Rachel Weisz in teal Prada at Cannes ‘Youth’ premiere: beautiful or budget?


Here are some photos from last night’s Cannes Film Festival premiere of Youth. I’ve heard very little about this movie, and I only really know that it stars Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz and Paul Dano. Jane Fonda has some kind of role in it too. It’s mostly about Keitel and Caine though. But Rachel Weisz was the one stealing the show at the premiere! Rachel wore this rich emerald –teal Prada gown, accented with jewelry by Chaumet. Y’all know I have mixed feelings about Prada gowns for the most part. And those problems I have are evident in this gown. This could have looked really lux, but I feel like the “Prada Signature” is a messy bust and bad tailoring, and Rachel is not well-served here. The darting is also “off,” the stitching is puckered and the satin looks really bumpy in close-ups. Still, a gorgeous color on her. I’ve been loving the greens this year.



Jane Fonda went over-the-top in this Schiaparelli Couture gown. I’m not into it, mostly because of that neckline and the weird fuchsia wrap/skirt thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Jane Fonda bringing some old-school glam to Cannes. I just think this look is messy.



Madalina Ghenea is in the movie, and she came to Cannes to try to steal Rachel’s thunder. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Ghenea dated Gerard Butler for a while, then she dated Michael Fassbender for a short time. Call me a jealous hag, but I don’t like her whole vibe. The dress is pretty though.


Let’s end it on a nice note – I love Doutzen Kroes in this Mugler pre-fall look. Her styling is ON POINT.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Kip says:

    What is it with stylists and slightly mismatching colours of the same hue!? Jane Fonda’s choker and giant magenta apron clash!!! People, how can those two things be chosen by a professional to go together? Duchess Kate has had similar clashing coat/hat issues so I am starting to wonder if I am colour-oversensitive…

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      No, I don’t think you are. I hate matchy matchy, but the color should either match or contrast nicely. It shouldn’t almost match but slightly clash. And I have a pretty high tolerance for different color mixes, but this is just wrong. Lol

    • Susan says:

      Colors can look really different in photographs. Colors can also look very different on different computer screens. maybe this stuff looks better in person.

      • M.A.F. says:

        In the first photo of Doutzen Kroes her dress looks navy then in the second it looks black.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        That’s certainly true, and the lighting could be off, too.

    • qwerty says:

      It would look bad if it was the same colour.

  2. MooHoo says:

    wow, such amazing skin.

    not fussed on Jane’s dress but love her.

    am over the whole beaded shower-curtain look.

    Douzen K nailed it. wow.

  3. Miss Gloss says:

    I really, really dislike Jane Fonda. And her demeanor in these photos is so amusing to me. She’s all like, “I look good…real good.” I find her silly. And I still can’t believe America has forgiven her unforgivable act.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      What unforgivable act? Her videos of gym ?

      • Miss Gloss says:

        Umm no. The American soldier prisoners who were murdered because of her in Vietnam.

      • bette says:

        in 1972 She posed for pictures on an anti-aircraft gun that had been used to shoot down American planes, and she volunteered to do a radio broadcast from Hanoi. She told everyone that the POWs were being treated “humanely” which also was a big lie. She gave comfort and aid to the enemy

        When I was in the Navy in the 1980s, all the video stores on the bases refused to carry her films.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        @Miss Gloss
        What Jane Fonda did was wrong, but no one died because of her. That story about her giving up soldiers who begged her to pass notes to their families, resulting in their death, is false. It has been proven false many times. Even John McCain, who was a POW, said it was false. Never happened. But every time her name comes up, somebody hauls it out and presents it as fact. I’m not defending what she did, but please stop condemning her for something she didn’t do.

      • askar says:

        Well, she was exercising her freedom of speech, wasn’t she?
        It was close to half a century ago, she did not directly cause the fate of the POWs, she probably did not even aggravate it, it was a mistake, and she apologized for it.
        Every person deserves to be judged in the context of their times.

      • Susan says:

        She has apologized many times. She said she was young and foolish.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      The North remembers.

      Jane Fonda looks like she’s about to pounce and suck the life out of someone to maintain her glorious faux youthfulness.

    • A little bird says:

      How did you find the warp in the time-space continuum to post on the internet from 1973?!

    • Sarah says:

      Meh….I think in hindsight most of America agrees with Jane about Vietnam. All this nonsense of “I support the troops but am against the war…” Well, you really can’t do both, IMO. If you send people into harms way, you have to support them financially and emotionally. You can’t do half but not the other half. Otherwise, you are just hanging them out to dry. Hindsight is both a blessing and a curse but in the case of Vietnam….I think Jane was right.

      Jane, however, is starting to bug me with all her work. Looks like she got a fresh trout pout or Cannes.

      • mytbean says:

        You can absolutely support the troops but be against the war for the same reason that you can be pro gun ownership but not want them utilized hazardously or irresponsibly. The military is a tool. Wars are events.

        I think the problem is that we have no *real* power as a population to sway our government in what wars it chooses to fight and as a result, the soldiers get stuck in the middle.

        I’ve always thought Fonda was a ditz and her foibles were just a result of her naivety about what influence or publicity she’d garner from her actions and words.

        As an aside – That emerald green is just gorgeous but yeah – the design is not good… it looks unfinished somehow – like they didn’t put in a lining or iron down the inner seams… or something :/

      • karen scharps says:

        How would you feel if you were one of the service men, imprisoned, beaten, starved, etc. and someone representing America comes to what you think is to give you much needed support. Instead, she takes all the notes the soldiers handed her and makes a point of showing our soldiers that she handed the notes over to the enemy? One man was beaten so badly that he lost an eye and the others were badly beaten. What she did was a traitorous act and not some youthful mistake. Put yourself in the men’s shoes before coming out with insipid excuses for this traitor.

  4. lucile says:

    She’s absolutely gorgeous but gosh ! this dress is a mess !

  5. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Great color for Rachel but the satin doesn’t forgive
    I like Jane’s dress but her hair wastes her look ( she looks better with short hair)

    • ISO says:

      Prada has a penchant for -not- lining their satin. I don’t mind some headlights, but muff puff is never a fashion statement.

    • Snazzy says:

      In that first pic Rachel looks like she has an alien that’s going to pop out of her abdomen! And we know she’s a fit beautiful woman … it takes effort and some seriously bad stitching to make someone so beautiful look like she’s about to give birth to an alien

  6. Dhavynia says:

    Rachel’s dress is not all that but the color is gorgeous in her, makes her look younger and it might be a combination of that with her hair and make up.

    DK is a knockout and the dress is great but not so great for Cannes IMO

    Jane Fonda could have done without that gift wrapping thing around her dress
    And the Madalina woman looks like a bride and full of herself

  7. Greek chic says:

    I don’t like Rachel’s dress because I hate satin.

    Doutzen looks amazing! Wow

  8. Neelyo says:

    Rachel must have slept in that dress.

    Is Fonda playing Miss Kitty’s mom in a Gunsmoke remake?

  9. Samtha says:

    Rachel’s hair and makeup are lovely. The dress, on the other hand…

    At least it’s not as bad as Jane Fonda’s?

    Jane: this dress is boring.
    Jane’s stylist: I know! Let’s wrap a curtain around it.
    Jane: perfect.

  10. Lucy2 says:

    Gorgeous color on Rachel, but satin is too unforgiving.

    • Jan says:

      I agree Lucy2. The colour is great on her but satin almost always looks bad and the style of dress must be really hot to wear too. Satin doesn’t breathe at all and long sleeves and gown length in that heat must have been really uncomfortable.

  11. LaurieH says:

    It’s impossible for me to hear of Jane Fonda and not think ‘Hanoi Jane’. Now it’s impossible for me to see Jane Fonda and not think “Gunsmoke”. Personal feelings aside, Jane looks amazing for a woman of her years, but this look smacks of “Saloon -meets-Carol-Burnett’s-Gone-With-The-Wind-skit”. The dress is a mess. The hair is a mess. The styling is a mess.

    Rachel Weisz looks beautiful, as always, but that dress is doing her no favors. The problem with that fabric is that it shows every single bump and ripple on the body – and 99.9% of women (including Rachel) do not have the bodies to carry that fabric off. The color is nice on her, but I’ve not been a fan of teal (or peach, for that matter) since the 1980’s.

  12. Naddie says:

    Rachel, that’s your colour!

  13. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    Rachel’s face looks stunning but that dress reminds me of a conservative prom look. I hate satin. And either the colors on my computer/my eyes are off or that dress is nowhere near being green or emerald? Teal – yes, but mostly a blue-based shade, with very little green in the mix.

  14. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Rachel’s dress is a mess, but she manages to look very pretty anyway. I would like Jane’s dress is it didn’t have the big pink sash and she wasn’t making that face like she’s sucking in her cheeks. The other two look nice.

  15. Tough Cookie says:

    Rachel (muff puff!!! LOL) and Jane (Miss Kitty!!) look frumpy. Madalina is wearing something I imagine Kim K wearing (but not as well.) Doutzen looks great.

  16. meme says:

    Doutzen Kroes is simply gorgeous. Rachel’s beautiful but that dress is all sorts of fug. Jane Fonda looks ridiculous. Hey Harvey Keitel!

  17. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    They both look bad. They look like they went to a thrift store that got stuck in the 80s. Doutzen looks like mall Barbie circa 1994 with her grommets, strappy black heels and spangly star earrings, so I guess she wins the fashion-off.

  18. Ravensdaughter says:

    Oh, nooooooo. Jane Fonda has just had some heavy work done on her face. Pounds of make-up wasn’t enough?

  19. minime says:

    What happened to her face??? Is this just the photo angle?
    Rachel Weisz is one of my favourite actresses but I had really a hard time recognizing her here!

    Doutzen Kroes looks really good in here…but I guess she always does 🙂

  20. Lorelei says:

    Rachel doesn’t look like herself any more. She is still pretty, but she looks different.

  21. Miss Gloss says:

    She’s exercising her free speech? She didn’t do anything wrong? How uber tolerant and of all of you. You are exactly what is wrong with our society. But hey, let’s talk about her fashion! Yay, brainless activity! Hurray!

  22. Miran says:

    Beautiful dress, color is amazing but satin is very unforgiving. She still looks great though, I’ve always thought she was stupidly gorgeous.

  23. Dorky says:

    Is that a cl*t ring that’s showing through the satin in Rachel’s pic? OMG…

  24. Dorky says:

    Also, I have never understood people saying Jane Fonda is attractive. ? That face has been fug since the ’60s. I mean, really. Have people seen her face? UGLY.