Blake Lively admits she sometimes thinks, ‘Oh my gosh. I look like a potato.’


Here are some more photos of Blake Lively’s fashion show through New York this week. I think all of these photos are from Tuesday, the day Blake literally changed outfits nine times. While some of you might side-eye the whole idea of going overboard on costume changes for one day of non-stop press, you’ve got to keep several things in mind. One, The Age of Adeline is Blake’s first film since 2012’s Savages. She’s been dying to do press for a film! Two, I’m sure all of these costume changes link back to Preserve in some way, or it’s all part of Blake’s scheme to become the New Martha Stewart-slash-Diane Von Furstenberg or something. Three… I think the costume changes are a psychic connection to The Age of Adeline. Like, the film is going to be BAD, but the costume p0rn will probably be pretty great. Just like the press tour for the film is boring as hell, but it’s fun to see all of Blake’s terrible clothing choices.

Meanwhile, we’ve reached the moment where a new mother starts fielding questions about how she “got her body back after baby.” As you would guess, Blake’s secret weight loss plan involves chocolate.

She only gave birth to daughter James three months ago, but Blake Lively is already showcasing her incredible post-baby body in all its glory. So what’s her secret? Long walks, yoga, hiking… and chocolate, it has been revealed. Speaking to YOU magazine, Blake said: ‘Losing weight is not something I have spent much time focusing on. With a new baby, it’s just about eating well for her, because everything I eat goes right into her system. Your body goes through a lot after pregnancy and birth, so small, gentle workouts feel better. I hate the gym. Who doesn’t? When I’m in the gym I feel like I am missing out. I would rather rent a bike or go for a hike.’

Despite her trim figure, the cooking fanatic, who has her own blog, admits that she ‘loves’ to eat chocolate. A source revealed that she had been eating plenty of lean proteins like turkey, chicken and venison to shed the baby weight. Despite her envy-inducing figure, Blake admitted that she has insecure days just like everyone else.

She admitted: ‘Some days I look in the mirror and think, “Oh my gosh. I look like a potato.” You think that I would never feel bad about myself? I’m a human being – everybody has their insecurities. Ask Gisele [Bündchen] or Beyoncé. They will tell you that some days, they don’t feel good about themselves.’

[From The Daily Mail]

When I’m NOT at the gym, I feel like I’m missing out. Like, I get antsy if I can’t zone out for a few hours every other day. But maybe I’m saying that because I don’t live in a very hiking-friendly area. Besides, I’d rather be on a treadmill, watching CNN in a climate-controlled environment rather than out there in nature. Different strokes, etc. As for Blake’s weight loss post-baby… I don’t know, I tend to believe that she hasn’t been making diet/exercise a priority and her body just naturally snapped back really quickly.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. bopit says:

    I know lots of people find her tremendously boring, but I’ve really liked how yall have been covering her so much recently. I like seeing what she wears, and I’m 3 months postpartum too so she feels more relatable now that she’s a mom.

  2. QQ says:

    bwahahahhahahahaha The Gush of Spurted Water i Just let out when I scrolled down to those Pants1/1//1 OMG that’s a scrolldown Fug Classic

  3. Abbott says:

    Why you gotta go and insult potatoes, Blake? They have a lovely shape.

  4. Kiddo says:

    I feel like those pants need stilts. Or she needs a big-wheeled unicycle. One or the other, but the performance art circus is definitely coming to town.

    ETA: and juggling. Juggling on the stilts or unicycle.

  5. JSP says:

    I’m no Blake fan but Age of Adaline has been getting surprisingly good reviews. You say it’s going to be a flop but Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic say otherwise.

    • launicaangelina says:

      I’m actually interested in watching this movie.

    • TeresaMaria says:

      It can’t be that bad. If for no other reason than Michiel Huisman being in it.

    • Camille (The Original) says:

      Apparently she is very good in it, according to many ‘critics’ any way. I’ll watch it when it hits DVD, I rarely go to the movies as its so expensive here.

    • ican'tsnap says:

      Um, no, on both sites it’s hovering just over 50%, with the top critics giving it pretty uniformly terrible reviews.

  6. OSTONE says:

    She really needs a stylist.. Horrible clothes this press tour.

  7. Magnolia says:

    Chocolate and only gentle workouts? I think she left out the part about purging and no carbs. Major eyerolls on this girl. I can’t believe I ever thought Ryan reynolds was hot. He must be like a sack of vanilla pudding in bed for marrying this chick.

    • Lee says:

      Lol! He seems so funny, like naturally funny, with dry humor (interviews and his twitter) and she is so plain and manifactured, always trying hard to sound accessible…..can’t get their pairing.

    • Jayna says:

      My cousin’s wife in her 20s has had two children. She is a naturally slender girl, not skinny, not like emaciated looking, but slender, but she has a small ass, not big thighs, small hips. She looks amazing in yoga pants because she has no bulges. She looked amazing pregnant because of how she is built. After both kids, she was back in yoga pants quickly looking great, no tummy, no bulges.

      I have friends who are slender and look great during pregnancy and look amazing soon after pregnancy.

      Not everybody who bounces back from pregnancy is starving themselves or exercising like crazy or call carbs the enemy. We are all built differently. My friend at 40 had a baby, and she looked absolutely amazing two weeks after she gave birth. She isn’t someone who overeats, but she loves all kinds of food and restaurants, etc., loves life, but doesn’t pig out,, but that girl didn’t have a trainer or anything during or after her pregnancy. Her body just bounced back. She didn’t even talk or brag about it.

      Everyone is built differently and has a different metabolism.

      • Magnolia says:

        OK OK, I get it. My comment should have been directed at the hundreds of starlets who all say the same thing as she does. Reading this over and over again just makes me suspicious. But you’re right — she might actually be lucky.

    • lana86 says:

      all my friends that had kids are as slim after as they were before. Actually some accidentally got slimmer, since they watched what they eat during breastfeeding (so that baby wont get gasy etc). They r all under 30, normal girls with jobs and hustles. I dont know why u’d think it is so extraordinary.

      • TeresaMaria says:

        So true.
        And sometimes you just loose weight after giving birth like I did. I looked like a skeleton although I was eating like crazy on every spare moment. And it happened with both of my kids. Was it hormones, breastfeeding or smth. else – I don’t know.

  8. taterho says:

    She looks great in the dress on top.

    And then the pants…What the?

    What’s wrong with looking like a potato?

    • Kiddo says:

      There, there, little tatertot. Let’s not see any tears from those eyes.

    • Abbott says:

      Nothing! My favorite people are potatoes: you, Chan, Vin Diesel, Paul Giamatti, Ron Perlman, that lady representative from Guam…

  9. Pri says:

    Totally agree re: potato. I am tall, with hard features like Blake (strong chin, etc.). SO I like having long hair and thinner eyebrows to balance and soften those features out.

  10. Just Me (and my Bobby McGee) says:

    She is a gorgeous girl. But I don’t understand that last outfit.

  11. dr mantis toboggan says:

    I dunno. Potatoes are versatile

  12. Bridget says:

    She’s done that before in interviews – “I’m totally normal, I eat chocolate” and then elaborates and says that it’s one or two squares of dark chocolate a day and a small mug of hot chocolate. Not exactly over indulging. It rings too much of “I’m just like you, I love chocolate too!”

    Also, THOSE PANTS.

    • Kiddo says:

      Actually there were recent news pieces about small amounts of chocolate accelerating weight loss. I haven’t investigated the studies, but maybe that was her point? I can’t be sure, but I sit only in anticipation of the juggling.

      • Bridget says:

        While there are indeed a ton of benefits to eating dark chocolate, when it comes to Blake’s statements usually its in the context of ‘I don’t exercise, I love food, see I eat chocolate’ and in a tone that’s intended to show how normal and relatable she is. She’s an actress, it’s understandable that she’d have to at least watch what she eats, but it’s also counter to what she wants her ‘brand’ to be.

        And Blake’s harmless. She’s just got the annoying qualities of someone’s pampered little sister – the baby of the family that’s been loved and adored by everyone, and honestly doesn’t understand that everything doesn’t come as easily to others.

        And I think the pants look like someone had extra material from the circus tent and turned it into a poolside outfit in 1975.

      • Kiddo says:

        Point taken. I only click to see the latest fashion fail. Guilty pleasure because the fail is phenomenal.

      • Bridget says:

        I as well enjoy her fashion show. And I actually find it interesting that in person she apparently possesses a lot of charisma and charm, because it doesn’t translate on screen or in print at all.

    • Lee says:


      yes, same old same old. Plus, there were pics of her at some event promoting her movie at Apple store in NY and she has clearly cellulite. Before you jump on me, I am not criticizing her for this, I have too, I think every woman has it, no matter is skinny or not, I am just meaning to say that she looks pretty but I think she is overrated, look wise. And let’s not forget we see her all dolled up, if any of us could have access to her wardrobe, make up artists, hair dressers and so on, we would be red carpet ready too.

  13. Granger says:

    She’s 27 years old, she’s always been slender, and she didn’t balloon during her pregnancy. Of course her body bounced back quickly. Even though I’m sure parts of it have changed (in a way only Blake notices), she isn’t exactly the poster child for an “inspiring” (read: insipid) “Body After Baby!” article.

    • Alexis says:

      She’s also tall, which helps. It makes sense that she wouldn’t struggle to be in the same weight wheelhouse as before pregnancy. Speaking of, for some reason, nobody gives Blake credit for this like they do, say ScarJo, but she has always resisted pressure to be “Hollywood thin.” Of course, she’s always had a stellar slim body, but you never see pics of her looking like she might be unhealthy. She has more of the 90s supermodel type body. Anyway, I’ve always found her body relatable as a tall hourglass.

  14. Beckysuz says:

    Those pants are heinous …but I like her makeup

  15. Naddie says:

    “You think that I would never feel bad about myself?” Actually, I think you do feel bad about yourself. She tried to sound relatable, but ended up bragging.

    • perplexed says:

      Yeah, that line was kind of funny. I thought it was a somewhat weird thing to say if she was trying to sound humble.

  16. Rachel says:

    My post partum body experience was: 1) snapped back with little effort after the first one – although my body looked different. 2) subsequent pregnancies – not so much. It really gets you with the second one. A cruel cruel trick!

  17. amanda says:

    maybe its just the lighting or flash but in the first photo, she looks like she has an entire flesh-colored body suit on (her chest and legs/arms) to even out her skin tone!


  18. minx says:

    I’m not a fan but she looks pretty in the top picture.
    Again, a nose job, implants and dental work can make anyone look better.

  19. Greek Chic says:

    What happened to her? She used to dress way better. Now all her fashion choices are terrible! The one outfit is worse than the other.

    Also, is it me or she’s dressing more conservative after her marriage with RR? The first outfit (except for the revealing boobs) with the pearls is for Michelle Obama. You’re 27 Blake, just because you are married and have a baby, doesn’t mean that you have to wear boring conservative clothes.
    Still pretty though.

    • Jegede says:

      Personally I don’t think she’s lost the baby weight.

      Her outfits for this press tour have been either really busy, or structured, to hide/frame her belly and waist, while emphasising arms and shoulders instead.

      Not at all shaming, but she’s likely very much in post partum stage body wise

      • Bridget says:

        I agree. She’s only a few months post partum, after all. And she may not have a stylist but designers send her outfits fully put together, and for some reason extra coverage also = matronly.

        Plus she used to borrow clothes directly from the Gossip Girl set.

      • Question everything says:

        I am not sure if she lost it or not. Her jawline is pretty slim and her arms aren’t flabby either.
        I don’t care much. She looks fine. The clothes are somewhat different than those which many actresses wear for promotion.

      • Bridget says:

        Having had a couple of kids myself, I can tell you the postpartum weight I was worried about wasn’t in my arms or my jaw.

      • Pandy says:

        Yeah, I think she looks great (in my normal person world), but I’m sure she’s still working on getting her figure back. Those pants totally pull focus from any potentially flabby bits. And that heinous flower dress has a corseted midsection and poofy skirt. Very figure flattering.

  20. Tiffany says:

    That thumb pic is great. It ranks right up there with GOOP eye roll and Bieber ‘ s carseat pics.

  21. Lisa says:

    Stars, they’re just like us!

  22. meh says:

    It’s her head that looks like the potato, not her body.

  23. Question everything says:

    Blake “suck-in-your-cheeks-to-bring-out-your-cheekbones” Lively.

  24. Juniper says:

    Those pants! Lord Almighty!

  25. ava7 says:

    After seeing her recent appearance on Seth Meyers, I hate her with the heat of a thousand suns! She name dropped at least 5 people under the guise of self deprecation Ex: “I’m such a dork, I didn’t know which fork to use when I was dining with Ana Winter and Carl Lagerfeld at the Ritz in Paris, where Coco Chanel lived.” and “I embarrassed myself so much when I was joking around with Obama at the private party at the White House I was at”. BARF!