Pink: ‘I don’t take well to bullying… I’m not a person that will be bullied’


Here are some photos from last night’s ELLE Women in Music event in LA. Pink was the biggest name there, although I have to say… I don’t think her style was on-point. I’m all for wearing a pantsuit to major red carpets. I’m also a big fan of menswear-on-ladies and strong androgynous looks. But this is not my jam. I think it’s because I have an aversion to men and women wearing these high-neck, buttoned-up looks. I hate when Jonny Lee Miller does it on Elementary too!! Plus, this suit doesn’t fit Pink. The jacket is too baggy and the pants are a disaster.

Incidentally, Pink has been on the war path about body-shaming trolls recently. If you’re forcing me to examine her recent looks, I would say that she maybe has put on a few pounds, but it’s nothing major and it really does look like it’s just “a few pounds.” I don’t see the big deal and I don’t get why anyone is attacking her. She went off on social media last month, and then she did an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week where she spoke out about the issue again. She said in part:

“I don’t take well to bullying. I never have. I’m not a person that will be bullied. I’m not a person that will stand by and watch other people bullied. I think people have gotten it wrong. They think their opinion matters and holds weight and I don’t know where or why they’re giving themselves so much credit you know? So I thought it was important for me to remind them that I don’t care. My life is full, I like food a lot, I really like to cook, I like to live, I find joy in that and we’re doing alright in the Hart household. I am a girl, I have feelings and people think I take no sh-t and I’m tough, tougher than nails, but I’m a human being.”


I’m glad she’s standing up for herself, but I do have to say… I was not aware that anyone was criticizing her body until she brought it up. It’s like the Streisand Effect of body-image.


More photos from the Elle event… Maria Menounos should not do cornrows, right? And I love Keke Palmer but this is not the best ensemble. And Alanis Morissette was there with her husband Mario Treadway. I’m glad that they’re still going strong.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. meme says:

    Please stop. No one is bullying you Pink. No one is forcing you to read what people say about you on social media either. I’m tired of celebrities whining about everything. If she’s as ‘tough as nails” some trolls are the internet can still “bully” her?

    • Amy says:

      Sure, she’s human and painful and cruel words hurt all humans.

      I’d never suggest someone wasn’t strong because they could be hurt by someone else’s words.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      You didn’t read the commentaries on Daily Mail for example .

    • Wilma says:

      I detest the hypocrisy on display here. About a year ago this fifteen year old girl corrected Pink on something in a tweet. Pink then went completely nuts on her, encouraged her followers to have the girl’s account blocked and was pretty nasty about the whole thing. It soured me on her forever.

    • Icy blue says:

      Well, just because Pink refuses to be bullied, won’t be bullied, etc, doesn’t mean some low life, body shaming trolls won’t try it on. It has nothing to do with her being strong, the strong are not immune to hurtful words and good for her standing up for herself.

  2. Kitten says:

    I’m not sure it matters what Maria Menounos does with her hair. Agree that cornrows are probably not the best look for her, but she is still one of my top girl crushes.

    Pink is awesome. Not a huge fan of her music because it’s not really my style, but they play her stuff in some of my classes at the gym and they’re fun and catchy.

    • mimif says:

      Ditto on Pink’s music, sometimes I sing along just because I like her as a person.

      Where’s mark .? This is a post he could really get behind.

      • Kitten says:

        mark . is probably feverishly scribbling Pink and Menounos’s names under “List of Celebs that Kitten Likes” so he bring it up later in some slam at me.

        He never used to be jerky.
        He’s changed since he started dating you, mimif.

    • Greek chic says:

      Μaria Menounos is looking amazing lately. Slim but fit and strong.

      She looks great in person.

    • Erinn says:

      I’m with you on the Pink stuff. I just genuinely like her. I catch myself singing her stuff in the car, even when I don’t like it that much, just because it’s catchy and perfect for car singing.

      I keep meaning to checkout the stuff she did with Dallas Green – I always forget to look it up, but I just adore that man, so I’ll probably like it.

  3. aims says:

    Pink is the very definition of strength. I would expect nothing less from her regarding bullying. She’s living her life, as we all should, and to hell to anyone else who has a problem.

  4. Cali says:

    Alanis looks great! NO to Keke Palmer and Pink has been looking like T-Boz lately 😑

  5. Amy says:

    i think the problem with the Streisand effect is that with social media today we have a different sort of newsfeed.

    For her, seemingly, it was something being fed directly to her and those trolls comments were effecting her to the point she had to say something.

    Entertainment Tonight is a gossip/celebrity show so they probably already know the story and want to get it from her in her own words.

    I realized recently due to one specific actor how much social media can help/and hurt individuals especially those suffering from mental illness. So I used to say “Just cut off your social media accounts and ignore it” but for some people they need that pick me up from others and interaction. It can be hard when that becomes a funnel of cruelty and bullyingn though.!

  6. Miss M says:

    There was a blind item on blindgossip talking about a female artist making comments about another female artist that had put on weight ina recent award show. People guessed the bullied person was either Kelly Clarkson, Pink or Mariah Carey.

  7. AlmondJoy says:

    It’s always great to see someone standing up to bullies.

    I love Maria Menounos but I can’t even start on her hair.. See Amandla Stenburg’s video presentation for her history class.

    I think I would love Keke’s look of she took off the jacket 😕 the pants, hair and makeup are hot!

  8. Penelope says:

    I never knew there was something called the Streisand Effect. Interesting!

    • Liberty says:

      Penelope, what it is, per Wikipedia: “The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.”

    • kanyekardashian says:

      It comes from Babs getting PO’d that a photographer documenting the Malibu coastline from a helicopter published a photo of her massive compound, as he did with every Malibu resident’s home. No one would have even seen the photo of her house if she hadn’t filed a huge lawsuit – which she lost – against the photographer claiming invasion of privacy. Then tons of people flocked to the website to see her house. It wasn’t even a paparrazi move, it was an ecological documentation, but she’s so full of herself, she ended up publicizing her own house pictures by sending traffic to the site.

  9. weehoop says:

    Alanis looks effervescent!

  10. Penelope says:

    It’s really difficult to pull of cornrows and Maria ain’t doing it.

  11. GinGia says:

    That’s just the thing with the wide world web…. Internet trolls can and will hide behind keyboards to say malicious things about people. However, I bet a paycheck they would not say anything to her face to face least she pound the hell out of them. I love Pink, she is powerful and takes nothing but still it does get old with the spineless trolls. As a side note, could you imagine what she would have done to Kanye had he called her out on stage versus TayTay?

    It could be a different place, a different web, a place for positive thoughts and reinforcement, lifting people up instead of beating them down, yet this is what it has come to. SMH. Rock on Pink! Now the trolls can attack me and my comments, which is fine, bring it.

  12. kanyekardashian says:

    Even reading these comments under this story, people aren’t getting it – criticizing people’s hair and clothing. I personally have never commented on anyone’s looks, only their horrible behavior and excessive lifestyles. But I think we should all try at least a week if not longer of only posting positive comments, including myself. Kindness doesn’t cost anything, after all.