Duchess Camilla has finally given up cigarettes for good ahead of her 68th b-day


Here are some photos of the rest of the royals at yesterday’s Sandringham christening for little Princess Charlotte. And by “royals” I do mean the Middletons, of course! Yeah, while I’m including the Middletons – Carole, Michael, Pippa and James were all in attendance – these photos for me are all about Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Camilla (HRH the Duchess of Cornwall). I think that sky-blue shade is beautiful on Camilla, but the designs isn’t my cup of tea. It’s too twee for a woman her age. Speaking of her age, she’s about to turn 68 years old and she’s finally quit the cigarettes for good! That’s according to the Daily Mail:

The Duchess of Cornwall will have an extra reason to celebrate her 68th birthday this month – she’s finally quit smoking.

‘Camilla has worked really hard to give up for good,’ a source told me in the Lanson suite at Wimbledon. ‘She cut it back to three a day and never touched one before 6pm. Gradually, she found the cravings subsided and was able to go without any.’

Prince Charles, 66, an anti-smoking campaigner, is said to be delighted and has bought his wife a special gift for her big day.

[From The Daily Mail]

Diana was pretty anti-smoking too, but William and Harry were both smokers in their 20s. Rumor is that William still enjoys some cigarettes every now and then and that Kate was a pretty heavy smoker before her first pregnancy. Anyway… better late than never for Camilla. I’ve never heard of this method working out, the whole “cutting back to three cigarettes, never before 6 pm” thing. I’ve heard of hypnosis working, I’ve heard of Nicorette working and of course the patch. I wonder if she tried those too?

More christening photos… Pippa’s heavy coatdress was by Emilla Wickstead. I like that Pippa went modest, but she seems way too covered-up and severe for a summer christening. I don’t get why all of the Middleton women went with cream colors. Camilla also had a “Marilyn Moment” but I give her credit for wearing appropriate foundation garments – you can clearly see that she’s wearing a slip!



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Getty.

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Ugh. Smoking at 68. How brilliant. Good she gave it up, but really?

    • Sarah says:

      Smoking at 68 is better than the youngers like William, Harry and Kate smoking. When Camilla started, it wasn’t widely known how stupid it was. I’ve no patience at all for young people who smoke.

      • lgtrent says:

        Exactly that Sarah!

      • Hazel says:

        Oh, yes it was, it certainly was known 50 years ago, when she was a teen, that smoking was bad for your health. There just wasn’t the regulation then as now.

    • bluhare says:

      People smoke for lots of reasons, and it’s not like Camilla hasn’t had any stress in her life.

      • marjiscott says:

        OMG! You make it sound like we are supposed to feel sorry for Camilla!

      • bluhare says:

        I said she’s had stress. You may interpret it however you like.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        She might be more stressed when she hears she has cancer or another smoking related disease. I used to smoke and it was hard to quit. Very hard, but I did because smoking is one of the dumbest things you can do. I have no patience for someone her age, with her resources, smoking. Stupid.

    • nic says:

      They don’t call it addiction because it’s super easy to give up.

    • FLORC says:

      Not pling on… I think we’re about the same age=ish and I have the same knee jerk(?) reaction to gie 1 big “ugh!” to smokers. It should be noted all that has been stated above. Smoking happens for many reasons. Stress relief, social, comfort. And then it becomes an addiction. Also, it wasn’t viewed as so horrible all those decades ago. There was a time it was viewed as poorly as alcohol of 1 cig on par with 1 drink.

      Good she’s now getting there.
      You people though? No excuse at all.

      • LadyoftheLoch says:

        I’m almost a couple of decades younger than Camilla, and thoroughly ashamed of myself for first falling into it socially to the point where it became an addiction, but I do rationalise it a bit too well: Convinced it helps me “to think” which of course it doesn’t, if I’m honest.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        No excuses, as I said above. It’s a filthy, stupid habit and there’s nothing dumber on earth. I quit when I was 23. Cold turkey from two packs a day. My first cigarette was heaven, and I’d start again tomorrow if it wasn’t so bad for you. But it is, and it costs everyone, not just you. My anger is mostly directed at my sister, who still smokes at 63. We have two blood relatives who have died of lung disease, but she just won’t quit. It’s going to kill her, but she won’t quit.

  2. Abbott says:

    I’m sure they all wore cream so everyone knows they are a group, with Carole as the Beyonce, obvi.

    • Beatrice says:

      Yes, I guess Kate really was Destiny’s child!

      • LadyoftheLoch says:

        “I’m a Survivor” = The Middleton family anthem don’tcha know.
        Gosh, you ladies are killing me today with your sassy wit. 😊

        Hats off to the old girl for quitting the habit. It’s bloody hard. The arch-rebel in me loves smoking, so I do it mostly clandestinely, thoroughly aware of what a gruesome toll it must be taking internally and outwardly. Staving off the wrinklies with Pond’s and coconut oil can only go so far, after all…

        Aiming to quit completely within the next few months. Nicotine patches and gum haven’t been much help, and e-cigarettes are so clunky and unconvincing as a substitute. Altoid mints are my go-to for now.

  3. RocketMerry says:

    The queen looks lovely, and I have to agree that sky blue is Camilla’s colour. I do not get the Middletons’ clothing choices, but whateves.

  4. Loopy says:

    I tried the patch, it gave me hallucinations and palpitations,so I decided to go cold turkey.

  5. jugstorecowboy says:

    I love Pippa’s dress. And I want to be British so I can wear one of those hats. It would just look costumey if I tried it here.

  6. NewWester says:

    Quitting smoking can be easy for some people. I was having quite a time trying to quit the habit. Good for her

  7. TheSageM says:

    Of course, better late than never.

    My mum quit at 69. She died two years ago, at 78. Her sister quit at 40, and is still going strong at 78.

    When my mum got ill, shortly before she died, it dawned on me what a difference there was in her and her sister’s health, with the main difference between them being the age at which they decided to stop smoking. This is when I decided to stop myself (at 41).

    Yes, we all know a really old person who smoked and drank all their lives and lived until well into their 90s, but they are the exception,

  8. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    That shade of blue but in a Chanel suit.

    • HoustonGrl says:

      Oooo that would be gorgeous! But I don’t see the royals wearing Chanel anytime soon. Not since Lagerfeld called Pippa ugly!

  9. Lilacflowers says:

    Lovely shade of blue on Camilla and she held that skirt down, strategically placed that bag, as if her life depended on it but there’s too much going on with the dress. Lovely shade of pink on the Queen as well.

    • halfpint says:

      Perhaps she should have weighted the dress down? I’m surprised no snark from anyone (yet) about this. That seems to be one of the lines toted out, when Kate has such mishaps. (Not saying you say this, just a general observation).

      • Enid says:

        Honestly, the way it is blowing (and the priest’s robe is blowing) I would assume weights would have not made much of a difference.

      • bluhare says:

        That’s a good point, but looking at the fabric it looks delicate enough that weights heavy enough to have stopped it blowing up would have been clanking around her knees!

      • FLORC says:

        There have been times where a fly up from Kate is excused because she wore proper slip and had apropriate length and weight to fabric. Sometimes it just can’t be avoided.
        When Kate got lots of snark was wearing very light fabrics with no slip or undergarments at all while disembarking airplanes and helicopters.
        It’s the no undergarments that got snark.

      • FLORC says:

        Everyone looks nice. My 1 thing. I like Pippa’s outfit, but she must be overheating in that! When people are rolling up their sleeves and wearing skirts/shorts a mock turtle neck coat dress with long sleeves is stuffy looking.

      • halfpint says:

        Ahhhh… fair enough. 🙂

    • Olenna says:

      Yes, the blue is very pretty. She had the foresight to wear a slip (underskirt) and wrangled that fly-up quite nicely.

      • LadyoftheLoch says:

        halfpint: HEAVY weights in her hems may have altered the course of history in the early ’80s. 😉

    • Kori says:

      She looks like ‘what should I grab? My hat or skirt?’ Must’ve been quite the gust of wind. And Camilla has a great set of legs–especially for almost 70.

  10. Izzy says:

    That cream color only accentuates how orange Pippa looks.

    • minx says:

      Yeah, I wasn’t crazy about that shade on her, for that reason. She needed some color.
      All the other ladies looked very nice, though. The queen looked adorable in pink.

  11. mari says:

    I quit smoking in the duchess-method! No cigarettes before 6 pm and maximum two a day for weekdays and somewhat more on weekends. Until one day I decided I was ready to go without and that was that. Had no difficulties or cravings (or relapses).

    • Loulou says:

      I did exactly the same! Now I have three/four a year during parties. No cravings the rest of the time.

  12. chaine says:

    Cutting back gradually is how i finally quit smoking. It took about 18 months to wean off from 35-40 cigarettes/day to none.

    • Ellen says:

      Congratulations! 🙂

    • bluhare says:

      I couldn’t do that. I went cold turkey, no drugs no nothing, just did it. I used the AA method of just quitting today. Once I’d got past the first day I knew I had it.

      That being said, it was much harder than quitting drinking.

  13. herladyship says:

    I usually have snark for Carole, but she looks really nice in these photos..

  14. Scarlet Vixen says:

    My husband quit by gradually cutting back, too. Each week he would smoke one less per day, cutting the “after meals” and bedtime smokes last. It took him probably 6mos, and he completely lost the craving. After trying gum, patches, etc this was the only thing that worked for him. (Unfortunately, he has ADHD & can’t take meds so he uses caffeine & nicotine to function. After several months of being cigarette free he went to e-cigarettes.)

  15. Tracy says:

    I can’t believe Kate, Pippa, or Carole give a rat’s ass what we think about their ‘color choices’. Good grief.

  16. Annie says:

    I like that the wealthy women look their ages and do not have absurd, plastic faces. So refreshing!

  17. Jen43 says:

    Camilla needs a good bra. I said this the other day. Her breast ride too low and ruin her look.

    • Coconut says:

      This is always my comment re Camilla. Otherwise her outfits are pretty good. Not having the right bra makes her like like she doesn’t care.

      I think the Queen’s pink suit color is *lovely* though her whitey-white gloves clash. I love Carole’s outfit; seems summery. Not really digging the cream on the sisters. I know its a formal royal event, but it just seems like they should have more floaty skirts.

    • minx says:

      Yes! Go for a bra fitting, Camilla!

    • bluhare says:

      What if she already has a good bra? If the girls are that pendulous maybe the straps kill her shoulders?

      Disclaimer: I’ve got no clue. Don’t have to deal with ones that large!

      • justagirl says:

        She may have a good bra, but the wrong size. As someone who recently found the miracle of a properly-sized & fitted bra, it makes a difference!

        If the band fits properly, the support actually comes from underneath, with less weight & pulling on the straps. If the cups fit properly, everything sits very attractively.

        Disclaimer: mine also aren’t that large, but my size was corrected from a 36C/D to 32F. Even with a good bra, the wrong size had them looking sloppy & awkward and feeling heavy, and now they’re nicely supported & clothes look better!

  18. Jess says:

    Better late than never on quitting, good for her! I imagine Charles is thrilled, cigarettes smell so strong, especially when you aren’t a smoker. I was able to quit by using an e-cig and nicotine gum, I know some say vaping is just as bad or worse but it got me through the first few months and I felt so much better and saved a ton of money, it broke awhile back and I decided not to buy another one though, I chew the gum only when I drink alcohol because the cravings get out of control.

    Feels good to finally be a non smoker, if you’re thinking of quitting just know it can be done and hang in there! 😄

  19. sassy says:

    She’s only 68???? I thought she was 75 at least …..huh

    • minx says:

      Smoking ages you. And she loves horses so she has probably been out in the sun a lot over the years. My sister is a year younger than that and looks much better.

    • bluhare says:

      When you consider Carole Middleton is 60 she really does look older than her years. Or Carole looks younger than hers.

      • Nancy says:

        Did you see the pics of Carole at the petting zoo with George? She looked haggard and certainly looked her age. I think she is just slimmer than Camilla, probably diets like crazy and passed that on to Kate.

  20. Ellen says:

    Good for her. It’s never too late to walk away from that habit.

    • bluhare says:

      You know, I quit smoking and drinking years ago, but if I’m ever diagnosed as terminal, I may take them both back up. Unless I hate them both when I take them back up, in which case I’ll have to try something else. 🙂

      • LAK says:

        If I’m ever diagnosed terminal, i’m taking up illegal drugs. Might as well find out what that’s about.

      • minx says:

        Yeah, are you kidding? Bring on the morphine, the booze, everything! Might as well have fun.

  21. wow says:

    Camilla has come a long way, fashion wise. I like a lot of what she has worn, but I think she looked the absolute best during The Netherlands inaguration of King Willem-Alexander.

    Sassy Carole, Pippa and of course Kate, all looked loverly. Pips dress coat looked a bit too tight but that’s about it. And great for Camilla to quit smoking. I wish Harry would join her.

  22. Lama Bean says:

    For some reason I only see those stupid printed Boompf! Marshmallows when I see James Middleton. (Specifically that photo where he’s holding one up to the camera)

    • crazedceladon says:

      i’m glad i’m not the only one who can’t help but picture those marshmallows, lama bean! 😀

  23. HoustonGrl says:

    Quitting smoking is tough! Good for her. Is it just me or do Carol and Michael seem distant? I wonder if the rumors are true.

  24. Angie says:

    She gave up smoking and took on twerking!!! You go Camilla AHAHAHHHH

  25. Allie May says:

    For Gods sakes- these people and their sun damaged skin. Queen Elizabeth II looks far better than Camilla, Prince Philip, Carole Middleton, Prince Charles… Sadly, Kate will look just as bad as these I have mentioned because she also is a sun worshipper.

    • Kori says:

      The Queen has gorgeous skin. Hard to believe she’s almost 90. And I’d give Philip a pass too. He’s 94! I think he looks fine”

  26. Citresse says:

    I’ve never understood how a non smoker could tolerate dating a smoker. But then in this case, Charles never really lived full time with Camilla or Diana or anyone else so in that regard, I guess it makes sense.

  27. Hazel says:

    Did you notice in that one photo, Michael & Carole are looking at their grandson with big smiles, while Charles & Camilla are looking elsewhere. I just found that interesting. Short blip of time captured, of course.