Amal Clooney met George in Como, Italy & he ‘chased her for many months’


Here are some photos of Amal Clooney out and about in London on Friday. She flew out of LA shortly after the big Tomorrowland premiere last week, and I guess she needed to check in at her “real” job, although I’m still pretty sketchy on just how many hours she puts in at her law firm. But whatever, those are questions to which we’re never really going to get an answer. I’ve complained about Amal’s street style many times, but I don’t completely hate her look here. Do I personally like the skinny-jeans-booties-and-chunky-sweater look? Not really. But it’s not as crazy as half of her “casual” clothes, so it’s fine. I’m pretty sure she just got a haircut too – her most trusted hair people must be in London, which is just another reason for her to check in at her law firm, I suppose.

In the midst of all of George Clooney’s Tomorrowland press, I actually missed some of the quotes he gave about Amal and their marriage. When he was on The Late Show, he apparently said he met Amal in Como, Italy:

“We met in Lake Como. She was a friend of a friend who came to visit and then I chased her for many months, calling and writing, those kinds of things.”

“I wasn’t looking to get married – and then I met someone who I realised I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I only hoped that she felt the same way. I was very nervous when I asked her to marry me because this wasn’t even something we’d talked about before, so there was a moment where she could have turned around and said, ‘What? Are you crazy? I thought we were just having fun here!’…

“From the moment I met Amal until now, the idea of spending my life with her has been the most important thing for me, and the thing that brings me the most joy in the world. I couldn’t be happier with my life right now. I have a great partner in life, and I didn’t think I was ever going to have that.”

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m sort of numb from all of the talk about their marriage, but I just want to point out that George’s story of how he met Amal has gotten more consistent as he’s told a few more times. I think we were originally told that they met in London, but back when they were engaged, George was telling people that they “met in Italy.” So… there you go. They met in Como, Italy and he pursued her, probably while he was filming Monuments Men in England. Of course, no one really wants to point out that George was still technically dating Stacy Keibler. Seriously.

Last thing – one of the first things we knew about Amal’s work was that she was one of the lawyers trying to convince the government of Greece to sue the British Museum so that the Greeks could finally retrieve the Elgin Marbles/Parthenon Marbles. Amal submitted her final report to the Greek government last week (advising Greece to take Britain to court at the Hague) and long story short, Greece has rejected Amal’s advice and decided NOT to sue. You can read more about the situation here.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jules says:


    • epiphany says:

      Wow, for somebody who claimed he was “fanatical” about his privacy, and was quoted as saying “I don’t like to share my personal life: it isn’t personal if it’s shared, ” he sure is sharing a lot of it now, and the only thing he seems fanatical about is making certain we know every excruciating detail of this “romance.” I can’t believe there are people who buy all this as a sincere love story. This whole situation is contrived – for what purpose hasn’t been made clear, maybe just as balm to George’s ego after all the derision that was heaped on him for his dating style. We know from the Sony hack’s he’s extremely concerned about what people think of him. Given George’s history up until 2014, none of this is sincere.

      • cosmo says:

        I totally agree. It’s all so fake its ridiculous. I think he wants to go into politics and she’s the best calling card he could have. Or, the best political beard too.

      • tigerlily says:

        I agree too. I have had it up to HERE with all this el toro poopoo that George has been spouting. It is definitely for a purpose and that will come out. For now I wish he would STFU about his fake romance.

      • LVN says:

        Agree. George concerned for what people think of him was revealed in emails.
        This relationship just seems like total PR to make people forget his dating history which was totally slammed on world television by a viewing audience of millions. The laughter in the room that night was hilarious and the home viewing audience in the millions got the joke. I think it bothered George.

    • aemish says:

      I never noticed the size of those ears before…

      • tigerlily says:

        Makes sense that she keeps her hair long to cover them up.

      • Suzanne says:

        I did…and thought exactly the same thing…She really does have “manly” features. Doesn’t big ears mean generosity…or is that like big feet…a myth! LOL

    • MMRB says:



      They are hours billed to the client for working on their files.
      You can be sitting under a palm tree with a laptop.

      It doesn’t mean you aren’t working. Particularly for someone involved in international law/human rights.
      Is everyone clear on this?

      • MoochieMom says:

        If you cross time zones you can bill more than 24 hours in a day. It happens.

      • noway says:

        Why are people so obsessed about her work hours? According to George she is working on 11 cases now, not really a lot by most lawyer’s standards, but so what. Kaiser is just slightly side eyeing her schedule, because she certainly seems to be traveling a lot not in court much. I have to admit I am wondering if she will eventually quit, and just be George’s wife too. I know that hurts the image, but really who cares. I find it funny that it’s the we love Amal crowd that is obsessed with presenting her as this amazing workaholic perfect career driven barrister. You don’t have any more idea about her billable hours or career than the others presenting the opposite side, and what is wrong with traveling with your uber wealthy husband and working on cases you want to? Given the opportunity I think a lot of us would do that sounds like fun.

      • Jen says:

        This x 1000!!

      • Hazel says:

        Let’s not forget the six-minute hour….

    • LVN says:

      +1 yes.
      Total oversell by George and his PR people.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I know I’m too strict about certain things, but why would you wear a big, heavy, chunky sleeveless sweater vest? With a tank underneath? Are your body and your arms going to the same place? Somebody’s going to be too hot or too cold, plus, ugly.

    • Briamatia says:


    • Snazzy says:

      hahahahahahahahaha x2

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Why would you go sleeveless when you are wearing lined boots? Your feet need to be warm but your arms don’t?

    • frisbeejada says:

      Put it down to our weather, it’s so bonkers most of the time we haven’t got a clue what to wear in the UK. You can be quite pleasantly warm in the sun and then freezing as soon as it clouds over (35 seconds later usually). Layers are the best idea, you can peel them off and put them back on again as you need them. Clearly no-one has mentioned this to her.

    • Birdix says:

      I can’t justify the ugly part… but I understand the warm with bare arms living in a similarly grey/foggy climate, especially this time of year when it’s getting warmer but isn’t always warm. If your core and feet are warm, you’ll be warm enough, and yet you won’t get too hot when the sun comes out briefly.

    • lisa says:


      and it’s a fug impractical sweater vest too

  3. Anastasia says:

    There are knitted labia all over that sweater vest thing.

  4. Sugar says:

    That outfit doesn’t seem seasonally appropriate and her little arms look silly coming out of that thick vest.

    • Granger says:

      I was going to say the same thing. Plus the big chunky sweater just accentuates how stick-thin her legs are. It doesn’t suit her frame.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        stick-thin legs going into boots with warm, fleecy linings.

      • crtb says:

        My thoughts exactly. This outfit is not flattering at all. It makes her legs and arms look very skinny. Had she worm a long sleeve shirt under the vest, it would have made sense.
        Tel George that he doesn’t have to remind us that she doesn’t have a stylist. We can tell!

  5. Kara says:

    that love story makes Twillight sound well written.

    • Sabrine says:

      She dresses for herself. Good for her. I hope she ignores all the less than flattering comments about her appearance. She appears to be confident enough in herself to ignore it all, and that’s another reason to admire this strong, intelligent person. The only problem I have is Clooney’s mouth which keeps flapping and flapping and flapping. He’s obviously so smitten he can’t shut up, but it’s time to do so now before he makes a complete fool of himself.

    • browniecakes says:

      +1 Twilight! Ga.
      Didn’t he sneak off with Eva Longoria while in Germany while dating Stacy as well? I think Lainey picked up on that.
      Kudos for never bringing up marriage to George Amal. NOW I understand why George thinks you are the smartest woman in the world. Well played.

  6. Belle Epoch says:

    Does this sweater have lady parts all over it? WTH? Don’t give a toddler money to spend on clothes!

  7. NewWester says:

    Silly question, all we hear about is George talking about Amal and how wonderful she is. Has Amal been asked the same about George or she avoids talking to the media? It is nice to have ones spouse be so proud of you, but after awhile I would start to get a bit embrassed and tell my husband to take it down a notch or two

  8. Div says:

    George needs to tone it down. I actually do buy that he’s madly in love with Amal, but I think he overdoes it because he wants to distance himself from his old image of dating 25 year old cocktail waitresses and it ends up seeming phony.

  9. AG-UK says:

    She is too slim to have that bulky sweater thing on and he is starting to sound like Tom Cruise all he needs now is to jump on some sofas if his bad back will allow. Glad he’s happy but enough.. god forbid it all goes pear shape.

    • Renee says:

      I love this!!! I too was feeling that he is veering into Tom Cruise territory.

  10. Cricket says:

    Clooney was on the hunt for his next girlfriend, even meeting up/checking out another lawyer in LA – which he later denied, of course – while he was still with Stacey. It’s his usual pattern only this time Daddy Nick told him “Amal’s different” than the others and you can’t treat her the same way. So father worshipping Georgie boy dutifully makes this relationship legit.

    OK – got it. Now he can shut up about his perfect relationship.

    • Fa says:

      Lol there is not a perfect marriage in this world & he’s saying they never disagreed. Married people have up & down during their marriage it is part of being human, so someone said their marriage is perfect they lying

    • WhyWhatWhen says:

      Amal wasn’t first pick for his new type.

      The timeline isn’t convincing. His “whirlwind” engagement must be even more of a whirlwind if he had to lay months of groundwork before they even dated.

      Also reports of their intro/meeting at a London lunch, with lawyers in attendance, seemed to have had solid receipts on websites reporting it – now all data wiped as is Clooney standard on all Amal history before they got the story firmed up.

      Hey if he’s happy in an arranged marriage which seems to lack any connection apart from joint pr… that said, the majority sense there’s more behind Amal and her family being promoted… something is not on the up with this.

    • Nimbolicious says:

      Yes! I remember seeing photos of him sitting alongside an American woman who was identified as an attorney. Same flowing hair and wide open smile on her, same “adoring”expression on his face as he appeared to be hanging on her every word. I guess it turned out she didn’t want whatever it was he was offering. I’m sure had she accepted, we’d have been sold the same saccharine love story he’s been peddling with Amal. I swear, these aren’t real women. They’re cut-out photo standees!

  11. Sixer says:

    I kinda wish the Greeks had gone to the Hague. My country embarrasses me on this issue. But they’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment, haven’t they? Perhaps they calculated that they don’t need to alienate anyone in the EU unnecessarily just now, even the Brits who aren’t part of the eurozone.

    • Nagia says:

      As a Greek I think that’s the reason our newly elected government is not pursuing this. Every week we are being told we’re gonna exit the eurozone (doomsday scenarios floating around). The last thing on people’s minds is where the marbles are. It would be great to have them in the new Acropolis museum though. I kind of feel it will happen some day but not in the immediate future.

    • Renee says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking in regard to Greece. They can’t afford to have any enemies with the precariousness of their financial situation right now.

    • Sixer says:

      @ Nagia – best of luck with it all. I hope you guys aren’t forced into a Grexit. But I hope the troika don’t trample you underfoot either. And I truly believe you’ll get the Marbles back some day. I hope that’s sooner rather than later.

      • Nagia says:

        @Sixer thanks! Our past is basically the only source of pride right now (along with our awe inspiring landscapes, food, crazy handsome men) and gazing at those amazing works of art in their true home would be something extraordinary. Fingers crossed the next generations will be able to do that.

      • Sixer says:

        I have been following a British journalist (Paul Mason, Channel 4) on what’s been going on in your country, Nagia, and I think that the mass participation in people-centred community activities in the face of all that disaster is something to be truly proud of. Honestly. Humbling, actually.

  12. jen2 says:

    Wasn’t Clooney still with Stacy when he was making Monuments Men? I can’t keep his timelines straight, but I remember rumors of trouble, then she was flown out and they had a very public dinner with Damon. After that, don’t remember much.

    Clooney is hard to read. One day he is all about his privacy, the next he is giving details of stuff no one needs to know. Maybe he is trying to back down a bit as she did not attend the premier of his film in London so that the premier could actually be about the film, not what his wife is wearing or her blowout, which she gets even to get a cup of coffee. I hope he is happy and that he is taking care of himself…but he just needs to temper his over the top Cruise like stuff, at least for a little while.

  13. Barrett says:

    She really has a great figure. I’m a thin women though and I’ve never seen such pin thin legs. Guess it’s in here genes.

    George insults every other women especially Stacey Keibler and Elizabeth Canalis. He never thought he’d find a partner. He should tone it down. It emphasizes that he was just using hot women he didn’t consider partner material over and over. Like Stacey maybe she was a nice person even if they didn’t have a long term click.

    • Christin says:

      That’s how I interpret some of his comments (as negative to his other steady dates). The worst of all were the ‘on the same level’ comments from his camp early on.

      His happiness may be sincere, yet IRL, every guy I have known who uses OTT phrases like he’s using have ended up divorced in 10 years or less.

    • Jayna says:

      How did he use them? They’ve all said he never discussed marriage and/or made it clear he wouldn’t be marrying and having kids. I think he was pretty honest. Stacy said there was never any discussion about marriage. She got out of it what she wanted, a step up in publicity from her D-lister life.

      And people change. Timing is everything. I have said before I knew a very charming attorney who said he’d never marry, dated a alot, lived with a younger co-worker of mine and she finally left with no comittment after years together. He nears 50 and falls in love with someone and married out of the blue. People were stunned, I mean really stunned. They have a great marriage and she is his best friend. It was amazing to see as no one could have predicted it.

      What George said in 2000 he was focused on just then breaking into movies while on ER and capitalizing on it and could he ever see himself committed again after his first marriage ended:

      “Yes. I’ve made it difficult to have a relationship, because my first love is work and my second love is my friends. That will change, I’m sure. There will be someone somewhere along the way who will knock me for a loop again and I’ll be willing to sacrifice everything. But for now, I’m driven by work.”

  14. Fran says:

    She has strange, alien-ish ears!

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Never noticed the ears. No wonder she always wears her hair down! Next project: get ears pinned back.

      If she ever had a baby it would look nothing like her!

  15. MrsBPitt says:

    I think George was/is surprised that he found someone that he wanted to marry! But, enough, Georgey boy, we get it! She’s special, you love her, yadda. yadda, yadda!

  16. Talie says:

    He also had a dalliance with Eva Longoria during that time too, no?

  17. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    George, u r doing the PR rong.
    Show, not tell. A man of your age can Show us little glimpses of your happiness. Let us infer the rest. No gushing, just suave discretion.

  18. INeedANap says:

    OK. Some women are naturally thin — they eat well, get exercise, stay healthy, and are thin. But Amal is not naturally supposed to be this thin, right? That seems like the figure of a woman deliberately, chronically under-eating.

    • nancy says:

      I don’t recall seeing her look any different. She seems to have that kind of build, but it’s possible she’s lost a few due to stress.

      Where I did notice a significant difference was with Duchess Kate – she literally wasted away before our eyes and went from healthy,slim and athletic to emaciated. I saw her up close at the Calgary Stampede parade when she and William arrived by carriage to the Stampede GRounds and she looked so, so frail. People who got up close were commenting to each other how thin she was.

      • LAK says:

        Nancy: Amal has done what Kate did. She wasn’t fat by any definition, but she wasn’t this thin.

        There are afew pictures of her still on the Internet from around the time she was first outed as GC’s girlfriend in 2013. You can see that she was significantly bigger. As she was papped more and more, especially after the engagement was announced, she became progressively thinner. Post wedding, she seemed to gain a smidge, but it’s all dropped off. She’s now completely under-weight. I’m comfortable in calling that diagnosis because she’s small boned. It takes a lot of weight drop for a small boned person to *look* stick thin.

        Kate on the otherhand is big boned. I’m always uncomfortable with comments on her weight because of that fact. A big boned person immediately looks frail with just a small weight drop, and significantly better when they add it back.

      • Jessica says:

        Her weight used to yo-yo a bit. There are a lot of pictures of her taken during the Julian Assange case (find them searching for images of him, not her). In some her face looks gaunt and she’s as thin as she is here, in others taken a few months later she looks like she’s gained a good 20lbs.

  19. Catelina says:

    I don’t know if Amal did anything to her hair, but either way it looks great here.

  20. Tia says:

    The thing to realise about Amal is that she doesn’t have a law firm. A chambers is a group of self employed barristers who share admin costs and support staff. It isn’t quite that simple – you have to be invited to join and Amal’s chambers are very choosy about who they invite but as long as she covers her share of the costs (this is usually done as a percentage of fees) and does enough work to keep up appearances, I shouldn’t think anyone there cares how hard she works. If anyone is taking on the work she would previously have done, they are also taking the fees. Nobody there gets a salary, they all work 100% for fees for individual cases.

  21. Ari says:

    Is it odd that I find them very asexual? Like I can’t imagine them having sex at all. I know that is weird LOL but sometimes I have like hetero OTP and they would definitely not be one of them because the chemistry between them is lacking greatly.

    • Gigi says:

      Yes!!! Those two have no chemistry and they don’t look like people who have sex with each other. Their body language is like what you would have with a family member or someone you don’t fancy. At all.

      Amal looks too emaciated to have a libido to be honest. She’d break if she tried to rattle her bones off someone. There’s naturally thin and there’s painfully starved. She looks in pain.

    • siri says:

      You are not the only one with that thought. Actually, you don’t need to THINK about it, you can see it in all their pics. At it’s VERY best, this is a companionship with mutual benefits. And I wouldn’t even know if they are really together that often…there was a blind gossip about them having had seperate rooms at the Carlyle in NY., and that George has had (male) visitors at night. Well, it’s gossip…

  22. snowflake says:

    I hate this whole ” he chased her ” thing. as if the ones that liked him and were available were not good enough, and women have to play hard to get. such sexist b.s. he’s obviously one of those guys who has flings who he won’t marry because they’re not good enough. but oh, he met this serious career woman who he had to chase so she was definitely the one. he was a playboy for many years, what makes him feel he deserves Amal? amazing how men can have one-night stands, sleep with anything, but yet when it comes to a wife, only the chaste ones deserve him.

    this guy at my work came back from costa rica with an 18 yr old wife. he’s 28 and she’s pregnant. and she’s so great, he couldn’t find an american woman because they were all “Kardashian” Says the guy who told the men at work that he doesn’t use protection! and would sleep with anything. but it’s so perfect, she got pregnant, it’s meant to be, he would never have imagined it. I told someone, not that surprising, considering he doesn’t use protection, it was only a matter of time. i know that’s mean, but i hate it when skeevy men act like a virginal princess is only good enough for them. when they’ve slept with more women than they can count.

    • Fa says:

      Well said, men always fall in love the one they’re chasing but they never fall in love the women who chase them that’s according to them, that’s stupid, & insulting to those women

    • Jayna says:

      I didn’t take it like that. I took it from what he said in his interview years ago. You become mega famous and you pretty much don’t have to blink to get a date or woman. The women are just available to you with barely lifting a finger to show interest, and it’s really because you are famous, not because you are so amazing or anything. I’ve seen other famous actors allude to this. People become enamored with fame and see that, not the person, and I would think as the famous person you do become jaded regarding dating. I don’t think anyone is saying she has to be virginal. It’s the opposite. It was that she wasn’t impressed with his fame and rushing to accept his overtures, like most he encountered. But that wasn’t the only reason he fell for her. That just piqued his interest.

  23. Jayna says:

    Well, a lot of these quotes are coming out piecemeal from the same few interviews. So while still overload, not out at every media outlet blabbing as much as it seems.

    Thank God he didn’t have her at his Tomorrowland premiere somewhere. He looked so much older, that it shocked me. But when I clicked on the video to watch the interview out on the red carpet, I guess you call it, he still had his charm and self-effacing humor and the way he smiled that used to be so cute and so he didn’t seem as old the photos. It was refreshing because the interviewer didn’t go there regarding Amal and neither did George, and instead got some nice back and forth about George working with the actors and his next two projects, which was refreshing, no Amal, and more like the old George. Timing is everything. I think George met and married Amal at the right time, though. His looks, while still nice for an older man, are hitting the wall.

    • Christin says:

      Maybe it is an aging spurt, but I have noticed the same thing.

      Some have compared GC to Cary Grant, but I think that comparison is weaker than ever. When Cary was 54, he made Indiscreet and Houseboat. He looked great then, and for many more years. Yet he temporarily retired when he was around 50 because he thought he could not pull off the romantic leading man anymore. Amazing how differently people perceive themselves.

      • Jayna says:

        George said years ago when talking about actors in their 50s can still be leading men for a little while, unfortunately, compared to women, and talked about the inequality in movies. He admitted back then 40s are a great time for male actors hitting their peak in movies and you have to grab that and then be ready to transition in your 50s.

        But he said he would rather go the character actor route as he ages, that you get more longevity, than doing unfortunate plastic surgery and dying his hair trying to look younger, and talked about he always had an older look anyway compared to his actor friends.

      • Christin says:

        I completely agree about character acting being preferable. That is the way to enjoy a longer, less volatile body of work.

  24. Jayna says:

    Regarding meeting her and having to chase her, I think this is the first woman since he got mega famous that he had to, and that was what drew him to her. He mentioned in 2000 how having women waiting for you on a platter just because you are famous, no other reason, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    “When I got there, I was cornered by about 15 people, most of them pretty girls. But it’s not like you might imagine. Instead, they all wanted to have their picture taken with me. When that happens, it’s like you’re a cardboard cutout for people to stand next to. It’s not like talking to a girl and getting to know her. At the height of it, when there were people pulling at me from every direction and it was at its most embarrassing, some guy comes over and says, “Look at this shit, man! You got it made! Chicks are all over you.” ” Meanwhile, I was thinking how much easier it was before this.

    PLAYBOY: Was it really easier?

    CLOONEY: Then it was just about being a guy talking to a girl and all the other stuff that’s so interesting about dating—that dance you do. You see somebody at a party and lock eyes and eventually get closer and closer to each other. Somehow you find a way to talk and maybe—all that stuff. That’s a turn-on. That has been taken away from me.

    PLAYBOY: Like the guy at the Grotto, many men we know probably won’t feel too sorry for you.

    CLOONEY: I know, and I’m not complaining, but it’s not what it appears to be. Yes, I can get their attention, but I could get their attention even if I were Raymond Burr. They recognize anyone who is famous. If you were to ask what I miss about the anonymity that I used to have, it’s that experience, that slow and natural getting to know someone—that kind of electricity.”

  25. FingerBinger says:

    If George really loved Amal he would get her a stylist. She makes something as simple as a sweater and jeans look bad.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t hate the look in the photos at all of the sweater and jeans, just the boots. Those boots are a bit much.

      Luciana Damon, Matt’s wife, never gets enough credit for her style, because she stays in the background publicitywise. She has a great figure, and always seems to look great casually, no try-hard look. Here they are the day after Clooney’s wedding in Italy, or leaving (not sure). I thought it was a nice, casual look, all pieces paired nicely together. The same with Cindy Crawford’s casual about town looks.

      • Question now says:

        Luciana always looks great. Never too-try-hard. Never badly dressed on the red carpet: she always wears her dresses and her dresses never wear her.
        Luciana is a very feminine and very stunning beauty with a beautiful cat-like face. She would look great in anything.

  26. Dirty Martini says:

    This is a total bore…I’m just mind dumbingly over his need to discuss the wonders of his marriage. You didn’t invent it, George, it’s an institution that was around long before your endorsement.

    God help us all if they breed. He will be worse than Kim Kardashian extolling the perfection of his spawn…

  27. Barbara says:

    I really don’t see this marriage lasting in the long run. They just don’t seem to have much in common. Say what you will, but that is a very important issue.

  28. EN says:

    Don’t care what everyone says, I like Amal. I like her style and her personality, At least, what comes across for everyone to see. I think she is too thin, though, but this is neither here nor there. The bottom line is l like her. And I wouldn’t mind if my daughters grew up being like her.

    And if George has finally seen the light, good for him. I see nothing wrong in speaking about love, especially, when it is well done. I like men who are not ashamed to admit being in love vs. the macho men, who think admitting caring for anyone is weakness. No, it is strong people who are not afraid to love and care.

  29. Jayna says:

    I’ve loved a lot of Amal’s work dresses and coats, etc. I don’t mind her quirky style at all. I kind of enjoy it and glad she’s not totally conforming. She enjoys bold and pastel colors and also prints, so kind of fun to see what she wears at times.

    But sometimes in casual wear she overdoes it, like with the shoes or something to make it overkill and too try-hardy..

    This was her best casual look. The shoes weren’t competing, but added to the casual look.

    Re her quirky floral love, I shouldn’t like this as floral overkill and would never ever for myself, but I kind of like it on her because it is true to her style .

    • jane16 says:

      Jayna, just want to say that I always enjoy your comments, and you really shine in this thread. Thanks for always keeping it interesting, and sane.

      • Jayna says:

        Aw, thanks, Jane. I can make fun sometimes of George and his over-the-top comments and Amal’s love of the camera, but I can’t hate on George and his girl.

        That made me think of that Depeche Mode song, Shine. I’d like to shine for Dave Gahan, but that’s a different story and a different way to shine. LOL

  30. 007 says:

    What I find particularly intriguing is all the press about the cost of her wardrobe and then, BAM, she appears at LAX in a Zara top. It just feels as though the story is constantly being adjusted based on media reports.

  31. siri says:

    It was widely reported last year that they met at a charity fundraising event through a ‘mutual friend’. This ‘friend’ might have been former party girl, and later lawyer’s wife Mariella Frostrup (with whom I believe George shared more than friendship at times), who always insisted George would marry one (fine?) day. Obviously, SHE didn’t want to be the one, she knows George too well. But, her husband Jason McCue is a human rights lawyer who is head of the Libyan U.K. Reconciliation Group, and created the “Mandate Darfur” that works on an array of matters in the region. He and Amal know each other, they belong to the same circle of lawyers. So it could be, Mariella and her husband tried to hook up George, bringing Amal along to whatever party. I could believe he was impressed, but I don’t think it has much to do with love, it just fitted into his new idea about himself.

  32. Angie says:

    This man is going completely overboard with those whole “I AM SO HAPPY AND IN LOVE LOOK AT ME GUYS!! MY LIFE IS PERFECT!” I feel like the more he talks about it the more he is trying to convince himself that he’s deliriously in love. We get it.
    Clooney used to swear that his “private” life was not to be discussed because that would defeat the purpose and now he’s basically a Kardashian! This reminds me of Sofia Vergara and her Joe boy last summer when they were basically promoting their relationship, how hot they were and how it was so “fun”. These people make me sick. I give Clooney and his humanitarian love 2 years.

  33. HoustonGrl says:

    She’s positively skeletal. Something is not right.

  34. Aubra says:


  35. Question now says:

    Amal LOVES to be papped.

  36. E.M. MAXX says:


  37. Fru says:

    Does no one else find her shockingly thin?

  38. Sara says:

    Ok, I know it’s not cool to snark on women’s bodies but she is way too skinny. And her style is terrible and so it her extra big hair. I do not think she is attractive at all. I see nothing aspirational about her. Boo. She’s like a try hard rip off Angelia Joile.

  39. Art Collector says:

    There is zero chemistry between these two. NONE. So, that leaves their patently transparent motives: Amal loves the cameras like nothing I have ever seen — her full of herself display at the Golden Globes was like a pathetic narcissistic caricature — and Clooney is clearly desperate to stay relevant since he’s looking about late 60s these days and hardly has brilliant acting skills to fall back upon. Unfortunately for Clooney, though, people are not as easily fooled as he’d hoped for.