Keira Knightley & James Righton welcomed their first child, maybe a girl?


I forgot about Keira Knightley! It was probably the excitement of Duchess Kate giving birth to a little princess, plus those photos of Sophie Hunter looking uncomfortably preggo, and I sort of got distracted. Keira Knightley finally gave birth, hurray! Keira and her husband James Righton welcomed their first child… at some point. We actually don’t know when the kid was born, or if it’s a boy or a girl, or the name or anything. Damn it.

Keira Knightley is a mom! The Imitation Game actress and her husband, musician James Righton, welcomed their first child, multiple sources confirm to PEOPLE.

Although PEOPLE confirmed her pregnancy in December, the mom-to-be, 30, kept mum on the news, and let her baby belly speak for itself in the weeks leading up to award season.

[From People]

I was getting a girl vibe from Keira and she seemed to let it slip during one Oscar season appearance, referring to her bump as a “her” or a “she”. To be fair though, I’m also getting a girl vibe from Benedict and Sophie Hunter, so maybe my baby-gender vibe-detector has gone screwy. One thing I am pretty sure about: Keira isn’t going to be Instagramming endless photos of her baby, nor will we see endless pap strolls of the happy family. We’ll probably be lucky to get a name confirmed within a month. In any case, congrats to the happy family! I’m sure the baby is gorgeous, with amazing cheekbones.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Snazzy says:

    Congrats to them! Of all the celebrity offspring born lately, I feel like this one actually has a chance at a more sensible upbringing … welcome little one!

    • Lee says:

      + 1

    • klein says:

      Yep – she’s really grown on me over the years and I think it’s because she’s made an effort to lead a reasonably normal life and has matured as she’s gotten older.

  2. Greek chic says:

    Congrats! For some reason I thought she gave birth a couple of months ago.

  3. sauvage says:

    She was sooo good in “The Imitation Game”.

    Congratulations to the happy parents!

  4. Lee says:

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  5. Lindy79 says:

    Congrats to them!

  6. Brin says:

    Congratulations to them! Can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl and what the name is.

    • Jegede says:

      The Washington Post said girl?
      But a reader who saw them in Hackney last week, with a stroller, said boy?

      • M.A.F. says:

        I’m seeing a girl being reported from most outlets.

      • mkyarwood says:

        Lol, I know I can always tell the gender of a newborn from afar in a stroller! Seriously, people thought my newborns were boys because I had a blue carrier. They aren’t anything until they are three or so, anyway, when they imprint their own idea of themselves.

  7. Patty says:

    Congratulations to them, and yeah that kid probably cheekbones that could cut glass. This is also additional proof that you can be a huge star and maintain your privacy; if thats what you want.

  8. INeedANap says:

    I was talking about this to a friend the other day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulls a Demi and drops out of Hollywood for several years to raise the baby. Maybe a few smaller, high quality local theater productions, but she seems like the type who would want a bit of a break with her child.

    • Kiki04 says:

      Agreed, I could see this…..

    • Kara says:

      those were different times and Keira is a feminist, she wont take the backseat in that marriage.

      • Birdix says:

        Wouldn’t it be great if feminism allowed women or men the choice to spend time focused on child-rearing without it being referred to as “taking the back seat?”
        Never mind… I see below you are trying to push buttons. You got me.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I think being feminist is letting her choose what she does whether it be take a break or continue to work, both of which are valid and involve their family. Its all about her choosing and being supported.

      • Marigold says:

        I’m a feminist and I stay home with my kid. What the hell are you on about with this “backseat” talk?

      • M.A.F. says:

        What does being a feminist have to do with taking a “backseat” to her marriage and child? Go look up the word again and come back.

      • mkyarwood says:

        Adjusting your career to raise your children and squeeze every last loving moment out of a fleeting childhood is not ‘taking a back seat’ to anything.

      • Mila says:

        It is is a valid point though. Why should Keira take time off her career like the OP says? Why is that something that comes to mind even when its about a woman who clearly stated that she will keep working?
        As long as “the woman will take several years off” is the thinking nothing will change and that is a feminist issue. Try catching up with the guys with a two or three year break. (In this business she does not directly compete with men but in other fields she wouldnt stand a chance)
        Personally i believe its good to have more women like Keira as role models.

      • Mary-Alice says:

        I took two years off because I WANTED to do so and I did catch up in a very tough field (arts marketing). If that’s feminism – to not be allowed to make my choices and enjoy them, thanks but no, thanks to this “feminism”. Besides, it’s one thing what you say and think you want before the baby arrives and a completely different reality afterwards. There is nothing wrong with changing your mind.

    • EN says:

      Keira said a year or so ago that she wants to keep working. She must understand that now is her best years, if she drops out now she won’t be able to get back.
      After she turns 35 y.o. it will get harder to get roles and then she’ll be able to spend more time with the family.

    • Mila says:

      She actually said the exact opposite. Idont know where you get your idea from that she would be the type to stop working and focusing on motherhood. She joked about it and said “i want to drop it out and keep working”.
      It would also be a terrible idea. She right now has recognition and needs to do something with it and cant just take a break. You cant take a break in a high powered career.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      I believe Keira is doing Broadway in the fall, I forget what play.

  9. Jegede says:

    Congratulations Keira & James.

    Like Zoe Saldana, pregnancy filled out Knightley’s face beautifully.

    • BritaBae says:

      Has Zoe gone back to being so skinny? She’s always stunning but I honestly think the ten or fifteen extra pounds she had on her in the last photo I saw of her made her look really healthy and gorgeous.

      • Jegede says:

        No she hasn’t gone back.
        Maybe thats why she skipped L’Oreal Cannes this year??

        Zoe has been very open about her struggles with reconciling herself with post pregnancy figure and is working really really hard to lose it.

        I think she’s documenting it or something?

        But I agree with you Zoe’s fuller face looks so much fresher, and so much more beautiful post baby.

    • sills says:

      Yes, I know they all try to stay on the skinny side of skinny, but Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie are also two that I remember as looking lovely with a bit of baby weight.

    • Annie says:

      They are lucky – I get more compliments on my face the thinner I am.

  10. Kara says:

    focusing on the gender of a baby is so wrong. as if it makes a difference… also gender binarism needs to go away.

    • Felice. says:

      No one wants to know the gender. People want to know the sex, which is an important part of proper healthcare. If you go around saying it’s a “pink baby”, then there would be an issue.

      • Kara says:

        sure for the medical team. we are not the medical team though.

        if you read the comments on other sites it comes down to: dressing up a girl and “oh wait until he is grown up, boys will be boys”.

        people seem to very much still care about gender roles and thats why they want to know. lots of questions to celeb mothers are also framed that way “does your daughter wear lipstick already? has she tried wearing high heels? or she is a tomboy?”

    • EN says:

      I want to know the gender, just curious, and I see nothing wrong with it. Boys look different from girls.
      As for preset gender roles, I don’t subscribe to that.

  11. I Choose Me says:

    I forgot she was pregnant. I wish nothing but joy to the happy couple and their new baby.

  12. mia girl says:

    I love her.
    Congrats to the new parents!

  13. Abigail says:

    Yay! As noted above, this couple seems normal and happy. I’m so glad for them.

  14. Jayna says:

    Please give the child a decent name. I have faith in Keira.

  15. wow says:

    I just love her and her movies! Congrats to them.

  16. smcollins says:

    Congrats to the new mom & dad! Boy or girl, I have no doubt their baby is cute as a button. 😉

  17. Annie says:

    I’m sorry but every time I see her hubby for a split second I think he’s Perez Hilton.

  18. WinonaRyder says:

    I’m glad she and James have managed to keep this relatively private. Good luck to them both and the little one.

  19. Guest says: