Kylie Jenner & Tyga may star in a ‘KUWTK’ spinoff to showcase their romance

Kylie Jenner

In yesterday’s Topshop launch post, I neglected to include photos of Kylie Jenner with her dog, Norman. The poor pup was a drama-causing Christmas present. Kylie didn’t take care of him too often, and now she’s carting him around like a fashion accessory.

Now for even more depressing news. Kylie may soon star in her own KUWTK spinoff series. Kris Jenner is reportedly working on a show that focuses on her 17-year-old daughter and her 25-year-old rapper boyfriend. Tyga still believes he’s “doing nothing morally wrong by dating an underage girl. He’s also got plenty of money troubles, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyga would risk “discovery” to make some Kardashian coin. The source is a little sketchy but has had Kardashian scoops in the past:

Kylie Jenner, 17, is about to steal the Kardashian family thunder — and follow in Caitlyn Jenner‘s footsteps — with a solo spin-off show. “Kris has always loved the idea of Kylie having her own reality show. She has been toying with the idea for some time now.”

So, what would a show about Kylie consist of? Well, for starters … Tyga! “Tyga would most definitely be part of the show,” our source continued. “It would basically follow Kylie as she pursues her music career and other endeavors.” If Kylie’s show gets the green light, she would be the first of the KUWTK children to get their very own spin-off series. Even though her older sisters, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian, have all had different spin-offs with each other and their significant others, Kylie’s show would be a first without the rest of the family.

Whatever happens, the source has assured us that Kris sees a lot of potential in Kylie’s future as a major star.

“Kylie had a lot going for her, and Kris feels like she’s a fan favorite. She has tremendous potential and talent, enough to carry her own show, that’s for sure,” the source explained. Hmm, it sounds like Kris has a real favorite in Kylie. Hopefully this doesn’t cause any major drama between the sisters!

[From Hollywood Life]

If this story is true, it would dovetail nicely with the upcoming episode where where Kylie reveals her birth control method to Kris. It sounds completely believable that Kris would approve of Kylie and Tyga having a lovey-dovey show. Ugh, I still can’t believe Kylie’s family is completely cool with the Tyga relationship.


Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

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  1. Belle Epoch says:

    How repulsive. I guess there are people who would watch, which is disturbing.

    • Jules says:

      Will it be produced by the Duggars?

    • Pina Colada says:

      My first thought- well, remember how broke Tyga is? Rent is past due.

    • Tristan says:

      Yuk this is as gross as cholera infected shellfish! 😖 First Mama June & her sick bfs, then the repulsive & hypocritical Duggars & now this. Whatever has reality TV come to?

  2. MelissaManifesto says:

    It’s Kardashian Koin…

    She looks so spent, so plastic. Just plain sad.

    • Mia V. says:

      And she was so pretty. So far, the only normal looking one is Kourtney.

      • MediaMaven says:

        I looked at some photos of “recent Kim” the other day (from the front, I’ll leave that back end mess out of this), and I honestly thought it was Kourtney. She’s had so much plastic surgery that she’s back to where she started.

    • Jill says:

      I’m five years older than her, but she looks like she’s five years older than me. I think it’s all the makeup?

    • Jegede says:

      I’m never in Kardashian posts. No interest in them. But I feel kinda bad for her.

  3. Loopy says:

    Poor girl,has grown up way too fast.

  4. Shambles says:

    Who in the actual f*ck decided it was a good idea to launch a show that glorifies an adult having sex with an underage girl RIGHT NOW? To the mentally challenged underworld gargoyles that run the E! (K!) network: Too soon. Too soon.

    • Dawn says:

      I can hear her fans telling you to step off as she is almost 18 and thus this is not a big deal. But I agree with you. Enough is enough and E! needs to stop promoting the KarTrashians at every turn.

      • swack says:

        Even if she is 18, at this point the age difference is huge. If he was 35 and she was 28 it would be different.

    • blue marie says:

      There is never a good time to show that mess.

      • Shambles says:

        200% agreed, Blue Marie. I just think this timing is in particularly bad taste, because the brain-having world is still reeling from a major child molestation scandal in the entertainment industry.

    • Nicolette says:

      LOL mentally challenged underworld gargoyles! That’s great. And yes, just what the world needs another show about these morally bankrupt people. I really have come to hate E and never watch anything on it. Annoyed it’s even being paid for in our cable package.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      It is truly repulsive and disturbing. I don’t understand why it’s legal for a mother and father to consent to an adult having sex with their child. Kris and Caitlyn should be ashamed.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      If they do go through with it, it probably wouldn’t start before the next two months, which is when she’ll be 18. @Swack: In a normal situation I wouldn’t be bothered by an 18 year old having sex with a 25 year old, because I think that if at that age you can consent to experimenting with sex with someone your age, (and a whole bunch of other things we allow 18-year-olds to consent to and be held accountable for in this country) you can also consent to experimenting with someone a little bit older than you. But the fact that their have been rumors of these two being together since she was 16 and he was 24, combined with his history of predatory behavior, is what makes this relationship creepy to me. It’s something I definitely would not be defending as a big sister, and if I were a parent, I wouldn’t be ok with it at all.

  5. mystified says:

    I may watch the show if Norman is featured. What a cute dog!

    • GingerCrunch says:

      I def won’t watch, but more NORMAN on CB, please!!!

    • Mare says:

      Let’s wait to see how long Norman lasts. They’ve had other dogs before, leaving them locked up in the laundry room for days and then you never see the dogs again.

  6. boredblond says:

    I don’t know why they don’t just rename E! – K! I am a bit surprised North doesn’t already have a show..that kid’s a slacker..

  7. Lilacflowers says:

    “Kylie had a lot going for her, and Kris feels like she’s a fan favorite.” Sure, a lot going for her, except for even the most basic of high school educations or a parent, either parent, who cares enough to pay attention to her.

    • whipmyhair says:

      Don’t forget her “music career”.

      • vauvert says:

        And the “other endeavours”: painting her talons, injecting her lips, babysitting (I mean taking selfies with ) Tyga’s son, bathing, getting her makeup done…. Exhausting, I tell you!

  8. Amy says:


    So the world is probably gonna have shows with Kylie and the Duggar Girls, sure. So apparently we have gone back in time to being a country that supports molestation so long as the ratings are good and it makes money. Got it. Ugh.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      The Duggar girls were the victims. They were not at fault. Don’t lump them in with Kylie.

      • Kitten says:

        I think it was more that she was lumping Tyga in with Josh, and while their actions might not be the same, they’re both pretty nauseating for a lot of reasons.

      • Anita says:

        Kylie is a victim of a predatory older male and a dysfunctional family, just like the Duggars. She may not look as innocent as the Duggars, but she is still a child.

  9. NewWester says:

    “She has tremendous potential and talent” What talent does Kylie actually have? Or has Demon Mother already decided what that talent shall be?

    • Ennie says:


    • Kitten says:

      That part made me LOL.

    • jwoolman says:

      Demon Mother has apparently decided Kylie will be a singer, since nowadays no talent is needed for that – just good engineers. So Kylie can pretend to sing in a recording studio but doesn’t have to sing on key or have any range or practice or anything else real singers do. The voice will be created by electronics, just using enough of her voice as a basis so the child can have the illusion that she can sing.

  10. Willa says:

    These people are never going away!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    • Nicolette says:

      I share your frustration but we actually have the power to make them go away. If everyone would stop watching their shows, stop buying whatever tabloid they’re in and that’s pretty much all of them, stop clicking on articles about them, basically boycotting anything and everything related to this family they would disappear. Supply and demand, it’s basic economics. And believe me, guilty as charged am I. Simply love to hate on them, and it’s fun reading the comments about them. And yes, I watched the first two seasons of their show (hanging my head in shame), but it quickly became unwatchable. Seeing a bunch of narcissists preening and prancing around a camera all day was too much. We helped create this monster and we could pull the plug.

  11. K37744 says:

    No. Just no. My only hope is if this unholy spawn of the Klan materializes the parents of her fan base (ew…that hurt to type) realize their daughters are watching a ‘how to’ on steps to be a despicable, useless sextoy for an older man and forbid them watching.

    But that didn’t work with the other K crap did it? *sigh*.

  12. AnnieC says:

    One of the case studies at NYU is the marketing phenomena of the Kardashians. How this woman parlayed a family with no apparent talents into a multi-million dollar brand with virtually no end in sight. The rise of Kylie’s profile is mind-boggling with even less “attributes” than Kim.

  13. teatimeiscoming says:

    Anything for a buck. 🙁

  14. Vampi says:

    First the Duggars…now this.
    Hollywood thinks it’s completely normal now to showcase and glorify dangerous cults that ratonalize molestation and treating women like garbage, and so NATURALLY an uneducated, overly sexualized, underage child and her “adorable” relationship with a grown man and father of his own child is totes ok!
    I’m sickened by TLC and E! My blood boils. Our country has no one in power who will look out for our kids and nip this crap in the bud.
    It going to get much worse. So much worse…. unless something in media and it’s willingness to exploit our children with the help of their own parents changes.

  15. Katie says:

    Please no more with this family.

  16. Shelllgallll says:

    Um, sorry but this show is NOT going to happen. Anyone who has watched KUWTK knows that Kylie barely gets out 2 complete sentences in any given show, including the ones where she’s part of a storyline. Any ‘storyline’ that she’s a part of is completely driven by the other Ks, while she appears just in background, phone in hand.

    She may be a ‘fan favorite’ on social media, but has zero presence when the cameras are rolling. She really just has nothing to say, whereas the other Ks have plenty to say about nothing.

    • Zip says:

      I don’t see it happening either. On the show she is the most boring of them all, always glued to her stupid phone or just mumbling random stuff.

    • Mare says:

      I couldn’t see Kylie having her own show without the others participating. She really doesn’t have much to offer.

  17. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    It’s disturbing how these days being a terrible parent who exploits their children is awarded with fame and fortune thanks to those vultures running E!, TLC and Bravo. The worse parent, the more people are interested in watching, it seems. From Jenners to Duggars, from Duggars to Sarah Palin, Mama June, teenage moms from hell and the real housewives, who care more about their weaves than their own children. In the long run it has to have a bad effect on the young, impressionable people watching it, even those who think they hate-watch it – as subliminal stimuli of the worst kind. If this rumor is true and it probably is, I’m disgusted with the Jenners and E! for trying to make money over 17-year old girl in the predatory relationship and any people who even think of watching and therefore supporting it.

  18. Susie Q says:

    Pedophilia, coming soon to a screen near you!

  19. The Original G says:

    I DONT approve of this innapropriate relationship, and DON’T approve of this TV show. But, I can’t get hysterical about a 17 year-old being sexually active and using birth control. Young women are entitled to responsible sexual agency.

    Calling this pedophilia is really muddying the waters. And, she’s certainly NOT the first teenager in the moneyed classes to get plastic surgery. I don’t like it, but, meh.

    The bigger problem here,is that I don’t see her getting educated!

    • Leen says:

      I agree with you original G. Calling this pedophilia is a stretch (as a survivor of child molestation, I find it absurd that this relationship is being compared to being molested as an 8 year old by a 40 year old man). Ofcourse that doesn’t mean there aren’t other problematic things about Kylie (her cosmic surgery, lack of education, lack of parental interest except when it’s for profit).

      Plus age of consent in other countries such as (UK) is 16. Doesn’t make it less gross, but can we please stop calling it pedophilia? It hardly is.

    • missskitttin says:

      18 real olds are in jail for having a relationship with a 17 year old. Not one, but many. How come this time it is right and the other times it was never right? Ask any cop.

    • The Original G says:

      I think putting an 18 yr. old in jail for having consensual sex with a 17 yr. old is ridiculous, if it has occurred. Conflating it with pedophilia or child abuse also unproductive, as is the misapprehension that speaking out against THIS has some real effect or value in protecting children.

      Sorry for what you’ve been through Leen. I can only hope that as a society we more educated about the terrible effects of sexual predation on children and find ways to make all children safer.

  20. Ennie says:

    Please explain to me what they mean by “having potential and talent to carry her own show”, what talent? potential for what exactly?????

  21. Dido says:

    Has anyone else noticed that when her face is relaxed/not posing she looks really sad?

  22. Elisabeth says:

    I hope the season climax is Chris hansen confronting Tyga and six police officers wrestle him to the ground in his driveway. Kylie crying and screaming ‘I love him!”

  23. TeaAndSympathy says:

    1. That poor little doggie is being assaulted with her nails!
    2. I think KJ realises her youngest is likely the one to be left behind; the Kardashian bubble could burst at any time, Kylie seems to not have a clear career path (unlike Kendall, for example) and this could be a way for DemonMum and Kylie to rake in the last of the available bucks.
    3. If this really is what KJ has in mind, I don’t see it happening before Kylie turns 18, which isn’t that far away. I’m no expert, but would any network touch this before then, given the controversy and possible legal implications? I wonder, if the story is true, whether the cover-up will be like the Elvis-Priscilla one – “He waited for her until she was of age…”, or something like that?
    4. As has been discussed on here, this Tyga person is skint, so is it true lurve or is he simply after an easy ride to notoriety and wealth?
    5. I wouldn’t put it past KJ to milk this for all its worth, just as she does everything and everyone else.

    I notice they are very careful not to hold hands or touch when they’re out and about together. If there hadn’t been all the gossip/speculation about their relationship, they’d seem like just mates. It’s going to be an entirely different ball game when she turns 18.

  24. Whatever Gurl says:

    We have to hear about how brave Caitlyn is but if she is all about authenticity and honesty, why isn’t Caitlyn stepping up?

    Caitlyn is self-absorbed, vapid, and more concerned on how to turn her new persona into a money-making machine. She claims she wants to fix her issues with her older children but she has washed her hands of Kylie.

    She discusses how Kris mistreated her but what about how they treat their youngest daughters.

    Caitlyn is incapable of true self-reflection. Her PR machine & social media experts are navigating and monetizing her new venture but her parenting views and morals are not even mentioned.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      Thank you for articulating these points so well, Whatever Gurl. These things have also been on my mind. These young women have been abandoned physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Caitlyn has been off doing her own thing for a long time. I understand she had her own row to hoe, but since she’d helped create those girls it was her responsibility to raise them properly, even if it meant putting aside her needs for a little while longer. Bear in mind, though, that this didn’t just happen in the last few weeks. I get that Kris is a working mum, but since their split, she has been gallivanting as if she’s one of her own daughters, needing to be seen at every possible event. None of them need to be constantly seen, despite what they think. The younger ones should still be in school – it’s not as if the family suffers such vicissitudes that they were forced to leave school, like some youngsters. As far as I can see, both parents abrogated their responsibility to their children because money and their own selfish needs are far more important.

    • Chrissy says:

      Exactly! Caitlyn/ Bruce will forever get the Worse Father of the Year award in my books. Kylie is proof.

    • jenn12 says:

      Yes, exactly. It’s great that she can be herself now, but she still abandoned 4 kids and now refuses to raise her other 2. She brought them into this world, and she still needs to be a parent. Kris sucks, but everyone gives Caitlyn a pass, as though being transgender means she doesn’t need to parent her children.

  25. FingerBinger says:

    This might not be a bad idea. All the couples that did reality shows eventually broke up. Khloe and Lamar, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro,Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. There could be an upside to this.

  26. suzanne says:

    I have decided never to post anything further on Kardashian posts…the only way they will go away is if the serve no purpose for gossip sites etc. So, this is my last post on these deplorable creatures…I seriously hope by next year this family has gone the way of New Coke and Mischa Barton. I really can’t laugh any longer at these people- girls that have all been prostituted in various ways by their mother, and I feel like I’m contributing to it when I give any attention to them.

    Until the public stops paying attention to them, they will flourish. End of story. I’m done feeding the monster.

    • Maya says:

      Don’t be so hard on yourself. Its not your fault or ours if they are still around. They are part of “pop culture”. When social media and internet started, it created a new space to the famous to exist. It began in the early 2000 with Britney spears, Paris Hilton and then Kim K. As much as I disapprove with them, I don’t think we can make them disappear. A part of the society wants them to exist and looks up to them as role/beauty models. If it wasn’t the kardashians it would be others.

  27. Mylene - Montreal says:

    What she’s going to say ?!?!?!?!?! she’s boring to death in KUWTK !!!!!!!! And we can’t understand what she say because she have difficulty to talk with her new lips !!!! its very sad !!!!! Just go on you tube and look a interview or something u will see …. its very difficult to understand what she say !!!!!!

  28. Murphy says:

    I bet it will be all about that baby Tyga wants to put in her.

  29. Maya says:

    I am so amazed by her shoes choices : so trashy and hooker-y ! She always picks up the most high with most laces and SM style possible. At 17already …… Poor girl got nothing from self esteem. Selling a sexual image is all she learnt from her family

  30. serena says:

    I’m sorry ‘her music career ‘ ? What? Don’t tell me she’s planning to become a singer now.. lol

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Yeah, that stood out to me too. The last thing we need is another talentless girl who got famous for nothing trying to become a singer.

    • swack says:

      She is apparently working with Kanye on a single. That’s her music career.

  31. nikko says:

    I bet the spinoff was suppose to be Kendell and Kylie, but Kendell said no way. Kylie is to boring to hold an audience’s attention. She barely speaks now. They should do a spin off of Mason, he’s much more interesting than Kylie!

  32. Dita says:

    How sad.