Did George Clooney lie when he proclaimed that Amal does not have a stylist?


Amal Clooney is made of lies!! George Clooney is made of lies too. Except I really don’t understand why this is a story? In the past month, Amal Clooney has worn John Galliano for Maison Margiela to two major events: the Met Gala and the Japanese premiere of Tomorrowland. One look (the red gown at the Met Gala) landed and one did not. So, Galliano is at 50% approval in my eyes. But the point of all of this is that George Clooney “lied” when he recently said Amal did not have a stylist. But did he really “lie”? Yahoo Style claims that Alexis Roche – Galliano’s long-time partner – is Amal’s stylist. Sort of. Like, Amal hired Roche to arrange for gowns for certain events. Which really is not the same as having a full-time stylist? Here’s Yahoo Style’s piece (minor edits for space):

Amal’s fashion choice [the gold Galliano in Japan] drew criticism from some fans, who felt it was inappropriate for her, particularly as a human rights lawyer, to work with a designer who was found guilty in 2011 of making anti-semitic remarks in France (where making racial slurs is illegal). This is the second time Amal has worn a Galliano design since he took over at Margiela and began an expertly executed comeback, dressing one A-list woman at a time. Of clients like Anna Wintour, Cate Blanchett, and Rihanna, Amal is the only one to have worn his designs twice, the first time on fashion’s most important stage, the Met Gala, earlier this month.

Whatever you think of Galliano (fashion, for one, has more or less forgiven him), Amal’s decision to work with the designer is certainly worth noting. As a Hollywood newcomer and wife of one of the country’ most beloved celebrities, Mrs. Clooney’s sartorial choices are destined for dissection. But, because of the couple’s political leanings—and Amal’s high-profile, politicized job—there’s an extra layer of scrutiny: We expect a higher degree of sensitivity and savvy from Amal, just like we do from Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton (both of whom Amal has been compared to). Fair or not, Amal is well-aware of this landscape–so why, particularly after she faced backlash for her Met Gala appearance, has she remained loyal to Galliano and Margiela? Is it the work of Galliano-cheerleader Anna Wintour, who has recently taken Amal under her wing? Or is Amal, who recently criticized Turkey’s double standard on freedom of expression, trying to send a deeper message?

The answer, it seems, is far simpler. Contrary to what has been widely reported, Amal does work with a stylist—at least sometimes. His name is Alexis Roche, and he just happens to be Galliano’s long-term partner. None of this is a secret per se: Roche has been tweeting the looks that he styled her in (hint: every time she’s worn Margiela), and they are also included in his online portfolio. Roche is well-known within the industry for outfitting glamorous, sophisticated women like Uma Thurman and Marion Cotillard and, more recently, he’s been dipping his toes into younger territory: He recently styled Kendall Jenner in midriff baring Alaia at Cannes. So yes, Amal Clooney and Kendall Jenner do in fact have the same stylist.

Roche’s agent did not return our request for comment (Roche, like Galliano, is notoriously press-shy). But all signs point to a strengthening relationship between Amal and Margiela. When reached for comment, a Margiela press person said: “The Maison wishes not to speak on this subject just yet.” (emphasis ours). Whatever Margiela has up its sleeve (an Amal Vogue cover perhaps?)—and regardless of the motivating factors—it’s a smart association for the house to cultivate: the endorsement of a human rights lawyer (and budding style icon, to boot) is exactly what’s needed for Galliano’s already-in-full-swing comeback.

[From Yahoo]

The suggestion is perhaps that Amal is working closely with Roche full-time to develop a larger fashionista persona, one that involves a close association with a master designer like Galliano (and Galliano IS a master, despite what we think of his hate speech conviction). I just feel like… there’s a lot of parsing happening here and I don’t really think it’s that important in the story of who Amal is and who she’s going to become.

We already knew that she had developed a friendship with Anna Wintour, and when Amal wore Galliano twice in one month, we could infer that Wintour played fashion-matchmaker with Amal and Galliano. And just because Amal gets some help for her big appearances, doesn’t mean that George was lying about how she doesn’t have a stylist – she doesn’t have one on-call and she largely shops for herself, or stops by designers’ studios or they just send her stuff (which is working directly with design houses, as in not having a stylist). It does feel like this is a non-story, or maybe I’m just not feeling particularly conspiratorial about this part of Amal’s life. But sure, maybe it is all a lie-filled conspiracy in which Amal and Roche are planning some huge Galliano-clad Vogue cover. Why not?


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. PHD Gossip says:

    puleeze – when she walks through a airport – she is ready for a fashion shoot. George is not lying – she doesn’t have a stylist – she has a TEAM of stylists. Recall her childish and looks in her early Clooney days.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Perhaps he was scared somebody would add the costs of the stylist to the bill and it would appear that she’s wasting even more money than the “scources” already leaked?

    • Deedee says:

      Lol. My thoughts exactly. Her style mist certainly changed. Except for those infamous white homemade gloves!

      • Sabrine says:

        I could care less. What difference does it make! I will say she has been looking quite lovely lately. As for George, next to her where she’s wearing the yellow dress, he looks like a tired old man barely clinging to life. Grey on grey on grey is not a good look.

      • Pace U. says:

        He should spend money on a nutritionist for her instead of the team of stylist, because she obviously is getting thinner with each photo op on these red carpets, appearances. She looks like a skeleton in the yellow dress and most things she wears, the woman is all protruding bones, not attractive at all IMO.

      • Suzanne says:

        I noted the collapsed left boob…which looks really odd.

  2. Lilyvanilli says:

    I think 70s icon Marisa Berenson is her fashion muse,

    • Nev says:


      Good one. As. If.

    • Sumodo1 says:

      Oh, wow! You hit it on the head! Marisa Berenson.

    • jane16 says:

      She does remind me of Marisa, whom I remember from my youth. Good call.

      • taxi says:

        Why? Because they both have dark hair?
        Marisa has delicate features & always had a very distinctive style of her own. Her grandmother was Elsa Schiaparelli. Marisa was more of a fashion devotee than her sister, Berry, who died on one of the 4 downed planes on Sept. 11, 2001.

  3. Snazzy says:

    Why does it even matter if she has a stylist? Hell, if I was being photographed all the time and I could afford it, I’d have one too.

    • lisa2 says:

      I think it is a matter of why George made a comment about it. It seems he was very aware of what was being said and made sure to address it in his interviews. I’m sure many celebrity wives that are not celebrities have someone assisting them when they are going on a RC. NO big deal. Just that George made is a topic of discussion

      She looks beautiful in that first picture.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        This 👍

      • Reeely?? says:

        Anyone who purchases recent couture needs a “stylist”. No one can just buy a gown and pack it in the back of a vw bus. It’s no hippy picnic to walk a red carpet. She obviously has a stylist for events but doesn’t wake and partake on a daily basis, that was maybe George’s point.

    • FLORC says:

      It doesn’t. Just like it didn’t matter about her dress or their wedding plans. George appears to be making this all a great, big deal. That is why this has become what it is.

      And this is another example of how nothing negative about Amal can be let go without a detailed denial of how unhollywood and amazingly perfect Amal is. IMO George is the one keeping this going. He needs his wife to be seen as he views her. And you simply cannot force that. If it’s true everyone will see this.

      • lisa says:

        or can he not see her that way if we dont all agree?

        he’s a big insecure baby

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @FLORC …

        Well said! George’s team should stop pushing Amal as a ‘special snowflake.’ She deserves props for what she has accomplished in her life, but she’s not a great beauty or the most intelligent Being on Earth. In my opinion, George is pushing Amal into ‘Kardashian’ territory. If they ever get divorce, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Amal as a new addition to the “Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

      • FLORC says:

        Amal and her family give off a very strong Real Housewives vibe. I would find that pretty hilarious and not all unexpected. Maybe like Kelsey Grammar or Clint Eastwood as a pre divorce distraction getting them on a show like that.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I get the impression she doesn’t want to be pushed (despite what others say on here) out front, that this is all coming from him.

      • Liberty says:

        FLORC — everything you’ve said. I think I’m amused by the whole desperate puffery thing going on — she is the earth’s genius, she is saving the world, even though she is a junior, she buys all her own clothes, no stylists but the ghost of Carmel Snow, above, etc etc. She is so SHY! But in photos she is grinning and practically lunging at the lenses. Etc. It’s SO over the top, it’s just stupid at this point.

        Meet up, fall in love, get married, be crazy about your wife, fine, whatever, good luck and that’s great. But scrubbing the internet and puffing to create the fake perfect wife, pretending her client list is built of angels or that she is doing all this top work on her own as a newbie, is just rather laughable. Now she has no stylist — her style changed from Disney Channel to Galliano overnight, etc etc. They can say it and that’s fine, probably they are right, many people will believe it, but I reserve the right to roll my eyes at the downy clouds of puff.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @M.A.F., who wrote: “I get the impression she doesn’t want to be pushed (despite what others say on here) out front, that this is all coming from him.”

        I get the impression Britney Spears doesn’t want to be pushed out front, because of the forced, uncomfortable grin and dead eyes she displays in 99.9% of her photos. I’ve never seen any hint of a ‘I ‘really’ don’t want to be in front of the lights and cameras!’ look on Amal’s face–except for the time the cameras got her and George post-argument in a car and she gave the camera serious B$tch Face. She really seems to LOVE the attention and being in front of the cameras.

      • M.A.F. says:

        You cannot compare Britney Spears to Amal. Come on. Two different people with two very different life styles/professions, especially when you got one who suffered from a major mental breakdown.

        I still say he is the key player for repacking her & throwing her out there but I will agree that yes, she probably does enjoy it. But at the end of the day who cares if she has a stylist?

        The good I hope comes out this is is now that his third movie in a row has tanked (Gravity doesn’t count) maybe Hollywood will stop branding him as the Last Movie Star.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @M.A.F., who wrote: “You cannot compare Britney Spears to Amal. Come on. Two different people with two very different life styles/professions, especially when you got one who suffered from a major mental breakdown.”

        I wasn’t making a comparison of their lifestyles. I simply used Britney Spears as an example because it’s so easy to see that she doesn’t want to be in the limelight anymore. You can tell is pushed before the cameras (on stage) and she clearly doesn’t want to be there.

        I believe if Amal truly wasn’t comfortable with being in the spotlight, we’d be able to tell. She isn’t, after all, an actress.

  4. Willa says:

    I really do like the red dress she wore for the Met Gala. It reminds me of a Barbie I used to own in the 80s.

  5. bettyrose says:

    I don’t get the whole stylist concept. The only obstacle between me and dressing fab all the time is money (and being too rushed in the morning). But I can pick out my own clothes just fine. If I had a stylist, would they be like “I’ve laid out a casual look for you to run to Starbucks in”? Would someone else wax my eyebrows before letting me out the door?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I watched Rachel Zoe a couple of times, and it looked sort of fun. She would get this huge room full of beautiful clothes and you went “shopping” there. It had jewelry and shoes and bags and outfits. It seemed like the clients had a voice in the decisions. But yeah, I wouldn’t feel authentic if someone else just laid out an outfit and said “wear this.” Clothes are such a reflection of your personality, or they can be. Money is an issue with mine, too. And I’m really glad nobody is snapping my picture when I’ve been gardening in the heat and realize I need to run to the grocery store now if we want any dinner. Sweaty, dirty clog wearers do not get good press.

    • belle de jour says:

      For some clients, I think having a stylist is sort of analogous to a writer having an overall senior or beta editor vs. a proofer and a line edit: a lot of people can see the workings and the mechanics of parts, but it takes a different sort of eye to see the overall effects of the whole working together.

      (Also, people get stuck on one piece – or one aspect of their body – and just don’t see them clearly in relation to everything else anymore.)

      I understand your point – and I think that this is often different for celebrities (image, hire-ability) as compared to fashion hounds and creatives (expression) – but some people really see their entire ensemble as telling a story… whether it’s for an occasion, or for an overall narrative they want to put out there.

      What drives me nuts is when the most obvious reason a stylist has been recruited is to make sure a celebrity is not wearing anything ‘inappropriate,’ looks ‘classy’ or ‘tastefully bland,’ includes a trend detail or accessory to show they’re on it, or looks like they put the celeb in their signature generic grrranimals to be sure to let you know who dressed them (hello, Rachel Zoe).

      But then, I adore Helena Bonham Carter’s attitudes towards & relationship with her own clothes, so there you go.

      • Dena says:

        I love the analogy. In terms of pet peeves, I’m going to stick to world I know and talk about work for a moment. I have a co-worker who is a scanner, a watcher and what I call an identity thief. She watches what you wear and how you put yourself together then shows up at work looking like an exact replica within the next couple of days. It’s not complimentary but off putting. Then, you have every woman there looking like clones of each other. The men are on the same vibe but a different frequency. Those conversations are usually about ties clashing with shirts or “I wonder where he buys his socks.” I was actually sitting in a meeting when I got a text from a male co-worker that read “X tries to have hipster cred but dresses like a clown. He’s not distinctive. He’s a sheep.” I had to agree. But that’s neither here nor there. I just wanted to get my pet peeve out.

        Now to Amal, I like some of the clothing she’s worn but her overall style (stylist assisted or not) just doesn’t do it for me. Some of the stuff has looked too girlish or too stylized to me. And I’m going to be honest here: I think the “frailness” of her frame is a distractor for me. I’m not size shaming. That’s not my intent. If she’s naturally that size then she’s naturally that size but when I see some of the pictures of her out and about alls I can see is the frailness of her frame.

      • LAK says:

        Personally i feel her style is all about money and not her. That said, she enjoys projecting a glamourous image that screams money. anyone can buy that. her style before she married money was ‘street urchin’ meets ‘hello kitty’ so i’m really struggling to accept that this glamazon make over is really her style and not Edna Mode ordered.

      • Dena says:

        LAK, I agree. Her clothes wear her and not the other way around. They just always look ill-fitting and (once again) too stylized. Nothing personal.

      • Heathering says:

        I see the basis for your analogy and rather like it. However, in the case of Amal it has left a lot of people feeling more like her new ‘style icon’ image has been the product of ghost writing rather than simple assistance through a bit of more seasoned eye editing.

        I’ve never seen the need for spouses/partners of celebrities to be PR’d into being celebrities in their own right if they do not work/produce in a field typically associated with media celebrity. Many in that media public eye are married to/in long relationships with non-celebrities. And few, probably none (excluding reality tv franchise families forever rolling out new ‘cast’ members), feel the need to inextricably link in their non-celebrity working partner with the media world of PR and celebrity; in fact, most positively resist doing so. Apart from this last year of Clooney.

        Red Carpets are, to me, work dos (office picnics). The actual celebrity is accompanied by a +1. Of course the +1 is going to want to look their best and make an effort to engage within their partners’ work sphere. That’s only natural, and, indeed, respectful towards your partner and their colleagues (and their own +1s). Which also makes the message put out to excuse Amal’s apparent disdain and boredom at the Golden Globe’s a further oddity in this whole cluster*oddity of Clooney PR messaging, because it didn’t appear she was particularly respectful on that night (we’ve all had to do the ‘make polite’ for a few hours at events as +1s – you get on and do). BUT back to the general, why is Amal being pushed as a celebrity and not simply having minimal presence like any other +1?

        Why ought it to matter whether she is styled or not (denial, counter-proof, counter-denial etc)? She is now only perceived as having such celebrity in her own right because Clooney and she set out to make it so.

        Otherwise, as a +1, who would bat an eyelid if she sought advise on her frock and hair in order to accompany her husband, who just happens to have celebrity, to a works’ do? Why “ghost write” her an exclusive and exceptional status all her own?

        As to Tokyo, I tend to agree with a lot of the comments at the time (not about the dress itself – I did not like) re her (and accompanied by some family) almost seeming to actively seek to out-shine the actual stars/others who had put the work into Tomorrowland. Now that also strikes me as a disrespectful and self-regarding approach when she was (within all reasonable reads on her status there) merely a +1 to one, albeit the most name recognised, of the stars of that movie.

        So, I understand why, on a rare occasion, a non-celeb +1 might seek an overall “editing” eye in order to present as best possible as a reflection of their partner and out of respect for those legitmately directly the named guests in attendance at the +1′s partner’s work event… but why does a lawyer (supposedly of note in her own field) require ‘ghost written’ style icon status constantly reinforced then claimed as by her authorship – both out of context and outwith her own field?

      • guest says:

        @ Heathering…outstanding comment! Covers the situation very succinctly,

      • Liberty says:

        LAK — yes, yes.

      • belle de jour says:

        @Dena: am nodding and laughing at your ‘scanner’ annoyance – I’ve certainly worked around those, too. There was an old joke that if you sat in the main lobbies in front of the elevators and took notes for a week, you could then make a mint selling all the Conde-Nasties and the Fairchildren the same ‘insider sample’ (counterfeit) purses, belts, scarves & sunglasses on the sly from a discreet street cart every Friday afternoon.

        @Heathering: I think it seems exactly like ghostwriting because the Glamalot narrative is a bit of a smoke and mirrors ‘autobiography’ already; there may be very little substance to it to begin with, in some respects; and the people most invested in selling & telling it can’t seem to get the job done themselves. If you’re constructing your substance as you go but it does not come from within, you’re on borrowed time, in borrowed style – and it reads that way.

        It also strikes me they are trying their hand at a bit of revisionist history, as well: we’ve always been this, we’ve always been here. Just a hunch.

    • Lol says:

      Stylists need to make money somehow as well

    • Veronica says:

      Eh, I have mixed feelings for it. I’ve met plenty of people who mean well but really just don’t have an eye for fashion or what flatters their body, particularly those who tend to be very casual on the street. I can see why some people would want someone with eye for it to style them for the red carpet and make them visible. Particularly for women, for whom Hollywood makes it a job to look good, it could be a weight off their shoulders to put it in somebody else’s hands.

      On the other hand – above and beyond first world privilege into the level of ridiculousness.

  6. KellyBee says:

    It’s such a stupid thing to lie about it in the first place. George could have just let it be a tabloid rumor that Amal had a stylist. Instead he made it a talking point in his promotion of his Marriage AKA “Tomorrowland” to make it look like Amal dose it all herself.

    Why should Amal be on the cover of Vogue? Her only claim to fame is marrying Clooney and if that’s the case let’s put Matt Damon wife and Denzel Washington wife on there too. If we were talking about “Time” it would be one thing but Vogue? I mean we have people like Victoria Beckham who is in the fashion business who never been the cover of US Vouge by herself.

    • LAK says:

      i’ll just keep saying this……

      Victoria Beckam has a vogue cover. January 1998. as part of the spice girls. a decision EDna Mode has said she regreted.

      Secondly, VB is now a designer. Vogue doesn’t put designers on it’s cover. If VB gets a cover, why not Kunty Karl or Calvin #klein or Donna Karan or Michael kors or all the other designers?

      VB has been featured in the magazine as a designer in the same way that Edna showcases new designers or her pet designers. Plus Edna never misses VB’s shows. That in itself is an accolade because Edna Mode doesn’t go to all the fashion shows except the ones she wants to highlight.

      • Tifygodess24 says:

        Kim Kardashian. That is all. If she can get a vogue cover – anyone should be able to get one. Vogue jumped ship a long time ago. Not to mention Victoria B is more than just a designer. She has modeled, she was a pop star(tech still is to some fans even though she retired) , fashionista, a celebrity and so on.

      • LAK says:

        VB will be forgotten. she isn’t as iconic as other designers. to say she is more than a designer is to disregard the iconic designers who have transended fashion. they aren’t on the cover of vogue and no one is screaming for them to be.

      • Jegede says:

        And people forget that Victoria turned to designing only after her solo pop career post-Spice flopped spectacularly.

        Fashion wise, she was more famous for heading the derided ‘chav’ WAG culture, and was someone designers like McQueen and Phoebe Philo had made sure to announce was NOT the kind of person they wanted to be seen in their designs.

        Her clothes were heavily ‘inspired’ by the other designer Roland Mouret who was an advisor and saved her from being laughed out of the room,
        Victoria’s not some iconic British fashion maven, and is no more ‘entitled’ to a Vogue cover than anyone else.

      • LAK says:

        Jegede: amen!!!!

        Regarding Roland Mouret’s advise, I heard that he designed those first collections himself, not simply advise. Don’t forget that during this period he had sold his company in a deal that temporarily stopped him putting out designs in his own name. He created a diffusion line, but those early VB collections were signature Roland Mouret.

      • KellyBee says:

        I agree with both you and Jegede but Victoria has made a name for herself in the fashion world and business.

        I would love to see all kinds of fashion designers and photographers grace the cover of Vouge. Its a fashion magazines so why not have people in the fashion world on the cove.

  7. manda says:

    I haven’t forgiven galliano. I wish I had tons of money just so I could NOT buy his stuff

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Ha! Yes, my boycott is sort of meaningless, too.

    • LAK says:

      Many older fasion houses are problematic if you follow their designers’ politics or history from Chanel to Hugo Boss to primark.

      Also, at the lower end, you are probably supporting items already touched by JG eg Natalie Portman’s Dior ads were directed [creatively speaking] by Jg. Dior has never changed them. so her products [i think she advertises Miss Dior] might be in your wardrobe.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      I would give a second chance to Galliano.He did his mea culpa since,he didn’t work during some years and I think Galliano’s worst dresses always will be more interesting than Raf Simons’s Dior dresses

    • Liberty says:

      manda — ha, love it. I have to agree.

      I think he is wonderfully gifted! But if those are the hate thoughts that spew out when he is “under the weather” then that stuff is in him, and I’d need to see more real sense of contrition. Not to say he has not truly seen the awfulness of his thinking, but I just can’t be “oh, okay, right then” yet with him.

  8. Fan says:

    He did not lie. He didn’t know.

  9. Peggy says:

    I wish people would stop with this Humanitarian lawyer stuff.
    Amal represents who will pay the bills be it murders from Libya, Wiki-leaks, etc, someone just called her out for abusing the Humanitarian Court at The Hague.
    By the way if she 36yrs. old how can she be practicing law for 16 yrs?
    Why should Galliano not be given a second chance? He lost his job and could not get hired for a few years, wasn’t that enough punishment?

    • mememe says:

      In the UK, don’t you begin university/law school at 16?

      • EM says:

        No mememe.

      • Heathering says:

        She graduated Oxford with her BA Jurisprudence 2000 (aged 22) which would place her going up either 1996 (aged 18) or 1997 (aged 19). So standard HE-tertiary entry age in the UK.

        Either she completed the 3yr or 4yr course of study. As the 4yr requires the additional year be spent studying elsewhere (usually a university in another EU state) and there’s no mention of this additional study in her bio, then she most likely chose to complete the 3yr option for her first exit qualification. So she went up at aged 19 most likely on the back of a gap year (if direct from secondary education she would’ve been up in 1996 aged 18 and have graduated from the 3yr course 1999 instead).

        As she entered NYU 2001 she may have had time to then complete her UK based Legal Practice (for Solicitors) – not impossible – in the intervening year pre-NYU. She certainly wouldn’t have had scope for completion of Professional Training (for Barristers) at that stage in her career time frame.

      • boredblond says:

        Actually, you could. Law school is NOT a grad school like in the US..it’s a three-year undergrad course..I went to college at 17..

    • Liberty says:

      Peggy, yes, this is my real side-eye to this whole dance. Who she represents versus the work they claim she does.

      Re her level and years of service and top-barristering, nowhere have I seen a statement directly, definitively saying that she is in charge of a case, or head of dedense, or running the team defending, etc. It’s more like they are puffing all around with careful language to make us think that she it sort of saving the world on her own, but I think even G’s PR team are afraid to print an outright falsehood. Good for her for earning a law degree and working at it, but the puff is so obvious.

      • Nic919 says:

        Actual lead counsel on these cases would be pissed if she took credit for that. The court records also clearly indicate who is counsel on the file so pretending to be the lead would be easily disproven. Since she is attached to a UK chambers, she is only considered to be five years out and no one that junior would be leading the case. You get a QC for that and she is not senior enough to apply. They also don’t simply give them out. She would need a significant amount of cases where she really was running the show and Clooney’s PR will hold no weight in the legal community.

        Normally lawyers of that vintage are still taking orders from the QCs and working away full time. Not travelling to movie sets or premieres. So yes there is significant puffery here.

  10. Christin says:

    I don’t understand why HE is talking about her clothes, stylist or no stylist, etc., on a promotional tour. And wasn’t there a rumor he had installed mirrors and special lighting to replicate a red carpet (so she could be sure everything looked OK)?

    If she wants to wear a different outfit every single day, who cares. But when appearing in an evening dress, how hard is it to be sure your navel and underwear outlines aren’t showing?

    • MediaMaven says:

      It’s all weird – like Amal is his “Eliza Doolittle”……….

      • Liberty says:

        Love the My Fair Lady references.

        You know, I sort of have a slightly different feeling at this point. It’s almost like this to me: he is her PR manservant/team, helping HER get repackaged so SHE can rise up the ranks,and then he can tag along and pay for it and do with her office what he wishes? Sort of a reverse Clinton team?

        Maybe he knows he doesn’t have a shot with his educational level and background, but still wants office, So they found her to make the big run and he hops onboard her plane to steer it and can feel involved and in control that way. He Colonel Pickering’s her rise to office? She gets money and loves the attention and goal of power, as does her family. He gets to get the political attention he and his father craved.

        She is being held back a bit in a silent makeover pen as this sort of mysterious enigma, red lipstick and excited stares at the press, but no voice outside court — just an enigma in a dress, w people banned from talking about her lectures in NYC, etc. Internet scrubbed.

        He is her mouthpiece, her spin doctor, her re-invetor etc etc. She is being handled like royalty by him to elevate her importance to US, no words so no one is put off by any hint of arrogantce, anger, politics. She is perhaps basking in the contract. Money to run and live big, Edna Mode at her elbow — at LAST the celebrity world gets to build their own political leader, eh? The ultimate Hollywood fantasy. So a big house for UK residency — if GC can’t run for a big office here, he can be the millionaire who sort of Ariana Huffingtons her upward, but with a goal of public office FOR HER. Then through her, celebs can have a mouthpiece for favorite causes. They’re not building a girl who can work in a flower shop. They’re building a Prime Minister?

        Just a theory.

      • siri says:

        @Liberty: She could become the lawyer to the stars, after all, she received the Jack J. Katz Memorial Award for excellence in entertainment law at NY University School of Law…and I always thought that’s what she’s aiming at, to represent the rich&famous. To become famous herself. Prime Minister? Noooo…

      • lisa says:

        if we had accepted a previous contract girl as his “carolyn bessette” i wonder if he would have kept them

    • LAK says:

      to be fair, he Henry Higgins all his companions. JLo and Jen Aniston do the same to their men.

      • Dena says:

        I love that expression.

      • jen2 says:

        I agree about the re-making of the companions for all those folks. I remember the jokes about Stacy pre make-over.

        If she wants a stylist, fine, (don’t understand the lying about it) but I wish whoever her stylist is would work on her posture. All the millions of dollars worth of clothes look cheap with her horrid hunch.

  11. Peggy says:

    Let’s hope Amal’s career really takes off, because TomorrowLand was George’s third Bomb, forget Gravity, Sandra and Space.
    Instead of promoting Amal and Tequila, he should’ve done his job and explained what the movie was about when he was on Disney’s Dime.
    Maybe Disney knew the movie was a wash, because the promos was so low keyed for a big budget movie, maybe the thought was, why spend good money after bad.
    George bombed with Batman, and Disney, maybe if Marvel Comics need a write off, George is the man to call.

    • LAK says:

      This film was predicted to fail right from the beginning. He went to a NYC viewing for comic fans last year and the verdict wasn’t good. at this point, he is simply distracting everyone from this stinker.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        Nice theory

      • jen2 says:

        I wonder if he sent any whiny e-mails to the President of Disney apologizing and them having to stroke his ego like he did with Pascal about Monuments Men?

    • Pace U. says:

      The film was dull as dishwater. George’s acting is awful in it and he looks like he’s 60 not 50′s. I’m not sure what is going on with him but he looks terrible in close ups, really aged and tired.

      I was wondering the entire film, why on earth he chose this film to do? The child actors are much more exciting and much better actors than George ,in the film.

  12. Ardent Negress says:

    I really can’t stand this woman and went off George when he did that Oscar Hollywood Reporter round table where he attempted to whitesplain racism to Viola Davis. Amal is no different than George’s other girlfriends. Her job is to make George look good. The chick is thirsty. And you can be both an attention seeking publicity wh*re and a highly accomplished woman with a bit of money in the bank. It’s not mutually exclusive.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      I don’t know what he said to Viola Davis but they are friends since some years.He even landed his Italian home to Viola for her honeymoon

    • Pace U. says:

      Well said Ardent

  13. Heathering says:

    The “Amal does not have a stylist” from their PR end initially struck as early attempts to counter negative response to Amal’s all too obvious embracing of Pap walking for pleasure and attention in an array of outrageously priced luxe couture.

    That whole aspect of her personality coming across as someone quickly loving being a celeb for celeb sake and for the potential for designer freebies and product placement promotion (along with conspicuous self-promotion) didn’t square with the Amal the serious career woman message. But yet they still wanted to present Amal as an independent new “style icon” at the same time. Difficult juggling act; and the only way was to say that Amal is all those things entirely by her own agency.

    Now standard Clooney “Amal does it ALL naturally and barely breaks a sweat being ALL Perfect” PR-ing.

    Most knew, and the Wintour connection was too obvious from the start, that no way did Amal have the hours in any day to have the scope to be all things Picture Perfect without assistance. Quite frankly, not exactly an problem as such, if they hadn’t felt the need to insist otherwise.

    BUT the key issue is with the “why lie”? It’s been Clooney CHOICE to really hype Amal as cross-over woman (Law, politics, influence & power with style, fashion, celebrity, beauty, etc). BUT the cross-over appears to have needed a lot of misrepresentation and “lies” make it fly. This being just one. And, still it’s seemed increasingly less authentic as time has gone on.

    Kind of a “once we practice to deceive… ” everything else, from before and after, becomes far less credible and holes appear. AND now it’s not just unnamed “source” on this particular one of the misrepresentations or misdirects – Clooney gave direct quote in an effort to further ‘big up’ Amal as simply exceptional in all ways.

    Even then, because this one is a fairly shallow celeb/Hollywood style issue (a bit like they all say they’ve never had work done, the public side-eye say “aye right” and move on), typically it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    BUT, as the Clooneys themselves have actively attempted to merge Amal’s credibility as a Professional career woman of influence WITH this also self-styled fashion plate etc in the minds of the public (including trying to reinforce the impression with this very “lie”) then it’s more significant. Particularly now it transpires aspects of this could be linked or motivated by political or other vested concerns. The Galliano connection (regardless of how anyone may feel about Galliano in light of his past expressed anti-semetic sentiments) is understandably one which removes this from just being a simple Hollywood “lie” oopsy.

    TBH, although I personally sense way too many wheels within wheels on this entire ‘relationship’, whether Amal only sleeps 3hrs a day in order to have time to hair, make-up, and dress herself for each outing (as well as then maintain semblance of an actual working career), isn’t of much concern to me. I think it unlikely but can’t rule it out. BUT, the increasing layering of misrepresentation that has so obviously gone into placing Amal in the public consciousness… that has me very questioning of “Why?”

    /Also, whatever the Galliano association issues people may or may not have, I’m still just struggling to square her wearing of fur snake/other reptile skin (whether she chose it for herself or a stylist did). The dollars paraded alone give me pause when trying to align with the philosophical and ideological mores we’re supposed to believe of her (and Clooney), far less then the animal cruelty, human worker exploitation, and eco system damage potentially associated with the production of some of the items she’s been papped paraded so proudly in.

    There’s not much critical thinking required to view so much of this as built on a lot of misleading PR. And I don’t believe that all those who are questioning of the Clooneys because they are applying critical thinking can be dismissed, As Clooney appears to wish, as “haters”. Unless of course he’s further reserved the right for Amal to be the only woman in the world capable of critical thought.

    • siri says:

      She picked Galliano once, and I just noticed with surprise. She picked him a second time, and I started wondering, and now someone basically implies she has a sort of contract with his assistant, which more or less means with Galliano himself as well. Yes, he IS a brilliant designer, but there are plenty of other possible choices she could make without getting herself into ‘controversy territory’. Do you think that someone is already starting to ‘delicately’ push her supposed political interests/ideas/stand to the front by using this seemingly unimportant subject?

    • PoppyAdair says:

      THIS x 1000000.

      I fall squarely into the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire camp” and have been deeply skeptical of this “marriage” from the beginning. Too much of her past has been whitewashed, and anyone who questions their PR machinations is automatically a hater.

      No, no, no. I don’t hate either of them, but I do have an intense aversion to being fed endless piles of BS and being expected to swallow it all.

      Amal is clearly intelligent and well-connected. Is she God’s gift to lawyering? I doubt it. Is she a genuine human rights lawyer? It depends on your definition of “human rights.” She is not in the trenches representing refugees in asylum cases every day, and some of her clients have seriously questionable human rights records. I would consider her more of an international criminal lawyer, but that is just my opinion. I also question her commitment to her legal career since at this point it looks like she is WAY more interested in getting papped and attending red carpet events. Yes, I get that she can do much of her work remotely and does not need to be at her chambers every day, but as a lawyer I can tell you that when you are co-counseling on big cases like the Elgin marbles or Julian Assange, there are meetings and discussions that you MUST show up for and things you just do NOT do (or should not do) over the phone or on Skype. It sounds like her chambers are perfectly happy having her as some kind of glamorous rainmaking figurehead who theoretically brings them more business by association, and hey, if that is her role, more power to them. But in that case, don’t try to convince me that she is the second coming of Jesus Christ, Attorney at Law. Just no.

      The genuinely sad part of it, I think, is that by engaging in this full frontal PR push George (and presumably Amal and perhaps her mother the PR maven) have utterly failed in just letting Amal be known as a reasonably successful, accomplished, attractive woman who happened to meet and marry a movie star. Instead of allowing her to be celebrated for who she is – warts and all – they had to make her out to be something more, someone sooooo exceptional and wonderful, that of course the knives and whispers would emerge. As a woman I want smart, talented women to receive positive coverage for their achievements and not just their dresses or shoes. But this…this is just depressing on so many levels. No matter what she does in court from here on, I fear it will always be overshadowed by the fact that she is Mrs. George Clooney and likes Galliano. Sigh.

      • siri says:

        Yes to all of it. However, Amal is 37, and she allowed this to happen. I’m not even so sure if she didn’t agree to this scenario upfront. Most people seem to assume that a woman with a high education, and a reasonably successful career would not want to be just arm candy for some rich guy in exchange for an insanely luxurious lifetstyle, but at the moment, it looks exactly like that.

  14. siri says:

    George lying?? NEVER!! Gawd, what is this non-story story about? She might not have an on-call stylist, but she sure has/had advice, and assistance. George just wants to tell us all how fabulous she is, doing it ALL by herself. It’s supposed to make her look more like us, the peasants;-)

  15. Talie says:

    To have access to the clothes she’s been wearing, she would have to have a stylist to pull these items. She’s wearing some stuff right off the runway or straight-up couture, and Vogue’s fashion Dept. would not be doing all that work like Page Six once suggested.

    • boredblond says:

      Oh I’m sure she has a stylist (and a staff of gofers, household staff, pr people, hair/makeup people and her family on the payroll) but I CAN’T believe she owns a mirror.

  16. Jayna says:

    I love that red gown.

    I always assumed she’s used some type of stylist for most major red carpets but that she picks out her ensembles for her “oops you caught me, paps” designer photos or even certain gowns. I think she chose that black gown and dishwasher gloves to wear to the Golden Globes.

  17. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Honestly I love the red dress and I like the yellow dress but the yellow is not her color,it’s all

  18. Felice. says:

    I don’t think there’s really shame in a stylist. Even normal people get personal shopping done. Well, normal rich people.

  19. Lorelei says:

    Her choice of Galliano reflects her anti-semitic views. Someone in her position clearly knows what he represents.

  20. Jen43 says:

    Amal is not happening. She is not Kate Middleton. It matters not whether she has a stylist. I wish George and his team would just stop. I mean, if she is the most interesting thing about him now, then poor George is done.

    • Jib says:

      I’m not sure why Kate Middleton is happening, because I don’t think she is happening either. Both of them, phonies. Amal, a phony pretending to be a hard-working lawyer. Kate, pretending to care about anything but her shopping, relaxing and family.

  21. Nimbolicious says:

    It hasn’t even been a year, and already this stupid marriage has jumped the shark.

    • Sarah says:

      Give it till the end of the year, when a shark sporting a leather motorcycle jacket is more than likely to appear.

  22. lisa2 says:

    Are the Clooneys still in Tokyo. I saw pictures of them arriving but none of them leaving.

    • siri says:

      No, they are in California. She attended a U2 concert in Inglewood, CA, yesterday.

      • lisa2 says:

        I saw tweets that Brad and Angie were there too. I know they are friends with Bono and the gang.

      • WhyWhatWhen says:

        Please please please tell me Bono called her onto the stage to duet with him on a medley of ever so righteous World saving anthems rounding off with a spirited rendition of them desperately seeking “To Teach the World to Sing”????

        If THAT video is everywhere tomorrow, I swear I will ignore EVERY Clooney PR lie from the last twelve months AND give Amal three gratuitous walks for the paps without so much as rolling my eyes. Promise, honour bright!

      • WhyWhatWhen says:

        @Lisa2 Schweet, we could be about to get couples’ PR damage limitation PR ing collides, and all with a U2 soundtrack t’boot.

        We might need a whole new word for Meta… whatever.

      • WhyWhatWhen says:

        Actually, kind of serious note, because my initial responses were sarccy, IF* a Clooney meets Jolie-Pitt PR moment has been set-up as incoming… then I will then believe, not that they’re all jolly good friends, but that the stories about all the Jolie-Pitt troubles (marital and financial) are nearer the mark than I’d been thinking until now.

        Whether a fan of the Jolie-Pitts or not, they have an undeniable couple brand loyalty following which allows them to weather gossip storms without obvious redressing. The Clooney couple brand has failed to establish and is now seen by too many as fake.

        So I see the advantage for the Clooneys to arrange a positive by association photo op with the Jolie-Pitts but much less so the other way around – unless the Jolie-Pitts have cause to be way more desperate than I would’ve thought.

        The Clooneys might get a bump on the back of loyal Jolie-Pitt fans giving them a bit more incidental credibility but the Jolie-Pitts would at this point maybe suffer from secondary ‘fake’ association and more “no smoke without fire” negative. But maybe the arena was too big for them to have even met.

      • siri says:

        @WhyWhatWhen: Wouldn’t THAT be splendid? She can also sing better than anyone else…although I don’t think it’s too hard to sing better than Bono;-) But on a VERY serious note, it is a 5 day concert at the Forum in Inglewood, so chances are, the best buddies didn’t/won’t meet. I also could imagine the Jolie-Pitts to be not overly interested in a mutual photo-op…although they COULD use the opportunity to settle the conflict about Brad stealing George’s Jungle Book…

      • lisa2 says:


        LOL.. so Angie and Brad having a meet up with the Clooneys would make you think they are having marital problems and financial problems. SO they ignored all the stories of Angie cheating for YEARs and Brad leaving with the kids, they never responded to those stories or stories of breakups and fights and all; but now all of a sudden the stories of them having financial problem and marital problems are true if they are seen with the Clooneys. Brad and have had tabloid stories about them for 10 straight years. I don’t think there is a week or two that have gone by when there was not some rumor about them. I remember when there would be a BI and every guess would be Brad and Angie..

        I don’t think Brad or Angie feel any need to legitimize the relationship of George and Amal. I don’t recall George coming forth to debunk rumors about Angie and Brad over these 10+ years..OR speaking out for them. They don’t need him. so why in the world would Brad need to come to George’ aid. NO way off base.

      • lisa2 says:

        @siri.. thanks for that pic
        TMZ has a video of George and Amal at the concert.

      • boredblond says:

        Siri..that pic is hilarious! A bunch of millennials staring at their phones, and somebody’s grandpa trying to be the coolest guy there..hehehe

      • boredblond says:

        Siri..that pic is hilarious! A bunch of millennials staring at their phones, and somebody’s grandpa trying to be the coolest guy there..hehehe

      • boredblond says:

        Siri..that pic is hilarious! A bunch of millennials staring at their phones, and somebody’s grandpa trying to be the coolest guy there..hehehe

    • boredblond says:

      What the???? Site has gone crazy…wonder why they didn’t attend the celeb filled u2 concert at the roxy? Big names there, and no paps..oh, that’s why..think it was by invite..

      • siri says:

        I really think they WANT to be seen. It’s a funny pic though. George looks like a kid in a school choir singing the national anthem, Amal wants to impress with being a cool girl- and Rande makes pictures. Cindy doesn’t look too engaged…but Grant Heslov clearly is…

      • siri says:

        Someone who was at that very concert mentioned on TMZ that Bono credited a song to Amal&George. If it was true, the lyrics of that song are interesting:

  23. Guesto says:

    Clooney’s always had a bit of a loose relationship with the truth and is very prone to spinning things in order to show himself in a better light. His wife is now a major part of his image, so she must also be seen at all times in the best possible (reflecting) light.

    The fact he needs to address every crappy little piece of what most people essentially regard as throwaway, forgettable gossip is just bizarre though. It goes way beyond insecurity or protecting his wife, and reeks far more of foot-stamping (image)control-freakery.

    I really do think he’s lost the plot.

    • boredblond says:

      +1. The big glaring difference between this relationship and his exes is he now feels the need to constantly justify it. Sell it. Never did that before. I mentioned the Henry Higgins thing on another post..hard to say where since this site seems devoted to her celebrity-ship..turning nobodies into somebodies..same old…reminds me..news is that Colin firth is slated for my fair lady on Broadway..absolutely perfect casting.

    • Tate says:


    • Jib says:

      Maybe Amal gets mad at the bad publicity and yells and screams at George:

      “George, the Daily Mail has said I have a stylist and some commenters called me an attention whore!!! I did not approve of this when I said ‘Yes”! Deal with it, George.”

      Weak, old, meek George says, “Yes, dear,” and then uses his press time to fight the rumors and for his new wife’s tarnished honor as Lawyer of the World.

  24. Izabell says:

    I agree, I think it’s kind of shitty of Amal’s not to give credit where credit is due. As for George,
    I can believe he might not have known that she hired a stylist since Amal seems to working her own agenda. But if he did (scam) and he decided to go along with it – then George has really changed. Changed from the guy who would rather die than scam off someone else’s achievement.
    However, the elephant in the room here is Amal, taking credit for this on the style front makes me wonder how much of her professional achievements are just a case of PR smoke and mirrors, sadly just another scam. Begs the question did George know this before he tied the knot…was this just another part of an almost daily scam. I like to believe better of George, I would prefer him to be scammed than part of the great PR Amal scam.

  25. Izabell says:

    I would also add, it’s as clear as the nose on your face that she had a stylist as far back as a year ago. Remember her return to UK in ripped jeans and a cardi (we all have THAT cardi for when we have flu.) Days later she did a non-stop pap shoot doing errands around London, filling Google images with polished stylish images that she DID NOT put together herself. NOT an ugly accessory to be seen. If you are THAT stylist stand up and take the credit!

  26. EmmyGrant says:

    I think she’s heading towards fashion icon status, and she’d probably be best served to have a full time stylist. She seems to be on the level of at least Carolyn Bessette in terms of potential to influence. Just my opinion; I know not everyone will agree.

    • guest says:

      Amal couldn’t carry Carolyn Bessette’s purse without looking like a poser! Amal could never come close to that kind of class and effortless beauty….not even in her dreams! LOL

    • Jayna says:

      Well, two of her outfits Taylor Swift wore first. LOL Maybe Taylor will be the influence.

    • Tate says:

      I have to disagree

  27. racer says:

    I don’t agree. Her clothes are expensive but certainly iconic or worthy of affordable replicas. She is like a mannequin showcasing clothes that do not reflect her personality. Honestly, the only famous women who hit high stylish marks are french or Swedish. The US and UK is not where it’s at.

  28. racer says:

    …..and having a personal shopper is not the same as having a stylist.

  29. Lorenzo says:

    Comparing Amal to any former fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy etc. is like comparing an empty bottle of mouthwash to an elegant perfume.

    There is a lack of character and personality, those shoes are way too big for her.

  30. Wallflower says:

    Of course, she has a stylist, who getting papped 24/7 wouldn’t. I for one am getting tired of that side swipe hairstyle though. Since she’s getting papped all the time, so that means I see it sometimes, I’d like to see it in another hairstyle.

    • lisa2 says:

      Well there are a few actual celebrities that get papped and you can tell they are not being styled when they leave their home. Just wearing clothes. Why you can see others have put in hours of thought into what they are going to be photographed in. Not every actual celebrity has a stylist putting together their everyday outfits. Some don’t seem to care that much.

  31. canadiangirl says:

    Well if she doesn’t have a stylist, she most def needs one! Just saying..

  32. Gracie says:

    This a lame “issue.” She may have help with large events but on a day to day basis it looks to me that she’s on her own. There is always something a little off on her daily stylings. Anyways, who cares

  33. BNA FN says:

    Amal should thank Tina and Amy for embarrassing George on national TV about his young love of young women with a two years contract. Because of Tina and Amy George went looking for a wife and not just any wife, she has to be the best educated barrister in the world and was willing to make her a multiple millionaire in less than one year of knowing her.

    I remember Brad Pitt saying George is lime tge mayor he has to take care of everyone and everything. Nothing can get pass George, he has to correct all the misinformation about his wife. He loves to let everyone to know he married a barrister. George told a joke on a tv show a few weeks ago about doing some prank against Brad P that could get him GC “Arrested”, but it was all right because his wife is a “barrister” so he’s good. Every chance George gets he has to remind everyone that his wife is better than everyone else, he even told The people on “E” that Amal made her white gloves herself that morning. Amal can do everything, she sews, she styles her red carpet gowns, does her own hair, teaches at one of the top notch University in NYC and is a barrister. The only thing AC cannot do is cook, I’m sure she is in cooking classes as I write. Tbh, I don’t fault AC, all this is George doing because he was embarrassed about a joke Tina and Fay made a little over a year ago.

  34. Jayna says:

    Speaking of Carolyn Bessette, is this what George and Amal are aiming for,
    “The Amal Style”?


  35. WhyWhatWhen says:

    Still the important question is going unanswered: can or will Amal Clooney do yoga poses? Does she have an instructor at this moment preparing her to compete with Hils so that George may try for one over on Alex as well as Brad? I just hope George doesn’t “lie” and say Amal was born naturally able to Wounded Peacock while wearing designer baby-gro. I’d be so disappointed not to believe him.

    • siri says:

      Seems like she has been preparing herself for Wounded Peacock by fasting for about a year- it might work;-)

  36. Tate says:

    These two come off as such a fake Hollywood couple and there have been many. Their body language says it all.

  37. Veronica says:

    It depends on the timing of the comment as to whether he lied. Her earlier looks definitely had a flavor to them that looked chic but not excessively fashionable. Her newer looks, especially now that she’s hitting the red carpet with him, definitely look a little more styled, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have one earlier on and changed to one now. Honestly, I can’t really fault the woman for it – if I was under that much public scrutiny, I’d make sure I was fashion plate ready at all times, too. If she didn’t dress well and wear makeup, she’d get pummeled for her looks. If she does, we call her vain. It’s a lose-lose situation for women.

    • RobN says:

      The story really isn’t about her; I don’t think anybody would begrudge a public figure some help with their style. I know I’d need some. The weird part is George who seems congenitally incapable of telling the truth about even the most innocuous things.

  38. Sasha says:

    The presence of PR reps is rife on this post. And the last one. And the one before that, etc.
    Do not be fooled.

  39. boredblond says:

    The good news is we may get a break from nonstop force feeding by these two..cause Kimmee is preggers again! Now she’s a fame ho worthy of the coverage.

  40. LA Juice says:

    Anyone else noticing that Clooney’s ears are getting HUGE? I mean, I know when you get old, your ears and nose keep growing, but those muffs could help an elephant fly.

  41. nicole says:

    They both have big ears.