Taylor Swift says goodbye to her kitties as she heads to Europe: adorable?

GAH!! I have no shade for Taylor Swift’s adorable kitties. Olivia and Meredith are the best things about Taylor Swift. Just seeing this adorable kitty (I think that’s Olivia?) sprawled out on Tay-Tay is enough for me. Moar kitties! I’m also including some photos of Taylor, below, at LAX yesterday. She was flying to another show, because that’s her schedule these days. She takes a block of time off in the middle of the week and usually just has concerts on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It’s a good way to tour if you’re Tay-Tay. But it’s bad for Olivia and Meredith because mom leaves them behind. Poor kitties – first they had to deal with Calvin Harris and now they are being abandoned!

What else is going on? People are still talking about Swifty’s harness – which we saw in photos yesterday – and whether it was some kind of new fashion trend. Like, we’re all going to start wearing harnesses for the hell of it.

And finally, I think we can safely say that Taylor Swift has nothing to be worried about from Madonna’s Lady Squad. It was surprising how quickly Madonna’s video launch for “Bitch I’m Madonna” became about a side-by-side comparison and Squad Girlfight between Swifty and Madge. But if it was a competetion, I have to say… Swifty won. Her “Bad Blood” video was better, without question. “Bad Blood” had production value and Swifty’s squad actually came out for her. Madonna’s squad literally phoned it in.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. KItten says:

    Awww….that’s when Olivia was a baby. Still no love for Meredith? :(

    • Hawkeye says:

      I wonder if Meredith just doesn’t like the camera? One of our cats hates having her picture taken and we have nothing but blurry side profile photos of her giving the stink eye.

    • lucy2 says:

      My cat always looks like an angry alien when I take her picture (which she very well may be). Perhaps Meredith is not as photogenic?

    • Tiffany :) says:

      The kitty looks so soft and cuddly up by her neck like that. Gah! I love animals. Strangely, this photo is making me miss my dog.

    • Tifygodess says:

      I just adopted a kitty (actually she’s almost two) and I never realized how much personality and sassiness Cats actually have -I have two chihuahuas so I have no experience with cats so everything is new to me. My kitty will let me take pictures all day long but I swear it’s only on her terms. Lol. When she’s over it she disappears or shows me her butt. Taylor gets on my nerves but her cats are so darn cute. Everytime I see one I awe

  2. Abbott says:

    God that hair.

  3. Momoko says:

    “People are talking poopy behind my back, time to fight back with cuteness.” – Taylor Swift PR

  4. Audrey says:

    Say what you want about her, but those legs are crazy

  5. AcidRock says:

    Just here to say “Yay, cats!”

  6. Josefa says:

    Swifty’s video screamed “watch out bitches, I’m all powerful now”. Madonna’s screamed the same, except in her case nobody was buying it. It was budget and all her important friends weren’t even there.

  7. Birdix says:

    I know this is going to make me seem stodgy, but can you imagine sitting on an airplane in that skirt? I’m not a total germaphobe but that’s a lot of leg to be all over those seats. And I’d think she’d be freezing.

    • Allie says:

      My thing is, I get that she wants to look at her best at all times, but can’t she wear normal ass clothes…at least on your way to an airport? Like some cute jeans and a nice shirt? It’s exhausting seeing her in short skirts and crop tops every single day. She’d look more relaxed if she wore more casual clothes.

    • Laura says:

      Thank you – I was going to say the same thing! That skirt is waaaay too short for an airplane seat. Or any seat for that matter… *yikes*

    • Louise177 says:

      Taylor likes to look good for the paps. She most likely changed when she got in the airport.

  8. Franca says:

    I’m over her and her cats, and her friends and her boyfriend. I’m annoyed by all of these ceelbrities and their pictures. I know social media plays a huge role in a celebrity’s career, but I’m annoyed by all of them.
    There is little chance of using social media without looking like a narcissist.

    • Ally.M says:

      But what would we all talk about if not for celebrity pics and their narcissistic ways.

    • Jen says:

      So you came here to complain how much you are “over” celebrities…

      • Franca says:

        No, not really. I enjoy bitching about them actually. I mostly can’t stand instagram. Not even with celebrities, with everyone. The constant need for validation I find qute strange.

  9. Tracy says:

    Beautiful, beautiful legs. But that forehead ‘hair flap’…it just has to go.

  10. Keriann says:

    I like Taylor and her cats. She’s grown to become a gorgeous woman with phenomenal legs. I would love to see her in some jeans now and then, or some cute skinny pants. Legs don’t only look great when they are bare, you know? I don’t know if she owns any pants, though.

  11. Cara says:

    Really have NO idea on the thought process behind that ‘do…which looks like a bad wig.

    That said, I am sooooo bored with this girl. She has a really cool life, and yet still manages to seem boring. That’s a real skill! 😴

    I’d shank a bitch for that kitty, though! 😍

  12. Jen says:

    My daughter and I went to her show in Cleveland- on a WEDNESDAY- totally sold out. It was awesome. Not just the music, the stage sets, the platform stage that rose and turned 360 DEGREES!!- not to mention the 3 (maybe 4, can’t remember) breaks where her famous friends gave girl-power oriented pep talks on the big screen. No shade for Taylor from us ever.

  13. LA Juice says:

    so sweet, those Kits love their mom!