Brandi Glanville won’t return to RHOBH: did she jump or was she pushed?


Brandi Glanville will not be on the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Did she jump or was she pushed? That’s the question. E! News’ sources say that the decision was made at Bravo, following Brandi’s crazy antics last season. After joining RHOBH first as a guest star/friend in 2011, she then joined the cast full-time in 2012. Feels like longer, right? At first, she was popular and she became known as the fun good-time girl, always up for a drink and some gossip. But her “character” grew to the point where Brandi seemed to be manufacturing insane drama and she was feuding endlessly with other cast members. So this is what E! News says:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ unfiltered blonde is gone: Brandi Glanville will not return to the series as a fulltime Housewife, E! News has learned exclusively. A source close to the Housewives confirmed to Giuliana Rancic that it was Bravo’s decision not have Brandi return, citing the bad blood between Brandi and various other cast members. According to our source, Brandi is upset, but she understands and is grateful for the opportunity to be on the show. Bravo had no comment.

[From E! News]

Now, People Magazine left some wiggle room – they say that Brandi is leaving as a full-time cast member but may return in future episodes. Sources also tell People that “Glanville says she was not fired and is deciding whether or not she will return to the show in any capacity.” Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards are also exiting the show.

Brandi tweeted some lukewarm sentiments when the news broke on Thursday. When someone tweeted her, saying that Brandi being bitchy on the show is a “defense mechanism,” Brandi tweeted back: “it can be a hard show to do &I’ve often cared about making it interesting even if it was to my own detriment #JOB”. I know this isn’t the most popular opinion, but I do think that Brandi “helped” the show in that she did manufacture drama. That’s what the Real Housewife shows are all about – stupid, petty, immature drama. And Brandi did her job. But whatever. I’m worried that Brandi might struggle without that kind of revenue stream, but I’m sure she’ll land on her feet somehow.


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  1. Here or there says:

    Oh Thank the LORD!!! I’m so glad!!
    I was so sick of her crap.

  2. Jayna says:

    They’ve fired her as a housewife and offered her to be a friend of the Housewives, which means she could appear a few times during the season in very limited scenes, no storyline, barely there. I think they were just throwing her a bone like they did others they let go at times, like Camille.

    She had become so grating on that show, a one-trick pony, that was okay for a while, but after so many seasons it now wasn’t cute anymore and tiring. I’m glad she’s gone. Destroying her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump was the dumbest thing she ever did, but she thought she was bulletproof and would rise to the top of the show and get Lisa money. It backfired on her. This past season she antagonized everyone, even both new women with such rudeness, that she had no one to hang with. She turned on Kyle with a viciousness. Even Yolanda told her she was her own worst enemy. Her drunk buddy, Kim, is gone.

    • Abbott says:

      I feel like they’re keeping her on contract in case the show’s ratings tank with her gone. Also, if they keep her on the payroll, she’s less likely to talk sh*t about Bravo, which would be a smart move on their part.

      • MsMercury says:

        The ratings have tanked every year that’s why they brought two actress’ on last season to spice it up. I think Brandi in small doses could work though.

      • Bell says:

        The ratings for all housewives franchises have been falling
        for the last three years.
        Bravo thought bringing
        Bethenny back would help
        ratings but they continue to

      • aaa says:

        Atlanta took a hit this past season, its 7th, but the prior 2-3 seasons were among the highest rated, nevertheless I think that overall Real Housewives have passed their peak.

        The thing about the Beverly Hills show is that it peaked in season 2, the storylines were very dark – domestic violence and addiction but it got high ratings. Season 3 started out strong but not as dark but things came to a screeching halt when Brandi brought up Adrienne’s surrogacy on camera and then Adrienne took measures to not have that information aired. Ratings wise the show never really recovered after that.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    i’ll bet there is one smelly country star who is pleased as punch over this

    • Julie says:

      For sure!! I wonder though.. If Brandi is making less money will Eddie Rimes have to pay more child support? Margaret wont like that part of it since she is the one paying his child support allegedly. Of course if Bravo hires her to replace Brandi she would probably pay them to give her Brandi’s seat. Lastly I think it is good that Brandi moves on now. She did push the envelope on that show, but hell someone had to push it, I doubt those other broads on there now will keep our attention for very long and if Bravo does hire Rimes, I will certainly not watch it just like I didn’t watch her try hard Leann and Eddie show. She turns my stomach.

      • Anon says:

        Leanne is in no way legally responsible for supporting Eddies children. Payments are solely based on Eddies income. If Leanne chooses to help support the children it is her call and bets are she would and will do that.

        Brandi tweeted last nite she was moving and her dad was driving up to help. She would not say where but obviously has to make quick changes without the same income.

      • aaa says:

        IMO Leann has and will support the children while they are living with her and Eddie and pay/help pay for things like education and insurance, but I can’t see her and Eddie supporting the children while in Brandi’s care beyond what is court ordered. Even if they are not actively feuding, there is still bad blood on all sides.

        Also a court is not going to order Eddie to pay massive amounts of money to an able-bodied ex who has the same amount of custody that he has except if Eddie ends up getting a high paying job which does not seem to be happening anytime soon.

        It’s not that it is an impossibility that Eddie will get cast in a show, but the show has to do well, and if that happens it will still probably be a year or two before he will start bringing in enough money that will result in Brandi getting a significant amount of child support from him.

    • funcake says:

      I never watched but will miss the meltdowns pigpin has every season the housewives of BH premeires.
      As a matter of fact she’s being very quit at the moment. Still has stars in her eyes after all the favors called in by her buddy to try to capitalize off the fame of other artists like billy joel and david grey.

    • Suzanne says:

      Yup…but that psycho has her own issues…she has NO room to talk about anybody….including nut-wing Brandi. I think Brandi went in the dumpster when she threw the wine in that blonde gals face supposedly to get her to react like she was reading lines on her soaps. Bizarre….as all hell. Brandi was just at the point where all she had left was acting out…and apologizing about every other episode. That got old in a hurry.
      Buh Bye Brandi….I used to like her…but she is a dumb-ass. Obnoxious with Lisa…practically begging for her friendship. Lisa stuck to her guns and shut that down. Glorious moment for me. LOL

  4. Abbott says:

    She really did make that show one of the best in that franchise. Wonder who they’ll cast now considering Brandi, Kim, and YoFo were the most interesting of the bunch.

    Brandi should write a book about her Bravo experience and spill some major tea. That’d earn some money.

    • Tifygodess says:

      You know who else needs to go – Kyle Richards. She’s the whole reason I won’t even watch. All she does is play the victim even when she’s not, over acts, makes it all about her…..She drives me crazy. But rumor has it she pretty much has herself a guaranteed spot as long as it’s on air. Ugh. The whole show is tired, they need a revamp or something.

      • Abbott says:

        Kyle is THE WORST and she’s just going to get more awful now that the three people who always called her out on her crap are gone. Kyle’s the one who brought the whole cast together in the first place, right? She’s probably lobbying for Faye Reznick…

      • Tifygodess says:

        You are absolutely right. And Not that I watched all that often anyways but I know I certaintly won’t be watching at all now. The Kyle show is just too much for me to handle. Lol

      • Bridget says:

        @abbott: you’re right, Kyle lobbied hard to make RHOBH to happen in the first place, to the point where she considers it ‘her’ show. They’re never getting rid of Kyle.

        Brandi may have been odious, but it’s clear that she was also trying to intentionally create drama on the show and there were no storylines last year outside of everyone reacting to Brandi and Kim.

      • Kitten says:

        I’ve never watched the show, but I’m sure Brandi signed some sort of nondisclosure agreement that prevents her from spilling all the details about her experience on the show. The success of any reality TV show hinges on people’s naïve belief that it’s actually real. I’m sure the producers will preemptively stop any perceived threat to the fantasy that they’re peddling to the masses.

        I know people watch them for mindless entertainment but to me these shows cast women in the worst possible light.

      • Bell says:

        Yes! Finally, someone said what
        I have always thought.
        Kyle is horrible. So boring.
        Never says one witty line.
        What will those pretentious women freak out about now
        that Brandi is gone?

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        Vyle is despicable and boring as hell at once.

    • MsMercury says:

      I disagree that she made the show great. The first season was amazing and the second was great too. I liked Brandi when she was a friend of the show but never as a housewife.

  5. NewWester says:

    Brandi should write a book about the off camera antics of a fictional reality show. She has written other books and she does have a sense of humour.

    • RJ says:

      You do realize she doesn’t write those books? She sits in a room with an actual writer and tells stories. Ghostwriters do all of the heavy lifting.

      • Nhi says:

        @RJ – no actually she doesn’t have a ghostwriter (ghostwriters are peeps not recognized in the book, or on the cover), she has a writer Leslie Bruce-Amin and she said that many times.

      • littlestar says:

        Nhi, it is basically the same thing, even though she openly credits her writer.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        It is not the same thing, if writing a book were easy, there wouldn’t be ghostwriters.

  6. Dana m says:

    She seems pretty resourceful and hopefully figure out her next move soon.

    • aaa says:

      Not a Brandi fan but I hope so too. Hopefully future opportunities will tap into better parts of her real and/or fake personalities.

  7. aaa says:

    The Real Housewives shows are a hotbed of dysfunction and personality disorders but Brandi took things way too far and her psycho antics made others feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

    • Suzanne says:

      I think a fabulous show would be all the ex housewives and reality stars…aka Brandi and Kristin from Vanderpump Rules….would make a fabulous vat of neurotic behavior…don’t you agree? Those two would probably end up plotting to kill one another…especially since Kristin is obsessive…and Brandi is crippled by low self esteem.

  8. Talie says:

    The show needs a revamp and as much as I was annoyed by her antics — she is necessary to the show’s success. Sorry, but true.

    • Jayna says:

      Not true.

      • aaa says:

        Co-sign. The ratings have declined each season that Brandi has been on as a full-time HW. She gets a lot of press but that press has not generated ratings for the show.

      • MsMercury says:

        bingo aaa & Jayna.

    • daria says:

      I think she went too far last season and it came across as fake dramatics so they tried to downgrade her to a friend status….either way, the sun is setting on this franchise in my opinion. I’m sure Lisa wants to go now that Vanderpump Rules is a success. I’m not interested in any of the Real Housewives anymore these days to the point I sit down and watch an entire show in full. If its on while I’m eating lunch, cool…but if not, i don’t seek it out like i used to back in the day.

    • bellenola says:

      Yeah, I wonder if its gonna be a total snoozefest with the main crazies gone. 😉

      Not that Yolanda was crazy, I liked her.

  9. Tarsha says:

    Um, nothing has been proven yet. The same article appears about Brandi every single season. So calm down, its probably lies like it always is.

    • Jayna says:

      It’s in People Magazine, a legit mag.

      • aaa says:

        Plus People Magazine is citing a source close to Brandi and this is the timeframe where deals are actually being inked (or not). I think that it is reliable that Brandi will not return to RHBH next season as a full-time cast member.

      • Lady D says:

        People prints what their clients want them to print. Just ask Jennifer A. or Kelly Rutherford.

      • aaa says:

        I agree that People prints what celebrities and their publicists want printed which is why IMO they are the only one reporting that Brandi wasn’t fired. However the People article, which is citing sources close to Brandi, is also reporting that she will not be a full-time cast member next season so I think that, after months of rumors, yesterday’s reports about her not retuning are reliable.

    • Suzanne says:

      No…something had to give…and this is too publicized NOT to be true.
      Bravo KNEW they had to do something about her. Too many complaints about her on the blogs…and I’m sure the other cast members said they didn’t want to work with her anymore. Lisa seemingly has some pull with Andy Cohen…and if she said get rid of Brandi or I walk…that’s all it would have taken. That’s TWO shows off their station.

  10. Longhairdontcare says:

    I feel like Yolanda is leaving because A) shes very ill with Lyme
    B) her daughters are now famous. I really thibk she wanted to get their names out there!

    • Bridget says:

      Yo Fo signed on to RHOBH because she wanted to turn herself into a lifestyle brand, but with the Lyme disease it sounds like her priorities have changed. And her daughters don’t need the added exposure anymore.

      • Denise says:

        That’s so true, when she came on it was all about her lemon trees, dinners she cooked, and doing Muhammed’s house. And later that dumb craft afternoon to make things for Gigi, with women who had never even met her. I didn’t mind her on the show, but she was way too idealistic and her “my love” stuff with David was vomitous.

  11. Jess says:

    I actually think this will be a good thing for Brandi, she has more to offer than the drunken antics she pulls on that show and I hope she explores other options and finds something better. I also think the ratings will nosedive without her and I’m surprised Bravo let her go.

    • Kitten says:

      Not trying to be a b*cth but what exactly does she have to offer?

      Serious question: where does she go from here?

      The interest surrounding her is entirely tied into the fact that she was cheated on and the triangle that resulted from it. She already wrote a book about that so…what’s next for her?

      I predict some Twitter wars with LR in the near future. If she’s definitively off RHOB, then she needs to do something to garner the public’s interest in order for her to sustain any sort of career in the entertainment industry.

      • Boo says:

        Think she has a fairly successful podcast. William Shatner was on it the other day apparently. Plus her wine thing. I don’t know. I hope she aims for and cultivates positivity and keeps the negativity away from her. Wish her the best. She did right by RHOBH but I am glad she’s off and choosing better options. That show is horrible.

      • Anon says:

        I think the war between Leanne is pretty much run its course. I expect to see a few different surprises in that relationship with Brandi and Leanne and not nasty at all..

      • Kitten says:

        Didn’t know about the podcast and I forgot about the wine thing.
        On one hand, she’s smart to have struck while the iron was hot with that wine venture and the podcast. On the other hand, the success of both hinges entirely on her sustaining a career in the public spotlight. If people lose interest in her, they will lose interest in both products, especially now that she doesn’t have the built-in audience from RHOBH.

        I’m not fan of hers but she has kids to support, so in that sense I wish her luck.

      • Jess says:

        Lol, not b*tchy at all! I was referring to the podcasts, wine, t-shirts, and the “writing” she does, think I’m just hoping she has more to offer if that makes sense. I watched a few episodes of “The Apprentice” and thought she did so much better in a competitive setting like that. I’m not a huge fan but would like to see her do well for herself and her boys after being treated so poorly by Eddie and LeAnn.

      • Jayna says:

        @Boo, William Shatner wasn’t on her podcast. He has a podcast and it’s about wine also. She was putting her wine out so got on his podcast.

      • Christin says:

        When she appeared on Apprentice, I assumed she knew her time was about up on the RH show.

        I really don’t know what niche she’ll try to claim, but maybe (just maybe) she will branch out from the whole dating / sex advice stuff. I’ve never understood why, if she is such a great cook, that she doesn’t try to capitalize on that in some way instead of the whole former model, dating dilemma stuff. Broaden the audience!

    • Donna says:

      Agreed. She cooks. I’d like to see her host a silly cooking show, with wine, and celebrities who can’t cook at all.
      I think it would be fun.

  12. Roma says:

    Perhaps Brandi should have invested her book money instead of leasing a Range Rover? She’s living a lifestyle she cannot afford.

    • littlestar says:

      Yeah, I do wonder about her spending habits. She was living in a fairly large house for the last season of RHOBH. Hopefully she’s invested and saved wisely.

      • maripoodle says:

        A lot of the houses you see on RH shows are rented for the cast members. I think it’s probably a combination of they want the right look and maybe safety for the cast. Hard to stalk someone if they don’t really live there. Hence the homes weird “staged for real estate sale” look and as many “personal artifacts” as a work cubicle. I remember it was super obvious on one of the new OC lady’s home. Lisa’s home is definitely her own but several others are not. Can’t remember which since I haven’t watched in a great while. I guess I’m a member of the fading away audience. I watched BH and NY for the clothes and swag.

  13. Mandy says:

    About time. I really, really, REALLY wish Denise Richards would join the show!! *crossing fingers*

    • bellenola says:

      Oooooo. Me too.

    • Lady D says:

      I like to think Denise has more class than that. Those housewife shows are complete and utter crap. Seriously, what does anyone get out of watching those shows?

      • Christin says:

        I would like to think Denise has grown past doing reality TV. I remember the reality show she did shortly after her mother passed. She seemed like a harmless gal, but she sure had a potty mouth. It was just part of how she spoke, apparently.

    • Bridget says:

      Denise herself doesn’t come across as particularly compelling (remember her reality show? ) and I’d guess that she’s not allowed to talk about her legal wrangling with Charlie.

  14. funcake says:

    I think this is another ploy to keep the masses tuned in. Andy must be deperate.

  15. Scarlettmoon says:

    Perhaps now that Brandi’s off the show, we’ll see LeAnn on the show??? That would be a mess worth watching lol!

    • Christin says:

      As wacky as she can be online and in photos, I don’t think it translates to live action.

      Her interviews within the past few years and that semi-reality show she did were snooze worthy. She tends to be too spastic (arms flailing as she speaks), with poor enunciation and smugness. I watched her do a guest role on Charlie’s show a couple of years ago and could not understand one line she had, despite running it back repeatedly to listen again. If she calmed down and had some speech training, it might help.

      • Christin says:

        Another thought to add — If she were added to the show, my guess is it would be as a punchline. She would likely be portrayed as a try hard who really never fits in. They would probably let her trash Brandi, so maybe she’d do it just for that opportunity.

  16. 0hkaay says:

    It will be entertaining to see the women turn on one another now that Brandi is gone.
    And I actually like Brandi, but some of her fans insist that she’s not fired and are creating hashtags and tweeting Andy to keep Brandi. They’re making themselves look delusional.
    Brandi shouldn’t come back this season. Last season was painful to watch. And this is coming from a fan.

  17. Bridget says:

    It’s nice to know you can count certain things – like AAA showing up on a Brandi thread.

  18. db says:

    Won’t miss her, or Kim. I would love to have a season of just the current cast, but that’s probably a pipe dream. Bravo will find some fool to take up the villain role…

  19. Jenn K says:

    I Like Brandy. I think she makes the show interesting it without her I think it will be super boring. I also don’t like Lisa be anymore just the way she threw Brandy Away and is practically best friends with Brandy’s ex husbands mistress (sheannaa). Seriously what kind of friend would do that.

    I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore now that she’s gone

    • Donna says:

      I like Brandi too.
      I find it interesting that she rarely mentions LVP on Twitter, but LVP mentions Brandi often. Mean Girl LVP. I used to love Lisa Rinna before she joined this show, now I think she’s manic and nasty. I think Brandi can do much better, and I look forward to seeing her next endeavor and reading her next book.

      • Deanne says:

        Lisa Rinna actually came across as dangerously unstable and purposefully mean. I was really shocked by how she’s been given a pass for her unhinged behaviour. LVP is the worst. She’s one of those people who demands that you apologize again and again and then refuses to forgive you, That’s so emotionally abusive. If she’s so done with Brandi, she needs to shut her mouth about her. She’s such a hypocrite.

    • Granger says:

      Lisa VP was deeply hurt by Brandi, Brandi slandered her and even paid to look into her background. What type of friend does that? Lisa had every right to write her off, would you take back a friend who paid money to dig into your private and financial affairs? Be fair. Also she knew Scheana and her daughter was friends with Scheana a few years before she even had met Brandi. Maybe you didn’t know all this?

      • Deanne says:

        So write the person off and move on. Don’t keep asking them to apologize if you aren’t prepared to forgive and don’t keep trash talking them. Now you don’t have to spend time with the person, or welcome them back in your life, by any means, but making constant jabs is immature and pathetic. Lisa likes to play holier than thou. If she thinks she’s so much better than everyone else, she should act like it. Regardless of her daughter being friends with SM or not, expecting Brandi to feel anything other than uncomfortable and angry around SM indicates a huge lack of compassion.

  20. lila fowler says:

    Oh, she was fired for sure. This show is her only real source of income. The podcasting and whatever other pithy little jobs she gets are all due to her being a bravolebrity. I guess it’s back to being supported by Leann.

  21. anne_000 says:

    On Brandi’s twitter, someone asked her “Did you get full on fired or are you just demoted to “friend of” status?” and Brandi’s response was “Neither.”

    She responded “we both decide on Monday” when asked when the public will know about her RHOBH future.

    I can’t imagine Eileen, both Lisas, and Kyle doing a whole series without sacrificial lambs or whipping boys or plainly, just someone(s) to pick on. Good God. Them and their boring personalities. Nothing interesting in their collective little brains.

  22. Jana says:

    Did she jump, was she pushed? Who cares, as long as it was in front of a moving bus.

  23. Sonia says:

    I work in a middle school, I see this crap all day long. Why anyone would want to see it on tv, is beyond me! Why women live to see other women act like deranged lunatics will never make sense to me.

  24. Aubrey says:

    In general, I don’t like Pod cast one. I found her podcast to be so lacking; probably one of the worst interviewers I ;ve ever heard. But, she has expressed her desire to set up a talk show, and I think she knows the right people to “make it go.” So, I think we will be seeing it soon and I wish her the best in this.

  25. Cecilia says:

    I don’t like her

  26. ellalter says:

    I don’t understand why they’re called “housewives” unless Bravo is trying to redefine the word. A bunch of ego maniacs with varying degrees of lunacy. Except for Yolanda who held herself up amazingly amongst the ridiculous, but I still couldn’t watch, except for the BH clothes, that’s fun. Why not create a show about women who are actually friends and respect each other, who made their money standing up, and are intelligent, clever, with a good sense of fun? You know, women people can respect, that actually represent us well. Wouldn’t it be more entertaining to watch them party, travel, and interact? Brandi is a sociopath and should be treated as such. Literally.