Fan Bingbing in Marchesa at ‘Mad Max’ premiere: the worst dressed of Cannes?


Here are more ladies from last night’s Mad Max: Fury Road premiere at the Cannes Film Festival (Day 2). I was going to start with Julianne Moore, but that was before I saw Fan Bingbing wearing a dead cat covered in floral appliques. Oh, sorry, I mean MARCHESA. Sometimes, people are like “Why are you so harsh on Marchesa? Is the label really that bad?” Yes. It is exactly this bad. What’s worse is that Fan Bingbing was actually having a pretty great run – she killed it at the Met Gala and at the Cannes Opening Night. Trust Marchesa to ruin a girl’s style mojo.



Here’s Julianne Moore in a custom Givenchy gown and Chopard jewels. A few things – I like velvet and I like velvet on the red carpet, but velvet makes no sense at Cannes in May. This dress would have been perfect during the awards season, you know? Also: the matching shoes? Oh, God. NO.


Naomi Watts was not really a hot mess in this black Ralph Lauren, she just didn’t stand out like she did the day before. She’s really been delivering with the jewelry p0rn though – the necklace is Bvlgari.


Zoe Kravitz in a pretty, simple gown from Valentino’s Sala Bianca 945 collection. This might be my favorite gown of the night, although Zoe looks… very slender. She was recently discussing her struggles with an eating disorder. Hm.

68th Annual Cannes Film Festival - 'Mad Max: Fury Road' - Premiere

Liya Kebede in Proenza Schouler Fall 2015. Girl, you need a better stylist.


Michelle Rodriguez in Zuhair Murad. This seems out of character for her. This seems like a gown Jennifer Lopez would wear. M.Rod and J.Lo should never have the same style.


Sophie Marceau in Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2015 Couture. I actually like this, I think it’s slouchy and sexy without trying too hard. Although when she was going up the stairs, the “wrap” of her dress flew open and she flashed her panties to the world’s photographers. So… yeah. Maybe it wasn’t the best choice.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Joe Alvarez, WENN.

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  1. Kip says:

    I actually really like Fan Bingbing in that dress. Her make up is gorgeous too.

    • Jegede says:

      I like it too.

    • Kasia says:

      I agree! She looks fabulous. Like a fairy queen. It is a controversial design, but she kills it with her poise and makeup. This reminds me a bit of Rihanna – who can wear anything and own it.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:

        The reason it’s controversial is because Marchesa is what happens when you give a fourteen year old girl with negligible fashion sense…and common sense a glue gun and some stuff you just bought on sale from Michael’s and tell her to go to town and make her own dress for the homecoming court.
        With that said, Fan Bingbing has the presence and ethereal poise to make this near-monstrosity rise to her level and come off looking like a dreamy faerie queen. Good for her….and her plastic surgeon!

    • bellenola says:

      Its cray-cray and I kind of love it too.

    • Nikki L. says:

      I feel like the styling is off. She would have looked like an angel had she gone with a simpler hairstyle and more understated earrings.

      • Sofia says:

        I was going to say that. The flower crown is just too much. But I find the dress charming and interesting. Better than any of the others.

      • Ursaline (Ursula) says:

        I think its not so much the crown entirely, but the colors and shapes of the flowers don’t match and kind of clash in a dollar store-tacky way. If they were the same flowers as the dress, then it would connect better. It does have sort of a traditional asian vibe about it, but its like if they took some of the heavy flowers off of the skirt and rearranged it to show more of the tiny vines, then she could have had her fairy princess look.
        It’s like the green organza dress that Lupita Nyong’o had on the other night…it would have looked like something Betty White should be wearing on really anyone else, but she looked great and it actually made her skin glow a bit.
        However, this one is SO neutral that I think had it been either a touch more in any direction between a grey or pink or even coral, then it would have better complimented her skin tone, and she could have achieved what she was looking for. She’s lovely in her own right and the dress could have been a stunning look.
        Sadly, I have to agree Kaiser on this one.

    • Denisemich says:

      Yes. Her dress is gorgeous.

      I also like the last dress and I think the flash of the panties probably made it a great choice. No one will forget Sophie now.

    • sills says:

      Yes, although I think it’s a bit too busy–remove something, either the sleeves or the headpiece–it’s a flowy, springy, romantic gown and she works it. Some of these dresses look so dark and heavy…it’s springtime in the Mediterranean, y’all! Catch the vibe!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Thank you! I think the dress is beautiful. The head thingy might be overkill for me, but I love the dress.

    • Snowbunny says:

      I like Fan’s look as well. It’s fun and I certainly prefer this to another Reese Witherspoon or Natalie Portman red carpet look. Their looks are just too safe!

    • Franca says:

      I love it too!
      And I like Julianne’s matchng shoes.

    • Tristan says:

      Fan Bingbing is one of those women who can make anything look good & this dress is no exception. On anyone else it would have looked twee & silly, but on her looks great

    • Olenna says:

      Yes, she looks both glam and ethereal.

    • ncboudicca says:

      I like the dress, too! Agree the headpiece is too much

      • Maggi says:

        Hmmm. It’s difficult for me to say with any certainty and I am by no means speaking for anybody’s perceptions but my own. I somehow cannot imagine that a Caucasian or any other non-Asian actress would be given this particular compliment. Like, for instance, if Cate Blanchett showed up dressed like this would someone automatically say ‘swoon, she looks like a manga princess’? It seems to me to be a very race specific compliment. In fact I think if a Caucasian actress showed up looking like this, this comment would be used in a derisive way, as in ‘ugh, she looks like she thought Cannes was a cosplay convention’.

        However, there are several problems with my hypothesis that I will concede:
        A) there are few actresses who can actually carry off such an extreme, costume-y aesthetic
        B) Cate Blanchett maybe but she doesn’t have Manga features and also she is too mature to carry off this more juvenile aesthetic
        C) I could actually see Elle Fanning in this look and I could ostensibly see that this particular Manga princess compliment would be used in reference to her

        So, I don’t know. It all remains in the realm of hypothesis. Maybe if Natalie Portman showed up like this everybody would have been all ‘zomg manga princess real-ness’ but she doesn’t really have the presence to carry off the look. Perhaps I can’t imagine this compliment used on a non-Asian actress simply because there are no other viable contenders with the presence to pull it off and no one else who is actually going for this look.

    • bbg says:

      Hear, hear! She looks great, and the dress is “Cannes perfect”. Love the headpiece, too.

      • Laura says:

        I generally agree that Marchesa is just AWFUL but I absolutely LOVE Fan’s dress!! Sorry Kaiser!

    • kibbles says:

      She was the best dressed at the Met Gala and she looks just as unique here. Most women would have looked horrible in this but she really pulled it off. I like her unique fashion sense without it going too overboard.

    • QQ says:

      Me Too She looks Like a Manga Princess it’s all very ethereal

      and Zoe and Sophie look very nice, I Abstain from the rest

      • Amy says:


        Exactly! She looks like she was drawn on a page, somebody say a shooting star and she came alive to show up to the premiere. I hope we don’t start bashing the styles of people trying to break into the U.S. market because they’re different.

        South Korean and Japanese fashion gives me life for days compared to what’s considered fashionable on our red carpets.

      • Maggi says:

        Manga princess?? Seriously?? That is aspirational outside of Asia now? Truly frightening. And also very casually racist.

        This is why I cannot stand Fan Bingbing and exactly proves my point that people are giving her a pass for dressing like Queen Amidala because she’s exotic. An exotic Oriental doll.

        When is it ever ok to look like a blow up doll? Apparently when you are Asian it’s spectacular and amazing.

      • Jaded says:

        @Maggi – lighten up, QQ is anything but racist and nobody is referring to Fan as an oriental doll. You’re reading far too much into the comment. Please take the chip off your shoulder.

      • QQ says:

        Maggi, sweetheart , you tried it far and wide, there is nothing “casually racist” as you put it, to point out this she was clearly on this vibe ( Hello Drawing style name is: MANGA)

        which is very specific and evocative, you can go ahead and NOT like it ( and also take a goddamned stadium full of seats) but WE can like whatever the f*ck we like, we don’t like her cause she is “EXOTIC” ffs ( Huzzah For Casual Racism) we like her and her fashions cause she is pretty, has great sense of occasion and takes good fashion risks full stop, a number of us have been singing her praises for years anyways

        ( thanks for the back up Jaded, too bad you had all this reading comprehension going on :-*)

      • Jaded says:

        @QQ – any time babe. I really REALLY dislike people who read racist sh*t into everything, even compliments.

      • Maggi says:

        Perhaps you need a better understanding of Manga to understand why it is problematic that Asian women are trying to look like Manga characters.

        Also, casual racism is insidious as in most people who don’t consider themselves racist fall into it easily.

        I actually wrote another post commenting that I thought people were wildly overreacting to the cat eye eyeliner looks at the Met ball so I am hardly overly sensitive to racism.

        I live in China and I see girls all the time with horrific shaved jaws, chin injections and nose injections in an attempt to emulate Manga features. It’s a sad and sobering state of affairs.

        But go ahead and pile up on me. I know the regular celebitch commenters like to stick together and be mean girls and hey, everybody seems to agree that her plastic surgery face is ‘soooo pretty’. Majority rules, right?

      • Jaded says:

        @Maggi – women and men in every country of the world are ruining themselves with plastic surgery to look like something they aren’t, not just in China. We comment on them too. Look at the Kardashians; Melanie Griffith; all of the Real Housewives; Donatella Versace; Micky Rourke; Janice Dickenson; Sylvester Stallone; Priscilla Presley; Pete Burns; Lil Kim; The Duchess of Alba; Barry Manilow; Bruce Jenner; Jocelyn Wildenstein; Megan Fox; Michael, Janet and LaToya Jackson…..I could go on and on.

        Furthermore, nobody is forcing them to have plastic surgery – so this does not come from a place of “casual racism”, it is a worldwide epidemic.

        The majority of commenters on CB are most definitely not mean girls, and those who inject unnecessary racial slurs or biases are shut down pretty quickly. All of the comments about how pretty Fan looks, or any other celebrity for that matter, are not coming from a place of admiring her plastic surgery, if indeed she has had plastic surgery, they are coming from her fashion choices which are unique, interesting and lovely.

        I will not be responding any further on this matter with you.

      • Amy B says:

        @Maggi — I think exoticism and orientalism can be a concern when the discourse involves Asian women. But context is critical. I can’t honestly look at what Fan Bing Bing is wearing and interpret QQ’s comment to mean that she thinks it’s cool to look like a blow up doll. But maybe I’ve just never seen the blow-up dolls that come tastefully festooned in voluminous fairy dresses.

        Personally, I think the dress is a typically over-designed Marchesa monstrosity. But FBB has next-level clothes-wearing poise (far and above almost any of her peers, Asian or not); she is working that explosion in the silk flower aisle more than any earthling has a right to.

      • G says:

        So…I suppose this wouldn’t be a good time to bring up how fun it is to say “FAN BINBING”?! LOL!! Chill Maggie. Eat a Snickers.

      • Maggi says:

        The ironic thing is that I actually think the dress (without the head piece) looks quite nice on her.

        When I refer to casual racism I mean referring to someone of a particular race with some kind of race specific stereotype. Manga is a very Asian reference to make. It is also common to think that Asian women look like ‘dolls’. Is it a compliment? Sure.

        Just like the time my white boyfriend’s grandmother said that I ‘opened up like a beautiful lily’ when I talked. Did I jump down that 84 year old woman’s throat for complimenting me with a stereotype? Of course not. I took note of it and let it go.

        Casual racism happens all the time. I give people a pass because most people don’t know any better and I don’t think they are awful humans or anything like that. But at the end of the day I still feel that it is a form of racism. It’s fine if nobody else feels that way. I am just putting it out there so that there exists an alternative viewpoint for anybody else who might possibly feel the same way that I do, to know that they are not alone.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        If someone falsely accused a friend of yours of racism, and you told the person that, knowing you friend as you do, you could assure the person that your friend wasn’t racist, would you think that was “mean?” Maybe people on here should give other people the benefit of the doubt sometimes, or at least listen when people who know them testify to their character. I have had so many people twist my words and meaning to something I would never say or feel. You probably have as well. That’s the problem with commenting on the internet – people can interpret what you say in an entirely different way than you intended. It’s frustrating. And it’s not fair, and if I see it happen, I try to explain. I don’t think that’s being a mean girl. They’re just trying to set the record straight.

      • Amy says:

        @ Maggi

        Out of curiosity do you feel the offense would still be there if QQ had referred to her as looking like a Disney princess?

        Maybe I’m speaking out of turn but I think the reference was more cultural than stereotype driven. If Fan had been wearing a basic boring floral gown similar to something Keira Knightley had worn in the past and had been dubbed a manga princess then I could understand the offense, because then we’d be attaching something to her style that wasn’t there to box her into an Asian stereotype.

        This on the other hand feels to me like a very extreme look (in a good way) with the head dress and elaborate floral pieces I would attach something like this to the fairytale or whimsical world. She’s giving us ‘princess’. Now is this something I see in Disney? No. But if you say Manga? Yes, absolutely. QQ is right in that she’s referring to a specific art medium.

        I think it can be wrong to use someone’s heritage as way to demean or box them in, but I don’t think its wrong to reference it as a compliment. In this instance we really are talking about a specific curated look and while ‘wood nymph’ and ‘fairy princess’ work as a reference I don’t think manga princess is necessarily wrong.

        I’m not trying to argue you down btw, I’m truly curious as to whether there was an assumed offense that wasn’t there (such as me saying how much more I prefer Japanese and South Korean fashion for the very reason they do tend to be more extreme with their styles) or whether it’s wrong to reference someone’s culture even in a way to make connections between their style and art.

        I might be rambling but I hope at least part of this was understandable.

    • Amy says:

      Count me in the pile of people who think she looks beautiful. She wanted a certain aesthetic and she really went for it in a classy and detailed way. Why is that bad?

      • eknasok says:


        I have no idea what a manga princess is, so I googled pictures and yes, Fan Bing looks like a manga princess in this attire.

        And no offense, she looks like a doll.

      • Josa says:

        I googled Manga princess too and all I see are drawings of Caucasian looking females in all kind of hair color but black. I know manga originated from Japanese. But why is it considered a stereotype of Asian, that I don’t really get.

    • Aurora says:

      She looks so ethereal. How could anybody hate this look.

      • Oobejabbawonka says:

        I know! She looks stunning and I love the dress too, beautiful! That face too **sighs happily** The rest (apart from Naomi) are just wrong.

    • Sarah says:

      I like it as well. She’s one of the only people I can imagine who could pull off this look, but it doesn’t look that markedly different from some of her other looks. I think Kaiser’s Marchesa Hate is clouding the vision of the gown. Julianne looks nice in that red dress as well. Gingers in red can be hit or miss but she’s a hit, matching shoes and all. But I do agree on the velvet.

    • ISO says:

      It’s that hair piece that takes it from ethereal to costumey.

      • belle de jour says:

        I love this dress in a very Miss Havisham-Tim Burton sort of way, but you’re dead right about the hair piece turning it more towards flat-out costume.

        What I am shocked about is that I’ve seen my first Marchesa dress I would ever wish to own & wear.

    • OTHER RENEE says:

      I think she looks beautiful in this dress and I love her overall styling.

    • NUTBALLS says:

      Fan looks amazing, period. Even in a ridiculous Marchesa dress. I have yet to see another woman pull off that kind of coup in Marchesa.

      • Original T.C. says:

        Only she and Rihanna have been able to pull off Marchesa. She looks like an ethereal Earth queen. Beautiful, beautiful woman. She wins hands Cannes hands down IMO.

    • jammypants says:

      She looks like a dream!

    • Kristen says:

      Me too! I think it’s just the flowers in her hair that are too much. The dress looks lovely on her though.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Joining the chorus. Never thought I’d like a Marchesa gown but I love the flower detail and she absolutely pulls it off.

    • oneshot says:

      She’s the one woman alive who can make a Marchesa dress look ethereal and fun instead of ‘budget McQueen without the tailoring and construction skills’.

      Love the flowers.

    • Alexa says:

      She looks breathtakingly ethereal and beautiful. I like Sophie’s casual/cool look too.

    • Lola says:

      I love it too. Not everybody has to wear the same style over and over.

    • wiffie says:

      Right? It’s very Rococo and I kind of love it. It would work on exactly almost nobody, but she totally works it.

    • DrM says:

      Having worked in Beijing I can say that that very feminine, floral style will go over a bomb with the Chinese public. I think it looks gorgeous on Fan. I also think Julianne Moore looks amazing. I LOVE the dress and the shoes. And the pedi.

    • Tara says:

      I love it too. Reminds me of dresses you see in some 1920s movies. Also think Naomi’s dress is amazing, tasteful, flattering, with subtle detail. Basically my taste is the inverse of the author’s; can’t even fathom it. Also kinda like Liya’s “lava” dress.

  2. NewWester says:

    Fan BingBing’s dress looks like a wedding gown a zombie would wear to a wedding

  3. Lilacflowers says:

    LIya Kebede is being devoured by a shag carpet remnant! Why is nobody rescuing her?

    • Kiddo says:

      Because the sheer shower curtain is still there for her.

    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      Haha! Perfect description. I can see traces of christmas decorations there too. Maybe it’s eco-fashion?

    • mia girl says:

      Ha! I was thinking her old-housecoat reminants, but shag carpet is a good choice too.

    • Jaded says:

      The “mom pantyhose” is a nice touch though, agreed?

    • Ursaline (Ursula) says:

      What a perfect description. You win the OMG-what-is-she-wearing comment award for today. Kudos! 😀

      And the bad thing is that there is something that I WANT to like about it, but the dead muppet fur is just disturbing.

  4. Abbott says:

    Fan BingBing’s dress isn’t even registering because my eyes won’t move past THAT FACE. Love her.

    • Naddie says:

      You just took my words. Damn, she’s beautiful. Hard to believe she’s 33 (not that women at this age aren’t beautiful).

    • holly hobby says:

      That face is not her original face:

      I’ve watched her since she was an extra in the Chinese soaps. Believe me she got so much work done she’s bordering on Asian Barbie territory. Such a shame. She didn’t look bad to begin with.

      • Ai says:

        This is what most non-followers of Asian entertainment realize. FBB has had intense level of plastic surgery to her face to achieve this Asian ‘goddess look’. I like her sense of fashion but the worshipping of her beauty is a bit scary for me. Especially with each praise, it inspires more Asian woman to do the same level of plastic surgery instead of appreciating inner or natural beauty.

    • Moneypenny says:

      She is beautiful, though she has had her nose, chin and eyes done to achieve that face.

    • Lola says:

      Same here! Then I saw the dress and thought she looked like the cutest of dolls. Most people wouldn’t look that perfect even with 30 surgeries.

  5. nenou95 says:

    Sophie marceau is always flashing a dIfferent part of her body at cannes each year! I think she does it on purpose.

  6. Li says:

    I think Fan looks amazing! I’m sick of boring clothes. It’s nice to see some high fashion on the red carpet the way it looked on the runway

  7. LetItB! says:

    I love Zoë dress! She looks beautiful.

  8. LetItB! says:

    I love Zoë’s dress! She looks beautiful.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I’d never heard of Liya Kebede before but she’s my worst dressed so far. It looks like she has the top of panty hose on 🙁

    Julianne Moore looks amazing as always! I can not believe she is 54!!! She has the same stylist as Charlie Theron who’s also been looking gorgeous at Cannes.

    And I’m actually a big fan of Marchesa. Jennifer Lopez at the 2007 Oscars and Amy Adams at the 2013 Golden Globes were two of my fave Marchesa dresses.

  10. tanesha86 says:

    Zoe and Michelle are easily my favorites. Michelle looks fantastic here

    • ichsi says:

      Zoe is SO beautiful but I agree with the concerns for her weight. She’s always been tiny but in the last months she’become even tinier.

  11. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    O gosh – and just yesterday I wrote that I’ve never seen Fan Bingbing dressed badly. There’s a first time for everything. Why Marchesa, why? Maybe she wants to be in a Weinstein produced movie? But Julianne Moore looked absolutely stunning. I love everything about her look even those matching shoes couldn’t ruin it. It’s the perfect silhouette and color for her, but that’s not the most flattering picture. Weird pose and psycho-smile.

    • Paleokifaru says:

      I also hate Fan’s dress and it’s not just because I almost always loathe Marchessa’s gowns. Like the majority of them this is just a pile on of already unsightly appliques and embellishments. I am not a fairy princess type in the first place so that’s one bias but I will like the ballgown or ethereal styles if they’re executed well. She’s a beautiful woman so it’s certainly not an issue of the wearer.

  12. Naddie says:

    Zoe, Michelle and Fan look perfect.

  13. jen2 says:

    I can’t decide on BingBing’s dress. But at least it is not a boring sheath that has been worn to death. She did stand out and is brave. Velvet at Cannes–nope. Know Moore is a great actress, but her forced smile is annoying. And at least the flasher was wearing under garments. So many of these folks go commando (Anne Hathaway and so many others, etc.) and that would have been just “ewwww”.

  14. Kiddo says:

    Woodland Fairy who barfed up her flower breakfast all down the front of her dress. And apparently there was a blow-out sale on bolts of material, and the ethereal woodland designers used all of it on one dress. Blech, it’s so saccharine sweet, it makes my teeth hurt.

    Her face looks gorgeous, though, if your eye is able to disengage from all the overwhelming feminine preciousness.

  15. Messenger says:

    it might not be everybody’s style but she is so delicate looking. it’s very fairy princess-y. fan bingbing for the win….what a cool name….

  16. chris says:

    Fan Bingbing could wear a sack for all I know. That face got all my attention.

  17. Krista says:

    Fan bingbings dress is beautiful!i adore it. Perhaps simpler hair, but still I’m in love with her dress and she pulls it off so well.

  18. Willa says:

    I like Fan Bing Bing’s dress. Soft and pretty. Someone wrote yesterday that she’s had plastic surgery. Is this true?

    • Moneypenny says:

      She was pretty before too, but yes, she’s had her nose, chin and eyes done.

  19. bella says:

    fans dress is beautiful on her…agree about losing the head piece…too much.
    zoe…good gawd…the spawn of 2 of the most beautiful people around.
    what a face!
    sad to learn she may have an eating disorder…
    hoping she gets well…

  20. annaloo. says:

    Love Fan’s fairy dress

    Liya looks like she lost a fight

  21. FingerBinger says:

    I like Zoe’s dress. She looks just like her mother,beautiful.

  22. judyjudyjudy says:

    If I could look like anyone else for a day it would be Sophie Marceau. I love that she flashed her non spanx. If you’re gonna flash, show off a perfect flat stomach and normal bikini underwear
    and it isn’t so embarrassing!

    Liya Kebede’s dress suited the theme of the movie so it was pretty great and witty.

  23. M.A.F. says:

    If Moore’s dress had been made out of the alligator-looking part instead of full velvet, it would have been great.

  24. bns says:

    Love what Liya is wearing idgaf

  25. meme says:

    I’ll take Naomi and Zoe’s dresses and leave the rest to everyone else.

  26. celine says:

    Fan and Zoe have exquisite bone structure. They are beautiful, and in my opinion can wear anything and make it look fabulous. I like the dress and the color on Julianne. I think she looks fantastic.

  27. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I like it too. Very ethereal and pretty and whimsical. It suits her. I like it way better than what Michelle Rodriguez is wearing (same old and too harsh). And I’m not impressed by some of the other dresses either. I think it’s a win!

  28. Tig says:

    Sorry, Fan’s dress looks like a costume from a Midsummer Night’s Dream production. Her face, tho, is sublime. And yay Julienne! I mentioned on another post why this look was ignored-so glad it wasn’t! Velvet or no- the color and styling are perfect. Finally watched Maps to the Stars- she is so good in it and totally fearless!

  29. Paleokifaru says:

    Sophie’s wins by a mile for me, even with a wardrobe malfunction. It’s so effortlessly chic and minimal.

  30. whipmyhair says:

    Liya, when i was a girl i used scraps of material and safety pins to make designer dresses for my barbies.

    This is what you look like.

  31. belle de jour says:

    Julianne Moore is almost always fashion-frustrating; for me, there is usually something off or not quite right about her ‘look’ at these things. Beautiful face, great figure, poise, savvy, experience, professional, access to any designer… yet always something off, dull or not quite as ‘interesting’ or ‘edgy’ as it looks like it was supposed to be.

    (I guess the concept I’m missing but I want here is ‘personal style.’)

  32. Tallia says:

    What is sad to me about Bing Bing is the amount of plastic surgery she has had. I don’t recognize her anymore.

    • Aysla says:

      Yeah, that was distracting to me too. The dress is beautiful and from far away she looks very delicate and doll-like, but she has messed with her face so much it’s depressing. Her eyes, her nose, her mouth– it al looks so off these days…

  33. Vickyt says:

    Best dressed! She looks gorgeous!

  34. Carmen says:

    Julianne Moore looked like she was WEARING the red carpet. That dress was an unmitigated disaster.

  35. siri says:

    I’m usually not into this kind of fairytale dress, but I like it because she owns it. Only the flower crown, and the big earrings I find too much. Some tiny diamond stud earrings, and no other juwelry/head piece might have been better, perhaps with a formal sleek low loose bun updo…

  36. Lindsey says:

    I don’t get the hate. I think she looks beautiful and ethereal.

  37. Jag says:

    How is Liya Kebede’s dress not the worst of the entire event? Ugh!

    Fan’s could’ve been prettier with a different base color, but it’s not horrible like Liya’s is.

  38. mootwo says:

    I’ve decided the marchesa dress fan bing bing has on is meant to be seen like an impressionist painting; from far away it looks lovely, but up close it looks like a big old mess.

  39. TOPgirl says:

    She looks beautiful! I see nothing wrong with the dress and her makeup looks good.

  40. Jayna says:

    Everything works on Fan, including this. It shouldn’t work, and I shouldn’t love it on her, but I do. LOL I agree with Lindsay’s ethereal comment.

  41. Ellen says:

    “This might be my favorite gown of the night, although Zoe looks… very slender. She was recently discussing her struggles with an eating disorder. Hm.”

    How is this appropriate speculation at all? You should really be more careful with your words.

  42. mememe says:

    Fan’s dress is the most gorgeous of the bunch!

  43. JDS says:

    I think Fan really pulls off this dress! Not a lot of women could wear this look. And I’m sorry, but Julianne Moore’s style this entire last awards season was actually painful. It has not improved at Cannes. Michelle Rodriguez’ body just won’t quit. Damn girl!

  44. Bread and Circuses says:

    I think Fan Bingbing looks beautiful. I even think the dress looks beautiful. But I DON’T think the dress looks beautiful ON Fan Bingbing. It overwhelms her.

    But from the collarbone up? Wow, is she ever pretty! The makeup, the hair, and the flowers in the hair are all flawless (as is her bone structure.)