Diddy charged with assault, battery, making terroristic threats after kettlebell fight

Yesterday Bedhead covered the initial details in the insane story of Sean Diddy Comb’s altercation with his son’s strength and conditioning football coach at UCLA. Diddy either brandished a kettlebell in a defensive maneuver, if you believe his side of the story, or actually swung the kettlebell at the coach and missed him. The fight was said to be over the fact that the coach, Sal Alosi, was berating Diddy’s son, defensive back Justin Combs, for not working hard enough in a training session.

Diddy went to the coach’s office to question him after his son got bitched out on the field, which Diddy witnessed and took personally. The coach allegedly told Justin “I don’t care if your dad’s here. This is UCLA. I’m going to treat you just like I treat everyone else.” Alosi initially refused to see Diddy and was on the phone when Diddy stormed into his office. Diddy’s side claims that he only held the kettlebell up after Alosi tried to attack him and that it was a defensive move. TMZ reports that Diddy swung the kettlebell at Alosi and could have killed him if he didn’t miss. There’s supposedly video of the incident.

Diddy is currently out of jail after posting $50,000 bond. What’s more is that he’s been charged with assault, battery and making terroristic threats.

Things just went from bad to worse for Diddy … like “terrorist” worse … ’cause the rap mogul is now being accused of making TERRORIST THREATS during the fight at UCLA.

We broke the story … Diddy was arrested Monday after allegedly attacking UCLA football strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi at the university athletic complex.

Diddy was initially held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon because witnesses say he swung a kettlebell at Alosi — but later that night, officials tacked on more charges:

— 3 counts of assault w/ deadly weapon
— 1 count of making terrorist threats
— 1 count of battery

It appears Diddy was allegedly screaming threats at Alosi — and 5 or 6 people rushed in to break up the fight.

Diddy was eventually released on bail after posting $50k bond — but this case is far from over.

[From TMZ]

I get the assault and battery charges, but terroristic threats? What the hell did Diddy say? Isn’t there a distinction to be made between some hothead claiming he’s going to blow stuff up (if that’s indeed what happened) and an actual terror plot?

Whatever happened, Diddy obviously took it way too personally and flipped out. As Bedhead pointed out, his son is a junior in college, he’s not some school kid who needs his daddy to step in and defend him. I really hope we get to see the video at some point, and I hope it has audio too. TMZ needs to get on that. We need to know what “making terroristic threats” entails.

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  1. LAK says:

    You answered my question. I was genuinely puzzled by ‘terrorist threats’. It makes no sense at all. Perhaps i’ve been conditioned to think of ‘terrorist threats’ in a different context.

    • Tristan says:

      Perhaps he threatened to blow up the school or the coach’s home? Could also be he threatened to make the coach’s life a misery. That counts as a threat to terrorise someone

      • doofus says:

        or he could have said something like he’d come back with a gun and shoot everyone.

      • LAK says:

        That’s simply threatening someone. It doesn’t constitute ‘terrorist threat’. Why are words from a very serious situation being appropriated to describe something that has no approximation to it.

        He isn’t a threat to the USA.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      I read somewhere that Diddy said to the coach “I’m going to fu@k you up.” Terroristic threat doesn’t mean a threat to do something like a terrorist would do (i.e., with a bomb), it’s more like a threat to cause serious injury.

      There were plenty of witnesses. Interesting to see how Diddy’s defense holds up.

      • Jenny says:

        Confusing language because colloquial use of “terrorist” is very specific, but legally speaking a terrorist threat is simply a threat to commit a criminal act like assault, murder or even serious property damage.

      • jaye says:

        It’s funny to me that Diddy is being accused of making ‘terrorist threats’ but people are unwilling to call what Dylann Roof did in SC a terrorist act. SMH.

    • lisa says:

      my senile mother gets charged with terroristic threats all the time. usually it is for threatening to kill people.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      There is a difference between a terroristic threat and terrorism as we know it. A terroristic threat is simply a threat meant to induce terror – doesn’t have to be about bombs or gassing masses of people. It only has to be a threat made that they will continue to terrorize you. And I can totally see P doing that. What the hell is he doing at his kid’s practice anyway? I’m sure he’d say he just wanted to watch but since he’s known to be volatile and push his weight around, he has no business being at practices.

  2. The Old KC says:

    I don’t understand this “Terroristic Threats” thing either. I want quotes. And, I hate to be the first one to cry ‘racist’ but…does every Jim-Bob and Earl who gets drunk and shouts “I’M GONNA BLOW THIS *** UP” get charged with Terrorist Threats? Or is it because Diddy happens to have dark skin? I’m just asking. I don’t know the details of this case but I found it very peculiar. I’m pretty sure the Terrorist Threats charge will be dropped somehow. But I’ll wait to hear quotes before I make up my mind on this one. Totally bizarre all the way around.

    • blue marie says:

      Terroristic threats makes no sense to me either. My cousin was once arrested for this because he threw an empty coke bottle at a truck that tried to run him off the road.. Luckily he was able to pay a lawyer to get the charge dropped to littering.. I still have no idea why that was the charge on the first place..

    • MrsB says:

      Honestly, if you look into it, tons of people get charged with terroristic threats now. Don’t think this has anything to do with race. Knew somebody about 10 years ago that was in the navy with my husband. He had been kicked out for something I don’t remember, had just gotten out of the brig and the idiot gets drunk and calls an officer and threatens to burn his house down. And you guessed it, he got hit with making terroristic threats. He was definitely white.

    • FingerBinger says:

      If you threaten bodily harm or to kill someone that’s considered a terroristic threat.

  3. NewWester says:

    This is what I could find:
    Terroristic threat – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A terroristic threat is defined as a declaration of intent to commit a crime of violence against another with the intent of threatening a person, building, facility, or public or private habitat.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      So Diddy gets this and Conrad got a time out and a slap on the wrist?

      No defense for Diddy, I just wish our damn Justice system actually treated people fairly.

      • Sister Carrie says:

        this 1000X

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Perfect statement of whats wrong wih this situation. (*salutes perpetual side eye)

      • Arock says:

        Right?! So Conrad Hilton can make threats on a plane full of people-staff, public, security etc and it’s an erratic response, not a real public safety issue- but diddy in a gym with a kettle ball is a national security issue.
        This is ridiculous. Tell diddy to take his leg warmers and go home, throw the book at Conrad cause the real crime is being a useless asshole.

  4. MonicaQ says:

    I just know that the coach is the one who tripped one my favorite teams’ players on a kick off return and he was on Sportscenter’s Not Top 10 for almost as long as the Butt Fumble.

    Considering the egos in that room, I’m surprised there was air to breathe.

    • The Old KC says:

      Oh…that certainly adds some context to the situation, eh? I’ll never forget the coach that made my little brother run laps with a broken arm (clearly dangling awkwardly from the elbow). At 17 with absolutely no medical training, I could take one look at that arm and tell it was broken. My Dad would have been arrested for Terroristic Threats that day if there was such a thing back then! LOL

    • PhenomenalWoman says:

      Yes, but Puffy has a history of doing this type of stuff. I don’t know what to believe at this point. The coach sounds like he was intimidated because Justin’s dad is famous and Puffy sounds like he wanted his kid to be given special treatment. They both seem like jerks.

  5. Kiddo says:

    Charges will be downgraded.

    Can’t we just have more cowbell, instead?

    • The Old KC says:

      HAA! Such a classic. I’m sure you’ve heard, Kiddo, that no one knew Will Ferrell was going to pull out *that much cowbell* until it happened live – he ad-libbed most of it. Genius! How they managed to hold it together…anyone’s guess.

      • Kiddo says:

        I didn’t know that. His belly is hilarious (and oddly, has good rhythm). Made me bust a gut. I forgot how funny it was, until I looked at it again this morning.

    • Olenna says:

      Ha! One of my all time favorites!

    • PhenomenalWoman says:

      TMZ is already reporting that the coaching staff does not want to pursue with the case. There have been rumors for years, though, that Puffy ‘bought” Justin’s scholarship. They’re probably afraid he’ll take his money elsewhere.

      • Hautie says:

        I know this from three of my cousins, who all got offered full rides for football. Don’t do it, unless you are going in on an academics scholarship. And playing football is on your terms.

        First of all… the worst thing in the world is to be college athlete, on a full ride scholarship. You are treated like crap, by what ever program signed you.

        You are in a constant state of getting that scholarship pulled, if you don’t take all the hell the program heaps upon you. Even the big star of the team. Takes brutal crap off all of the coaches.

        If your folks can afford that tuition… your life on the football team is a lot easier.

        When you have the ability to walk off that field… and not get kicked off campus by having your scholarship pulled… the coaches hate it.

        Puffy has the money to pay Justin’s way. There is nothing great about getting that scholarship. Not when you are mentally and physically abused the entire 4 years.

        Which honestly, I suspect Justin has taken more sh*t than he deserves. These huge programs are ruthless with the viciousness from the coaching staff. Having a high profile parent, does not help with blending in quietly.

    • swack says:

      ROL already has a story how the head coach doesn’t want to press charges.

  6. funcakes says:

    Douche Diddy is a punk and everyone knows it. Funny how he has the balls to threaten a coach,but never managed to threaten people like Suge Knight.

    Little punk weasel. I bet if it was just the coach and stupid alone without any kind of weapon it would have turned out unfavorable for this has been rap mogul.

  7. Mia4S says:

    Holy helicopter parent Batman!

    Seriously this is disgusting. As I said in the thread about Shug Knight the word “thug” has tricky connotations, particularly when used for an African American man. (Although the last time I used it was with Chet Haze). It should be used sparingly; but if this is true it should be used here. This is thug behaviour.

  8. SmellyCat says:

    Need more KETTLE BELL. I mean the jokes just write themselves. No matter if the charges get dismissed or lowered, he will be forever remembered for the KETTLE BELL!!!

  9. Jen says:

    Terroristic threats are exactly what the wording says: a threat of violence (direct or indirect) used to terrorize someone. He probably threatened to kill the coach or have one of his goons come after him. Or brandished the kettle bell and told him he could use it on him. Those are threats that he wants to terrorize the coach. We see it a lot in domestic violence cases. And while it may not be blowing up a building threats (which are also TT) they are serious and he needs to grow up and realize hot headed comments are no joke.

  10. Pandy says:

    I feel sorry for his son. How embarrassing!!! And he deserves charges if the account above is true. Imagine having some screaming idiot charging into your office threatening you? Wow. I’m thinking someone is only allowed at “away” games from now on ,…

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      I don’t. I have a few feelings that the son only got into the school with a little help from Daddy Diddy’s bank account and that he probably knew he was slacking and instead of manning up and dragging his Dad away let him go off on the coach thinking the man would give in and let him play.

  11. renee28 says:

    You don’t have to be an actual terrorist threatening a country or building to be charged with terroristic threats. It simply means an individual has made a serious and credible threat to someone. The criteria varies from state to state but regular people are often charged with it.

  12. MAC says:

    He ran into someone who had integrity.

  13. lucy2 says:

    The son is a junior? So he’s been on the team for some time. When you choose to play Division 1 sports, I’d imagine at some point or another you’re going to get chewed out by a coach.
    I don’t blame the coach for not wanting to speak with him. The player is an adult and it’s between them, not the player’s daddy. I can’t believe how it off the rails it went so quickly.

  14. MelissaManifesto says:

    Diddy has previously said that he was the first to introduce a lot of young African-Americans to St Barth, Hamptons, he also said on Ellen that sometimes he leaves his clothes on the floor so his maid can pick them up. He could have been exaggerating with both statements, the reality is celebrities especially an artist with Sean Combs net worth has an almost disturbing sense of self-entitlement. I am sure this is what is happening here, Sean Combs thinking his son was entitled to special treatments. However, I don’t expect him to go to prison or anything. He’ll get a slap in the wrist.

  15. EA Sports says:

    “Making terroristic threats” is a charge that can be applied, typically along with other more serious charges, as part of new policy changes after 9/11. For example, a guy in my area was arrested for assault and terroristic threats. He beat someone up and then said basically “I’ll hurt you more if you tell anyone”. That’s enough to be charged with that. Realistic threat to hurt someone or their family.

  16. G says:

    Surprisingly you can get those same charges for simply spraying thugs in a bar aggressively coming toward you.

  17. rainy17 says:

    Terroristic threat as a charge existed in some state laws long before 9/11 and has nothing to do with terrorism. Because we are so aware of terrorism now and if you are not in a state that charges with this term, it sounds worse than it is.

  18. daniel says:

    for those curious (like me) you should Google image search for kettle bell! Holy cow, those things look dangerous! If someone swung one of those at me and missed, he would be a dead man!