Rhys Ifans says ‘I learnt my lesson’ from Sienna Miller


Rhys Ifans has remained remarkably classy about his split with Sienna Miller last year. She left him abruptly and took up with the very married Balthazar Getty. While Getty’s wife Rosetta has had all of her public relations resources working overtime to bash the illicit couple, Rhys took the high road and never really spoke about his version of the split.

Now that he’s out promoting his new film The Boat That Rocked (which has Bill Nighy and Phillip Seymour Hoffman in it, meow!), Rhys has already given a couple of interviews in which he alluded to the split but never came out and said anything about Sienna.

However, The Daily Mail caught up with him at the London premiere Monday night and got him to say “'[The paparazzi] don’t bother me anymore now though, it’s all about who you’re shagging and I don’t do that anymore… I learnt my lesson there, didn’t I? I won’t make that mistake again.”

Rhys Ifans has been off the radar lately – and that’s just the way he wants it.

The actor and hellraiser has revealed he’s had enough of famous girlfriends after ‘learning his lesson’ when he split up with Sienna Miller last summer.

Rhys, 40, was speaking at the Leicester Square premiere of his new movie The Boat That Rocked, set aboard a pirate radio ship in the swinging Sixties.

The gruff Welshman said he was sick of the attention from photographers during his relationship with Sienna, and added: ‘I had a harpoon on board the boat ready for when the paps tried to spy on us.

‘I would have loved to drown a few of them.”

‘They don’t bother me anymore now though, it’s all about who you’re shagging and I don’t do that anymore… I learnt my lesson there, didn’t I? I won’t make that mistake again.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I really think Rhys meant the “I learnt my lesson” comment in a general way, like he learned his lesson not to date a woman who is catnip to tabloids. It didn’t seem to me like he was trying to bash Sienna, he was just making a general comment about how he doesn’t like a lot of attention focused on his personal life.

In interviews, Rhys has always seemed like a really sweet, thoughtful guy, and I bet he was a good boyfriend. He’s really won me over with his classy behavior. Team Ifans.

Here’s Sienna and Rhys out in London last May .


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  1. sissoucat says:

    I agree with you Kaiser – he learnt his lesson about whom not to date.

    Mischa must feel a bit down today.

  2. gg says:

    I think I love him again.

  3. MDD says:

    “While Getty’s wife Rosetta has had all of her public relations resources working overtime to bash the illicit couple” Kinda harsh don’t you think… the woman is the mother to his FOUR children.

  4. geronimo says:

    I think he might be getting a small dig in there. Glad they split, he’s way too nice for her.

    (btw, Boat that Rocked has a cracking cast – incl. Emma Thompson, Bill Nighy, Philip Seymour Hoffman.)

  5. Ggirl says:

    He is the coolest! I loved his movie, Danny Deckchair. The world needs his kind of quirkiness.

  6. sunseeker says:

    I agree MDD what did Rosetta do but keep a low profile just a couple of comments from so called friends and I think she had a right to feel humiliated. I think because time has passed some of us have forgotten the photo’s and the PDA all over LA. I personally would have given them a lot more hassle, but Rosetta is a lady.

  7. sunseeker says:

    Forgot to say met Rhys a couple of years ago and a nicer man you could not wish to meet. Always thought he was way too nice for Sienna and I was right.

  8. Mairead says:

    I so heart him!

    I also seriously heart the cast of that film! Must see!

  9. sarcra says:

    I will always think of this guy as the sloppy roommate in “Notting Hill”! 🙂

  10. lohantastic says:

    ITA – Rosetta didn’t NEED to sic the press on them. She’s the mother of 4 kids who got dumped by douchebag Getty for Miller, who’s pretty much the whoriest whore who ever whored, and then they went and flaunted it all over town. All Rosetta had to do was sit back and wait for it to hit the fan.

  11. loldongs says:

    I don’t see anything inappropriate or undignified about taking a swipe at somebody for screwing you over.

    Perhaps he just didn’t care?

    I wouldn’t commend him for not commenting. Either he had better things to worry about or he’s kind of a mangina.

  12. cirque says:

    Two people(Rosetta and Rhys) that Sienna nearly destroyed without any conscience behaved with class by not bashing this amoral adulterous cross-wearing fame seeker. “Shagging” in contrast to making love/being in love was his subtle contemptous dig at how he perceived Sienna’s stint with him.

  13. sunseeker says:

    And if you the photo of them in London in March, well she was already seeing Getty then by her own admission or her PR’S or so called friends. With Rhys who at that time she called her soul mate and then a few weeks later said it was never that serious. That girl needs serious help or counselling.

  14. overit says:

    He’s wayyyyy too good for her. A totally class act and very talented.

  15. c2 says:

    Why is it that someone else is always responsible for the consequences of SM bad behavior and poor decisions? So now RG is at fault because she has been paying people to “bash” SM and BG very public affair? It couldn’t possibly be the fact that NO ONE is amused or finds the public humilation of a mother and her 4 kids, “cute”, “admirable”, or “cool”? RG didn’t have to pay anyone because SM is her own worst enemy.

    SM didn’t have to stage photo-op after photo-op with the married man after those “embarassing” photos surfaced. She didn’t have to whine about there being no sisterhood and then leak photos of herself engaging in PDA with another sister’s husband. She didn’t have to tip off the papz so that they would capture her vacationing in Italy and Mexico with the married man. She didn’t have to pop up in LA after those reports about BG reconciling with his wife. She didn’t have to spread lies about RG to jusfity her bad behavior. She has had several opportunities to redeem herself, but she is too bent on upstaging the married man’s wife to do the right thing.

  16. c2 says:

    RG has taken the high road. BTW, since she wasn’t the one having the affair she has every right to be angry, upset, or talk about her ordeal. She has kept a VERY LOW PROFILE, unlike SM and BG who have made it their mission to humilate a mother and her 4 kids. It’s SM that hasn’t taken the high road, what right does she have to complain about how people are “mistreating” her when she is using every and any opportunity to rub the affair in RG and her kids faces?

  17. Dupe says:

    As far as I can see, all Rosetta Getty would have to so is come out publically and say, “my husband and I weren’t seperated at the time he starting sukin Ms. Miller’s nurple” and Sienna could kiss whatever ever remains of her pathetic skin flic career goodbye. Everyone seems to be taking the high road except Skanky and her drunken a-hole cheating married boyfirend. They wouldn’t know dignity if it came up and starting sukin on her nurple.