Rob Kardashian’s crisis covers Star, Kim ‘doesn’t care if he lives or dies’

Rob Kardashian

Rob and Kim Kardashian’s sibling drama takes the cover of this week’s Star. The title of the story is “Rob hits rock bottom,” and the cover includes an angry Kim warning, “I don’t care if you die.” I don’t know if she truly feels that way, but she’s the type to say something that harsh. As we talked about yesterday, Kim’s super fed up with the family “licking [Rob’s] a**. She thinks he should stop being depressed and overweight and just get some lipo. Because plastic surgery fixes everything.

Some of you noted that Kim’s allowing herself to be portrayed in a terrible light on KUWTK. This is planned on her part, but I think Rob’s plight is all too real. He refuses to be filmed for the show, but the Mail has a new clip where Khloe is seen arguing with him on the phone. Rob’s portion of the call is inaudible, but she’s pleading with him to get help. The thing is … Khloe talks about Rob’s problem in terms of how it affects her: “Do you think it’s fair to do this to me though?” Radar says Rob disappeared last weekend, and no one could locate him. Khloe lost her mind until he finally returned her calls.

Here are some highlights from Star’s four-page story on Rob:

* Rob’s fed up with his whole family, especially Kim. He’s so tired of all the fakety fakeness. His Gone Girl Instagram post was meant to “expose the cracks in their facade.”

* Rob’s resentment towards Kris: “Rob hates the way his mom treats her children like employees. He’s so sick of playing her games — that’s why he’s trying to get away from his family.”

* Kim pushes Rob “to the brink.” She’s angry because he wouldn’t agree to a televised intervention: “Kim straight-up said if Rob won’t make an effort to save his own life, then she doesn’t care if he lives or dies either!” Those words “cut fragile Rob to the core.”

* Rob’s living in LA’s Stay Hotel because he can’t even stand hanging with Khloe anymore. He spends his days eating junk food, boozing, and taking pills. He’s trying to fill the Kardashian void and now tips the scales at 350 pounds: “This is a family that prides themselves on looking perfect, but Rob is a mess.”

* Rob befriends pr0n stars on Twitter. One of his confidantes is Lela Star, who looks a lot like Kim.

* Rob hates to go outside because the paparazzi hound him and because he’s so sweaty and hot all the time. He’d love to not be famous anymore.

* Rob won’t cooperate with KUWTK: “The show is scripted, and Rob is constantly going off script. He has nothing to offer but awkwardness … that’s why they left him out this time.” The family will continue to trash him on the show.

* Kris was horrified over Rob’s Instagram post and terrified that he’ll reveal family secrets. (What could Rob possibly reveal that we haven’t seen on tv already?)

* Rob refuses to take down the Instagram photo: “He is embarrassing the family.”

[From Star, print edition, April 13, 2015]

What’s next for Rob? His family will continue to use his crisis for a storyline, and he’ll stay hidden. None of our photo agencies have managed to catch him since he fled Kim’s wedding last year. So the Kardashians may consider him to be a loser, but he’s winning in his own way. Now he just needs to cut that cord and shed his whole toxic family. They’re not helping him, they’re hurting him.

Rob Kardashian

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  1. Sara says:

    He’s an addict, hold an intervention and tell him if he doesn’t get help then you are cutting him off financially and cutting him out of your life until he gets help. That is why intervention is such a great show. Its tough love but if you don’t do this you will drag the addiction out.

    • jwoolman says:

      Hopefully he still has his own money, and he seems to be cutting ties with his toxic family on his own. You’re assuming these people care about him. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t really. They are not a close family, they just play one on TV.

      I think Kim really would prefer that Rob be dead, she’s that shallow. I hope this inspires Rob to stay alive just to annoy her.

    • Hope says:

      Interventions only work if you come from a caring, loving place and genuinely want to help someone get better. This sick family could not give two sh!ts about Rob’s mental illness or his self-medicating with drugs, they only care that it makes them look bad. So telling him to stop or they’re cutting him off isn’t going to do anything but push Rob further towards the brink.

      Do you know anything about addiction other than what you’ve seen on that stupid show? Commanding someone to get better or else is not that easy, or rarely that simple. Addicts relapse on average seven times before quitting sticks, and usually they can only kick drugs for good if they’re able to cure the underlying issues that are causing the mental illness that then causes the drug-seeking behavior. So in Robs case, as his family is the source of his distress, them holding an intervention for him would likely just add fuel to the fire. It would like an abuser telling their victim to stop drinking as a way of coping, when the victim wouldn’t be drinking if they were away from their abuser and happy healthy and whole.

      All right, tirade over. I just get upset when people treat addiction like it’s such a simple matter when really it’s a lot of mental work that can take years to successfully achieve. It takes kindness. It takes support. It takes no small amount of love. And it takes patience, because you can’t simply will, command or demand change for someone. You have to convince the addict they’re worthy of a better life and go from there.

      • noelani02 says:

        +1,000,000!!!! Thank you!! Recovering alcoholic here (a year sober this month). Addiction is not simple. I love everything you said here Hope. I myself didn’t have an intervention, but putting myself in Rob’s shoes, I wouldn’t want one from them either. It wouldn’t even be sincere. It’s going to take him wanting to do it. He’ll have to be ready, no one is going to be able to force him. Especially not his toxic family. Even though it’s something he’ll have to be ready for, he still needs patience. People who have zero patience for people who don’t help them selves are ignorant towards mental illnesses and addiction. We’ll add it to the repertoire of things the Kardashians are ignorant about.

      • Hope says:

        Aww, thank you for your kind words, Noel! And congratulations on making it this far into recovery! You get all the hugs!!! I understand what you’re going through all too well, my family is riddled with addicts and alcoholics, and my mom and sister especially have problems. I think sometimes people forget that while addiction can cause those who suffer to be insufferable, they’re still human and can still be good souls underneath it all. That goes for Rob too. I hope he comes out of it okay.

        And I will say this for addicts, everyone I know who has conquered their addictions really has dominion over themselves and is soooo incredibly strong because of it. I like to think of it like Gandalf battling the Balrog in LOTR. Once it’s over they become more refined, more solid, more powerful versions of themselves. It’s truly incredible. Keep fighting the good fight hon!

      • Sara says:

        I do know about addiction as my brother was a pill addict. And I know from my mother continuing to help him financially allowed his addiction to continue far longer than necessary. And yes most recovering addicts do relapse and you should expect that as a family member dealing with a loved one that is an addict. Instead of freaking out realize it is sometimes part of recovery. That said, when they relapse they need to go right back to treat!meetand meeting and counseling once yyou the family member finds out. I know it isn’t easy!!! And every family has different dynamics. My family very much loves and cares for each otherbut I still feel cutting off financially is crucial even if you still visit with them during addiction.

  2. Little Darling says:

    Shed the family, shed the weight.

    I feel bad for him in a way, to gain that much weight and be hounded, I wouldn’t leave the house either! Let him be fat in private!!!

    That said, I have zero patience for people who don’t help themselves and I firmly do not believe he suffers from anything besides a crushed ego. If he was not heavy he wouldn’t be considered depressed, nor would he be in crisis. To be fat in a family of vapid narcissists is enough to drive any sane person into a bad state.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      In a weird way he almost seems like the sane reaction to his family. Obviously he’s not in a good place, but how could he be? He’s like a lab rat that got too many electric shocks. He might have been normal in a normal family. Being told to go die is not helpful.

    • kcarp says:

      His heaviness is probably laziness and living around d as*****. I don’t get the Lipo as the solution? You can’t shed 100 pounds through Lipo or any other plastic surgery. If he gets a surgery it will be a bariatric surgery.

      Did I read yesterday someone commending him for not going the plastic surgery way. He can’t. He is too big for tweaks here and there. And Kim never lost significant weight through Lipo. It just isnt possible.

      I’ve had Lipo and tummy tuck, you might lose a little but not much.

  3. jwoolman says:

    Khloe and the others have pulled the fake phone conversations bit for the cameras before. I doubt Rob was at the other end.

    Rob really should not be living alone right now, but maybe Khloe is no longer a good choice if she’s playing along with the stupid scripts and making it all about her. I don’t think we can believe anything that the K Klan claims about him, they are such liars. Can’t even turn off the cameras for this. They have a history of faking scenes to match their scripts also.

    Kim thinks she is being the Voice of Reason, but she’s just revealing her total lack of a soul. She has no right to expect Rob to accept televising anything. Who does that?!? Earlier she was berating Kourtney for not agreeing to become a character in the Glu video game (apparently Kendall and Kylie said yes). Who made her Queen of the Universe? Hasn’t anybody stepped back from it long enough to tell her how awful these things make her look?

  4. Lilacflowers says:

    Hey, Kim, why would the intervention have to be televised? If you really cared, you would want the intervention to be private.

    • Tate says:

      She doesn’t care. Poor North is stuck with this woman as a mother.

    • FLORC says:

      I honestly don’t believe this family at this point knows how to function without cameras. It’s the norm. If there was an absence of filming it would seem out of the norm.

      And I’m still betting this is all PR. Rob has kept himself out of the public eye for a long time. He knows how. And now this is all playing out publicly? He’s an active part of this. He’s engaging them now. Rob, I believe, understands that the best way to get to his family is to stare them from lack of attention. And now he’s giving it knowing it could only promote his family and help them profit.

  5. Amelia says:

    Something’s gone badly wrong when PMK comes across as the compassionate one.

  6. FLORC says:

    I still think there’s a very high chance Rob is part of this. It’s one big promo for the show and we’re all buying into it because it focuses on disliking the K’s. That’s the center of this. Their rating are down. The family knows they are not liked. So what better way to get viewership than to bring in an element that also dislikes them and root for them beause you both dislike the same group. Though in the end the K’s profit on all the attention and boost in ratings. Those who dislike this family enough to comment on them are also supporting them and keeping their place in the public eye.

    And this is Star. They’ve Never written anythinng with an ounce of true. In fact it’s been a theory that has been tested and held up every time that if it’s in Star it’s utter BS.

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Maybe but I do have a hard time believing one of that pack of navel gazing narcissists would willingly balloon to 350 pounds for a script.

    • Christin says:

      Would not be surprising in the least if he’s not participating in some way. Just one more, different storyline. They seem to throw anything and everything at the wall to see if it sticks. And PMK is likely still controlling the purse strings for all.

  7. Debbie says:

    I know this is horrible to say but I can totally believe that kim and kris wouldn’t care if rob died. I mean think of the media coverage and money they could get off that.

    Yes I know it’s horrible to say but I really believe it.

    • LAK says:

      I really believe this because look at how they exploit their long dead father who by all accounts didn’t and wouldn’t approve their shenanigans.

      We’d have anniversary episodes of dead Rob’s birthdays, death days and whatnot, as they do with Rob senior, complete with graveside crocodile tears and pity parties to justify whatever latest money spinner they had decided upon, but need the public to believe it’s a soulful decision – see the Kris Humphries storyline.

  8. Darling says:

    “None of our photo agencies have managed to catch him..” This is one of the many things that’s wrong with the world. If he deliberately wants to be out of the public eye, people make an effort to expose him to the public even more. Let the guy live an work on his own problems, and everyone else mind their business, surely you have more important things in your life to do (I.e. Paying bills, working, picking your child up from school😳, saving your marriage or lack thereof) ..than to worry about where rob kardashian is hiding.

    • FLORC says:

      There are photos though. He’s been seen, but just not covered that much. Rob is seen a lot, but now this story is he hasn’t… Star never gets it right. Why are we treating this article like it’s not Star Mag?

  9. Syko says:

    My first incredulous snort of the day: “He is embarrassing the family”. How can this pack of shameless hyenas be embarrassed by him?

    If someone is depressed, telling them to snap out of it is not going to help. And being fat is not the end of the world. Shallow, vapid, ignorant people.

  10. Vicki says:

    Where’s the call for Rob to take responsibility for his actions here? Yes he may be depressed and an addict, but that’s no excuse for awful behaviour. Kim is called out for every single thing she does, derided consistently. People talk about her as if she’s not even a human being, which I find disgusting. Yes, she can be an absolute idiot, but she’s still a person with emotions.

    Rob is no angel, and he certainly enjoyed the fame and money for a long time. He proved himself many times to be lazy, entitled and happy to live off his sisters’ fame. I believe they’re genuinely worried about him, but at a loss as to what to actually do. He and Kim have always had a contentious relationship, and I think she’s just sick of him, and she’s a “tough love” kind of person.

    • jwoolman says:

      Kim is not a “tough love” sort of person. She is a “no love” sort of person. She is entirely focused on herself and her bank account. Think about it – she wanted it to be televised?!? Makes no sense at all. She really doesn’t care if Rob lives or dies, he’s just an unprofitable inconvenience to her. Rob just needs to ignore her, she’s poisonous.

    • Anony says:

      I agree Vicki…..and Rob is a misogynist to boot! He’s only depressed because he wants to do better than his sisters but can’t. He’s not a good person…why does he get so much sympathy?

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      You call him “lazy” based on what, exactly? It’s just garbage to character assassinate him on Kim’s word, she’s in no position to judge anybody else’s behavior. I don’t like any of them but Kim is crossing a line with her ridiculous treatment of him. She is verbally and emotionally abusive and if she has been treating him this badly their entire lives it’s hardly shocking that he’s a douchebag. You call it “tough love” all you want, I know a bully when I hear one.

  11. daisyfly says:

    It’s sad to see people blame Rob for his depression. Depression is not the same thing as being sad. Clinical depression is not the same thing as being depressed.

    Rob has shown signs of depression for years. Even his ex girlfriend’s discussion of him hints at it. His weight gain isn’t what caused his depression but, rather the opposite is most likely true. His childhood environment wasn’t nurturing or healthy, as is evident by the way his sisters behave. Any early signs of depression that could have been treated early would have either been ignored or blamed on him (much like is being done now), which only exacerbates things.

    The spiral of depression is a steep one, and for some – especially those in toxic and enabling environments – impossible to recover from.

    Having been diagnosed as depressed as a child, and clinically depressed as a teen, and after suffering severe postpartum depression after my first child, the last thing I would do is blame someone who is suffering from depression FOR their depression. That is not how you help anyone. That is cruel and evil and malicious and no one, regardless of their family, deserves to be treated that way.

  12. Dawn says:

    Normally it is so easy to pick out the lies in the Enquirer but come one people they hit this one straight on! I don’t know if Rob feels any of this but he should. They are a fakes each and everyone of them and no one cared enough to stop the baby of the family from sleeping with an adult rapper starting at the age of 16 or younger. I can’t wait for the day that someone has enough of these ugly vile people and just blows and writes a tell all book with proof of what they really are or even have the IRS check them out for tax cheats with that fake church of Kris’s.

    • Dawn says:

      oops my bad it is the Star and not the Enquirer but I still feel the same. What an awful bunch of selfish a-holes.

  13. grabbyhands says:

    One the one hand, I can totally see this being true-she seems more pissed that he is taking even a fraction of the attention away from her and in the way of most uncaring people (not helped by the raging narcissism overflowing in that family), seems to think depression is simple as “snap out of it” because that kind of illness doesn’t happen to rich, vapid famehwores who only care about themselves.

    Having said that, he strikes me at the kind of person who would have ridiculed overweight people before he became one himself.

  14. jenna says:

    Kim must be a little jealous her brother gets attention too. Does she tell Rob that he is only know because of her? She is a mean person who needs to take a little time to understand what’s wrong with her brother. Depression isn’t easy. I hope he gets better and finds happiness away from the family

  15. It is what it is says:

    Run Rob!!! Write a tell all book and just get away!

  16. lemon says:

    I think they’re handling this the wrong way and using it as an f’ing storyline on their show is abominable. But as someone who has a family member who is mentally ill, it can be really draining. Especially if that person doesn’t sincerely want help.

    I try to think of mental illness like any other disease is diabetes or heart disease. But, in the last 10 years I’ve been screamed at and threatened, given probably in total years of free child care, thousands of dollars (my family member is in bankruptcy because of poor impulse control in regards to spending and often calls because of no rent $), intervened in suicide attempts, and despite this have been accused of conspiring against this person, who is in treatment btw. Treatment isn’t always successful.

    It’s exhausting and I’m burned out. I’ve had feelings of resentment and frustration and I think it’s normal.

    • Enui says:

      I just wanted to reach out and say I wish things were easier for you. Severe mental illness isn’t like dealing with diabetes, it’s more like cancer. Treatment isn’t easy, the caretakers are left exhausted and frustrated, and often there isn’t a chance of “getting better”, but rather just managing from crisis to crisis.

  17. Nicolette says:

    Again this fits in with the Blind Gossip item I mentioned yesterday. I hope he gets away from this poisonous family soon before it’s too late. I hope he sings like a canary and blows their empire wide open. And may the rest of them enjoy their reserved places in hell that PMK has reserved. Team Rob!!!!!

  18. Brasileira says:

    I think she actually cares A LOT: if he dies, they have the next plot line ready and delivered.

    I’m definitelly not a fan of any of them (I ised to like Kloe, but this Pinocchio butt and iys developments, ugh), but depression is not something to be wished upon anyone. I do believe at some point and in some cases, some tough love os more than necessary, but thay’s not the case with Kim. I sense she’s absoluyelly annoyed with the fact she has her breasts and wax face on display 24/7 and people are actually more interested on Rob’s issues and hoping gor him to get better. I know the guy is a d*uche, but no one deserves this disease. Really.

  19. tabasco says:

    This is quickly approaching (or has already arrived at) no longer “guilty fun-ish mindless* gossip about the Kardashians. It’s one thing to watch them act like the a$$ clowns (see what I did there?) they are, but entirely another to watch this. Just sad and scary.

    I commented on a post a little while ago that Kim was at least a (tiny) step up from Paris Hilton (very low bar) b/c Paris is actively mean-spirited and Kim is just……there. I hereby revoke that comment. She and Paris belong in sociopath camp together, away from the world.

  20. tabasco says:


  21. briargal says:

    If people would only quit watching this family of immoral degenerates….now–just stop!! And Rob, please hang on and divorce yourself from them. Don’t call them, be seen with them, pretend they do not exist. All of them are crazy, money and fame hungry vultures. Rob, get yourself into therapy of some sort. People are praying for you.

  22. LAK says:

    It’s so obvious that whatever is troubling Rob is being used as a storyline.

  23. Chuck says:

    I feel so bad for everyone in this situation. Rob is clearly very unwell. This whole situation is so toxic. Rob is completely manipulating the rest of his family. If they do deliver his basics, give him a chef and a trainer and a car etc that is seriously enabling. I doubt they know how else to help him. He knows this. Either he hates them and wants out or he doesn’t, but I find it pretty awful that he continuously dumps on them while accepting their money and resources. It makes me think he is way more ill than anyone knows.

  24. moo says:

    Hey Rob…. I am sure a lot of people would like her to die too…… but sorry it has to come from your sister, who’s supposed to love you and all……………….