Courtney Love is sued for her myspace posts

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Courtney Love has been amusing us for about a year now with her absolutely unreadable myspace posts. I wish I’d known she has twitter, because I’m missing out on that. It was hard to tell where these blogs were going to lead for Courtney – the cancellation of her Internet by a kind hearted assistant seemed likely, but someone making sense of her posts and suing her for defamation seemed unlikely.

Designer Dawn Simorangkir is suing Courtney on six counts – libel, invasion of privacy-false light, intentional interference with a prospective economic advantage, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and two breach of contract charges – following her incredibly long rants about the website for artists selling handmade goods, Etsy, and the designer.

In 2008, Simorangkir claims the singer approached her about designing clothes. After a small honeymoon period during which Love flew the Austin, TX-based designer and her husband out to Los Angeles for a meeting, the two had a quick falling out starting in February 2009 once Simorangkir asked for payment for a custom-made dress Love ordered.

The designer calls herself “the latest victim of Love’s volatile personality, hair trigger temper, and malicious tortuous behavior.” In the twenty-two page long document, Simorangkir also gives a list of Love’s Twitter and MySpace postings in which Love calls her a “drug addict and dealer” and “a thief a liar” who will eventually “end up in a circle of [s]corched earth hunted til your dead.”


Courtney has her own take on this, that she ranted about on he myspace page. It makes no sense. Here’s a few paragraphs, because it’s pages long and I’m not going to inflict all of it on you.

From March 17 2009:
imnot going to deal with this issue until after my lawyer and the Austin Police deal with it, but my etsy adventures are about to end period, if it turns out as i suspect i have been stolen from on a level( finacially yes but noone callingthemselves a “designer” has ever taken my best clothing and textiles and ripped me off like this, i restrained myself when it came up from Arianne Phillips ( my and Madonnas stylist tho i use Panos now we are still great friends) it was lovely when Riccardo ( Givenchy) called me the other night and then in dealing with certain editors of certain Vogues and W etc i have so far said nothing ,about this pennante “designer”,But im ussually preety chiled out MAN OH MAN AM I ANGRY!i thin it may work out and we can be “friends” again,
she has received a VAST amount of money from me over 40,000 dollars and i do not make people famous and get raped TOO! besides Etsy is great but they need to get thier admin together,i hve been asured they will they will remove her store completely so she cant icitmise anyone else,

my aassnt cals me cos etsy vendors have called her cryong fpr usingthe owrd “flapper” sje says its everyday and i dont like a BULLY and noone else in the fashion industry does either shes a geniunly nasty person so i dont kow what makinh her “fakous ” willactuaLLY DO FOR HER AT SOME POINT SHELL HAVE TO SHOW SHER FACT AND THAT BLACK CLPUD OF VAMPITIC ENERGY THAT IS AROUND PEOPLE WHO SOLD DRUGS OR WERE MOLESTED OR its that grey and biyts of black in the aura, im toomuch of aa apussy about people withthis enercy nd the thing i have GIT to learnis this UNLESS THY A HAVE SOME INSANELY BRILLIANT INFRASTRUCTURE AND THEY DONT EVER SOEAK EVER. those people NEVER MAKE IT IN THEREAL WORLD EVER>
ive beeen assured from etsy she’ll be removed and banished but its not enough , we had a dal i gave her a VAST amount of money
clothes id been collecting for 8 years and 40,000$

is that not a vast amont of momey? the clothes are insured for 340,00 but are mo wortgh 500,000 some were as i said a formr ziegfeld girls and some were a silent film stars,
gebneraly id upcycle them myself i have impeccable taste this is not someone who can make PANTS , btut im cursedshe stiks a piece of chrtruese chiffon peacock colours all in lame velvet, old french notions, a bust of this silnet stars thats astonishing and shes older this chick so shes always blogging about hos im wearing her things i cannot wear hert hings now whenthe cd comes out illwear whatthehel i want ( i know we all love Katy Perry but u listened to her very gpod voice on late night vh1 where they [laythe videos and i saw her shes very pretty vido and he timbre inher voice in iundeniably nice but i loathed the song and something about the voice really annoyed me, i just watched allthe videos i love u2 and that boots song i actually okay, there are better songs intherecord butthe video helped godDAMM i miss videos so happy Lachapelle is doing mine! just smething baout Katys voice….

Courtney Love’s official myspace

I can see how this would cause you emotional distress. If you’ve read the whole thing (and tried to pick out the bits that make sense) you deserve a small cash settlement. Let alone trying to do business with this woman.

This is what I think she means. Courtney has loaned her clothes, chosen with her impeccable taste, to a designer on Etsy, who has kept them and not delivered the $40,000 worth of copies Courtney ordered. The un-returned clothes are worth around $500,000.

Courtney ends the blog by saying she hope she got her point across, because the designer will be in jail if she doesn’t do what she says. She then continues the next day.

March 18 2009
im boycotting etsy altogeher, due to this vendor there but apparently they will remove her store as im her first BIG victim but shes been ripping people off for a long time, if you got any of that last post a “designer” on etsy whose been paid a massive amount of money and is in ossesion of prcless noyions dresses and fabrics changedthe “rules” she now wants 1750 per item! she bogged she made me fifty dresses, uh they must be INVISIBLE dresses but ifthe “fifty dresses” she has enought o make about 100 and every scrap of mine isnt sent to me within 9 days or she can express her thoughts to my lawye today, the Police will confiscate everything in that studio and i will sortthru and get out what is mine ( almost all of it) return the trest to her while she serves her year plus for Grand Theft, as she was filmed stealing things from my room on top if everything else ( god loves a girl who puts cameras up !_)
i hope she makes the right decision, really its an asspain jail and stuff, sheed be a leper and noone will touch her or her “designs:” eventhese pretty austin local girls she maniupulates to “model” for her, implying she dresses cerain “celebrities” who havent even heard of her,. etc etc

idont wnatt o scorch the earth just gently and firmly let her know the consequcences of her actions and that greed is not good, greed in this case is illegal and all transactions have ebenn witnessed, by credible peope with impeccable reputations, who were underwhelmed byher to sya the least and warned me she woudl pullthis, i kep tthe faith that her clothes modelled by alot of london it girls me and some ny it girls in a mega mag would saveher from her negativity, but she apparently allowed her greed to get the best of her,

my team will track down anyone doing any business with her and make sure they cease and desist as a means of protectingthemselves,

Courtney Love’s official myspace

Here Courtney says the designer wants to charge her extra for her dresses, and that she stole from her wardrobe and Courtney has a security camera that filmed her doing it. Going to jail is a pain in the ass and she’d be a social leper. She got a team searching for anyone doing business with her, to help them protect themselves from the evil designer.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Courtney presents herself in court, if the litigation comes to that, because she’s not doing very well online.

Courtney Love is shown out on 2/18/09. Credit:

Brit Awards after party2 180209

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  2. CB Rawks says:

    “aassnt”. How much does that job pay?

    Ungrateful biatch… you made her fakous and everything.

  3. Trillion says:

    I’m not sure when she purchased her current nose, but it is really a departure from what she started out with. Anyhow…she’s quite the projectionist, isn’t she? In addition to being a giant liar, if you ask just about anyone who has known her, she’s got a penchant for nicking things. She stole my friend’s mother’s wedding ring years ago. That’s just so low.

  4. MomInNH says:

    Jeezum crow she needs to stop picking at her legs.

  5. Ggirl says:

    How does this creature make it from one day to the next?

  6. SixxKitty says:

    OMG what is that on her feet?

  7. j. ferber says:

    I think her face looks good, surprisingly, but now she has to have work done on the inside of her head. As in psychotherapy.

  8. j. ferber says:

    Helen, I think you should get a small cash settlement for deciphering Love’s posts for us.

  9. LondonParis says:

    SixxKitty:… the world may never know.

  10. After reading through the article, I feel that I really need more info. Could you suggest some more resources please?