Tom Cruise had a super fun time with Roberta Armani last night in Milan

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise attended last night’s Giorgio Armani 40th anniversary party in Milan. Other celebrities, like a sockless Chris Pine and a dapper Boy George (wearing Pharrell’s hat), came out too. Leonardo DiCaprio showed up and managed to keep a low profile (perhaps due to chatting up models). Tom posed for countless selfies with other guests. No matter what we hear about Scientology, Tom keeps coming out ahead with fans.

It’s worth noting that Tom made a special point of taking “some time off from his hectic work schedule” for this event. He managed to fly into Italy, although he hasn’t seen his own daughter in over a year. Tom made a grand entrance with Giorgio’s niece, Roberta Armani, on his arm. They look cozy, right? Tom probably wishes he could land Roberta, but hobnobbing with Armani-clad celebs is part of her job. A few years ago, The Telegraph praised Roberta as being an incredible asset to the Armani empire. She “shows up to hold Anne Hathaway’s hand through fitting after fitting” and has helped David Beckham on his Armani shopping trips. She’s paid to make celebrities feel comfortable, and Tom feels uncomfortable without a woman on his arm.

So I’m sure there’s nothing coupley going on here, but don’t get me wrong. I’d have a field-gossip day if Tom and Roberta actually became a thing. She must know better though. The LA Times notes how charitable Roberta is and how she’s “become a lot more than Giorgio’s niece. She’s become a force in her own right.” Roberts has no problem acting as “good Armani-clad arm candy” for the celebrities who wear the label. Tom would love to land Roberta, who is well-respected but would never overshadow the Tom show.

Tom Cruise

Boy George

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy Fame/Flynet

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  1. kri says:

    The Boy’s smoky eye is KILLING me!!!!

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Armani knows how to cut a suit. I can’t think of Tom as anything but repulsive because of his personality, but if I put my finger over his face, the suit looks really good.

  3. Josephine says:

    Tom’s suit is impeccable, and I’m even giving Chris Pine’s look a pass because something works about it, when nothing really should. That’s all I’ve got.

  4. aims says:

    Maybe he should time off and hang out with his kid. That would be more of a beneficial thing to do.

  5. taterho says:

    I love that Pharrell’s hat has a celebrity escort to big events.
    Fake Baby is so jelly.

  6. FingerBinger says:

    I think Tom will give all his money to Scientology too. I also think he’ll become it’s leader so it won’t matter.

  7. Jaded says:

    Tom’s only abiding by the rules – Suri is an SP now so no contact allowed. How ironic that he, via Co$, deliberately turned Connor and Isabella against Nicole, and now he’s basically had to give up Suri. Payback’s a bitch eh Tom?

  8. frisbeejada says:

    Even when he’s trying to look ‘normal’ he still has that stark raving bonkers look in his eyes to me, especially in that second shot down – he looks away with the fairies.

  9. Judyk says:

    Has Tom done something to his face…he looks weird to me in the face. She’s an attractive gal–Cruise may need her as an accessory, but I’m quite sure she does not need him.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think he’s been getting stuff done for a while now. I vaguely remember rumors of him disappearing to Brazil between movies and reappearing looking refreshed. Sooner or later too much of that will start to look weird.

  10. bette says:

    I don’t understand why he just doesn’t date a fellow Scientologist–doesn’t he understand that normal women (Kidman, Holmes) will grow tired of his shtick?

    • Mia4S says:

      It’s a good point @Bette and apparently the issue has been that there was Scientology actress of appropriate “type” or “level”. Then remember how submissive she’d have to be.

      The story always was with Holmes was that Cruise didn’t like that people went nuts for Jolie-Pitt. He feels he’s supposed to be the model for the fairy tale for the biggest movie star (in his mind) ever. None of Cruise’s dating has anything to do with “love”.

    • taterho says:

      If they only dated or married within their religion they wouldn’t be able to spread the CO$ seed of anti glibness.

  11. the blonde one says:

    HOLY CRAP- in that first photo she looks exactly like Katie Holmes will in 20-25 years. I haven’t actually read the article, I was too agog at that.

    • Denise says:

      Katie isn’t too far from that now. Being with Tom aged her considerably.

  12. epiphany says:

    Is it my imagination or is Tom Cruise never in the U.S. anymore? Is he staying away deliberately? All of his recent films, apart from ‘Oblivion’, shot in NOLA in 2013, have been filmed overseas. Does Katie’s dad still have PI’s tailing him?

  13. Dame Heddy says:

    Tom, what have you done to your face??

  14. JenniferJustice says:

    Her smile is prettier than his. I don’t see this working out unless she’s willing to intentionally black out a tooth or two.

  15. Michelle says:

    TC has done somthing to his face. A little botox maybe? I’m not against it at all. He still looks pretty good for his age, bat$hit crazy maybe, but still looks good. Love the suit on him.

  16. Ange says:

    She looks dignified, self possessed and age appropriate so I’m sure he will never, ever date her.

  17. Jewbitch says:

    She’s too old for him anyways 😉

  18. jferber says:

    Boy George kills it. He looks better than he ever has. I’d love to hear that he’s putting out a new CD. His autobiography was just wonderful, too.

  19. Beep says:

    Of course he looks all happy and refreshed but we know it’s fake. 💁🏽duh.

  20. Maria A. says:

    Pine looked sharp.
    Annnnd that’s all I got.

    • TracySmiles says:

      Yep. That was about the only point of interest in all of this for me too. Damn he’s hot!!

  21. mememe says:

    Tom Cruise would benefit from letting himself age gracefully.

  22. Denise says:

    I’m getting shades of Dennis Quaid in that last photo. Sorry, Dennis.