Brandi Glanville visited Kim Richards in rehab: ‘it’s nice… like The Four Seasons’

The last we reported on Kim Richards, she was in rehab after an appearance on the Dr. Phil show in which she lied about and attempted to minimize her drunken arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Dr. Phil offered to let Kim attend a pricey rehab at his expense. (Or more likely in exchange for free advertising for the facility.) On camera Kim refused to go, citing her daughter’s upcoming wedding. She later accepted Dr. Phil’s offer with multiple demands, reneged again, then eventually gave in.

Kim’s buddy Brandi Glanville was a guest on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius radio show this week. Brandi mentioned that she and her two boys visited Kim in rehab and that it was “really nice… like The Four Seasons.” US Magazine reports that Brandi said, about Kim’s rehab, “I would die” but I listened to that in context and Brandi said she would die if Kim asked for help busting out of rehab. It wasn’t about the fact that she would die if she had to go to rehab, which is how I read it initially. Here’s more of what Brandi said, and you can hear a segment from the interview on E! Online.

On if Kim is off RHOBH
I don’t know that Kim is out. She’s in rehab right now, but I don’t know that she’s not doing the show.

“Were you surprised when she went into rehab?”
I wasn’t shocked, but at the same time I had never seen her drink or do a drug. If she wants to get help, it’s her… I can’t say to somebody ‘you need to get help,’ because they’re going to go ‘f*k you, you have a problem I don’t have a problem.’ And so I just was her friend. I witnessed odd behavior but I never saw her do anything. You don’t want help until you say it yourself. Lisa Rinna isn’t afraid of saying [mimics shrill voice] ‘You’re an addict, you need to get help.’ It’s just, all you want is to just shut that bitch up and you’re like ‘leave me along I’m not,’ and you’re defensive.

On if she’s talked to Kim
I went to rehab to see her already. She called me the morning after the whole fiasco.

“In rehab is she like ‘get me out of here, help me jump the fence’?”
No, I would die, but no, if you saw where her rehab was. I was like ‘anyone could use 30 days here.’ It’s beautiful. I took the kids I was like ‘this is the Four Seasons or something.’

[From Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy via E! Online]

How do you even be a friend to someone like Kim who so deep in their addiction and denial? It sounds like Brandi sort-of knew that Kim had a problem but that she would never say anything to her about it, because it wouldn’t get through to her anyway. Plus Brandi drinks like a fish, it’s not like she can call Kim out. Kim hid her addiction from everyone and most of all from herself. I found her so annoying on Dr. Phil, where she would cry and play the victim whenever she was questioned. I can’t deal with that type of drama from friends.

US Weekly has more on Brandi’s interview with Jenny McCarthy. She spoke highly of Yolanda Foster and had some choice words for Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna. Jenny did word association with Brandi and Brandi came up with “c-nt” for Kyle Richards and “crazy” for Lisa Rinna, but then she said “crazy love”. I used to think Kyle was a c-nt too, but now that I’ve seen Kim in action for years I get why Kyle is so detached from her sister. Radar reports that Kyle hasn’t visited Kim in rehab and that she’s RSVPed “no” to Kyle’s daughter Brooke’s second wedding in Mexico. Their source claims that “Kyle is refusing to go to Mexico for Brooke’s second wedding as she just doesn’t want to deal with any of Kim’s drama. Kyle wishes the best for Brooke and Thad, and doesn’t want to take anything away from their big day.” I don’t blame Kyle at all.

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  1. Loopy says:

    Kyle enabled Kim for a long time, maybe because it was her sister and she felt helpless, but since she cut ties Kyle seems more human.

  2. snowflake says:

    she needs to stop with the overfilling of her cheeks. her eyes look so squinty in that pic with jenny. she looks good with the shorter hair.

    • mia girl says:

      I know everyone talks about Leann SWFing Brandi, but the irony is with all this face-work, it’s Brandi who now kinda mimics Leann with the squinty eyes and chipmunk cheeks!

      • heidi says:

        And the blue eyes lol

      • Karma says:

        Brandi has always said that her and the hubs had squinty eyes. If I remember correctly, she called her’s, Asian eyes.

        She’s just not wearing a lot of makeup in that pic with Jenny so you can see them better. But doesn’t everyone look different without eye makeup?

        And she said she wore the contacts to distract people from the huge zit she had on her cheek.

  3. aims says:

    Kim is sick. I feel that she’s also mentally ill as well. There’s been some rumors about her childhood that maybe come into play with who she is now. I don’t blame Kyle at all for taking a break. Kim showed little regard or concern when her dog bite Kyle’s daughters hand. That would make me go nuclear on her. Kim’s toxic and unstable, I would protect my family from that in a heartbeat.

  4. heidi says:

    Kathy seems the real enabler in the equation

  5. Crumpet says:

    Brandi looks like a marionette puppet. That is all.

  6. yomamamama says:

    Brooke is Kim’s daughter, not Kyle’s

    • suki says:

      Also, I don’t think she ultimately accepted Dr Phil’s offer. At the end of his show, he said something to the effect of ‘it’s been reported that she has gone to treatment and we hope that is true. ” I took it to mean, that she had all sorts of demands, he wouldn’t give in, so she found a faux-rehab that let her dictate her own terms.

  7. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    She took hers sons with her to visit someone in rehab? Wouldn’t they be bored out of their minds? I find that odd.

    • heidi says:

      It could be her imagination playing tricks on her…AGAIN

    • Christin says:

      Maybe I watched too many celebrity rehab episodes, but I would not take children to a rehab facility.

    • paleokifaru says:

      Agreed. Even if it were an actual relative I think I would want to go alone first and know how visitation worked and what the kids would be exposed to from other patients, staff, etc.

  8. kennedy says:

    Dear lord, that last picture of Brandi is horrifying. She has an ugly personality, too.

  9. GlimmerBunny says:

    The picture of her in the blue contacts is gonna give me nightmares.

  10. Flamesonthesideofmyface says:

    Don’t know about you, but I’m getting hints of Jocelyn Wildenstein from that last picture of her. Yowza!

  11. Murphy says:

    Kim funded Kyle’s entire childhood with money earned while suffering sexual abuse on set–which probably sparked her alcohol dependency. I don’t think its too much to ask for her to be supportive of her sister when she needs help so badly.

    • heidi says:

      That isn’t the whole tale. Kyle was a child actor too and brought money into the family. I believe the mother, Big Kathy, bears most of the blame, not Kyle

      • Karma says:

        Most of Kyle’s early jobs was playing the younger version of Kim in the same role Kim landed. Her career is fully based on riding Kim’s coat tails.

        She was always far less talented, and frankly, it was a let down if she was working in a role without Kim. Kyle was the uglier sister too. Without Kim’s success, Kyle doesn’t have a career.

        Kyle has relished treating Kim horribly on screen, that type of resentment doesn’t come from just dealing with an addict. I agree with Murphy, that stuff is from childhood, both her career and her lack of support.

    • Annie says:

      You cannot blame a child ( Kyle) for how they grew up- it’s on the mother. What was Kyle supposed to do as a child?
      Where does it say that Kim was sexually abused? I had not heard that- though not surprising in Hollywood

  12. bcgirl says:

    I’ve watched the show from the beginning and have never believed for one minute that Kim’s problem is alcohol.

    Just like I still can’t believe that Yolanda wouldn’t notice a tick on her (fabulous) body for 24 hours. It takes at least 24 hours, and the tick has to have a good long feed for Lyme disease to be acquired.

  13. Madpoe says:

    C’MON! How the hell that last photo doesn’t scream “Jocelyn Wildenstein”!

  14. caitrin says:

    It is a complete fabrication–that I’ve actually never even heard of, before now—that Kim was molested as a child star in Hollywood. I don’t get why some people enjoy making stuff up like that; do they feel it defends or justifies the behavior of the “victim”? Actually, it doesn’t justify meanness and verbal abusiveness and all around viciousness to others in any adult. Though I’m ashamed, I’ve viewed several seasons of RHOBH, and Kyle Richards does not owe Kim anything at all–not after how Kim behaved this past year. (Also–even more shamefully!–I read House Of Hilton, and Kim’s acting most certainly did NOT support her entire family all by itself! Even if that absurd rumor were remotely fact, how would that indebt her younger sister Kyle to her now, almost 40 years later?) Kyle has tried, utterly thanklessly, to play down the severity of Kim’s addiction for decades now, to protect Kim from her addictions and from herself, and it has worn her down: it is time for Kyle to be allowed to step away from the angry, dark, draining, ungrateful abyss that is Kim. I think the last straw for Kyle was when Kim’s badly raised pit bull attacked Kyle’s daughter, and injured her so badly that she required two surgeries–and yet Kim would not even *apologize* for this on the reunion, choosing instead to attack her already injured niece by implying that the young girl had done something so scandalous/ shameful that Kyle wouldn’t want it exposed on the air. Who implies that sort of thing about their own niece, who she ought to feel terrible and responsible for, not somehow vengeful? (Kim’s pit bull–who she REFUSED to properly train– had already attacked at least 2 other people, including an 80 year old family friend whose resulting hospital bills Kim outright refused to pay for, so the woman is quite justifiably now suing her.) I dislike Kim and her finger pointing meanness immensely, and while I don’t like Kyle at all, this season exposed enough of what Kyle must go through in putting up with Kim’s addictions and overall vicious, backstabbing, victim-playing personality that I actually felt a tiny bit sorry for Kyle, for a change. (I dislike ALL of these housewives, to be honest–don’t know why I watch, lol!)

    • Bell says:

      @ Caitrin,
      How can you say, “it is a complete fabrication..” in regards to the rumor
      Kim was molested as a child star?
      You were there?

  15. My Two Cents says:

    Kim most definitely has a dual diagnosis of some type of emotional or mental issue along with dependency issues. Nobody knows the real truth between Kim and Kyle by watching a drama filled, partly fabricated show for a total of a 12 hour season. Kim harbors a lot of resentment whether real or imagined toward Kyle. Remember couple seasons ago when Kyle exposed Kims alcoholism Kim made a comment that Kyle had stole her Mother’s house from her. Then Kyle said my GD husband wrote u a check every month for years like u were an ex wife. So who knows all their issues. Brandi is a gorgeous woman. Can’t imagine how difficult it is to be considered old at 40 and have to constantly try to look young because the whole industry is driven by looks. Very sad. If Kim is sincere about recovery, she will get off that show and away from the public’s eye. Sadly her and B’s main source of income. I’d have to tell all those women and twitter world to STFU with the persecution. Lastly, Kim had no business with that poor dog. U have to be the pack leader with big dogs like that and she is not.