Clash of the no-talent twits: Mischa Barton vs. Ashlee Simpson

Mischa Barton

A feud is brewing between two D-list celebrities over a coveted role on the reload of “Melrose Place.” Ashlee Simpson, who decided to jump ship on her questionable career as a “singer,” won the role that sources say former “O.C.” star Mischa Barton desperately wanted. Now, Mischa is taking it personally.

Mischa desperately wanted one of the CW network soap’s top roles, playing a small-town sex kitten named Violet. But new mom Ashlee landed the part, leaving Mischa to join CW’s drama pilot, “A Beautiful Life.”

“Mischa became furious with Ashlee because she believes Ashlee knew she wanted the part of Violet very badly and Ashlee set out to steal it,” an insider told The Enquirer. “But Mischa won’t admit it.”

Although the role had been earmarked for the 23-year-old Mischa, Ashlee, 24, aggressively pursued it,” insiders say.

“Ashlee did well on ‘7th Heaven and then nailed this part. It’s nothing personal towards Mischa,” a source said.

To add to Mischa’s woes, she recently broke up with her English boyfriend, Luke Pritchard, from the band The Kooks.

[From The National Enquirer print version, March 30, 2009]

There’s just so much that’s wrong with this story. First and foremost, the need for the CW to revive yet another wretched 90’s soap opera. Second, the idea that either Mischa Barton or Ashlee Simpson are even being considered actresses. I know a lot of people who feel that Mischa Barton’s terrible, wooden acting pretty much torpedoed the last season of “The O.C.” And Ashlee Simpson “doing well” on “7th Heaven” is also arguable at best. There were Internet message boards that were dedicated to getting her off the show!

At any rate, you’d think that someone like Mischa, who’s been in the industry since she was a child, would know how these things go. Sometimes you get the role, sometimes you don’t. Nothing personal – it’s just business. And she did get a part in another show. She should be glad anyone is even letting her audition at this point. As for the new “Melrose Place” – if Ashlee Simpson is the big star, you can bet this one won’t even be “TiVo”-worthy.

Here’s Mischa Barton outside of Guy’s Bar in West Hollywood last night. Images thanks to

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19 Responses to “Clash of the no-talent twits: Mischa Barton vs. Ashlee Simpson”

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  1. Melanie says:

    This whole story is pretty laughable. Ashlee Simpson was terrible on 7th Heaven. Pretty much everyone was terrible on that show but she was probably the worst.

  2. pixiegirl says:

    I can’t even imagine a scenario where I would voluntarily watch a remake of Melrose Place, much less one with Ashlee Simpson in it.

  3. Codzilla says:

    You know you suck when Ashlee Simpson is able to steal your job.

  4. shorty40 says:

    LMAO @ Codzilla!!

    I quit watching 7th Heaven when she was brought onto the show. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard…that freakin’ whiny, nasally, “little girl” voice. Ugh. Grow up and TALK already.

  5. Ash says:

    Agree with shorty 100%

  6. no way says:

    Talent?! What talent?!

  7. Elle says:

    When you haven’t gotten the role yet, how is it called stealing?? and what does her personal life have to do with her not getting a role….those are two different things. Don’t get me wrong Ashlee Simpson is no better of an actress than Mischa, but lets not throw her a pity party here.

  8. Lem says:

    Hooray! I heard the best line last week and have been waiting to use it.

    “Every man loves a good cat fight but nobody wants to date the cat” -Tough Love

    Why would they all the show Melrose? Original thoughts? I can’t wait for the next remake Bueller? Bueller?

  9. Jenna says:

    I’m so tired of seeing the twits sucking their cheeks in. This show is going to fail miserably if either of the two are involved. It’ll fail probably even if they aren’t.

  10. paranel says:

    Ashlee Simpson is starting to look more plastic than Madonna. Why does a young girl need so much plastic surgery ?

  11. ll says:

    It would be impossible for Mischa Barton to have spoiled the final season of the OC – her character died at the end of the third season. Good fact-checking and writing there!

  12. neelyo says:

    Mischa looks 40 in that picture. And Ashlee looks like she’s auditioning to be Rod Stewart’s next wife. They’re both no-talents who are lucky to have lasted this long. But I have to admit I hate Simpson more because of that wretched caterwauling she calls singing.

  13. sterling says:

    Fire the casting agent! Is this the best they could find from the whole pool of Hollywood “talent”?

    LOL of course Mischa desperately longs for the slutty role. What else would she even relate to by this point?

  14. Jane Lane says:

    Mischa Barton was fantastic in Lost and Delirious. ;]

  15. KateNonymous says:

    What is with all the feuding? It seems like that’s most of what I’ve heard about starlets for the past decade. I guess their worlds are really small if feuding is the best they can do.

  16. j. ferber says:

    Here’s another great line I heard from a professor of mine: “The smaller the stakes, the bloodier the battles.”

  17. Z says:

    I completely agree with shorty40 – funny Codzilla!

    I’ve never heard Simpson’s voice…but how can she sell records if it’s so bad. Maybe she doesn’t?! hmmmm

    Paranel, I was thinking the same thing about the plastic surgery…she doesn’t even look like herself…weird & sad. Hollywood is one bizarre place…or maybe it’s fame, in general.

    Lots of funny people up here.

  18. Z says:

    I wonder what’s in Mischa’s take out box – 2 pieces of wilted lettuce and an orange rind?

  19. Zombie says:

    They are both absolute losers. What amazes me is that so many others in similar positions refuse to realize how terrible and no-talent they really are!! Like that Heidi freak and that other chick that flashed her botched boob job and who’s always drunk.