Is Lindsay Lohan going to become a cracked-out fugitive from justice in Monaco?


When we last checked in with Lindsay Lohan, the crack-monster had arrived in Brooklyn three days after she was supposed to. She checked into a hotel close to the Brooklyn Community Center where she was going to try to complete her court-ordered community service. Her first real day of “work” was last Wednesday, when the Cracken showed up TWO HOURS LATE. She arranged to get pap’d outside the community center too, and she was holding a Koran. All in all, it was an entirely predictable cracked-out mess. And she has to keep it up for another two weeks, full-time, if she’s going to put a big enough dent into her community service hours and “avoid jail.” That’s the threat coming from the LA court – this is her last chance to complete her hours and if she doesn’t stick with it, she’ll go to jail. No one really believes that Los Angeles County would actually throw her into jail, but the threat has scared Lindsay enough that she’s come up with a Plan B. Plan B = run away to Monaco. Hahahaha.

Lindsay Lohan vows to become a fugitive from justice and will flee to Monaco if she doesn’t complete her community service on time. We know Lindsay is keenly aware of the looming May 28th deadline, and she knows there’s a real chance she won’t complete her required hours. We also know she’s been told she’s going to jail if she falls short, and this time she actually believes it.

So Lindsay has made it clear to friends and family … if she doesn’t get it done, she won’t go back to California for her court hearing. She says a very rich friend has a hotel in Monaco and has given her carte blanche to stay indefinitely, and she’ll take him up on the offer.

Thing is … she can’t be extradited for a reckless driving misdemeanor, so authorities can’t touch her. In the unlikely event she actually completes her community service on time, she says she’ll gladly go to court, but then it’s definitely off to Monaco. Drive safely, Monaco residents.

[From TMZ]

I would LOVE to hear more about this “very rich friend” who owns a hotel in Monaco. I would love to know just how Lindsay still maintains her friendships with wealthy men, given that she’s an utter mess and I doubt she can even handle paying in “trade.” But sure… if Lindsay becomes a fugitive from justice in Monaco… that would be a crazy end to this cracked-out rollercoaster of crack shenanigans.

Hey, maybe Lindsay can find work in Monaco as a nanny to Kelly Rutherford’s kids. Too soon? Haha.


Photos of Lindsay in NYC on May 15, 2015 courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. U says:

    What was the point of her coming to New York? Regardless, she’s going to get an extension or something like she always does and nothing bad will happen to her. Like always. God she’s so annoying and useless.

    • BobbieFisher says:

      Anyone remember the last David Letterman appearance? The one where she said she was clean and sober and she had just gotten drunk off her ass at the Gramercy Hotel with her friends watching her “sober” life at a viewing party? Well, I remember her saying she wanted to appear with Oprah the next time she went on Letterman and Letterman totally balked at that but Lindsay asked anyhow – well, Oprah was on Letterman last Friday – and I think in Lindsay’s delusional mind, she thought she’d be on Letterman with Oprah so she arranged to be back in NYC for that date. Obviously Oprah went on by herself because I know for sure Letterman wouldn’t let that JLaw-bashing idiot on his show ever again. I think he only did the first time because Oprah called in a favor. Yeah – Lindsay is so narcissistic, I bet she thought she’d be on Letterman with Oprah his last week. Just like she’s going to win an Oscar someday.

  2. E.M. MAXX says:

    How does she still have tons of money to live the lifestyle she does? I find it very hard to believe that the ONE thing she and her equally screwed up mother did correctly is invest well ? But I could be wrong .

    • Lama Bean says:

      She finds “sponsors”.

      • Sherry says:

        Exactly. There was a blind item a while back that inferred Lindsey found a “permanent” sponsor, which was the real reason she was in London. I’m sure he’s the wealthy hotel owner paying for her car service, assistant and anything else she needs.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        I’ve never heard of a “permanent” sponsor. This means he’ll be around in twenty, thirty years?

      • Sherry says:

        I think they meant “permanent” as opposed to the one or two nights variety of sponsor. Long-term would have probably been a more apt description.

    • Talie says:

      Yeah, they did not invest her money at all. This is a girl who never even purchased real estate, choosing instead to rack up a $1 million bill at the Chateau Marmont.

      • FLORC says:

        Her Lawyer Holly has her payment in escrow. This was during a time she was said to be heavily in debt. I think LL might have a lot of cash, but nothing on the books.
        She does blow through it with lightning speed.

    • Mare says:

      She does favors for rich men.

  3. TX says:

    She was also papped wearing a headscarf. One of he more steady johns must be Muslim- perhaps the same gentleman who owns the hotel?

    • LAK says:

      I think you mean her current john is a strict Muslim because she’s had Muslim johns in the past. Allegedly.

      • TX says:

        Haha yes either way I doubt she took it upon herself to study up on a religion and take it seriously for her own personal growth.

      • Meatball says:

        Yes, walking around with the Koran and apparently speaking Arabic according to TMZ.

  4. bettyrose says:

    Do you ever find yourself wondering how a state like California, so rich in natural resources and host to some of the most lucrative industries on the planet is always struggling financially? How many billable hours have been/continue to be devoted to this insanity at taxpayer expense? Will the rich John in Monaco reimburse the state?

    • zinjojo says:

      California has a substantial surplus of $2Billion for for FY 2014/2015. Ever since we got rid of Arnold and reelected Jerry, the financial status of the state has been on an upswing. So while, the Cracken definitely wastes taxpayers resources, which none of us appreciate, I don’t think she’s sinking the economy.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        Yeah, and screwing us with a 9% sales tax helps the state’s finances.

      • Erinn says:

        Oh Jack Sparrow – I’d LOVE a 9% sales tax. 15% in NS.

      • bettyrose says:

        I was referring more to her as iconic of the vast wastefulness occurring in CA’s public sector, where cries of “budget cuts” are oft heard even in good times.

      • Lady D says:

        Wow Erinn, it’s 13% in BC., and I thought that was bad.

      • anne_000 says:


        It used to be over 10% in Los Angeles and iirc, the sales tax was higher pre-Jerry.

      • Anastasia says:

        Sales tax is 8.5% even in places like Dallas. 9% seems pretty reasonable for CA.

      • msw says:

        That’s true, but there is no income tax in Texas. California does, as well as being one of the few states with a payroll tax.

      • Nayru says:

        Am I the only one struggling to figure out what NS refers too!

      • Veronica says:

        I gotta be honest – I live in a much smaller city with a 7% sales tax, so 9% doesn’t sound bad at all for a city the size of LA. (Before you ask – yes, we have both state and local tax, along with local jurisidiction fees for EMS services.) Texas can probably get away with no income tax because it receives billion of dollars in federal subsidies for oil every year. In fact, I think they’re budget shortfall from a few years back was actually resolved by one of Obama’s stimulus programs which while I am all for finding better way to slash expenses without taxpayers footing it, is kind of hilarious.

  5. LAK says:

    Well, you know what they say…Monaco, a shady place for even shadier people.

  6. Annie says:

    She really is a high end escort now, isn’t she?

    • bettyrose says:

      I think she always was, right? It’s heartbreaking when you consider the beautiful little girl she once was and the horrible price of that fame in regards to services for rich men. But it’s equally puzzling that she can still command such high level favors for her services.

      • OTHER RENEE says:

        Let’s not forget the classy lineage that begat her. Looks like Lil sis Ali was similarly pimped out. It’s terribly sad really.

      • Samtha says:


      • bettyrose says:

        Samtha –
        Yep, the blackmail angle is the most compelling theory I’ve heard around here for why she gets away with everything. But what emotional trauma turned her into a vodka-swigging, coke-snorting, unapologetic narcissist with no work ethic, who drives like a lunatic and starts night club brawls? Yeah, I know she’s had a million chances to change, but it’s still sad.

      • Samtha says:

        Bettyrose, my thought is–at what age did she start down the path she’s on? How young was she when she started getting “sponsorship” from these men?

        My guess is very, very young, which explains the emotional trauma and also the blackmail.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think she has been for a few years now. She hasn’t had acting work in ages, yet always is traveling and sporting designer merchandise (though that could also be stolen, knowing her!). It’s pretty sad, but this seems to be the path she’s choosing.

    • Mia V. says:

      During her glorious days, I would understand paying for her “attention”, but now? She looks like crap all the time and she is a joke.

      • snowflake says:

        yeah, I don’t get that either. her johns could get a lot hotter.

      • bettyrose says:

        The theory’s been posited on previous threads that she deals in trade that most call girls won’t touch, hence the constant presence of bruises. But even if that’s true, I can’t believe she’d continue to command a high price for that, no longer being a freckled starlet.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        I suppose there’s something to be said for familiarity? They don’t have to take the time to instruct. She just knows what to do, when, where and how. And she can keep a secret. No one has to worry that she’ll say anything to anyone, ever.

    • TX says:

      I suspect she justifies it by not necessarily charging for her company, but rather that there is an unspoken agreement that the men give her money when she needs it and gifts when she wants them.

  7. GiGi says:

    I’m sure she’s either paying in trade or the promise of it. When I was a party girl, women I know could pretty much have their entire lives financed whether they were sleeping with someone or not. If not, you had about three weeks until the sponsor moved on.

    • minx says:

      There would have to be an expiration date, though, on how long the wealthiest benefactors support certain young things, and I think LL is brushing up against it. She is aging fast and has no career to give her any additional cachet. I think she could probably always find some old guy to support her, but not in the manner she wants.

      • Size Does Matter says:

        She will need to have a baby or get one of them to marry her somehow soon.

      • minx says:

        Size–yes, and the thought of LL having a baby sends shivers up my spine.

      • Another Anna says:

        Size, I wonder if that’s why the Koran. Trying to convince one of her benefactors that she’s marriage/baby mama material.

        This makes me so sad. She’s roughly around my sister’s age. My sister just finished law school and Lilo is racing around trying to beat the clock in so many ways. I genuinely and honestly want her to get away from her family and get better, but I kind of wonder if she wants to get better. I don’t think her mom is helping, but at this point is her mom really the problem or is she so deep into this life that she’ll never come out?

  8. funcakes says:

    This is just part of her crack drama. She would probably spend two hours in jail if at all.

    And Monaco is very expensive. I doubt one of her “sponsors” would foot the bill for her crack shenanigans when they can get some pretty young starlet who hasn’t been through as much drama as Lindsay.

    • Hautie says:

      For this allege career of being a “permanent date” it is more about the services you provide. These men are not keeping Lohan around for her witty conversation.

      They are keeping her around for the “services”. Expensive services.

      The things they are looking for…. they would not have the guts to ask a average girl to do.

      And this is the time of year… the girls go to Cannes looking for this Summers, man of means. Anytime you see a female referred to as a “yacht girl”. It is because they have been paid for their services, through the up coming Summer months. Mostly living on the yacht of the owner who is sponsoring them.

      Since Lohan is spending this very important week in NYC. I suspect she is spoken for this Summer. By a man who seems to have an hotel room to offer in Monaco. 🙂

      • funcakes says:

        OMG. In never thought of that. Performing disgusting, degrading acts no one else will do. Next stop porn and donkey shows.

  9. NewWester says:

    So when this “rich friend” of Lindsay’s has had enough of her antics and paying to repair a damaged hotel suite then tosses her out. What will Lindsay do next? She has worn out her welcome in Hollywood and she looks like a worn out fifty year old , yet she is not even 30 ! This is not going to end well

    • Chibichchai says:

      I think she’s involved in some kind of mafia/organized crime. If she is, she’ll be ok no matter what which is probably how she survived so long without a steady source of income. I doubt residuals pay that much…or do they?

      • burnsie says:

        Plus, allegedly her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley gets paid via LL’s royalties – past and future. Though I still don’t think that would add to be enough for all her legal fees

  10. lassie says:

    I’m curious about how she manages to get these ‘boyfriends’. She’s not the fresh faced ingenue that she once was. I’m sure there are younger, more taut women available for hire. Why do they choose her? She seems much too high maintenance.

  11. Talie says:

    Monaco is full of some of the shadiest rich people in the world — this story just brings the shivers.

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    She’s never going to get it together, is she?

    • bettyrose says:

      Maybe it’s just easier to tell ourselves that the little girl from Parent Trap, etc, is in some alternate universe living a happy, quiet life, with no relation to crack-prostitute Lindsay.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      No. She is a perpetual victim. She thinks nobody understands her schedule, her stress, everything that goes wrong. What she doesn’t get is that we all understand that stuff. We just don’t care.

      Everybody has problems. Everybody has stress. We all have priorities and responsiblities, but we still find a way to make it work, get to work on time, fulfil our responsbilities and do it agaiin day after day. She thinks she is special in having stress and responsbilities. The only thing special about her is her lack of understanding that it’s part of being an adult and we have no patience for whiny babies who can’t get their sh!t straight.

  13. mia girl says:

    She won’t go to Monaco.
    She’ll pull a short grift and purposely *accidentally* fall at community center and claim a concussion or say she *caught a terrible flu* from one of the kids at the center and claim she’s bed-ridden with a fever.
    “Your Honor, I tried but it’s not my fault!!”

  14. Tara says:

    Drug addicts resort to selling themselves and she probably has connections to rich, shady men. It’s really sad. How long can she keep it going?

  15. Bridget says:

    Seems like a well thought out plan. What could go wrong?

  16. Tina says:

    She’s always covered in lumps and bruises. One of her johns must like to get rough. What a price to pay to stay cracked out and unemployed. She had all the opportunity in the world to forge a great life for herself and this is what she’s become. No wonder she doesn’t want to be sober, a lucid moment would allow her to clearly see the mess she’s made and that would be hell.

  17. Chrissy says:

    Now that this is out there, why isn’t her passport being confiscated? If this actually happens and she becomes a fugitive, would Interpol get involved? Or would her john be able to pull some strings? So many questions, all of them guaranteeing her lots of attention. What a mess this girl is… this will not end well for her.

    • Bridget says:

      Because the crime was a misdemeanor. It’s not Interpol’s job to enforce bench warrants in the state of California for a petty crime. And you can’t just confiscate someone’s passport for having a bench warrant for a non-federal crime, especially not one that hasn’t even been issued yet.

      • FUTMZ says:

        Contempt of court is most certainly a felony. Not until the 28th, however.

      • Bridget says:

        I’m actually fairly certain that contempt is a misdemeanor, and we’re talking about a probation violation for a misdemeanor crime (which is why she’s been given so many opportunities to complete community service instead of going directly to jail).

        But hey, if any actual lawyers want to chime in please do so.

      • Tammy White says:

        Contempt of court for a misdemeanor is most certainly not a felony. She’d be issued an arrest warrant for failure to appear after May 28. That could prevent from leaving but she can leave May 27 & even May 28 before the warrant appears online to stop her leaving.

  18. FUTMZ says:

    Liability Lohan didn’t “check into a hotel near the Brooklyn Community Center”. She grifted a luxury penthouse (with maxi-bar!) in downtown Manhattan – near the NIGHTCLUBS! Interestingly, the cost to have a stretch-Escalade and chauffeur shuttle her all the way to Brooklyn probably is twice as much as car service from London to the CSV (who suddenly moved and changed their name – for some reason).

  19. grabbyhands says:

    Nothing this trick does surprises me any more. It IS kind of sad in a way, the stories and excuses get more ridiculous and yet she never ever seems to understand that no one believes any of it.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the light of all the recent head scarf wearing/Quran holding/shouting in Arabic, that the next bizarre story of her mouth is the reason she can’t complete her community service on time (or at all) is the the CIA wanted her to infiltrate the muslim community on the pretense of religious conversion so she could spy on any possible terrorist activity.

    • Pegasus says:

      LOLOLOL Just like Marilyn Monroe! 🙂

      Sadly, I could actually see her pitching that story w/ a straight face.

  20. Brittaki says:

    Does she have a bloody Mary in that water bottle?

  21. anne_000 says:

    What kind of friends and family does Lindsay have for this Monaco story to hit the tabloids? Really? If your friend or family member was thinking of skipping the country, you go to the media about it? How much was that payment for this bit of gossip?

    Maybe it would be good for her to go to Monaco. I don’t know why she just didn’t go in the first place instead of trying to do a failed community service plan. There’s not enough days and hours left for her to finish credibly with this late start.

    Some people here are saying that her bruises and injuries are caused by a certain type of work she does for her ‘sponsors.’ If so then maybe going to Monaco won’t be such a good idea after all.

    Remember when Dinah was on Millionaire Matchmaker and she started yelling about trying to call Lindsay to come and fix things because the show wasn’t working out for her? Lindsay apparently has more to worry about than what Dinah thought was so important. She has such bad, selfish parents. You’d think that Dinah would be more concerned about Lindsay, her bruises, her sponsors, the way she makes her living, and her legal issues than whether Patti Stanger can find Dinah the right date or not.

    Anyhoo, it’s sad that Lindsay is so messed up. Too bad she can’t make herself find peace of mind in a lifestyle that might seem like a step down for her. Obviously, trying to stay living in the jet set lifestyle isn’t doing her any good.

    • Skye says:

      Dina Lohan and Kris Jenner can be dropped into the same ‘gator swamp. They’re not mothers, they’re pimps…. and sadly for Lindsay, Dina isn’t even a good one.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Add Trish Cyrus and Lynn Spears to that mix. They are all horrible mothers, pimps, users, and completely lacking in morals and priorities.

  22. Jen says:

    Blah blah, standard Lohan crap. A far more important question- where can I get those sandals???

  23. Veronica says:

    Over and over again, we see the cost of child stardom. I still can’t believe people are willing to throw their children into that lion’s den.

  24. lila fowler says:

    Her reality show on OWN was fascinating in a very strange way. What’s become of her career since then, and since her run in that play ended? She always talked about wanting to work but here she is, fledgling again.

  25. Norman Garza says:

    If you know Lindsay you know know that moving to Monaco is a possibility. she has no real intention to do community service, she has been avoiding it some way or another for as long as she has been assigned a restitution of service.

    If Lindsay is willing to do a big thing like move to London to possibly avoid doing community service she can definitely move to Monaco.

    Think about it, aside from Monaco being a place for the wealthy with a couple of nice shops and a casino for Lindsay to blow her money on Monaco is very, very small, less than a square mile, and the population is dense with small apartments and there is not a lot to do.

  26. JenniferJustice says:

    I have a legitimate question that I need an answer to: If a foreign wealthy man seeks the pleasure of a prostitute, why on Earth would thy choose Lindsay Lohan? She isn’t good-looking.She isn’t built well. She doesn’t have any sense of style. She isn’t classy. She looks budget, tacky, bloated and trashy, so why her? These rich men overseas have options. There are many paid “escorts” who are actually beautiful women with banging bodies, so why would a man not want a gorgeous woman if he can have one? I don’t get it.

    • Montréalaise says:

      I think it’s because to them, she is “Lindsay Lohan, movie star”. She hasn’t worked in the industry for year, but the men either don’t know that or don’t care.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I suppose. And maybe her being American is somehow a coveted trait? Not that I think being American is a big deal, but for some, it is. As far as her being a “movie star”, dudes need to pick up a newspaper!

  27. bokchoi says:

    Lets all just agree to stop calling her an actor, shall we? I mean, it used to be her job, but now thats like calling Harrison Ford a carpenter – he left that trade a long time ago, and clearly LL has left acting behind.

    She is the worlds most famous hooker.