the “Justin Timberlake” of this band is. Harry? I wish I could fast forward ten years to see what they all are up to.

    • Gina says:

      Justin is way too talented to be compared to Harry who doesn’t have that kind of talent. Justin can sing and move. Harry isn’t even the best singer in 1D. Harry is more of robbie Williams of take that type. He’s not a great singer or talent but he has the personality and thirst for fame.

      • Beep says:

        Harry is the baby spice talent wise but posh spice personality wise… or something like that. Lol

    • Sisi says:

      honestly I think you can compare them better to BSB, meaning many will try for solo success but none will succeed.

    • Beep says:

      I feel like he jumped ship before Harry had the chance to. Just think if Harry left first everyone would be saying 1d is over and all that crap. They should be happy zayn left before Harry.

  20. embertine says:

    I am but a grumpy old woman and have no idea about any of the 1D boys, but I was pretty shocked to hear that not only has this person been engaged for two years, but 1D have been together for five. HE’S A FOETUS HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE

  21. Gilda says:

    Zayn has the personality of a wet dish cloth. His music would need to be of Adele type standard to make up for his blandness. Then again, women will be his market and women only seem to judge female celebrities harshly. As long as he looks pretty they don’t stay angry – even if he is a cheater. If a female celebrity cheats – every post about them is filled with ‘but she’s a dirty cheater’ Double standards yadayada …

    Harry seems to still love it. He gives it his all at concerts and is enthusiastic – Niall and Liam are the same. Maybe this will give Louis a kick up the bum to stop looking so over it. I think Zayn was a bad influence on him as they are good friends. It was Zayn he was hanging with when he was papped kissing the girl in the pool when he supposedly had a long term girlfriend at home!!

    Does Harry even want to have a solo career? He has other options. Weinstein wants him for movies. He is tight with the Azoffs. His 21st was a who’s who of celebs. He has the popularity and the personality – it’s up to him what he wants to do.

    Zayn is looking shady as f*** right now. Why not leave it a week or 5 to appear to ‘rest’ before he works with Naughty Boy? He is being so open about it. The guys must be pissed at him. They won’t admit it but to bugger off at the start of a world tour without genuine reason is really unclassy and selfish.

    • pleaseicu says:

      Not just his personality but the guy has a horrible work ethic and complete lack of professionalism. He walks out and refuses to return when he’s not feeling something. He mumbles the words to songs when he’s not happy and forced to do something. He refuses to dance. He skips promo stuff and blows fans off. He refuses to talk in interviews or gives one word answers. The other four covered for him a lot but when he’s solo, there is no one to cover for him.

      And honestly, there’s a reason why he was put with the other four guys to begin with. He wasn’t good enough to make it as a solo act. All five were cut from the X Factor as solo acts. The only reason he ever had any success after being cut as a solo act was because Simon/Nicole thought to bring the five back together as a group and it, luckily, worked.

      • Gilda says:

        Agreed. I like him and appreciate that being in the spotlight isn’t for everybody. I do believe that he is a quiet guy who was jaded by the whole non stop boyband train, but don’t just drop your bandmates in it at the beginning of a massive world tour and leave unless it’s genuine illness or personal matters . He could at least have finished the current leg of the tour in South Africa, because they have 2 months off starting next week. Time for the band to rehearse without him and for the fans to acclimatize once the announcement is made. Instead the guys had to go out and face a mourning and melodramatic fanbase that is off it’s hinges at the best of times.

        He left in a huff because he was caught cheating and it was the perfect excuse to jump ship when he didn’t want to be there. I agree about him being unprofessional. In fact, the band were considering firing him at the beginning because of his chronic lateness. His mum had to pull him out of bed the morning of his X Factor audition because he was too lazy to get up. He needs constant babysitting. All of the other guys make an effort in interviews, Zayn just sits there and looks like he is about to fall asleep. It can’t just be down to shyness because he was much more lively at the beginning. He got away with it because the other 4 guys carried him and he does have a good voice. But man, how can the other 4 not be really let down and annoyed with him.

        At least it wasn’t Harry. I think he is the only member who is truly irreplaceable.

    • Beep says:

      Harry will end up being a celebrity DJ…Just watch.

  22. Imtellinu says:

    Wow if that’s true about him being the only one whose writing ideas got shut down and the only one who never got writing credit, then I’m afraid it’s implicit bias at work. It also makes it more plausible that he’s being used as a scapegoat to break up the band and to allow Harry to go solo.

    • Bridget says:

      It could also mean that his writing stinks.

    • pleaseicu says:

      That’s because he wouldn’t join the other guys and collaborate with them or participate until this last album. He spoke right before this current tour started about not getting involved with the writing and music until Four. Zayn only ever offered up one song on Four, and was pissed it wasnt chosen. The other guys offer up multiple songs that get passed over every album. He wasn’t ignored or overlooked.

      Louis/Liam/Niall/Harry write separately and together. Zayn never joined their collaborations and when he wanted to have music included on their last album he went off and worked with Naughty Boy. What they wrote was voted down.

      Because he wanted the band to do R&B/rap/hip hop, which does not suit the band and their demo at all. That’s why his song was outvoted.

  23. Gina says:

    He’s the best singer in the band by far. He’s also incredibly beautiful. It makes sense that cowell wants to keep him as a solo artist. Everyone was expecting It to be Harry to go solo first but he is not as talented ( although he arguably appeals to a larger demographic). I also think Harry enjoys being in the band. I don’t feel sorry for the rest of the guys. I imagine they want to be in that band, or they would have made moves to leave too. He hasn’t wanted for some time, give him his freedom I say. He obviously doesn’t like the music they are doing, it’s like anyone who is stuck in a job they don’t enjoy, why stay if there’s a way out?

    • Lara Morgana says:

      Gina, youy are spot on. Far and away the best singer (followed by Liam) and so beautiful that he hurts the eyes. He was my fav and I want him to do well.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Well, talent and looks aren’t everything, otherwise Justin Timberlake wouldn’t be where he is today. He’s pretty mediocre in every way but he had excellent strategy and picked the best people to work with.

      • Lola says:

        Glad somebody finally said it! I can’t believe Justin is considered the success story of a boybander. I can’t even recall a single hit he had as a solo singer, he just used Britney for attention.
        All the movies he has been in made him a joke, he’s jealous of other child stars, and he often seems desperate for approval.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        To be fair, he IS a huge success. How in hell he ever got to be in so many movies is beyond me, he can act his way through a scene like he can sing and dance. He’s okay. He worked hard on the dancing and it shows but his voice has no range and neither does his acting. Like I said, mediocre but excellent strategy. Now, Robbie Williams? That’s another story. His voice isn’t as great as some people’s but he has charisma that knocks you over.

  24. Jaded says:

    I wonder what his hair product cabinet looks like….actually he probably has a whole room devoted to hair products.

  25. Jessie says:

    Zayn bought a woman to his home and to his and Perrie’s bed. That woman took pictures and it was all over the newspapers a couple of years ago. If that didn’t make her leave him, then nothing will. Good luck to him, because he has zero stage presence and has little to no charisma.

  26. skins says:

    He will have plenty of time to kick back like a normal person when his new album comes out. Because nobody will buy it

  27. Ally.M says:

    I don’t think it matters if is Zayn the best looking, got the best hair or has the best voice, it’s all about charisma and Harry’s got that in bucket loads, he’s always been the one who stands out.

    • Gilda says:

      Zayn is very good-looking but Harry has charm up to his eyeballs. Look at any interview and you can see female reporters of all ages blushing and fidgeting to cover their crush on him (some don’t even try to cover it!), AND Harry is very professional, very polite and is obviously a good looking boy too. He has the best stage presence and can sing. That’s why they work so well as a band. Harry has a deep voice that can do the rockier sings and Zayn has the high range.

      I am way beyond the target demo for this band but i tell ya, Harry Styles makes me pay attention.

      I hope they stay all stay friends and don’t allow the media to create tension between them. They all did genuinely seem to be good friends for a long time. You can see some of them drifting away from each other now (Harry and Louis barely acknowledge each other) but maybe this will bring them back together. It will be interesting to see whatever happens!

      • Cate says:

        Harry and Louis drifted apart due to all the CRAZY Larry shippers, they’re careful not to interact in public, because every interaction would get blown up in seconds on social media. It’s sad really, I’m sure they talk to each other in a normal way BTS.

        But yes, Harry makes one pay attention. #TeamHarry all the way.

      • Gilda says:

        Yeah, the Larry shippers did effect their friendship – it just became so bizarre and OTT, but i think they grew apart as they got older and had different interests. Louis is into his football and (had) a long term girlfriend who he spent his time with in UK, Harry was the single lad around town who made the most of his fame and connections. He spends most of his time in LA now and with the Azoffs. I also think Louis considered himself as a mentor to Harry who was younger and quite reticent at the beginning (he was only 16 fgs!), they moved in together and were bffs with Louis as the leader. Then Harry became the band favorite, matured a lot and didn’t need Louis’ guidance. The dynamic shifted and it made their friendship change. Maybe they are still close away from the cameras, but they literally never hang out together beyond the band. Maybe this will bring them closer. They have to at least interact on stage and interviews now or it’s just gonna be so noticeable.

      • exxie says:

        I am way beyond boy bands too, a long time has passed since new kids. But i love their latest album which they chose the weakest song for cover.

        Also agree with you totally on all your points. Harry is like a one man band on concerts. Non stop charm. And after zayns leave, in Johannesburg there wasnt too much need for zayns voice. They handle themselves well.

        Finally Harry in that angel wings makes me a teenager again and i m not ashamed at all.

      • Cate says:

        @Gilda, yeah, completely agree. A bit more interaction would be nice, but I understand their hesitation.

        @Exxie Embrace your inner Harry fangirl, I so understand! 😉

  28. me says:

    We need to stop believing everything the media publishes. Most of it is untrue. I don’t believe the story about the “new mistress”. It sounds like she read some steamy novel and took a page out of it for her interview lol (which I’m sure she got paid to do). Zayn is NOT able to physically pick up any adult sized girl like that. The guy is very underweight. It’s not a crime to leave a band.

    • Dani L. says:

      I agree about this new “Swedish model mistress.” The story doesn’t sound plausible in the least. Besides the woman in question looking far from 17 years old, he is not capable of picking her up and carrying her to the bed. As you said, he is underweight and also I believe he had a thin frame even before all of the drugs–oops, the STRESS, got to him.

      • me says:

        Yeah he’s always been thin but if you go back to X-Factor days or their first music video you can see how much weight he has lost over the years. No way can he pick up another grown human being !

    • Gilda says:

      It has to be true, why would she risk being sued? She isn’t saying ‘allegedly’ , she said it happened, she gave details even about who was there. He’s a cheater and by the sounds of things he’s a well practiced cheater. It wasn’t a one off.

      • me says:

        I don’t know. People lie all the time. Who knows. Maybe Zayn has some sort of sexual addiction and he left the band because of the temptation? Could you imagine? I wonder if the other boys in the band participate in the same type of behavior. Didn’t Louis and his long time girlfriend just break up too? Anyways, Zayn may have a lot of demons he needs to confront. Or he just wanted out of the group because he hates boy bands and hates the music they sing?

      • Dani L. says:

        I’m well aware that he is a serial cheater. Everyone knows that, even the delusional fan girls. They just make excuses and deny even though there’s plenty of evidence. Why would they waste time suing when

        1. She probably isn’t rich so there’s no money worth suing for

        2. She has no evidence. She just has a picture of her posing with a friend and two Middle Eastern looking guys that are not even Zayn.

        3. No one believes it. Especially his fans and current target audience. They are the only people who matter in regards to his reputation. If they aren’t making a big deal out of it then why bother denying it?

        I’m not defending the guy. I’m not a fan or anything. I just think he’s innocent of this one incident in particular.

  29. Tiffany says:

    One Direction member leaves and it the top story for more than a week. And it has taken a great deal of my attention. Who had thunk it.

  30. Leah says:

    He’s such gorgeous guy geez!
    I can’t really be too judgemental, he is 22 doesnt see his girlfriend for months, at the same time he has women throwing themselves at him. Most 22 year old boys would do the same, he obviously shouldn’t have got engaged in the first place but its as much on his finance at this point. She stays whatever he does like karueche or whatever her name is.

    • Gilda says:

      Would you say the same thing if it was a 22 year old girl cheating on her boyfriend?

      • Leah says:

        Yes. I don’t see why any 22 year old pop star gets engaged. They are on the road most of the year and unless they have a girlfriend or boyfriend that can travel with them this is gonna happen. I am sure he is far from the only one. He is just careless enough to get caught.

    • CK says:

      He is 22 and yet he chooses to be attached to someone that he feels the need to cheat on constantly. That’s screwed up, disrepectful, and completely irresponsible. Most 22 year old boys would not enter an engagement in the first place if they felt like they wanted or needed to sow their wild oats all over the place. No one is going to fault a 22 year old for not being engaged.

  31. Jess says:

    We’ll never know the subtleties of this situation but Zayn definitely doesnt seem like his own best advocate or very persuasive at all. I can imagine his ideas being shut out of group decisions for lyrics, sound etc. Zayn is definitely quieter. Even if you weren’t the quiet sort, it would be hard to get a word in edgewise. They were very energetic, talkative and loud *especially* when they were kids.

    On the other side, there is unprofessionalism here. Leaving in the middle of a world tour! Plus it would be a drag to constantly keep what seems like a moody sensitive personality buoyant. Liam did that for a long time when they were boys and you can still see tinges of that even in recent interviews. I wish the best for all four of them and Zayn’s new musical direction but this is a little bittersweet. It couldn’t last forever but there was definitely a little magic here, a genuine friendship and I think that’s why they became so popular. It was obvious they got on very well, were having loads of fun in their Cinderella story.

  32. Sara says:

    What a cute young man!

    • me says:

      It’s weird how so many people never noticed Zayn’s incredible good looks until he left the group ! That says something doesn’t it? Well I noticed how attractive he was from their very first video. He should model or sell something…anything.

  33. Scri says:

    I know this isn’t the focus of this story, but could you guys just acknowledge that Perrie Edwards has a thriving career of her own? Because she does. As 1/4 of Little Mix (massive in the UK, hitless but tour-worthy in the States) and the acknowledged Big Voice of the band, she’s doing just fine. Whatever relationship status (dump that scrub, boo), she’s not sticking around for his mansion. She could buy her own.

    • Gilda says:

      Little Mix are making peanuts in comparison to 1D. She knows one Little Mix is done so is her music career – who is gonna care for a Perrie Edwards solo career? She’s gagging for that ring on her finger, the financial security and the WAG status. Why else would she put up with the constant cheating? Zayn sounded so smug when he talked about Perrie in The Sun interview – it was like ‘yeah, she’s cool – she’s not going anywhere’

      • Scri says:

        Want to make any more baseless assumptions? All these seem wildly sexist, but please go on.

  34. raincoaster says:

    Come on, come on, there are RULES for things. Rules for gossip blogging.

    If he’s not married, he doesn’t have mistresses. He has girlfriends, one night stands, or escorts.

  35. pato says:

    It will sound mean, but doesn´t that producer looks a bit… sketchy? Maybe I´ve watched too many British movies where the music producers were the bad guys and it´s a stereotype…ha

    the kid is handsome, his eyes are mesmerizing. but he looks too skinny. I can´t remember how Liam and Niall (good God I remember their names! and trust me I am from NKTB time) sing, Harry can´t sing a key sorry, but this guy and Louis were the only ones with a good voice. Doesn´t matter anyway, fans will keep buying their records.

    • exxie says:

      i think you remember the names wrong, because Harry sings 2/3 of the songs and yes he doesnt have the high notes but his voice is stronger than Zayn. And Louis actually has no voice. 🙂

  36. Krishan says:

    Well this escalated quickly.

    The only thing wrong in Zayn’s move to go solo is that the people around him are so damn thirsty to let the world know. I mean, now I’ve been reading this Naughty Boy or whoever has shown a demo Zayn did…all the way back in September 2014.

    How is that helpful to Zayn? It’s like pouring acid on the fans’ wounds. The fans are bitter and grieving and most importantly, they’re feeling very, very protective of the other four boys. Don’t wind them up with these “Zayn always planned to quit, look at his solo work from last year, no need to thank me haha”. That’s gonna backfire big time. The fans will close ranks around the 4 other boys and Zayn will come out the greedy, selfish villain.

    They should let the lawyers duke it out and release the PR spins, like grueling schedules, Zayn wasn’t encouraged to develop and mature like the rest of the group, Zayn was left out by the other four boys, etc.

    Zayn’s production team isn’t doing him any favours. If the smearing comes from somewhere, it should be from One Direction’s management and their fans.

    But Zayn’s team is a mess and has no idea how to cultivate sympathy for him. Lie low and be quiet. Wait a couple of months before Zayn should have been papped going to the studio. Show Zayn looking healthy and happy to prove he was really stressed when he was in the group and had to leave to recuperate. They’re doing it all wrong.

    Anyway, was there any doubt someone big was backing Zayn? You never leave a job unless you have another one already bagged and lined up. He could afford to leave because Simon Cowell probably promised to take on the legal issues for him. Zayn most likely had the contract invalidated/terminated, and probably has to pay fees for that. The only way he is confident in walking away is to have someone supporting him.