Channing Tatum’s Reddit AMA was full of Charming Potato Realness


Here are some photos of Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer on a float during the LA Gay Pride Parade last weekend. On one side, I absolutely love that Channing is still and has always been such a strong LGBTQ ally. On the other side, he looks like a drunk frat bro that accidentally wandered into the Pride Parade and just decided to dance for fun. All that being said… SO cute. Very cute. Anyway, Channing is going Full Charming Potato these days to hustle for Magic Mike XXL. And yesterday, he sat down for a Reddit AMA – you can read the full piece here. The highlights are pretty amazing.

His penis’s nickname: “Gilbert.”

How long it took for him to type “hahahaha” in an email revealed in the Sony Hack: “I’m sure exactly how long. I hit the h and a for a long time before I realized I could copy and paste. I’m not the most tech savvy person around but it did become a lot easier and faster.”

His three desert island items: “How about a magical seashell that’s always filled with bourbon. And I would like magical palm tree that had a lot of shade with instead of coconuts there’s just peanut butter jelly sandwiches with cheetos underneath. And my wife that is always happy and possibly naked.”

Whether he gets lost in Matt Bomer’s eyes: “Absof———klutely. no matter if you’re a man, woman, cat, hamster, you will get lost in matt bomer’s eyes. I don’t know what they are made of outside of dreams and rainbows and amazingness but it truly doesn’t matter. And when he sings. It’s like god gave with both hands and then grew a third hand and graced him with more. he’s crazy talented.”

His favorite Disney character: “I like the broom from Fantasia.”

His relationship with Jonah Hill: “Jonah is one of those people who if you just sit back and just watch him you in no way shape or form can understand how he’s doing what he’s doing. He’s the fastest most quickest wittiest person I’ve ever met. And I think people when they think of comedic actors they forget that they are people with a point of view and experiences and depth. And Jonah is one of the most sensitive and deep people i know. And that’s why I think he can be a comedic actor and a deep actor as well.

Whether he was the guy in “the Sea-Tac airport at the Chili’s restaurant looking for a beer but Idless”: “That absolute was me. Because I love Chili’s. And no one believed me that i got into an airport without my id. I just wanted a beer and some chicken crisps, and i actually couldn’t get either of them for a while, because i remember you guys didn’t have chicken crisps either! what’s a Chili’s without chicken crisps?

His favorite ice cream: “it’s kind of boring. Cookie Dough. But then you can put cookie dough on just about anything and I would eat it.”

[From Reddit]

I’m always reminded, whenever Channing talks about food, that he has the soul of a “fat kid”. He said that in an interview once, that if he didn’t have to keep it tight for work, he would just lay around and eat cake, ice cream and fried everything all the time. I believe that Channing has a cookie dough problem and that he goes into random chain restaurants looking for chicken crisps and chili fries.

And yes, even straight dudes crush on Matt Bomer.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. OSTONE says:

    I just love him. Absolutely love him. He deserves all the good things coming to him!

  2. savu says:

    Channing is the opposite of my type, but dear lord reading this yesterday made me LOVE him. I wanna hang out and drink bourbon with him.

    • claire says:

      I always thought he seemed nice enough but had no real idea of who he was. That IAMA was awesome! I love that he seemed so real, grateful and humble. Heck, he talked about not being a good actor, about being pretty lucky and the Danny Devito fight/sex joke was hilarious. Just seemed like a really nice relatable guy.

  3. Beth No. 2 says:

    My favourite reply of his:

    Jupiter Ascending? What was that?

    Great question. I have the same one to myself.

  4. Abbott says:

    The whole thing was amazing and just reinforced my loyalty to all things potato-related. His story about Chris Pratt was funny. Kind of now wondering how Channing dodged any backlash after that big year he had and if Pratt can do the same.

    He was self-aware, hilarious, probably high, and I’d like to procreate with him.

    • Catelina says:

      I don’t think he had a breakout in the way Pratt had a breakout year. The Jump street movies were successful but it wasn’t like the way Pratt had come from basically just TV game and suddenly led 3 huge blockbusters one after another. He was never as ‘everywhere’ as Chris has been lately. That’s why there hasn’t been any backlash. He does seem like a really nice guy, fun to hang out with. Not really attracted to him though.

      • Kiddo says:

        Yeah, he’s a bit doughy in the face, like a dumpling, and that’s not my thing, but he seems like a really nice guy.

      • Bee says:

        I think he did. Tatum led successful films that weren’t expected to be big hits. Magic Mike and Jump Street over performed. Pratt on that other hand was the lead in a Marvel film and a Jurassic Park sequel. He didn’t make those movies hits.

      • Catelina says:

        @Bee- I’m not trying to diminish Tatums success. He’s on a great path for himself, balancing fun movies with more serious things like Foxcatcher, and his star has certainly risen. But whether or not Pratt made those movies successful is irrelevant in this discussion because either way, Pratt’s success, at least in the media, has received far more attention than Tatum has thus far. In 2013, Pratt was basically a nobody in movies, despite having had a few small roles there. And then he was suddenly all over the place, his braiding video went viral, his rapping forgot about dre went viral, it was like he became a way bigger star overnight. I haven’t felt that with Tatum. He’s famous, sure, but his rise has felt more like a steady climb rather than a sudden rocket up. Honestly it’s probably better for Tatum in the end, easier to build your reputation piece by piece, get longevity in the business, and if he’s in a megaflop, it won’t be paid as much attention as it would be for Pratt right now.

  5. QQ says:

    He Is Adorable, Im On board with any straight man that falls for Matt Bomer

    • KJ says:

      Amen. I’ve always like Channing, but his recognition of Matt’s perfection has placed him in my good graces forever.

  6. Kiddo says:

    Taterho, Taterho, wherefore art thou, Taterho?

    • Abbott says:

      It’s the start of the Magic Mike press tour! It’s like he’s sending out Close Encounters mother ship signals straight to Tater.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Yes. Calling Taterho. (Tater is absolutely right about Bomer’s eyes.)

  7. Penelope says:

    Just freaking LOVE and ADORE this man!!

  8. Talie says:

    His favorite Disney character: “I like the broom from Fantasia.”

    I will never stop laughing!

  9. Chris says:

    Also, he Pintrests! What’s not to love?

  10. coffeeisgood says:

    he’s pretty adorable.

  11. Lilacflowers says:

    He makes me smile

  12. Rachel says:

    I make a delicious triple chocolate brownie with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting. In fact, I think I’ll make some this weekend…

  13. lmao says:

    died at him saying his acting was crap in step up so just fast forward to the dancing

  14. Sayrah says:

    Love CT! He seems like he is really genuine and just a good dude. Ill be first in line at 2 if he dances like he did in the it’s raining men sketch in the first one. Hot!!!

  15. I Choose Me says:

    Channing Tatum does nothing for me except when he dances. There’s just something about the way he moves. If my husband could dance like that he’d get it ALL the time.

  16. A.Key says:

    He’s fcking amazing <333

  17. Lucy says:

    He’s so lovely! And I love that he’s a Bomer fanboy (I mean, how could he not be!).

  18. iseepinkelefants says:

    Lol my boyfriend looks like Tatum. But a French version. I always call him potato head. I never had a crush on Tatum before I got with my boyfriend, he’s too much of a bro and just never thought he was particularly hot, just that he has a great personality but now I kind of like him by default. Charming potato lol. Oh if only Adrien was as funny, but he’s too French…. My little potato head robot.

    And now I really want Chili’s Chicken crispers with the honey mustard dipping sauce…. Damn you France!

  19. Jonathan says:

    Channing Tatum AND Matt Bomer on a float in a Gay Pride parade WEARING SHIRTS?? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?

  20. Stickershock says:

    Sorry, but gotta air out a pet peeve. Isn’t Channing Tatum at least semi-openly Bi for years now? I know most people dismiss bi-erasure or don’t believe in it but still