Princess Beatrice has gone on her fifteenth vacation in seven months’ time


A lot of people believe that Prince William and maybe even Prince Charles are behind the sudden rash of negative press stories about Princess Beatrice of York. While I could see how that conspiracy theory could play out – and it might even be true – the fact of the matter is that Beatrice is not helping herself in the least. It is my strong belief that Beatrice outright lied to the press about her “financial course” in America last month (unless she just took a Suze Orman day-course), and it is my strong belief that Beatrice really needs to find something other than “vacationing” to occupy her time.

The Daily Mail has new photos of Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark on vacation yet again – go here to see. They were in Bahamas this time, staying at the Great Guana Cay in what is being called her FIFTEENTH vacation in seven months. It wouldn’t be so bad except her father’s royal website says that Beatrice has a “full time role in business.” It wouldn’t be so bad except Andrew keeps trying to convince people that his daughters should be full-time working royals, all evidence to the contrary. It wouldn’t be so bad except that Beatrice’s people keep insisting that she IS working and looking for a job in New York, possibly. I don’t know… does it look like she’s interviewing for new jobs?

When Duchess Kate gave birth to Princess Charlotte, that meant that Beatrice was pushed down further in the line of succession. Beatrice is no longer sixth in line, which means magical things for her. It means less attention, of course, and it means that she no longer needs the Queen’s permission to do certain things, like get married. If Beatrice and Dave did get married, a wedding would certainly liven things up and change the subject away from her constant vacations.


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  1. original kay says:

    She has such lovely hair.

    • Dirk says:

      True. But this is the only thing she’s got going for her. She has inherited Fergie’s self-indulgence and Andrew’s stupidity, while combining their worst physical features!

  2. OSTONE says:

    While she doesn’t officially live from the crown, we all know The Queen gives money to Andrew, which in turn goes to both B and E. If it were just a trust fund socialite, I wouldn’t care! I would envy her lifestyle and she could do with her daddy’s money whatever she wanted. But some of that money comes from UK taxpayers, and it’s incredibly tacky and off-message to be like this. Poor Granny, seems like Wills and Bea are the work-shy grandkids.

    • paola says:

      Any parent is entitled to do whatever they want with their money. If Andrew gives his crown money to his daughters it shouldn’t be a problem for the tax payers. It’s his money and like it or not he can do what he wants with it.
      Uk people have 2 options: Get rid of the monarchy giving up all the touristic income ( and world attention and respect) or keep it paying their people’s life style.
      The Queen is such an iconic symbol that once she’s gone everything will change and royalty won’t be the same any more.

      • Luca76 says:

        I think that tourist income is overstated people are more interested in historical sites, , and while people have respect for QEII that doesn’t translate so much to the offspring and their shenanigans.
        We will see what happens after the Queen dies.

      • Jessica says:

        Yeah, because no tourists ever visit Versailles. Oh wait.

        The current royal family has little to no pull with tourists. Their ancestors and predecessors, yes, to some extent. But the most visited attraction in Britain is the British Museum. Buckingham Palace doesn’t even make the top 15.

      • oneshot says:

        getting rid of the monarchy won’t achieve anything as long as the aristocracy is still around. That lot are even worse, imo, and worse because they’re often so behind the scenes and away from public attention. The Daily Fail is owned by one, for starters.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        @Jessica – but then again Buck house isn’t open year round, like the British museum. It’s chaos to get in for the tour when it is.

        I think this is a problem that will solve itself. She’ll marry her rich boyfriend and the vacays will be paid for… btw, I’m not entirely sure he doesn’t spring for them now anyway. But even then, daddy Andy loves his girls, and he may still send money their way.

        Did either Beatrice or Eugenie graduate from university? Neither of their parents did, and so the argument could be made that they were never steered towards being serious business folk instead of typical upper crust skaters. Just saying.

      • Megan says:

        Jessica – have you ever been to the UK? I’m in Scotland right now and the tourist shops are filled with souvenirs of the current royal family.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They both graduated from University.

        Goldsmiths, University of London 2:1 degree (BA) in History and History of Ideas

        Newcastle University, 2:1 in English literature and history of art

      • Mary-Alice says:

        Megan, that is one strange argument, really. Yes many souvenirs fill up many shops around the world but what does it prove exactly? You could have a point if you could tell how much the sales of royal souvenirs bring to the British economy. If you can’t, you’re saying little. I have been to England, many times, studied there once too. It is a truth that thee majority of tourists will keep visiting the English and British hostorical spots, castles, and attractions without the royal family. Because now they do NOT see the royal family when they visit anyways. So, for the majority of the tourists, the royal family is an abstract idea behind those windows there. Which doesn’t stop them from visiting Britain because they don’t visit to meet the royal family.

      • LAK says:

        Miss Mellisa: It says a lot when people don’t realise that they graduated from university even though it was widely publicised.

        I suppose it’s easier to assume the worst of these them.

      • wolfpup says:

        I’ve read that many people are tongue-tied when meeting the Queen. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have her in my home, where she would be treated respectfully, but just like *any* other person. The “fantasy” of blue blood compared with common noble people, will not last in the day of internet. Perhaps the queen is respected because she doesn’t say anything! It’s true that we pay attention to royalty – but for me, it is primarily because they remind me of the story of “The Emperor With New Clothes” (simply naked, but pimped out humans).

      • Denise says:

        Any respect toward the royal family is based on ignorance. People thinking fairytales are real.

      • wow says:

        Perfect response and I agree. It also seems like people forget that The Queen has her own money seperate from what the tax payers
        pay. They seem to also have this selective amnesia when it comes to Harry and William who are both rich from the inheritance they received from Diana. They could be using their own money to fund their trips and such.

        Beatrice can do what she wants. She’s not a prominent royal, so whatevs. Besides, even when she was doing royal duties being bumped down they still criticized her. There’s no winning for this family ragardless of what they do. I don’t blame them for chosing to go ahead with enjoying their lives. If enough people are really that bothered with it, that monarchy would have ended centuries ago.

  3. MelissaManifesto says:

    Does she have to work? Who finances her lifestyle? What do the British think?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I think Andrew supports her from his “private income,” which I assume he gets from the Queen, who gets her money from the British public. So, that’s why she should work, in my opinion.

    • *North*Star* says:

      Royals and aristocrats typically have trust funds that aren’t tied to public money. So it is entirely possible that she’s floating on trust funds as well as her parents and boyfriend (basically not necessarily publicly funded).

  4. Eva says:

    Those are some big pupils in that second picture

  5. Sandy says:

    What a princess.

  6. genevieve says:

    I get a really creepy vibe from the boyfriend. I feel like there are going to be gross but possibly funny tabloid scandals from him in the future.

  7. INeedANap says:

    Maybe she’s telecommuting from the beach. I hear seashells have great wifi.

  8. inthekitchen says:

    I’ve always liked her and Eug and felt they got a really raw deal because their parents are so stupid and ridiculous and because Bea was overweight as a teenager…but I think I’m done defending her. Too many vacations!

    Personally, she’s not funded by public money (like W&K), so I kind of don’t care what she does, plus I get that she’s not a FT working royal (even though she and her dad wanted her to be) and will be slimmed down/cut out by Charles in the years to come…but, damn, girl, you are NOT helping your case. I think she and Dave should get married and move to America to get out of the spotlight a bit. Or, for goodness sake, let her be a FT working royal. She seems to shine when she’s doing “engagements.”

    And, I completely buy that Willy’s team is pushing all of these negative stories about her (and those that come out about Harry) in an effort to distract from his and his wife’s lazy attitude, empty schedules, pre- and post- birth “maternity” leaves, babymoons and reconnecting-as-a-couple vacations, fake trainings and bespoke courses, etc.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      People say that she’s not funded by public money, but doesn’t the entire royal family depend on the British public for their income and lifestyle? I mean, I’m sure they “inherited” money, but didn’t that money come from the British public? So aren’t they all, in a sense, supported by the taxpayers? I’m not arguing with you as you probably know more about it than I, but the “private income” thing has never made sense to me.

      • Sherry says:

        I may be completely off the mark as I am an American and read this years ago when Diana was newly married into the Royal family, but I thought I read the older generations of Royals gave the British government certain residences (like Buckingham Palace) in exchange for the royals always having an income indefinitely. It was something the government agreed to. Can anyone in England verify this?

        And as for the lesser royals, I believe they should all have jobs. It’s one thing for the children of the monarch (or future monarch) to be on the dole, it’s quite another when you are getting into the nieces and nephews.

      • Senaber says:

        I thought private income meant money that the crown makes for itself, such as income from the various duchys and such.

      • Sherry says:

        Just looked it up and here are two links I found which explain it:

        1. This one explains where the money comes from. It seems the Queen has a personal fortune of around $500 million. So if she’s handing money over to Andrew and he gives it to his daughters, that’s their business.

        2. This is the Wiki answer which sort of explains the trading off that happened between the royal family and the government in exchange for the Civil List money they receive.

        I think the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Camilla do work hard for the British public as far as appearances and such. The rest of them, especially Andrew and his do-nothing ex and daughters, seem to be lazy “pay me because I’m related to the Queen” types.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thank you so much for going to all that trouble when I was too lazy. I guess my point is, this “personal fortune” came from the taxpayers at some point. I mean, it’s not like the Queen started a dot com. All the money she has originated from the taxpayers of olden times. That’s why I think it’s the current taxpayers’ business. But I don’t really care, as it doesn’t involve me. I see what you mean, though, and the links are very interesting.

      • inthekitchen says:

        @GoodNames – Yes, that’s correct, it all trickles down from the public funds going to the queen, so I suppose I should rethink that. I guess part of me doesn’t mind if she receives some public money because I think she wants to do FT royal work and is being forbidden from doing so. I think Charles is a fool to think he and his children will be able to handle a full royal load and I think he’s shooting himself in the foot by turning away the royals (Bea) who actually want to work.

        But also…nothing is stopping her from getting a “real” job, so…

      • notasugarhere says:

        Sherry, just to mention Beatrice and Eugenie are not allowed to work for the Queen. Charles does not want them to be working royals, so they’re trying to figure out how to be like Peter and Zara (Princess Anne’s children).

      • *North*Star* says:

        Plenty of royals have trust funds that don’t originate from public funds.

        For example, the 8th Earl Spencer created trust funds for both William and Harry when they were born. It’s entirely possible that other Royals brought in ‘new’ money too.

  9. Jessica says:

    I sort of feel bad for her. Charles is not going to let her be a full-time working royal once the Queen passes. Her father is the only person who thinks it’s still a possibility. But she’s meant to pretend otherwise until Charles is King?

    It must be quite annoying to be pressured to live your life in preparation for something that clearly won’t be happening. If her father wasn’t pushing so hard for them to be full-time working royals she and Eugenie wouldn’t have to deal with so much scrutiny.

    Her situation is very different from Will, Kate and Harry’s.

    • LNG says:

      Her parents certainly didn’t do her any favours. Look at how Zara and Peter turned out – both knew from an early age that they were not ever going to be working royals and both have managed to put together a career. If Andrew (and maybe Fergie too) had accepted the slimmed down monarchy and not continued to let Beatrice believe that she would have a full time role, then maybe things would be different (and that is obviously just pure and complete speculation that i’ve read from other sources – maybe Andrew had nothing to do it, who knows).

      HOWEVER, regardless of what her parents did or did not do, she is a grown adult now. She is old enough to figure it out herself and find something to do with her life. And if charity work is what she wants to do, there is nothing stopping her from doing that on her own terms.

  10. Bluebell says:

    I know she’s a private citizen and can therefore do with she likes. But since she has a royal title I kind of feel like it would be nice if she had a bit of courtesy to not go on so many vacations because times are still quite hard here in the UK. Even so, I think it’s wrong of the press to go after her for this.

    • hindulovegod says:

      I disagree. We should attach some sense of shame to being useless and contributing nothing to the world. Instead of glorifying the growing excess of the privileged, let’s point out how negative this behavior is for society. The massive inherited privilege of the royals should come with more responsibilities, not fewer. Higher expectations are a small price to pay for all they receive.

      • Wilma says:

        I could not agree more. Public service is an honourable way to spend your time as a member of the royal family. Though I’m cold right now, trying to catch up with a lot of work and could not help wishing I could just go on a warm vacation right now….

      • lucy2 says:

        Agreed – royal or regular person, she should be doing SOMETHING productive with her time. If she doesn’t need a job or have a career she’s interested in, go volunteer somewhere, even just part time.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, what’s that saying about the greater the privilege, the higher the responsibility? Or something like that. God, I’m lazy today.

      • LNG says:

        GNAT: “With great power comes great responsibility” is, i think, what you’re thinking of! And I agree – she needs to do something. It doesn’t have to be much, but she’s got to be seen to be contributing something to the world.

      • LAK says:

        Beatrice is patron or ambassador of several organisations which she is very involved and has been with since she was a teen and or young adult namely;

        The Teenage Cancer Trust,
        The Helen Arkell Dyslexia centre,
        The Forget me not Children’s Hospice,
        The Broomwood African Education foundation,
        The Big Change charitable trust, Children in Crisis,
        Sick Kids Friends Foundation,
        York Theatre Royal
        York Musical society.

        Her focus is young children, community spirit and education.

        She does more than photo ops. She’s involved and occasionally raises money for some of them. This is a woman who turns her lemons into charitable gifts eg when the press fat shamed her as a teen, she lost the weight and ran a marathon to raise money for Children in Crisis. Ditto her WK wedding hat which she sold and gave the money (£80K) to Unicef/children in Crisis or the time she climbed a mountain to raise funds for Big Change charitable trust. She doesn’t neglect her charities.

        Clearly it’s clickbait for the media if we only discuss her holiday habit and nothing else. And that holiday habit will be framed as never ending whether she takes a weekend, a week or a month out.

      • Cricket says:

        Does anyone think the hat worn to W&K wedding was awful on purpose and a kind of f u to the lovely couple on their wedding day? I read that somewhere and the lack of love between the girls would make for some juicy gossip!

      • LAK says:

        Cricket: I think the hat speculation was just that. Beatrice wore crazy hats for years. Google has lots of images of her in crazy hats.

        I think the ridicule over the wedding hat forced her to tone down the crazy hats. She’s quite restrained since then.

  11. Jegede says:

    I have never ever bought the narrative that it was ‘Dastardly’ William’s doing, any time negative stories about other members of the RF are printed.

    The British press have form for this M.O, long before he was even born.

  12. bettyrose says:

    How are “vacations” defined? I mean, are they visiting family and friends? Just kickin’ it in London? Or is the purchase of first class tickets and reserved hotel rooms that dings the vacation meter? And since she is both a “blood princess” and excluded from working royal status with her lowly 7th in line position, isn’t she kinda entitled to be a waste of space?

  13. The Original Mia says:

    Still no outrage from me. When William & Kate start doing what they should do as a heir couple, then I’ll be concerned what the non-heir Beatrice does. She visits her charities. Seems truly involved with them. Is engaged when she does visit them. She does all of this without threat to her clothing allowance or to improve her PR.

    • Jib says:

      Yes, she seems to do a lot more than Wills and Kate, even though Charles wants her to become invisible so his children can be the only ones in the spotlight. So I think this is absurd. She does work on her own charities, doesn’t get supported by the people. Let her be, Daily Mail!!!

  14. ickythump says:

    Seems to be following in the new generation of royal footsteps ….making out they’re working hard when they are not – its dishonest IMO. They seem to have no problem in accepting the entitlement their titles or status allows but not the duties which are supposed to go along with them – there should be some kind of pay back – not all take and no give.

  15. She has no particular talents, no particular background of having to work hard for attainments except for a standard issue university degree, a mother as a role model who has lived off her former royal connections for years, still supported by her long-divorced husband, is part of a family with one of the largest personal fortunes on the planet and who will never allow her to experience the impact of having no particular aim in life except to enjoy herself, and an inheritance from the Queen Mum that will also ensure financial security. As the Queen’s granddaughter, upon HM’s death, she and her sister will also inherit a bit more financial security, although not nearly as much as William and Harry . . . who are also inheritors of Diana’s estate, and the interest therefrom.

    So what’s the incentive for the York girls to do anything resembling “real” work? Face it: they may as well go on “vacation” because compared to most people, their lives ARE one long vacation. They’re just moving the venues, not the daily schedule.

  16. Tough Cookie says:

    Love her jacket in the first pic.

  17. Lara K says:

    At this point, vacationing is her job.

  18. Ellie says:

    Why do her eyes always look like she’s opened them far too wide like she’s trying to make them look bigger? She looks permanently startled.

    • LAK says:

      Her ‘wide open’ eyes are a genetic marker for her family. Her family have distinct eyes going back to their Hanoverian roots. Google ‘Hanoverian eyes’ and several of her relatives will pop up with those same eyes eg Queens Alexandra and Victoria, Kings George 3,5 and 6 as well as Edward 7, Tsar Nicholas 2 of Russia. In the current generation, she shares the trademark eyes with her father Andrew and her cousin Frederick Windsor.

      Funfact: Beatrice strongly resembles Queen Victoria primarily because they have the exact same eyes, nose and mouth.

      • Jen says:

        I loved that Bea played a bit part in the movie “The Young Victoria”. 🙂

      • Cricket says:

        I think she also has her uncle Charles’s hands

      • mayamae says:

        @LAK, your suggestion was unintentionally funny. I already know about Bea’s eyes, but I googled your suggestion. I got an entire page of horses and dogs (including close ups of their eyes), mixed in with a few pics of Beatrice, Elizabeth, and a few others.

      • LAK says:

        Mayamea: LOL

        I think the Hanovarians have been very lucky that their distinct eyes aren’t an unattractive feature considering the degree of inbreeding. Other ruling dynasties weren’t so lucky eg the Hapsburgs and their distinct chin.

      • P'enny says:

        she looks nothing like Queen Victoria! I’ve just seen an exhibition of Victoria at Kensington Palace and take both Victoria and Beatrice at same age and you will see no resemblance what so ever.

      • notasugarhere says:

        P’enny, I cannot post links. You can search for a Daily Mail story entitled The throne clones How the Royal Family inherited more than just their titles. There you’ll see the two pictures used most-often to compare Beatrice to Victoria.

      • LAK says:

        P’enny: as Victoria aged, the resemblance is less apparent especially because Victoria added a lot of weight which doesn’t make their similar features ( eyes, nose, *mouth) apparent.

        *the teeth come from Philip’s side of the family.

        Younger, slimmer portraits of Victoria show the resemblance eg Victoria’s wedding portraits.

  19. lisa says:

    if she has security provided by the taxpayers, how is she not living off the taxpayers?

    • Angel says:

      Her security was taken away a while ago. Her father pays out of pocket for it now. If you want to get into where his money comes from – whole other deal.

    • anne_000 says:

      Charles took away Beatrice and Eugenia’s security. Andrew got really upset about it, but he has no power to override Charles’ decision.

      So now Andrew pays out of his own pocket like Angel said in the above post.

      • Kori says:

        Andrew also pays rent for their Royal apartments. Royals like the Kents used to use Kensington palace as a crash pad but now non working royals have to pay up. I think the Kents pay GBP100,000/yr or something. Same with the York girls.

  20. Blue says:

    Why do people expect them to work when they are so rich an don’t have to. If I didn’t have to work to pay the bills I wouldn’t either, I can think of a hundred more interesting things to do than work 8 to 6 every day.

    • bellenola says:

      Because all that wealth comes with the responsibility they have to the people who worked very hard for much less?

      Perhaps if the world were a fairer place you wouldn’t have to work 8 to 6 every day either. 🙂

  21. duchesschicana says:

    Hmm I’m not saying Bea’s not flakey when it comes to certain things, but I think it’s a bit of double standard the way the press treats BeaWill, kate and Harry didn’t even have a job at one point for months at a time. They at one point or two went one vacation after another, Prince Harry quit his job to focus on charity and duty the press praised him, but when Bea quit her job in 2012 or 2013 to focus on her charities the press complained. I don’t think her vacations are that expensive or solely at the expense of tax payers , the Bransons and her friends are probably give her freebies, especially airport tickets since dave used to work for VG employees get a number of free tickets for friends and family and I don’t see why Bea still wouldn’t get some free tickets maybe discounts since she’s close friends with the Bransons. Somehow I doubt dave would let her pay for her tickets regardless, since his family is wealthy.The royals are notorious for being frugal .

    another thing, if Bea’ charity work was counted in the court circular she would have out shined them a number of times

    and why would someone believe the DM about her Job in NY? She never once gave an interview about it. Ehh, I think the DM made up that story to make her seem jealous of kate and the new baby ,enough said.

    • duchesschicana says:

      Like a poster from a forum once said :
      The comments and criticism would typically go like this:
      Beatrice has a job – she’s taking one from someone who actually needs it, is using her connections
      Beatrice doesn’t have a job – get a job you lazy leech on the tax-payer!

      Beatrice has tax-payer paid security – she’s not important, what a waste of the tax-payer’s money
      Beatrice doesn’t have tax-payer paid security – no need to use facts, everyone still thinks the tax-payer funds it so see the point above

      Beatrice does charity work – why is she doing it? She’s not a part of the “long-term” Firm, she should get a clue that they don’t want her
      Beatrice doesn’t do charity work – get a job you lazy leech on the tax-payer!

      Overall, if I were Beatrice I would do what makes me happy and not give two stuffs what the press thinks/writes about me.

      another thing If the DM lied about J.K.Rowling, they can lie about Bea also

      • Guesto says:


        Bea really is very low down the list of people to be offended by.

    • bellenola says:

      Some people make it so easy though.

      • LAK says:

        Some people make it easy because the media is guiding them to think that way even when the facts don’t match up.

        All the royals are framed a particular way by the media and the public goes along with it.

        The main problem being that the royals are selling their personalities rather than a talent so it’s harder for the public to divorce the construct from the royal’s real persona.

        We focus on a celebrity’s talent rather than their personalities or lifestyle…..unless they turn their lifestyle/personalities into a brand, and even there, the public is willing to acknowledge a divide which they refuse to do for royals.

  22. PennyLane says:

    Personally, 15 vacations in seven months sounds exhausting — but then again when I get home I have to unpack my own bag, do my own laundry, open the piled-up mail, deal with self-righteous kitties who are angry about being left alone and may have broken something just to prove their point, etc., not to mention researching and making all my own travel arrangements beforehand. I’m guessing that Bea has people to do all that for her.

    Yes I have to say that I’m a bit jealous of her life of comfortable parasitism. I will say this though: she makes Prince Harry look good!

  23. Madpoe says:

    Dammit! I just fought tooth and nail for a lousy one day off with HR!

  24. Bread and Circuses says:

    I am oddly okay with royalty just being good-natured beach bums and occasional ribbon-cutters.

    They don’t have any real political power, and Beatrice will never get much closer to the throne than this anyway, so why shouldn’t she just behave like a (generally well-adjusted) rich kid?

    I mean, if I was young, wealthy, and had no real responsibilities, I might spend huge amounts of time goofing off in pleasant places too. The only real problem is the dishonest spin-doctoring the palace does to make her (and other young royals) seem hard-working.

  25. Miss Melissa says:

    Just wanted to point out… this will be Harry’s kids in 30 years.

  26. Jib says:

    I don’t care what she does – from what I get, the people of England are not supporting her, so who cares?? I get annoyed at Wills and Kate, who cost the “common man” millions of pounds with their renovations and security.

    This girl has been taken out of any formal roles by Charles in favor of his lazy son and daughter-in-law, so good for her.

  27. RobN says:

    I think Andrew’s plan was for the girls to be seen as such hard working Royals, that the public would not support Charles’ plan to cut them off.

    It doesn’t seem that Beatrice is really on board with that. Personally, I’d be out kissing ribbons and cutting babies like crazy.

  28. Navel Linty says:

    Can you imagine waking up to that face staring at you every morning?


  29. Delores Smile says:

    A little off topic. Everone says Britain will change dramatically with the investature, the crowning of King Charles, but how will British life change for each class. This is an honest question. Being the typical American, and proud of it, I honestly don’t know what the Monarchy story will become. Both for British and how will it effect Americans too. Thanks

  30. b says:

    Another royal do nothing layabout on the dole.

  31. Helen says:

    Ha ha, I work full time in business, too. I’m a businesswoman, getting the business done.

    I 100% agree with the original posts point that she can do whatever, but don’t go claiming you’re a wage slave like the rest of us when we have EYES and can SEE.