Carmen Electra thought she was getting paid for sex and still took the money

Carmed Electra at the Opera with the caption Hopefully he'll be satisfied with a lot of cleavage - electra, Pamela anderson was smarter than this ho - lugner
Carmen Electra’s shoddy logic reveals how much of a ho she really is. She went the opera as a paid guest of an Austrian businessman who is known for hiring actresses to accompany him to the event. She thought he really wanted sex, though, so she took the money and left early!

Every year Richard Lugner pays a sexy celebrity to join alongside him to the prestigious event, previous ‘dates’ include Pamela Anderson, Ivana Trump, Sophia Loren, Farrah Fawcett, Sarah, Duchess of York, Raquel Welch, Faye Dunaway, Grace Jones, Joan Collins and Andie MacDowell.

But Carmen has never heard of Lugner and thought that the invitation to Thursday’s event to be an lewd proposal. According to the AP, “She forced her benefactor to present a statutory declaration that he wasn’t expecting an intimate date and banned him from picking her up at Vienna airport.”

Richard says, “She thought I was looking for a sexual adventure and emphasized that she is a married woman. Every year I go with my wife and my child and pick up my guest at the airport. My wife is always with me. I even told her management that she can bring her husband (Dave Navarro) as well, even if he’s all covered with tattoos and you can only see his fingernails.”

When the two eventually met, their date was very brief due to Carmen bolting from the scene, insisting that her tight low-cut dress wasn’t short enough to waltz in.

Hollywood Tuna reports that Electra was paid a mere $1,255 dollars, but they seem to have confused the cost of the evening with the unknown amount paid to Electra to serve as an escort. Hopefully Electra thinks her sexual favors are worth at least five figures.

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