Star: Tom Cruise plans to quit Scientology & his handlers are freaking out

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise takes the cover of Star with a too-good-to-be-true story about how he’s preparing to leave Scientology. The story actually falls in line with recent reports that he wants to show off his dad skillz with Suri duing his M:I 5 publicity tour. I don’t think this Star story is a plant by Tom’s team, but the timing is convenient. Tom needs the public to adore him and buy tickets to see him hang off an airplane like an idiot. He’s in the difficult position of largely bankrolling Scientology, but he knows his image cannot survive another hit.

Tom won’t point his finger and accuse people of being “glib,” ever again. He certainly can’t defend the CO$ after the Going Clear doc. Tom has to distance himself from the PR aspects of CO$. He also needs to explain why he doesn’t see Suri. So this story would accomplish several goals at once. Jezebel summarizes Star’s article by saying, “Tom has finally had enough” and that he “may soon part ways with the cultlike religion.” Here’s some more of the story, which revolves around a life-changing phone call:

“[Suri] was going on and on about her ballet class and how much she loves it. That’s when Tom realized he’s never seen her perform ballet and he started to tear up,” the insider claimed. “It hit him that she’s growing up before his eyes and he’s not there to witness most of it. They talk on the phone and video chat, but it’s not the same.” Phone calls and video chats for Tom and Suri can’t really replace spending actual, physical time with each other, especially since Suri is so young.

The source went on to explain the predicament Tom is allegedly in. “Tom has been under tremendous pressure where Suri and Katie are concerned because the church doesn’t want him close to them. They can’t stand that their own poster boy isn’t raising his child in the church,” the source said. “If they label Suri a suppressive person (a Scientology term for an enemy of the church), as they’ve been known to do with dissenters, that would make it hard for Tom to have a relationship with her. He’s between a rock and a hard place, but he’s finally making a choice to put his daughter first. Tom has missed birthdays, school events, all the special parts of childhood that happen so fast and are gone before you know it. Suri is not a baby anymore; she is fully aware that her father isn’t around much. When she speaks to him on the phone, it’s becoming more and more like she’s talking to a stranger.”

[From Star (via Hollywood Life]

Ehhh. Do you buy that Tom would suddenly realize the error of his ways with one phone call? I don’t think he’s capable of such nuanced emotion. He’s an empty shell after decades of auditing. Whatever would Tom do without the CO$ kissing his tush and treating him like a god? He’d never cope. Anyway, it’s been a few good years since we heard a crisis of faith” tale about the Cruise, so I guess this Star story was overdue.

P.S. Tom’s Hollywood Hills home just dropped $1 million in asking price. No one wants to buy the houses that slave labor built.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of Star & Fame/Flynet

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  1. Easi says:

    I think this is possible. He has to be aware somewhat that people would like him again if he left.

    • doofus says:

      I SURELY would…I would applaud him for days, if he TRULY left that f-ing cult.

      and how the F can a small child be a “suppressive person”? egad, that cult is so messed up.

      • Sabrine says:

        It would actually be a great PR move if he did quit Scientology. His handlers need to back off. It’s none of their business. I’m wondering if this is true though, seems unlikely.

      • Skinnyguy says:

        I would love it if he quits and I would also applaud him. I’ve seen other commenters on other sites say that would still hate him if he quit. Why? Why do we embrace other people who quit Scientology, but won’t embrace him? Yeah, he’s douchey, but couldn’t he have been manipulated and drawn into Scientology just like others? I think it’d be interesting. BUT this is Star…and Star is 99 percent full of bullcrap lol

    • Marrrrria says:


    • Pinky says:

      Please, oh please, oh please, oh please…(ad infinitum).

    • idsmith says:

      How I hope this story is true. Could you imagine? Would his other kids leave too? Would they speak to Nicole again? It would be the most positive thing Tom could do and he’s been tempted to leave in the past.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m sure CO$ has a ton of dirt on him, but I really do think that the public would support him (and Travolta) regardless of what info was released about them. America loves a comeback story. Plus, I’m sure Tom has a lot of dirt on David Miscavige and CO$ as well. Mutually assured destruction?

      • Mytbean says:

        What if it’s Duggar level depravety? What if both he and Travolta keeps sex slaves for years locked in their soundproof hannibal funhouse basement? What if they participated firt hand in violent acts, even homocide with relation to cos and its disciplinarian practices? There are a lot of dirty secrets that they might hide that the general public would definitely not forgive.

    • holly hobby says:

      Well if he left, maybe I can start watching his movies again. To be honest, I stopped watching after that horrible Today show interview where he verbally eviscerated Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants instead of vitamins and working out.

  2. Christin says:

    Notice the key word ‘may’. He ‘may’ leave.

    Not buying it. Timing is too suspect.

    • V4Real says:

      Tom will leave scientology when pigs fly.

      Wait! Swine Flu

      • Pinky says:

        Funny! But listen, he may be taking a page out of Katie’s book. She pulled the mother of all escapes–even more impressive than the prison escape of those men in upstate NY (and she lived to tell the tale–if only she would!).

        Maybe Tom’s got some burner phones and Leah Remini on the outside helping him flee. Maybe Katie’s dad is on the case!

    • tracking says:

      Yeah, I think these rumors are just for positive PR.

      • Liberty says:

        Tracking — this.

        All the Scientology craziness has ravaged his box office appeal, as many view him as a sort of cult looney now. Ignoring his little daughter amplifies his grossness.

        So, if they rely on his box office money to function, and as we know, Sci cult lunacy is all about the money, and they need more of it, then they may need to file stories like these and pretend he is leaving, to try to make him seem rehabbed and worthy of fan $$$$ again.

    • Samtha says:

      They have too much dirt on him. He’ll never leave, even if he wants to.

    • phlyfiremama says:

      I’m with you. This is a red herring story. “Maybe I’ll quit if you come see my movie…thanks for all the money, I’m staying!”

      • laura in LA says:

        I wonder if he or his PR people put this out there just to see what the reaction would be and if it might increase his BO for MI:5…

        I agree that he and Travolta will never really leave until Miscaviage is out of power and CO$ itself investigated for its misdoings and rendered powerless.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        phlyfiremama: I can see this happening, but he’d only be able to pull that stunt once, don’t you think? What happens when he’s got another movie that needs bums on seats? I don’t care at all, because I can’t stand him. He can leave. He can stay. Meh. He does absolutely nothing for me as a man or an actor.

  3. Lilacflowers says:

    His teeth really irk me. Irrational, I know.

  4. Denisemich says:

    I have always been confused about the Tom not seeing Suri bit.

    He is very close to his other children and i assumed his divorce settlement from Katie forbid his exposing Suri to Scientology.

    Unless he wants monitored supervision, I think it makes it very difficult to spend a lot of time with her when his life is mainly about acting and CO.

    He is not leaving CO. Fame and success mean too much to him and that is why he is a CO

    • Sugar says:

      I don’t think he’s COS for fame and fortune. I’ve read that because of his chaotic childhood he was searching for God when he became a young adult and was very lost. Then he met Mimi Rogers who introduced him to COS who “helped” him get some stability and structure. But then he kinda got trapped because COS knew all his secrets. He tried to leave when he was married to Nicole.

      • Illyra says:

        The interview clip with a young Cruise (1984) and Rona Barrett makes me sad. He seemed so sweet and naïve, even a little fragile.

        I do believe that it didn’t take long for him to get/feel trapped by COS, and that’s probably why he’s still there decades later.

      • Cindy says:

        Thanks for the link. I agree he did seem sweet and fragile. Maybe that”s part of the way COS got him….:(

        Run Tom run!!! If the information they “have” on him is about bisexuality, who cares? Honestly, i don’t think he will be judged the way he thinks he might be.

    • MonicaQ says:

      But his children with Nicole are not labeled as SPs . When Nicole left, (apparently, this is rumor here in Clearwater), that she had to leave the kids to have them be raised in CO$. So they’re still “non-active members” of the church.

      • ya says:

        Ya exactly – Nicole was declared the SP, so she wasn’t able to see those children much.

    • Kiera says:

      I cannot believe I’m going to say this but he actually does see Suri more than we know. My mom called me up maybe a year or so ago telling me that she was looking at Tom Cruise and Suri hanging out at the pool of the hotel she was at. Funny enough the next day I saw a story about how he hadn’t seen Suri in months. I have a feeling he does see her but goes to places like Lake Placid, where my mom was, that are not filled with paps to maybe actually have time with her.

      To be clear not a Cruise fan, in the cult, or anything. Just thought it was interesting.

      • Missy says:

        Well the recent stories are saying that Tom hasn’t seen Suri in about a year. So your mom’s sighting doesn’t contradict that. It’s possible that he does still see her quietly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had slowly been distancing himself and has now cut off ties completely.

      • idsmith says:

        If he does see her, he has to see her in secret because it would piss off all the other Scientologists who are banned from seeing their non-church family members. He has to appear as though he doesn’t see her, which puts him between a rock and a hard place. It’s especially noticeable with Tom because of all the times he trotted her out in front of photographers when he was still with Katie

    • someone says:

      I get mixed vibes about this. They always report he talks to Suri a lot and Skypes with her every day etc etc but that doesn’t jibe with not seeing her. If Suri really did talk to him every day there is no way she wouldn’t bug her Mom to see him. Kids don’t talk to someone every day that they never see. Either he is seeing her on the down low OR he’s not talking to her as much as it is claimed.

    • holly hobby says:

      I agree he’s always searching for something in regards to faith. At one point he even considered the priesthood. He was on a career projectory when Co$ got their mitts on him so he didn’t join for fame and glory.

      For 10 glorious years he distanced himself from that cult. That was during the Nicole years. He was also turned off because he reached that high co$ level where they show him the BS story about the aliens and stuff. I read Going Clear and he went apes***t over that crock. That was why he was MIA for a good 10 years.

  5. Really?? says:

    I honestly feel that if he left, he could collapse the whole cult. Please be true!!

  6. alicegrey12 says:

    Really!? that is hard to believe. Does he know what happens when someone quits Scientology.
    They get treated like traitors.

    • Crumpet says:

      Yes, but he is seeing all these other movie starts leaving and telling their stories and getting tons of public support and kudos. If he left, he would be beloved again – and he could spend time with Suri. I don’t care how ‘programmed’ you may be, it’s gotta hurt to be estranged from your own child.

    • holly hobby says:

      Well the other actors who left were basically support players in Hollywood whereas he was considered one of the most powerful Hollywood actors. If he left, they can’t go after him and I’m sure the public will support him – no matter what is on those tapes.

  7. Mata says:

    Male bovine feces! I’m not buying it for so many reasons. From what ex-scientologists have said, Tom is one of the church higher ups. He’s been well aware of the church’s workings for years. As long as he keeps bankrolling it, He can do whatever he wants. Also, if he actually is having contact with Suri, he’s already gotten an exemption that most Scientologists don’t get. This is article is either PR from his team or wishful thinking on the part of the writer.

  8. Lilacflowers says:

    Is it my imagination or does Suri constantly wear high heels? Every picture I see of that little girl, she’s wearing high heels. That cannot be healthy for the development of ankles, knees, hips and back.

    • jen2 says:

      That style of little adult princess was pre Katie’s Great Escape. She now dresses in age appropriate clothing and does children’s activities and walks on her own.

      The cult would kidnap and brainwash/drug Cruise even further if he even thought to leave. I think they have way too much on him and I also think he likes the adoration and place of honor he holds in the cult. I could be wrong, and I hope I am, but his ego and how it is stroked by the cult seems to be more important to him than any relationship he has or could have with this “suppressive” child of his. This seems to be just a way to get good press before the film press tour. He has had plenty of opportunity to see his child before now. This timing is just too convenient.

  9. blue marie says:

    I doubt this is serious but it would be a smart move

  10. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Doesn’t Scientology have a lot of dirt on him? Like maybe he’s bi-sexual? That would prevent him from ever leaving. That’s how they’ve stayed so powerful and kept so many – through blackmail. Right?

    • Jen43 says:

      Yes, and that is why he will never leave. Plus, Tom has gone completely crazy from CO$. He is a true believer.

  11. MrsBPitt says:

    If Tom left the cult, it would be awesome!!!! I just don’t know if it could happen…I’m sure they have to much dirt on him from the auditing sessions for him to just walk away. I’m sure Miscavige is not beyond blackmailing and, in fact, it’s probably one of the lesser crimes, he commits…

  12. Yoohoo says:

    Never going to happen.

  13. Prairiegirl says:

    Not buying it. COS knows too many intimate details about his life to risk leaving. That, and he converted his family to the cult which leaves him extra vulnerable and isolated should be leave.

  14. J says:

    I think it could the same situation John Travolta is in. He may want to leave, but at this point the cult knows everything about them and could destroy them publicly if they try to leave. Unless they decide to go with surprise defection and blow the door wide open confirming all the insane stories about the church their public image would be targeted immediately in retaliation.

  15. kri says:

    Any (cult) religion that is willing to label a kid a Suppressive Person should be shunned. God. what is wrong with these idiots?! I wish he would leave, but I think he’s in so deep he’s trapped forever. CO$ is a dangerous cult.

  16. Lucy2 says:

    I don’t believe it- he is in way too deep and I think it’s a true believer.

    • Crumpet says:

      I’m not sure – he definitely drifted away for awhile when he was with Nicole. If there is a pull strong enough in another direction, he may make a move. Let’s hope.

      • lucy2 says:

        But even then it was enough to draw him back in, ditch a wife he apparently loved and alienate their children from her. Now, he seems even more invested, even higher up the food chain. He next wife leaving and taking their kid wasn’t enough to make him reconsider. I would just be stunned if he ever truly walked away from it.

  17. Abby says:

    If this is true, it would be awesome. AWESOME. I can’t stand him right now but if he he left, maybe I could.

  18. Obsidian says:

    He’s in too deep to ever walk away. How could he willingly give up his own child for a cult/religion? As a parent, It’s mind-boggling.

    • Tiny Martian says:

      I agree, it is mind-boggling. And yet within the COS, this has happened over and over again.

  19. Jackson says:

    I don’t believe it. After all, the CO$ isn’t going to prevent their #2 guy, biggest sugar daddy and favorite poster boy from seeing his daughter. They just aren’t. If Tom isn’t seeing her much it’s either because he spends too much time away on film sets or he himself views her as a suppressive person to an extent and doesn’t want her tainting his divinity. All he has to do is actually start being present in her life. No need to turn his back on his beloved CO$ and all it’s perks.

    • Amber says:

      Exactly. The alternative is so awful, I understand why people would hope this, but IDKY people believe or presume that things are forced on Tom, as if he isn’t a true believer and THE second greatest beneficiary of CO$. (The first being his BFF, FCOL. But only monetarily. I think Cruise receives as many perks and possibly more adulation from followers thanks to Miscavige ). Like Tom is totally unaware of what a special snowflake he is in CO$. He must be a real idiot (so why should that change) if all of it escapes him. As is, his ego must be off the charts since he willfully goes along with all of it, like it’s earned. What kind of person is he to think it’s totally normal to have people audition wives for him and what happened to Nazanin Boniadi was A-OK? That Sea Org and slave labor are fine since they signed up for it in service to the church and hey, if he gets his car washed, everybody wins. He sacrificed his marriage to Nicole and participated in their long game scheme to poison her children against her, (with the coup de grâce taken the minute Katie and Suri came into the picture). These people disown their children and parents all the time. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Cruise himself thinks Suri is a SP. I would assume that the wackjob we see here, who came out to play during the War of the Worlds and MI:III PR tours is the real Tom. It just backfired on CO$ so they eased up on using Tom as a spokesperson. The lawsuits over the “abandonment” mag cover was textbook CO$. And as more evidence, what was the initial pap friendly PR blitz with Suri after the divorce all about? What happened? It’s just a game. I don’t think Cruise is at all like Travolta. “Going Clear” emphasized that John is practically a hostage. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Tom at all. And if box office results are what finally motivate Cruise to see the light? *Eye roll*

  20. Kiddo says:

    Yeah, no.

  21. NewWester says:

    Well if Tom leaves he will then know how Nicole Kidman felt. Because he would be cut off from his children unless they decide to leave as well. If anything big happens it will be after the opening of his latest film. If it is a hit he will then be able to bring more money to the church. If it is a bomb, I could see him leaving or the church demoting him in some way

    • RobN says:

      Those kids will go where the money, i.e. Dad, goes. Neither one does anything that will support them.

  22. Debbie says:

    Well it sure would be entertaining to watch if he did leave, and I agree with other posters the cult would crumble.

    I know they have good stuff on him, and man it must be juicy based on the divorce, but really in all honesty would any of it hurt his image more then the cult has. I mean really outsife of child abuse/sexual assault and spousal abuse, I can’t think of anything he could have done that would be as bad as what he is doing with and for that cult. I mean if it’s that he’s slept with a few dudes who cares?

  23. Elfie says:

    If he wanted to leave he could. In the internet age Scientology has no control over the flow of information. Tom would be treated like a hero if he came forward and told the truth about how he was wooed, manipulated and blackmailed to keep him in line. If he’s really gay that couldn’t be used against him because that’s not a taboo anymore, the assumption that gay is a bad thing and this cult is going to use that prejudice to try ruin your reputation would create huge backlash if they tried that. All Tom would have to do is come out and he would have massive support from social media, anything Scientology tried to use against him after that would be treated as ‘look at these nuts trying to smear him’. He’s so big it would break the cult. Leaving would save his reputation.

    Sadly I think he’s a true believer who’s so convinced of his godliness that he would never question Scientologys authority because to do so would be to recognise that he’s not a god and his ego couldn’t stand that.

  24. Velvet Elvis says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  25. OSTONE says:

    If he were to leave the cult, I would start supporting his films and applaud him. It will never happen though, why leave the (criminal) organization that kisses your a** 24/7?

  26. Dinky Minky says:

    I don’t buy it… my step-sister was declared a SP and my stepdad didn’t give two figs. He played the part of being heartbroken, but not because he was “losing” her; it had more to do with how her behavior and being “declared” impacted his image and standing within CO$. Even now, almost 20 years later, he doesn’t seem to care and she has two kids of her own.

    Shoot, he doesn’t even make the effort to keep in touch with me beyond birthdays and holidays and I haven’t been declared, though I’ve taken huge steps to distance myself and cut ties with CO$ itself.

    If a man who isn’t nearly under as much scrutiny and stress and obligation to the “church” can’t be bothered with the effort to cut ties to it for his family, I don’t see Tom Cruise doing it. Nope, not even a little.

  27. Hautie says:

    Well here is my very bias opinion.

    That Cult really can not destroy anyone. Not really. What they do is public shame you. (well except for poor Shelly Miscavige) They are nothing but nasty bullies. Cruel hate filled ones at that. And everyone knows it. No one is scared of them any longer… except their own members.

    I have been harping on this issue about Cruise, since Katie showed off her Ninja skills.

    If he decided to leave. All he would have to do is walk away. And do one sit down interview with someone like Diane Sawyer. And be honest.

    If you tell your own dirt/gossip first… then the Cult have nothing to torment you with. He doesn’t have to thrown anyone else under the bus. As much as he needs to tell what they are holding over his head. First. It takes all their power away. And seriously, who is going to he shocked by anything he has to say? Really. Even Travolta has nothing to shock us with. Just walk away guys!

    Yet honestly, I think Cruise would have to be deprogrammed at some point. He could leave that Cult. But they have done a heck of a job of brain washing with him.

    Maybe he has had personal break through… that the daughter that he flat our adore… he probably has not touched in over 2 years, wants to see him in person. Like weekly, if possible. Weird things happen. And if it was the fact, it finally dawned on him, that he needs to see her in her ballet shoes in person. Then good for him.

    (Ohhh and did anyone else that blurb about how Jenna Elfman is allegedly broke? That the Cult had finally drained all her cash, from the back of Jenna. She has always been a nasty piece of work for them too.)

  28. original kay says:

    If he does leave, I wonder if he would apologize to Nicole, for what he did to her after their divorce (regarding their children).


  29. Julie says:

    Having seen how people like Leah Remini were received warmly could have helped others realize to also leave.

    Tom leaving would be HUGE news and fantastic. i dont think Scientology would recover from that.

  30. Izzy says:

    Oh look everybody, Star wrote some Tom Cruise fanfiction.

  31. Ari says:

    It might be untrue but I would love for it to be true it would be the real stepping stone to this fraud of religion dismantling hopefully and maybe more people would follow him and it WOULD be awesome for Suri.

  32. Belle Epoch says:

    “Empty shell” is EXACTLY right. There is no Tom Cruise. Just look at those fake smiles – he us supposedly joyful, but all we see is teeth and an actor over-acting. He has a Thoughtful Face, a Happy Face, and a Manly Face – and they all look approximately right, but are clearly fake. Life is a movie for him, and movies are life.

    Also, his mother and sister (sisters?) are way into the cult. He’d have to leave them behind.

    I don’t see it at all.

  33. Murphy says:

    …how could he ever leave?

  34. FingerBinger says:

    Tom isn’t leaving Scientology. Other than making movies Scientology is his whole life.

    • lucy2 says:

      You’re right. He is extremely insulated in his CO$ world, and never seems to be out and about doing other things when not working. You never see photos of him grabbing dinner with friends, or hanging out anywhere. I remember listening to his Nerdist podcast interview and coming away from it thinking he was so empty. It was like listening to a movie star robot, not an actual person.

  35. Yeahiknow says:

    For the love of God, what secrets do they hold over these poor people’s heads? I get that you confessed your deepest darkest feelings, but short of murder or incest, what is so bad to keep them in this abusive cult?

  36. Mia4S says:

    This feels like a studio/producer planted story in advance of the movie. Very early word seems to be it’s not that great. They need it to make massive money and Cruise is just not as popular domestically as he once was. “Absentee father” does not endear him.

  37. MonicaQ says:

    Never happening. It’s not just the “he’s gay” dirt–there’s rumors here in Clearwater that some of the people he was with were not adults. The Tiny Tyrant supplied Cruise with them and only told him after the fact that they were below the age of consent which was part of his, “I can’t believe you did this to me” pulling away from the church.

    It’s whispered because obviously it’s a BIG EFFIN DEAL to accuse someone of that and I state explicitly *it is a rumor and currently has no hard evidence*.

    • littlestar says:

      Holy crap, are you serious?! If true, that is friggin’ horrible! My gahd, I’ve never heard that rumour before, thanks for sharing! It makes a lot of sense then, why he won’t leave. REALLY makes you wonder what they have on Travolta, considering EVERYONE knows about his predilection for assaulting male massage therapists.

      And curiosity is getting the better of me, was Cruise with both underage males and females, or did he only go one way?

    • Illyra says:

      Sadly, this wouldn’t be surprising at all to me and I bet it happens a lot more than people think.

    • Moi says:

      If that’s the case, that’s entrapment, damn. That’s messed up and again, if TC had no idea of the true ages of these people, then I still feel as tho he would be forgiven. At this point, not one person in the world would put it past CoS to do such a thing.

  38. Louisa says:

    I don’t believe he will leave as he has been brainwashed, but I do think he knows he needs to at least act as though he wants out to get public opinion back on his side. That’s all he cares about. Not his daughter.

  39. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    I hope Tom does leave Scienctolgy. His daughter Suri should be more important than his religious beliefs.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      I think if he was going to leave over Suri it would’ve happened when he and Katie split. The fact that he barely sees Suri now, less and less as time goes by, just shows that he’s still hip-deep in all the CoS bull crap. There’s no way he’ll ever admit he was wrong about it. He’s BFFs with the main guy and has been immersed in it too long.

  40. Wren33 says:

    At this point, he basically is Scientology. If he leaves, good for him, but I don’t see it happening.

  41. Jaded says:

    Tom has always lived in a fantasy world – he escaped into religious worship when he was young and living with an alcoholic and abusive father. He escaped into an early marriage with Mimi Rogers who led him into Co$. Then into movies. As one poster above said, his life is a movie. That’s why he works constantly because it’s an escape mechanism for him. So Co$ used this escape from reality mentality to their benefit by making him the most important and lauded figure in the organization (I refuse to call it a religion) next to Miscavige. I think Tom will always have a hard time separating real life from fantasy as a result of the brainwashing and hero-worship he gets, so I doubt very much that he will ever leave Co$. It’s his refuge from the real world.

  42. Cali says:

    I would love it to be true.. But with promotion of his movie coming up, it seems like they’re hoping we’ll be sympathetic to him and support the movie because “maybe.”

    I wish he’d leave and get some therapy to “deprogram.” I don’t care what dirt these people have on Tom – is he gay and afraid they’ll out him? Is there something awful they’re holding over his head? Who cares? I think the world would support and embrace him if he’d get out and get on with life.

  43. boredblond says:

    This would only be a secondary story..the big news that day will be ‘Hell freezes over’…and why isn’t the believable part of that cover getting mentioned.,,Scott Kardisick beat up by a girl?!😄😎

  44. Tracy says:

    Tom participation in Scientology seems to be all about ego. About being held up as some paradigm or God. (Hell, they believe they can TELEPORT for chrissakes…or want to believe it. So ridiculous.). I’d love to hear the backstory about what Nicole Kidman had to agree to, what she had to give up, what she was threatened with, and what was done to her. The same with Katie. For her to break loose, get her child out of that ridiculous science FICTION ‘religion’, I can’t imagine the deals she had to make.

    Wake up, Tom.

    • holly hobby says:

      I doubt Katie got the short end of the stick. She had Co$ and Tommy by the balls that’s how she was able to escape with full custody of Suri. Poor Nicole was rear ended and she didn’t see what was coming. I’m sure she made a deal with the devil to escape.

  45. Dr.Funkenstein says:

    Can’t see him leaving now. He’s aging, future box office potential is no longer guaranteed, and the only place he KNOWS will provide him the narcissistic supply he craves is CO$. If he’s anything like the narcissists in my own life, his only concern is for himself and his own needs. Sure, he might feel badly about the relationship with Suri, but only because he isn’t occupying the place of importance he wants to in her life. At any rate, narcissists rarely turn their backs on ready sources of supply, so I can’t see him doing it.

  46. Dawn says:

    I think Tom should leave Scientology and bring his eldest children with him. But I think Travolta has been trying to leave for years and they keep reeling him back in again. I hope Tom can be stronger and if they have crap on him so what. No one cares any more about morals its seems to whatever they have shouldn’t hurt Tom all that much. Good luck to him, I’ve always like him as an actor.

  47. littlestar says:

    I’m starting to wonder, with him selling several of his homes… Is Cruise himself hard up for cash, and not just the Co$??? My prediction, it’s going to get even more interesting.

  48. Stellainnh says:

    Seems kind of fishy. He is too high up in the ranks of Co$ and they have too much dirt on him. Will he give up seeing his other two children for Suri?

  49. thecookingpan says:

    I don’t buy the ‘empty shell’ part about Tom. He is able to give nuanced performances – Tropic Thunder, Magnolia, Born on the 4th of July – you can’t call on that from an empty shell. Also his co stars are extremely complimentary about him from Emily Blunt to someone as down to earth as Matt Damon. And yes, shoot me, I am an apologist. Is CO$ wrong? Abso-bloody-lutely. Can a person change, oh hell yes and sometimes it just takes one small conversation with someone you love. I don’t necessarily believe Star’s story but hell, wouldn’t it be fabulous if he stood up, lifts and all, and walked!

    • misery chick says:

      @ THECOOKINGPAN-”if he stood up, lifts and all…”. lol lol lol lol
      great one 😁

      I feel that although TC did some great roles (he was so heartbreaking and compelling in “Born On The Fourth of July-and “Magnolia” too) I truly feel that his days of notable performances are over. That’s why he is still doing Mission Impossible and other action movies and doing his own stunts;
      there’s nothing else there to ‘dig deep’ for. The well has run dry and he is. an empty shell 😠

  50. Bait..trying to sell magazines..and Tom iis baiting, he needs PR to get suckers into the box office. Google the picture of Tom lying on his back in the playground, with the towel over his privates.

  51. RobN says:

    All I really want to know about Tom Cruise is what Katie had on him that allowed her to walk away and take Suri with her. A lot of plans were made, but Tom would not have gone that quietly unless there was something big out there.

  52. kimbers says:

    He’s so full of sh*t. Scientology ruined his career point blank give me a fork.

  53. Paloma says:

    All we know for sure is Suri visited with Tom right after the divorce at Disneyworld (I think) with all the accompanying PR photos. After that, absolutely nothing. I think Tom was told by the cult to shut it down. Does he even speak to her anymore? Who knows.

  54. Iheartgossip says:

    Don’t believe a word of it. Sorry. Tommy Girl must have a movie project to promote and is hoping him ‘distancing’ himself from the Cult will help sell tickets. He is too high up and too brainwashed to leave of his own accord. He’d have to be kidnapped and deprogrammed for months and months. Nope. Sell it someplace else Tommy.

  55. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    He’ll never leave. The church has medal/award ceremonies where they dress up in Navy-type uniforms and salute Tom. He’s probably looked upon as a demi-god. He will never give up that adoration and worship that the church’s slaves are required to give him. Never. He’s not a big enough person to give it up.

  56. Josefa says:

    I agree with everyone else here. If he really wants to leave then thats awesome. But, not buying it.

  57. rudy says:

    This is a total joke. Tom is rallying around his chief, even though this so called religion has severed any relationship Tom has with his young daughter Suri.

    Tom’s other two children are apparently also sticking to Scientology.

    I have no respect left for Cruise at all. He refuses to open his eyes and admit the abuse that goes on in this cult. Slave labor is used to refinish all of Tom’s toys. Untold millions of dollars are going straight into the pocket of DAvid Miscavige. There is not ONE thing that Scientology is doing that helps anyone but Mr. Miscavige. Even the ‘kool aide’ drinkers are broke. They receive nothing but torment. I could go on forever. Stay away from Scientology.

  58. Caz says:

    Would it really be that bad if Cruise was revealed to be bi (if true?) if he left the cult? a big proportion of people would support him combined with goodwill associated with leaving Scientology and him denouncing his couch jumping, argumentative interview, crazy period.

    • Dr.Funkenstein says:

      You’re right, it wouldn’t be a big deal. What’ s more, the CO$ would end up looking like the bullying jerks they are when they tried to “blackmail” him with the info. People would actually rally around Cruise and might even support his films when they wouldn’t have before, just to stick it to them. The ensuing tidal wave of support for Tom would be the end at long last for that so-called “church.” Thus, like many others have already said, I don’t buy that he’d be worrying about leaving at all — he’s holding all the cards. I’ve cast my vote for self-interest and narcissism as the reasons he stays.

  59. Ginger says:

    I really do wish he would leave that horrid cult and go back to being a dramatic actor again as well. It’s not too late for him to be closer to Suri. Too bad this story is probably not true.

  60. marianne says:

    Tony Ortega’s stance on this:
    “So, to sum up. Given Star magazine’s clueless track record on this, and the lack of any new details to back up its headline, we’re going to say the likelihood of its being right about this is pretty low.

    In fact, evidence we’ve seen from another tabloid reporter who actually does his homework, Chris White, tells us that Isabella Cruise, for example, is showing more attachment to her father and to Scientology than ever, and we’d say that the actual situation is the opposite to what Star is saying. Tom and his kids are circling the wagons after the release of Going Clear, and if anything, their ties to David Miscavige and Scientology are stronger than ever. ”

  61. I adore Tom Cruise. I don’t know him but his self-made attitude and the sweetness about him just makes me want to love him. Best Blessings.

  62. Kate says:

    It’s certainly possible. Despite being the loudest and most well-known Scientologist, he’s actually had an unusually rocky relationship with it. He’s as good as left it a few times, he’s had periods where he was still in it but was expressing doubts…

    Tom doesn’t strike me so much as a true believer, more an opportunist who throws himself into everything 100%. When Scientology has been useful to him in his personal life, he’s their biggest supporter. When they couldn’t offer him much, he backed right off. When he was happy with Nicole, his interest dwindled massively. But when he wanted a divorce and custody of the children, he was all about Scientology again, because it greatly helped him achieve what he wanted to achieve there.

    If Scientology can’t offer what it once did and is in fact now hurting him more than it’s helping him, I could see him leaving. He doesn’t seem the type to go down with the ship.

  63. Moi says:

    Dear Tom,

    If you leave CoS, we, the public are here for you. There is nothing they could say about your past, your supposed secrets that will cause me personally to think any different of you. I would feel nothing but respect for you being brave enough to get out. You have had a wonderful and successful career because you are a talented actor who has brought happiness to many lives with said talent. We will be here for you and support you.


  64. e says:

    jesus christ….is he going to be carrying suri when she’s 45 yrs old too? DROP THE KID! LET HER WALK

  65. Nimbolicious says:

    Is that awful, open-mouthed grin thing he does some sort of CO$-mandated facial expression? Katie did it too when they were first dating. It’s creepy and maniacal as f–k.