Pam Anderson & Rick Salomon finalize divorce after she took his dog hostage


Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon’s relationship has always been full of drama. They were married once, years ago, and it ended in disaster. Then they got back together a few years ago and got remarried. Last July, Pam filed for divorce (again). Then they reconciled and Pam got the court to throw out the divorce filing, then they broke up again earlier this year and Pam filed for divorce again. The split seemed – at long last – to be the final break. Pam filed for a restraining order against Rick because he was threatening and harassing her online and in real life. Pam also said Rick had abused her (like, he tried to suffocate her during sex).

There were also stories that Pam was trying to get some of Rick’s money – several months ago, Rick won $40 million in a poker tournament and if Pam and Rick divorced in California, it could be considered community property, I suppose. Rick always maintained that he’s primary residence is in Nevada, which made for a sticky tax AND divorce situation. Basically, everything was a huge mess. But Pam and Rick worked it out – financially.

Pam Anderson is a million dollars richer today, and Rick Salomon is a lot happier … because we’ve learned they got divorced. Pam and Rick were in a nuclear battle — he filed for an annulment, and she filed for divorce. TMZ broke the story, Pam allegedly held Rick’s dog Bumblebee hostage for a week, and then launched into a tirade that he was bad at sex … which didn’t jive with various text messages she sent him.

But now we’ve learned Rick paid Pam just north of $1 million in return for the divorce. But Rick got something as well. Pam was challenging his Nevada residency, claiming he was a California resident who was trying to dodge taxes on a $40 million poker win. Nevada doesn’t have state taxes. Now that they’re divorced, Pam isn’t contesting Rick’s residency, so she’s off his back. And Bumblebee is back with him, so happy endings.

[From TMZ]

I find it odd (?) that an animal-rights advocate like Pam would take her ex-husband’s dog hostage for a week as part of financial negotiation. I’m not saying she mistreated Bumblebee, but taking the dog does seem like a really harsh move for Pam in particular. As for the $1 million payday… she probably could have gotten more if she held out for longer (or if she had kept Bumblebee hostage for more time?) but I think Pam’s financial situation is pretty bad these days, and she probably didn’t want to drag it out for months or years. A bird in the hand, etc.


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  1. mimif says:

    She stole Swifty’s hair in that header pic.

  2. minx says:

    Oh, brother. These two–talk about water seeking its own level.

  3. Bridget says:

    Pam really must be hard up for money to have gotten back with Solomon in the first place. Yuck.

  4. taterho says:

    “dodge taxes on a $40 million poker win.”
    I get excited when I win the pennies in the poker pot when my family plays.
    Woohoo I won 73 cents! In yo face mom!

  5. Jaded says:

    I wouldn’t be seen dead with a man who dresses like he does. Pam, time to improve your relationship choices – time to leave the bad boys behind.

  6. Anoneemouse says:

    It’s hard to pick who is the bigger, more stupid fool in this picture. I just can’t pick!

  7. Jonesy says:

    A fool and a tool. ‘Nuff said.

  8. Tiffany says:

    I was always surprised that Pam never aimed higher. I like her and felt she could have done better than her last decade of exes.

  9. Embee says:

    Is he carrying around a bottle of vodka?

  10. FingerBinger says:

    $40 million? I need to start playing poker.

  11. Lucy2 says:

    Well that’s just one giant mess. Hopefully they stay away from each other and don’t get remarried a couple years later again.
    Pam may have dropped the Nevada thing, but the IRS might want to look into it…

  12. jferber says:

    I always feel so sad for Pam. She had a tragic childhood and seems never to have recovered. For me, she gives off a Marilyn Monroe vibe. I’ve always liked her. Tommy Lee should stand up and help his ex-wife (and mother to his two sons) with her financial mess. I know they’re done, but it would be a kind act on his part. And if she’s happier and more secure, her boys will be, too.
    However, she has this weird, self-destructive penchant for the wrong men. So I don’t think Tommy will be stepping up anytime soon. She could sure use a friend right now. Or a way to get her man radar fixed. So sad.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Love Pam, but withholding a dog from their owner is despicable. Just horrible.

  14. JRenee says:

    Sorry, but she will blow through this million too. ..

  15. deehunny says:

    I like her hair shirt but that is one ugly skirt.