Joe Manganiello covers Details, doesn’t mind being objectified: ‘Why would I?’


Joe Manganiello covers the new issue of Details, and if he was looking to convince people that he’s not some grunting meathead with nothing to say, Details sort of sold him out. This is the shortest cover profile I think I’ve ever seen from Details. It’s basically six paragraphs and four major quotes from Joe and that’s it. Details usually does a five-page intensive interview with their cover subjects, like they spend a whole day together and get the subject’s thoughts on religion, women, workouts, art, etc. While I have no doubt that Joe is a total meathead, even I believe he had more to say than this! Some highlights from the Details piece:

He tore his biceps in the middle of filming Magic Mike XXL: “I had to power through four and a half weeks of shooting, just dealing with the pain and praying that the biceps didn’t detach completely. I had surgery the second I got back [to Los Angeles].”

Scheduling? From Details: “There was a reason he was on Zack Snyder’s short list to don Superman’s cape in 2013’s Man of Steel before a scheduling conflict eventually took him out of the running.”

He doesn’t mind being objectified: “Why would I? I don’t think men care why women like them, as long as they do. That’s the point of the nerd in high school who makes it big. You work that hard for a reason. You want to have access to the dating pool.”

Getting ripped for True Blood: “No one pointed a gun at my head and said I had to look a certain way. I was hired for how I looked then, and I could have stayed that way, but why wouldn’t I want to come in the best shape of my life?”

The good life: “My life’s pretty damn good and if working out had anything to do with affording me the type of life I have, then bring on more.”

[From Details]

Was he really that much of a contender for Man of Steel? I have my doubts. I think he had some meetings and there was a lot of interest on his part, but they make it sound like he was thisclose to getting the part and “scheduling” ruined his chances. Doubtful. Anyway, I guess the positive here is that Joe is totally fine with being objectified. Good thing, because I guess no one wants to talk to him. Hey, at least the photos are nice! They even put him in a wet white shirt. Joe Manganiello: would you hit it without talking to it?


Photos courtesy of Details.

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  1. Abbott says:

    I hate when my biceps detach from a long day’s work at my desk. Ugh. The worst.

    • Kaiser says:

      Details actually says how he detached his biceps – he was filming a Magic Mike XXL scene in a sex swing.

      • Abbott says:

        I’m obviously sitting at my desk incorrectly.

      • Vanessa says:

        How tragic! Is there a link to that scene? Poor, poor Joe. I’d be really curious to know how that happened. For, uh, future reference……

        Seriously, though. Is there a link? So so tragic.

    • Jem says:

      IKR? I hate it when that happens!

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Would Cheez-its make you feel better? Cheez-its with a side of bacon? Or do you need absinthe instead?

    • Sarah says:

      Oh man my friend’s dad’s bicep detached while he was playing soccer (he was 57 or so) and the doctor told him he doesn’t really need it. To reattach it would mean months of recovery and he just didn’t bother so he just has one kinda skinny arm… so freaky!!!!

    • kri says:

      Obviously the sex swing at your desk is totally inferior. I actually detached my vagina at work due to a defective sex swing. We should sue.

  2. Hudson Girl says:

    I feel like this makes Details look incompetent, rather than Joe a Meathead. Even Meatheads can give quotes on other topics, if he even is such. He has no history if saying offensive things- that would have needed to be edited out and left an interview this anemic.

    • lisa2 says:

      I see that; but whenever he does any interview whether print or live all he talks about is HIS body.. HIS exercise routine.. HIS sexiness. So not surprised that this had no depth. I have seen comments saying he is smart and has a good sense of humor. I don’t see it in this interview.

      • Guest21 says:

        Thank you! And who would honestly know his name if it wasn’t for the woman he is engaged to…

      • Nayru says:

        People who watch True Blood, I knew his name before Sofia

    • ava7 says:

      I think he is just pragmatic. Maybe he didn’t care to answer questions about his religious beliefs, etc. I wouldn’t. Just because you work as an actor doesn’t mean you have to share with the world things that are deeply personal like that. I think it’s unfair to assume he’s a meat head just because either he didn’t divulge more or they didn’t ask/print more.

  3. minx says:

    He certainly is hot, though.

  4. cr says:

    Joe usually doesn’t do much for me, but that pic of him in the wet shirt is very nice.
    That was a very short interview, I may mock him on occasionally for his making sure people know he’s a Carnegie Mellon graduate, but he is capable of a more interesting, longer interview than this one.
    And no, I don’t think he was really ever at the top of the list of Man of Steel. And that’s ok.

  5. Nicole says:

    He sounds grateful and hardworking. I kinda like the interview. I don’t want to read pages of celebrity interview. I want to read pages of gossip about soundbites. That’s why I’m here. 🙂

    • Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

      Right? Anything worth knowing can be reduced to ten dot points!

  6. Jess says:

    I can’t help but like this guy, he’s hot and harmless! I always think of him as being just like his character from How I met your mother, so funny!

    • mom2two says:

      I agree. He’s a good looking dude and I am sure he works hard for that body. I would not be surprised if he had meetings about Man of Steel. Maybe he was not as much of a contender as he is playing it out to be, but I am sure he was under consideration at some point during the casting process.

    • Lara K says:

      I always figured that character was closest to his real life personality.

      Actually he and Sofia seem very similar to me – super hot, a little self-centred, kinda shallow, but harmless and fun to hang out with.

  7. Lilacflowers says:

    Saw him when he was in Boston a week ago for Sofia’s son’s college graduation. Before, I would have said no, he’s not my body type, but after seeing him? The man is stunning. I would hit that hard. Several times.

  8. Naddie says:

    What? Hit on a man whitout knowing what’s in his brain? Never. Also, he sounds just like the typical gyn guy. Yikes.

  9. Dubois says:

    Would. Not. Hit. Ugh! He does nothing for me. He’s good looking, tall, fit, but still…

  10. Elisa the I. says:

    And I quiete enjoyed him in True Blood. 😛

  11. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I wonder if he’s right that men don’t care why women like them, as long as they do? I’ve always wondered why men (some men) don’t seem to care when a woman obviously likes them for their money. I thought they just convinced themselves that wasn’t the reason, but maybe he’s right and they just don’t care.

    • Kiddo says:

      I don’t think they do care.

    • Naddie says:

      I think he’s right, you know. Because most men don’t like women at all, they like themselves and their “bros”. Women are an object, and who cares what an object thinks?
      P.S: It’s not every man, but a large part of them.

      • Wonderbunny says:

        That’s not my experience at all. Perhaps there’s some cultural difference or you’ve just met the wrong type of people? In my experience, most men want the company of a woman and not just for sex.

        I do know of people who see others as mere objects, but that’s not restricted to gender.

      • Naddie says:

        In my point of view (that can be changed, hopefully), the male gender is much more into objectifying women than otherwise. But it’s also cultural, in countries where the social gap is larger, this situation is way more common.

      • RobN says:

        You’re hanging with the wrong crowd, Naddie, if you think a large majority of men are that way. You’re confusing boys with actual men, and the difference between them is not age.

      • Wonderbunny says:

        Men amongst themselves can sometimes get into the whole “pretending to be alpha” thing and try to make it seem as if they’re above anything sentimental and only into sex with women. Just like some women get lost in trying to prove their worth by what kind of gifts they are given by men (which is also a case of not seeing the other person as a human being, but merely a source for things that improve status).

        People in general can get caught up in those things, but it doesn’t mean that it’s actually prevalent or accurate of what people really want as individuals. I know men who are exhausted with trying to act “cool”. We all want to be loved and accepted and nurtured, and there are so many men who are in desperate need of those things, even if they’ll never show it.

        Don’t let a few bad apples to poison your thoughts. Men are really quite adorable 🙂

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @WonderBunny: That’s pretty much been my experience with males too. I’ve met a good mix of men and boys up to this point who were interested in women and girls as friends/companions/girlfriends as well as men and boys who seem to primarily see women as sex symbols or status symbols as well, either because that’s what they really think, or that’s the attitude they front because they’ve been taught that it makes them more manly.

  12. Lucy2 says:

    Details…we have none.
    He is always mentioning that scheduling kept him from being Superman, and I just don’t think that was the only reason. In some previous interview he said it was scheduling from True Blood, but the movie was actually filmed during the show’s hiatus time.
    I think he read for it and maybe was on a list, but I’m just not buying that he was a top choice and Cavill got it by default.

    • cr says:

      It does keep getting brought up, and at this point should stop, it started filming summer of 2011, four years ago. It’s time to let it go. He didn’t get it. And it’s ok. It’s not as if that was the greatest movie ever made. And he didn’t have to have a showmance with Kaley Cuoco to promote it, so I think he got lucky there.

      • curiouser1 says:

        Joe is very bitter about how True Blood treated his character and rightly so, so I reckon he’s kicking himself for having signed on to the vampire disaster and blames it for costing him MOS even if it didn’t. [it well could have. filming MOS took several months and probably bled into TB’s schedule] But it’s also true that without TB Zack Snyder never would have considered Joe for the role in the first place.

      • cr says:

        In the end, TB screwed over all of the characters, including Joe’s. And the filming for MoS ended around the same time as TB starts filming, and I think that they would have worked around that if he had gotten it.
        He just needs to move on, it’s a movie role, not the love of his life that got away.

  13. Kiddo says:

    I never noticed before, but he resembles a baby eagle in the face.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      What?!? Not seeing it, my friend.

      And I would hit it every day of the week and twice on Sunday, silent or not. Everyone doesn’t have to be an intellectual. I have my husband for that.

    • Esmom says:

      I totally see that, lol. Although I think baby eagles are cuter. So fuzzy!

  14. Kaye says:

    Would I hit it without talking to it? That he didn’t talk would have to be a precondition.

  15. Samtha says:

    Men can afford to “not care” about being objectified, especially ones who are 6’5 and 200+ pounds and never have to worry about things like getting attacked because they ignored someone who catcalled them, or things like taking a drink at a party, or walking home late at night…

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      It does seem like grown men have the privilege of being ok with being sexualized or seen as sexy (or even actively pursuing that) without there being a huge societal backlash against them, and it seems to have something to do with the difference in the way men and women are viewed- for example, unlike women, men are not viewed as creatures who are modest and virginal by nature, and who only deviate from that path when something is horribly wrong with them, they’re trying to get money, or when someone is ‘making’ them do it. The moment a grown woman shows that she either wants to or is ok with being seen as sexy or sexual, or takes the approach of “Look, I’m gonna wear the things I want to wear and do the things I want to do, it’s not my responsibility to make sure that people find me appropriately sexless, chaste, or wholesome. Screw being ladylike,” The general reaction is “OMG! Soooo Saaad! You are dumber than a box of hair/a lost little girl! That’s exploitation! Where are her parents! What a wh*re! She’s an enemy of the female sex! That’s dangerous!” or something similar. When men do it, it’s met with acceptance or at least indifference. If the person posing in that wet, sheer shirt right now was a woman- and not a female celebrity who is universally accepted like Pink, who even though I like her, always seems to get a pass for having engaged in the same type of stuff that all the other female celebrities constantly get ripped to shreds for, so it seems like people are biased- what would the reactions be? How would people respond if J.Lo, that Emily Ratajowski girl, Rita Ora, or Ariana Grande were to pose like this?

      In general, there has always been a lack of respect for a woman’s right and ability to make any decision concerning her own body on many issues. This doesn’t apply to men. Unlike women, men are not judged as too naive, weak, or dishonest to be allowed to make decisions about their bodies and speak on their own experiences. Add to that the myth that presenting herself chastely and modestly is the only thing standing between females, males, and sex crimes, and there you have it.

  16. Greek chic says:

    Of course I would hit it. I don’t know if he’s boyfriend material but for some hot nights he is perfect.
    He is not super intelligent but seems like a good and sweet guy.

  17. Anare says:

    He’s my kind of man, tall, dark and handsome. Swoon worthy. Thank God he doesn’t mind being mancandy. Keep the photos coming, with clothes, without clothes, with wet clothes…

  18. RobN says:

    I kind of enjoy the fact that he understands his appeal and isn’t spending the summer trying to do Shakespeare in the park to get people to accept him as some sort of great artist.

    Nothing wrong with being the hot guy with a sense of humor about yourself.

  19. Colette says:

    I think Joe is sexy and I like the fact he is a LGBT ally.

  20. Angel says:

    I like that he’s not trying to be something he’s not. He’s not talking about when he’ll get ‘his Oscar’ or how much he reads. It’s hard not to like someone who seems fine with where he is and what he’s doing with his life. Plus crazy hot.

  21. Betti says:

    I like him more with the salt and pepper look – gets me everytime. He seems like a nice guy and a decent actor.

    Good luck to him and Sophia – they seem like a great couple.

  22. Alex McD says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, he’s hot!