Mario Testino: The Cambridges are ‘solid’ & have ‘strong family values’


It’s been a surprisingly busy and productive week for the Cambridges. I honestly thought we wouldn’t hear much from them this summer, and to be fair, this week might have just been the flurry of activity before a lengthy 10-week vacation. You never know. They really did do a lot this week – they started with Princess Charlotte’s christening, then Will was in London to mark the 10-year anniversary of the 7/7 bombings, then Will and Kate went to Wimbledon on Wednesday and on Thursday, William did an event for the Imperial War Museum and the Cambridges released the Mario Testino portraits online. All in all… one of the best weeks for the Cambridges in a while. You’re barely even thinking about the Anmer Hall tennis court, right?

The cherry on top will be the slew of glowing press William and Kate get for their good week. Helping them along, of course, is Mario Testino himself. Testino released a statement about the christening portraits, telling media outlets:

“Photographing Princess Charlotte’s christening was an amazing experience. What impressed me the most was the energy of the family, and of that between the Duke and Duchess. One sees how solid they are together and one gets a sense of their strong family values. It was incredible to be able to document four generations of the British Royal Family together—the monarch and three heirs to the throne—and very heartwarming to see the close relationship between them all. I am overwhelmed and honoured to be chosen to document this occasion and to carry on the documentation of the family that is the soul of this country, a country that has given me so much.”

[From E! News]

Hm… strong family values. Okay. I think the Queen has strong family values. I think William and Kate have a very strong attachment to each other that is a mix of love, business, media strategy and duty. But I’ll say this – Kate and William do seem pretty strong these days. There were many stories about how Will and Kate were getting on each other’s nerves big-time during her pregnancy, and that’s why Carole was around so much – because Kate is “easier” with Carole around to manage everything, including the Cambridge marriage. But maybe it’s the move to Anmer Hall and their increasing ability to control the gossip around their family. Whatever it is, they do seem happier. Now, all that being said, I still believe William is going to get bored with his “real job” as an air ambulance pilot (remember that?) and quit within the next year. And then there will be another upheaval and another round of gossip about how unhappy they are, etc, etc.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Lilacflowers says:

    Whenever I hear “family values”, I think Newt Gingrich, Henry Hyde, Dennis Hastert, Ronald Reagan – men who liked to dictate how women should live their lives while cheating on their own wives repeatedly.

    So, I do hope that the Cambridges actually respect and care about one another.

    • zimmer says:

      I Agree.

      • wolfie says:

        I’ve never heard American political code applied to Britain; small world. These are words used in election campaigns. The Cambridge’s have collected the very best help to author their storybook life – even for America.

    • QQ says:

      me Too Lilac, Only I call “family values” A Hypocrite’s Dog Whistle LOL

    • Tracy says:

      Remember that the phrase “family values” was attached to the couple by others, not cites by them. I’m often astounded at how we hold the subject of a story accountable for some random third party observation that didn’t come from the subject at all. No one in the royal family’s camp has used that phrase.

      • Natalie says:

        I don’t think anyone was pointing a finger at W and K, rather observing that too often that term has been used to cover up distasteful, corrupt behavior.

        Testino probably just wants to say something sweetly banal. He’d say the same thing even if he’d had to photograph around them throwing things at each other.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Exactly, Natalie. I don’t think that particular phrase has wandered over into regular political rhetoric in Britain – and it is a political rhetoric here – and, as Tracy said, the royal family hasn’t used it. I’m just pointing out that I’ve come to see it defined as: wealthy, white men who blame the US’s problems on poor women, especially poor minority women, and legislate to punish those women and regulate their lifestyles while hypocritically cheating on their wives and using our tax dollars to help their friends. I do hope Kate and William and just about everyone else alive are not defined by that political rhetoric.

    • Flora Kitty says:

      Me too

    • Betti says:

      I think they care about one another – respect I don’t know. Willy certainly had no respect for her during the GF years but now that they are married and have children maybe he has grown to respect her.

      They prob seem happier as, at the moment, everything is how they want it (minus the terrible rep) – he has his ‘job’ and she her ‘middle class’ lifestyle.

    • bettyrose says:

      Lilacflowers, yup. Traditional family values are in fact a business like relationship where everyone knows his or her prescribed role, which actually applies here.

    • anne_000 says:

      I think William appreciates the Middleton’s 24/7 pursuit of a certain image of themselves and the marriage to the media and public. It’s like he married into a family of PR image consultants or an advertising family. The Middletons have learned over the courting years how to use the media, the paps, and allegedly have a go-to reporter among their media contacts.

      So it takes off a lot of worry and work off of William to continue to retain a good image and fan base, especially when he’s chosen to live a life that involves less work and more me-time. The Middletons will do anything to make it look like William is fully ensconced in a stable family life with them. They know that if he looks good while being connected to them, the longer the marriage and their social position will last.

      So it’s a good symbiotic relationship for someone like him, who doesn’t want to build the goodwill of the public based on his charitable works, but wants to use the image of a ‘good family man’ as his base.

    • Zombie Shortcake says:

      Don’t forget Pastor Ted Haggard and Senator Larry Craig!

      Oh and Josh Duggar is big on family values.

    • jinglebellsmell says:

      Translation: There is no way I would screw with these people and give my real opinion, so I’m making shi* up!

  2. Natalie says:

    William did look happier and more relaxed at Wimbledon. He even loosened up enough to make a tastless joke. But, yeah, they seem to currently be in a good place.

    • anne_000 says:

      Yes, I agree. He loosened up a lot to make that kind of joke against the majority of the public.

      It shows how out-of-touch he is and how stupid he is when it comes to public perception. Good thing the MIddletons and Jason are there to help make him look good.

      • Natalie says:

        I don’t think William realizes how great a debt he owes to the efforts of everyone around him. William by himself is unimpressive.

      • LadyoftheLoch says:

        The joke was cringeworthy. I love that Billie Jean King, sitting behind him, didn’t laugh with the sycophants but instead gave him a gimlet glare. Legend.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Oh, I missed this. What was William’s cringeworthy joke?

        Edit to add: just saw the explanation below. Shame on William and to the others who yucked it up over a tasteless joke. To pretend to rush out of the stadium is OTT and a needless call to attention for himself; no empathy for the poor commuters at all. He’s got his helo warming up for his luxury commute.

    • Flower says:

      He is so ensconced in his own narrow privledged little world he probably didn’t even know there was a tube strike.

      • Ally8 says:

        Yeah, a man who summons a helicopter for what would be a two-hour car ride shouldn’t make jokes about taking the tube, especially when tens of thousands were in commuter hell and workers were fighting for their working conditions.

        Perhaps he might also have joked by saying, “Let them take helicopters!”

  3. lamamu says:

    It bugs me that William wore the exact same outfit to Wimbledon as he wore to his daughter’s christening. His wife could never get away with that.

  4. kibbles says:

    I love the bitchiness of this article:
    Testino’s portrait of William and Kate is a sickly sweet lie

    • Natalie says:

      The irony is William and Harry said the Testino pictutes were the closest to what Diana was really like, yet the Testino pictures of W and K are usually stilted and photoshopped because they don’t want people knowing too much about them.

    • Zombie Shortcake says:


    • Megan says:

      I found the Testino photos really creepy. They were so photoshopped they looked like mannequins.

      • Deedee says:

        These people are always heavily photoshopped. I also wonder if Testino had any say in the shots that were released or if Kate/Will did the choosing.

    • Lizzieb says:

      Really, jealous much?

      • Natalie says:

        Honest answer? The money and the access would be amazing. But I don’t like any of Windsors (or the Middletons) so having to spend time with any of them would be a drag. But I would totally try to be best friends with Emma Thompson.

        You could throw the best dinner parties!

    • randie says:

      Thanks for the link Kibbles!! IMHO the article was spot-on, but I must say I liked the photo of Diana at the end. Kate in particular is manufactured and fake all the way — from her fake hair, veneers, tan spray to her veneers and heavily padded bra. And that’s before the photoshop.

    • wolfie says:

      Kibbles, Wow.

    • Hazel says:

      Wow. That was quite something.

    • hmmm says:

      Holy cow! What an excoriating critique! And so spot on! My favourite lines: “Children are not jewels. They are forces of nature” (which must be dampened by the dullards).

      I see that Testino gave Diana a lollipop head too. Must be his signature style. Ugh.

  5. ArtHistorian says:

    Why would Testino feel the need to issue a public statement about the Cambridges? Unless he’s trying the milk the connection for all its worth.

    The pictures themselves are not very interesting. Testino is, IMO, a vastly overrated photographer. His portraits are bland and look more like advertisements for an idea of the “good life” than actual portraits. There’s an odd plastic feel about them – except when little George is involved. He is nowhere near the league of Anne Leiboviz and Paolo Roversi.

    • LAK says:

      Mario Testino is a sycophant extreme. Especially where he perceives you to have wealth and power. Shallow as a puddle.

      I’d be worried if I were the Cambridge.

    • Vava says:

      Very true.

      His photography is lame. Particularly those outdoor shots where they are squinting at the camera. Even I could take a better photo than that. The overexposure kills me.

      He should just stick to talking about photography, and maybe practice a bit more!

      • Timbuktu says:

        Huh! Glad to hear others think the same, I thought those photos were extremely unimpressive for a photographer with such a name, I literally could take very similar photos, and I don’t fancy myself a huge pro.

    • Dena says:

      Yeah. It was their happy day but the photos instantly reminded me of the W magazine cover shot of Brad & Angelina. Which reminds me of just how good Brad looked in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

    • wolfie says:

      Testino, in in his statement, said that the British royal family is the SOUL of Britain – oh my! Really?! Obviously, this is a fantasy that Brit’s can afford – or is this comment just about future contracts for Testino? There is no corresponding family like this in America – but, in America, our bedrock is, *We, the people!*

      • bluhare says:

        If they’re the “soul” of Britain, Britain doesn’t have much of a soul.

      • Natalie says:

        I loved Danny Boyle’s Olympics intro. Yes, he gave a nod to the Windsors, but it was cheeky and quick and then he focused on all the other things we think of about the UK and it’s history.

    • LadyoftheLoch says:

      I agree. Testino is obviously cuddling up to the Royal family in the hope of scoring future assignments. Maybe he wants to be the next Beaton/Lichfield.

      • Deedee says:

        He may have been asked to make a statement. Even so, it’s really good for business.

      • hmmm says:

        More likely he wants to be rich and famous and known by the company he photographs. I doubt he cares about the greats of portraiture.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Because he could tell any of this in 30 minutes of everyone being on their Best Behavior because company (the photographer) was present. He does not have a single clue what they are like as human beings, as a family, or as a Family Firm. He just wants another taxpayer-funded gig taking their pictures.

      • snapdragon says:

        Agreed. Plus every word he said was no doubt reviewed and approved by WK’s PR department.

  6. Talie says:

    Ever since Dev Patel gave that interview about Mario Testino saying he was too ugly for Frida Pinta, I can’t stand the man.

  7. Maya says:

    Kate and William seems to love and respect each. Why is that hard to believe?

    Why the doubt? Why can’t the royals be in a strong and happy relationship?

    its not that rare that there are genuinely in love and happy royals – King Philip & Queen Letizia, Queen Rania & King Abdullah, Crown prince Frederik & princess Mary comes to mind.

    • Dena says:

      Why must those be selling points? I’m not saying that WK asked Mario to comment on their supposed family values. What I am saying is that in all that they do why is that the message that is being spun? When I see pictures of ordinary strangers or celebrities with their families I don’t wonder about their supposed family values or happiness. I just assume it. But this couple, in an attempt to present a down-to-earth just like you facade has turned it into a PR game, IMO. And that’s dangerous. Why? Because:

      1. They will be called on their hypocrisy every time. And, as a matter of fact, they will drown in it.

      2. They don’t need to wear crowns and velvet robes to separate themselves but in trying to come-off as too upper middle class normal just like you they open themselves up to a sort of comparative criticism where they cannot and will not win against the masses. For example, WK are 33 year-old college graduates. Right. There are people out there within the same age range who have graduate degrees, technically more college education then WK, who are embarking on dynamic careers–paying off student loans, marrying & making babies, and are in involved in all types of out-of-home endeavors. They are in love and have strong family values too. How does WK stack up against that? They don’t.

      3. QEII’s appeal, IMO, is that she gave people a sense of permanence (like a touchstone) when Britain & Europe was war-torn & rebuilding itself. Charles didn’t have the backdrop of natural or man-induced disasters in which to pull an emotionally ravaged nation to his bosom. So, like everyone else, he had to find a job or create something and an identity for himself. Which he has done. However, in doing so, he had to weather the storm of his peers & his critics–some of whom were just as educated as he, if not more. Charles is curious & engages with the world. WK? No. They come off as incurious & entitled. Family values in their case means entrenched insularity. Those attributes won’t help them in the roles they will go on to play in terms of the current BRF institution. Just compare them with the Beckhams (sp). What’s the difference? How do they compare? I say David & Victoria are ahead of the game. Did they even attend college? And they are ahead and why more dynamic & charismatic. What they didn’t know. They are learning. What about WK?

      Finally, and sorry for the long post, but securing the goodwill of the people takes more than posting Facebook like family pictures, I would hope. HGTV & lifestyle shows have given people a way to incorporate the WK lifestyle fantasy into their own lives. So, that whole I want to be a pretty-pretty princess like Diana stuff no longer holds water for the masses. What then happens when the masses begin to say “Hey, you ARE just like me. So I don’t need to support you and by extension this entire BRF setup.”

      WK don’t add societal value in terms of institutionalism (QEII). There isn’t a societal return on investment (Charles & the Prince’s Trust). Harry is perhaps bridging both. What are WK doing?


      • bluhare says:

        I think you make some interesting points. I tend to be in Murphy’s (below) camp.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Excellent post.

      • FLORC says:

        Pretty on point with Dena and Murphy.

        To add, I’ll forever side eye continued declarations. They want to work. They are an everyday normal family.
        It’s a message that is on repeat because it’s tough to accept a message being told when their actions do not support it.
        You want to work? Then work. Stop declaring and start doing it.

      • Megan says:

        Dena — Are you suggesting that becasue you don’t agree with their PR campaigns or lifestyle choices they should have a bitter and miserable marriage? Or is it that you resent their happiness because they are not living their lives as you deem appropriate?

      • bluhare says:

        Megan, I read that she wonders WHY the PR campaign because she assumes they are happy unless told otherwise. And as we haven’t been told otherwise, why the campaign?

        I assume they’re happy as well. I don’t think they’re the love story of the century, but I also don’t think they’re unhappy either.

      • Maia says:

        I do not really understand your point completely. I agree with you that they do not measure up against most people of their age. Most people their age have accomplished a great deal more than them.
        I don’t see what that has to do with their marriage though. To me they seem like a strong couple, not different from Letizia or Max or the others that were mentioned above. I really don’t see the indifference and I certainly don’t see them breaking up. Ever.

      • Dena says:

        Bluhare, thank you for your very straight-forward & eloquent rebuttal.

      • bluhare says:

        Thank you Dena, but I should have let you speak for yourself. Sorry!

      • Liberty says:

        superb analysis

      • Lillylizard says:

        @Maia, I don’t think Kate would want out of the marriage , ever, even if he had a string of mistresses on the side. However if William one day decided he wanted out that’s what will happen, and the Royal PR team will throw Kate and her family under the bus if necessary to make him look like the victim, all the Middletons dirty laundry would be aired and magnified (mostly on the dodgey business front) to pillory them . I don’t think that’s likely to happen anytime soon, as long as Kate and Carole keep him pampered and massage his ego daily he will take the line of least resistance but if he gets it into his head he wants out nothing will stop him.

      • FLORC says:


        Looking at WK as not royal, but just them.
        William took advantage of Kate’s affections. And she allowed it to a point When she reached that point William ended it or belittled her. To allow or take part in your friends trashing your gf AND her family? Also horrible. And that neither seems to bring the best out of eachother, but stay content until a boiling point is reached is far from healthy. As the Queen was noted to say. This will end in tears.

        Simply from their history and the structure of the relationship, but not the individual moments it doesn’t appear to be a relationship that will last. People grow, change, and what you thought you could be content with isn’t enough. Their foundation is 1 of control, obey, and passive aggressive pr leaks. Mutual respect is hard to believe when 1 party openly considered the other too clingy, a joke topic, and their “mattress”. For this I do feel for Kate.

        Though, they appear happy here and lately even couples that are unhappy by majority have moments where they reunite, but the core issues are still there.
        They have kids. I hope they last and I hope they have respect and love for eachother. For the kids if nothing else.

    • Murphy says:

      I don’t care if they love or hate each other. Get off your ass and GET TO WORK.

    • Becks says:

      Denmark’s CP Fred and Mary (nee Donaldson of Hobart, Australia) are a very bad example of Royal love marriages. There’s tons of speculation that he can barely stand to be around her, so much so that there must be at least a grain of truth.

  8. Karen says:

    I would argue a mixed bag week. Kate got serious (deserved) flack for going to tennis after skipping 7/7. Although PR points for christening and delayed release of photos to stretch out the goodwill baby’s bring.

    If they go to more tennis matches this weekend it should be interesting to see how people further react to Kate specifically.

    Btw: Willy still on paternity leave? Cause he’s not flying helicopters now. I thought it was 6, not 10+, weeks paternity for him?

    • notasugarhere says:

      He allegedly starts work as a co-pilot on Monday.

    • candice says:

      Karen, attending Wimbledon was construed as “productive” in the article, lol.

    • bluhare says:

      I laughed at busy week. William’s had a couple of things, but Kate hasn’t. Most people don’t count their baby’s christening or going to watch a tennis match as work.

      • Timbuktu says:

        Oh, and don’t forget “releasing photos”. 🙂 Personally, I take a vacation every time grandma posts photos of my kids on FB. It’s exhausting.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I thought he already went back to work in June? I can’t keep up, my job has been keeping me too busy five days a week to keep track of his unwork schedule…

      • FLORC says:

        Lucky Charm
        I think that was when William was continuing his training for his role. Because he stated it, then took some time away, then returned. When he returned it was spun like he’s returning to start his job.

  9. Murphy says:

    If those values are “doing nothing but shopping and watching footie all day” then yes! They do share common values.

    • bettyrose says:

      They both live to serve his needs, thus they share common values. I think Will is as happy in this scenario as he is capable of being. He probably has “what if” fantasies about other women or less regimented lifestyles, but I think he’s largely content that this is his lot in life unless he abdicates. Meanwhile, I think she’s deleriously happy. Ten years of courtship left her with no delusions of a romantic husband. She has a title, royal children, and endless hours to shop and be pampered by mummy.It’s almost enviable (unless you’re one who craves intellectual challenges, passion, and some degree of autonomy).

      • Becks says:

        @bettyrose: Completely agree with what you say.

        She really seems to be born under a lucky star: from birth, she’s been handsomely provided for, seemingly never lacked for money. Due to some combination of the Middleton trust, morally questionable Uncle Gary bankrolling them, some business acumen of her mother, she’s had every material need met.
        Money buys freedom and she’s had the freedom to be free of stress, free from worrying about procuring and maintaining employment. Free from worrying about losing herself or her husband losing their jobs (a concern most of us are not fortunate enough to be free of).

        And now she’s married to someone who has access to vast amounts of wealth and privilege. She has children who will be revered and assured of historical posterity.

        Considering that money concerns are possibly the #1 cause of relationship strife, it’s not hard for them to appear happy and contented.

      • Murphy says:

        Oh yes she is quite pleased with herself–she will never leave. If they ever bust up it would be William’s doing.

  10. Betti says:

    Well, Willy has had a busy week on engagements – he was at the Battle of Britain fly past at Buckingham Palace today. Kate wasn’t there but Sophie was, guess that pesky commemoration event interfered with her tennis obligations. Which final will we see them at this weekend – mens or womens?

    • bluhare says:

      The official story is the only honorary air force commodores were invited to be on the balcony. Sophie is, but Kate is not.

      Now that I think on it, has Kate had any honours bestowed since she married William?

      • The Original Mia says:

        I don’t think she has any. The Queen is probably waiting for Kate to do something/show some dedication to the Firm before bestowing anything on her. JMO, though.

    • wolfie says:

      Becks, you’re making it real…they are not”just like us!”.

      However, if we are to sing the fantasy…don’t forget the wondrous vacations!

    • notasugarhere says:

      There were three commemoration or memorial events last week. If the air commodore bit is true, that only barred her from attention the Battle of Britain anniversary fly over, not either of the other two events.

  11. Original T.C. says:

    Uhoh. Family values equals controversy and lies waiting to be revealed. That is all.

  12. anne_000 says:

    In connection to the photos of them at Wimbledon, when will we see the photo that DM had of William pretending to rush off to catch a train or subway before the strike starts? Also the one in which he and Kate are laughing at his joke as well as the other people seated in the Royal Box laughing too, all of whom would never ever use public transportation in all of their lives?

    • bluhare says:

      That photo was published in the Daily Mail the same day. At least the rushing off one. Don’t know about the jokes.

      • anne_000 says:

        Here’s an excerpt from DM about the strike joke:

        “The tube strike isn’t a laughing matter to the hoardes of London commuters attempting to get home tonight.

        But a jovial Prince William managed to make light of the industrial action whilst at Wimbledon today as he pretended to make a dash for the underground station when an announcement made on Centre Court.

        Watched by wife Kate, who he had already spent much of the day laughing with, the royal took the opportunity to give the Royal Box, and the rest of the court a giggle, jumping up from his seat with a smile.”

        It also has photos of when he got up and pretended to be rushing off. You can see the other Royal Box members laughing it up at his joke.

        Many people in the comment section were not happy and criticized him over his joke.

      • Firebomber says:

        People need to lighten up! It’s so petty to criticize over somethng so trivial.

      • Olenna says:

        I guess some people should lighten up if it didn’t affect them. But, there are those who were more than just inconvenienced, like the ones that had children to pick up from sitters and daycare and were faced with late fees or jobs to get to that don’t pay for missed hours due to transportation problems.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Firebomber

        I guess if you had a helicopter that your grandma leased for you, or a tax-payer paid one (which you’ve used to go on joy-rides and to a bachelor party and such), or a chauffeur-driven car that the taxpayers pay for you, and you’re the kind of person who laughs at the misfortunes of people who are in a lower income-bracket and with less privileges than you, then yes, what the regular people are facing because of this strike would be funny.

        And making this joke to an audience of other privileged and wealthy people in the Royal Box who will never face the consequences of what this strike will do to one’s life is ‘knowing your audience.’

        You know what would be REALLY FUNNY? If he went down to a tube station and did that same joke in front of the riders. Then wait for the laugh. Then walk all self-importantly up to his waiting limo.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Olenna

        Good examples. And I think there will be people who are fired because they can’t make their jobs on time or at all. Those people will probably be the ones who are not in the position to be able to find another job easily.

        But that’s funny to someone who has a job and finances for life and who will never ever be fired nor his ‘wages’ garnished or taken away from him even when he’s chosen to do as little work as possible.

      • LAK says:

        Firebomber: my neighbour who had to commute an extra 2hrs each way because of the tube strike didn’t find it funny.

        I guess I should tell her the next time her journey to/from work is increased by 4hrs that she should lighten up.

        Millions of people struggled to go and return from work should be told to lighten up.

        Seriously!!!! Jeesh.

      • FLORC says:

        That joke was tasteless and a fair example of how out of touch William really is. Just add it to the pile he’s got forming.

        And had this been… Harry? He would be slaughtered.

        In that article though… I can’t tell if it’s passive aggressive or working with what you have…?

      • Megan says:

        anne_000 – I live in Washington DC where public transporation disruptions are merely a way of life. When the condutor announces a 45 minute delay because of single tracking, the cliched jokes start almost immediately. You don’t have to be rich to joke about transit delays. So, please, don’t presume to speak for us “lower income-bracket” slobs. We manage just fine on our own.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Megan, please do not presume to speak for me. Transit strikes are a serious issue for many, as explained above. Mr. One Percent joking about it, knowing he’ll fly back to one of several free mansions in his free helicopter? Not funny to me.

      • Timbuktu says:

        I live in DC as well, and I can literally count on the fingers of 1 hand how many times I had a delay of 45 minutes during week days. 10-20 minutes – yes, but 45 is quite extraordinary and very annoying, not a way of life.
        Moreover, it is COMPLETELY different to joke while sitting on a platform (i.e. we’re all in the same boat). Now, if you were entering a metro station on a day something is causing known delays and some dude in a limo pulled up with a glass of champagne, rolled the window down and said “good luck, lady”, I seriously doubt you wouldn’t find him to be a jerk.

      • Olenna says:

        @Megan, I use WMATA transportation daily and I didn’t take anne_000’s comment personally. Also, I don’t know anyone who would be joking about a 2-hour transit delay. The last major delay we had, there weren’t enough cabs and people were getting gouged by Uber drivers if they could even find one. Not funny. Further, there have been some really tragic incidents on the Metro recently and over the past few years, and for this reason I and the people I work with don’t joke about delays because sometimes you never know if someone has been hurt or lost their life.

      • Firebomber says:

        He didn’t cause the transit issue. How can you blame him? He’s pretty much insinuating it’s bad by making a mockery of it. Maybe something good will come of it.

      • Timbuktu says:

        Hmm… So, if someone makes fun of the Charleston church shooting, we can’t blame them because they didn’t shoot?
        Making fun of metro strike is in a way even worse because, unlike a shooting, the strike itself is not necessarily a bad thing: I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I’m presuming metro workers aren’t happy with their pay or something, and while I’m not informed enough to know if they are “greedy” or quite right, there’s a distinct possibility that their demands are fair. So, I’m not sure how much we can “blame” them for causing the transit issue.
        However, it still means that thousands of people are greatly inconvenienced and it’s kinda nasty to make fun of that.

      • Olenna says:

        Firebomber, no one is blaming him for anything. People are expressing their opinions about William joking around about a major transit strike and shutdown. I’m not trying to be mean, but are you actually reading and comprehending these comments or just skimming through them to find fault with other readers so that you can defend him?

      • hmmm says:


        To argue a false equivalency doesn’t help a 1 percenter like the gilded loser. Not only is it a logical fallacy but it seeks to invalidate the experiences of transit peons all over the world.

        When one depends on transit, which is inevitably a harrying experience if you are a regular rider, a stoppage or a slowing can be hair tearing. It is not pleasant.

        William understands so much in his joke. He knows it’s aggravating to take transit and he has the solution: helicopters.

      • Tina says:

        @ Firebomber, I live in London and the tube strike was a massive, massive inconvenience for me and many other people. I have a friend who got tickets in the ballot for Wimbledon centre court on Wednesday and was ecstatic. She’s a big tennis fan and was planning on staying all day. It broke her heart to have to leave after the Murray match but she lives far away and couldn’t afford a taxi all the way home. That’s why William’s making fun of the people who had to leave was so unbelievably offensive.

  13. seesittellsit says:

    And if they weren’t and didn’t, Testino would really tell us, right. He’s a well-known crawler to celebs and royalty.

    • Olenna says:

      Agree, he’s a *royal* ass-kisser and, except for the group portrait, the pictures were not good.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I actually thought Kate’s photos of her children were much better than this.

      • Timbuktu says:

        You’re so right! And group portrait, while solid, wasn’t exactly mind-blowing, either. But it IS rather hard to be creative about group portraits in general, and especially when they have to be so formal.

    • Liberty says:

      Agreed. Mario could hardly say it was like working with a sack of monkeys. He wants this gig for years to come.

      The thing is, how about their loving relationship with the people whose taxes pay for their joy and celebrity photographers? How’s that relationship going?

  14. mel says:

    where did you hear that Kate was annoying during her pregnancy? Also how does is work when Willy works and needs to do Royal stuff. Does he get a pass? shouldn`t be work as a pilot or be a royal not anything half assed?

  15. MickeyM says:

    I see George inherited his mum’s penchant for fiddling with hair in front of the cameras!

    • Betti says:

      I dunno – most toddler to this, thou my eldest nephew actually pulled his own hair out when his younger brother arrived, the Drs said it was stress and would pass once he got used to the baby.

  16. Firebomber says:

    My niece worked as a groomsman for a summer where William keeps his polo ponies. She had the good fortune of meeting him. She said he was very soft spoken friendly and down to earth. I’m inclined to agree with the photographer. You know people who have actually met William and Kate. I get a little tired of all the bashing on here by those who use them as target practise. Do you really think ridding yourselves of the Royal Family will make any difference in your life? Personally I think England benefits greatly by having the Royal Family. I know many who have travelled to England just because they exist and pique one’s interest. Lovely family. I reallly enjoy reading about them and watching how their family grows. They are wonderful ambassadors.

    • anne_000 says:

      Being a ‘lovely family’ isn’t unique. It’s commonplace.

      If just the mere fact of being part of a ‘lovely family’ makes one a ‘wonderful ambassador,’ then most people are qualified for that job.

      I don’t know anybody who wants to break up that family. I think the criticism is that if that PR image is all they think is required of them, then they’d be wrong. They need to actually go to work. Both of them. Especially for charities that help the less privileged and those in need. They’re in a great position to bring loads of attention to various causes.

      It’s not enough just to take family photos and give reporters stories about their family life.

      • anne_000 says:

        Edit: I should have said “many regular people” instead of “most people.”

      • Firebomber says:

        They do work. That’s why there’s pictures of them. And he gives his pay to a charity. He wasn’t born a royal by choice. I think he’s doing a pretty good job. Her too. I’ve no complaints. I’m not rich and have to work every day. My taxes go towards these people as well. I like to see happy people creating goodwill. I also get the impression they are much more realistic about the common man compared to Charles and the queen.

      • FLORC says:

        They work what they must. William and Kate attend the bare minimum. Nothing more. And a charity visit is maybe once a year lasting about an hour and that’s mostly camera/pr opportunity. There’s not much work accomplished. And what gets counted as work for them can be a walk from jet to car while still on tarmac. That is 1 event. They are not honest with the numbers and qualifications. What will count for them doesn’t come close to what counts for anyone else in that monarchy.

        And his pay to charity? That money was given to the charity by elsewhere for the purpose of William being able to take that money. Into his private funds. Pay fees. And then what is left will be donated. Still waiting to hear where it’s going and how much it will be. In the end it’s counted as William donated his private money.
        And it’s hardly like he’s donating his current funds. That is very rare.

        And William is doing a fairly poor job, by simply looking at the facts and numbers.

    • Citresse says:

      I agree with you to some extent.
      They are good and bad (W&K) however they’re becoming more bad (lazy and entitled).
      I was defending them for a long time, but now, I feel they’re pretty lazy. How bad is it when your grandparents and other relatives work circles around you? I’m not saying they don’t work at all (W&K), and they may be doing a significant amount of office work (remember during the height of Dianamania, we didn’t have internet access and other tech wonders) so they may be having lots of meetings via internet tech etc… but they do need to get out there and be seen and heard by the masses esp the British taxpayers. It takes a lot of time and energy, but that’s why it’s called work. They can make a difference in the world. They just need to narrow down their focus and really put their energy into making a difference ie a better world for the less privileged and for those without a voice.

      • Deedee says:

        People can be friendly and down to earth in a moment, esp. when they are doing something they love, like polo. It’s the everyday WillNot that draws the ire. The one that’s still faffing about.

      • wolfie says:

        (groans) – am I hearing that we have to wait for them to grow Up?

        No, Willie did not chose to be royal – however, he is being paid ROYALLY! I haven’t read a good excuse for him, yet. (pulease, no Diana’s boy stories – I’ve moved on).

    • hmmm says:

      William was nice to his groomsman? Those within his happy bubble? Let him try that with all the peons paying for his luxurious life, which translates into ‘work’.

    • snapdragon says:

      The obsequiousness of this post makes me sad.

  17. wow says:

    Oh Mario, you know the public doesn’t want to hear or believe that. It’s way too positive. There’s no way The Cambs can be likeable or have a good marriage. Nope. Not at all. It’s more fun to believe made up rumors from un-named sources as oppose to believing people who actually know them or inter-act with them. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

    • msthang says:

      It is an act, remember how happy Chuck and Di seemed together and they were ate each others throat!

  18. Cupcake says:

    Why would he say anything but incredibly flattering complimentary things about them? He’s making a shiz ton of money and famous and relevancy off of them! He knows what side his bread is buttered on!

    • Firebomber says:

      Why would he say complimentary things about them? Maybe just maybe what he said is true. It is possible.

      • Olenna says:

        Yes, it is possible but, IMO, his comments were totally unnecessary and totally self-serving. They’ve got self-importance and self-promotion smeared all over them, and they’re only convincing to people who already believe what he said.

      • FLORC says:

        It goes both ways. He can’t trash them at all because he was employed by them for this. And if he openly spoke poorly of them future clients would avoid him.
        And he had to say something. It was expected since he would be asked for comment and if he kept quiet it would be odd.
        And if he wanted to speak well of them he will continue to without being prompted or employed. He’ll maybe mention to others how lovely it was to work with the Cambridges and that will trickle down.

      • wolfie says:

        yes, Florc, but the soul of the nation?

      • FLORC says:

        No. Soul of the nation is very OTT.

      • hmmm says:

        Complimentary comments may be possible but highly improbable, unlikely, when it comes to these PR fanatics and the facts.

  19. Kelly says:

    I think the Testino pictures are pretty horrible. I thought they were taken by an amateur.

  20. FLORC says:

    How William and Kate are currently appears very much like Charles and Diana were post Harry. Like they rekindled? A far cry from seperate holidays and residences for a very extended period of time. They appear happy. Now get back to work.

    • Betti says:

      True, Charlotte could be ‘band aid’ baby and Willy hasn’t been away from the family home for an extended period in a while so they could be at a good place. This is like watching his parent’s marriage all over again.

      Hopefully when the winter engagements start they buck up their ideas and start raising their profile and do some work, Kate at the very least should do more even if Willy can’t because of his ‘job’.

  21. Betti says:

    Have you guys seen the Prince Philip video of today? The crusty old bugger drops and F bomb to a photographer in front of the press.

    LOVE. HIM. That is all.

    • Citresse says:

      Me too. At least he has the guts to be direct with someone.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Oh, my, did the elegant Princess Alexandra’s ears curl up at that one? Trust Phil to put that photog in his place.

    • Natalie says:

      It would be one thing if the photographer could swear back but I admit I don’t like unequal ness of it.

      • lily says:

        Yeah, and kind of creepy too.

      • Jib says:

        He’s been a jerk for years. Was it linked here that when he was in Asia about 20 or so years ago, he told some Englishmen “you’d better not stay here too long, you’ll get all slitty-eyed.” He is not a nice guy.

      • Tina says:

        Yeah, I don’t love that fact either but it’s impressive for him to be still going at 94. He’s an old sailor who was a genuine WWII hero. He’s just not PC in the modern sense, which is not unusual for his generation (who, after all, thought of the Japanese as the enemy).

      • Olenna says:

        Agree, Natalie. For years, he’s been saying whatever he wants and not being held accountable for it. Being rude, vulgar and bigoted in public is not funny. I couldn’t tell from the quick shot of William, but I wonder if he was embarrassed because he should know this is not how you treat your *subjects*.

      • Citresse says:

        Speaking of “unequal”… when I saw the video of the F-bomb, I couldn’t believe how much taller William compared to his uncle Edward.

    • snapdragon says:

      You love it when people are rude and abusive to people who can’t answer back?

    • notasugarhere says:

      I’m worried this is a sign of increasing mental inability. In his birthday interviews for his 90th birthday, he talked about how he is forgetting things, names, people. That was why he wanted to slow down and start handing duties off to other people. His inappropriate comments are in context, he doesn’t lose it like this in a formal public setting. I’m not offended, I’m worried.

      Or it could be a sign of how fed up he is with the W&K lazy routine. Having to show up and play happy families with his lazy grandson and his workshy wife got on his very last nerve.

      • lily says:

        Nah, don’t worry. He just got caught. Again. This is his normal.

      • Citresse says:

        Yes, agree, lily, Philip has always been “interesting” in that regard and honestly, I think HM digs it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Ordinarily the comments come in context, related to the event. In all the years of posing for family pictures he finally swears? This time feels random to me.

  22. Caroline says:

    I don’t think Princess Alexandra was there although maybe I mistook Duchess of Gloucester for her. Even if she had been there doubt if her ears would have curled up as she was reputedly very close to D of E for years. She is also, like him, from Greek extraction (her mother) and a distant cousin as well as the relationship through the Queen.

    • Feeshalori says:

      No, that was definitely Princess Alexandra along with Sophie; you can see her in the group photo. And it’s good to know that she’s so inured to Phillip’s salty language that she wouldn’t react. Being so elegant and gracious a lady, I’m sure she wouldn’t let on if it did bother her.

      • Betti says:

        I love Princess Alexandra she is soooo lovely as well as being a very elegant lady.

      • Feeshalori says:

        PA is the epitome of style and elegance; as far as I’m concerned, she’d be a master at conducting a Princess 101 class in charm and deportment.

  23. Mrs K says:

    Why is Testino saying anything at all? Who cares what he thinks? His job is to take photos, not parse the Cambridges’ marriage. I don’t think he ever made such a sycopahntic statement after a shoot with Diana. Just shows how insecure these people are, this need for constant ego-massaging and soothing.

    Stay tuned, tomorrow we’ll hear from the fishmonger and maybe next week the dry cleaner will pontificate on what a wonderful couple they are.

    • msthang says:

      Royalty, she offered her body up to him on a silver platter, he would have dropped her like a hot potato if she had not, friendship me I!

      • msthang says:

        sex and booze,sex and booze,sex and booze,lets get married and base a kingdom on it! Ha Ha Ha The whole thing will be a memory 10 years from now.

      • wolfie says:

        I shouldn’t, but I will say (darby!), it was a steady lay.

    • hmmm says:

      Bwahahaha, Mrs K. I love your wit!

  24. MyLittlePony says:

    These pics represent Testino’s work only marginally. Yes, he does have that glossy touch which you often see in his Vogue shoots, but then there are those pics of Diana, and even more so those of Madonna and baby Lola which he did for VF etc. The chirstening photographs are awful, and on top of all that awfulness, they have been photoshopped to hell and back! Testino is really sucking it up to the Br RF and it shows – he knows it, too.

  25. suze says:

    Testino is The Help. He knows what they want him to know and says what they want him to say. His access and compensation depend on it.

    That said I think Team Cambridge is fielding a pretty strong game these days.

  26. Mrs T says:

    The two photos of Kate with Charlotte and with William, George and Charlotte have been so obviously photoshopped to make her look so much slimmer, especially her face. Compare that with her photo of her pushing the pram where her face is much fuller and looks healthier

  27. msthang says:

    charades,charades,charades for the media, all is well with the cambridges,NOT!!!!!!!