Woe is Blake Lively, Anna Wintour made her launch Preserve before it was ready


If you remember correctly, Blake Lively launched her lifestyle site, Preserve, last summer. The collective reaction went from ambivalence to… laughter, I think. There were some defenders, but I think most of us recognized it for what it was: a hipster, artisanal-lite take on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. The writing on the site was widely mocked, deservedly, because in additional to shilling hipster nonsense, Blake was also writing pro-Antebellum-South essays. Anyway, Blake’s Preserve launch coincided with her August 2014 Vogue cover story, in which she talked almost exclusively about Preserve and how unique it was and how no one ever thought of shilling hipster junk on the internet. Now, in a new Time Magazine interview, Blake is coming clean about how the launch was rushed on Anna Wintour’s orders. You can read the full Time piece here. Some highlights:

Whether she’s an actress or a businesswoman: “I don’t see an “or” there. I see myself as a storyteller—or at least that’s what I try to do. As an actress, I try to tell stories in the most honest way possible, and hope people will connect to that emotionally. With Preserve, I’m doing the same thing: meeting chefs, meeting artisans, designers, craftsmen. I’m moved by their stories and I’m sharing them with my friends.”

Whether Preserve has a business plan: “I hope there’s a business plan! It’s a proper company… It’s hard to make something different. I’m lucky to have friends who are successful entrepreneurs, and their companies’ valuations are very impressive and they’re up against time and money. I’ve seen such generosity that I haven’t seen in the profession of acting—it’s not that actors aren’t generous, but no one has connected me with Meryl Streep to muse about what has worked onscreen and why. In the world of entrepreneurs, I’ve been amazed to be connected with other companies’ CTOs and CFOs and talk about what has worked and what didn’t.”

Anticipating the negative reaction to Preserve: “I see what happens in the world of female entrepreneurs and I see what the media does. And that they pit women against each other and there’s an “or”—should women stick to this or this? I knew we’d probably get grilled, or celebrated for being someone they’re not already picking on. It felt like a new kid coming to school: I’ll get picked on, or liked, for being from a different place. And I’ve been to 16 schools in my life, so I’ve experienced that bullying. There is constructive criticism we’ve taken to heart. And then there’s people being mean for the sake of being mean, or when you’re trying to be light and people take you literally. It’s a nasty world. You don’t see male entrepreneurs pitted against each other, destroyed, picked apart, and every word they say served up to judge.”

Anna Wintour’s demands: “The things that keep me up are things I look at on the site and I know could be better. I knew this was supposed to be better. Time and money, time and money. What I wanted Preserve to be at launch was not what it is at all. It’s just impossible! We found ourselves at launch and we had a Vogue cover set up, so I couldn’t call Anna Wintour and say “I need six more months”—people hacked into our site a week and a half before it was meant to launch, so the site leaked. The site’s not close to what I want it to be. I hope by the time it’s what I want it to be, my standards will be raised infinitely more.”

She never wanted to be an actress: “I never knew I wanted to be an actor. I fell into it and was lucky to have incredible opportunities that shaped my life. There were things I planned for my life that I missed out on. Going to an Ivy League school was my dream. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and carve my own path.”

[From Time Magazine]

Poor baby, Anna Wintour forced her to launch her silly lifestyle site to coincide with a Vogue cover!! #RichWhiteWomanProblems. I feel like the whole “bullying” section of the interview was specifically about the “Allure of Antebellum” issue, in which she attempted to force Gawker to remove their critical coverage and they in turn published her legal threats. If she says that Preserve is not where it needs to be and that they’ve experienced 9 months of growing pains… sure, I agree. But I don’t think that gives her a free pass. She made such a big deal about how this site was going to be SO different and special and we had never seen anything like it, and now that everyone has seen that it’s a pretty mundane, poorly organized, hard-to-navigate site shilling hipster nonsense, now she wants a do-over.

PS… This interview was part of Time Magazine’s larger profile on celebrity women and their lifestyle sites. Go here to see Gwyneth’s piece.


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  1. Lee says:

    I used to find her harmless and blubby and fun, during Gossip Girl era. Then she tried to portray this domestic goddess image, then Preserve arrived and then she joined all the social and…now I think she’s insufferable and phony. Her problem is she tries too hard and it shows.
    Also, she’s been to 16 schools in her life and still she can’t properly write a piece without redundant words….lol

  2. goofpuff says:

    whiney baby excuses, grow up, woman. she sounds like JAyZ and his tidal bomb. blame it on someone else instead to taking responsibility.

  3. Bridget says:

    The problem with Blake is that there’s no struggle. Best of luck to her but it’s hard to listen to someone who has been able to sail through life with opportunities flung at her feet and who’s biggest problem is that she has to launch her website before it’s perfect because she has to be on the cover of Vogue to coincide with the launch.

    • Amide says:

      I like Blake, and I’ve actually bought nice jewellry pieces from Preserve so no hate from me.
      Alba and Simpson had growing pains in the start and were mocked as well, so I guess it happens. Dems the shakes
      But oh dear a Gwyneth AND Blake post in one day.
      *God help* Lol

    • Lee says:

      + 1

  4. susanne says:

    She had better watch herself, throwing AW under the bus like that.
    I’m not entirely comfortable with even posting, and my lifestyle site hasn’t launched yet. I’m not done curating all my artisans.

    • MrsB says:

      I actually didn’t think she was blaming Wintour. She was saying she set it up for the Vogue cover and launch to coincide, but when her site wasn’t ready, there was nothing she could do about it. I thought she was blaming herself for the site not being ready.

    • Bridget says:

      Chiggity check yourself before you wriggety wreck yourself?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      She says she needed 6 more months…but it has been 6 months since the site launched. If that was really the amount of time needed to turn it into what she wanted, we’d be there by now.

  5. magda says:

    It’s unfair to Anna.
    If Blake was smart, she would knew months earlier that she cannot deliver Preserve on time and she could postpone Vogue cover, launching her site etc. But five minutes before big boom complaining I’m not ready is bad managing.

    • littlestar says:

      I really don’t think people who are on the cover of Vogue actually have a say of when their issue will be put out. If you’re contracted to be on the September cover, you’re going to be on the September cover. You just can’t call Vogue up months later and say, “Oh I want to be on the December cover now because my mess of a site isn’t ready yet”.

      If one of the contractors at my work told us they would have to postpone the work they were hired to do for several months, we’d drop them and look for someone else who CAN do the work for when we are paying them to do it.

      I don’t think Blake is necessarily blaming AW for her sites lackluster launch, but it is in poor taste to say they had to launch right away because of Vogue.

    • MoochieMom says:

      Then she should have hired more people. I work in the online business and if there is enough money you can make it happen. Someone didn’t want this to happen enough.

  6. Kiddo says:

    I don’t think she actually blamed AW, but that she was already scheduled for the cover.

  7. Shambles says:

    As Kiddo alluded to in Gwenyth’s thread, I blame Taylor Swift for this entirely. She’s inspired a small army of privileged, blonde, white women to cry misogyny whenever they’re faced with any type of criticism, even if it’s valid.
    “You’re picking on me because sexism,” a la Gwenyth, Blake, Iggy Azalea…

    • Maya says:

      Haha best comment !!

    • Gilda says:

      That attitude isn’t just owned by white women. Black people like to blame white people for all their problems too. Black people do pull out the racism card when it suits them, no matter how taboo that is to say. Women like to blame men for a lot of things too. Truth is, we all are guilty of self pity.

      She’s right about women being pitted against each other, and women are as guilty of this as men, if not more so (this blog is an example)

      • oneshot says:

        wow, I don’t even have the time to go into detail about everything that is effed up about your statement.

        Nice job implying that police officers and vigilantes gunning down unarmed black men and children, and people getting outraged over that, is ‘pulling the racism card’. I suppose complaints about underrepresentation of anyone who isn’t white in popular media is also ‘pulling the racism card’. And I guess that young musician engaged to the boy from Twilight, who faces racist abuse from his fans for daring to date him, is also ‘pulling the racism card’ when she speaks of that abuse in the media. And these are just the most recent issues/examples.

      • Bridget says:

        @gilda: it worries me if you actually think that.

      • anon33 says:

        Lord god almighty, go back to the Fox News site.

      • Gilda says:

        blah blah, here comes the mob.

      • Gilda says:

        @oneshot – Kristen Stewart was bullied for years for being with rpattz too. Her family was harassed on social media by his fans. His fans sent her death threats and had to be removed from premieres for tweeting about physically harming her. With unhinged fans like that they will go for the easy target. I once saw his fans zoom in on Kristen’s photos and count the pores on her legs from shaving and talk about how disgusting she is. They had a site created for the sole purpose of hating on her that eventually had to be closed down because even the nasty modes could see it had gone too far when certain lovelies threatened to ‘kick her in the babymaker’ if she dared show up at his movie premiere. They made a petition to send to the studio to warn them not to allow her to go.

        My point is, his new girlfriend isn’t a special snowflake who is targeted because of her race. A certain portion of his fans will always hate on whoever he is with. There is no excuse for it but that is the reality of dating somebody in the public eye.

    • oneshot says:

      pretty much this. Feminism as the convenient excuse for all the crap they pull.

  8. Talie says:

    I would rank her website third behind Goop and Alba’s Honest Company. It has some good products. Witherspoon’s Draper James was a bit of a disappointment — overpriced to the extreme.

  9. Kiki says:

    It is bad enough that I can’t stand people who ego, arrogant I am so rich it is a problem mantra is such a poor excuse to make the public to love or pity you. Or being privilege and lucky but yet relatable to the public is such a huge downer. But you’ve got the gall to sit here and tell us you wish you weren’t famous and you parade yourself with the finer things In your life without a care in the world, it is just not cool in my book. Blake Lively is just a bad as Gweneth Palthrow. I am sick of these blond dimwits. Take your Preserve website and put it up your know what.

  10. Aussie girl says:

    Come on guys, it’s time and money!!!! Look bless her white cotton socks, I’ve got no beef with her but I really feel like she has heard another successful ‘entrepreneur’ talk about this in more deapth, and now she just parrots, ‘ time and money’ and thinks it’s sound smart. Maybe I’m just a picky bitch today …

  11. Mia4S says:

    “no one has connected me with Meryl Streep”

    Oh Lord, where to I begin?!! Potential snarky comment overload! 😉

    • Lee says:

      Also, love how she always blames someone else…”people hacked into our site a week and a half before it was meant to launch, so the site leaked.”
      Like when she said she had to post that baby bump pic on preserve because some paparazzo caught her vacationing with Reynolds while cleary pregnant…please!
      I predict she’ll share a pic of her baby too and then will say she did it because a pap caught them out with her in tow…mark my words!

      • Sam says:

        If she was that much of an attention wh*re she would have released a picture of her baby when the Age of Adaline came out. It’s funny how when a celebrity doesn’t share a picture of their baby they get crucified for it but then when they do share a picture of their baby they get crucified for it as well. Sounds like someone is just bitter that Blake isn’t fitting into the mold you want her to fit into.

    • littlestar says:

      That was pretty eye-roll’y.

  12. Bishg says:

    My interpretation of all this is that she barely had any clue what she was doing.
    “I hope Preserve has a business plan!”.. girl, it’s YOUR company.
    You should definitely know about it, even more so: you should have been thoroughly involved in the definition and developing of a business plan.
    It doesn’t take an entrepreneur to understand that it’s the first, basic step of starting a business. If you don’t have a solid, detailed plan which takes into consideration every tiny aspect of the company and the market it is placed into, you’re going to fail BIG TIME.
    This is the problem with celebrities nowadays, they fancy themselves as big shots in whatever they do and suddenly, one day they wake up and they decide that they are navigated business-people. Either you live, breathe, suffer and spit blood for/on your own company or you surround yourself with the best (and trustworthy) people who can do the job for you.
    You don’t just snap your fingers and create a successful business.
    I have a feeling that Preserve is going to crash and burn Tidal-style.

    • vilebody says:

      I would be laughed out of any investor meeting if I answered like she did.

      Q: Are you a businesswoman?
      A: I actually consider myself a story-teller.

      Q: Do you have a business plan?
      A: I hope so!

      Q: What do you think the reaction to your product will be?
      A: It will either get picked on or liked.

      Q: How do you deal with tight deadlines?
      A: It’s just impossible!

      Q: What do you feel like you’re missing out on by starting this business?
      A: Being an entrepreneur.

      • Harvey's Girl says:

        LOL! Can you imagine? Oh, dumb celebrities, so removed from the real world.

  13. Sam says:

    Heres the thing with Blake…she’s putting all this time and effort into a lifestyle site that no one really cares about. Not because people aren’t interested in her but because they’re not interested in the things she has on there. She should stick to acting and fashion. The acting she’s decent at and the fashion…well I’d say many consider her a fashion icon so instead of this lifestyle nonsense she should go create her own fashion line…which I think she’s already started doing. People will eat that up because “OMG Blake Lively designed it!” And if you don’t believe me…go to her Instagram page and see how people foam at the mouth over anything fashion related to her. People are interested in you Blake. In your fashion sense and your movies (pretty face to look at) but they’re not too interested in what cakes and foods you make.

    • KellyBee says:

      Lol hate to tell this Sam but people do that on most all celebrity Instagrams.

  14. KinChicago says:

    I used to like her, now sadly the more I read about her the more vapid and inconsiderate she is shows.
    Plus side, at least Vogue is unlikely to cover her again! Way to offend Anna Wintour!

    • Krissy says:

      So you don’t like her because of what you read about her? Someone is extremely shallow and it’s not her.

      • oneshot says:

        Nah, we’ve read her own words right here, and plenty in the past.

        And judging by those, she’s vapid and likes to shift the blame for her personal failures as an actress and businesswoman onto other people and external factors. Real deep thinker, she is.

    • Krissy says:

      When did she blame someone else for her “failures.” Pretty sure she’s not a failure and if she is I’d like to be a failure too since apparently a failure is someone with millions and a loving family.
      She had to have her site ready for the Vogue cover…it wasn’t but you can’t just call up Vogue and be like “yea my sites not done so can we push back the cover date?” But you can read it however you want.

      • oneshot says:

        She had to have her site ready in time for the Vogue cover…..but couldn’t deliver the goods, and is now blaming that on the cover schedule instead of her own incompetence, because apparently a Vogue cover to promote her site was more important than actually making a decent website before it launched.

        She could have asked to do the interview about something else, but she chose to push ahead and launch a site in half-assed mode.

      • Misti64 says:

        @Krissy –
        She never has its just the usual suspects who like to mis- interprete whatever she says how they fit, as long as it slams or denigrates her.

        They defend their faves according to their ‘truth’, but lose it if anyone says anything in Blake’s defence that counters their same ‘truth’, (not agenda).

  15. oneshot says:

    …..so the Vogue cover dictated when her sad excuse of a ‘website’ was going to roll out, and because of the Vogue cover schedule she couldn’t make a decent job of it? Nice job throwing Anna Wintour under the bus blondie, and good luck getting any more Vogue covers to promote with.

    I won’t even get into the ‘no one has connected me to Meryl Streep!’ delusions of grandeur. She strikes me as someone who is very into the trappings of prestige and fame but isn’t interested in actually doing anything to earn that prestige through, you know, competence at what she does – whether that’s acting or lifestyle blogging (the latter is especially embarrassing considering how many nobodies do a better job of it with no Vogue covers to promote them).

    • Lee says:


    • Krissy says:

      It’s something called sarcasm which you can’t tell through print but if you’ve ever watched her in an interview you’d immediately know that she’s a VERY sarcastic person. Which is her biggest problem. She’s very sarcastic and cheeky and when you read it it’s not how it comes out.

      • oneshot says:

        I’ve seen her in interviews. Honestly, she strikes me as someone who desperately wants to be seen as cheeky and witty and praised for it, when she simply lacks the substance to form said cheek and wit.

        Naked ambition and little else do not an interesting public persona make!

    • Krissy says:

      And yet the general public and media love her and that kills you doesn’t? That’s why you’re commenting on here. Because you want everyone to know she’s “fake.” Or tries too hard.

      • oneshot says:

        “And yet the general public and media love her”

        oh, do they? Is that why every media outlet out there has been mocking Preserve – and by extension, her – as a straight-up failure for almost a year now?

        Saying something multiple times doesn’t make it true in the face of all evidence to the contrary, sorry honey.

      • Krissy says:

        The same media that can’t stop talking about how much she’s a goddess or about how she’s this amazing fashion icon or about how lovely her and Ryan Reynolds are? Preserve is what it is. I don’t like it. I wouldn’t buy anything from it. People trashed Preserve. The media trashed Preserve. And rightfully so. It has many flaws but let’s not sit and pretend that the media doesn’t love Blake Lively. She could wear a plastic bag and they would call it amazing. That’s the reality of it. No where did I say the media loved Preserve. I said the media loved Blake Lively. Two different things. Example: you can love Tony Romo but hate the Cowboys.

      • Krissy says:

        And just to give you an example…the same media that trashed Preserve, couldn’t get enough of Blake Lively being pregnant, or Blake Lively after giving birth or Blake Lively during her press tour for the Age of Adaline. Or the same media that pulls photos off her Instagram account and write a whole article about that said article? I didn’t think that was possible until I saw it with my own two eyes. I believe she wore something that looked like my grandma knitted it and they called it “stylish,” despite it being absolutely hideous. I won’t argue with you about Preserve’s failures and how it was trashed but to say the media doesn’t love her? Yea okay.

      • oneshot says:

        You do know that a few PR puff pieces on magazine covers and carefully choreographed product-placement pap strolls are not exactly the extent of the ‘media’, right? She’s struggling for relevance and her looks and personal life are all she has to do it with. It’s not that different from a Kardashian, at the heart of it.

      • Krissy says:

        I’m not referring to magazine covers. That’s an agreement between the magazine and the person on the cover to do nothing but fluff the person on the cover. I’ll give you one last example…she posted a photo of a dress on Instagram that she said she co-designed. It was a nice summer dress, whatever. And an hour later, a bunch of media outlets began reporting how she created her own clothing line and how it was amazing…despite seeing just one dress. Why was it amazing? Because Blake Lively designed it and who wouldn’t want to wear something she designed….those are not my words but the words of media outlets like People, E, Daily Mail, Vogue…etc. Try to go find a media article that doesn’t make her seem like she’s the best thing ever that isn’t Preserve related.

      • Bri says:

        Krissy has a point. She’s considered a fashion icon and the media always has her as one of their best dressed no matter what. You call it being a Kardashian but Blake isn’t known for her personal life nor does she have a camera following her everywhere she goes. She’s known for her fashion above anything else and her role on Gossip Girl where surprise she was popular because of what she wore.

      • Sophie says:


      • Misti64 says:

        @Bri – And lets not forget that post-Adaline Blake is actually doing what made her famous, making movies, back to back.
        And Alex Shulman has pubilcly stated she wants Blake on UK Vogue.
        But hey if people want to tell themselves she’s only famous for being Kardashian- lite, and is ‘struggling’ let let them have it.

      • Subconciously says:

        Yep, her PR is good.

        I hope she will fall flat, soon. There are so many better actresses who deserve her spot in the limelight. Unfortunately I worry that Lively will fight tooth and nail to stay where she is and she has a lot of support: if A.Wintour helps her then … if Harvey Weinstein is an acquaintance as is Steven Spielberg…as is Dicaprio

        @ Bri
        Blake has a good stylist, yes. Who has made mistakes, too, yes. That white snow-flake one-shoulder dress for some big event, for example. Too tight dresses showing of her boob enhancement.

  16. Bri says:

    I’m in the minority on this site but I actually love her. And from what I can tell people on here hate her because she’s successful and hasn’t “worked” for it. She’s been in the business for over a decade and she’s relevant because she’s smart in how she presents herself. And lastly she’s honest about herself. She’s never once claimed she’s this fantastic actress…in fact I’m pretty sure she’s said she’s not a good actress but that she’s working on it. She doesn’t flash her relationship or baby around. She doesn’t drink or do drugs and she’s not out partying till sunrise. So why all the hate? Is it because for not being so talented she’s still become extremely successful and has been around this long? I’d say that takes hard work. And while I’d say it’s cause of her looks most of you on here think she’s ugly so it can’t be that.

    • MelissaManifesto says:

      I like her too.

      I think some commenters want celebrities to be a certain way, to fit a certain mold. Also I’ve noticed that people want to dictate who get success/wealth and who doesn’t. Blake like most of her ilk can be self-serving and out of touch, however she’s not as horrible as many would like her to be. I have met her in person, she was very nice, sweet, engaged, relatable. I’ve met celebrities the world are fawning over who were horrible, once I even changed seats in an airplane because of how unpleasant one very loved actress was. People don’t always come off well in interviews, it’s a shame.

      • Sam says:

        I met her as well not too long ago actually. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest because from what I’ve read anyone who meets her loves her but then I read comments on here and posts on here about her and I’m like hmm. Anyways let’s just say she’s the farthest thing from what everyone on here thinks. I asked for a picture and she said yes but what surprised me was that afterwards she was so engaging. Like she was talking to me as if we’d been friends or something. It felt weird because most of the time the celeb gets their pic taken with you and then want nothing to do with you. She may not be your cup of tea but to attack her personality because of an interview is well worse than anything she’s ever said in an interview.

      • Jayna says:

        I’ve always thought Blake was a sweetie.

        But the site was a bore. And in this interview she paints everything so helpful in the entrepreneurial world and in the acting field the other way. It sounds like someone who is in the glow of new romance. You meet acclaimed actors on movie sets and learn and I’ ve always read most are generous. Common had a small role in Liam Neeson’s movie Run All Night. In an interview, he talking about what he learned from Liam. Liam and Ed Harris had some great scenes with lots of dialogue and so did Liam with his on-screen son, and Common said Liam just shone in the scenes with dialogue and learned a lot watching and getting tips on acting He basically took it as time to soak up what Ed Harris and Liam Neeson bring to the table as veteran actors. You hear that from a lot of actors and actresses. The same for two other younger actors on set just to get the experience of working with respected actors.

        I think she’s in the honeymoon stage of this business so paints it one way with all the wonderful help she’s recieved that is missing from acting. It doesn’t sound like she is someone who loves the art of acting the way others do and seek out great actors onset to learn from or meet through other actors

    • supposedtobeworking says:

      I don’t mind her and have only ever seen her act in The Town. I didn’t think she was bad, she didn’t take me out of the story.

      I think people don’t like her because she seems to be trying too hard. But like Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry and all the other singers/actresses with whom I would say need a defined persona, she is trying to sell a brand and I get that. Some do it with more authenticity or skill, and others stumble with it. I think Blake stumbles a bit.

    • Alyce says:

      I really like her too! I love this site and check it almost daily but it has some irrational hatred going for a few people. I always know Blake is going to be dumped on, no matter what she did (or didn’t do). And certain men will get a pass bc they’re “hunks” no matter how boring or terrible they are.

    • Subconciously says:

      @ Bri

      Yes, Lively is relevant. But not because she were a great actress which she is not. But because of her relationships (Affleck rumoured, Dicaprio pictured, Reynolds married) and because she manages to make tiny short and low-cut dresses look sexy-classy which would have looked slutty on other women. It is really astonishing to which degree Lively manages to turn slutty into a non-trashy sexy – just remember her nude pictures.
      In other words: Lively is all about presentation and fake and show and not about substance in any way. Where is her substance? If you hold her against some good actresses (Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep) and some average (think: TV series actress, Hallmark pictures and the like, TV-shows like Golden Girls) she looks not good in comparison even in the average department. Even her website did hardly have any substance but was designed just artsy. Unfortunately there are enough people who google her or who buy magazines with pics of her for precisely the reasons listed above (famous relationships and slutty-sexy into classy).

      And Lively has a rare ability to make connections and friends n showbusiness despite her lack of acting skills: How to get a fashion snob like A.Wintour caring about a slutty-sexy Gossip Girl actress certainly requires skill.
      Harvey Weinstein and Lively met. She met Spielberg (with Dicaprio’s help?).

      I think many people are rightfully miffed that somebody so sorely lacking in the acting department gets money for all the wrong reasons while pretending to be an actress. It is like the least accomplished colleague with the least merits and a lot of floundering projects in your department gets the highest bonus (for skillfully a**kiss**g the boss). And that is something many people can rely on in today’s world.

  17. A says:

    Her nude picture leaks (the ones she sent to married Ben A) and then with the help of Leo D and Steven Spielberg staged PR pics in Italy to distract from those said nude pics just made me think of her as fake.
    That and her two nose jobs + boob job.

    • Subconciously says:

      Did Leo help knowingly or was he played?

      • A says:

        She met Steven Spielberg through CAA who repped her at the time and her PR went to panic mode when the first nudes leaked and they tried to say it wasn’t her and then the rest leaked and they sort of went quiet because the truth was too obvious and they went with the ignore strategy. I know through a photographer that those clear pics in Italy and on the boat with Steven were for sure staged through his friends contacts, one of which worked for said photo agency and apparently, yes, Leo D was very much in on it and agreed to act “in love” for the camera. The deal was 6 months but preferably a year, he only agreed to 6 months with her and he did in fact make money out of those photos.
        I don’t know when Ryan entered the pic but I do know she never “broke Leo’s heart” and lainey was on her payroll during the “How did she DO that” period. During that period he was also seen with a model in the streets of NYC (there is a youtbe video of it), he was caught, this was when he supposedly was “dating” Blake which was a lie because if you see the video he hides and tries to talk the pap guy out of releasing those pics and even tries to gethim to delete the pics whilst another guy films the whole thing from the car. I will send you a link of it in a minute.

      • Jegede says:

        Reminds me of the ’insiders’ who said Leo was dating Rihanna to hep promote her upcoming album and get her in the movies.

        Leo and Blake were dating on the downlow long before the Cannes pictures.

        In every Leo relationship there are sightings of him with other girls from Gisele.
        He has been recently seen with models like Nina Agdal, while ’dating’ Kelly.
        He was seen with models while dating Toni and was even written about with models and cheerleaders, while dating Bar.

      • A says:

        I don’t know about being an ‘insider’ but I do have friends who work in PR and with certain photo agencies. Whether you believe me or not is really not something that bothers me either way, take it or leave it.

        Ok, so I literally just texted my friend and asked him about it and got more info than I cared to know lol
        So this is just what he just said:
        He never dated Blake. Not on the downlow either.
        And the photographer’s agency has the transaction of said payment so that is definitely not a lie. He got a good sum out of it, 80 something % of it.
        He said that the kiss between Rihanna never happened, let alone any sex between them. It was a set up from the beginning to help promote her album with him being the passive one until the weed pic came out and then he put a stop to the rumors. And no, he did not get paid for that.
        He has cheated on every girlfriend he has ever had (surprise not). He said they are more like glorified F buddies and except for Gisele and Bar they mostly only get to blow him or give a hand job because he is a bit of a germaphobe and doesn’t like kissing. And when he was drunk he apparently confessed to never having been in love.
        Blake had an affair with Ben Affleck and they did have sex regularly in her trailer. Those nude pics were for him and him only.
        He said some more stuff but I feel like I’m babbling and boring myself. I wish he had something on Gary Oldman, ya know, someone I actually give a f about lol

      • Jegede says:

        Don’t buy it for a minute.

        I know 3 members of Leo’s circle, from when I helped with extra’s on set in 2010 till today, and what went down even (happening even while he was dating Bar) is 100% opposite of your facts.

        And as I said different ‘insiders’ make the same type of conspiracy claims about Leo relationships with Rihanna, Toni, and even claimed Bar relationship with Leo was a contract and a cover. So Nope not buying.

        I don’t want to start a Leo debate on a topic that has nothing to do with him so I’ll end with that.

      • A says:

        Ok got it.
        It’s clear you’re a friend or family member of hers so I’ll just stop right here. You are always on posts about Blake and being very defensive. It’s a gossip site, things are going to be said that you may or may not agree with or like.
        I’ve said what I have to say, I have no dog in this fight. (You’ve already deleted or flagged my comment and links). Again, I’m done here.
        Take care