PETA is demanding that Michael Vick get his brain scanned

Michael Vick Appears Appears in Court

This past summer PETA famously offered to pay for a scan of the prefrontal region of Sharon Stone’s brain. They claimed it was probably underdeveloped since she clearly lacks empathy for others, both human and animal. PETA often writes these open letters to celebs as a way to get attention and free press. Their offers/pleas are generally ridiculous and I don’t think they ever expect anyone to take them up on it.

But they’ve made a very serious demand – not an offer – to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that he require dog fighting player Michael Vick to get a brain scan to rule out psychopathy before he’s allowed to play again. Vick won’t get out of prison until this summer, but the organization is damn serious about this.

The only bright side for Vick may be a PETA campaign that could be overplaying its hand.

PETA is demanding that Vick be barred from the league unless he has a brain scan to prove he’s not a psychopath. It has written a letter to Goodell to press its case and is urging supporters to write e-mails to Goodell.

From the PETA Web site:

“Vick’s behavior seems to fit the American Psychiatric Association profile for anti-social personality disorder (APD). People with APD are commonly referred to as “psychopaths”. They are usually male, often charming, prone to lying and manipulation, and incapable of genuine remorse. They can also take pleasure in inflicting cruelty.

Before the NFL even considers the possibility of allowing Vick back into the League, where he will be in a position to influence many fans, including countless children, PETA wants the League to require him to undergo a brain scan, coupled with a structured, standardized test (e.g, the Psychopathy Checklist, approved by the American Psychiatric Association). If Vick emerges from these examinations without evidence of psychopathy, this may mean that he has the capacity to express true remorse. If he is a psychopath, the chances of recidivism are great and remorse is virtually impossible.”

Extra point: The use of brain scans to predict future criminality is a controversial subject, and has some Orwellian undertones. After his two years of prison are over, do you think Vick deserves to be reinstated? Would you be comfortable if your team signed him? Chris Harry of The Orlando Sentinel is predicting that Vick will first play for the U.F.L. franchise in Orlando.

[From the New York Times]

The entire contents of PETA’s letter can be read here. I go back and forth on PETA, but I always give their marketing people a lot of credit for innovative ideas. This particular issue doesn’t seem to be about marketing though; they’re not targeting Vick for his celebrity but due to the heinousness of his crimes. I’ve never been tempted to sign anything on their site, but they do have a form letter you can submit urging the NFL not to reinstate Vick without the brain scan, and I’m thinking about sending one.

But frankly I’d rather send one saying not to let him play at all. It makes no difference to me whether or not he’s a psychopath, he did what he did. I expect he’ll get a fresh round of negative publicity when he’s released from prison in July, and I hope a PETA protest follows him everywhere he goes. And that’s like wishing plagues and boils on someone.

Here are PETA activists outside a sentencing hearing for Vick in federal court in December 2007 in Richmond, Virginia. Header of Vick speaking to reporters after agreeing to a guilty plea in August 2007.

Michael Vick Sentenced in Federal Court

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  1. Annie says:

    Vick is a terrible, terrible person.

    And I’m inclined to believe that no respectable NFL team will sign him. (Even the Raiders probably won’t take him and that’s saying something. LOL)

    As for PETA…well, I’m all for saving animals too, but they’re nutso.

    Perhaps we should brain scan THEM.

  2. Sauronsarmy says:

    I imagine alot of these “people” end up being killed by an animal. Like that guy who went to live with bears and ended up getting eaten by one. I can’t get behind ANYTHING these psychopaths do.

  3. Claude Yula says:

    First, if psychopathy could be tested for by a simple brain-scan, then we could test everyone who ever applies for a position of power (politician, police, bankers, etc.) and save ourselves a lot of trouble. Too bad such a thing is impossible.

    Second, PETA has no right to make any demands on anyone period, no matter how justified they may think they are. They should shut the fuck up and go away before they taint all animal rights groups with their craziness.

  4. Tia says:


    GO PETA !!! Thank you for all that you do. There are HORRIBLE, horrible things done to animals. There has to be a strong group to help them. AGAIN, thank you PETA

  5. Beth says:

    I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian but I really do respect the message that PETA is trying to get across, even if they do it in a way obnoxious to some people. Furthermore, this guy is a monster, and should not be signed by any NFL team, if the NFL cares about its image. People should throw garbage at him as he passes by on the street.

  6. the original kate says:

    michael vicks should be smeared with bacon and locked in a room full of starving pitbulls.

  7. Polkasox says:

    Agreed Claude Yula – it’s not that simple.

    I don’t like to side with PETA, but I agree with the sentiment behind this. NFL players are role models, little kids look up to them. Dog fighting is one of the most cruel things one can engage in – the amount of abuse those dogs go through to make them so vicious is insane. Dogs, even pit bulls, are not naturally vicious. Inflicting this amount of abuse on ANY living, feeling being shows a total lack of humanity. In my opinion, this man should be in jail for 10 years, not back in the NFL making ridiculous amounts of money.

  8. Sauronsarmy says:

    NFL doesn’t care about its image. How many of their players have been arrested for shootings, murder, assulting woman? Yeah.

  9. OM says:

    Anyone who abuses an animal is morally bankrupt.

  10. Pam says:

    Oh for craps sake- PETA believes that all pitbulls should be euthanized…hmmm.For an “animal rights group” they pick and choose which animals to protect. They jump on whatever bandwagon they can. They are idiots!

  11. Because I Say So says:

    you guys should check out Deceiver’s coverage of hypocritical Peta. Quite an eye-opener on their “message”.

  12. Claude Yula says:

    PETA’s lunacy, attention-whoring and hypocrisy has forever besmirched their reputation. They’ve made it impossible for reasonable people to endorse them without seeming to endorse their idiocy and extremism as well. Ultimately it hurts the cause as a whole IMO.

    People like Vicks *are* sick, no question. But wishing or threatening violence on him just brings us down to his level. We can’t we rise above the cruelty of blood sports if we’re all baying for blood ourselves.

  13. ChristinaT says:

    sauron, what exactly is your point? do you propose we torture and kill all animals as a preventative measure?

  14. Charlie says:

    Are you kidding me?

    PETA kills waaaaay more dogs than Michael Vick. And I don’t care if they stroke their paws and swing Kumbayah while they do it. It’s still killing animals.

    Check out

    Scary stuff. Both Vick and PETA are lunatics.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I think PETA needs to sit down and mind their own business. Who are they to judge when someone is ready to do something that they’re talented at performing? You don’t kill dogs while playing football. Why try to destroy his manhood in that manner?

    Has anyone ever heard of forgiveness? There are far worse things being done in this world than what Michael Vick did to those dogs. Why are people still harping on them? Who is anyone to judge another? Only God can judge (if you’re a believer).

    PETA is very misguided and I will never support the mission of organization that said even if animal testing resulted in a cure for cancer and AIDS, PETA still wouldn’t support it. That’s more disgusting to me than what Michael did (and yes, I do love animals).

  16. georgiagrl says:

    What’s with you people? Michael Vick committed a terrible crime, and went through the justice system. This Country gives second chances to Washington criminals, wall st. criminals and Hollywood idiots, who also committ crimes and pay their time.He deserves to go out and make a living and if the NFL sees fit to reinstate him so be it. As a matter of fact, he’s not even suspended right now.
    Get off your soapboxes!

  17. Feebee says:

    I didn’t hear PETA offered to scan Sharon Stone’s brain… didn’t she have a minor stroke or some brain condition she nearly died from a couple of years ago? God they are so crass.

    I don’t think anybody hears what they say anymore because their shock tactics and blah blah blah are just that now.

    Michael Vick did a horrible thing and is paying the price, just like others caught and convicted of crimes against humans.

  18. Books6000 says:

    PETA and everyone else needs to get over this Michael Vick issue. he served his time so leave him alone. What he did was wrong and he has paid for it, there is no reason he should be subject to a brain scan. The PETA organization has gone too far, enough is enough.

  19. K. says:

    Why stop at a brain scan, why didn’t PETA just demand a lobotomy? Look, the man paid the price, he served the time, and he will never own an animal again. PETA needs to let this man go about his business, and make a living. Desperation, will only push him back into criminal activity.

  20. J-Lin says:

    Michael Vick is not a sick person. I live in the South and that’s what these hillbillies do. It’s part of their culture. And that’s what pit bulls were bred for. Personally, I hate pit bulls. One attached my Yorkie last year and I probably would have shot both the dog and it’s owner if the police hadn’t shown up. My dog survived the attack, but I thank Michael Vick for everything he has done to get rid of those monsters.

  21. Just Amanda says:

    PETA is a disgustingly hypocritical organization and it should not get free publicity.
    I really encourage everyone to read up on PETA and find out what they really do with the animals and read up on their ideologies.
    All you PETA supporters, do you have pets? do you love them? well PETA doesn’t think you should own your pets.
    LEARN about this.

  22. Lizzy says:

    J-Lin, I’m sorry about your dog, but pit bulls are not monsters. If they are raised in a loving/caring home they are sweet and gentle. Any dog can be train/taught to be vicious.

  23. the original kate says:

    @J-Lin, dogfighting is not just confined to the south, you know. and you actually thank michael vick? for what? he tortured dogs, made them vicious and forced them to fight each other to the death, and then drowned them when they were too injured to keep fighting. where do you think these vicious dogs come from? they come from asswipes like him. yeah…he’s a great guy, alright.

  24. vick must be behind bars for the rest of his life

  25. Rob Allister says:


    It’s the dog trainer that makes a dog aggressive. Blaming a pit bull is like saying your Yorkie should have known better.

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